UK Financial Conduct Authority cautions investors on new Harlequin rescue plans

Harlequin Resort

“We urge financial advisers considering recommending consumers paying monies or further monies over to any of the companies in the Harlequin group at this time to proceed with caution.

You should ensure that consumers fully understand the risks involved with the investment. You should also advise consumers to obtain legal advice from lawyers in the country where the property is located before proceeding with any investment in a company in the Harlequin group.”

… UK Financial Conduct Authority

The last five or six months have seen a lot of talk of plans and schemes to rescue the investments of the poor folks who believed everything that Dave Ames said about Harlequin’s business plans. Nevermind that even the most mathematically challenged should have been able to see that Harlequin’s ability to continue to build relied upon finding new suckers, ah, ‘investors’ willing to suspend their disbelief as if they were watching a child’s cartoon on Saturday morning.

Harlequin was first and only a Ponzi scheme where payback to earlier investors was only possible with money from new investors. I’m not sure of the current situation but I think it is something like only 300 units built out of 6000 sold, and no money left to build the missing units.

Or so I think. No doubt one of our readers can provide the current stats.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority remains concerned about plans by various Harlequin entities to ‘save’ investors’ monies… with only a small additional investment. Ha!

Have a read of the notice and then… class, discuss!

Update to information on investments made through Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited (“Harlequin Property”)

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) issued an alert to financial advisers on 18 January 2013 regarding this subject. Since 1 April, the Financial Conduct Authority is one of the UK’s two new financial regulators, which has replaced the FSA.

The alert sets out our expectations where financial advisers recommend overseas properties purchased through Harlequin Property. It also sets out what advisers need to do before recommending an overseas property investment through Harlequin Property.

The full text of the alert can be found here. The FCA’s Harlequin page can be found here.

Since this date, important developments have taken place as follows:

On 5 March 2013 the Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”) announced that they, together with Essex Police, are looking into complaints in relation to the Harlequin group. They ask investors who have invested in specific resorts to contact them.  Full details of the announcement along with a complete list of the resorts and how to contact SFO.

On 23 April, 2013 Harlequin Property filed to enter administration and Shipleys LLP have been appointed as administrator.

We are aware that on 13 May 2013, Harlequin Hotels & Resorts approached investors to state that Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited, another company within the Harlequin group, is working with SIPP and SSAS providers to facilitate the completion of built properties at Buccament Bay Resort.  They invite investors who are in a position to fund the balance outstanding from their SIPP and SSAS or wish to relocate their investment from another Harlequin resort, to contact Harlequin Hotels & Resorts.

We wish to remind financial advisers that our expectations where financial advisers are asked for advice on overseas properties purchased through Harlequin group were set out in the alert of 18 January, which remain valid. Also, please note that Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is not regulated by FCA and it is not a company incorporated in the UK. Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is based in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

We urge financial advisers considering recommending consumers paying monies or further monies over to any of the companies in the Harlequin group at this time to proceed with caution. You should ensure that consumers fully understand the risks involved with the investment. You should also advise consumers to obtain legal advice from lawyers in the country where the property is located before proceeding with any investment in a company in the Harlequin group.


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2,945 responses to “UK Financial Conduct Authority cautions investors on new Harlequin rescue plans

  1. Anonymous

    Speaking from a pro-islander point of view, maybe – just maybe – the
    ultimate disposition of all the Harlequin entities is coming to a head.
    Hopefully hard lessons have been learned by all and the different
    developments can be finished in a somewhat less ambitious, scaled
    down form that makes economic sense.
    Someone once said -“the plains of ambition are bleached white
    with the bones of those who tried, and having tried -failed”.

  2. Karma is coming after you

    I wonder who in the right mind would complete on Buccament Bay? Could it be one of Ames many lies? how many to date completed = nil. Now 50+ smell a rat? Of course, he needs more money to keep going.

    I do not trust Ames to contact investors with anything from RL- he will lie and slither.

    RL needs to keep the pressure on Ames. He does not have long before liquidation or the SFO takes him away.

    The whole thing stinks from start to finish, if it wasn’t for a few people who stood up to Ames, he would have continued.

    RL is the only firm that has refused to be shaken off by the various dirty tactics employed by HP.

    As Sid mentioned its their business and I for one would not begrudge them any money if the can helps some people out of this mess.

    The real pity is the people burdened with debt for many years to come. They have little or no chance of seeing their money again.

    The damage Ames has done will be around for many years. I honestly believe he will not nor his family benefit from such horrible actions.

  3. Anonymous

    Nikki Crozier has done a dam sight more that fat fatchett

  4. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BFP, why are you regurgitating an article from the 17th June? Do you, or your sponsors, not think that things have moved on from then? If you cannot think of something new has a headline why not just shut up? Not that someone is pulling your strings eh?

  5. Anonymous

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…what a jerk !!!

  6. Anon

    Bob the FCA alert remains. And yes things have deteriorated even further. I suppose the usual suspects are also behind BFP now.?.Has it not dawned on you that Ames despised in the Caribbean.

  7. Anonymous

    @FDNRM, Are you completing on one of the fifty units?

  8. Anonymous

    Garreth Fatchett is only interested in obtaining SIPP investors from the list he is seeking from Ames. He knows full well that a viable rescue plan is just not on the cards.

    Harlequin will be forced into liquidation shortly.

  9. Anonymous

    It should prove very interesting when all goes belly-up since
    (with the exception of the D.R.) the Caribbean companies are
    chartered in SVG. I should wonder that the legal-eagles of
    SVG-BGI-St Lucia are already forming alliances. Are there any
    CARICOM laws that come into play. The BIG mystery though
    is Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who as an avowed socialist, will be among
    the various PM’s “primo inter pares”.

  10. Sid

    I have a question for anyone who is close to Ames. Is he serious about getting things back on track? Does he genuinely think he is going to see better days and avoid liquidation?

  11. Toast

    Ames has been placed in the corner by the stat demands.

    Crozier has done the personal side, Fatchett has done the corporate.

    A great pincer movement by the lawyers.

    Ames is losing control of events.

  12. SIPP from the devils cup

    The agents in the main are Harlequin owners.

    The IFA’s are in the same boat.

    Fatchett will go after them all. Make no mistake.

    Clients will turn to Fatchett when he offers them the opportunity to get some cash back.

    Why cry over them ? They have been very greedy.

  13. Anonymous

    Fatchett will be out smarted next week by another set of stat demands by unsecured creditors who are not investors.

    Fatchett is not as smart as people give him credit for.

  14. SIPP from the devils cup

    He is quite smart. Went to Cambridge Uni for his notarial qualification.

    He seemed quite approachable and friendly when I spoke to him.

    He is also supportive of others who are doing different things to him.

    It would be interesting if non investors jumped in. At that point, the game will be up.

    Who will these mysterious creditors be ?

  15. Anonymous

    Or maybe Mr. Fatchett needs some one else to take this down.

  16. Anonymous

    I wonder was Gareth at Cambridge when Manderfield was?

  17. SIPP from the devils cup

    Doubt it. She is not a notary, so unlikely.

  18. Save Buccamentbay sue an IFA

    Mr. Fatchett will get the work either way, if i were him I would sit back and lets it all go tits up, must be better than dealing with the toxic toad and his arse licking solicitors.

  19. Anonymous

    Whatever way you look at it. Ames must go. Ames will go. Ames will be removed. Scum pure Scum.

  20. Anonymous

    Question – Other than the SIPPs just what can Fatchett do
    in the UK? Seems to me BB, Merricks, H-Hotel and Blu are
    all SVG companies.

  21. Talking Heads

    There’s a rumor going round speaking of IFA’s ….. that all is not well with several agents at TailorMade 😉

    Agents have turned the tables on Harlequin and TM’s senior management, for a deal.

    Recent statements state that TailorMade told agents that Harlequin’s accounts were checked by themselves and the SIPP companies each month………. errrrm What accounts?

    The best bit, Alistair Burns has been recorded saying the very same thing at a joint Harlequin and TM ‘road show’

    Amazing what people will do when faced with a nasty solicitor.

  22. Anonymous

    We have heard the same thing.

  23. Talking Heads

    Can you blame them?

    Being sued and forced into going into bankruptcy, or stiff TM and Ames? They won’t be selling or getting outstanding commission payments….. it’s a no brainer.

    No honor among greedy salesmen, mine was big mates with that smoochy Scottish fag Burns.

  24. Anonymous

    Ames will go, investors hate the little prick. The finance companies must look at him and think………….. is he on drugs?

  25. Anonymous

    It was bound to happen. Attack the agents, one of Mr. Fatchetts finer moves. The loyalty is gone. Lets hope the demise of the Ames family and Simon Terry comes real soon.

    Here’s hoping that Terry goes down for as long as Ames.

  26. Anonymous

    Most people think little legs is scum, that his wife and family are nothing more then scum. And his trusted lawyer Simon Terry is pure scum. Lets hope they all get sent down.

  27. Ames and Family just have a think about this.....

    What does it feel like to have failed in such a spectacular fashion?

    Many Blame Dave Ames; it’s that nasty old bitch Carol who is full of piss n vinegar.

    She takes so many anti depressants she rattles.

  28. Anonymous

    Gary Player in this article claims “it is about giving something back let us all hope he still feels that way when this has gone tits up.

  29. Anonymous

    @sid, I am really surprised you think Ames is going to give an honest position/answer to anything. He has robbed you all, he could not run a bath never mind a resort. What he can do is set up schemes to part you with your money and he does that well. Financiers will not be looking at Ames thinking he is on drugs, they will look at Ames and think the investors were on drugs. He does not impress. It has always been a mathematical, logistical and practical certainty that this could never remotely work. Amazing how simple it was – CGIs, fancy brochures (ames even says in his terrible speech at the Grove that people were buying brochures), and celeb endorsements, champagne and shows and people were signing cheques and contracts. Never mind location, never mind escrow accounts, never mind whether the resorts could work in their chosen locations, never mind that Ames was a bankrupt, had never run a resort, construction site or development company. A great conman, and you can bet that Simon Terry et al will have burned all their hard drives and anything that can incriminate – so you all need to keep all correspondence.

  30. Anonymous

    Anon 10:46 AMEN !!!

  31. Anonymous

    Further, that link to Gary Player sums up the misleading ways of Harlequin. ‘One of best beaches in St Lucia’ It is without question one of the worst beaches on the island, and can barely be described as a beach for much of the year. Inaccessible site, awful site for a resort, wrong side of the island, could and would never work. Plus they don’t even own the land as they have not fulfilled their end of the deal.

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  33. Anonymous

    Lets be brutally honest SVG is not really a nice place is it?

  34. Anonymous

    I love this article where Ames says something like who knows maybe we could be instrumental in making the next Tiger Woods more like the next Bernie Mandolf. lol

    I have noticed that if you trawl the net there is still plenty of lies we were told to be found I am sure it will all come in useful so guys lets all start backing these up for future reference.

  35. FDNRM V2

    So much to do so little time.

    I have a communication from the ‘The Great One’ regarding my enhancements to Buccament Bay.

    Surf Bob,

    I need a Masonic lodge built, but with my obvious panache and inevitable style.
    This is my vision.

    There will be 3 degrees, Diana Ross is the first.
    No aprons, white gloves and funny hand shakes.
    Nipple clamps,chains & gags etc will be the order of the day
    Dominique will be director of ceremonies
    It will be a sort of ‘Performing Old farts Academy
    I will be referred to as Dave is Magnificent (D.I.M)

    Run along…….

  36. Sid

    @FDNRM, how come you’re suddenly on radio silence?

  37. Talking Heads

    Forgot, I mentioned my Tailor ‘Fazed’ IFA, last night, I have the whole training process – the lot.

    Just to prove here is an extract…….

    ”A new good reason to contact your clients, sell the concept, the dream.
    Interesting back narrative. Alternatives often have a ‘hook’ that grabs the attention of clients. Can be fun! The commission is as you know is a market leader and paid prior to completion”

    He is singing like a canary all the way to Cock Spur street…… looks like it’s not only Ames in the Cross Hairs.

    Is that shredding I hear in Warrington???

  38. Talking Heads

    So who will grass who?

    Will Ames say,

    ‘Not me Gov I am a developer never sold anyfin’

    Or will TM say

    ‘ Not me Gov ‘Ames told me to say that’

    I suspect Ames will sacrifice them all.

    The TM recording will be fun to explain, firmly puts the Network sales director KM in the spot light.

  39. Talking Heads

    A few more extracts

    Most people ‘sleep walk’ into retirement,
    They take what is offered! easy picking!

    All existing pensions are analysed by TailorMade Independent.

    They work on the client’s behalf to ensure that the regulated advice given is in the client’s best interest and your pocket

    TailorMade Independent 1.25% Annual Management Charge payable on all SIPPs on millions that’s good all round!

    Unlike a traditional pension a SIPP allows you to invest pretty much where you like eg Harlequin.

  40. Sid

    Ames has 2 options i) make it work and satisfy all investors one way or another; ii) take liability for so many people being in the situation they find themselves in – which they are only in because they believed the promises that were made to them.

    The buck has to stop somewhere and it has to be with the business owners and directors. TM will also have to answer for themselves, but Ames knows he could of stopped taking on new investors if he knew he couldn’t honour the commitment.

  41. @Sid: Option 1 cannot possibly happen. Option 2 is based on the premise that he has a moral compass – What do you think?

  42. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Harlequin will not be selling anything else. it won’t be allowed to happen,Harlequin as we know it has gone, it is no more.

  43. Sid

    @icu4wotur, in my opinion, option 2. A moral compass would be nice and would make life easier on everyone, but he will be held accountable whether he puts his hands up or not.

  44. Sid

    Hi Leaky, then why does he keep sending updates telling everyone things are on track? Why not just face facts?

  45. Anonymous

    Ames could not find his own arse let alone a moral compass hence why he blames everyone else for the demise of Harlequin


    I have just had a call from TM advising me they have started liquidation proceedings.

    A creditors meeting will be held on 11th October 2013.

    RSM Tennon will then be officially appointed.

    More information will be sent out by TM

  47. Anonymous

    It could not of happened to nicer people 🙂
    The best news I have had for a long time break open the champagne

  48. St George's Dragon

    Does that mean TMs Professional Indemnity insurance cover ceases? If it does, it is bad
    news for investors who have not started the claim process.

  49. Karma is coming after you

    The insurance companies will go for the directors…. keep telling you all Karma an all that 😉

    Alistair Burns Aston Martin may have to go, Oh dear the school fees?

  50. Lord Haw-Haw


    Sorry, you are wrong on that point.

    Providing you have got your claim in and the insurance company have been notified the claim stands.

    If you have dithered and sat on the fence ignored advice from Reg Legal regarding ‘get your claim in’ ( about February 2012 ) its your own fault…. harsh but true.

    FSCS is your only choice, and that’s caped at £50k; plus you have to prove the misselling.

    The early worm……………

  51. Anonymous

    Aston Martin=Hire
    TM offices=Rent
    House=Partners name

  52. Dominoes start falling ...

    If the TM news is right then Dave has no reason to protect the agents anymore.

    Well done TM .

    Dave – now is the time to throw those agents into the sea.

  53. Sid

    Would TM have any legal reason to be doing this i.e. to avoid legal action being taken against them or is this likely to be a purely financial decision?

  54. Anonymous

    I imagine that this is just the “property overseas sales arm” ??
    and not ALL of TM

  55. Warrington's finest

    TM have jumped before they were pushed.

    They worked in a portakabin until they found dodgy investments. Then the sky became the limit.

    They have ridden the light fantastic. There have been great times. There have been freebies.

    Now they face being unable to continue as advisers. How the smug mighty have fallen.

    There will be no sympathy from clients or the TM agents.

    What is good is that the door is open for investors to go to the FSCS. This in itself is a result.

    The next step in this process will involve other agents falling apart.

    Whether Harlequin follows is down to the Statutory Demand holders. They are blocking the finance.

  56. Warrington's finest

    @sid – it is their financial advice company .

    eg the crown jewel.

    TM are finished.

  57. Sid

    Is FDNRM’s silence a good sign or a bad sign?

  58. The end in nigh

    Well I bet the IFA’s won’t be sleeping well tonight, time to go after them personally, if they have a house or a car……. start to worry.

  59. Anonymous

    All I think you will find that the authorities have begun their much anticipated move. TM went ahead of the authorities moving in. The liquidation of TM has caught Fatchett by surprise.

  60. Another one bites the dust!!

    Does it matter?

    All this means is that if you dilly dallied about, didn’t submit your claim to TM in time you have lost out; especially if your claim is over £50,000.

    This may well upset the Government as they will be picking up the tab via the FSCS.

    This may well just give the SFO a much needed kick up the arse to move on TM and HP?

  61. Anonymous

    Sadly for investors this sorry mess is grinding to a halt. And it is now out of everyone’s hands including Mr. Fatchett. Arrests are imminent.

  62. Another bloody expert

    What a nob: Anonymous
    September 18, 2013 at 4:56 pm


  63. Toxic Tail frazed and the Toxic toad story

    It’s only the sales arm ) ….. in Warrington.

    It’s because of all the negative publicity and the Irish builder, otherwise we would have been selling and reselling units until the cows come home!!

    It was a great scam, commission up front, then just sell it again to some other mug.

    We all knew the finance was never going to happen.

  64. Anonymous

    Ok an arrest is the act of depriving someone of his or her liberty usually in relation to the purported investigation or prevention of a crime.

    Imminent as in ready to take place.

    Is that explained for you?

  65. Felcher

    TM makes no difference to HP or RL.

    Their clients are now limited in their options. Unless they made a complaint before today. Many didn’t because TM tole them not to.

    No one knows about SFO on this site. End of.

    This is a sign of the end starting properly.

  66. Rimmer

    Wait a minute . TM told their clients they were checking the monthly accounts.

    That would be a fraudulent misrepresentation. Personal liability time.

  67. Anonymous

    Everyone has a leak. Everyone.

  68. Gulling my new hobby


    September 18, 2013 at 5:14 pm………….. Arrest who?

    So, the directors can be sued? I was at a meeting when that Scottish slightly effeminate looking guy said TM checked HP’s accounts – this was in Warrington.

  69. Anonymous

    TM are not the only ones feeling the heat. Harlequin’s former accountants have been visited in recent days by the authorities. The demise of TM and the very recent visit by the authorities to WK might very well be connected. Another company paid a visit was Mike Slade and Co. in Rayleigh, Rochford in Essex.

  70. Anonymous

    Mr. Ames

  71. NO! I am Ralph

    We can only like in hope 🙂

  72. Anonymous

    Inter company debts……………… Oh Poop

  73. Its gets worse

    Please explain what that means, I am very worried, is that good or bad?

  74. Anonymous

    It is very bad.

  75. Its gets worse

    Could you please expand?

  76. Sid

    Is that sirens I can hear in the distance?

  77. Felcher

    TM have no effect on the intercompany position.

    Do not let people nonsense.

  78. Sid

    Ralph, are you able to shed any light on things?

  79. Felcher

    TM have gone into admin – big deal. They smashed people’s pension and the FSA told them to sort it. They cannot do so. Hence the insolvency procedure. The directors will be attacked for fraudulent misrepresentation as they lied to investors.

  80. Anonymous

    It would explain why FDNRM has been so uncharacteristically quiet today (and yesterday in fact).

    I’m not putting the boot in, it just seemed strange – and now could seem to make sense.

  81. Sid

    Could it not take some of the heat of HP if TM are seen as the ones who have been mis-selling? Or will it put them under closer scrutiny?

  82. Flumper

    FDNRM – feeling nervous yet ?

    Ralph- feeling marginalised yet ?

  83. goldstar


    Spot on. HP did not do the selling in the main. Agents did.

    Ames will be pleased as this will allow him to focus on the refinancing.

  84. goldstar


    Why Mike Slade ? He is an accountant.

  85. S2 Fraud Act - Fraud by Misrepresentation

    “I have seen the accounts of Harlequin on a monthly basis” (in a slightly camp Scottish accent). Oh dear

  86. Anonymous

    I’ve never been able to understand why there is a sense that Ames could step aside entirely from the “mis-selling by agents” allegation. It was after all, his product that they were selling. Presumably, most of the information that they passed across to their clients, and on which they based their advice, came from Harlequin; ergo the problem was potentially at source (or so they could argue). Clearly they should have done their own DD and risk profiles etc — but Ames is on film characterising it as a very low risk investment. It seems odd that he should be able to bear no responsibility if that proved not to be the case.

    Refinancing amongst all of this seems rather fanciful – the idea that the way would be paved because those who had previously sold the product had been forced out of business doesn’t make much sense.

  87. Sid

    And does TM disappearing not take away one of HP’s largest individual creditors?

  88. S2 Fraud Act - Fraud by Misrepresentation

    TM is a creditor of HMSSE. HMSSE are also in admin.

    The Insolvency Act moratorium means the Administrator of TM cannot bring any action against HMSSE.

    An exercise in futility.

  89. TVAS


    Ames did not sign off the stupid pensi0n transfers. He did not say “no” to the money. However, he did not sign them off.

    Ames does not have the permissions to do this.

  90. TVAS


    Tailormade are an agent of the Ames madness. They all have properties on SVG.,

  91. What's that on me windscreen?

    So, this in a roundabout way a good thing?. Ames can give GF the database because they are working on a plan – together.

    And the FSCS will payout, would they in turn chase HP like the PI insurance companies may have done??

    All a little confusing for me…..

  92. One slightly soiled beach front cabana for sale (again)

    Arh, but they could have been sold more than once, what a laugh it would be if it’s to another IFA company 😉

    Dave Ames will be on the blower tonight selling them again…. 50% off for cash – must complete next week.

  93. Blame shifter

    Timing very good from a restructure perspective.

  94. Ralph

    TM sang the Harlequin mantra, that is, all information TM gave to clients came from Ames and Harlequin directly.

    Yes Michael Slade is an accountant but he was also the chief financial officer for Harlequin between June and December 2010. In December 2010 he resigned.

  95. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Flumper. No.

  96. Blame shifter


    Why did he resign ?

  97. Ralph

    Why should we feel marginalised? We have been very busy. We feel sad however that Fatchett continues to give hope to all investors when he knows full well that a rescue plan cannot be mounted. He also has failed to publish the Report on Buccament Bay.

    The Fatchett “Rescue” Plan if that’s what Fatchett wants to call it, could be hugely expensive indeed for investors.

  98. Ralph

    We have no idea why Mr. Slade resigned

  99. As camp, as a row of Scottish pink tents


    How can you comment and make such statements when you have no idea what’s been discussed between GF and DA?

  100. Anonymous

    Could this whole thing be a coordinated by the Mason’s was there not talk ages ago about all of them being in the same club?

  101. Blame shifter


    Your going to have to wait a little longer for the insolvency you crave.

  102. 3rd Degree

    It is obvious to me.

    Ames – Mason
    Fatchett – Mason
    Walton – Mason
    Terry – Mason
    Baker – Mason

    Paddy O’Riley – None Mason
    Erica O’Iron – None Mason

  103. Stumper

    This “gulling” lark is getting out of hand.

    Surely not.

  104. pervy


    Report on BB is coming with Investor Trust bundle. Do not worry.

    We will dangle some straws for you to clutch at .

  105. Would you credit that ?


    Are you seriously suggesting Paddy O’Halloran / John / Crozier are all fellated by EB in succession ?

  106. T Cain

    @ 3 rd Degree.

    I have a mate who drove me to a meeting in Manchester, he did say Ames, James Baker I think? and some army guy were were defo masons.
    they stand funny or somthin and have special words and stuff.

    he said ames walks with his left foot first? makes no a sense ro me?

    how did yuo now bout em?

  107. Sid

    @T Cain, it’s true. Ames always walks with his left foot first and often his right foot first. If you watch him closely you will see it for yourself.

  108. Lord Haw-Haw

    @ T Cain.

    If you understood the vows, Masons take, in particular, senior Masons you would indeed see that it’s not altogether such a ridiculous theory.

  109. Veiled

    The manner of their preparation gave it away to me.

    The method of their entrance.

    Left foot down the room right foot across, forming a square.

    I noticed Ames wore jewellery when he entered the room. He left and then was divested of all things metal. Seemed a bit odd to me.

  110. Veiled

    How about the fact that Ames had nothing to give in the cause of Charity when he was asked ?

    Odd that, because when he returned to the room he then said he would have given freely.

  111. Veiled

    Good point.

    I did ask him why he thought the sun could sign in SVG and Basildon at the same time.

    He told me that the sun at its meriain could ineed cover the world. Just like freemasonry. I did

  112. Save the Fatchett Charity

    Some investors are real numpties. They want RL to pay for them to be bailed out. It is like a benefits dependency job. FFS

  113. Entered Apprentice

    I was told he wore a slipper because he had gout

  114. The Inner Guard

    Bro Haw Haw,

    There is a report

  115. The Inner Guard

    I was told he wore a pinny as he enjoyed to cook up books. Odd as paper is very flammable

  116. The Inner Guard

    What about Bro B Storey from the Lodge of Stupidity.

    Or Bro M Ames who has been appointed Treasurer in the Lodge of Carbon.

    Or Bro O’Halloran who has been appointed Tiler in the Lodge of Construction ?

    It is so obvious now. How could we have been so stupid ?

    All the Trustees will be mason on the new board. So mote I be , I say !

  117. The Inner Guard

    Bro Junior Warden,

    What is the first care of every freemason ?

  118. The Inner Guard


    I rise for the first time to see if ought is proposed for the good of Harlequin generally or this the website of lunacy specifically.

  119. The Inner Guard


    Nothing remains but to lock up our secrets uniting in the act of fidelity fidelity fidelity…

  120. Royal Arch or Seventh degree

    Royal Arch – Seven Capital – Jim Baker

    Eleventh degree – Scottish Rite – Alistair Burns TM & James Cannon

    Rose Croix – Walton

    Fatchett – Grand Lodge office

    Ames – Holy Royal Arch

  121. The Great Architect, of the Carribean

    Trustee Board = Fellow Brethren.

    Happy to meet……..Sorry to part……

  122. proper mason

    given all the posts, I think anybody that is a mason should remeber the vows not to disclose and of their secrets….not a lot of houring that solomn pledge here

  123. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    heureux de rencontrer à nouveau

  124. I was taught to be.............

    Brethren brethren all.

    So mote it be.

    Enough slipshod behavior.


  125. Anonymous

    Masons also go to jail …so mote it be.

  126. Anonymous

    Name me one high profile mason in jail?

  127. Roy Orbison - It's Over

    @ Ralph, are you one of these masons?

  128. That Woman

    Is this meant to scare people? Because its totally irrelevant. Next Worried investor will be on here moaning like the old hag she is.

  129. What a load of bull

    So Ralph has jumped ship to the R Legal forum where nobody knows they’re full of sh*t!

  130. Ralph or Regulatory legal?

    ‘Ralph’ is Erica Broughton and a couple of misguided followers from her really silly forum, (before she lost the plot and started imagining all manner of things).

    EB has been peddling her wares to anyone who will give her the attention she so badly craves.

    Constant contact with ‘the Irish builder’ and his cronies, they play her like the proverbial fiddle, it’s tragic really.

    EB has no interest in Harlequin working. She want’s it to fail and take the Ames family down with it. ‘The Irish builder’ needs it to fail, then he won’t have to pay any damages.

    EB also want’s the impossible.

    Ames out, Harlequin to fail, refunds given, 10% returns – all the things we were promised.

    It’s a little conflicted and pie in the sky.

    By now unless you are a half-witted moron Harlequin is on the edge of liquidation and you will face certain loss of most of your investments.
    With TailMade going into liquidation, another avenue has been cut off for redress claims.

    It’s time to decide what you want………

  131. wot a mess

    bet there are a few people kicking themselves they never got the claim in @ Talor made? don’t worry all is well mate…… yeah honest.

