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My second class homecoming was someone else’s first impression of Barbados

Barbados Virgin 747-400

Welcome to Bim… mind the mess and get in line

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner - now selling!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner – now selling!

First impressions and attention to detail in tourism, I suspect like most sectors can make all the difference whether you retain a customer, or in this case, a visitor, or not.

While flying back into Barbados last week my thoughts were that despite all the time ‘we’ have been involved in the hospitality industry, have ‘we’ really learnt from our mistakes?

While exiting off a Virgin Atlantic plane, the second half-full flight on this route that I was personally experiencing in eight days, I funneled through with the other passengers to immigration.  Looking up, many of the overhead walkway ceilings were dirty, cobwebbed and frankly, badly in need of painting.

Reduced airport earnings may be an issue, but what does it take to use some of that currently wasted space to offer advertising opportunities that would in turn pay for any increased maintenance costs to keep these areas clean?

Next you are confronted with what must have been relatively expensive full colour large decals promoting not as you would reasonably expect, upcoming events, but a 2013 Crop Over Season that ended weeks ago.

With an American Airlines arrival just minutes before, our 146 Gatwick passengers filtered in behind the Immigration queue. Yet despite the overwhelming number of passport holders being ‘International’,  just two Immigration Officers  are ‘manning’ the many booths.   Seemingly lacking any logic or planning, four officers are on the ‘Caricom’ desks, with far fewer persons to process. Continue reading


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