BFP’s George: “I could just kiss Mac Fingall, but he wouldn’t like it – as cute as he is.”

Mac Fingall Queer Barbados

“THE WORLD IS NOW embroiled in discussion on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. It is a discussion that should be of concern to everyone for if allowed to dominate it could spell the end of mankind.”

Mac Fingall in The Nation article Abnormal behaviour

Gay Love and Hate in Barbados

by George (with Cliverton)

Mac Fingall says that mankind will end because of gay love. Mac and I don’t agree about that, although I do agree that he has a right to say whatever he wants to. If Mac wants to talk ’nuff foolishness an climb de tree higher so his bare bum show more, he should climb higher.

I could kiss Mac because his seriously foolish talk makes people re-think their attitudes and words of hate towards gays and lesbians. (Also I could kiss Mac because he is cute – maybe even a handsome devil. I mean, look at that smile!)

When people really think about what Mac is saying, and then seriously think about their own attitudes, I believe that people can and do change their minds. Mac’s newspaper column forced people to consider why they hate gays.

More and more people these days are coming to the realization that gays are not a threat to society: they are just people. Mac doesn’t like that people are re-considering their attitudes to gays and lesbians so he wrote a newspaper column. The attempts like Mac’s to dehumanize or stigmatize fellow human beings for the way they are is no different than when there were ‘coloured’ and ‘white’ washrooms.

God made Mac one way. God made other people another way. Mac says God made me wrong. According to Mac, God made me imperfect and abnormal.

Tell that to God, Mac. Tell that to God.

Mac… You want to know what happens when people don’t view gays as real human beings?

This happens:

Jamaica: Cross dressing teen killed by mob

Posted by NEWSROOM on 22/07/2013 at 7:42pm

A teenager was set upon by a mob and killed at a party in St. James overnight.

Reports are that between a 10:00 p-m and 3:00 this morning (July 22), there was river party being held in the Irwin community.

It’s reported that the 17-year-old was dressed as a female and was dancing with a male, when a woman at the party recognised him and told other patrons that he was not a female, but a male.

It’s understood that one of the men at the party, held on to the teen, searched him and discovered that he was in fact, male.

Some of the patrons reportedly set up on the teen, and chopped and stabbed him to death.

His body was then dumped in bushes along the Orange Main Road.

Police discovered the body about 5:00 this morning.

The police have said they will be increasing their presence in the Irwin community, as two brothers were also murdered there just over a week ago.

Reprinted from IRIEfm Radio Jamaica


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21 responses to “BFP’s George: “I could just kiss Mac Fingall, but he wouldn’t like it – as cute as he is.”

  1. Wrong! Homosexuality is one of NATURE’S way of regulating population growth. There are way too many humans on this planet and is not sustainable. Humans are protecting life and reducing death more and more – this will end in disaster, mark my words.

  2. 231

    Gays are not a threat to our society. The real threat to our society is the subtle “threat” from the gay community that anyone who does not condone the gay lifestyle is being discriminatory in their beliefs.
    There is a dangerous intolerance that now seems to suggest that it is backward to hold to hold firm to one’s heterosexuality.
    While I will admit that Mac’s column could have done with some more work in terms of its factual content, I did not see any call to harm anyone from the gay community. I dare say that your interpretation of his column to that degree is disingenuous at best.

  3. Robert Ross

    I have not read the Fingall article. But if what I have read of it is accurate it is a very silly piece written by a not-too-bright commentator with no expertise in anything very much – like so many Nation columnists. Dr Charles has more than adequately answered him in the Nation’s columns in a piece which is remarkably measured.

    I do not understand Anon’s remarks that gays are threatening the heterosexuality of the rest of us. The discrimination point is really not about ‘threats’. It is about a man’s right to be treated fairly and equally irrespective of his sexual orientation.