    Scum all the greedy ba**ards

  132. Ralph

    Evening all. We would like to clarify the following we are not Erica Broughton and we are not Newman.

    We have an issue with the way Fatshit is dealing with this fiasco. We are also bemused by the way Paul Walton seems to have hijacked the Harlequin Investor Group forum. Walton claims to have had his money back? Yet is driving on with his support for Gareth Fatshit.

  133. Sid

    Is that why it’s so quiet on here, everyone’s jumped onto the HIG forum? is that the RL forum or is the HIG one separate?

    And I recall somebody mentioning that Fatchett had a forum just for his clients. Is that true?

  134. Ralph

    GF has tried to rail road this trust through. The RL Harlequin investment forum and the answers provided by RL are rather bizarre.

    For example RL stated 2 weeks ago the “TRUST” would not include the 50 units being completed on, now they claim they are included.

    GF has been offered credible information which will demonstrate that Harlequin double sold properties, but he has decided not to pursue this just yet.

    GF has been given information which would suggest at the very least that Harlequin were operating in an illegal manner yet he has failed to acknowledge this.

    GF has recent court documents which demonstrate that Harlequin units were sold in an illegal manner, he is fully aware of what is contained in the court documents but again has failed to acknowledge this fact.

    What the rest of the world does not know will not hurt them we suppose.

    Now we also know that GF is in regular contact with Grant Thornton, a company that has made no secret about the fact that it is their “off the record” belief that Harlequin and Ames have acted in an illegal manner.
    Yet GF will not comment on this, merely stating that everything on BFB and this and other forums is just wild speculation.

    Well GF, you stated that you would seek to get Stat Demands in the Dominican Republic despite have previously been advised that this was impossible.

    You stated that you would enforce Stat Demands in St. Vincent even though you were advised by Williams and Williams that this could not happen because of Government interference.

    You claim you have negotiated a trust with Ames, but this trust apparently will only be open to your clients, yet Ames stated that all Buccament Bay investors will be invited to join the trust. Is Ames saying that investors will be invited (subject to a fee of course) to become clients of yours. How bizarre. How truly bizarre.

    Who is going to run the trust? Paul Walton and his friend Richard Ingham?

    GF you have stated that you will provide full details of this “Security” package by tomorrow evening. Ok we will wait.

  135. Ralph

    Sid RL posted a link on the Harlequin Investors forum stating that RL had set up a forum and RL provided a link to the forum which brought you right back to Harlequininvestment Forum which now appears to be run by Paul Walton.

    RL then responded to worried investor last night pooh poohing the suggestion that they had set up a separate forum.

    Odd behaviour.

  136. Ralph has many guises

    So predictable 🙂

    Someone asked a difficult question of Erica on the RL blog (so, so sorry worried investor) and all this hot air happens – no content.

    Boring boring boring.

    Ericaralph – what happened to all the documents you were promising to up load?

  137. Ralph

    JP Morgan Chase got themselves in some hot water today. Incidentally this is the same bank Ames was crowing about claiming to have had a meeting with the senior executives of that bank last week.

    How long more will investors tolerate this bullshit. Seriously?

  138. Ralph

    Ask Fatshit he has them all.

  139. Sid

    Thanks Ralph. So am I right in thinking that the only active forums are this one and HIG i.e.

  140. Ralph has many guises

    What your bullshit, Ericaralph?

    Who is your ghost writer?

  141. Ralph the pe nis

    Don’t you think if Ralph knew about the ‘other site’ he would post it.
    The only blog is the one you mentioned.

    I think Richard Ingham would be perfect for the job

  142. Ralph

    @ Ralph has many guises.

    For quite some time we were Newman now we are Erica. We are neither. But heh carry on with attacking any and everyone you feel you believe is Ralph.

    Gareth Fatshit, Simon unethical Terry and Dave Ameless know what information we have, it really does bother them that we have it. And Fatshitt you should be concerned.

    We have a huge amount of information and YES we have given it ALL to the authorities.

    Its not our fault nor is it our problem that Fatshit is miss leading investors and giving them false hope.

    That’s HIS problem.

  143. Ralph

    Sid as far as we are aware yes. And RL confirmed last night that they do not have a separate forum.

    As you can Sid we are rattling the cage of Ameless and Fatshit.

    And we are quiet happy to do so. And we will continue to do so until such time as either a decent transparent and credible “Rescue” plan is offered to all investors or Ameless and his companies are liquidated.

  144. Anonymous

    Ralph, the only thing you are succeeding in; is making Erica look more stupid than normal.

    She runs round and round.

    Her website(defunked), the other blog (defunked), BFP ( shamed off), RL blog (as worried investor) and on it goes.

    She even wrote to Obama for Christs sake! The woman is ill.

    I hope she does not return to the more intellectual blog 😉

  145. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Well what a surprise. Erica, sorry “worried Investor” has been advised not to post any more on th RL site by her “legal advisors” and suddenly ” Ralphy is climbing all over BFP again. Funny I didn’t see anything about DA crowing about JP Morgan Chase. Perhaps someone has a tape recording from Simon Terry.

  146. Anonymous

    To all –Team Ralph seems to act in mysterious ways, but I
    for one remain something of a believer..oh will this ever end!!!

  147. Garth 'Putin' Fatchett

    I have just been told of an unconfirmed rumor that because of Ralph the whole Ames family have confessed, so scared of this all powerful one.

    GF has been has been found guilty of the most awful crime imaginable; trying to help clients – imagine that!

  148. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Erica, go and boil your fat head

  149. Anonymous

    Nice FDNRM nice. You were calling Ralph Jeremy for weeks but now Ralph is Erica. I take it you are still Bob Story, Harlequin apologist, mouth piece for a fraudster. What a repulsive way to make a living.

  150. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, I suggest you read RL site. You might be a bit more informed. That last post was not me by the way. We all know that Ralph is more than one person, and we know who they are.

  151. Anonymous

    @Bobby — Prove It !

  152. Gareth Fatchett - Solicitor & Notary Public


    If anyone wants to come to our office and talk to us about issues relevant to Harlequin, please feel free.

    We struggle to deal with anonymous people.

  153. TS

    @ Ralph’s you are of no importance and you just hate that.

    All you have done is got bits of information about Harlequin from other equally obsessive nutters, come up with a ‘name’ but achieved nothing – because you know nothing.

    You can’t keep that dangerous woman on a short enough leash, she open her big fat gob and makes you all look desperate and pathetic.

    Anyhow, how is the Irish thief??

  154. WhatsTheFuss

    Ralph as far as the investor trust goes do you think I would put myselfbusiness forward to be shot down by people who can do nothing but criticise and probably have a website created by Erica trying to destroy your livelihood? So dont worry about me and the trust – Count me out!

  155. Anonymous

    After reading this blog since Mar/Apr the only thing that I am
    certain about is that David Ames is a fraudster/Ponzi artist and
    that the English are truly eccentric.

  156. Ralph

    Lol you guys really don’t get it. We are not Newman nor Erica. One of the many on here more stupid then normal is Bob. Lol.

    Now we really could not give a monkeys what a few wholly unintelligent supporters of Harlequin and Ameless have to say on the topic as they masquerade as human life forms.

    What we can safely say is that Ameless and his wife and son will soon have no more say in matters pertaining to the future of Harlequin.

    What we can also say with absolute 100% confidence is that Fatshit is not the only one with Stat demands. Oh yes he knows about the others. So quickly quickly pay him, because very shortly, we would guess about a week, these Stat demands we are referring to will be served.

    See there are many many unsecured creditors who are not investors, who are owed money and have already taken legal action, with judgements due tomorrow. (Or should we say confirmation that Ameless did not pay as previously ordered) Yes Fatshit knows about all this.

    But Fatshit honestly believes that Ameless is also a victim in all this.

    Tomorrow Fatshit is going to “UPDATE” investors as to the “mechanism and time scales’ for setting up the trust.

    This might be of interest to those who truly believe that Fatshit will save the day, but we already know that it will be short on hard facts and will not give any indication as to the cost of setting up the trust to each investor.

    But lets see what tomorrow brings shall we. It is irrelevant in the over all scheme of things. Fatshit knows that his plans for a trust will be challenged down along the line.

    But by then he will have taken investors cash and blamed someone else for the failure of the trust as a result of the liquidation.

    Remember Fatshit knows the trust will be challenged and probably successfully by any IP. But what can.Fatshit do? He bet on the fact that Harlequin had 10’s of millions stashed away and now reality is dawning on him that this is not

  157. Ralph

    @TS You are a funny character lol. You have no idea who we are and therefore no idea what we know.

    You are fully entitled to tell the masses on here who you think we are or what we know.

    On the latter point only time will tell. We are very happy with the information we have on Harlequin. 100% confidant on the issue of double selling. We know that there are massive problems associated with the SIPP contracts.

    We know all about the issues pertaining to land ownership. The bribes, the forged completion sheets, the other forgeries etc etc etc.

    We are very happy that the information provided to the authorities is pretty damn convincing.

    And at the end of the day it will be they who ultimately decide Amless’s families faith.

    As for Fatshits offer to anyone to call in for a chat and impart information, any information passed onto Fatshit will of course be kept in the strictest of confidence and passed onto Simon Terry in the same manner. Ie in the Strictest of Confidence.

  158. Ralph

    Dear Mr. Walton a few weeks ago we asked about the report you undertook at Buccamemt Bay. We have 1 question on this given that the report has to date not surfaced, were you the reports only author or contributor? See we know the answer to this, and it was not the answer you gave previously.

    @TS We don’t know how the “Irish Thief” is, nor do we know who you are referring to, but we are fully aware of the identity of the Basildon Bandit. Ames and his family ( Scum).

    And as for the Ames family being cowards, hmmmmmmm yup they are and bullies.

    What is totally bizarre here is you have Walton being the hero with RL. You have TS and Bob and A N Other attacking Mrs Broughton, but TS and Bob have never once given their views on Ameless, despite all the negative publicity being generated by that dysfunctional family.

    Instead Bob and TS feel it necessary to bully and intimidate who they see as worthless scum and a threat to Harlequin.

    Harlequin is finished my friends and so too are the wholly dysfunctional Amless family.

  159. Anonymous

    Look up the meaning of Harlequin. ….a clown . The whole thing is a joke ! Investors…just have a good laugh , like DA and family .

  160. Dear Mr., Miss; Mrs., Ms., Ralph(s)

    I simply don’t have time to answer your question on the report.

    I have been far too busy, meeting Richard Ingham in Miami, David Campion in Barbados, then rushing over to have dinner with Dave Ames at Buccament Bay; whilst enjoying the free holiday Harlequin apparently paid for.

    In my spare time, I’m engaging in some unnatural sexual relationship with BOTH Gareth Fatchett and Dave Ames!!

    When I do get a spare moment. I like to hijack the Reg Legal blog and play ‘hero’ with Gareth whilst being a high-ranking Freemason.

    Furthermore, I need to prepare because I will be apparently on the ‘trust’ with Richard Ingham.

    Anyway, Ralph(s) why are you so concerned about the report?
    You did mention you had someone at BB taking pictures and doing a report for yourselves?

    Anyway, what do I know, I apparently IMPORT Chinese wallpaper?

    Last time I checked we work as a sales agent supplying around 30 counties have never imported a single roll of wallpaper to the UK;

    I wonder how you could have been given such incorrect information and by whom?

    Must go very busy busy 😉

  161. gareths fan club

    well here we are, today Mr Fatchett will announce the detail of the rescue and restructure ( I am informed ) . Whether this will benefit the great unwashed or just the chosen few remains to be seen . I will certainly not be committing to the plan untilI have taken independent advice which is no disrespect to Mr F just a mark of my enduring distrust of anything Ames related .

  162. What a load of bull

    Ralph talking a load of sh*t yet again. This is embarrassing to read now. It’s like watching Eddie The Eel swim the channel!

    Just stfu and get on with your worthless life, you pathetic tool.

    “Oooh, we have this! And that!”

    Nobody cares, you’ve been exposed far too many times.

  163. Fatchett does not represent me.

    It looks like I’ m getting right up Ralphs nose again. GOOD. Always a good sign when the personal insults start again. Question for you Ralph, if I’m such a no mark why do you feel the need to comment about me? And if you insist you are not Newman and Broughton, why do you fee l the need to deny it? If you do not give a monkeys about others on here, why do you feel the need to comment about others? Bully mrs Broughton? Do you mean asking her questions when she said she would “answe all questions put to her” if you want bullying how about publicising my personal details on here to try and intimidate me? Now whose the scum.

  164. The Irish Builder Thief.... O'Halloran - the one who stole OUR money

    Anyone with an ounce of common know’s Ericaralfs game.

  165. What a load of bull

    Erica Broughton irons out the creases in Paudie’s and Newman’s grubby arseholes with her grey cow tongue.

  166. The English (Former Bankrupt) Who Stole 250 Million of Investors Money

    Everybody knows Ames’s game.

  167. What a load of bull

    Erica grabs daughter Steph and shoves her cow tongue down her throat causing her to vomit into Erica’s mouth – she swallows with gusto and smiles showing her single green tooth. The watching Paudie and Newman ferociously tug at eachothers flaccid weeping maggots as Erica and Steph begin to 69 like a manatee wrestling a walrus.

  168. Lord Haw-Haw

    @Ralph, how many times can you cry ‘Wolf’

    You now have the same credibility as Mrs Broughton

  169. Ralph

    @Lord Haw Haw. What would you like is to do ? We made a decision to pass all the information on to the authorities. What would you like us to produce? We will see then what we can make public given that we have passed our findings to the authorities.

  170. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, make yourselves public. If you are not Newman/Erica then you have nothing to loose have you.

  171. Lord Haw-Haw

    @ Ralph,

    All you have is talk, no proof, an old out of date spread sheet is hardly enough for a conviction. I just don’t believe your hype anymore, and you talk or RL giving false hope……

    Your just vindictive.

    That is not a good sign.

  172. Anonymous

    Dear all, if “What a load of bull” is indicative of those who support Harlequin and the Ames family then sadly our investments were always at risk.

    Those comments are a sad reflection of us as UK citizens.

    It seems to me that Harlequin’s supporters best form of defence is to stupidly attack others with absolute nonsense. It really does nothing except fill up the thread with rubbish. It certainly gives us no confidence in Ames or his senior staff that any thing can be rescued from this.

    We are clinging onto hope that our hard earned money invested in Harlequin can in some way be saved.

  173. The Irish Builder Thief.... O'Halloran - the one who stole OUR money

    The thief is financing the operation, Erica would do it for nothing, not the ghost writer.

    Where is Worried investor? must have gone on a pie eating binge.

  174. The English (Former Bankrupt) Who Stole 250 Million of Investors Money

    At least the Irish thief is funding something which is more then what can be said about Mr and Mrs Ames. All that pair of thieves are doing is funding first class flights to Australia and The US. Oh yeah and building a nice little house in the Grenadines. And taking money from Hotel Blu.

  175. A 'level' playing field.

    Dear all,

    if ”Ralph” is indicative of those who want to destroy Harlequin and the Ames family then; sadly our investment.

    Those comments are a sad reflection of us as UK citizens.

    It seems to me that Anti HP supporters best form of defense is to stupidly attack others with absolute nonsense.

    It really does nothing except fill up the thread with rubbish. It certainly gives us no confidence in Ralph his senior staff they don’t want any thing to be rescued from this.

    We are clinging onto hope that our hard earned money invested in Harlequin can in some way be saved, that’s the only choice we have so why not try?

  176. Anonymous

    ‘A ‘level’ playing field.
    September 20, 2013 at 9:34 am
    Well done!!

  177. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    All of this is irrelevant.
    it matter not one jot.
    It’s puerile.

    For the less academically gifted; I will make it simple.

    Regulatory Legal or Liquidation decide.

  178. Anon.

    How original. Harlequin supporters are doing just what Anonymous referred to.

    Just clogging up the thread with non sense. Meanwhile most of us who are not SIPP investors have lost most if not all.

    So who do I blame for this, can someone on here tell me how and why this happened? Please.

  179. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    September 20, 2013 at 9:47 am

    To be brutal, because we were stupid and greedy. Ames is incompetent.

  180. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    Bottom line people.

    When we get the RL update read it and make a choice.

    1. do nothing
    2. support it

    Take alternative advice if you wish, but most investors deep down know they have little choice, but to accept.


  181. Its gets worse

    @ Ralph.

    Any other great plans? how much is you IP in Lundun going to give you as a kick back? 😉

    all crap, you have been out done.

  182. As I see it

    Ahh you can all call the woman and her daughter but they have not had your money have they?? stay focused and try to recover what you can out of this mess

  183. Its gets worse

    no but they want to block any attempt at a rescue, can’t argue with actions.

  184. Anonymous

    Do you have any proof??

  185. Its gets worse

    same proof as fat ralph, big fat zero, but i will ask if i can show the documents lol

    more to follow

  186. Anon.

    If there is no proof then possibly Ames has done nothing wrong so why are we all on here and what is Garreth Fatchet trying to Rescue? If Ames has done nothing wrong why don’t we all stop now. And wait for him to get finance. He said he is about to get finance so why not back away, give Ames a chance.

    Why not give him a chance?. His vocal.supporters on here might be able to answer this question.

  187. gareths fan club

    In every business difficulty there are always people who are disparaging of anothers attempts to resolve the problems . In my opinion that does not allow either side to indulge in abuse and offensive behaviour .
    If parties can all bring a reasoned argument to the table perhaps we can move along with a form of a solution other than constantly have to work ones way through interminable stupid posts to get to read anything sensible .
    Gareth Fatchet is now the only option for those investors who have not appointed / instructed anyone and consequently we should attempt to keep him on side for the duration of the negotiations and not make him wish he had never begun this horror story.

  188. Anonymous

    @anon 9.47. Unfortunately, investors have themselves to blame for investing in this without any due dilligence. The business model was more than ridiculous. Ames lied profusely to you via his various agents and glossy brochures, the forecasts and promises were simply not remotely possible, even for the best, most experienced and best funded developer or operator in the world (ames is none of these things – he was broke with zero experience) The locations were very poor, and resorts themselves as designed could only lose fortunes, if they were ever built. No feasibility study could possibly have been done by Ames. The business was very clearly designed to part naive investors with money, and that money first and foremost was to be given to agents, IFAs and the Ames family. As he found more people who could not see through this, he came up with more resorts, random small hotels, just to have more stock to “sell” via outrageous lies and claims about returns. That is what happened, so there cannot be any denial of this. They all got their cash out first before even planning permission was in place, or land owned. Shocking, fraudulent, illegal, and transparently against the interests of the investors. So, again, investors should have seen through this and not invested, but Ames set this business up to lure you in and steal your money. The reality provides all the proof you need, up to you all to decide what to do about Ames now. Sadly, investment is all gone, a few cents in the dollar at the very best is the likely outcome, but wish you well if you can get more.

  189. Gulling my new hobby

    if you dont give it a chance you pillock it all over, i don’t like it but we are f***ked without it..

    I note fat ralph has not sensible rescue plan, fat ralph is full of shit. at least fatchett is a trained solicitor – not some old scrubber woman


    @ Ralph where is your report, the one with the pictures going back to 2010, don’t tell me, it’s with the authorities and you will have to ask permission..

    Should Ames not have been arrested by now?

    Even you must admit you look a bit of a cock, you and Broughton don’r fool anyone.

  191. The Irish Builder Thief.... O'Halloran - the one who stole OUR money

    Paying his moronic followers to try to bring HP down and cripple any chance of a rescue plan – that’s what Ralph is about – damaging you investment.
    Stupid fat cow

  192. As I see it

    I really do not care about the Broughton all I know is you are ruining our investment and if this is how the “investor trust” operate I want nothing to do with it.This is not how a legitimate business behaves

  193. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ralph is now thinking how to stop the less literate one from writing anything else. The RL site has thankfully been spared since Thursdays deluge of drivel.

  194. KT

    The only people who are damaging the investment is David Ames and his cronies posting your vile rubbish on here. You really think people want to keep their investment with people like that?

  195. Issac

    what gets my goat is a group of arrogant arse holes like ralph, telling me what to do, but worse they are trying to foce the issues for the benefits of someone who stolem from us.

    i think ames is a shit and a conman, the irish bloke is scum, ralph little beter.

    scare mongering

  196. Bobs small corn on the cob

    Bob I think you have proven to everyone that you have no life. I think it is about time you went and got one. Since when did you become admin on the RL site? It’s about time you gave up silver surfing. Your beginning to bore everyone with this crap about the Broughton’s

  197. Jules

    You hate her because she was right all along she might have gone about it the wrong way but she was right

    I just wish I had heard her shouting from the rooftops five long years ago,

    I am guessing you all do to

  198. Neville Chamberlain

    This is all very odd indeed.

    We have a solicitor who could assist in a potential rescue – yes?

    We have a solicitor who help people with redress claims – yes?

    If a rescue plan is not forthcoming then its goodbye to you money.

    So, why are you all fighting????

  199. Anonymous

    Dave is my life

  200. Ralph

    Folks we are waiting the news this evening from Mr. Fatchett. If he comes up with a viable, workable plan for all, fantastic. We will most definitely support it. If however the plan is more of the same cock waffle, then we will begin to publish the documents we have.

    So the ball is firmly in Mr. Fatchett’s court.

  201. Jules


    I have never posted on here before but I am sick of Harlequin trolls
    this has ruined my life

  202. Anonymous

    @Jules go to the reg legal site its not so silly providing worriedinvestor and I lostmyhome ( the only two who have silly names) are not trolling about.

  203. Anon.

    The only people who are responsible for all our losses are the Ames family. Ames blames everyone else and we like sheep tend to follow suit.

    It is Ames who has brought is to where we are. It is Ames and his family that took our money.

    We are quick to chastise others, to attack them.

    How many investors lied on the forms when applying for mortgages to get the deposit money for Ames.?

    Is that not fraud.?

    Who arranged and assisted investors in doing this. ? Ames did.

    And what will happen this bunch of mortgage investors, they will loose everything.

    Mr..Walton said as much.

    We were shown glossy brochures, told about huge returns, given commitments and promises, etc etc etc, All by the Ames family.

  204. Ken & Derek

    Yes Ames has a lot to answer for, too much in fact.

    However, we did decide to invest and not do any DD, an internet search or legal advice would have been enough.

    Yes, that is mortgage fraud, but again they did sign it, and not read it properly.

    If people don’t pay the secured loan, yes they could loose the house.

    However,lenders will listen and be accommodating, more often than not they don’t force a sale of the property.

    Maybe RL could help on this for a small fee?

  205. Ralph has many guises

    @ Ralph, turn the record over. Will the ”authorities” let you publish them?
    Who to, the few people on BFP 😉 Hardly the Telegraph is it?

  206. Anonymous

    I am embarrassed at being a UK citizen. Most of us are UK citizens posting on a Caribbean blog site and demonstrating what a stupid, greedy bunch of people we really are.

    We are also an embarrassment by allowing fellow posters be attacked in the most vile and demeaning of manners.

    Making sexual inferences about individuals as a way to get our point across is being seen by many as the way we normally behave.

    Mr..Ames took our money, of that there is no doubt, what he did with our money afterwards is immaterial now, what he failed spectacularly to do was to give us what he promised. Against this back drop there are those who are vehement in their support of Ames and Harlequin, yet their vile and degrading actions demonstrates not only to me but to the wider community that we invested our money with a bunch of dishonest thugs and bullies.

    There is a concerted effort on this site to use foul and abusive mechanisms to degrade and humiliate some who are brave enough to speak out against Harlequin.

    FDNRM for example is taking personal vendettas to new extremes. Yet has never once suggested a solution to the problem.

    We are all here because of Harlequin, in one way or another.Yet our blogs are seen by the wider world and all we are doing is embarrassing ourselves and demonstrating that we are easily led and swayed by others who hold all the cards.

    We are all really at the mercy of Ames, Fatchett, O’Halloran, Newman, and Crozier, we have no idea what any of the above players are willing to do or what actions they are prepared to take.

    We can only speculate, but any of the above individually appears to have resources far greater then many of us can dream of mustering.

    To all the above this is just business.

    To many of us its our life savings and the actions of a few will have a serious impact on our future lives.

  207. Anonymous

    Bravo anonymous… elegantly and aptly put. As is normal in society, it is the small minority who ‘rule’, in this case spoil what could be a helpful, supportive forum. And it appears the majority of us total close to 6,000. The number who post these vile remarks numbers less than 0.1%. Long live the majority and moral conduct.

  208. Anonymous

    Funny how posters on this forum accuse others of being in league with those who oppose Harlequin. We had attacks on individuals claiming they were in bed with the builder and claims that the builder was behind the attacks on Harlequin in order to prevent court cases from going ahead.

    Well whilst the usual suspects were running around and indulging in a mindless attack on some. Harlequin and the Irish builder appear to have been working away in the back ground on their own little deal. The FT advisor ran a story on line yesterday on Harlequin and Tailor Made Sipp and have stated that the ongoing court battle over £8.5 million has now been settled in Harlequin’s favour.

    I wonder what the terms of the settlement were, how much was paid and most importantly what has Ames done with the cash. Funny but I do not think we will ever find out.

    So who will Harlequin supporters now blame for trying to destroy the rescue plan.?

  209. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 2.55 your damm right I have a personal vendetta. You hide behind Annonymous. All my personal details were posted on here, name, address, telephone number, e mail address. Details of my contract ( although incorrect) do you think I’m going to take that shit laying down you idiot? No fucking way.

  210. FDNRM: Temper, temper litlle Bobby. LOL. Ha,Ha, etc etc

  211. Decision Makers

    You are no longer at the mercy of Ames.

    The decision is in the hands of Shipleys, RL and the SFO.

    Shipleys because they control HMSSE
    RL because they control the Statutory Demands
    SFO because they can arrest people

  212. Anonymous

    Dear FDNRM, If you have a genuine grievance why not make a report to your local police, why engage in futile and denigrating attacks on those you suspect of having an involvement in publishing your details.

    Would it not be better to engage in some form of reasoned debate on the topics being discussed, possibly putting up reasoned and credible counter arguments.

    Was it not you who gave details of Mr. Newman out on this forum ? And Mr. MacDonald ?

    Is it not a little hypocritical of you to behave in such a manner. ?

    Have you proof that Mr. Newman is indeed a contributor to this forum ? Or indeed Mr. MacDonald.?

    Were you aware that Harlequin struck a deal with the Irish builder. ?

    I know you might be upset or of a sensitive nature and I feel for you.

    But two wrongs really do not make a right. Surely we as UK citizens can at least behave in a more decent way. We are investors in foreign countries, and we use blog sites from foreign countries, yet as ambassadors for our country the UK we have really let our selves down.

    FDNRM some of your details are publicly available on the RL forum and you appear to have no issue with this. Somehow I think your reasons run much deeper then those stated by you.

    I wonder therefore if this might not be the appropriate forum in which to vent your displeasure.

  213. Anon

    There goes Bob again, calling someone who posted a perfectly reasonable post an idiot. See Bob will attempt to disrupt any forum which may ask probing questions of Harlequin or Mr. Ames.

    Bob you are really showing that Harlequin supporters are worthy of the title “Redefining Intelligence and Decorum” in the Caribbean.

  214. Anonymous

    Bob Storey’s been bullying Erica and bad mouthing anyone who opposed Harlequin for what seems like years now. It’s only a month or so since Bob was unmasked. Before that time he was conducting his personal vendetta against Erica and anyone who dared to suggest that Ames was anything other than business visionary and demi-god under the anonymous guises of 36, Fatchett Does Not Represent Me and Sporting Man to name but three. Bob Storey is a case study in passive aggression and a thoroughly evil minded and nasty piece of work.

  215. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 5.22 re the police, I did and that stopped the silent telephone details of Newman/MacDonald, those details were posted AFTER my details were published. There was no point in being anyone else but myself on the RL website after my details were posted on here. RL was my choice, BFP was not.
    @Anon, 5.36 “taking vendettas to a new extreme” is perfectly reasonable? I think not. Stupid comment.
    @anon 5.40 oh look 3,Annonymous posters. How original is that. 5 weeks not a month. For someone who keeps records of this site, your not very accurate are you.

