Barbados Inland Revenue fails to act on tax cheat information?

Barbados inland revenue

Stop the tax dodging – It killing We!

Contributed by anonymous BFP reader “W” *

As Barbadian citizens and tax payers we are always angry when others are not paying taxes when they should be. This information was brought to our attention over six months ago which we considered taking to the media but thought it was best to rightfully bring it to the attention of the Barbados tax office first. Information acquired has led to finding out that (company name removed by BFP) have been avoiding paying tax on cash payments for many years and continue to do so. They will take the first month’s rental from landlords as commission nearly always in cash and never declare it to the Inland Revenue. The cash figures in question are huge and when you consider this has been going on for many years without being declared it has made a number of us very angry.

What has made it worse is the fact this has been brought to the attention of Barbados tax office on 8th March for the attention of Mr Anderson Padmore who quite frankly seems to be not taking the matter seriously enough. Written evidence has been submitted to the tax office in the form of dates, landlords & addresses of the various rental contracts along with some detail of which ones were undeclared cash payments and still nothing has been done about it.

The fact that the owner of (company name removed by BFP) is part of the (charitable agency name removed by BFP) team makes it even more disturbing. We have no doubt that the accusation will be denied by them but it seems to us that there is more than enough evidence to investigate and prosecute. This company obviously thinks that they are above the law in this country and they need reminding in the firmest possible way that they are bound by the law along with the rest of us.

* A word from BFP’s editor: Just remember folks… anonymous information isn’t to be trusted without some independent thinking and research. Take it with a grain of salt, and then let’s talk! Our readers are often able to substantiate or disprove stories. Let’s see what our readers come up with for this story.



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3 responses to “Barbados Inland Revenue fails to act on tax cheat information?


    This information is not new , The point is that business is given the keys on how to avoid the taxes. Just say our business fail and walk off. Books show no gains so there is no taxes. Reopen under a different Company Name.Start over to avoid the taxes and keep going ,
    Many rentals by lawyers Sirs and others no taxes on what is not reported nor paid.

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  3. Anonymous

    This is an unbelievable set of double standards here by BFP. The original email sent to BFP specifically named the real estate agents in Barbados accused of tax evasion (obvious who it is) yet they chose not to name them. They even named the tax officer but not the company. However they name Harris Paints openly and freely. What is going on? BFP tell me why you chose to choose this approach please