Barbados military head thanks Ambassador from world’s largest slave camp operation


Ambassador Xu Hong Meets with Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force

(From Chinese Embassy in Barbados


On August 14, Chinese Ambassador Xu Hong met with Colonel Quintyne, Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF). They exchanged views on how to deepen bilateral relations with a focus on cooperation between Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Barbados Defence Force.

Colonel Quintyne extended his gratitude to the Chinese side for the technical support and personnel training provided to the BDF. He pointed out that in recent years, the military cooperation between Barbados and China developed smoothly with fruitful progress. He hoped to strengthen the cooperation and exchange between the two militaries thus deepening the friendship between Barbados and China.

Ambassador Xu spoke highly of the effort made by the BDF to promote bilateral military cooperation. He expressed the willingness to work together with Barbadian side to further widening the scope of military cooperation with the aim of raising bilateral relations to a new level.

And now for the counter story…

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  1. just want to know

    Barbados is becoming a dictatorship, when a person cannot express one’s
    opinion without being victimised. When an M. P. can suggest cracking heads & killing people with impunity, if people demonstrate against government policies. The People of China will teach our soldiers to kill their own people when they oppose anything by Government. Barbadians forget so quickly, when the last administration allowed the company of Four Seasons to bring in Chinese workers to work along with Barbadians there was such a cry by the then opposition, and now we are sleeping with the chinese, it just makes one realise what a deplorable government we have, no wonder no one want to invest in Barbados, & it’s not going to get better, it will be worse than it is today. When a minister can say no one cutting his salary, because he has bills to pay, & when a minister can go overseas and spent twice as much at taxpayers expense, tells a story by itself. China human rights are deplorable, but we are integrating. Amen