  216. Anon

    Bob has indeed engaged in an almost constant attack on Erica and her family adding Jeremy Newman, his wife, Mr. MacDonald and his Mother and then an individual from Wallcrouch amongst others. Yes when he was exposed his manic attacks increased in their veracity.

    Bob is a complete hypocrite but will not give up on his relentless campaign of hatred against anyone who dares speak out against Ames or Harlequin. He is sadly not representative of the large majority of investors and his actions on public forums are a complete embarrassment to genuine investors.

  217. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon (another one) what a complete exaggerated post above, any “attacks” as you call them are reciprocal to the posting of my personal details. As Anon 5.22 suggested, go to the police, if you dare. Go on DO IT



    We welcome sensible debate on our site. We expect the discussions to become more detailed and practical as investors weigh up their options.

  219. Anonymous

    We are probably better off ignoring the fool. And lets try and discuss the very important issues.

    Has anyone yet received any news on the much awaited RL update on the rescue plan.?

  220. Anonymous

    @ Harlequininvestorgroup Please can you tell us where your update on the rescue plan is so we can debate the issues.? We await the details as promised.

  221. Lost Soul


    Something is happened as RL were telling us an update is expected tonight via Harlequin.



    The Update in the form of a Harlequin Update and a RL letter is going out tonight to ALL investors. The “opt in” process needs explaining to investors who are interested.

    The survey we are running shows us 71% of people would be prepared to vary their arrangement to support a re-finance / re-structure, with 26% with no fixed view. A very small % are against and kind of effort to seek a solution.

    The key is informed and educated consent. There will be different views. There will be disagreements. There may be a rejection of the proposals.

    However, that is better than a void which is filled with nothing.

  223. Anonymous

    @ Harlequininvestorgroup thank you for the update. I wonder could you tell us how many Investors took part in the survey.?

    Secondly and we await the Harlequin update of course but surely the update should really come from Regulatory Legal as opposed to Harlequin. It is RL is it not, that are mounting a rescue plan. Having Harlequin update us on a rescue plan which had to be formulated as a result of Harlequin’s miss management does not instil us with much confidence.


    @anonymous – Harlequin have the entire investor database. We need it out to everyone without breaching the Data Protection Act.

    Survey – just under 400 investors.

  225. Anonymous

    Dear Investors

    Following on from our announcement last week that Harlequin intends to initially grant security over the common parts of the Buccament Bay Resort (with further security at other Harlequin resort sites to be offered at a later date) to a trust set up on behalf of investors, we write to you with further information on how to become involved in this process and, in doing so, best protect your investment.

    This week has been dominated by a series of meetings that follow Harlequin obtaining local law advice in St Vincent & The Grenadines confirming that it is able to grant this security to a trust. While it was initially thought that the trust would only be open to Buccament Bay Resort investors, due to the huge interest in this offering, Harlequin has decided to widen the net and ensure that the trust is open to all investors with a valid contract who haven’t or aren’t in the process of completing on a Harlequin property. While the trust will be an independent entity set up for and on behalf of investors, the security is a Harlequin offering and Harlequin will therefore play an integral role. The key facets of the trust are as follows:

    • The proposed trustees are in the process of obtaining professional advice that will provide guidance on the type of trust to be set-up; drafting of the Trust Deed and related legal documentation can then start. It is likely the trust will be set up in the United Kingdom (rather than offshore).
    • Five trustees will be appointed to the board of the trust with a majority vote required for key decisions. The intention is to obtain a balanced cross-section of knowledgeable trustees who can assist Harlequin to achieve its goal of development of investment properties.
    • The trust will require investors to agree to the conditions set out in the Trust Deed.
    • The trust will provide for events where the security can be varied if a proposal is put to the board that will realistically assist investors and Harlequin in achieving their goals.

    This is a significant step forward in Harlequin’s restructuring plans and we urge all investors to join together and take action by signing up to help build a more secure future with Harlequin. Harlequin will release more information in the coming weeks but in the meantime invites you to read the attached letter outlining the role of Regulatory Legal Solicitors as a law firm that can provide advice on protecting investors rights within the trust, the mechanics of how the trust will work, and how to opt-in to the proposed independent investor trust.


    Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

  226. Barm Cake

    Funny old world, ay it ?

  227. Boris Yeltsin

    Harlequin are in the hands of RL now.

    Those stat demands must be making Ames worried.

  228. Plug

    Dear Ralph,

    You need to get the fraud evidence to RL ASAP. Otherwise they might just pull a restructure off.

  229. Masonic Moments


    Look at the use of phrases.

    “significant step forward”….

    Left foot first I assume.

    Ames, Fatchett, Terry …… Brethren all

  230. Masonic Moments

    Fatchett’s brother Walton is the senior brother.

    He is dictating play. I bet he is not even an investor.

    Bob is not a mason as he denies Fatchett. He would walk step by step if he were.

    This is all very surreal. So obvious to me.

  231. Erica - cometh the hour, cometh the woman

    Who will the five trustees be ?

    Erica, Newman, Paddy, Bob and Crozier !

    They will object to everything and each other.

  232. Anonymous

    I am sorry to say that this move simply delays the inevitable, buys Ames more time and offers him legitimacy by being part of this trust. Once again, he is using investors’ naivety to get the best possible result for himself and GF is supporting this as he knows there is no other option than liquidation. However, the business makes no sense, two resorts that lose money and a massively insolvent set of companies contracted to build thousands of other properties. It can only end up in liquidation, it really only requires a moderately experienced developer to see this given all the factors involved. Sadly, there appears to not be a development or Caribbean expert among any of the investors or lawyers (remember lawyers are not businessmen) and this trust effort is a giant waste of time and money. You will not get anyone to provide finance, and even if you were able to self finance, there is not a resort planned in this entire charade that could possibly break even in the location and style planned. A trust without Harlequin involved may make a little more sense, but even then is still delaying the inevitable.

  233. Anonymous

    This all boils down to a pre-emptive plea bargain that
    keeps Ames out of prison. For God’s sake people…pull the plug!

  234. Anonymous

    Will the trust have to take on all the costs of maintaining these areas ? So instead of having a monthly income and a property worth some hundred’s of thousands… you actually get a small share of bit of land that has no real value and costs you each month to maintain? I hope I’m wrong ?

  235. Gareth's fan club

    Best of a bad job Gareth …. But thanks anyway

  236. Anonymous

    I am amazed that some young hot-shot lawyer in SVG has not
    jumped in offering his services. From what has been written
    here Williams & Williams are too politically connected to the current
    government to be of much use. (It is not weird but it is not in the
    interest of the current government to high-light their rather suspect
    connection to Ames). All in all the proposed -“trust”- is a most
    disingenuous. Ultimately just what do those sign on expect to

  237. Anon

    The trust is for the common areas of the registered land, the 19.05 acres. The ponds and paths. Basically that’s it folks.

    Good man Fatchett. 8 months and this is what we get
    . A trust over some paths and ponds,

    . The Ames family to play an integral part in the trust.

    . A clause built into the trust whereby the trust can be varied to suit the requirements of investors or Harlequin.

    . The trust is a Harlequin offering. Not RL.

    . Because of legal privilege you have to become a client of RL to join.

    . At least 4-6 weeks away from probably a further update.

    . Despite Harlequininvestorgroup claiming to have 1100 members, fewer than 400 filled out the on line form. 36% of HIG members responded. 24% of HIG members are to date willing to vary their contracts.

    8% of all investors responded.
    5.5% of all investors are willing to vary their contracts to date.

    It would be interesting to see how many of the investors want Ames to stay in the business. Maybe RL could let us know.

    This is not a very strong mandate.

  238. Anonymous

    How much does it cost to sign up to the trust ? How much does it cost month on month ? What is hoped to happen to the trust in the long term ? What is the real aim of this strategy? What is it supposed to achieve ?

  239. game really is

    The Darwin awards are gonna need to increase their number of awards this year…there are 5,950 here (I have allowed for fifty people who can this as what it is (the likes of Sid and Ralph) who automatically qualify for a nomination
    This is a scam, you have all lost your money Ames has screwed you. By srpeading the scam across IFA, across multiple small corrupt countries etc etc etc he has pulled off a very clever scam…YES a scam

    I say this only once YOU HAVE BEEN HAD

    A zombie can see this is a fraud…disgraceful that the SFO have not jumped in yet…YET

    A trust that owns ponds and paths, that is open to other people who have paid for units on land not owned, with no planning permission and nearly £400 million GONE This is a rescue package, and a lot of peeps inc GF think this is a deal, there really aint no hope at all for the future of mankind

    I would this to all work out…but FFS IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN Lock the bastard and his familly up now (the Ames familly are no better than kiddy fiddlers)

    Yep gonna be a lot of peeps in line for a Darwin award

  240. We need a new leader and it aint Dave or Garet

    Stop Wait do not drink anymore of the kool-aid!!!
    We need to get our act together and work as a team if we do not want this let us go to the authorities and tell them what we do want.
    This is our resort paid for with our money it does not belong to the Ames family it belongs to yours,so start to do something about it.Just a thought,
    What about asking that CPC woman have they managed resorts like this before?

  241. 3rd Degree

    Masons the lot of them !

  242. 3rd Degree

    You lot are thick. You haven’t even got a full breakdown and you are moaning.

    Do you not realise that RL know its broken. They are trying to control the refinance.

  243. Divided you fall

    Ha ha ha . Collective action. No chance.

  244. Anonymous

    I like the part where they say “Harlequin have decided to widen the net”
    You can’t make this stuff up ….it’s incredible that anyone with half a brain would believe one single word from them , far less trust them after the total cock ups they have done over the past 6 years or so.

  245. Anonymous

    It is beyond comprehension that any rational person who has witnessed events of the last 7 years would enter into a trust involving Harlequin. Genuinely have to be without the ability to make a sensible decision, which unfortunately is what led you to buy from Ames in the first place.

  246. Ralph

    Dear Mr. Fatchett, please explain!!!!!

  247. Choice

    Shall we all forget it and await the liquidators ?

    Security (however limited) or being an unsecured creditor. The choice is yours.

  248. Dumb and dumber


    You do not need to worry about your objectives. Investors are so dumb they will simply moan.

  249. The Irony of it all

    While you all cackle like old hags waiting for Ames to be tried and hung, your investments will go down the pan.

    Ames will not win. Neither will you.

  250. Ralph - your dream will come true

    Bob / FDNRM (although by proxy Fatchett does now represent Bob) cannot control the stupid, ignorant masses who care more for Ames being hung than protecting their own money.

    The Ralph win will be by default.

  251. Serve you all right

    If I was Fatchett i would tell you all to F**k off, let it go tits up, then you miserable bunch of ungrateful w4ankers will come crawling back for the FSCS claims

  252. Dummer and Dummer

    Lets just liquidate it, that’s what fat bitch Broughton is after, then you all will have something proper to moan about, when you are still paying your mortgage in ten years time for nothing.

    Will that make you all happy?

  253. Its gets worse

    Fatchet has put lots of work to get this far, and all you lot do it moan and expect something for nothing.Tossers

  254. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    The security is better than nothing, and nothing is what we have now.

    Any level of control, the possibility of finance, and or new management is clearly a good thing – that is of course you want it to fail.

    Some investors are really stupid.

  255. Be careful what you wish for....................

    if Ralph / Broughton etc. carry on their campaign and I loose my cash investment I will divert my time, money and resources into a very similar ‘expose’ into every facet of their lives – past and present……….

  256. Anonymous

    Get security, replace Ames, get fiance, FSCS cliams or PI.
    give it a go, if it fails it goes bust.

  257. Kroll

    I don’t subscribe to the over simplistic notion that any security is better than no security. The proposed security is worth very little, will be expensive to obtain and difficult to realise. In fact the act of calling in the security may lead to significant liabilities, for example, if the condition of the common areas falls in to disrepair, which is a distinct possibility. People need to accept that the project has failed and that the situation is irretrievable, save for professional negligence claims against the degenerate advisers who served to facilitate this shambles. There seems little point in paying more money to kick the can down the street. Reculer pour meux sauter.

  258. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Bob/FDNRM (although by proxy Fatchett does represent Bob) big ? There my son.

  259. gorrila in the mist

    @becareful what etc….obvious to see how easy it was for Ames to suck you into the scam…….it will liquidate and you will lose all your cash….it is as simple as that

  260. quiz time

    what two words are commonly said to describe a group of 5,995 totaly stupid people…..errrrrrrr

    Harlequin Investors

  261. Keep the story straight

    I can’t believe you people keep using the word investment. And worse, think your ‘investment’ can be saved. It was a get rich quick scam for Ames, he got rich quick, the money is gone.

    This latest plan is laughable. The 6000 properties will never be built, so instead of a holiday home you’re being offered 1/6000th of a share of some mosquito infested ponds. perhaps Mr Lars can give us an idea of the price per sq foot in St Vincent, which should give you an idea of what your ‘investment’ is worth.

    You’re being led along with a carrot on a stick, with the promise of green pastures just over the next barren hill. And like a donkey you’ll soon discover there is no pasture, you’ve been used for someone elses personal gain and to add insult to injury, it isn’t even a carrot Ames is dangling. He can’t afford one, Its just a stick painted orange.

  262. yatinkiteasy

    Perhaps the next letter to “Dear Investors” should instead start “Dear Suckers”.At least the content would then be believable.

  263. Gareth's fan club

    Whatever the outcomes GAreth has tried to assist .Others chose different routes . One thing shines clear the investors have lost the trust in Ames and for any operation to succeed in any form Ames must agree to go.
    A professional team with a resort management history need to be found and the cash investors must be prepared to put in more money.
    The days of spoon feeding are over we need to step up to the plate and be adults , we have chances but we need to do some serious growing up and realise the deal we may get will not be the deal we bought into . That’s life in the big world

  264. One more pie

    The fat stupid one aka Broughton aka Ralph aka worriedinvestor etc has only one aim, to keep O’ Halloran happy – that means liquidation.

    She is as blind and gullible as FDNRM .

  265. Me and Mrs Jones

    The Broughtons equal Mr and Mrs Smith international spies who’s mission has been to take Ames Baby lets all expose them we can all then claim refunds from the British government.
    One thing is certain she aint no Angelina an he aint no Brad

  266. The great unwashed.

    @ Gareths fan club.

    I agree but for some getting free advice from an approachable solicitor is just not enough!

    He should pay for the survey, do free legal fees, take lots of shit, meet that odious little crook all for nothing 😉

    All the nay slayers, go and find another solictor – see what they will charge and the come back and have a moan.

  267. Gulling my new hobby

    Gullible is that the same as gulling?

  268. Gareth's fan club

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder …….in essence intelligent people will now focus on options , dickheads will focus on weight watchers losses this week .

    Threats and idiots have no place in my adult investor world so can you respectfully fuck off now .

  269. Another one bites the dust!!

    Next weeks post bag:

    1. Letter from Tennon TM have gone bust circa 1500 HP investors
    2. Letter from Aimes, ooops I have no money

    What a mess, imagine the less intelligent investors filling in the complex FSCS forms,

    Yes I did commit mortgage fraud, but its not fair I want my money back – I was just greedy and now that nasty Mr Fatchips wants me to pay him, the bloody cheek.

  270. Anonymous

    Walton in a mason have you seen his ring? my Dad has one and it swivels round showing some symbol on the back – w4nker the lot of em

  271. Anonymous

    forgot, the fees for being a mason run into £1000’s i think they have to give a % of all the money to each other. they must help each other out or they all gang up on you and then you getting banned and and that. that explains why he attacked ames then got his money back and now seems tobe helping him out.

    ames is a manson aa well all solicitor are masons

  272. Loony tunes

    Meanwhile, back on planet earth £400 million is still missing.

  273. Ralph has many guises

    @ Ralph, anymore news on all those important documents you were going to upload? Did all the authorities give you permission?

    Has President Obama replied to you yet?

  274. King Billy and Bob Bobit

    Bobit, what’s your thoughts on the plan? Will you be changing your name?

  275. Lord Haw-Haw

    Dear Fellow investors,

    You need to make your mind up.

    Put your feelings about Ames to one side, ask the question do you want to rescue YOUR investment?

    If you do get the Reg Legal pack, read it; then decide.

  276. Ralph has many guises

    @ Ralph where is your report?

  277. worriedinvestor

    I know its totally you Richard thats behind all these posts and what you are doing to try and discredit me it wont work. I am an honest nice person. Ames had the money and FDNRM is your mate you sicko.both sicko’s
    it will all be over soon and not before time, we know whats been going on and you have all been meeting up planning. BB is just a sewerage plant

    FDNRM is a lowlife at the same level as you. i know and will prove what you are upto its a disgrace the things you will do for money with you little bum boy walton and all your disgusting vile post you horrible excuse for a man i have ever come across. the truth will prosper and you are a vile nasty man

  278. Anonymous

    A guy defrauds you. Your lawyer then sits in a friendly manner with the fraudster to work out how to secure a fraction of your money. The fraudster is laughing at you all.

  279. A Real Investor

    Gareth’s fan club
    September 21, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    With you on that one. Fatchett is doing the best with the crap hand he has been dealt. I would tell investors take it or leave it.

  280. A Real Investor

    Whats your plan plonker ? Anonymous arse

  281. Ralph the pe nis

    @Ralph, what’s your plan now.

    Let me guess its all with the authorities and Ames will be arrested 😉

  282. Pie Shortage, as comfort eaters panic buy

    Wigan has run out of pie’s there has been a splurge in comfort eating

  283. Anonymous

    To be fair, those in this mess were stupid enough to invest in the first place, so not surprising they cannot see the reality now, as they believed total fantasy originally from an obvious fraud. Understand the straw clutching going on now, however wasting energy and money. Move on, it has gone, you have been had. Only way you will ever recover funds is to liquidate what is there, or file claims via other channels depending on how you gave Ames your money in first place. And ensure authorities deter others fraudsters from doing this again to others.

  284. A pity..... huge pity

    What the flumper whumper has been let out the looney bin?

  285. Fatchett does not represent me.

    1) I have never met Richard Ingham or Paul Walton.
    2)are you ready to answer any questions as you are an honest open person?
    3)have you passed your last rant through your legal team?
    4)if you think I am a vile nasty man then I will take that as a compliment. “Honest nice people” don’t publish personal details like you did, do they.
    Why hide behind ” worried investor” Erica, we all know who you are. You just want to bring DA down, it’s your own personal Jihad.

  286. Gareth's groupie

    In fairness to Erica she has succeeded Ames is down and soon to be out. Once the new team is in place there is no place for him.

    The lawyers (all of them) have done the investors proud ….. Bit of appreciation would be nice especially for Gareth who did a sterling job.

  287. One born every minute

    You can’t polish a turd. You’ve been had, and if you’re happy with a share of some ponds then you’re just the kind of unsophisticated investors Ames was targeting.

    By the way I have a bridge for sale, its near the tower of London………

  288. Anonymous

    A number of Stat demands are being served on Harlequin on Tuesday. Mr. Fatchett has been the most public of solicitors but represents less then 10% of purchasers. It will only take a small number of claims to tip this into the abyss.

    There is also a very big problem with the completions. In order to tick all the legal boxes in SVG a valuation has to be undertaken in order to allow the completions take place. Mr. Fatchett has stated that Harlequin cannot afford to carry out this or any valuation. Now investors are being asked to pay for this.

    Harlequin is insolvent. Mr. Fatchett has not yet obtained a valid mandate from investors.

    Mr. Fatchett has stated that it is his Stat. demands which are preventing financiers from coming on board. However prior to Mr. Fatchett and the Stat. demands Harlequin tried but failed to obtain finance.

    This was also before the SFO / FSA, FCA / Essex Police probe. Anyone who honestly believes that financiers will come on board against this back drop need to be certified.

    Harlequin owe millions in Barbados and until this debt is paid no one will get their paws on Merricks or Hotel Blu.

    Landowners in St. Lucia are enforcing contracts they signed with Harlequin and are retaking land they sold to Harlequin.

    Assets are being dissipated. The aircraft in Antigua are about to be seized in lieu of debts owed in that country. The aircraft engine and hull insurances have lapsed and the aircraft have not been maintained in recent months.

    Whilst all this is going on Mr. and Mrs. Ames are having a home built for them in the Grenadine Islands off St. Vincent.

  289. Anonymous

    It is remarkable that none of the 5000 or so investors have not gone after Ames personally. He is the sole owner/director of the company “investors” contracted with. He has broken so many laws as a company director, breached so many contractual requirements, before you even begin to mention fraudulent misrepresentation, purchasers should have been going after him personally long ago if he had not fulfilled the terms of the agreement to refund money. Instead, he travels the world first class on the money you gave him, builds properties for himself and lives the high life still. His wife and kids all live well now. On your money.

  290. Richard Hannay

    Get with the programme , that was done months ago by a different group.

  291. Neil

    Hannah ….. Shut up or we will have another night of FDNRM banging on

  292. Anonymous

    If DA is truly building on one of the Grenadines it would be
    interesting to know if any of the missing building materials from
    Buccament can be accounted for. Also fascinating to here that
    he has finally found a contractor that he is happy with…just saying

  293. Good old MFI Kitchen

    I think Walton is a big fat Freemason who bums David Ames because he got a free holiday

  294. St George's Dragon

    Where is he building? I know he went to Mustique a couple of times. Is it there?

  295. Good old fat one

    September 21, 2013 at 7:04 pm
    You know Ralf your such a lump of nob cheese. grow a a pair instead of hiding behind anon – sad old fat toss pot

  296. Anonymous

    it’s just smoke and mirrors, having a laff at your expence.

  297. Anonymous

    SGD – Some months ago someone posted here that Ames had
    purchased a small barren waterless island somewhere near
    ps. Can you imagine him welcomed on Mustique?

  298. miniman

    Ames has purchased a shag fest pad for him and his ‘Dom’ in Barbados it funny we all see the fat old fool sneekin round – he got a floppyone he no manmeat

  299. ames diggle dick

    ay Ames is the Richard Branson of SVG $1 million to Gonzo he do anyfin he want, he do the diggle wiv local cash for gash

  300. Anonymous

    There goes the neighborhood !

  301. Anonymous

    “Gonzo”… it !!!

  302. Up the wrong un

    Matt Ames is partial to a bit of ‘Local’ stuff when his wife has gone home, but he prefers the tradesman entrance.

  303. Ralph

    We heard Bequia, but it cant be confirmed. He will get the builder to build it, then when its 70% complete he will sue the builder and claim that this is further justification as to why he cant complete his resorts.

    Why would we hide behind Anonymous? We are “Ralph” not Ralf and we are anonymous just like everyone else on here. Lol

  304. Ralph

    We have the photographic evidence of all the Ames sexual activities, they are not the only ones who can hire PI’s

  305. Ralph

    We have pictures of ‘Gonzo’ having a gobble.

  306. Anonymous

    Ralph —You go girl (?) !!!

  307. Ralph

    Hi Ralphs lol. If we were Bob we would say that is not us, but heh this is an anonymous site so who really cares, keep gobbling, it ain’t gonna make a darn bit of difference. Ames is finished and the trust ain’t gonna work. Liquidation its the only way.

  308. Prove it

    Ralph, put up or shut up.

    Apparently you have everything, but we can’t see it. If we don’t see it,we don’t believe it.

    Use your pedophile’s file sharing site and prove it, otherwise crawl back into your hole. You have nothing.

  309. Anonymous

    Not only does Ralph have nothing….neither do “Investors”…nothing….no returns, no interest payments, no titles to anything. Ames has it all. Now he is offering to be part of a Trust administered by Harlequin of common areas of the resort .insane! It’s sad that the authorities have let so many innocent people be screwed by a twice bankrupt ignoramus .

  310. Ralph, has no proof

    @ Ralph,

    what about the ‘proof?’ the ames arrest, the documents worriedinvester was ‘asking’ for permission to upload the on the RL site?

    you are truly pathetic

  311. Ralph, has no proof

    Lets move off the subject of no proof Ralf he/she/it is unimportant.

    What about in the light of no other options – the security and rescue plan, or are we just going to carry on like a bunch of fish wifes

  312. Good riddance

    I am happy to see Worried investor and I lot my home have stopped trying to disrupt the RL blog with their inane repetitive boorish comments.

    Sad nasty deluded people

  313. Anon

    Ralph did not take our 400 million Ames and his wife did. So why the hell should we rescue them? Because that is what the rescue plan is. An Ames rescue.

  314. Decision Time

    investors will get the RL info pack. They can then make up their minds.

    The stat demand holders block Ames. So if the answer is “no” then it is over.

  315. Anonymous

    It’s been over for years. People want proof? Where are the 6000 unstarted units?

  316. Good riddance

    September 22, 2013 at 11:09 am
    You idiot I am trying to rescue MY investment you imbalanced brain.
    Ames is going top be dealt with later..

  317. Its gets worse

    @ Decision Time

    Some common sense at last.

    I see Ralph is quite must be busy uploading all that proof and years of reports and pictures.

    Pity nobody gives a shit about him now.

  318. Dumber and Bummer

    You lot are dumb.

    If you don’t support HP to get finance, you have lost all your money.

    So, get the information pack from RL have a look then decide if you want to try and save something, or put it down, kill it off.

    Doing nothing is the same as pressing the self destruct button

  319. Anonymous

    Sorry D and B, but I think you are dreaming if you think financing is possible. Has noone here raised finance before? How can you get finance for a set of companies that are so insolvent? No audited accounts, fraud investigations ongoing against the business, liabilities in the hundreds of millions, no source of revenue to pay back, as the current revenues do not cover operating costs of the two resorts, not to mention guaranteed returns and interest payments. The completion payments will not help the finance search as it is a drop in the ocean of what is needed, and what security can they pledge given all the other people that have claims on that security in the form of stat demands, cautions and broken contracts. You already have lost all your money, may get cents back when assets sold off, just make sure you get Ames personal assets too.

  320. Anonymous

    Would not entering into a trust with HD/DA at this late date
    nullify your original contract, exonerate Ames and leave you
    with a lot less than originally contracted years before? Ames
    goes scott free and you are left with a tenuous claim on pathways,
    ponds and public areas. My prediction is that it will all go bust
    and the government of SVG will seize the property and publicly
    auction it to the highest bidder. Which I also predict will not be in the
    millions but in the low hundred thousands…sic transit gloria !!

  321. Mystic Mog

    Don’t be daft how can the SVG government do that, that’s the sort of rubbish Erica would say………….

  322. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    The food and beverage director left after finding it impossible to work with Matt Ames

  323. Compressed man

    Matt Ames has been removed from his current position amid complaints about his aggressive management style and lack of experience running a bankrupt resort.

  324. FDNRM V2

    Such a lot to do, so little time.

    I will offer my services as food and beverages director. The first thing I will do is introduce boxes of wine and jellied eels.

    My design for a Masonic temple is coming along fine, the only snag is that we will have to hold the meetings on the beach and that’s disappearing fast

  325. Anonymous

    Investors in Harlequin – listen.

    The game is up and the money has gone,you have only one shot at trying to make it work.

  326. Good old, good old.........

    I have had enough of Harlequin, its sapped the life out of me not just financially.

  327. Anonymous

    Yes, let’s sign up to the trust, get rid of Ames, get external financing, build the resorts and all live happily ever after.

    The gullibility of investors really is quite staggering, although I suppose that very same naivity was always a key factor in allowing the debacle to develop to the extent it did. Ames and the agents preyed on the foolish and the vulnerable. Nobody with an ounce of investment knowledge or business acumen would have subscribed to the Harlequin proposition nor in the current scenario would they throw more good money after bad.

