Reader: Barbados Government makes subtle threats against people who speak out

barbados-lawsuit-question.jpgThe following comes to Barbados Free Press from an “anonymous” reader. We have not fact-checked the article. Anonymously authored pieces sometimes have deliberate errors and hidden agendas.

Readers are encouraged to check the facts out for themselves and discuss what they find in the comments section. Did the Minister of Education say what is alleged? Let’s have our readers check it out and report back. We’re happy to hear from the Minister or his staff too!

Read once, think twice.

Here it is…

No Confidence

by Anonymously Famous

In May of this year, a comment was made by the Minister of Education, in regards to a peaceful political meeting held by the opposition. The Minister stated that in the event of any rebellion against the Government, that they would need to “crack some heads and shoot some people.” I believe this was done to instill fear in the hearts and minds of the public.

Today, we find ourselves faced with a Government, whose main discourse with the people are lies and threats. In 2012, the Minister of Finance along with the Governor of the Central Bank, made it abundantly clear, that Barbados’ economy is stable, amidst the “Global Recession.” In seven to eight months down the road, we find the Governor retracting his statement with a plea to the people of Barbados.

I mentioned these incidents to state that they are several fundamental issues I personally face with this Government.  And I am aware that subtle threats are being made against anyone who dares speak out against the ruling party, but someone must take the mantle and risk a cracked head or a gunshot from the ruling Regime.

My main issue lies in the transparency, or lack thereof. In the 2013  – 2014 Budgetary Proposal, the Government has suggested several policies and plans they wish to implement in order to deal with the fiscal deficit, as well as generate foreign reserve for the country. Now we have a Government who has proposed to make a $35,000,000.00  dollar cut to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a $30,000,000.00 dollar cut to the Sanitation Department among many others. These cuts are to reduce the “four hundred million dollar deficit.”

My opinion based on figures I have gotten my hands on indicate that no such deficit can exist, however these cuts are being made in order to cover a 1.2 billion dollar increase in Appropriation Grants being allocated to Ministries and other offices.

In the comparison of the 2012 – 2013 Appropriation Grant with the current Grant, we see an increase in funding to The Ministry of Health from $76,080,292.00 to $258,945,232.00. This is an increase of $182,864,940.00. This is the same for many other Ministries.

Government’s Appropriation Grants

barbados budget click photo for full size!

The above table indicates a comparison increase of 1.2 billion dollars within the varying ministries. This does not indicate a decrease in “deficit”, but an increase in expenditure. Yet, Government has suggested a wage freeze, placed a halt on the hiring of Government employees, laying off of individuals and the merging of departments in order to lower the deficit. I may not be an Economist, however how can we decrease a deficit with such a major increase in expenditure?

Furthermore, how can we be making financial cuts in public, yet documents which are signed off indicate that they are placing more finances into these same said Ministries.

Not only is there an increase in expenditure between 2012 -2013 and 2013-2014, but the structure of the document has also changed. Where in the past there was a break down in how this money was to be spent, this is not the case now that we have the increase of 1.2 billion.

Several questions to the ruling party:

  • Why are cuts being made, when an increase in funding has been allocated via the Appropriation Act?
  • If there is indeed a deficit of $400,000,000.00 and another $300,000,000.00 in revenue missing, then how can we have an increase in grants allocated?
  • If cuts need to be made, then how are these granted funds being utilized by these sectors?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, this government seeks to silence any form of protest from the people, however, they cannot silence the protest in our hearts.

Anonymously Famous


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8 responses to “Reader: Barbados Government makes subtle threats against people who speak out


    Words lie , People lie Numbers dont lie , We are dealing with real crooks

  2. 196

    I have been asking myself, do we have 30 fools or 300.000 in this Country.
    We elected a Government that does not have a clue of what they are doing.
    We need to change them before they do any more damage to this Country.
    We have to do like the St.Lucians, down tools and send them packing.
    And one man has the guts to make threats on anyone who speaks out (the truth). Why must Politians only speak lies.
    We the peole must elect a Government that knows how to run a Country, then the turn around and ask for help from the Public Sector, who put the Country in this mess ?

  3. Magic

    The cuts were made differently than what everyone expected. If the expected additional cuts were now made the economy would be excelled into surplus. Barbados would then become an island of desire internationally, and the foreign investment will start to roll on in again.

    Perhaps the admin will read this. If they do, then they will know what they must do to bring real confidence back to Barbados.

    Imagine, Barbados in surplus, how it will be viewed internationally. “Small island bucks trend”.

  4. St George's Dragon

    Those numbers do not make sense. Ministry of Social care up from $2.5 m to $80 m?
    The draft estimates had 2013 – 2014 expenditure for this Ministry at $84.7 m.



  6. 196

    Dear Magic, for foriegn investers to come back, the Government got to change the attitude of the Imigration.
    I know of three people who have been trying to come in and set up a business and seeing hell with Imigration. Maybe their pockets are not deep enough?

  7. anonnn

    Cuts WHAT? 400 million was to be CUT. DOWN-SIZED.
    All we got was extra taxation.

    At least the VAT on hotel services got reduced, thereby making costs to visitors SLIGHTLY more attractive.
    The hotels themselves should now follow suit and reduce their base price by 5-10% as well.

  8. Magic

    Dear 196 magic fixes the problem, I have shown how. Unconcerned about fools who place extortion above their country, they are fools who have no care for you, but you are a bigger fool for letting them do it to you.

    The magic is showing Barbados how to fix the core problem the country has, but there is no magic in teaching you how to deal with the fools who are robbing you by robbing your customers. You already know what to do.