  4. anonnn

    You can thank religions and ancient tomes
    for most human stupidity

  5. Comment

    @Robert Ross. What is there not to understand? We live in a society where very often most people think one thing to themselves and say another publicly just to fit in with the status quo or to try not to offend. I don’t subscribe to such hypocrisy.
    I am merely saying that very often in Barbados now, anyone who dares to say they do not agree with the gay lifestyle is labeled as a discriminator. I do not wish harm on any gay person and I believe that anyone who assaults any person, gay or straight, should feel the full weight of the law.
    What I have a problem with, however, is the rampant suggestion now from gay organisations that anyone who does not agree with the gay lifestyle is backward or living in the dark ages.
    Just as a gay person is entitled to their view that their lifestyle is the right way, I am entitled to my view that I think it is the wrong way.
    In holding my view, however, I respect the gay person’s view but all too often those in the gay community are not tolerant or respectful of the other view.
    This is why I am always offended, as a Black man, when members of the gay community seek to equate their struggle with that of Black people during the civil rights movement.
    I see absolutely no parallel and take offence to any suggestion that the colour of skin I was born with can be equated to a sexual lifestyle.
    I pray that the political directorate in Barbados continues to exercise good common sense on this issue, because as far as I’m aware Barbados does not have any “anti-gay” laws.
    There are those who would want to hold up our buggery law as being anti-gay but that law was designed to mainly protect our vulnerable children from serious harm. It does not prohibit gay people from engaging in their activities in the privacy of their homes.
    Aside from that law there is nothing discriminatory within Barbados’ constitution that speaks to the gay lifestyle.
    I’m all for live and let live but we must be careful not to go overboard in responding to this push for “gay rights”.
    To the gay couples I say live together if you wish – the hypocritical Bajans will gawk and stare but the majority of us will except that there are gay people in our midst and life goes on.
    However, do not expect the Barbados Government to change its laws to sanction the gay lifestyle.
    This is not a free-for all society. A moral line must be drawn in the sand and that moral line has to be an absolute no against state sanctioned gay marriage.

  6. Robert Ross

    Comment or Anon or whoever

    Your legal history and law are, with respect, wide of the mark.

    The analogy between colour and race and sexual orientation are well understood and accepted internationally.

    For a gay person to say ‘you live in the dark ages’ is fair comment. Look at the garbage which is written of them by some Neanderthals in the Free Underground Presses.

    Since you equate gay marriage with immorality, your own expressed position is at best incoherent, hypocritical and mincing and at worst covertly discriminatory.

  7. Robert Ross

    Actually …who ARE you…..

    1. Anon…..or

    2. 231…or

    3. Comment?

    Or simply a construct to keep the debate going?

  8. Anonymous

    @Robert Ross. 231 and Comment were both submitted by me but at different times and different locations, hence the automatically generated tag. I did not assign a name on either occasion, so what you see was automatically generated by BFP. I don’t need to split personalities to make a point or to keep a debate going.

    My legal history and knowledge of law are very much sound. Given what I do and have been doing for almost two decades, I believe I am in a position to say that.

    That notwithstanding, I challenge you to show me where it is “internationally accepted and understood” that sexuality and colour/race are analagous.

    In a world where someone is a gay man (or a lesbian) today and straight tomorrow or vice versa, that alone challenges the nature argument.

    As long as there are people who “choose” to be gay (and I challenge you to say otherwise) the suggestion that it can be equated to one’s race is utter nonsense.
    I didn’t “choose” to be a Black man. I was born that way. No amount of bleaches or creams will ever change the fact that I am a Black man.

    Alternatively, someone can be hurt in a relationship by one gender or another one too many times and “choose” to lead a different sexual lifestyle because of their failure with the opposite sex. I have heard countless such stories before and it is something that continues to happen today.

    Are there people who are born with genetic conflicts in terms of gender? Of course there are – they are the only ones who don’t have a choice.

    As a father I have a responsibility to let my child know when something is not right from a moral and spiritual standpoint and I will continue to do so.

    Whether you want to hear it or not, same sex couples cannot contribute to continued procreation on this earth so I take exception to anyone who would want to try to make me think I am backward by thinking that it is normal.

    So yes I do equate gay marriage with immorality and you can call it ioncoherent or ignorant or whatever you wish. I will not be brow beaten into thinking that my view is inferior to yours or anyone else’s. That is the beauty of how a democracy operates. Respect my view and I will respect yours but we do not need to agree. It is my view and I stand by it so there is no hypocrisy involved.

    I hate the sin but not the sinner.
    Do I know gay people? Yes, of course. Do I consider some of them friends? Yes, of course.
    Do I love them as human beings? Yes, of course.
    Do I agree with what they do? No, of course not.

    Pray tell Robert Ross, where is the hypocrisy in that?

  9. Robert Ross

    Sorry…everything you write smacks of hypocrisy. Oh you love them in one breath but you detest them in another. As for the rest…well for one thing I aint gonna swap years or credentials with you. The shock to your system would be too great I’m afraid.