  328. Anonymous

    Mystic Mog (4:03) In the Western Hemisphere it is called
    eminent domain. In SVG there is a very left-of-center government
    and the opposition isn’t too far behind. Face facts man …

  329. Good old, good old.........

    September 22, 2013 at 5:05 pm
    Hello Ralph.
    Very interesting why a ‘non- investor’ would take such interest and effort in Harlequin 😉

  330. Mystic Mog

    September 22, 2013 at 5:18 pm ( another one)

    I’m not a man.

    So, not only is SVG a nasty little grotty island; it’s corrupt too?
    Maybe they Deserve Ames a match made in the Caribbean!!

  331. Scott's dumb investment

    If the investors are apathetic, then liquidation is the only option.

    So in reality, by the end of this week, we should know.

  332. Gulling Tips

    Gulling. Will Ames be able to gull in an open prison ?

  333. Man Up


    Tell Mr M he is a sad bitter old ex partner.

  334. Anonymous

    @sdi – i agree, the investors are pathetic and liquidation is the only option!

  335. Ralph

    @ Good Old good old

    Investors are not the only ones owed money. But most importantly Ames and his wife are both thieves and liars.

  336. Ralph

    @ Good Old, good old, this is our first post today, amazingly there are others out there who understand that the “Harlequin” trust is nothing more then a shambolic attempt to get Ames and his family off the hook.

  337. game really is

    Ames was very smart…take the dosh in the uk so peeps thinks its the uk they are dealing with) then in the small print say it is an offshore company in a very corrupt country (so even the prime minister aint gonna be shouting fraud very loud…peeps in glass houses an all that) then dont disclose any records (so the chasers have no information whatsover to go on) they obtain citzenship of said corrupt country (can then live there even if charged with mega fraud, n guess what actually the sun shines n it quite a nice place to reture to [in luxury of course]

    and the final twist pay judas bob to instill confusion

    so simple, its the work of a genius…..shame it is a fraud and illegal in most countries…shame on the FCS and SFO not to be able to do much

  338. Anonymous

    As I understand it his UK passport could be suspended so that he
    can’t leave.

  339. API

    The Harlequin / RL Investor Trust.

    We have had a look at the proposed Harlequin / RL investor trust. In our opinion the trust on the face of it offers absolutely no security to current purchasers.

    Effectively investors will be asked to forgo their contractual rights in lieu of a trust supposedly being established to give investors some form of security over their current investments.

    What is alarming about this trust from the information we have is that investors will be asked to forgo all contractual rights prior to understanding or ascertaining the value of the asset being held by the trust.

    In our opinion Harlequin Investors are gambling with a loaded dice.

    Furthermore once Harlequin Investors have given up their rights as per their contracts they will then be asked to share the cost in having the asset to be held in the trust valued. The reason given for this by RL is that Harlequin are not in a financial position to have this done.

    The asset being offered in to the trust are the common areas of the “Registered” lands on which the Buccament Bay Resort is situated. The trust does not include the lands on which investors units are located.

    The “Registered” land currently comprises of some 19.5 acres. The common parts comprise of pathways, ponds, some grass areas, the Ice cream parlour, the Trader Vics Restaurant (not yet complete) and 4 no. retail units.

    * The Bay View Beach restaurant, Jacks restaurant, Swimming Pool, Spa, Reception, Gym, Kids Club, Night Club location, Back of House, Saffron Restaurant, Indian restaurant, Tennis Courts, Football Pitches, Cricket Net area and Beach areas are not included in the assets being put into the proposed trust. These are not located on the 19.5 acres of registered lands.

    In 2011 Harlequin claimed that the value of the Buccament Bay Resort stood at £150 million. The valuation arriving at the claimed figure was however never made public by Harlequin and therefore in the absence of any valuation Harlequin’s figure cannot be relied upon.

    There are currently circa 100 units available to complete on. The value ascribed by Harlequin to these units is approx £30 million. There are approx. a further 190 units at various stages of completion. 50 of these units are in Apartment Block 2. The value ascribed by Harlequin to these units according to Harlequin’s last sales prices was circa £14 million. The remaining 140 units are on average 60% complete giving a value of circa £26 million.

    Harlequin claimed in court that some £20 million was spent on the pool and Restaurant areas above see *.

    A further £5 million could be ascribed to the value of the sports facilities (although this figure is almost certainly far too high).

    This gives a total valuation of £95 million based on Harlequin’s own figures.

    However a true valuation would have to take in to account the profitably or otherwise of the resort, and given that Harlequin refuse to release any accounts pertaining to the resort a true valuation can not be derived at.

    An easier way to get a value for the common parts of the Buccament Bay Resort is calculated below.

    There is 849,420 sq ft (19.5 acres) of registered land at Buccament Bay. Investor units are located on circa 360,000 sq ft (c 8.3 acres) of this leaving 489, 420 sq ft (11.2 acres) of common parts to be held in the proposed trust.

    Locals have been seeking circa £5 per sq ft. for the land Harlequin wish to purchase at Buccament Bay. For the purposes of this exercise we will give a value of £25 per sq ft for the common areas (ponds and pathways). c 21% of the sq ft rate to construct the units.

    Therefore the value of the common parts to be held in the trust would be £12.3 million.

    The average deposit paid by investors for a unit at Buccament Bay is £90,000.00 and c 1,100 have been sold. Given that the value of the asset to be held in the trust is c £12.3 million the average value to each investor would be c £11,000.00 or c 12 % of their original deposit paid. After legal fees, valuation costs etc of say £2500 per investor the figure reduces to c 9.5 %.

    If every investor in Harlequin was to buy into the trust (as Harlequin have invited) this would give each investor security equivalent to c 3.1% of their original deposit paid.

    In essence investors are being asked to forgo their existing contracts in which a cumulative total of £400 million was paid in deposits in return for an asset valued at £ 12.3 million or in other words to take a 96.9 % hit on their initial deposit excluding any legal fees that will have to be paid.

    What does this do for Harlequin? It allows them to right off 96.9% (387.6 million) of the 400 million owed to investors if every investor was to join the trust and given that investors will have to relinquish their contracts they will have no future recourse against Harlequin.

    The trust would only work for investors if the value of the cumulative total of deposits taken equalled the value of the security being offered. In reality the trust would only work if only 136 investors were to opt in to it.

    For instance Ames could sell the assets of Harlequin not covered by the trust, pay the trustees the £12.3 million and walk away with the rest. All totally legal.

    At least with a liquidator investors have a chance of recouping anywhere between 5 and 20 % without having to pay any legal fees.

    The only true beneficiaries of this proposed trust will be the Ames family and Garreth Fatchett.

  340. trust no friend

    To set up the trust is a good thing to do. To agree on a rescue package to save Ames is a bad thing to do.

    Take this advise seriously. The value of the security as described is not and will never be worth the amounts mentioned on this forum.
    Set up the trust so you can use the trust as the vehicle to buy out all assets once the liquidation is announced. You the investors will get control of all assets and control of Ames. Once you have the control you can realize the assets and share whatever comes in from future transactions. Such a strategy would make a better return than the proposed rescue package.

    Good luck

  341. Good old, good old.........

    More TM piffle

    No wonder they were Ames agents

  342. Anonymous

    Ralph, what about all you documents and proof? You can do better that a doctored sales spread sheet??

    Got bored of asked you, you just don’t come up with the goods.

  343. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    I would like to put myself forward for the investor trust, myself and David share the same views on many things

  344. Twerking, looks like fun

    API, so boring you must be an accountant.

    Without droning on – what you say is based on guesswork because no information has been give for you to base your silly claims on.

  345. Irish Thief Vs English Thief Vs Reg Legal.

    Simple choice between siding with:

    1. The Irish builder who nicked your money ( Ralph plus others)
    2. The English ‘Ponzi’ buffoon ( Diddy Dave)
    3. The rescue plan ran by a company of solicitors. ( Reg Legal)

    I could be wrong but don’t they seem like a safer bet, in the absence of a viable alternative?

  346. The scales of justice

    People get hung up about if Ames will escape ‘justice’ with this rescue plan.

    They are not linked.

    If he has done wrong he will be punished.

    The rescue is trying to get something out of a bloody mess.

    If the rescue plan works or fails it won’t change anything for Ames.

  347. The Square

    At least RL are regulated and insured. By far the best option.

  348. Gareth's fan club

    ITvET vRL

    Reg Legal will not be involved with the trust after its established is my understanding of this I may be wrong but that’s my understanding .

  349. Twerking on the level

    Don’t think Ralph or Dave are regulated………… or insured

  350. Left Foot Forward

    RL have told us they will exit stage left the moment the trust is established.

    They want it to be independent of Harlequin / Ames and themselves etc.

  351. Lodge of Harlequin -(6748)

    Is Paul Walton a mason ?
    Is Gareth Fatchett a mason ?
    Is David Ames a mason ?
    Is Simon Terry a mason ?

  352. Paul Walton

    I don’t see what relevance it has on Harlequin or any rescue plan if I am a Freemason or not.

    I will say, for the record I have been involved in Freemasonry for nearly thirty years and they do some very good charity work.

    Clearly someone has picked up several Masonic words and creating mischief and misinformation.

  353. Lodge of Harlequin - WBro Walton

    Thought so !

  354. Anon

    Paul where is the report?

  355. Simon Terry

    I am from a family of Freemasons; it is fairly common in my profession to belong to a lodge.

  356. Camp as a row of pink Scottish tents

    Would I be correct in stating about 4 or 5 of the products \ Companies TailorMade promoted ( and took huge commissions) have gone bust?

    The slightly effeminate Scottish chap and Rob ‘shorty’ Shaw should not be allowed to fleece anymore ‘investors’

    No doubt ‘Ralph’ has sent the information to the authorities.

  357. Gareth Fatchett - Solicitor & Notary Public

    I am “on the square”. So what ?

  358. Dave Ames

    I too am ”on the level” and there is nothing wrong with it.

  359. Erica's conspiracy theory - Number 87 - "they are all masons..."

    I knew it !

  360. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    I am a Mason and belong to the Orange Lodge, That’s where I met David. It’s one place we can meet without any bally slags.

  361. Anonymous

    S&F Jeremy Newman … President of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. … Past Presidents of the Grand Charity, the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

  362. It looks like the Masonic silly season has started again.

    I struggle to understand how this has any relevance in helping any restructure.

    I would be cautious about most of the things you read on here, they have a level of fantasy about them.

  363. yatinkiteasy

    @PW I agree, any talk of a restructure plan is total Fantasy!

  364. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph any news? What’s up Erica got your tongue?

  365. The Missing

    This site is becoming very slow. Where have people gone ?

  366. Anonymous

    Actually when FDNRM-Bobby-36-et alia, are/is taken out of the
    equation it appears to be about normal to me. Praises the
    powers that be for the respite.

  367. Anonymous

    Not much to add. Those in the region and with experience and practical business minds have said that the trust as proposed makes little sense, and delays the inevitable winding up of a completely failed business and that the scammers should be held to account. Those investors who still live in hope believe that some rescue can be performed that will keep the business going and make profits. One can only wait and see now. Clear arguments have always been put forward as to why Harlequin have long since been an insolvent failure that should be wound up, whereas to date noone has put forward any plan that demonstrates why and how this is not the case.

  368. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Anonymous
    September 23, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    Hello Ralph 🙂

  369. Anonymous

    FDNRM – Why don’t you answer Anon/6:59’s last sentence?

  370. Anonymous

    @Fdnrm 7.30 pm

    Whether the person posting at 6.59 pm is Ralph or not, perhaps you could articulate exactly how the “rescue plan” is likely to result in a profitable enterprise capable of making a return for investors and external financiers.

    This is not a trick question and anyone is free to answer (since obviously FDNRM will not). And please try and expand on the “anything’s got to be better than liquidation” refrain, which seems to be what currently passes for a business plan.

  371. Anonymous

    I am anon at 6.59, not Ralph but a citizen of the Caribbean fed up with the charade that is Harlequin and all its sordid “business” activities.

  372. Fatchett does not represent me.

    September 23, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    Hello Ralph is Erica’s tongue still up your Irish arse

  373. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!!

  374. Anonymous

    This is Anon 6:38…….I spoke too soon !!!

  375. The cowards way out

    Well if the rescue plan works or fails only time will tell, but better to try than just give up like a cheese surrender monkey

  376. The Missing

    RL had 500+ new people today. Only 4000 odd to go.

    Where have all these people gone ?

  377. Padraig O'Halloran

    The are being held against their will in a secret location until the treatment starts to work and they agree to liquidation.

  378. anon

    investors need to read the following releases. although they relate to another investment that failed the outcome of this could have serious consequences for any fscs claims in relation to harlequin as the fscs are
    delaying on settlement decisions until the SFO have completed their findings.

  379. Dave Ames

    No there all ok. Work to start in earnest soon. Its important that all investors join my trust. Its my trust after all. Fatfuckfeatures cant beat me. No one can. I am untouchable. So fuck you all. I have your money, and fatfuckfeatures knows this.

  380. Dave Ames

    O Halloran, what the hell are you doing on here. I destroyed you. I am God. Who the fuck do you think you are stealing the money I stole. Its was my money to steal. My money.

  381. BBaywatch

    Controlling access onto and around the site might not be such a bad idea, after all, what value does a building have if you have to negotiate access to it with a third party?

    If liquidation of the existing company was accepted as inevitable then holding control of something as simple as access over the pathways might be a valuable bargaining tool with any buyer and probably the only chance to salvage something from the wreckage. A prudent person would, of course, be very careful about who they allowed into any such controlling group.

  382. Keep your friends close ...

    Remember Fatcheeks beat Norwich & Peterborough into submission, they paid £54m and then had to merge with Yorkshire BS.

    He also beat up Capita over CF Arch Cru – £54m (FSA untervention)

    Took down Arck LLP – £68m. (SFO intervention)

    Do not underestimate RL.

  383. Padraig O'Halloran

    Funny old world,

    Reg Legal recovered over £170 million

    Ames lost £400 million…………..

    I nicked millions…….£34 million…………..

    Ames spent £10 million on legal fees

  384. Gulling my new hobby

    When you mess with them Mason types ya stuffed, The Duke of Kent is the the boss Mason, he just asked the Queen for help.

    The government, SFO, and FSCA asked Fatchips to take this on and are paying him and them others.

  385. Twerking, looks like fun

    Yeah, and now the Government will pay up for Ames via the FSCS.

    Telling me its a funny old world

  386. NO! I am Ralph

    Bob, what’s wrong Dave told you to stop bloging?
    Or have you got a refund?

  387. worriedinvestor

    I understand that all the TM scum and Ames are in it all together, I total get it. But I will be working without a break to bring them all down. I don’t sleep now anyway since Harlequin took my husbands pension. We invested in Brazil but Gary Player is a liar to because he never never was going to do anything. I wrote to him and told him so. What has Ames done with the money, who said he could buy plans and fly first class – the idiot.the resort pumps sewerage out at night and kills fish.

    I did not say he can buy a hotel, just to show off to his bit of stuff, disgusting way to behave. I have been abused online and by harlequins legal team – I taped the lot of them. He took all our money and he wont pay it back I have just sent all the evidence to No 10 Downing street and the white house.

  388. Anonymous

    niar – Bob is wrestling with his demons…..the dude has issues !!

  389. Keep your friends close ...

    This forum is dying now. A few posts per day.

  390. Septic Tank

    game over. you all lost all your money. they won.
    you were suckers. now only the lawyers get the money.
    so stop. its over. you lost.

  391. Anonymous

    Watching at train wreck in slow motion is no fun.

  392. K Freeman

    All Harlequin investors should email or phone for a trust pack.
    Thank you.

  393. Anonymous

    Is there a way for an ex-supplier but non investor to join ??

  394. Anonymous

    Ames defrauded you all in the most open and obvious way possible, lied all the way through the process, no one thought to do their own DD and just believed him and all his agents. People tried to warn others, but Ames spent your money on silencing any critics or websites that challenged him. Clever, but extremely devious. He got your money, shared it between himself and his agents, built a few % of his obligation. It’s gone, move on. Let authorities deal with Ames.

  395. quiz time

    @worriedinvestor I dont Mr Obama will reach for the red button to nuke ames….he wont even get to read the letter

  396. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica aka worried investor, did you run that past your legal team, has Crozier ok’d it?

  397. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the new plan. Will you be signing up to it?

  398. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    Bob of all people should sign it unless he really is daft as a brush, he has paid for his unit and only has Ames word – oh dear!

  399. Special Harlequin Investor Team

    @Keep your friends close …

    Maybe the penny has dropped and they have all called Reg Legal for the investment pack and eventually decided it’s not looking good.

  400. Can't Understand Nasty Tailormade Sipp's

    The SFO will be looking at TM, as they say on the TV – follow the money.

  401. Death Watch Beetle

    Are you going to sign up then 36/FDNRM/Bob Storey? You used to be so vocal about the Harlequin business model.

  402. Hashtag

    If I were a TM director I would be nervy.

    Other recent SFO matters have included the main adviser being charged.

    Replace Stone with Burns / Shaw etc ….

    Four charged in ‘bio fuel’ investigation
    14 August 2013

    Four men connected to Sustainable AgroEnergy plc have today been charged with offences of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and conspiracy to furnish false information, contrary to section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977, in connection with the investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into the promotion and selling of “bio fuel” investment products to UK investors. The value of the alleged fraud is approximately £23m and the offences are said to have taken place between April 2011 and February 2012.

    The men, all British nationals, are:

    – Gary Lloyd West (age 52) of Hertfordshire, the former Director and Chief Commercial Officer of Sustainable AgroEnergy plc

    – James Brunel Whale (age 38) of West Sussex, the former Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable AgroEnergy plc

    – Stuart John Stone (age 28) of Shropshire, an Independent Financial Adviser associated with Sustainable AgroEnergy plc

    – Fung Fong Wong (age 57) of Middlesex, the former Financial Controller of Sustainable AgroEnergy plc

    West, Stone and Wong have also been charged with offences of making and accepting a financial advantage contrary to section 1 (1) and 2 (1) of the Bribery Act 2010.

    The SFO commenced proceedings today against the four and they will appear before Westminster Magistrates Court on 23 September 2013.

  403. Hashtag

    “Promotion and Selling” – I would widen the nerves up somewhat if I were a major agent. Especially if the IFA got a free villa.

    There is a suggestion that one SIPP providers director got a free villa.

  404. The Mincing Saltire

    Wouldn’t Burns take his punishment north of the border ?

    He would be very popular in an “open” prison.

    HMP Analcleft.

  405. Anonymous

    poor Fung Fong….’tis better to be right than Wong

  406. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    @ C an’t U nderstand N asty T ailormade S ipp’s

    Say’s it all really.

  407. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    S pecial H arlequin I nvestor T eam

    Say’s it all really .

  408. The dancing Queen ( of TM)

    That’s why TM shut up shop, an insider told me it’s the SFO they fear most.

    Some of that inflated commission made its way back to Dave Ames via an off shore company set up.

    TM had been given two beach front villas.

  409. anonymous55

    investors need to read the following releases. although they relate to another investment that failed the outcome of this could have serious consequences for any fscs claims in relation to harlequin as the fscs are
    delaying on settlement decisions until the SFO have completed their findings.

  410. Sid

    I don’t think shutting up shop will help anyone. As they say, what’s done is done. If I was in anyway connected to HP and had in anyway benefitted financially I would be shitting enough bricks to finish off at least one of the apartment blocks.

  411. Anonymous

    Sid – Its not easy to let go. There is no way that that’s gonna
    happen. There are no sewerage connections, no paved road,
    nothing !!!!

  412. Sid

    I think you may have misunderstood my last post anon!

  413. Anonymous

    Sid – Where did I go wrong. t would help but it is not

  414. Storm Clouds are Gathering

    The trust will not work. Even Fatchett knows it will be challenged successfully by the Liquidators. Yes the Liquidators. Sadly Fatchett knows so much more then he is telling investors. And he knows funding for Harlequin aint going to happen. He also knows liquidation is inevitable.

    And what a month October is going to be for Ames. Another round of court actions coming up.

  415. Storm Clouds are Gathering

    The only redefining that the Ames family have succeeded in doing is redefining insolvency law in the UK and Caribbean. Any investors even contemplating joining the trust should seek independent legal advice. And should wait till the 1st week of November. Fatchett appears to have smashed his moral compass along time ago. Shame on you Fatchett. Shame on you.

  416. Haggis-tag


    It’s will end up the same, of that I have no doubt.

  417. Gareth's Groupies

    @Storm Clouds are Gathering

    Hello Ralph,AKA Erica’s ghost writer.

    You really do like making outlandish statements with out any proof, you uneducated super morbidly obese woman.

  418. Karma is coming after you

    Imagine 12 months ago when TailorMade and Harlequin were basking in the success of the ‘Harlequin model’ life was good… really good, first class flights, lots of money the gravy train would never stop.

    It did……….

    Now look at them!!

    Never fear what goes around comes around, it can just take a little time.

    Trust me……….;)

  419. Karma is coming after you

    “sins of the father” means that the spiritual or emotional burdens of previous generations, unknown to the recipient, can be passed down to succeeding generations.

  420. Storm Clouds are Gathering

    @ Gareth’s Groupies

    I am not Ralph or Erica. According to the UK court listings for October the Ames family Mr. and Mrs. are down for three court dates, with HP SVG and HH&R down for one.

    Those in the trust will have been considered as having obtained preferential creditor status. And a liquidator may very well over turn the trust.

  421. Why tell the dumb things they will not understand ?

    And it may just be that the trust will stand as part of the CVA process with HMSSE.

    The ignorant do not know, because the intelligent chose not to tell them. Why burden their limited brain cells.

  422. Irish Thief Vs English Thief Vs Reg Legal.

    @Storm Clouds are Gathering

    Don’t care who you are but you are full of shit, no facts like Ralph 😉

  423. Padraig O'Halloran

    It was so easy for TailorMaid to sell the dream to you stupid Northern, flat capped, labour club loving, common people – you just wanted to show off, its all your own fault.

  424. Put your cocks away and have a bit of sense!

    Crazy, crazy old World.

    In one corner we have, FDNRM. He, bless him, won’t have a wrong word said about Harlequin. He has a silly name, Fatchett by default could represent him in the future.

    In the other corner we have, the Irish builder & Erica plus a few other hanger’s on. They won’t have a good word to say about about Harlequin – they want it to go bust, pretty obvious why.

    What is bizarre is why the ‘self proclaimed’ savior of investors has anything to do with someone who stolen our cash?


    Some of them are in a terrible position unable to make ends meets because of the ‘investment’ this will be affecting their health, this I have no doubt of.

    Some ‘investors’ will just brush it off because they can afford it or it was ‘only’ £20k or £30k of a pension. Each ‘investor’ is different.

    What would be a crying shame, if because of apathy, the rescue plan were to never get off the ground.

  425. Anonymous

    So there are no court cases in October? Thats good news. Isnt it?

  426. Fatchett does not represent me.

    And you think my name is silly! How can Erica be in a cock fight?

  427. Anonymous

    FDNRM are you going to sign up to the trust or are you happy to stick with what you have? Have you completed on your property yet? Are you concerned about the future of Harlequin?

  428. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    Is that all you can say?
    You are a very odd chap
    Do you feel happy?
    Is your £150,000 is safe with Toxic Toad Ames?

  429. Anonymous

    This is how the world ends: not with a bang but with a whimper.

  430. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @GB MEP I’m more than happy, but not for any reason you might think.

  431. The Worried Ames Trust

    We hope to get the numbers of investors to agree to the trust, it’s our only option to avoid liquidation – that is not a route we want to go down..

  432. All seeing eye.....

    Another Acronym 🙂

  433. K Freeman

    Reminder, all Harlequin investors need to complete a trust application form.
    Please contact:
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors – 01384 889900
    Thank you.

  434. Sid

    @FDNRM, do tell?…

  435. Anonymous

    @K Freeman Harlequin investors do not need to apply for a trust pack. They can do so if they wish but it is not a necessity. It might be that RL would encourage investors to do this.

  436. Anonymous

    Question re: RL…….aren’t there full disclosure laws on the books
    when a law firm solicits business? –which is exactly what RL is doing.

  437. Sid

    @FDNRM, let me guess…are you getting a refund?

  438. Trust

    Anon /Erica,

    Grow up. You cannot stop the trust.

  439. Anonymous

    What guarantee would I have that Ames will have NOTHING to
    do with trust…nada…niente…nunca?

  440. game really is

    FDNRM is happy coz dodgy dave has bunged him his dosh back, as a pay back for stirring all the crap on here….Bob is a Judas

  441. Sid

    @game over, do you know that for a fact or is that speculation?

  442. Anonymous

    @anon 6.47. Harlequin is not the world. It is a scam set up by a crook to lure in naive vulnerable investors to rob them of their money. It worked, but it really does not affect others, as others who were real investors and developers knew it would end this way so the world went on normally without these buffoons.

  443. Anonymous

    If Bob Storey has received a refund at this stage of the day, having already received income payments, then I have no doubt that the payment will be set aside by the liquidator as unfair preference.

    Don’t spend the money yet Bob.

  444. Fatchett does not represent me.

    NOT FOR ANY REASON YOU MIGHT THINK. Do you lot not read?

  445. I worked for Harlequin.....................

    The ‘normal’ MO for Ames is to have a meeting with the likes of FDNRM, give him the well rehearsed, it’s not my fault, but everything will be fine; pat him on the back and he goes away happy.

    That’s all that will have happened. There is no money left.

  446. Anonymous

    If no refund then we can only assume that the day job is going well and that Bob has earned an extra star!
    For those unaware, the stars represent four different modules of training: Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Operational Excellence. Crew members work and train in various areas of the restaurant. They gain skills that are rewarded with a star once a level of clear understanding and application has been reached. Having all four stars demonstrates a competent knowledge in all areas of the restaurant operations, such as operating a till, preparing products, working in the dining areas and hygiene and safety knowledge.
    My guess is that Bob has finally mastered the art of cleaning around the rim – well done Bob.

  447. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 9.22 get a life you sado.

  448. I worked for Harlequin.....................

    Meanwhile…………back in the real world……….HP is on the edge or bankruptcy.

  449. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Iwfh and your the “real world?” Your post of 7.28 showed you know Jack.

  450. K Freeman

    I’m an investor, Harlequin Investors, if they wish, can apply for a trust pack by contacting Regulatory Legal Solicitors:

    01384 889900

    Thank you

  451. BBaywatch

    Here’s an interesting narrative arc –

    Read posts by anon_2 on pages 15 – 17. You have to wonder just how they were so brainwashed into believing the hype – and what exactly it was that jolted them out of it? However they still say that they think that the resorts are viable – did any of the investors do any kind of research??

  452. Anonymous

    Something never rang true about that anon_2 — though the volte face just makes it even more curious.

  453. Passport to Pimlico

    @ Anonymous September 26, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    I agree with you about anon_2. It just read like a clever PR stunt from HP HQ. I wonder why the about turn? Maybe getting ready to dis RL or anyone else who stands up to HP.

  454. Steph

    Lady Vivien,

    I went to the RL meetings in Warrington and they said no such thing.

    They are lodging claims and like all things they will take time.

    They have track record in these issues. Be patient.

  455. Gentleman George

    Lady Vivien,

    I too was at the meeting at Manchester.

    I can only assume giving yourself a title like ‘Lady Vivien’ you have a high opinion of yourself.

    Let me guess; you were the ‘Mutton Dressed as Lamb’ and you stood near the back?

    Mr Fatchett said no such thing, you nasty vindictive woman.

  456. Anonymous

    Could that be the Steph (@4:39) that Bobby S. has been posting
    such vile, vicious, misogynistic comments about. Just to let
    you know Steph there are some of us who applaud your approach to this disaster.

  457. Steph

    Ask mi mum. She knows about the court hearings.

    She wont tell as Paddy O’Riley will not let her.

  458. How predictable

    I have not yet received my refund, it will be from the insurance company who have agreed to uphold the claim.

