American complains about Barbados Justice system in child custody matter.


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By American “CU”

I feel it is my responsibility and duty to inform your readers, especially the ones here in the United States, on the favoritism and bias or non-decisions handed down as orders by some in your judicial system in Barbados. Especially if the presiding Judge happens to be friends with the opposing counsel, or maybe they both belong to the same labor party.

This all started back in May of this year, when my daughter  finally got an interview with the US embassy to obtain her Green Card for her and her daughter. Even though they were never married the child ended up with the father’s last name and the Embassy requested that he provided a letter of permission.

This ended up in the courts and this one judge that in my opinion did not have the desire to rule and therefore, started in motion a set of procedures that prolonged the request. She even included the Child Care Board and even they did not change her original thoughts, that if the mother wanted to leave the Island, she must leave her three year old daughter with the father.

She has now even added fuel to the fire by giving the order that my daughter cannot bring her daughter to the United States until she comes to the United States and find a job which would show her that my daughter is capable of taking care of her daughter. Have you ever heard such stupidness?

First, the US embassy was satisfied with the evidence that I presented to them, showing that I and my spouse is more than capable of taking care of both of them until the mother finds gainful employment. If my financial affidavit was not strong, the US Immigration would not have allowed the Visas.  So could someone tell me why this madam justice has made such a decision? Tell me this is not a miscarriage of justice just because she has “Black Robe Syndrome”.

Meanwhile the winder of opportunity for my daughter to relocate to the US with her daughter is slowly closing. Everybody knows you only have six months after the interview to leave Barbados or you’ll lose the visa and will have to start from square one all over again.

Maybe, this is what the Judge would like to see happen, so she could keep her friendship with the father’s counsel.


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4 responses to “American complains about Barbados Justice system in child custody matter.

  1. robert ross

    Well…hello……the writer has provided no evidence for his allegations in his first paragraph nor the last. He is miffed because he did not get the decision he wanted.

    The interests of the child – who is how old? – are paramount. The father presumably had reasons for refusing consent for the child to leave the jurisdiction. What were they? This post goes nowhere until the post writer comes clean with the whole story and not merely his version of it.

  2. Six

    I went to a discussion once where a very senior immigration officer said that a child takes the nationality of a single mother and the child is deemed to be hers for the proposes of immigration, so that is the mother was non-Barbadian and the child was Barbadian the mother and child could still be deported, if needs be. I understand the mother having to prove that the welfare of the child would be taken care of that’s also standard. I also understand that the rights of the father to access to the child must also be honoured and every possible alternative taken into consideration. I also understand that unlike what the reader is saying, removing a child from a jurisdiction who has her father’s last name isn’t as simple as she’s making it sound. There are several several considerations hence the child care board has to be involved. That’s standard. Once such a matter comes before the court, the court’s process must be gone through. It’s all very long winded to one who doesn’t understand the law in this case, but trust me the judge has to be careful to take all matters into consideration and quite frankly couldn’t care less what process the us embassy took. Now if the child care board’s report is positive and the judge ignores it that’s another matter. That’s why there’s an appeal court.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t give a child the father’s last name if you are not married to him. Because issues like these causes more harm than good, and the child is always the one caught in the middle. It would be said if the mother missed the six months. I know how difficult it is to get an interview with the embassy. I hope the judge (if there are personal feelings) put them aside and let justice prevail.

  4. Richard

    I live in the United States, the judges here takes side too, so don’t act as though it is unique to Barbados, although you have not submitted one ounce of evidence to support your allegations. It could very well be a case of “Black Robe Syndrome”, but just saying that is never enough, prove that the Justice is in the wrong and that her actions are questionable. While the US embassy might feel comfortable that your daughter and you granddaughter will be taken care of once in the states, maybe the child’s father know a lot more that the Consular officers know. In any event though, we on the outside will never know the meat of this matter, but I hope everything will work our in the best interest of the child, and that mother and father can come to some compromise, again in the best interest of the child and please let cooler heads prevail, far too many children become victims due to unresolved matters between parents, lets see if we can turn that tide. I hope all will work out, and to the Judge if you happen to read this blog, and in your heart you feel like you have done the wrong thing, find it in your heart to undo such wrong, don’t let that woman and her child stay there out of malice. The world needs healing, it starts with the man in the mirror.