    No-one, certainly not me, is trying to browbeat you. You’re sounding not just a little paranoid not only about your sexual orientation but also your colour. You are entitled to express freely in this forum what I regard as your antediluvian opinions protected by your anonymity in its various forms. I am entitled to express views which you would regard as corrupt, immoral and, I suppose, unchristian. For all that the stars will still remain in their courses and the tides of progress will continue to fill the estuaries, rivers and little streams of the world. But don’t worry – your ego is safe.

  10. Zobra Parson

    What is even more shocking than the crass ignorance displayed in this article by Mac Fingall is the fact that once upon a time, he used to teach our children. It is no wonder that Barbados continues to wallow in homophobia.

  11. Anonymous

    @Robert Ross. This will be my last comment on this thread, lest I again be accused of keeping the debate going.

    You are practicing what is known as the intolerance of intolerance.
    I have not once accused you of being backward in your views or immoral – I for the most part have respected your views because you are entitled to them irrespective of how much I may disagree.
    You, on the other hand have continuously described my views as incoherent, hypocritical and discriminatory.

    In so doing you have essentially made my point for me, because you are fervently entrenched in your position that I should tolerate your view as “the way how it is” but somehow you are unable to tolerate mine.

    But fear not, I will continue to wallow in my antediluvian opinions and be unyielding in my position.
    My identity is irrelevant to this debate but I assure you that when the time is right I intend to speak publicly on this issue, and when I speak you will certainly be able to recognise my antediluvian babble.
    In the mean time you may carry on smartly walking in self righteousness that is, at best, ironically bereft of any semblance of tolerance.

    You cannot change my opinion on this issue any more than I can change yours and I humbly suggest that we agree to disagree and move on.

    As for those stars, tides and rivers to which you refer, let me briefly revert to my good old antediluvian mode as I remind you that one who made those things to function in that way, also designed human beings to function in a particular way as well.
    While free will gives us the ability to go against that way, trying to make it right through sophistry makes absolutely so sense.

    The sun rises and sets, the seasons come and go on cue, comets and asteroids pass this earth and none are projected to hit this planet any time within any of our lifetimes (that is scientific fact), but folks like you seem to believe this is all by chance.
    So in closing as I declare my hand as not just antediluvian in thinking but also a good old fashioned Bible thumping Christian (who happens to be an intellectual), let me assure you that my ego is never involved in any view that I hold.
    At the end of the day the Lord’s will be done.

  12. Robert Ross

    Oh dear…you do go on.

  13. Rastaman

    @Zobra Parson : And what is wrong with teaching children that gay is not normal>

  14. Zobra Parson

    The American Mental Health Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The American Association of Psychologists and their affiliates throughout the world do not consider Homosexuality an abnormal condition any more so than left handed people or people with green eyes. Approximately five percent of the world’s population is homosexual with an additional large number of people having bi-sexual tendencies of varying degrees. Homosexuality is observed throughout the animal kingdom, with some animals and birds pair-bonding for life. It is impossible to alter in any way one’s sexual orientation, and the number of people who are born gay is fairly constant throughout the countries of the world. One does not choose to be gay any more than one chooses to be straight. No amount of legislation or attempt at brain washing is going to alter these facts.
    The question, whether or not homosexuality is an abnormality, has been settled. The question now is whether or not homosexual couples should be accorded the same privileges as married heterosexuals in secular and religious unions. Many of the more progressive countries of the world have acceded to this mandate, and in time, all nations will follow suit, but Barbados is still listed among the Nations of the world where homosexual acts between consenting adults is considered, by Law, to be a felony, punishable by imprisonment.
    One will often hear, “…but de Bible say dat it is abomination!” This is true, but the Bible also says that eating shell fish is an abomination, and if you have children who are disobedient and unruly, they should be stoned to death. It also says that one can sell one’s daughters into slavery if one wishes to do so, and that slaves should obey their masters. The Bible says also that if a man discovers on his wedding night that his wife is not a virgin, she should be carried back to her father’s house and stoned to death on his door step. These and hundreds of other savage, barbaric and bizarre laws which can be found in the Bible were devised and recorded by ignorant Bronze age men who believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth, that diseases were caused by evil spirits and that the Earth is flat. We no longer live in those primitive times of superstition and ignorance, but remnants of mistaken concepts can and do remain with us for a very long time, even after the wise among us have grown to a better understanding of mankind and the Universe in which we live.
    It has been long established that the homophobic man is one who has discovered within himself feelings of bisexuality which fill him with so much rage that he directs it outwards, towards gay men, resulting in verbal and physical abuse. The stigma attached to homosexuality is very real and rampant in Barbados. The answer to this problem is better education of our youth, and the stripping away of fear and superstitions which surround the gay male. The Homosexual is not only the girly man with earrings and “konk” hair hanging around the clubs in Baxters Road and Nelson Street; he also can be your Doctor, your Bank Manager, your Attorney, the Government representative for your district, the outstanding Athlete on the playing field, the Policeman walking the beat, and sometimes, even your father.
    This is why children should not be taught that homosexuality is wrong.

