What the hell does New Zealand want with Barbados?

Barbados New Zealand

New Zealand sends ambassador to Barbados – for good reasons!

How small the world is today, and how wonderful it is when one can have friends on the other side of the globe.

I couldn’t figure out why New Zealand would bother putting an ambassador anywhere in the Caribbean, so the recent announcement puzzled me. Then I started reading some of the news articles and press releases in New Zealand (thank you internet!) and I understood immediately. None of the Caribbean news sources made the connection: It’s a big chess game at the United Nations where no card is too small to count.

Barbados might be a small card – but we count big time where our vote can push national and international campaigns over the top. That’s why New Zealand is interested in little Bim – they think we can help them to be elected to the Security Council at the United Nations.

New Zealand people are typically called ‘Kiwis’, and from the few I’ve met I can tell you that if you thought Aussies were friendly, loud and largely out of control… you ain’t seen nothing yet! I know from my time drilling out rivets in the Middle East that there is no finer, more loyal friend than a Kiwi. It’s in their blood. Let’s hope that’s true on a national scale too.

And another thing: I think those Kiwis are going to love our rum.



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13 responses to “What the hell does New Zealand want with Barbados?

  1. Anonymous

    Love it.

  2. Mark

    Why would anyone willingly want to be part of the entirely useless and dysfunctional UN Security Council?

  3. Judy

    Similarly why is there an EEC building in Hastings ? So the MEP’s can have a jolly in the sun at out expense . They are as useless as the UN . But good at spending our hard earned cash on nothing

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    Perhaps New Zealand’s Anchor (Fonterra) would give Pine Hill Dairies some help with all that surplus milk and demonstrate that other milk products like yogurts, cottage cheese, ice cream, cheese and other speciality dairy products can be profitable. And couldn’t a Anchor/Pine Hill plant also step up manufacture and export of existing products to other parts of the region and cruise ships.

  5. Party Animal

    Maybe they heard that our Goverment don’t have a clue of how to run a Country and coming to save us from permanent Destruction

  6. Anonymous

    party Animal – you are probably right

  7. Well Well.

    Re New Zealand, my sentiments exactly…what mischied will they come to perpetrate.

  8. Who conned who?

    BFP. I can find the comments section now?

  9. ac

    Every little bit counts.. one mans junk is another mans treasure.

  10. just want to know

    What does CHINA want with Barbados? Maybe they will teach our Defence Force & Policeman how to crack skulls and shoot us if we protest against our present Government !!!!!

  11. Mobert

    I have known a few New Zealanders…lovely people! Hopefully many more will come.

    And yes, if it is about a vote, then we can play the game EVERY COUNTRY plays, vote = assistance, you scratch my back I scratch yours.

  12. iabingy

    kiwi people are usually pompous asses.
    in case you think that is a good thing i would think it is another reason.
    like money laundering or off shore hiding of money.
    or may be they planning to take over.kiwi crap.you ever meet one?
    very pompous like Brits.they have the cook islands much closer and many other tropical islands close by and would be more beautiful and much cheaper barbados.hum wonder why.

  13. Kakapo

    Barbados is TAX HAVEN. John Key organising, for his mates, easy hiding / moving profit from NZ to Barbados.