    TailorMade have gone into liquidation.

  459. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 4.57. I was not even at Warrington and I don’t know who STEPH is. What an idiot you are.

  460. worriedinvestor

    I know what you are all up to, i totally get it now.

    Ames has paid you all to turn against me and to have me followed, no rescue will work I will see to that we have all the evidence and all the authorities have its two. ames will end up in jail and so will some of you like mr storey ou sad sicko

  461. What goes around comes around......

    When the rescue plan fails because of the negative input from O’ Halloran, Erica Broughton and all the other weirdos……… I have a question:

    Will you feel guilty when someone harms themselves or jumps of a bridge
    Because of your actions?

    They will have absolutely no possible hope when you get your liquidation.

  462. Dirty Dave

    Maybe ask Dave for some tips, he seems to put it about a little 🙂

    What’s his bit on the side called?

  463. The Oracle

    It matters not. RL have loads of people, but not as many as they will need.

    GF is very frustrated as he knows the idea will fail due to apathy.

    Erica / Paudie – you will have your way.

    Investors – you will lose out

  464. Anonymous

    The failure of Harlequin is all Erica’s fault. It was all going so well until she started stirring things up!

  465. A pity..... huge pity

    It’s very sad Harlequin has given her such severe mental illness.

    But the fat old gobby cow should stick to what she knows best, washing peoples skiddies.

  466. A pity..... huge pity

    @ Paul Walton

    That is a waste of time, I would give you a real one up the wrong un for nowt 😉

  467. Anonymous

    Standard offensive idiots involved with harlequin. Only one person to blame for loss of investor money. Dave Ames. Crook, thief, liar.

  468. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what Comrade Gonsalves take is on
    “recuse plan” ?

  469. St George's Dragon

    No but his stance will presumably be influenced by the famous Ames missing suitcase incident and the rumoured payments made to his wife for “interior design” services at Buccament Bay.
    I wouldn’t have thought that he would rock the boat too much while Ames is still in the frame in case some information about the alleged payments finds its way into the public domain.

  470. @FDNRM, yes I have certainly been very busy with my ‘conquests’ according to some.

    I have just carved another notch on my imaginary BFP bed post, you will have to share it with:

    Gareth Fatchett
    Richard Ingham
    Dave Ames
    Bob Storey

  471. BBaywatch

    Dr Gonsalves is on record as saying that Buccament Bay and the Argyle airport are developments that go hand in hand, so I imagine he is taking a close interest. I suspect that he will have cause to regret the rash decision to grant citizenship to Dave Ames, especially if Ames goes on the run with a Vincy passport.

    As citizenship through investment is being touted by many Caribbean nations one hopes that they are also watching and noting and properly examining the credentials of those applying for citizenship, otherwise it could become discredited very quickly.

  472. A pity..... huge pity

    @ BB
    Well in that case the have both been a monumental failure.

  473. K Freeman

    I’m an investor, would Harlequin Investors who wish to apply for a trust application form contact Regulatory Legal Solicitors:
    01384 889900

    Thank you.

  474. Sid

    @FDNRM, I’m very interested to know why you’ve suddenly lost your voice on here after being so vocal for so long, and what your recent news is? The timing is interesting considering the recent movement. Are you sure you won’t be changing your name to AHFRM (Ames has fully reimbursed me)?

  475. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, I must say your answer did make me chuckle, but it does seem like you’re avoiding the question.

  476. Sid

    That’s a tempting offer I must say. Will the wedding breakfast be fish & chips with boxed wine served in plastic cups?

  477. BFP

    The person using all the foul language is coming from IP: that is an anonymous proxy.

  478. Fatchett does not represent me.

    And it’s not me either Sid

  479. Sid

    I know it wasn’t Bob. Don’t worry, I have a higher opinion of you than that.

  480. @ FDNRM,

    And I was going to tell you off about ‘Kiss ‘n’ Tell’ 😉

  481. Sid

    What happens in Buccament Bay should stay in BB!

  482. @Sid,

    That’s what they all say, now all my proclivities are all over BFP!!

  483. dodgydug

    im not being funny, but, how are those harlequin guys still alive…If it was my investment they would be goners..Come on Mr Branson, get in there and make a fortune…Show em how its done

  484. Hope springs eternal?

    @DD what are you taking about?

  485. Sid

    Not a single post yet today. Really? I hope that’s a good sign.

  486. Anonymous

    Yes, what’s happening?! No Ralph, no Bob, come on guys I’m missing you.

  487. Arthur Fonzeralli

    Low occupancy at BBat the moment. In the single figures I hear.

  488. Anonymous

    It will likely be inability to pay bills at the two operating resorts that brings this sham to an end, rather than the authorities or the law. Ames refuses to pay stat demands anyway so that will not likely bring things to a close. There is no rescue plan that can possibly work as the business is so upside down and was designed to scam rather than create a profitable enterprise. If they get through to Christmas at these resorts, the joke that is Harlequin will drag on a while yet.

  489. Ides

    End of October is the key.

  490. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, you may want to register for the RL site for updates. There you will find that Erica has morphed into Ralph/Worriedinvestor/I lostmyhome and now API. Having said that it really is the same old rubbish. They are now quoting from the Redbook, but for some reason are having difficulty uploading it to the site. No surprise there then.

  491. The view from Mount Pleasant

    Perhaps occupancy at Buccament Bay is being intentionally run down prior to the massive building program which Mr Ames announced would begin this week?

  492. cold light of day

    so a loss of home and pension is “the same old rubbish ” tells you everything dont you think?.how can you deal with these people?

  493. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @clod (clod, good that) I suggest you read through the RL threads before making an ill informed and ill judged comment.

  494. The Worried Ames Trust

    The Harlequin Empire is on its last legs, desperately trying to lure in investors to complete on BB – what fools some people are.

    It’s all going to end soon.

  495. I worked for Harlequin.....................

    Ames is offering substantial bonus payments to any of his sales staff that ‘hook’ an investor to part with the cash and complete.

  496. Grim reading

    Dear Mr. Walton and RL, we have read your comments above, for fear of being attacked there is no alternative to liquidation unless Harlequin receive a substantial cash injection. What would come from completions will not be enough.

    RL need to point out to investors the pitfalls of the trust as being proposed. RL have to date failed to do this. Our concerns are the following.

    (a). Mr. Walton stated the following.

    “SIPP investors

    If the company is still trading you can submit a claim for bad advice, you can recover all costs. If they’ve gone into liquidation, you have the FSCS scheme, but it’s capped at £50k SIPP trustees, can be sued for not carrying out due diligence. Take action now on both. ”

    Mr. Walton is correct in his statement above, however if the advice originally came directly from Harlequin to the IFA etc (and there is plenty of evidence to suggest this happened) then there is no doubt that the underwriters insurers will seek to recover the monies paid out from Harlequin thus closing the loop.

    (b). Mr. Walton goes onto further state, and yes to be fair to Mr. Walton he does expressly caveat his statement.

    “If the SIPP investors get their money back (and it’s happening now) to be blunt Harlequin don’t have to give it back, someone else will. This then gives the cash / finance investors a chance of Harlequin not going into administration.”

    The problem is with the underwriters insurers, they are looking at paying out sums totalling in excess of 200 Million Sterling. Insurance companies are not known for their generosity and given the sums involved, it would be very naive of investors to think that the insurers will just pay out and that will be an end of the matter. RL have been asked this question about the insurers in the past but have remained resolutely silent on this matter.

    We would be very interested to know if RL are willing to answer the questions below.?

    Do RL think there might be a chance that the Insurers would seek redress from Harlequin for the compensation paid out ? And if the insurers sought redress from Harlequin could this not put Harlequin into liquidation ?

    (c). The trust itself is not a Rescue Plan, Mr. Walton has stated that no one has come up with an alternative to ” The Rescue Package “.

    Investors are being miss guided here, the trust is “NOT” a rescue package, not for investors anyway.

    (d). Many have said on this site that they believe that the contracts are worthless, this is an “UNTRUE” Statement. In the event of a liquidation contract holders could recover circa 5%. or an average of 4,500 pounds.

    What would investors recover from the trust as being proposed?

    An average of 3,960 pounds less legal fees and funds expended to opt into the trust, so in essence c 4.4% less legal fees etc.

    Why less then 4.4 %?

    The trust as currently being proposed is for the common areas of the Registered Land at Buccament Bay. There is currently no valuation of this. This is rather odd in the context of Ames statements that he had the Buccament Bay property valued in 2011. This valuation would assist in RL ascertaining an approx value for the common parts.

    We have ascribed a a value of 12 million pounds for the common parts, however it has to be understood that a true valuation of the Buccament Bay Resort will have to take into account the turnover and profitability of the resort.

    The units at Buccament Bay have been grossly over valued by Harlequin at least according to the RLB Red Book valuation of 2009 which is being sent to RL in the morning. (For what ever reason we ae unable to upload it onto the site)

    The valuation could be very much less then the 12 million we have allowed. The valuation cannot be based on the values of the properties as advertised by Harlequin.

    If all SIPP purchasers seek alternative redress as suggested by Mr. Walton this will leave approx 3000 investors who might opt into the trust. The more investors who opt for the trust the lower the average value to each investor will become.

    There are currently c. 6000 investors in Harlequin, 5000 first time purchasers and c 1000 double sold units either just double sold or investors awaiting their funds via the resale route.

    Secondly and more importantly contract holders in St. Vincent have certain rights as to the land / properties they are purchasing as enshrined in St Vincent law. This is a fact, why do RL not address this issue with investors? Whay are investors not told about these rights ?

    (e) There is absolutely nothing to prevent investors keeping their contracts and still opting into a trust. And RL have failed to date to explain to investors why they will have to forgo their contracts in order to join a trust. Why don’t RL come out and state that the contract issue is one of the caveats that Ames has laid down in order for him to accept the idea of a trust.

    The issues with the trust as currently being proposed by RL.

    (1). The trust as being proposed is for the common parts only of the registered land in St. Vincent (the 19.05 acres) and not for all lands which encorporate the Buccament Bay site which are either owned by Ames or other Harlequin entities.

    (2). If investors forgo their contracts and opt into the trust and in the event that Harlequin are liquidated possibly as a result of the SIPP insurers claiming against the Harlequin RDC’s or third party stat. demands from suppliers and others there is every chance that the liquidators will challenge the trust as being a preference given to unsecured creditors. The trust could be disolved because the IP could demonstrate that it was not legal and without their contracts the investors will have no further grounds for redress.

    Investors in this scenario will get zero, however if they retain their contracts they could get c 5% eventually from a liqudator.

    Can RL gurantee that an IP will not challenge the trust and can RL state what the effect of a sucessfull challenge by an IP on investors would be if they forgo their contracts ?

    (3). RL have put forward the argument that if Investors will forgo their contracts in exchange for membership of a trust this would assist Harlequin in obtaining a CVA thus diminishing the threat of liquidation of the RDC’s.

    This would benefit Harlequin, but aside from the value of the trust it would be of no benefit to investors.

    As stated in a previous post, the trust assists Ames by legally righting off a debt by Harlequin to investors of some 97%. or 388 million pounds of investor money.

    In essence Ames would benefit from the value of all the land and resorts owned by him minus the value of the trust.

    Now can RL please for once explain to investors how this will be a good thing for them?

    Once investors forgo contracts there is no going back, no round 2 of negotiations no second bite of the cherry.

    The trust is not a rescue package, In order to rescue Harlequin for the benefit of investors the debt burden has to be reduced and fresh finance injected.

    RL are not in a position to tell us how or where the external finance will come from to fund Harlequin. In order to protect Harlequin from potential liquidation Harlequin will have to demonstrate an ability to service their current debt pile which is in excess of 400 million sterling. A huge cash injection is required to safely protect Harlequin from potential liquidation.

    It is the current debt pile that is scaring potential financiers. Gone are the days that financiers are willing to acquire debt piles as assets. Given that many of the contracts have passed their completion dates Ames cannot argue the point that it is Harlequin that are owed the money from investors, Harlequin has failed to provide what it was contractually obliged to provide and as a result are in default of their contractual obligations.

    Even though it might be hard for investors to undertand, the current best option for all concerned is a liquidation of Harlequin and their related RDC’s if the best that can be put forward is a trust in it’s current format.

    If investors wanted to retain their investment albeit in a different or diluted form, then get together, unite. 6,000 investors between them could raise some 60 million pounds, an average of 10,000 per person. Some could afford more, some alot less but with a bit of strategic thinking, a proper management team in place, RL to guide the investors through the legalities, and to deal with a liquidator and a deal could be struck with a liquidator, the investors could take control of 100% of the assets of Harlequin, a fresh start.

    No historic debt or issues. Look at it like a management buyout. No worries about being chased down by the SIPP insurers, The trust as currently proposed is too small. Its all about timing.

    Investors who opt into the Trust in its current proposed format and who forgo contracts stand to loose everything.

    Mr. Walton has stated correctly that it is Bad, Really Bad, but the “TRUST” as currently being proposed is “Worse” alot “Worse”.

    RL please could you please take on board what we have said. RL you are fully aware that what we have stated is an accurate reflection of the scenario facing investors. The “Trust” as proposed is not a rescue plan. Is it not time that the issues above were addressed ?. Investors need proper guidance, RL can provide this.

  497. Grim reading Part one

    It’s possible some investors have only just been advised there is a serious problem.

    I will try and summarise the current Harlequin situation and options available, if any.

    In other words cut through the many thousands of comments and opinions, not all of them helpful.

    These are just my thoughts, in summary, and blunt.

    Please run it by your solicitor to be on the safe side.

    Harlequin ‘today’

    We are where we are, the reasons why, let’s leave to one side – it’s happened and can’t be changed.

    If Harlequin don’t get finance soon they will go into liquidation.

    SIPP investors

    If the company is still trading you can submit a claim for bad advice, you can recover all costs.

    If they’ve gone into liquidation, you have the FSCS scheme, but it’s capped at £50k

    SIPP trustees, can be sued for not carrying out due diligence. Take action now on both.

    Cash or finance investments.

    Harlequin cannot give you your money back, it’s gone.

    The interest payments will not start again.

    This group more than any need the rescue plan to work, other than taking legal action against individuals, or issuing a stat demand they don’t have many options available. There is no magic wand.

    10% guaranteed income

    I don’t believe it will ever happen

    The Trust and rescue plan.

    Please check this with your legal team I could be way off the mark.

    If the SIPP investors get their money back (and it’s happening now) to be blunt Harlequin don’t have to give it back, someone else will.

    This then gives the cash / finance investors a chance of Harlequin not going into administration.

    I’m assuming that the Trust will be mainly cash or finance investors. Security will be given and a Trustee group ( not the Ames) will look after the investors assets.

    The Ames family

    If they have done any wrong doing I feel sure they will answer for it.

    If anyone has any evidence don’t ‘blog’ about it pass it to the authorities let them deal with it.


    It’s bad, really bad.

    Liquidation means cash or finance investors will get very little of the investment back, and it will take a long time.

    Nobody has come up with an alternative to the rescue package or liquidation, lots of posts and comments but no real alternatives.

    At the moment RL is all we have.

  498. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Grim Reading part one = Paul Walton and is therefor worth a read. Grim Reading above that is Erica/Ralph/Worried Investor/API who only have one aim which is liquidation. Don’t be fooled into the scenario that investors could “club together” to by tha assets. API knows that this would not be achieved. That would lead the way for another group, perhaps an Irish builder” to buy the assets from the liquidator. Also don’t foreget that if HP is liquidated then any forthcoming legal actions would be null and void. Who would that benefit I wonder?

  499. Anonymous

    Bob Storey you are a complete freak. You are jumping from forum to forum shouting your stupid litle head off. You have never once added anything of value to any discussions. You are one very sad bastard. If you are typical of the rest of Harlequin investors then one can understand why they are in the mess they are in.

  500. anon anon

    The criminal actions would not be null and void though. And yes you really are one sad nasty bastard Bob.

  501. Anonymous

    Bob you really think that Ames can win all the court cases? This is the same guy who pays off witnesses, lol the same guy who forges documents, the same guy who bribes politicians yeah yeah he won in Ireland, and now the case is being appealed. And what about all the other cases? You are an idiot. Ames is shitting himself over the Defamation case. Why do you think that is Bob? And what about the other cases? And are your mates in the SFO still not looking at him. ?

    Listen Bob you are an idiot. Did you know that Ames wanted to pay a guy to kill someone? No bet you did not know that…. Ames is totally messed up and so are you. Now why dont you go back to the RL site or one of Mr.Inniss’s porn sites.

  502. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anon/anonymous/anonymous. How predictable. The liquidation trolls out in force. Do you hide behind Anonymous IDs on the RL site. Just cannot stand an alternative view can you. Defamation case? Shitting himself? Well he could always drop it. But he hasn’t has he. Oh by the way API are jumping from site to site. But that’s ok then.

  503. cold light of day

    @fdnrm I.cant be to badly informed,and there is nothing wrong with my judgment as my total loss in this debacle to date is zero .and will remain so

  504. Anonymous

    Bob Storey/36/fdnrm/sportingman etc is a Harlequin troll and in the standard Harlequin business of misleading and trying to get investors to do what is best for Harlequin but not for themselves. It has been said before, but sadly anyone who invested in Harlequin demonstrated a lack of business acumen as what they were selling was very clearly absurd and unachievable, so really should take some better independent advice now. Liquidation seems to be the most obvious way to recover any funds, participating in anything that involves those who set the scam up in the first place is not wise, and with so many contracts in breach, no p and l’s from BB or Blu do people even know what they are trying to save etc (by the way, I wonder how Blu is doing given that US$650 rate was promised by Harlequin sales manager, when he compared Blu to the established beachfront hotels the Bodyholiday, East Winds and Cap Maison, and said they would get 85% occupancy, when in reality they get US$100 and 30% occupancy, as they did when it was the Village Inn)

  505. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Anonymous/Anonoymous/anonymous. Do you have a name or ID? Anonymous is well …….Anonymous.

  506. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Anonymous & Anonymous, you sound very much like Erica.

    Now, she is sad bastard taking sides with someone who stolen investors cash.

    I rest my case.

    Maybe, the twisted plan is for the irish builder to buy the resorts from the IP and set up a love nest with the fat one.

  507. Can't Understand Nasty Tailormade Sipp's

    4-5% in a liquidation, that for the average investor would be eaten up with the SIPP charges in a couple of years so you are actually getting nob all back.

    good acronym.

  508. The Worried Ames Trust

    liquidation is almost inevitable – I am sick of the whole thing

  509. Anonymous

    Ames =Scum
    O Halloran =Scum

  510. Anonymous

    Would not be beyond realms of possibility that the two worked in cahoots to defraud the investors.

  511. Anonymous

    The issue of redress is not quite as straight forward as some make out.

    On the question of the SIPP provider’s liability (“SIPP trustees can be sued for not carrying out due diligence”) the chances of a successfull prosecution on these grounds are slim to say the least. There have been two high profile cases in the last year firstly involving Hornbuckle Mitchell and secondly Standard Life (only two weeks ago) where the pensions ombudsman specifically ruled in favour of the Sipp trustees, arguing that there was no requirement for the sipp provider to undertake extensive due dilligence on esoteric investments beyond establishing that the investments would not incur tax penalties if purchased by the pension scheme. The Ombudsman confirmed that where the investment had been taken out before October 2012, when the UK FSA published more stringent guidelines for SIPP providers, including the requirement to undertake more robust due dilligence on investments, basic checks by the provider to ensure that the investment was permitted without tax penalty under HMRC rules were all that was required of the Sipp trustee.

    Following this very clear judgement, entirely consistent with the earlier Hornbuckle Mitchell case, it is very difficult to imagine a successful prosecution being mounted on the grounds of poor due dilligence. It is of course possible that the sipp providers have been guilty of wrongdoing or maladministration in other areas aside from due dilligence, which for all I know may have been the case.

    The Hornbuckle and Standard Life cases have been covered extensively in the press so full details can be obtained via a simple google search.

    The case against the IFA’s is obviously much more clear cut, though the limits of PI and FSCS compensation levels is of key relevance.

  512. Anonymous

    Anon:5:49 A possibility that Ginger Girl intimated on BFP
    months ago. Were they not both sighted at the Barbados Hilton
    in mid-February?

  513. anonymous55

    anon @5.58 . agree. have also posted this information for those that wish to read from the online sources. also posted re arck as this may be of importance also as fscs awaiting on sfo findings until deciding on recourse.

  514. my cabana is worth a quid a brick

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    September 29, 2013 at 3:38 pm
    Anonymous & Anonymous, you sound very much like Erica.

    Now, she is sad bastard taking sides with someone who stolen investors cash.

    I rest my case.

    Maybe, the twisted plan is for the irish builder to buy the resorts from the IP and set up a love nest with the fat one.

    You are not well liked around here are you FDRNW/36/ Bob Storey? No one has a good word for you. You are a stupid Harlequin lackey paid to be a disruptive gobshite on forums. You don;t care about any of the other investors. You are disgusting and selfish and think only about your own self & what you have done is criminal.

  515. Anonymous

    Has anyone at HIG/Paul Walton/RL had sight of Harlequin’s business plans in relation to construction of each resort and also forecasts and budgets for the resorts they operate and ones they were planning to open?
    Specifically, given they had sold all these properties, one has to assume they had in place clear build plans and pricing in order to have ascertained what they could sell the units for. So, it would be useful for investors to see the detailed construction numbers for Marquis in St Lucia, Merricks in Barbados, and the three in the DR as well as for building out BB. It would then be useful to see operating budgets and forecasts for Allamanda/H Hotel (as well as build plans for same), Blu and BB. All this work must have been done as they must have had a plan in place to have taken all this money. It would be interesting to see these to understand how they were planning to role out these massive resorts and fund their construction and at what cost, and when they were expecting them to reach break even and profit, and how they were planning to cashflow pre-opening expenses and any losses of the first couple of years. Again, every developer has all this in place before they take any money so should be easy to get these if Harlequin are now cooperating with investors. There may be investors who can offer good advice and help if they had these numbers to review.

  516. Anonymous

    Since it is patently obvious that HD will never release any information
    perhaps Ridgeview-ICE Group-Krauss Manning-Procure It Direct
    might be able provide the information. For God’s sake they must
    have had “scratch sheets” or something to proceed on. Or were
    you just being sardonic?

  517. Anonymous

    Ames has been flogging properties below the cost to construct for years.

    Take the example of the Hideaway in the DR. Sold for £24 million. Cost to construct £28 million. Break even ? NO.
    Sales Commissions £3 million
    Land Cost £2 million
    Guaranteed Return @ 10% per annum for 2 years. £4 million
    Overhead, Legal Fees Design Costs £1.5 million.

    Total Cost £38.5 million
    Income £24 million

    Deficit £14.5 million.

  518. Anonymous

    Ames has sold c 6000 properties. The properties are avg 1,100 sq ft each. 6,600,000 sq ft. Avg construction cost in Caribbean £120 per Sq Ft. Total £792 million. Common area infrastructure cost 12% £96 million. Back of House, Restaurant Areas, Sports Facilities, Land cost, legal fees management overhead etc. 20% £158 million.

    Total costs £1.046 billion.

    Deposits £400 million.
    Total Sales £1.33 billion
    Less commissions £200 million
    Less guaranteed returns £266 million
    Less transaction taxes £50 million
    Total income £814 million

    Deficit £232 million.

    These figures do not take into account that £400 million has already been expended on opening 100 units and 4 restaurants.

    When we make an adjustment for this allowing for 200 units to be completed.

    The deficit increases to £362 million. In order to construct the units for the available sales income the units would have to be constructed for £63 a sq. ft.

    Or if you leave out all the common areas and back of house, restaurants, tennis courts, football pitches, golf courses etc. The units would have to be built for £96 a square foot.

    Says it all.

  519. Anonymous

    Anon 10:52………Do you have any idea why Bobby/FDNRM et alia
    has the inability to grasp your information. Is he lacking some
    sort of gene inn his DNA?

  520. anon12

    They will claim that these numbers are fabricated etc and you don’t know what you are talking about. In the absence of hard data, these are reasonable assumptions although I would allow for more than US$200 per square foot for top end. 120 pounds is about US$200, so would say you are being conservative if they were really seeking to achieve a 5 star finish. Also omitted from the above is interest on mortgages they are obliged to pay, as well as pre-opening expenses which are often very high, more so for the locations they have chosen, plus of course cashflowing losses, which we know to have been very large according to Harlequin’s Mark Sawkins. The above would have been patently obvious to anyone who had done any research of business plan of any sort.

  521. Sam

    To all the endless Anonymous’. Give yourselves a name or bugger off. These endless Anonymous rants aren’t making your lonly voice heard, quite the opposite, I simply scroll through hopingto avoid Erica’s mad rants.

    Choose a name, and speak intelligently. There are important issues to discuss. I’m only thankfulthat Ralph (erica and dixon) have gone to greener pastures.

  522. Beggars Belief

    @ anonymous September 29 8.49pm

    When I was invited by an agent to invest many years ago I asked loads of reasonable due diligence questions including the ones you have posed. I asked to see the construction programmes, contracts with the construction partner, evidence of research to support the RoI claims, evidence that the income guarantee was backed by some substantial underwriters…

    The agent expressed some surprise that the promotional brochure wasn’t sufficient for me to beat his door down to sign there and then. None of my questions were ever answered and so I walked. It seemed pretty clear that the target investor was the naive kind that wouldn’t bother them with penetrating questions.

  523. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    my cabana is worth a quid a brick
    September 29, 2013

    Why would Erica team up with the thief who stolen investors cash?
    Please answer me that!!

    Maybe she is getting paid by the Irish builder, £30million, not bad eh?

  524. Lipstick on a pig!

    All the Anon’s ( lets just call you Mr X)

    OK, OK I get the picture. Harlequin is up the creek without a paddle.

    investors may get 4-5% back if they are lucky in a liquidation.

    Sipp’s should be OK.

    That’s about the gist of it?

  525. Shafted

    @GBM Why do you state that Erica has teamed up with Dave Ames ? Why would she do that ?

  526. Godfrey Bloom MEP


    Good one 🙂

    The Irish builder she teamed up with, Little thief

    Ames is Big Thief

    I agree with a previous poster, initially O’ Halloran and Ames could have both had the hands in the till, then something went wrong???

    Sluts the lot of them!!!

  527. Shafted

    Little Thief might get exonerated by the appeal court then little thief becomes big problem for Harlequin. But Ames does not care the losers will be investors. Ames has his exit planned. He know little thief will come after everything if exonerated. Little Thief will take what is left. No matter what happens Investors loose.

  528. Godfrey Bloom MEP

    Big thief and little thief are the same, just bigger numbers.

    Alas it’s the investors that will get a good shafting.

    That’s the problem investors need to come to terms with, no happy ending.

  529. Anonymous

    Also need to realize it was all a scam from outset. No detailed build plans in place, just all set up to get commissions, not to build. No finance all set up, no escrow etc.

  530. quiz time

    I have long thought that the irish builder had become part of the scam….The whole thing as anon above 11:03 says…the whole thing was never ever set up with a credible business plan, it was always grab and run

    He may not have been on the fiddle at first, but once he got an insight to what was going on and how Ames was plundering whatever he could….well why not join him

    I think the irish courrt case was just a charade to create a smkoescreen for HP to buy time and hopefully scam more funds into the rip off….time in any fraud is as important as the fiddled cash

    Lot of peeps with hands in till on this one

  531. Irish Thief Vs English Thief Vs Reg Legal.

    Quiz Time,
    When the Irish thief fraudster seen how stupid Ames was and no doubt seen others ripping him off – he thought why not?


  532. Fatchett does not represent me.

    That makes anyone associated with the Irish builder a thief too.
    Are you listening Mrs Broughton?

  533. Bob Storey (The Nuneaton Moron): By implication you have just accused Mrs Broughton of being a thief. Aren’t you a brave little Troll hiding in your Loo!

