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Trailer: A Handful of Dirt

Russell Watson’s A Handful of Dirt  revolves around a peaceful plot of land that threatens to tear a small family apart.
The film was awarded the ReelChoice Audience Award at the Reel World Film Festival in 2011 and was among the nominees for Best First Feature Narrative Director at the 2011 Pan African Film Festival  in Los Angeles.
From the film’s facebook site:
Archie Redman is a middle aged man chasing a fading dream. Obsessed with holding on to his failing hotel, he has sacrificed everything – his marriage lies broken, his son estranged and the bank is poised to foreclose. Ben, his bitter father, ignores his pleas for help, unable to forgive an act of betrayal committed twenty years ago over a parcel of hard-earned land.
Thousands of miles away, Archie’s son Jay struggles with mounting challenges of his own. He is stuck in immigration limbo, jobless in a cold and unforgiving city and involved in a demanding relationship.
Just as an unwelcome piece of news further complicates Jay’s situation, he is presented with an opportunity to resolve his problems, but to take it he must choose between securing his own future and repeating the sins of the past.


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