Allard Prize for International Integrity – Live broadcast to Barbados and the world

UPDATED: Anna Hazare wins $100,000 Allard Prize for International Integrity

The University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Law at Allard Hall presented Anna Hazare, one of India’s most influential social activists, with the inaugural Allard Prize for International Integrity at a special ceremony last night.

The $100,000 prize is one of the world’s largest awards recognizing efforts to combat corruption and to promote human rights.

“My lifelong mission to fight corruption and promote transparency is stronger for having received this award,” said Mr. Hazare. “I have never been attracted to money and wealth, but the Allard Prize will help me and all those that are working towards the same cause to continue the fight. I am hopeful that this international recognition will promote a movement for change that will endure beyond my lifetime for generations to come.”

more about Anna Hazare and the Allard Prize.

Original Story published September 25, 2013…

Allard Prize Barbados

Who will win the inaugural prize?

The Allard Prize for International Integrity is awarded to an individual, movement or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability and the rule of law.

Established by UBC Law alumnus Mr. Peter A. Allard, QC, the $100,000 Allard Prize is one of the largest awards in the world recognizing efforts to combat corruption and promote human rights.

“Our outstanding finalists exemplify the values of the Allard Prize through their extraordinary courage and leadership in promoting transparency, accountability and the rule of law in opposing corruption and promoting and protecting human rights,”

“In celebrating these achievements and remarkable stories, the Allard Prize strives to inspire others to take up the fight against abuses of power and the suppression of human rights, wherever they arise.”

Peter Allard (

allard prize finalists

The 2013 Allard Prize finalists are:

Global Witness – Based in London, U.K. and Washington, D.C., Global Witness has initiated trailblazing campaigns against natural resource-related conflict and corruption and associated environmental and human rights abuses.

Anna Hazare – One of India’s most influential and renowned social and political activists, Mr. Hazare has led popular movements to enhance government transparency and investigate and prosecute official corruption.

Dr. Sima Samar – Dr. Samar is an internationally celebrated advocate for human and women’s rights. Dr. Samar has worked to raise global awareness about the detrimental impact of corruption on the promotion and protection of Afghan human and women’s rights.

The winner of the Allard Prize will be announced on September 25, 2013 at a ceremony at the UBC Faculty of Law at Allard Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The other two finalists will each be given Honourable Mention recognition and a $25,000 cash prize. These three finalists were selected from a short list of six nominees, which also included: Peter Eigen, John Githongo and Chen Guangcheng.

“UBC Law has a deep and longstanding history of advancing human rights,” says Dean Mary Anne Bobinski. “Faculty members have been pioneers supporting the human rights of women, indigenous communities and the rights of victims of crime around the world.”

“Government Corruption Is Death To Philanthropy And Foreign Investment”

The sad tale of Peter Allard and Barbados… Further reading at BFP:

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18 responses to “Allard Prize for International Integrity – Live broadcast to Barbados and the world

  1. passin thru

    Why wasn’t Owen Arthur nominated? How about David Thompson posthumously? Leroy Parris? ‘Instant Millionaire’ Noel Lynch?, Government Minister for Pregnant Women Porn Donville Inniss? or the Mistress of the Honourable Gline A. Clarke? or Mr. Clarke himself?

    So many many worthy Bajan nominees!

    Surely we could have won this prize?

  2. Anonymous

    My vote would go to Barbados Free Press, which is truly
    transparent, open to all and is a forum of opinion.

  3. Anonymous

    I just posted above at 10:34……for the record I am an American,
    live in Miami and have no idea who the web-masters of BFP are.

  4. Jason

    It is a shame that we lost Allard because of corruption of our politicians. It’s more of a shame that we lost the wetland swamp.

  5. clickticktock

    Afra Raymond would have been a good nominee!

  6. Or Robert Spencer, who recently spoke in Canada

  7. just want to know

    The whole of the Barbadian cabinet & the opposition with a few of our most famous citizens would have done will.

  8. Vector Control Sleeping

    I watched the whole show. very impressive and inspiring. how shortsighted we were in ripping off this Allard fellow. always the short quick buck is the motto around here. what a beautiful place the nature sanctuary was. it could have been an international draw for tourists. killed the goose we did. Man like that wants to do good in the world in a big way and he continues to do good with his billions, just not in Barbados.

  9. NS

    Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller would have been good choices, or together.

  10. real people doing real things for their countries

  11. St George's Dragon

    I find it quite ironic that the Allard prize for integrity is funded/awarded by a man who in the Court decision in Nelson Barbados Group Limited v. Barbados was described as “a lawyer who [sold] his soul to the devil, who for the sake of the almighty dollar, sacrificed a career”.

  12. Name withheld

    What ever happened to that mess? Who said Allard sold his soul to the devil ??? Why did they say that? What was the proof / evidence?

  13. 1937 can happen again!

    What an inspiring video on You tube!

    We are in trouble in Barbados with foreign investment. In short, the investors don’t trust Barbados anymore and that is because experiences by people like Mr. Allard are not rare. The internet means that government can’t coverup their treatment of white foreign investors any longer.

    Allard was only one chicken that got plucked by the very people who welcomed him and presented a version of reality that doesn’t exist. There are many others who left too after discovering that our government’s emphasis is on picking pockets and not the long term good of the country and the people.


    1937 said “There are many others who left too after discovering that our government’s emphasis is on picking pockets and not the long term good of the country and the people.”

    Amen to that!

  15. St George's Dragon

    @ Name withheld
    Google Court File No. 0141/07 and look at p29/30

  16. Serious principled leadership

    The trouble with a foreigner coming to Bim to invest in business is that the government holds out an image that is not true. We entice foreign investment but then they discover how things really are about this place. Productivity is amongst the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. If it is tourism you speak of investing in, there are enough rotting skeletons of projects on the sea-side that any thinking person must look and ask “what happened?” .

    After so many excuses there can’t be any more excuses. We need some serious changes to our business culture. We need some serious changes to the leadership that top down is giving our young people an unjustified and undeserved sense of entitlement. This attitude is wrecking everything. Throw in the racial chip on the shoulder syndrome and this place is about the last place foreigners would want to invest their money.

    We need some serious leadership, long term, for about ten years to reverse this destructive trend.

  17. John

    Ten years … ha ha!!

    The situation has been in the making for fifty plus years, two generations.

    We are screwed.

    Individuals with common sense and grounded in principle will get thru better than most but tough times ahead for all of us.

    Hard ears won’t learn, hard ears goin’ feel.

    Leadership ain’t going to get us thru ……. but hardship mayl!!

    We will see!!

  18. Most of us hear about corruption and fully appreciated it is endemic in our islands, its effects are obvious in so many ways. But how can we individually attack it, I’d like to know? I’d like to be able to fight it, but don’t know who to approach to help me direct the energy I feel I have to write my part into the destruction of corruption. Nobody in our islands, ever has to face the Piper due to corruption. That never happens, though it is high time it should, since it is one of the major reasons why living is becoming so expensive for 90% of us who stay bound within the realms of the law and fair dealing.