  534. The black pearl

    And anyone associated with Ames such as yourself a thief too. Hoisted by your own petard FDNRM

  535. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I am a thief I filled my fat rotting face with big macs from my job at mc donalds then regurgitated them into Paul Waltons mouth like the baby bird he is. He lapped it up something rotten.

  536. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @my cabana is worth a quid a brick. Ah bless poppet, let me explain something to you. I will try and make it simple as you only appear to have one brain cell. You see nasty people sometimes impersonate, oops sorry too big a word, try to make it seem someone has posted in your name. Follow so far? And guess what poppet, some nasty person has done that to me. Now while you try to understand this get your mother to bring you your tea in front of the TV, where no doubt you are trying to increase your intelligence.
    The same goes for you Icu4wotur. You are such an idiot you probably believe Ralph,API etc are different people.
    Some people are sooooo gullible

  537. Save your kisses for me

    Ames will try to stuff RL at the finishing line; the only way the toxic toad will give anything away is when he has no other choice.

    The man simply can’t be trusted.

  538. The Worried Ames Trust

    Who will pay for the trust if Ames has no money to do a survey?

    My name is a good acronym to describe The Amesless One

  539. Special Harlequin Investor Team

    Or maybe this one 🙂

  540. Can't Understand Nasty Tailormade Sipp's

    Or maybe this one 🙂

  541. Tally Ho

    Will Ames dare go to the investor meetings ?

  542. my cabana is worth a quid a brick

    Actually no I don’t follow FDRNW. no one has tried to impersonate me. And what’s all the condescending ‘poppet’ shit about? Sounds like sexism to me.

  543. loser


    I used think you seemed an ok person….but I can now see you are one of lifes losers and a toal dickhead….oh and witha bit of luck you will end up behind bars as you are obviously in on the scam…people like you deserve to lose their investment

  544. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The black peal, care to explain why you think I am a thief?

  545. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @My cabana is worth a quid a brick.
    The “poppet” bit is to try and make you feel ok about yourself. You obviously have issues relating to realism and facts, (FDNRW)?
    “Now, she is sad bastard taking sides with someone who stolen investors cash.

    I rest my case.

    Maybe, the twisted plan is for the irish builder to buy the resorts from the IP and set up a love nest with the fat one.”
    You obviously thought I posted the above. WRONG
    Whereas you obviously posted the following
    You are not well liked around here are you FDRNW/36/ Bob Storey? No one has a good word for you. You are a stupid Harlequin lackey paid to be a disruptive gobshite on forums. You don;t care about any of the other investors. You are disgusting and selfish and think only about your own self & what you have done is criminal.”
    You see what YOU actually posted is childish and stupid. Did you finish you tea and have you done your homework?

  546. St George's Dragon

    From the ifaonline article posted by Gareth’s Groupies:
    “Harlequin – which has taken about £400m from investors to invest in properties across the Caribbean – has been rocked by problems since the start of the year, including three alerts by the regulator, an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and Insolvency Service, and its sales arm going into administration.”
    And still some people support Harlequin, think that there is a rescue to be had, and that all will turn out ok. There is clearly unlimited optimism in the world and little critical thinking.

  547. Tailor Made (a fortune) and lost yours

    When the vultures have finished picking over the bones of Tailorfazed, I will put an offer in to buy the database – then give it to Mr Fatchett.

    Alternatively, I may bid for the company (what’s left of it) just to stop the sissy Scottish guy from doing a pre pack 😉

  548. T.he W.orried A.mes T.rust

    Will Dave Ames turn up at the investor meetings?

    To say what:

    ”Errrrrm the interests payments I promised you would restart, well….. I won the Irish courts case.

    This errrrrmmm Trust thingy its really good, but it’s not ready yet…………just sign here don’t worry its blank trust me……because if you don’t sign today – because of the Irish builder, you will loose the whole investment

    Sign now….. don’t bother with legal advice it will just cost you money and Buccament Bay is an award winning resort.

    Errrrrrmmm It’s not my fault That Irish builder…………………

  549. Worth a look

    The client database at TM will be for sale from the liquidator.


  550. Anonymous

    Ames does need to get a few other points across:

    “Erm, that bloody Irish builder, who I had not yet met or heard of, made me give all your money away in commissions to agents and others. I always thought it was a bad idea, but I was naive. He talked me into it, said it would encourage them to sell to people who knew no better. I was also made to take a load of it for myself and pay my family who worked so hard behind the scenes looking after me, the chosen one. It’s not my fault I acted unethically, it was some accountant I had not yet employed or heard of made me do it. I didn’t want the money. Despite being bankrupt and having no prior business successful experience and no money, I was a millionaire anyway.

    Erm, now, the fact is I did say that people would arrive to Buccament in a ferry from Barbados or St Lucia and clear customs on property. It’s not my fault that was such a stupid idea, I just did not know it was entirely infeasible. Someone should have told me, i can’t be expected to run a business and make sensible decisions. It’s not my money anyway, so why should I care? When I said the marina was almost complete, I had no idea it had not started. Erica Broughton told me it was almost finished and I was just a little naive and took her word for it. In the same way they should have told me the sites I bought were awful and my plans for the resorts ridiculous. How was I to know? So, for Buccament Bay, I had to go and buy planes to help fill the resort. I did not know you needed licenses and I did not know that they were only 9 seaters and would not be an efficient way to fill the place. Someone should have told me my times table and about local law. Anyway, you get cold towels on arrival and it has won some awards, so what does it matter if it loses money? Not my money.

    Now, I can honestly say also that whilst I had not yet planning permission on any of the sites I had sold on, I did think it was a good idea to go and buy a couple of other small hotels so that investors could get a return sooner, as those other poor buggers in the other resorts will be waiting years and frankly have no chance of ever seeing a brick laid, even though someone forced me to tell them otherwise. Fortunately, I did not need to do a business plan, I am an innovator and genius so I could just feel that this was the right thing to do. Who needs business plans and structure when you are a genius maverick? I could have made that roadside Inn into a luxury 5 star hotel charging 5 star prices. I redefine luxury – cold towels etc. I was planning to charge US$95 per night and then raise it to US$700 per night one day once people knew about the place. It would have worked if it had not been for some irritating investors getting upset about me breaching their contracts. It’s their fault for signing them in the first place. As for H Hotel, that would have been open within the 6 months I had said if it was not for the laws of nature making it impossible. It is clearly is not my fault if the human body cannot perform miracles, and without getting paid.

    As you can see, none of this is my fault. If you trust me, just give me some more money and Marquis Estate will be open in 10 minutes. Trust me”

  551. Good bye cruel world.

    Seems like Ames doesn’t not want to hand over the customer contacts to RL – that’s very odd, what has Ames to hide? A lot it would appear.

    Very odd from a Man who is just on the verge of going bust and loosing 400 million quid.

  552. Hoodwinked

    Ames is in a real tail spin……….



    Do I go to the meetings???

    If he gives grants access to all investors = exposure to double selling!
    Brazil, ooops did I mention Brazil and the missing couple of million

    Yes, in a bizarre twist he needs investors agreement or its game over.

    If it all goes wrong, the SFO may well not be too keen to hang back, they don’t want to jump in if there is any chance of a resurrection happening.

    Are any meetings being held in Bethany 🙂

  553. Hoodwinked

    Maybe, with his God complex Dave can part the sea and then we can drive to SVG?

  554. Eddie Lizzard2

    A para from the Telegraph article by Kate Faulkner that Gareth’s Groupies posted the link to above…
    “As an investor, it is vital to check out a company and its directors before you give them your business. According to the accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy LLP, estate agent insolvencies rose by 57per cent in the 12 months to June 2013. The cause is a historically low number of properties to sell or let…”

    Interesting to see that ‘property guru’ Phil Spencer (who endorsed Harlequin as a good investment) is still spinning his stuff as an ‘experienced landlord’ in the side bar. Didn’t one of his companies go tits up for more than half a million?

  555. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ironic really that employees of Wikins kennedy had an input in part to the problems of HP. Perhaps it should also read “It is vital to check out a company and its employees before you give them your business”

  556. Bobbets wife takes one for the team

    Bob you are just so full of shit. You have no idea what’s going on. You really don’t. Wilkins Kennedy and Co. will end up destroying Ames and he knows it.

  557. Eddie Lizzard2

    Well you could say that Ames should have checked out the Irish builder’s company before he gave him his business AND agreed a legally binding written contract too.

    The only input WK had in Harlequin’s problems was that they were morally and legally unable to agree to sign off the audited accounts because of the flimsy information and insubstantial finances that were presented to them by Harlequin.

    Bobby anything of value to add about that or Phil Spencer’s endorsement of Harlequin?

  558. BBaywatch

    So, it looks like the Four Seasons development is about to be restarted. Some very heavy hitters in the frame to take it on – should be good news for Merricks and H hotel then? Errr – probably not, a government spokesperson is reported as saying that it is of concern that the successful new partner “is actually prepared to build a hotel, and in a reasonable time frame” Somehow I doubt that Harlequin Property under either the original management or the new rescued version can be ‘trusted’ to deliver the goods. At least some people have learnt lessons from the HP debacle.

  559. Anon

    The Irish builder is getting a lot of bad press. They asked Ames repeatedly for a fidic yellow book contract. It was Ames who consistently refused. The Irish case is just one of many smoke screens. And the Irish case is being appealed. But we will have FDNRM accusing me of all sorts for saying it as it is. FDNRM will also point you in the direction of the judgement and state that Wilkins Kennedy were up to their necks in it despite Wilkins Kennedy not making an appearance. FDNRM sadly knows very little about what is going on. The Irish judge was highly critical of the International QS firm RLB but FDNRM like Ames always sidelines that issue.

    The Irish case is being appealed but FDNRM and Ames have discounted this. Harlequin were awarded 0.37 % of deposits received or 0.1% of total sales. Take this in the context of the 50% of deposits paid in commissions, or the 5% of deposit money the Ames family took.

    If FDNRM understood what the judge stated, the judge stated that he believed Ames that Phase 1 of Buccament Bay should have been built for £19 million, or circa 74 USD for 5 Star . Its easy to use investors money to bribe witnesses.

  560. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 9.02 Very selective in your posting. If MY copy of the Irish court case is correct then
    1)MacDonald PERSUADED DA that a contract was not necessary.
    2)WK were not “up to their necks” it was two of their employees, Newman and MacDonald, which was stated in the court case and involved in the fraud.
    3)Why do you think I have discounted an appeal? I have made no comment regarding an appeal as I know no details of it.
    4)Who bribed who? Care to put some meat on that accusation? Was the judge bribed.
    @EL2. So are you saying that there was a legally binding contract with the Irish builder? This is somewhat contrary to what everyone else believes.
    So you dont think that WK employees had anything at all to do with HP problems, like forced to resign or being investigated by the IOCA? As to Phil Spencer, WTF is he?

  561. Anon

    Bribes you ask, meat on the bones? Government officials in the Caribbean, witnesses in court cases, forged documents, forged architects certificates, the list goes on.
    MacDonald is not an employee of Wilkins Kennedy, he is an equity partner not that you would understand what that means.
    MacDonald was not in court so are we to believe what Ames said about him as being true?
    Ames promised to build resorts for 5000 + investors yet failed miserably to do so.? So can he be really believed?
    You consistently call the Irish builder a fraudster, yet you know there is an appeal but heh if Ames says the builder is a fraudster who are you to question that. You want to believe Ames go ahead. Ames is a pathological liar who pays people to lie for him. FACT. Dalligan, Manderfield (ex Harlequin), Taylor, Terry, to name but a few of the lying scum that Ames surrounds himself with.
    Where is the £400 million FDNRM. You have never answered one question asked of Harlequin.
    You like Ames will continue the blame game. Why do you not raise the issue of RLB.? They were chastised by the judge for their involvement in the fraud. Why not mention them.
    What about Panama FDNRM, how were those investors repaid. ? Or Australia, the resort sold out but never built ? Liquidation WILL happen.

  562. Anonymous

    What about Panama and Australia? Details or summary please.

  563. Anonymous

    Bob you fool. Why would a sailing association investigate accountants? (IOCA)

    It is IACEW you pillock. And Phil Spencer is a supposed property expert who had a number of UK TV Shows, ” Location, Location, Location” and ” Relocation, Relocation” both on channel 4. His own Company Garrington Home Finders Ltd went into administration.

    He was a big fan of Harlequin and Dave Ames having been paid handsomely to endorse the Harlequin product.

    Bob you are a complete ignorant pathetic idiot and an apologist for the fraudster Ames.

    Please peddle your unintelligent ramblings somewhere else. You really are a true ambassador for Harlequin, demonstrating very low intellect and no understanding of any of issues surrounding Harlequin.

  564. Anon

    Ames sold out a development in Panama in 2006 that was never built with a business partner of his Bob Kainth. He sold out a development in Perth Australia in 2008 called Ravenswood on land owned by his in laws the Kellihers. This was never built either and then you have Thailand. You might find that not only was investor money paid over for a particular development not used for that development but might have been used to refund previous investors.
    Ames has previous.

  565. Anonymous

    He goes from one scam to the next, a true conman, cannot be reasoned with and to consider doing business with him is foolhardy in the extreme. He will eventually go to jail or he will flee with all the stolen money. FDNRM is in the Harlequin scam up to his neck too.

  566. Anonymous

    Ames is scum.

  567. Eddie Lizzard2

    FDNRM would ague with a speak your weight machine. The evidence is overwhelming and still he continues to contradict and twist posters’ words. What a horrible life he must lead. Nothing to do all day except desperately try to save his paymaster Ames.

  568. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon/Anonymous/Anonymous/Anonymous (you are starting to look a bit stupid not being able to think up a name)
    Of course I know the difference between an employee and a partner, looks like I touched a nerve there then. And I’m quoting from the court judgement, or was the judge bribed?
    Bribery? PROOF you idiot. Listing a number of supposed actions means nothing. Thought you would know that being an intelligent? person.
    What about Panama and Australia, I know absolutely nothing about them. How about my car needs two new tyres? Care to comment about that? Or perhaps you would like me to comment on the budget problems in the US?
    I see there is no comment about the IACEW investigating Newman and MacDonald then? Is it not happening?
    And you think I am supposed to know who Phil Spencer is? Why should I?
    @EL2 firstly well done for not hiding behind the ID of Anon etc etc. Having said that you obviously dont like a different view to your own. And my life if fine thank you for asking.

  569. Scum or Scum

    It’s so simple, the Irish lying scum ripped of the English lying scum.

  570. Sid

    It would help if all the anon posters could give themselves an ID, just so we can follow an individual’s point of view rather than a comment coming from one of many. Even if it was just a number or something simple. You wouldn’t have to reveal anything personal.

  571. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, you might find that all the Anon/Anonymous posters are the same person.

  572. Scum or Scum


    But they are both lying scum. Interest payments were going to be restarted by July – that’s what Ames said in front of his investors.

    What do you sat to that?

  573. Ted

    I suspect he won’t say anything — he tends not to address direct questions like that. If he does, he’ll blame it on the Irish builder/WK/Erica/that journalist at the Echo, or a combination of these.

    FDNRM likes to forget that he stubbornly clung to his own anonymity until it was taken from him. Now he simultaneously criticises it in others whilst getting worked up about the fact that his was removed.

    I would suspect that it is the software/board interface that leads to the profusion of anonymous posters, as opposed to any sinister bombardment by one individual (it seems fairly clear that the syntactic variations and habitual spelling errors across different postings confirm that it is not just one individual — I would have thought that any fool could see that). Sid’s point is a fair one though — as they usually are.

  574. Sid

    It’s nice of you to say so Ted. I’m just trying to keep my opinions as balanced as possible until we know where we stand.

  575. Scum or Scum

    @Ted, he did say that, shortly before Erica’s husband said he would F****K kill Ames I was at the meeting and seen it for myself – were you?

    Shaun Ghents has to step it

  576. Loony tunes

    Ames may be guilty of not being very articulate, I agree with that.

    He is not, as much as it pains me say it, stupid.

    Far from it.

    I seen him work the ‘crowd’ in investor meetings, he seamlessly moves from a ‘difficult’ question to an easy one.

    Unless the ‘difficult’ questioner is persistent it remains unanswered.

    It’s very well done indeed.

  577. Ted

    Apologies @Scum or Scum, I was talking about FDNRM not responding to the question – I know that Ames said that. Sorry for not being clearer.

  578. I was watchin...............

    I too was at Warrington, unfortunnately you are wrong her hubbby a big fucker I wouldnt want to taccle was shooting at a Tailormaid guy
    I was waiting around to have a word with Dave at the endd of the meating and they was all nicey nicey it does make you think if it is all a set up think abowt it

  579. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ted, you are forgetting something very fundamental.It should be my choice if I want to remove my anonymity, not the right of others. I changed my ID, and posted the fact to FDNRM to state my position.
    Also my post was in direct answer to one previous. Perhaps how could explain how a forum doesnt work in simple terms.
    poster 1: the weather in the UK is not very nice today
    poster 2: Its ok where I am.
    Poster 3: Why did you not comment about the weather in France?
    You see the answer is only relevant to the original post.
    I’m sure you will get the hang of it one day.
    By the way do you think that Ralph/API is one person?, .

  580. Anonymous

    I seen it i was at the front, he is not big only about 5ft 4 but looks fat, erica was shouting at ames and sean gent had to restrain him, he did shout something like that.

    why you telling lies – it was infront of a few hundered people and even erica omitted it.

    does it matter, the money has gone along with my council penstion

  581. Ted

    Oooookay, FDNRM I have a little time, so…

    “@Ted, you are forgetting something very fundamental.It should be my choice if I want to remove my anonymity, not the right of others.”

    I don’t disagree, but if that if that is your position why have you demanded that other posters post their full names and details of their investments etc before you will respond to them — and why do you get so worked up about the notion of anonymity in general? Do they not share your right to this? Seems a little contradictory.

    “I changed my ID, and posted the fact to FDNRM to state my position.”

    And extremely clever of you it was too. Must feel great to see how things are currently unfolding with this in mind.

    “Also my post was in direct answer to one previous. Perhaps how could explain how a forum doesnt work in simple terms.
    poster 1: the weather in the UK is not very nice today
    poster 2: Its ok where I am.
    Poster 3: Why did you not comment about the weather in France?
    You see the answer is only relevant to the original post.”

    I’m afraid you’ve rather lost me with this one (and not just because of the grammar in the first sentence). I was talking about your habit of avoiding direct questions in general, but you seem to have erroneously misinterpreted this (I *think*) as some sort of failure on my part to understand the topography of internet fora — not to worry though, I’m sure you’ll have a little personal jibe about how that’s somehow my fault in order to deflect attention and bolster your sense of self worth. Oh…

    “I’m sure you will get the hang of it one day.”

    Here it is! How intelligent of you to make this strange and unnecessary little (non)dig.

    “By the way do you think that Ralph/API is one person?”

    I neither know, nor care. It is so peripheral to the massive — and massively serious — core issues, that I can only judge any attempt to focus on it as an attempt to distract from what should really be being discussed. What I can say with some certainty, is that not all of the posters above posting anonymously are the same person; I don’t claim to be any sort of expert, but even a basic knowledge of forensic linguistics makes that very apparent.

    On a general, and far more important note, some of the accusations that are being, and have been, levelled are very serious. I have no idea any more where the truth of any of these lie (and this goes for the ‘for’ and and ‘against’ camps), but it is striking how many of the recent suggestions have gone unanswered. I am staggered that the authorities are taking such a passive position when the stakes are so high; the consequences to all of this are very serious, and it’s very clear that people need proper help and proper information — it seems that they are getting neither. The ongoing lack of actual meaningful, detailed information nurtures a sense that there may be something to hide.

  582. Loony tunes

    @I was watchin……………

    An appalling attempt at trying to write like an under-educated person – why would you do that?

  583. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ted, because in many cases the comments were of a personal nature based on my personal details being put onto this forum. If you have read any of the previous posts going back to Aug the 11th then you would see what I mean. Blocked phone calls which I have chased down to the originator. If you have a “little time” I suggest you read through what you have written before you post it and remove the sarcasm. I am not in the slightest bit interested in anyones opinion of me or their thoughts on my “self worth”
    Correct grammar and spelling as you seem fit, it seems it something you like to do.

  584. Ted

    I’ve been here for a long time FDNRM and I am very well aware of what has occurred. I would respectfully suggest that if you think that making comments of a personal nature is uncalled for, you resist the temptation to do so yourself — likewise, if you have an aversion to sarcasm, perhaps hold off on it in your posts. I’m sure that Erica at least, would see a degree of hypocrisy in your previous message (and no, I’m not her, I’ve never met her, I know nothing about her).

    As I say, I’m not defending for a second the fact that you were publicly named and certainly not the disclosure of your personal details — though from what I understand, the “blocked phone call” was in fact “a” blocked phone call and I struggle to see why that is something that would elicit such consternation (though could, of course, if there were a number of them).

    I didn’t actually correct any spelling or grammar (and didn’t even mention the former) so I’m not sure what you’re basing that on — or why you’d leave with a dig like that. I think you can be fairly safe in the knowledge that no one’s particularly interested in your “self worth,” they may be more interested though in any attempt to deflect attention from the main issues in this matter.

    I am sure that people would be genuinely interested to hear your genuine, considered and reasoned take on the current state of affairs. You’ve been here for a while, and should have a useful perspective. I’m not talking about an evasive answer, or an allusion to things that “people don’t understand,” or a blame game; I’m talking about your actual perspective and how you see this unfolding and why.

  585. @TED: Clear, concise and intelligible reasoning. Unfortunately in FDNRM you are dealing with a sad person who has a no moral compass or empathy with those that have genuinely lost so much. He’s on this forum (and others) to disrupt and gain nothing but an egotistical high. He’s a dot on the page of life -infinitesimally small and will be totally irrelevant and a very lonely example of the human species (and a loo hogging ipad abuser) once the Harlequin debacle has been put to bed once and for all.

  586. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @icu4wotur, a dot am I? And you cannot stop posting about a dot. Says a lot for your sad life doesn’t it.

  587. @FDNRM: SOoooooooooooooo. predictable. Get back in your Loo you LITTLE DOT! LOL, Ha, Ha, Ha etc etc

  588. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @icu4woturic stop stalking me and get a life. In fact all you post about is me. Is this some sort of obsession.

  589. Anonymous


    Care to offer an opinion on the current state of affairs? My own view is that liquidation is inevitable and a rescue plan can and will not work. What’s your considered view?

  590. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I don’t have all the details to make an informed opinion. I don’t like the idea of liquidation because that is the aim of Ralph/API and do we know who they are? I could make a guess.

  591. cold light of day

    “I dont have all the details to make an informed opinion” we will all remember who said that will we not,I await the sarcasm which we all know will follow that will put me in my place,so much easier than answering a question or giving an opinion,When Dave says jump just ask how high

  592. Fatchett does not represent me.

    You see Anon, ask a question, give an answer and some idiot who does not like the answer comes up with crap as per above. So not really worth trying to answer the question in the first place is it.
    @clod, (clod lol) have you got an opinion or do you just spout crap?

  593. Anonymous

    Fdnrm – Fair point. Ralph I know but who’s API?

  594. cold light of day

    @fdnrm my opinion is anyone who has lost money with hp were not very well advised

  595. David Ames does not pay me

    Either Bob is an idiot, or he is being paid to block any attempt by folks to discuss the Harlequin mess. Weather he is FDNRM, 36 or Bob …its the same idiot.The best approach is to totally ignore him. Do not respond to his childish challenges.You will get nowhere because he is being paid to sit on the loo with his i pad and cause distractions to reasoned comment.
    He will go the way of Harlisuccess, yorkipoo and other assholes.Oblivion.

  596. David Ames does not pay me

    Spell check..should be wether, not weather.

  597. Anonymous


  598. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @DADNPM, how many attempts at spell check do you need? You recommend people ignore me and then you put up a rather long winded post about me. How bizarre. .

  599. BOB FDNRM writes............

    this discussion is all about me. ME I tell you…… me. I want to be the centre of attention and I will create any drama all about me me me me me me. I will even alter what people say so that the discussion reflects on me. I love me and I am a self centred selfish git . its all ericas fault and the irish builder and the accoutnant and WK cos Dave said so.

  600. Dead man walking

    On a serious note, what is Ames going to talk about in the forthcoming investor meeting?

    He will be savaged, you have to give him a teeny weeny bit of credit for turning up?

    Well okay, you don’t 😉

  601. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BOB FDNRM writes…. In the last 24 hours there have been 14 posts from people posting about me to which I have replied 9 times. So yes it is about me in the eyes of others, I dont know why but so many people have such sad lives, including you.

  602. Sid

    Email from RL sent this morning:


    Investor Trust

    We have agreed with Harlequin that we will draft the trust document with our barristers. This avoids any suggestion that the drafting of the trust document has not been done independently. We will be using specialist counsel from No5 to assist us in the drafting.

    Harlequin Invite

    Harlequin are going to invite all investors to the meetings. We should have a good turn out of investors at the meetings and in order to make sure we have the correct size venue, you need to book on the via the website.

    The venue information will be released only to those people who have booked on with us. We cannot have the situation where we have a room for 50 and 200 people turn up !


    London / Basildon Date

    We have moved the dates by two days to accommodate the attendance of David Ames. Please refer to the new dates.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  603. Ted

    Forgive me FDNRM, but you didn’t answer my question. To say “I don’t have all the details to make an informed opinion” isn’t really good enough — furthermore though, it enormously problematises your position in general: If you are not in receipt of enough information to make an informed opinion, why are you so steadfast in your views. It seems an admission that your position is made on instinct — which isn’t really befitting of the circumstances.

    It also confuses me as to how you can follow that by saying…

    “I don’t like the idea of liquidation because that is the aim of Ralph/API and do we know who they are?”

    Because either you have the information, or you don’t. Why consider yourself able to speculate on one half of this, but not the other. It seems disingenuous. Ultimately it could only be…

    “I could make a guess.”

    Yep, a guess. But why only guess about this?

    With respect, you managed to find time to issue antagonistic replies to other messages before actually addressing — or in fact, not addressing — the question I asked you, which is something that doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me. Also, I politely asked that you find an a response that doesn’t rely on the blame game — but you weren’t capable of doing so.

    I actually don’t think that this is a personal vendetta against you, as much as an attempt to get you to substantiate what you are saying. You are the only person who regularly posts on here in support of Harlequin, that being the case — and with the stakes being what they are — it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect you to be able to actually articulate your position. You are constantly on a passive, negative standing, rather than actively engaging and ultimately that just seems dubious.

    I reiterate, I am essentially open minded here and am willing to form an opinion based on the information as it presents itself. From an objective point of view, I struggle to see why you aren’t able to make a stronger case for your position or actually properly refute the arguments made. All your rhetoric appears to rely on apportioning responsibility to other parties: this isn’t good enough.

  604. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Wow Ted, you spent all that time writing about me. You have posted on here 5 times any every post has been about me. “Forgive me FDNRM, but you didn’t answer my question.” Well guess what Ted, I have no intention of answering your question. A forum is a place where people can post their thoughts and opinions. They do not have to justify them to anyone. Got it.

  605. Ted

    Whoops! There you go again FDNRM getting angry and aggressive, but not actually addressing anything — so now I’m wondering why that would be?

    You’re quite right, I have posted 5 times about you, but as I said above not because I have any interest in you but because I would like to know why you hold the opinions that you do — they might have some relevance here (let’s be honest, the broad swathe of opinion seems to issue in one direction).

    I would take issue with your point about the fact that a forum doesn’t implicitly mandate some sort of substance to the opinions presented; notwithstanding that however, there is clearly something very suspect about an opinion that is so vehemently asserted with such a resistance to substantiation.

  606. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Wooops Ted, posting about me again. “there is clearly something very suspect about an opinion that is so vehemently asserted with such a resistance to substantiation” In your mind perhaps, but guess what I dont give a shit whats in your mind. I would suggest you stop obsessing about what is in mine. Its not healthy..

