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Cliverton (thoroughly drunk) surfs around on a Friday night…

Above: I can’t believe I posted this!

A few interesting links tonight for the bored, the drunks, and the love-life frustrated…

At least his heart was in the right place…

Yes, he offered to violate the trust of his government and to sell secret government data to the press, but at least he wanted to use his ill-gotten money to holiday in Barbados.

And another one: Police officer on sick leave for two years flew to Barbados when called in for meeting with bosses.

The most beautiful woman I never slept with…

Wanna make babies all week.

The things we won’t do for love.

Raul Garcia heading to Cuba

Good luck Raul. It’s an adventure.

The Lady Hawkins – Canadian ship with Barbadian crew torpedoed on January 19, 1942

After being shipwrecked the crew flew home on BeeWee.


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Murderer Leroy Griffiths heading home to Barbados?

Barbados Murder Leroy Griffiths

Back in 2002, Barbadian Leroy Griffiths was threatening a woman with a knife in a pub in Addingham, UK. When a young lad named Mark Webster stepped in to try and talk some sense into the man with the knife, Griffiths stabbed him to death for his trouble.

A bad bastard, that Leroy Griffiths.

Griffiths went away for ‘life’ but here we are 13 years later and it looks like he will be deported from the UK to Barbados, his ‘homeland’.

Welcome home, Mr. Griffiths. Seeing as how you’ve been deported from the UK six times in the past, we hope you won’t stick around ’bout hey.

Further Reading

BBC News: Dec 18, 2002 Murder verdict on knife killing

Ilkley Gazette, Sept 2013: Ilkley dad in emotional plea for son’s killer to be kept away


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