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What the hell does New Zealand want with Barbados?

Barbados New Zealand

New Zealand sends ambassador to Barbados – for good reasons!

How small the world is today, and how wonderful it is when one can have friends on the other side of the globe.

I couldn’t figure out why New Zealand would bother putting an ambassador anywhere in the Caribbean, so the recent announcement puzzled me. Then I started reading some of the news articles and press releases in New Zealand (thank you internet!) and I understood immediately. None of the Caribbean news sources made the connection: It’s a big chess game at the United Nations where no card is too small to count.

Barbados might be a small card – but we count big time where our vote can push national and international campaigns over the top. That’s why New Zealand is interested in little Bim – they think we can help them to be elected to the Security Council at the United Nations.

New Zealand people are typically called ‘Kiwis’, and from the few I’ve met I can tell you that if you thought Aussies were friendly, loud and largely out of control… you ain’t seen nothing yet! I know from my time drilling out rivets in the Middle East that there is no finer, more loyal friend than a Kiwi. It’s in their blood. Let’s hope that’s true on a national scale too.

And another thing: I think those Kiwis are going to love our rum.


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