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Still News: Rayside Construction lays off 60 workers as Barbados Government defaults millions owed for completed work

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Now tell me the truth…

Almost a month ago Rayside laid off 60 workers, with the Barbados Government hiding the fact that Rayside is owed millions for completed government projects.

But Rayside is owned by CLICO, and CLICO went under but was bailed out by the Government to cover up the fraud pulled off by then Prime Minister David Thompson and his faithful leader, ah… what’s ‘is name? Oh yeah… Leroy. Leroy Parris.

It’s all too complex for ordinary folk like us, and doubly too complex for the local news media who haven’t touched the story since they published this little ditty. There were a few little pieces of roadwork handed out to Rayside but just enough to keep them alive, and not enough to call back more than one out of every three workers. Don’t you believe that stuff about $35 million dollars in new road projects… that’s a pipe dream that will take 10 years if ever.

But hey… what’s a couple a dozen million dollars between friends especially if government owes it and can’t pay? Not that newsworthy, ya know!

60 laid off

TUE, SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 – 12:06 AM

ANOTHER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION company is sending home staff.

Effective today, about 60 workers of Rayside Construction Ltd will be off the job. Continue reading


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