LIAT CEO Ian Brunton calls it quits after 1 year and 45 days

Ian Brunton LIAT

Should we blame Brunton for all LIAT’s outrageous failures?

Who can we blame now?

Perhaps the question really should be: How big a fool was Brunton to take a no-win job in the first place?

While there is still a chance that the airline’s board will not accept the resignation at Wednesday’s meeting, the faltering airline might have trouble finding the next candidate for execution, er, for the job.

Because when you really get down to it, new leadership can only go so far if the workforce is already spoiled and secure in their belief that adhering to schedules and performance standards is optional.

It will be interesting to hear what our own Robert MacLellan has to say about the resignation!

LIAT CEO Ian Brunton resigns

Caribbean airline top exec quits

The Antigua Observer is reporting that Leeward Island Air Transport (LIAT) chief executive officer Ian Brunton has resigned.

LIAT is a regional air carrier based in Antigua. LIAT’s three main shareholder governments are Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados and St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Brunton, a former chief executive of Trinidad & Tobago state owned Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) was appointed CEO of LIAT on August 1, 2012.

His appointment came during a period of massive sustained losses for the airline – a combined amount of almost EC $80 million in losses from 2010 – and a deficit of around EC $344 million by the end of 2012. Brunton has been leading a US $100 million re-fleeting process from ageing Dash-8 aircraft to ATR’s – which is designed to help move the airline back into profit by lowering maintenance and fuel costs.

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3 responses to “LIAT CEO Ian Brunton calls it quits after 1 year and 45 days

  1. J chalmers

    I wonder if anyone can tell me if the situation with Liat is the reason that 2 parcels posted in the UK have still not arrived in the post office in Kingstown St Vincent after nearly six weeks.Its not the first time I have lost parcels and if they do arrive it always takes at least 3weeks,letters 2.When my Christmas parcel took 2 months to arrive I was told it was because Liat gave priority to passengers and took mail only if there was space.Does anyone else have a problem with their mail or is it only me?

  2. Anonymous

    You don’t think there were no handsome “incentives” for the top Liat brass to buy the ATRs?? That was allegedly a big payday.

  3. Caribbean Traveler

    The Chairman’s resignation should follow the CEO.