  607. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, you are frequently asked on here as to what your personal opinion is of HP and what your hopes are for the future. Yet I don’t recall you ever offering a direct response when asked and do wonder why. You are clearly in the know and have what I believe is a wealth of information that could be put to good use if you were to share it. You seem to always think people are looking to catch you out or expose you, but maybe less informed investors are actually looking up to you as someone who might have something of value to offer. I’m sure your opinion would be welcomed and appreciated by many if you were to share it. We’re all in this together so should be helping one another, shouldn’t we? If not, what’s the point on being on here?

  608. Double bluff

    Bob knows nothing just is hoping Dave will stick to his dirty little deal – thats all.

    It’s all coming to ahead very soon 😉

  609. Anonymous

    An intelligent commentator who wishes to express an opinion will take whatever information he or she has available and come to an opinion based “ON THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITY” The opinion will then ALWAYS be informed and the only question is how informed.
    A commentator who states that he or she has no opinion because he or she does not have sufficient information has no business making ANY comments and that includes disparagement of those who have expressed a comment based on the information THEY HAVE to hand.
    Naturally such reasoning is lost on those who have their own agenda which will include rubbishing any opinion which differs to the one they have been unable to articulate and nothing is ever going to change there.

  610. Anonymous

    Fatchett’s little plan looks after a few, allows Ames to walk and gives everyone else basically a high risk investment which could need on going funding. Fantastic Rescue “NOT”. The plan as proposed will mean investors give up their contracts to Fatchett. And joining a trust. A new company takes on the management of the resorts. Ames gets the boot.
    Beware of Greeks or in this case Indians bearing gifts.

  611. Anonymous

    Yes, that is the way that the civil courts work in Ireland. The judge in that case looked at the available information and assertions by both sides and came to the opinion that “ON THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITY” the money taken from investors by Ames and given to O’Halloran should have only been used for the building of Buccament Bay despite no written contract being in place and hence found in Harlequin’s favour.
    Incidentally the Judge NEVER concluded that any crime had ever taken place it was only ever a breach of implied contract. Also it was never an option for the Judge to say that he didn’t have sufficient information and therefore could not decide between the two parties; he was duty bound to make a decision based on the available information i.e. evidence, not whether that evidence was “informed enough” (had O’Halloran said that he had clear evidence that he was entitled to use the money how he saw fit but couldn’t show the court then the Judge would have had no option but to ignore it and form an opinion based on what information he did have. And that is the way that all intelligent people come to an opinion.
    In the wider context of the entire Harlequin project, Harlequin have patently held back information (accounts) that might have supported their assertion that they have acted properly on behalf of their investors, or maybe the withheld information might have made it clear that harlequin have acted improperly throughout. However In the absence of that information a wary investor is not only right to be suspicious of Harlequin’s motives but would be downright stupid to think otherwise. In the world of investment, no news is always bad news (assuming you have made the effort to get it) and any decisions that need to be taken should be based on that assumption.

  612. Ted

    And there you go again FDNRM.

    I’m happy to repeat myself because it’s important.

    “Wooops Ted, posting about me again. “there is clearly something very suspect about an opinion that is so vehemently asserted with such a resistance to substantiation” In your mind perhaps, but guess what I dont give a shit whats in your mind. I would suggest you stop obsessing about what is in mine. Its not healthy..”

    I’m not obsessing about what’s in your mind, I’m keen to know why you are convinced that things with Harlequin are not as other people see them. I think it’s important. I’m sure that I’m not alone in being desperately hopeful that there may be some way out of this for those people who stand to lose substantially — the counter point of view to the general consensus here is very important, but without substance it’s meaningless. I don’t think that’s so unhealthy — in fact, I think quite the opposite.

    The standard petulant rebuttal about “not giving a shit” (how old are you?) doesn’t really wash: I’m perplexed as to why you would get so worked up about this, and would be so resistant to engage in mature, meaningful dialogue.

  613. Anonymous

    FDNRM sole role is to antagonise and disrupt reasoned debate and discussion on the issues surrounding Harlequin. Anyone who speaks negatively of the Ames family or Harlequin is subjected to a torrent of sometimes highly offensive verbal diarrhea or diarrhoea (can be spelt both ways). FDNRM represents all that is rotten and wrong with Harlequin.
    And is typical of the disdain and contempt which Ames and his wife have towards anyone who might dare question both the ethics and morals of the Ames family and Harlequin.
    FDNRM spends his time jumping from forum to forum attacking variius posters and questioning the veracity of the information being supplied by rubbishing the information without providing reasoned argument or proof that information being provided is inaccurate.

  614. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ANON 1.38 I proved the excel spread sheet was doctored. As you obviously jump from forum to forum you should have remembered that. ooops

  615. Anonymous

    No FDNRM you “claimed” not “proved” that the excel sheet was doctored. Neither did you provide any documentary proof to demonstrate any anomalies with the sheet. Nor could you state with conviction or proof who doctored the sheet instead, making implications that the sheet was doctored by those with anti Harlequin agendas.

  616. What does Bob know???

    no you didn’t Fdnrm!

  617. Conned

    Hang on a minute, dates for the investor meetings have to be changed as Ames cant make it?

    WTF does he think he is?
    As I see it, he is going to be asking investors to relinquish their contracts and join his trust, effectively downsizing, still with no guarantees of any further finance, so it will no doubt still fall over.

    And why are we being asked to do this?
    Basically so he can continue for a little while longer and save his ass…. Yet he cant be bothered to turn up for important meetings…. Am I missing something?

    Bob, no answers from you please, your pro Harlequin rhetoric has become very tedious and tiresome.

  618. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @WDBK YES I DID. My own personal Cabana was incorrect. If it was 100% accurate then I’m sure Laura Millar would have published the information. But she choose not to do so. It contradicted the .post of Ralphs when he/she/they etc decided to post details of my contract on BFP. So you detectives out there, which was right then? Perhaps as per Anon 1.29 the “balance of probability” that it was doctored should suffice. Facts are facts, the excel spread sheet was inaccurate.

  619. Sid

    C’mon FDNRM, I think it’s fair to say that you carry the brightest torch of all of the pro-HP investors, so give us all some good news. Tell us why you are such a satisfied investor? You never know, you may well turn the tide of opinion. There’s obviously something you know that we don’t that might make us all feel much more positive about the situation we find ourselves in. Go on, tell us your secret….

  620. Eddie Lizzard2

    Isn’t it uncanny that when Bob FDNRM gets asked really awkward questions, the diction and grammar in his replies improve remarkably? Could it possibly be that he is being cajoled by someone from the Harlequin PR office?

  621. Anonymous

    Gee – You mean to say that HD still has a PR Office. That is
    going to look great on someone’s c.v. They have done one hell
    of a job.

  622. Eddie Lizzard2

    Katharine Manderfield (HP Network Sales Director) did one hell of a good job in promoting the Harlequin business model and the properties too. She ‘believed’ it so much she claimed she invested in seven or was it eight cabanas on the beach at Buccament Bay. So shove up Bob Storey cos Katharine’s cabanas take precedence over yours.

  623. Fatchet does not represent me.

    News on the grapevine…………….. Walton used to sell for Tailormade

  624. Eddie Lizzard2

    Does Katharine advise you what to say BobFDNRM?

  625. Manderfield

    Walton is a mason.

  626. anonymous55

    we are now heading to 2014 (not far off). how ironic that as far back as 2006 concerns were raised via various forms regarding this investment. directors of companies who were instrumental in the sale of this ignored all the concerns and chose to promote this- why??? i reported this scheme on 2 occasions. i have no formal pension qualifications BUT to promote and recommend a full transfer into an unregulated, non protected, non escrowed, no track record investment to me seemed pretty “high risk” .shame the the other fully qualified IFA’s chose to ignore this basic TCF requirement because they perhaps thought they could get way with it

  627. Anonymous

    This was first touted as a scam all over the Caribbean business community back in 2006, as stated above, and many forums raised valid questions, and each one was shut down by Carter Ruck and co, until Harlecon came along a few years later, long after thousands had been scammed. Incredible it has lasted this long and the Ames walk free.

  628. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 any comment about the discredited excel spread sheet. In fact do you have an opinion about anything apart from an opinion about me. Why not comment about the issues rather than post about me. I’m flattered, but don’t understand your rhetoric. 3 posts tonight, all about me. Why?

  629. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @what does bob know. You have gone very quiet. I guess you now understand that the excel spread sheet was flawed.

  630. Wow

    I am thinking about moving to StVincent and living in my cabana. I have only paid 30 per cent,but have nowhere else to live,I have not received a single penny from my investment. What do you all think of that ?

  631. Anonymous

    Wow – You would be putting your life at risk. Bobby (fdnrm) used to
    rant on and on and on about crime in Barbados to Merricks investors.
    He has gone very quiet of late. Read ( ) and
    you will find that there is at least one murder per week in St Vincent.
    The island is lawless and governed by an out and out Hugo Chavez
    fellow-traveler. Sad really but my guess is that BB will win d up
    in a year or two as a squatters compound……Good Luck !!!

  632. Hang on a moment this has gone too far!!!

    I have been accused of many things on BFP, mainly to do with unnatural sexual exploits with just about anyone, Gareth Fatchett, Richard Ingham, FDNRM, Dave Ames etc etc.

    But I do take offence at this latest slur working for TailorMade
    ( in liquidation) That’s just unkind!

    The comment about Freemasonry, I have been involved for nearly 30 years but I fail to see how that is relevant to anything??

  633. Sid

    Hi Paul W, how do you manage to juggle Freemasonary with such a complicated love life?

  634. It’s tricky, but now TM is in liquidation, I will have a little more time 😉

  635. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Paul, Can you give me an answer to why no one, API/RL are answering the question I have posed on the RL blog regarding the Redbook that API made a great fuss about posting on line or sending through the mail. Was it received?

  636. @FDNRM: Because you are a non-entity LITTLE DOT. (Pot and Kettle come to mind regarding not answering RELEVANT question). LOL.Ha, Ha, etc etc

  637. cold light of day

    now TM are in liquidation does anyone have any info on other agents such as invest5star among others

  638. Eddie Lizzard2

    Not a Twitter from Invest5star about Harlequin since April 2013. And they were really thick with Dave and Carol et al.

    But never fear because the lovely Kim W is now involved in one of the latest multi-level marketing gimmicks to hit the UK – Vi. She’s a hard working lass and was last seen in Amesbury and Salisbury flogging a ‘Weight Loss & Fitness Platform’. Seems it involves imbibing pouches of organic seaweed, extruded iguana pooh and macerated bus tickets over 90 Days.

    Whatever happened to whatshisname? the welsh one? name escapes me.

  639. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 well done a post without not mentioning me. I’m impressed.

  640. Anonymous

    Now if only we could get a post from Bobby without
    him mentioning himself…….that would be impressive.

  641. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, go onto RL. Trying to get the truth from Ralph/API but sooooo difficult.

  642. Anonymous

    FDNRM how much is Ames paying you to make a fool of yourself. Just looked at RL site, you are being as disruptive as you can be. You are a clown. You really are stupid.

    Go away you fool.

  643. Anon

    Bob I feel sorry for most people who are going to loose their money, but the more you harp on about absolutely nothing the more you turn readers like me against Harlequin and the Ames family.

    As an ambassador for Harlequin you are doing an excellent job in demonstrating that this was a terrible investment.

    You appear inarticulate, ignorant and uneducated. A Baffoon. @ Anonymous there is no point in asking Bob to go away, he will not. He apparently believes everything Ames tells him. Bob thought this investment would make him rich, he thought that the fraudster Ames would make him rich. Being a fool and greedy don’t mix well. As was once said there is one born every minute.

  644. Fatchett does not represent me.

    And here come the stooges, Anon/Anonymous (just waiting for the other Anons to turn up) If you idiots want to believe everything that Ralph/API post then thats up to you. But there again perhaps you are closer to Ralph/API than you let on.

  645. George Simmons

    #FDNRM I have invested in Buccament Bay. You seem happy. I don’t know what to do. Do you think everything is just bad PR and that Mr. Ames is going to keep his word. I don’t want to rock the boat. I think Harlequin are ok. Should I stick it out? Have you any advice, I could do with something positive. My whole life savings is gone into this. I am very worried.

  646. Anonymous

    @ GS Bob / FDNRM is a freak. He will not answer your questions. He is paid by Harlequin to disrupt and antagonise. He is a pathetic excuse of a man. He lost his job and spends his days attacking everyone.

    He is just a stupid twisted horrid individual.

  647. Anon - reasons unknown

    Also, you mustn’t be mistaken into thinking that Bob is so gullible and inarticulate partly due to him being immature. Believe it or not, he’s in his 60s!!! Just goes to show what happened when people were allowed to leave full time education before they were able to read and write properly.

    I think he’s genetically thick though. No amount of education could have made him bright enough to spot a scam like Harlequin. He can’t even spot it now despite hovering on this forum for years, reading all the overwhelming evidence, and arguing against it like a retard!

  648. loser

    fsnrm, is an example of what happens when you let cousins inter breed

  649. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring boring boring

  650. Anonymous

    Bob you gonna answer George you fucking freak. ?

  651. Fatchett does not represent me.


  652. Anonymous

    @FDNRM Bob RL have answered your question on the valuation but for their purposes it is out of date. Could be the 2009 valuation that is out of date. The one you claim is bogus. Pull out the IPAD and get onto RL and interrogate them. Cmon Bob. You keep making statements. Cmon wakey wakey you fool.

  653. Warning

    To all readers and contributors of this forum. Bob Storey aka FDNRM aka 36 etc etc etc is keeping copies of all the nasty things being said about him and reporting the online abuse to the police. Tick tock, tick tock everyone. Bob is doing this because all you nasty people are attacking him and Saint Dave. Mr. Ames is an honourable decent citizen who was misguided by dodgy accountants and business advisers. He was robbed by every contractor and engineering firm.working for him. All controlled by the nasty Irish builder who made everyone turn on Mr..Ames. Even everyone on this site who questions Ames is working for the Irish builder. Even RL.and Garreth Flatface are under the Irish man’s spell. The property in Dubai was not bought by Mr. Ames it was Mr. Newham who made Mr.Ames buy the property.
    When he books flights with Virgin, Virgin make him travel upper class. They force him against his will.
    He wants to give to everyone who wants to get their money back.
    But he gets threatened by some dodgy east end people who force him not to give the money back. The resorts could all.have been finished but those corrupt Caribbean countries will not give him planning permission. They also made him bribe them. But he told the BBC that it was not he who bribed anyone it was MaxDonald.
    He knew the banks would give him no money, he did need it. He told the Caribbean governments that he was bigger then Donald Trump. Trump needed bank money. Mr. Ames did not. Dan Ames played for the UK youth team in international football, bet you never knew that.

  654. John Broughtons Pieceps

    Wonder if I will be allowed access to the RL meeting after my embarrassing episode last time? I showed everybody what a fat little prick I was so I only have myself to blame!
    To make it up to Dave I may offer him Erica for a night – I could tempt him by getting her to wear her short skirt an no bloomers – giving him a glimpse of her keema naan (a shaved fanny with the very tip of the bacon sticking out!)
    More chance with Erica than my daughter Steph – she’s as rough as a Skeggie Donkey – a bint that will let anybody get their leg over for a quid and has flies all around her arsehole!

  655. The Worst of Britain

    The comment above is a sad endorsement of Ames and his loyal supporters. As ambassadors for Harlequin and for UK investors the comment above is neither humorous nor intelligent. If this is the best that Ames and his loyal band of dysfunctional supporters can up with then investors never had a hope with this company.
    Ames by nature is a coward. But will encourage others to behave in a manner that is or should be embarrassing to us brits.

    Ames took £400 million and through his total lack of management skills, allowed this money to be squandered. Now he seeks to blame everyone but himself for his business model which has from the offset been challenged and in the absence of external finance could never have worked.

    And now once again we have an attack on someone who’s only sin was to have invested in Harlequin. Someone like thousands of others who fell for the sales gimmicks of Harlequin and parted with their hard earned cash. And who after many years asked for their cash back albeit in a more vociferous manner then many.

    So do the genuine public condone the sad and infantile attacks on those investors who wish to speak out.? I do not think so.

    In the better times Ames used Carter Ruck to silence any criticism of his business model. Now that he no longer has the resources to fund Mssr’s Carter Ruck he resorts to using anonymous blog sites such as this in order to attack any one who dares raise in a public way issues with respect to his companies. He hopes that these sorts of mindless, sad and pathetic attacks will cause other investors to think twice before being more vocal about the issues they have with Harlequin.

    Ames of course will deny any culpability in these attacks.

    He is however directly culpable. He is after all the person along with his wife and sons who took investors money and engaged in fraudulent misrepresentation and massive deceit.

  656. Anonymous

    As an American I want to thank who posted above. It is incredible
    the infantile antics that occur here. (But also as an American I am
    equally ashamed at the infantile antics occurring in my Congress.
    Has the world truly gone mad?)

  657. Anon - reasons unknown

    And what about your government almost reaching its borrowing limit, having now borrowed £16.7 TRILLION!!!!! SHIT!!!!! What are the monthly repayments on that?!

    Once America goes bankrupt, we’re all up shit creek.

  658. Anon - reasons unknown

    Sorry about that, of course it’s $16.7 trillion, not £16.7 trillion, so not as bad as it could be. Phew.

  659. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The worst of Brittain, while I for one do not condone the type of comment posted above, after all I have been subject to the same rhetoric, dont forget that the one your are talking about “who’s only sin is to have invested in Harlequin” did drive past someones house taking photographs of their house, accuse them of employing an PI and was advised by the police to stop their actions. I would suggest you have a short memory.
    @ICU4WOTUR,”Unfortunately as this forum is a free for all, it gives licence to the uneducated, unethical and downright puerile sentiments of the moronic few” Well you fit right into that description dont you. Talk about hypocrite.

  660. John Broughtons Pieceps

    I’m not British you bunch of fucktards! Funny what assumptions are made on here! Crack on morons!
    Also bit fuckwitted to think Ames has any influence on my posts? I fucking hate Ames and I hate the Broughtons too!

  661. worriedinvestor

    SVG is a crime ridden horrible little corrupt island. When you drive to Buccament Bay you are glad you are not on foot – feels unsafe and dirty. Once on the resort you don’t want to leave.

    Buccament Bay is an unfinished building site in the middle of noware with a false beach that’s eroding. They pump sewerage into the sea at night.

    The interest payments will NEVER START
    The 10% return WILL NEVER BE PAID
    The other resorts WILL NEVER GET BUILT
    Harlequin will GO BUST

  662. worriedinvestor

    WTF is back I better not see him at the meetings I will be watching

  663. John Broughtons Pieceps

    Worriedinvestor – is that rhyming slang for child molestor? What has my comment got to do with WTF?
    Having met WTF I wouldn’t get too mouthy! Get ready for a second prize if you front him up tough guy!

  664. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Worriedinvestor, what has SVG got to do with you. Your investment is in the DR. What’s more I doubt you have ever been there.

  665. even the blind can see this is a con

    All this slanging match on here….yet the con man and his bought cronies all walk around free spend your money like water… need to get it all sotered, you are behaving like rabitts in headlights, whats the matter dont you want to accept the truth the dream is over and it isnt going to happen, recover what you can and extract your revenge by making sure Ames goes behind bars

    no wonder so many gave so much to a con man, even easier than stealing the collection tin from the blind shop

  666. John Broughtons Pieceps

    Even a blind man – do you have anything to say apart from the obvious that has been regurgitated by the know it alls hundreds of times before? Think your smart you spastic?

  667. WhatsTheFuss

    WorriedInvestor – John, why would you wish not to see me at the meeting, can you please clarify?
    Is it the embarrassment of the whole PI/ harassment police investigation too much of an embarrassment to take?
    Just to clarify, I have not posted for many weeks so do not assume I insult you!
    I will be at the meeting, I won’t be hiding, so come and introduce yourself, takes more of a man to do that than hide behind your keyboard.
    I do not condone violence but if you wish to operate on that level then I won’t shy away? Next time your outside my house taking photographs of my house and kids for your perverted wife you might be man enough to ring the doorbell!

  668. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    I personally want to go to the investor meetings, listen what RL have to say and Dave Ames; without witnessing Erica Broughtons hysterical out bursts or her husbands violent ways.

    If investors feel the need to act in such ways, they should not attend and spoil in for the more civalised investors, who have some capacity for sound reasoning and judgement.


  669. WhatsTheFuss

    Well said Isabelo!

  670. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    I forgot to mention Dave Ames – we don’t need to be told about:

    – the Irish builder
    – you won the court case
    – WK
    – the £30 million case against WK
    – BB awards
    – negative press

    But do what to know:

    – finance payments?
    – ROI?
    -cash investment?
    – other resorts?
    – will you step aside?
    – £400 million?

    – what’s the ‘rescue plan’ do you have one.? The time for bullshit is over

  671. Anonymous

    Isabelo – if investors had any capacity whatsoever for sound reasoning and judgement they would not have become investors in the first place.

  672. John Broughtons Pieceps

    Anonymous well worked on you mong – very helpful

  673. Anonymous

    Cannot think why you want to listen to Ames. Each time you say, time for bullshit is over. Then he bullshits you, and you go back again 6 months later saying time for bullshit is over. And the cycle repeats itself, as it has for many years now. The world knows he is a lying conman, yet you still want to listen to him. Why?

  674. Anonymous

    JPB – you are a degenerate. Do you think making repulsive sexual comments about fannies, bacon etc or calling people mongs and spastics is “helpful”? You really are a vulgar, hateful excuse for a human being. I don’t expect that you are married or have children but if you are I wonder what your wife or children or maybe your mother would think about the vile filth that you write. I’m sure they’d be really proud of you.

  675. The Worst of Britain

    @Anonymous? the poster engaging in this embarrassing tirade is doing nothing to further the discussions pertaining to Harlequin.

    Bob Storey is using a similar tactic but in his case rather than resorting to infantile and downright disgusting comments, Mr. Storey’s style is to question and demand evidence again in a most infantile manner on issues raised by posters.

    Both of these posters refuse to partake in meaningful debate on the issues at the heart of the matter.

    What both of these posters are attempting to achieve is to divert attention away from the very serious matters surrounding Harlequin.

    There is no excuse or reason for anyone to use the expletives being used by JBP unless their sole purpose is to disgust individuals to such an extent that they will cease to visit this particular blog site.

    As stated previously Ames will deny culpability but it is Ames who is responsible for this. No one else.

    And as stated previously such infantile behaviour does nothing to promote future investment in the Caribbean.

    Harlequin and their investors are becoming the laughing stock of the business community throughout the Caribbean. The tragic events surrounding Harlequin are being overshadowed by the absolute ignorance of a few who might honestly believe that through their actions they will be able to turn the public perception of Harlequin into a positive one by attacking all those who dare question Ames and Harlequin.

    Harlequin as a business in it’s current form has failed spectacularly, and the individuals with responsibility for this are the Ames family and their senior management.

    Despite the expletive attacks and infantile approach to the debate the fact remains that Harlequin as a business is finished and investors will loose most of their money.

  676. Anonymous

    Harlequin was never a business, always a scam.

  677. WhatstheFuss

    Worried investor – are you not going yo reply to my question?

    You seem like an ignoranus – that’s not a typo before the spelling police turn up, it means your an idiot as well as an arsehole!

  678. even the blind can see this is a con

    JB Pieceps…..your comments show that you are void of any intelleigence and can only resort to bad mouthing……no wonder HP failed with with low life like you supporting base life people like ames

    It may take time, but be scared coz life alwyas has a way of balancing the books, although in your case it started at birth with brain damage, maybe your cousins inter bred like stupid Bob

    Enjoy yur investment (dont gorget to save the profits coz you gonna have to geive em back)

  679. Anonymous

    Sordid misfits, deluded investors, foul mouthed supporters, scams, stolen money, no planning permission, fraud, lost pensions etc. Welcome to Harlequin.

  680. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The worst of Britain. I will say to you what I said to API who felt had to come to the defence of Worriedinvestor. If investors has questioned some of the rhetoric given to them by HP and their financial advisors they might not be in the position they are in now. Do you not agree that DD should have been carried out. Now I am conversely asking Ralph/API/Worriedinvestor, who all hide behind aliases, to justify some of their claims. Is there a problem with that? Should we all just nod our heads and glibly agree with their protestations. You might, but I am sure as hell not going to. “SVG is a horrible crime ridden island” not as crime ridden as say Jamica which has a great tourist industry. Throwing out off the cuff statements can only be damaging to mine, and perhaps your, and the investments of others. I think that is the essence of a meaningful debate, don’t you?

  681. The Worst of Britain

    @FDNRM No one should accept what a third party states with out some semblance of proof or reference point in which to back up the claims being made. But there is a huge amount of public information available on Harlequin.

    FDNRM you yourself in fairness will have to accept that you too have and continue to make statements of fact with respect to individuals with out backing up your claims. You have stated on numerous occasions that Mr. Newman is behind many of the posts on this site yet none of us have proof of this.

    I think we should all agree that the disgusting posts and associated expletives do nothing to further the debate on the issues pertaining to Harlequin.

  682. bob is a hypocrite

    thousands of investors are afraid of losing their life savings and all Bob writes about is me me me. selfish nasty lying lowlife

    go on Bob save your own skin sod all the rest.

  683. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The worst of Britain, Mr Newman has, and probably is, still on this site. I know for a fact he reads the comments on this site. for one, just after my name was published by Ralph why was he looking at my Linkedin site, Dont forget Mr Newman has previous with the Harlecon site. He is no innocent bystander. His actions along with the Irish Builder were referred to as fraud by the judge in the case.
    I would agree with you regarding the disgusting posts, I have been on the receiving end of them in the past. Perhaps in the future you will defend me when they are leveled at me, the post above is a case in point?

  684. BOB FDNRM writes............

    let’s talk about me

  685. BBaywatch

    Stench of hypocrisy when the HP apologists criticize other investors for lack of DD and gullibility. Meanwhile ‘Teflon’ Phil Spencer being puffed in the Torygraph as one of the leading movers and shakers in property, perhaps he and other celebrity endorsers should be accountable for the damage they have caused?

    Caribbean nationals are often conservative and rather old fashioned in their manners, so I can imagine how offended many will be by the vile comments posted here. The ignorant remarks about SVG and other nations by investors of every stripe do a disservice to the entire region – should SVG be considering rescinding Ames citizenship for disrespect?

    At a time when reparations for past crimes are being discussed is it not appropriate to hold to account those who by their greed and selfishness bring further hardship to the region?

  686. The Worst of Britain

    FDNRM Dear Sir, no where in the Irish Judgement does it state that Mr. Newman had anything to do with Fraud. It is wrong to state that.

    You also are making statements that may or may not be true about visitors to the site. But you state this as fact yet how can you prove that Mr. Newman is a contributor on this forum or indeed a visitor to the site. He may well be but how can you state this with certainty?

    When you state that Mr. Newman is no innocent bystander are you suggesting he has done something wrong or is he to be applauded for exposing the massive issues pertaining to Harlequin.?

    Could it be that Mr. Newman discovered something inherently wrong about Harlequin and given the apparent slow pace of the authorities decided it was time to “stop the con” for better use of words.

    The defamation case should be very revealing on the issue given that Mr. Newman’s defence against the defamation claim is not denial but that the defamation was justified given the way Harlequin managed their business.

    I for one would be nervous of an educated whistle blower and what he might reveal.

    I do not subscribe to the notion that Mr. Newman conjured all this up to protect the Irish builder.