  15. Jeremy Jordan

    Done be sa sure dat Fingall wun like de kiss, ya hear what I tellin ya?
    All a dem so does sneek up ya back steps at nite when na body en lookin, and be glad enuff when dah get what dah come for.

  16. gonetowork

    @ Zobra , So are you saying that we should teach our children from a young age that it is ok for man to lay with man, and woman with woman, or should we not try to teach what would be accepted as normal to the 95% of the worlds population, since you said 5% is homosexual.

  17. Zobra Parson

    Not all heterosexuals think that homosexuality is abnormal. Not even all homosexuals think that homosexuality is normal, as many have been conditioned into believing that their sexual orientation is unnatural, so the 95% figure which, I might add, includes a large proportion of bisexuals, does not apply.
    Statistics in the U.S.A. (one of the most religious countries of the world) indicate that only 52 % of the population think that homosexuality is abnormal. No teacher in the public education system in the U.S.A and many other countries would be allowed to teach students that homosexuality is wrong or abnormal. I am saying once again that we do not need teachers who tell our children that homosexuality is abnormal. We do not teach our children who to “lay” with; they eventually figure that out for themselves.

  18. Jeremy Jordan

    GONETOWORK does really mek me laugh ya know It look like de only reason dat he done have sex wid mens is because somebody teach him dat it is wrong to do so haahaaaaaaa

  19. Straight straight straight

    Who want to bull, let them bull! Who want to wick, let them wick! But stop trying to crucify people who think that playing in the mud ain’t right! Do your dirt and shut to hell up! And if wunna want to marry too, then marry! Do as you please but don’t try to engulf the world with your screwed-up lifestyle!

  20. Corey Jones

    @ Zobra Parson, your argument is flawed and contradictory at best.
    It exists on a supposition that homosexuality is perceived as “normal” by the majority, which it is not.
    Your rattling off of statistics based solely on the population of the United States, which is more diverse than most, cannot be applied to other countries with less diverse populations.
    I would go further and say that in the absence of any similar studies carried out in Barbados or the wider Caribbean region, your conclusions based on US statistics are unsafe.
    I cannot and will not teach my son and daughter that two men engaging in anal “sexual” activity is natural.
    I will instead teach my son or daughter that the anus is used exclusively for passing excrement. Without even getting into the Christian perspective, science in general and biology in particular, support that conclusion.
    I will also teach my son and daughter that in order for human life to continue, a man’s sperm must fertilise a woman’s egg. Without even getting into the Christian perspective, science in general and biology in particular, also support that conclusion.
    I will also teach my son and daughter that they should love all people, whether straight, homosexual or otherwise and that they should never seek to do them harm.
    However, I will never teach them to accept that such lifestyles are the norm.

  21. Zobra Parson

    My last article clearly states that a recent survey indicates that 52% of a population still believes that homosexuality is wrong, but Mr. Jones, in his excitement to refute my words, has not noticed this and declares that my argument is based on the supposition that homosexuality is perceived as normal by the majority. It would seem that the flaw and contradiction is in Mr. Jones’ perception. However, because a majority has a certain opinion does not mean that they are right.
    Sexual unions between two people are not always for the purpose of procreation, so the biology lesson is, “at best,” superfluous. I wonder when was the last time that Mr. Jones had sex, solely for the purpose of procreation.
    Mr. Jones is free to impart to his children all the misinformation that he chooses, but no amount of condemnation or hysterical kicking and screaming is going to make gay men straight or reduce their percentage in our community.
    All the professionals in the field of sexology have deemed homosexuality to be a normal variation in the area of sexuality.