Murderer Leroy Griffiths heading home to Barbados?

Barbados Murder Leroy Griffiths

Back in 2002, Barbadian Leroy Griffiths was threatening a woman with a knife in a pub in Addingham, UK. When a young lad named Mark Webster stepped in to try and talk some sense into the man with the knife, Griffiths stabbed him to death for his trouble.

A bad bastard, that Leroy Griffiths.

Griffiths went away for ‘life’ but here we are 13 years later and it looks like he will be deported from the UK to Barbados, his ‘homeland’.

Welcome home, Mr. Griffiths. Seeing as how you’ve been deported from the UK six times in the past, we hope you won’t stick around ’bout hey.

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10 responses to “Murderer Leroy Griffiths heading home to Barbados?

  1. monopoly

    Escort him from Grantley Adams to Dods, go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect your 200 dollars,
    he will be on our streets teaching the bad boys here new tricks from UK.

    our poor little island

  2. Anonymous

    Another new boy on the Block with big ideas…..I say bring back the Gallows, an eye for an eye.

  3. Well Well.

    and all the criminal behavior he learned in England…what a country.

  4. Anonymous

    If he was jailed for life in the UK,what the HELL is he doing back in BIM.

  5. Jennifer

    UK should keep him there until he serves his life sentence. He is sure to die before that.

  6. Cycles

    A life sentence is a not always a life sentence. Murder is murder but there are different kinds( grades) of murder in the U.K.This guy did not even serve his recommended minimum term of 14 years.
    Deported six times!

  7. Robiv

    Barbados doesn’t want him, the UK doesn’t want him, maybe we should arrange for a compromise….mid atlantic 😉

  8. Anonymous

    I agree with anonymous. It is mind boggling. He should put in at least 25 years. He took a life. Where is the justice. That is opening up a wound that is trying to heal.2002

  9. RLL

    He won’t be here long. The RBPF will be on him like fleas on a dog. We have nuff trouble around here without this one.

  10. Victor

    16% of UK prisoners are non-uk nationals. At Wormwood Scrubs and Wandsworth 60% are foreign, largest groups being Nigerian and Jamaican. Keep in mind how easy it is to get UK citizenship and the real number of “foreigners” in prison is much larger.