  687. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The worst of Britain, a very lengthy defense of Mr Newman, one has to wonder why.
    @BBaywatch, you really are a numpty. Your comment relating the anti SVG comment ” SVG is a crime ridden horrible little corrupt island. When you drive to Buccament Bay you are glad you are not on foot – feels unsafe and dirty. Once on the resort you don’t want to leave” was posted by an ANTI HP POSTER. Why should this comment influence any decision regarding rescinding .DA citizenship for disrespect?

  688. Anonymous

    Forum is circular. The crime has already been committed, the money has already been defrauded and dished out to those behind the fraud. People are not going to get money back, nor anything more built. This really is a matter for the authorities and investors should be putting pressure in that direction.

  689. St George's Dragon

    I don’t understand the anti-Harlecon comments. Pretty much everything they said on there has turned out to be correct. If more people had taken notice of their warnings, there would be a few more people around who would have kept their savings intact.

  690. Anonymous

    Am not aware of any of Harlecon’s content being disproved. I would have thought more people would be suing the Ames and directors.

  691. Anon - reasons unknown

    I have just had a read on the RL site, and have to comment here in defence of BFP. People seem to confuse the posters on BFP with the actual site and hosts.

    If it wasn’t for BFP and their impressive stance taken with regards to resistance to Harlequin and Carter Ruck bullying (one of the very few truly public sites to do this – remember BFP isn’t JUST about Harlequin), then Ames would have managed to silence the criticism from just about every corner in order to make it easier for him to continue getting away with what he is doing (pissing all over his investors, in short).

    One of the reasons I believe BFP have managed to pull off the seemingly impossible task of resisting closure at threat of libel (or silence on anything to do with the Harlequin scam) is because they take an almost complete hands-off approach in terms of moderation. Therefore, all the illiterate, revolting, crass, pathetic defenders of Harlequin are as free to post as those criticising the ponzi-like scam.

    There seem to be some new-comers to the game (a game in which I for one have been actively playing since 2006 in the Singing Pig days) who ridicule and besmirch BFP. Well more fool you guys. BFP have been the most active and prolific media portal for those trying to keep the public aware of the lies, deceit and fraudulent activities of Ames to use.

    Good luck to all the late comers. But please show a little more respect to BFP and the enormous pair of iron balls it has been showing off for years and years.

  692. FDNRM

    Unless you call somone a fag or acuse them of rimming someone
    but anyting a bout a woman that’s okay 🙂

  693. Anonymous

    Yes, respect is definitely due to BFP. Who knows how many more poor fools would have been fleeced if BFP had not provided a forum whereby Ames and his bunch of crooks could be held to account without fear of persecution or prosecution. Whilst greed and self interest seem to account for much of the hot air and rhetoric surrounding Harlequin (even where the anti-HP brigade is concerned) it is heartening to know that there are still a few people around with principles and purpose. Well done BFP.

  694. Did I miss anything?

    I have just caught up:


    1.Money has gone all of it
    2 No interest payments will start / or building
    3.Cash investors are history will get pennies
    4. SVG is a horrible little island full of criminals
    5. Ames is an idiot if he turns up / does not turn up
    6. He will have nothing constructive or new to say
    7. Broughton should not attend with he thug husband
    8. Newman I would trust over Ames,
    9. FDNRM is insane
    10. Paddy the builder is Ralph / AIP and wants it to go bust
    11. There is no finance
    12. The rescue plan is??? Who knows?
    13. It’s the end of Harlequin.

  695. Anonymous

    You did miss something!!

    There is a group of people who do not want What the fuss to attend why would anyone want to be anywhere near a creep who see women as he does?
    BBFP did out him as being the disgusting cretin that he is maybe a few of us ought to teach him a few lessons……… disgusting vile excuse for a man

  696. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anon 6.29 does it not occure to you that some quite nasty people will impersonate a poster to stir it up. And you have taken the baite. Previous posters have praised BPF for their work on this, but they do very little about impersonating posters. Are you suggesting some sort of violence at the meetings? I hope not.

  697. even the blind can see this is a con

    fdnrm….you would need to be pretty low to impersonate you bob, you are no better than a judas….but lefe will get ya back coz it always does, so keeping looking back for life to spring up and bite ya

    its gonna be so poetic lol

  698. Take Ames And Fire

    @FDNRM. Don’t worry, you’ll be ok. I don’t think anyone will assault an OAP even if you are a complete tube.

  699. Anonymous

    Please help the non-British…what is an OAP?

  700. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Not me that’s for sure.

  701. Take Ames And Fire

    Old Aged Pensioner.

  702. Anonymous


  703. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – firstly I do not care what you want and I will be at the meeting. You clearly don’t know me as if you did you would know I have the upmost respect for women.I haven’t posted here in weeks and weeks so I’m not sure why I am getting criticised.
    You must be pretty arrogant to think you can dictate where I can and can’t attend and as an investor I have every right to be there.
    What’s the lesson your teaching that you need the help of others. I’m happy to meet you prior to the meeting just give me a time and a place.
    Either name yourself or keep quiet, your all talk.

  704. No mate off amess

    @ what tha prick

    you have kno respeckt if you did yo wold not say the thingds you did here mounths ago and come backi waniny trouble the othet day.yoo ames scrum evyone hate yoo yoo fink yoo hard yoo not met hardd

  705. BOB FDNRM writes............

    I have been caught out impersonating other posters

    i wasnt clever enough to remeber to change my name back duh!

  706. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    October 6, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    Who is whats the fuss? If you are condoning violence, you seen to be of the same mold as Mr Broughton. Some of us want a meeting without violence.

  707. Whatsthefuss

    Isabelo – I do not agree with violence but I do not like to be intimidated into not attending a meeting.
    Anonymous does not have to threaten he is watching – I will meet him, that’s all I’m saying.
    The illiterate moron that posted above is accusing me of posting insults – what I’m saying is that people impersonate me and post in my name.

  708. The Great Architect, of the Carribean

    Will full Masonic regalia be required for the meetings? What degree will the meetings be opening in?

  709. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    Thank you WTF,

    It would be wrong and embarrassing for all concerned if Mr Broughton had to be retained again.

    It would no doubt give Mr Ames great pleasure if he felt threatened and involved the police.

    I find this whole thing despicable.

  710. Anon72

    What’s the fuss, if you have been impersonated on here don’t you think people are doing the same to Erica? To cause an argument?

    Isabelo, I know who you are don’t you think someone in your profession should know how to behave themselves?

  711. Conned

    So, Ames is to attend the Investors meetings?
    Is he bringing his heavies with him for protection, or can he not afford them now?
    Be interesting to hear what the little b#llshitter has to say this time round?

  712. Giovanni Soldado

    Im new to this site and only found out its all gone wrong – i will visit the meeting where is it?

  713. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Conned, dammed if he does, dammed if he doesnt. At least he has the balls to stand in front of people at investors meetings. For someone who only has a watching brief for your clients, I guess you will not be there then?

  714. WhatstheFuss

    Conned – Why would Ames need security at the meeting? The security came about because of the Irish Builder Case not investor threats!

  715. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    It can not be a pleasant prospect for him to stand in front of angry disillusioned investors, but he must do it.

    Let’s see if he does, he has never been one for keeping his promises in the past – he may not even bother.

    As for someone knowing who I am, that’s too weird to comprehend.

  716. Conned

    WTF… He doesn’t go anywhere without security and you know that!
    Bob… Balls??? My clients??? As usual you couldn’t be further from the truth. And yes I will be there, wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    I will no doubt recognise you Bob by your brown nose…!

  717. TS

    If that dangerous woman and her hen pecked husband come along, winding the other morons up into a frenzy – the first meeting may well be the last.

    There is only a certain amount of verbal abuse even Dave Ames is prepared to take.

    You may be mindful of the alternatives.

  718. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Conned, these meetings are for investors only. You said previously you were not an investor. Have you been telling porkies? Resorted to the silly insults again have we. How tedious.

  719. TS

    Will you be attending any meetings Bob?

  720. BOB FDNRM writes............

    I dont have to attend any meetings as this does not affect me. i payed for my cabana and dave took care of me.

  721. John Broughtons Pieceps

    Bob will be sat with Erica and Knuckles

  722. Anonymous

    Cannot believe anyone is interested in what ames has to say. It is a certainty he will lie again, he only lies. What a waste of everyone’s time. Investors are almost as much of a laughing stock as Ames with their ongoing delusion.

  723. John Broughtons Pieceps

    Anonymous – Who says we are interested in what Ames has to say? Most people want to listen to RL!
    Why don’t you just fuck off and stop trying to stir shit?

  724. Fatchess does not represent me.

    @ John Broughtons pieceps bit pot at kettle that isn’t it? Your a massive fan of shit stirring why don’t you take your own advice?

  725. Conned

    Fake FDNRM why don’t you go and wipe your mother in laws arse and your mothers too come to that.
    Wiping arses is about your level.
    Why have you moved these 2 old bags in with you? You after their pension books and inheritance now your investment is on its arse?
    Hows the rental money flowing?
    Hows the police investigation into the blocked number to 07825740778

  726. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Conned, blocked tel no was to my home number. Idiot. The rest of your fowl rant above is complete and utter rubbish. Pathetic.

  727. TS


    You are obviously poorly schooled just like your mother; that dangerous woman.

    I really hope you attend the meetings with ‘knuckles’, we will have him arrested – I know you won’t be able to control the Neanderthal Northerner 😉

    Maybe, we will have a restraining order taken out against you all, I assume you know what they are?

  728. Brazilian with a "landing strip"

    I want to see what Ames has to say about Brazil.

    He had the money, never owned the land, and said he would give it back – where has the money gone? Dubai? Thailand?

  729. Conned

    TS – you make me laff! You think a restraining order will stop John getting at Dave Ames or Richard Ingham aka WhatstheFuss! They will both be hospitalised! Why don’t you TS join them, you will all get in one ambulance!

  730. Fatchett does not represent me.

    My my Conned, what a big person you are, naming names, making threats, posting inaccurate telephone numbers. All from behind the safety of a key board. What a big person you think you are. Like to identify yourself? No guesses to what that answer will be.

  731. Grumbleweed

    The RL site is API free now that hiding bravely behind a keyboard has been banned.

    Actual investors discussing issues. Whatever next ?

  732. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Grumblweed. You will now get a volley of abuse from the Anons now, aka the API/Ralph mob

  733. Conned

    @ TS – AKA Katharine Manderfield I guess motherhood isn’t keeping you busy. My mother is dead you sick fuck so how can she be dangerous?

    Who is We? Are you admitting there is more than one of you? Is that because you are easily two people 😉 Not long now until you’re in the clink with Dave it will be like old times for the two of you 😉

  734. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @conned, and you call TS a “sick f**k? Do you read some of the garbage you write. You set the standard now you reap the rewards.

  735. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Grumbleweed, you spoke too soon. Looks likeRL have gone soft on them. Usual garbage “we have lots of information” etc etc.

  736. The names Bond, Bob Bond OO .25

    Bob just read API’s post and it does ask some very interesting questions. Have not seen any rubbish from them. What have you brought to the RL site? Or this one?

  737. The names Bond, Bob Bond OO .25

    Bob I apologise API are anti Harlequin. Shame on them, RL ban them, sue them. Please maintain the status quo, lets treat all investors like mushrooms.

  738. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @the names etc etc, yes you are right API are ANTI HP. They have an agenda. And the word is THEY. RL said they would have to have one spokesperson, they have not done that, they use statements with a scattergun approach, and do not supply the facts to back up the statements.
    If you cannot see that then that’s your call.

  739. Heart of Gold - Nob of Butter

    You will be heading the same way as your mother if you start something you can’t finish at the meeting with your aggressive threats.
    Did your mother die of shame after having you as a sibling?
    You and Worried investor think your John Wayne!

  740. Anonymous

    Ridiculous. What facts are required? How about some facts from Harlequin? Where is the money? Where are the resorts? Where are the planning permissions? Business plans? Guarantees? Loan interest payments? Accounts for BB? Blu? How about some proof that this is not a scam, when all facts show that it is? You act as if proof needs to come from those who have a problem with their contracts being breached or being ripped off, as if they should prove the contracts are breached or that their holiday units don’t exist. Do you realise how ridiculous that sounds? The facts are clearly weighing against Ames and Harlequin. How about some proof he has not systematically stolen and ripped off thousands of people? The facts are that there are no resorts, there are no planning permissions, there is no money, there are no accounts, the guarantees will not get paid, loan payments cannot get paid, agents IFA’s and the Ames took most of the money, Blu and BB lose money, properties were sold on land that was not owned by them. You will say yawn, boring, heard it all before. But those are the only facts and they are irrefutable (other than you saying prove BB loses money etc, but even if you don’t believe that, the facts say enough) I am not Ralph or whoever else. The above clearly shows this is a scam. Prove otherwise.

  741. anonymous55

    interesting to see that many ex harlequin agents/advisers/fa’s are attending the RL meetings. perhaps RL could ask those attending whether as well as being investors WHO were also agents/advisers/sold this investment and ask some discerning questions regarding this.

  742. The names Bond, Bob Bond OO .25

    Bob, you may need to high tail it over to the RL site real quick. API are going mad. Its time you got RL to shut API down otherwise the peasants just might revolt. All though Ames feels many are revolting anyway.

  743. Anonymous

    I can hear the oxen braying as they are hitched to the
    tumbrels as I type.
    (Confession — I have no idea what sort of sound an ox makes)

  744. Anonymous


  745. even the blind can see this is a con

    People bang on about facts to prove that this is a scam…but HP and Ames dont come up with any proof to counter the scam claims.

    If HP simply build the properties they took the money for all would be fine…but they cant and the Irish builder didnt steal enough money to stop the developement.

    So a simple thing if HP is not a scam, provide info to prove it wasnt
    Come on bob even you can understand this question…..

  746. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @RL can you be trusted? You said on your site that API or anyone would not be allowed anymore to post anonymously. API would have to post through a spokesperson. Is API someone’s name? You seem to have backed down from your stance. Why is this?

  747. Brazilian 'Bob'

    what the hell will ames say to the Brazil investors today? will he even turn up? this bunch could see him in jail – the contracts states he would give the money back not steal it.

  748. The Toxic Toad

    A very simple answer, we will lie and blame everyone and anyone.

  749. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The names etc etc, you were capable of multi tasking, which obviously you are not, you would have read the RL site and seen that I have brought this up with no answer. Muppet.

  750. Bring along your tin hat!!!

    The investor meetings have all the ingredients for a riot.

    Ames has squandered £400 million, many investors have only just been made aware there is a massive a problem (after being lied to by HP and IFA’s)

    Throw into that mix certain investors having ‘tough guy syndrome’ behind the keyboards.


    I can see the other meetings getting cancelled for safety reasons if it all turns nasty.

  751. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @The names etc etc. I wouldnt worry about me too much. I think you should worry about yourself if the above is anything to go by.

  752. Anonymous

    Is there anyone out there thinks that Harlequin or Dave Ames has a chance of succeeding, or only if Ames goes? I have only come across FDNRM that sicks up for him or HP?

  753. Sid

    @Heart of Gold – Nob of Butter, if the Broughton’s are investors then they are as entitled as anyone to be there and shouldn’t be kept away. If Anyone behaves badly at the meetings then that will have to be dealt with at the time and it really shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone that investors are so angered by the current situation that they may react physically – and I wouldn’t blame them. We are all different after all and react in different ways. The fact that there is so much to be angry about is undeniable and Ames does have his work cut out trying to appease investors at this time – but as they say…if you can’t take the heat.

  754. The Truth.

    @Heart of gold ect,

    The truth about the Broughtons is they have not posted on here for months, as it has been said there are people who want to cause trouble and who post anonymously on here claiming to be them. As far as I am aware they feel badly let down by BFP and the way that they have handled certain postings and will not ever post on here again.

  755. Heart of Gold - Nob of Butter

    The Truth – Sounds like John Broughton is back peddling or lost his bottle! Leave it to the young bulls John your old and out of shape!
    The broughtons do post on here, maybe not so often and they definitely read the posts!

  756. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ HOG NOB – You are clearly a nob jockey you can’t even spell There or Their you fuck wit.

  757. The Truth

    BFP tell us all when the Broughtons last posted on here?

  758. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ HOG NOB What’s up jealous that I get to see more vagina than you old chum?
    I was simply trying to help you stop making a total prick of yourself you fucking mong.

    Go fuck yourself then!

  759. Loony tunes

    Another impostor FDNRM may be some things but he is not so vulgar.

  760. Brazilian 'Bob'

    Any news on the Brazil investor meetings?

    Does Ames still have his meat and two veg? 😉

  761. Eddie Lizzard2

    Ohh I dunno Loony Tunes
    FNDRM has called posters a c u n t, a pi llock, or a moron in the past.
    I’d call that vulgar.

  762. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Loony tunes, thank you for stating the obvious, well to some anyway.
    @EL2, And you can tell when it is me or an impostor? You have fallen for it also, and I will call YOU a pillock.

  763. Eddie Lizzard2

    Yes as I said FDNRM…
    some of your posts have been vulgar, inept and crude.

  764. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2, ah bless is Pillock a bit strong for you? You sensitive soul. Perhaps the rough and tumble of this site is a bit much for you. And what do you think of some of the comments made about my family? Now that comment will be interesting and revealing about your moral stand.

  765. TS

    The super morbidly obese family should not be allowed to attend for several reasons, the main one is they simply take up too much space.

    I really don’t want to get too close in case I catch ”Fat”

  766. Conned

    @ TS Why would you be at the Tailormade meeting when you are not an investor or a creditor you dumb fuck.

  767. TS

    They should never been allowed to invest with their council house mentality.

    I bet the big fat daft cow was bragging to all her Coronation St. type neighbours.

    Until it went wrong – what a shame 😉

    I won’t be attending fear not

  768. Loony tunes

    Letter B4 action = why pay for that? £399 steep for 1 letter?
    25% plus Vat
    So £100k costs you £30k in fees???

  769. are canna be bovered

    the illiterate trolls are out early tonight
    everyone can see through your stupid nasty comments about the broughtons
    change the record pleeeze coz you are SO BORING!!!

  770. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 what do you think about conned comments. Is that classed as vulgar and crude? Any comment on that?

  771. Anonymous

    Are you here just to shit stir?
    I think YOU should stay away YOU are a trouble maker

    TS is Katherine woller who should stay on the farm with the other ugly cows
    how many units have you had free on commission Katherine?
    how many units did FA get free for selling us suckers units?

  772. Heart of Gold - Nob of Butter

    Anonymous – I have never condoned violence like worriedinvestor/ conned/ Neanderthal Broughton – are you going to the meeting to give somebody a kick when they are on the floor

  773. cold light of day

    regd. the ifa article highlighted by understanding of the law was that you could not come back as a director in the circumstances as they appear to be in this instance. Just think about it take millions in deposit for a product .lnvest those funds in what you fancy,go pop and then start again buying back these assets for peanuts,nice work for the monkeys if you can get it

  774. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @TS You would know all about disabilities wouldn’t you 😉

  775. Camp as a row of pink Scottish tents

    I will make an offer to buy TM, to thwart a pre pack liquadation.

    Then sell the database.

    That rather camp Scottish chap won’t get a sniff at it.

  776. Conned

    You wouldn’t be able to talk about wiping ones bottom anyway with the shit that comes from your mouth! You need to start wiping it dear.

    Have you got your kid selling carbon credits from the pram yet or are you still pedalling the old Harlequin train wreck??

    Let’s talk about Harlequin the reason we are all here, What happened in the Brazil meeting today with Dave and Fatchett? Did he explain why he “forgot” to buy the land. Talking about the fat ones is very tedious now I seen a pigeon have a shit before that is how interesting it is reading the crap you put on about them.

  777. redefining luxury in prision soon

    @ PaulWalton,

    is your screen thingy a pic you took at BB when you were on hols? and was you Grust grust.fatralph and harlequin investor on the old-new newsfeed ect or is you screen thing anyone can buy just wondered??
    Or is every post on every thread with that logo down to you??

  778. Heart of Gold - Nob of Butter

    The Manderfield baby must be this karma thing that people rattle on about on here!

  779. Heart of Gold - Nob of Butter

    Erica Broughton is a sick woman but everybody ridicules her – age is the only difference between her and the baby!

  780. Anonymous


    IFA / Agent Meeting

    Harlequin are meeting agents / IFA’s on Thursday. We hope that Harlequin spell out the need for agents / IFAs to take responsibility for their actions.

    It is inevitable that the “Rescue” element will be run alongside the “Redress” element. We cannot see any reason why an investor is not going to seek to obtain redress if it is available.

    Agents / IFA’s were paid very high commissions to sell Harlequin. There were many alternatives they could have chosen for peoples money (Prudential / Standard Life etc). However, they chose Harlequin and they are now stuck with the responsibility of the advice.

    Our message is that anyone who has advised properly (whether regulated or unregulated) has nothing to fear.

    IFA / Agent who are investors

    With an investor hat on, it makes sense to consider the Investor Trust / Restructure as an alternative to liquidation.

    However, for any IFA / Agent, this process will kick off the parallel “Redress” projects. Therefore, it creates an obvious conflict of interests.

    The other worrying issue is that some agents / IFA’s are still insisting on calling the current Harlequin position a “blip”. Many investors are being sheltered reality by agents / IFA’s who are either hiding the truth or living in cloud cuckoo land.

    We are pressing Harlequin to ensure that all investors are invited to consider the Investor Trust proposals.

    It would be an irony if the thing that defeated investors in liquidation was the very agents / IFA’s who sold it.


    Keep booking on. We are mindful that we may need bigger venues shortly. We will publish venues by the close of this week.


    Having had the Brazil meeting today (although admittedly a smaller group) we feel that we have a pretty good handle of the issues which will be raised at the Investor Meetings. We are working hard on the issues we did not expect to include them in our presentations.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  781. You reap what you sow.............

    So the IFA’s are being thrown to the dogs for the greater good, absolutely brilliant.

  782. Karma is coming after you

    Told you all so.

    Taylormade, HMSSE, Matt Ames, IFA’s, ……………. more to follow…..just take a little more time.

  783. Whats the fuss

    I know Erica is some things but even she isn’t that low.

  784. TS

    Believe me she is, and her fat cow daughter is the same.

  785. Fatchett does not represent me.

    My my TS why so much hatred for them? What have they done to you?

  786. TS

    Try the baby comment sick fucking freak

  787. Fatchett does not represent me.

    You had a go at them before that comment? Care to answer the question properly. What if it wasn’t Erica or her daughter?

  788. Sid

    I’d also like to point out that it seems obvious that FDNRM has an imposter. I don’t believe any of his recent comments have come from him, especially the comment to TS about her baby. It’s all very tasteless.

  789. Anonymous

    This all seems like a fairly transparent and cynical attempt to stymie, or jam, discussion or dissent on this board.– why that might be, one can only wonder.

    What is very clear to me at least, is the abuse heaped upon any of those who have spoken up, and the manner in which it is issued, is a fairly stinging indictment of those involved with this company and its values.

    To discuss this Broughton woman as “dangerous” is ridiculous and some of the strangely superior, and prejudicial comments about “northerners” are contemptible.

    Onto more serious matters; I’m still confused how IFAs etc are now being chastised for doing the very thing that Harlequin relied on them to do in order to get them to this point (where would they be had those sales not been made?) The way that I understand it, the only reason that the advice is being alleged to be suspect is that the product is alleged to be suspect — if the claims that Harlequin have made had proved to be true, there would be no problems.

  790. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    It matters not; the IFA’s will get sued – Investors just want their money back and don’t give a red cent how they get it. That’s life, the World we live in.

    The poor devils that invested cash need HP to work, tough but true.

  791. Sid

    The reality is that going after the IFA’s is a genuine means of getting some investors their money back, whether the IFA is at fault or not. If this activity is successful it could take away a significant chunk of investors which could downsize the remaining number to a manageable size. And Ames will be all for it as he doesn’t have to do any of the work or foot the bill. It’s a win-win for him, though I’m sure he knows he’s solely responsible….deep down.

  792. Anonymous

    But that money doesn’t disappear — the creditor is just replaced.

    Any insurers involved, will merely mercilessly pursue the debt themselves surely?

  793. Sid

    I’m sure there’s a way to restructure the business so that there is no redress for the insurers. I have confidence in Fatchett.

  794. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, well spotted. I have been out all day and just got back. No doubt some of my stalkers will know that. Your comment about the baby is absolutely spot on. How sick some people on this forum are.

  795. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    By the time the insurance companies get moving, the redress claims will be paid out and the ‘assets’ of old HP moved to ‘a new co’. leaving the insurers suing a company with no value.

  796. Anonymous

    Such a course of action would be highly fraudulent, and if proved would be actionable — with potentially very serious consequences for those involved.

  797. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    If proved.
    Also, proving intent would be tricky.
    And if, they chase it, if, if , if.!!!!!!!!!!!

  798. Anonymous

    There would be some legal way round it – do I give a toss if i get the money back, no i don’t.

  799. Anonymous

    Taking £400 million is highly fraudulent, Irish builders nicking money is fraudulent, peoples saving have been lost, peoples pensions totally gone, many are ill because of this and you go on about it like some moral person. people have been used and abused because of this man. i dont trust anyone anymore.allways after something

  800. Anonymous

    I think it’s very naive to think it will just disappear — Ames didn’t forget the Irish builder after all, and that was for a fraction of the potential sums being discussed here.

    It’s not an issue of morality, it’s an issue of practicality.

    Investors have been generally under resourced in their pursuit of this matter through legal channels, insurers will not be — it seems likely to me that with such resources the “ifs” that the Mole talks about would swiftly become “whens.”

  801. Scapegoats

    The IFA’s / SIPP providers are going to be made the scapegoats.

    Look at Fatchett’s track record in the past. He’s very very dangerous in these circumstances. He knows that the only way to lessen the burden on Harlequin overall is to get rid of investors. Hence the mass claims. He will line up a formidable array of legal firepower to do this.

    Ames does not care. He is probably relieved that Fatchett has not purely focussed on taking Harlequin out.

    The Irish One should have retained RL and told him to go get Harlequin. That would have done the trick.

  802. The Gavel

    Anon 4:14pm

    You just don’t get it do you !

    The plan has been designed by very senior masons.

  803. Anonymous

    The 3 degrees! Lol

  804. Fatchett does not represent me.

    RL have now bared all anonymous posters from their site. Well done RL. How long before Lostmyhome/Worriedinvestor/API/ Ralph reappear on here? I give 24 hrs.

  805. Anonymous

    Bobbie you should be rejoicing! I thought anonymous posters
    were your BUGBEAR.

  806. Channel 5 9-10

    Channel 5 now – recognise anyone ?

  807. Anonymous

    Masonic corruption simple

  808. Squared Away

    Ames is a Freemason.
    Fatchett is a Freemason.
    Walton is a Freemason.
    Terry is a Freemason.

    Deal done to protect the brethren.

  809. Anonymous

    The Brits are so insular… Who cares about the Masons?
    What has HD done to Barbados and SVG?

  810. Anonymous

    The last few blog posters are idiots. Four hundred millions pounds
    sterling are missing ………..duh…..duh …… where is the money?

  811. The 3rd

    A Masonic trust would work

  812. The Gavel

    @The 3rd

    That is what investors are going to be offered except they don’t know it yet.

    So mote it be. W Bro Ames will be given a fresh start

  813. The Gavel

    Give all praise to the Worshipful Master, beloved by us all on the square ……

    Who’s pulling who’s strings ?

  814. Cable tow

    Walton has said he is on the level nothing wrong with that, Ames too. Mason are generaly good folk

  815. Cable tow

    ts got Masons involved its a done deal with the government, its already decided – whatever the outcome.

  816. Anonymous

    There has been some speculation on here that it is feasible to transfer all the worthwhile assets out of HP into a new entity leaving insurers to pursue a worthless company. It’s been noted that it would constitute a fraud and noted again that proving it would be something else. If such a transfer could be done – and it’s by no means certain it could – why hasn’t Mr A done that now, (or begun the process) leaving Investors to chase a shadow? Maybe he has?