New St. Vincent and the Grenadines airport is a reality. What does it mean for Barbados?

Argyle International Airport 10April2011

Above: SVG Argyle Airport earlier in construction

When will Barbados Grantley Adams Airport receive Category One status?

2008 according to the government!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner - now selling!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner – now selling!

I make no apologies of staying with the subject of implementation or rather the lack of it this week, as I feel it remains the single biggest impediment in returning our tourism industry to viability and restoring previous levels of long stay visitor arrivals.

What prompted these latest thoughts was scanning through various media coverage quoting several named Government officials and politicians, who stated that by the end of the year Grantley Adams International Airport would receive Category One status. The trouble being is that the press articles referred to were printed in 2007.

Here we are six years later with the same proclamations being made in the same publications.

Of course, it’s not just the aviation issue but the much vaunted Tourism Master Plan, the restructuring or the Barbados Tourism Authority, an all-embracing Hotel Refurbishment Fund and so on and on.

According to the organisation charged with the responsibility of making the new St. Vincent and the Grenadines airport a reality, the International Airport Development Company (IADC),  ‘the new Argyle Airport is expected to come operational in 2014’. Here we are just months away from opening and I wonder what impact, especially financially, it will have on any plans there may be for our own airport (GAIA Inc.).

“How much longer can we go on watching the world, or in this case our regional competitors, pass us by?”

Already GAIA Inc. has been negatively effected with reduced passenger arrivals and the use of smaller aircraft into Barbados, resulting in diminishing revenue generation: not only directly but for it’s tenants, concessions and service providers. Direct flights into Argyle, a reduction of double-drop flights to our neighbours and a dramatic fall in available airline seats to Barbados will further detrimentally add to this.

By now I am sure those responsible for tourism in SVG will have gone into hyperdrive to see which airlines can be enticed to use the new airport. This will be partially determined by the category afforded to Argyle, but SVG’s  membership of the Organisation of Caribbean States (OECS) would appear to make this just a formality.

If, after inspection and certification, Category One status is granted, this could well open up new gateways into the United States.

My thoughts are that SVG will reach out to co-operate in the fullest extent with some of it’s neighbours, especially St. Lucia, to see how they can ‘smart partner’ to jointly build new routes and markets.

The final cost of the construction of the new airport is still being debated, but an amount of US$240 million has been mentioned frequently.

According to an excellent recent article that appeared in the Baltimore Post, the SVG Government is offering significant tax concessions and other benefits for investors to develop a number of sites throughout the thirty two Grenadines chain. These include Mount Wynne (a 400-acre site for a hotel and 18 hole golf course), Young Island (13-acre site for a 30 room boutique hotel), Saint Hilaire (45-acres) and Park Estate (600-acres) both on Bequia, Isle a Quarte (376-acres), Balliceaux (320-acres), Chatham Bay near Union Island (99-acres) and Frigate Island (16-acres).

Even in a recessionary period, greatly improved air access will heighten interest in any of these new developments and ones currently in progress, like Canouan; which includes a 150 berth yacht marina reportedly costing US$150 million alone.

How much longer can we go on watching the world, or in this case our regional competitors, pass us by?


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  1. BBaywatch

    Whilst your efforts to ginger up the BTA and government on all matters related to tourism are admirable, I do believe that you are over egging it in this piece.

    The headline is optimistic, contentious even, and the image illustrating the Argyle airport is not greatly different to those released by the Friends of Argyle on their FB page very recently. Examine the FB images carefully, does that look like an airport that will be functional in less than five months?

    The problem with tax concessions is that having borrowed massively to fund construction of the airport (I’ve seen estimates much higher than the figure that you quote) there is no budget for infrastructure improvements which will be needed if those areas are to be opened up to tourism development and hotels. With tax revenue gifted to the developers the largest potential source of income is negated, expecting the actual tourists to bear the burden through large departure tax payments is not the way to build a loyal customer base.

    Even the concept of large scale resort development must be questioned. With SVG in such a poor position regarding electricity generating capacity and the over reliance of new developments on a/c to make the hotel rooms as designed tenable, the environmental impact will be considerable – and SVG, especially The Tobago Cays, will be very vulnerable to climate change induced sea level rises.

    Regarding the sites mentioned, Mount Wynne has been ‘on sale’ for a very long time and the only reported interest was from Harlequin Property ( and we all know how well that is going at Buccament Bay!), Balliceaux is an inhospitable waterless rock that last featured as a destination when it was used for the virtual genocide of the Garifuna, Isle a Quatre (Oily Cat locally) would be a immensely expensive to develop with no power and dependent on water catchment. St Hilaire (aka Friendship Bay) has had numerous schemes proposed and a hotel built – it’s now derelict.

    Access to Chatham Bay is currently exceptionally difficult except by sea and Frigate Island suffers from the same problems of lack of power and water and coincidentally overlooks the remains of the derelict marina which was abandoned years ago.

    It would have made sense to concentrate development around a hub created by increasing the size of the existing international airport on Canouan, after all SVG largely markets itself on The Tobago Cays and they would be right on the doorstep. The Maldives, the much discussed alternative to Caribbean tourism, requires internal flights or water taxi’s to access nearly every hotel, so there is no reason to believe that such a plan would prove to be a disincentive.

    The main obstacle to building a sustainable growing tourism industry would appear to be local politics – which is where we came in – and in that I am in total agreement with you.

  2. I personally question whether argyle will ever be finished. I also agree with the reader who pointed out that surrounding/supporting infrastructure seems to be a challenge not taken into account.

    SVG has many years ahead of it before it becomes a contender in tourism.

  3. Say it as it is......

    I don’t think St Vincents has much to offer in the way of tourism, it’s a bit of a dump when all said and done, sounds a bit nasty but it is!

    Kingtown is positively scary…. no decent bars or restaurants…… not much to offer- don’t get me going about Buccement Bay………its a joke a bit like Ames and his son.

  4. Adrian Loveridge


    Thank you for your insightful comments. From all the indications I have been given, the airport developers are now talking about the latter half of 2014 to be operational. I share your concerns about the costs involved and the availability of investment capital for possible projects mentioned, but you only have to look at Canouan to see that it is still available. A quoted US$150 million for a 150 berth yacht marina, demonstrates that there is money out there.

  5. Yatinkiteasy

    This mad ego project of Dr Gonsalves will be another white elephant failed airport. There are several around the world . Why build something that expensive when there is no need for such a mammoth undertaking?generations of Vincentians will be paying for this. Also, there is not a lot of employment of locals on the project as most of them at Cubans and Venezuelans.
    This is the same madman now calling for a “ferry service” between the Islands. Why does he not get a good ferry service going between Canoaun
    To show dem other stupid Prime Ministers how its dome?

  6. barbarees

    Adrian is disappointed with your responses so far. He expected you to say that the stay over tourists will stop coming to Barbados. He is hopeless. Another week of sour grapes. He writes for the sake of writing . He is a lone voice crying in the wilderness. He is not man enough to admit that the budget presented by the Government of Barbados three days ago, has addressed many of the areas of tourism which the BHTA has been agitating for change in recent times. However the President of the BHTA expresses gratitude for Government’s assistance. The lazy south coast hoteliers who don’t plan to do anything for themselves will continue to complain in the hope that Government will give them open cheques to support their squandermania. Read the president”s response to the, August 15, 2013 – 10:41 AM

    The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has welcomed measures in the 2013 Budget aimed at assisting the tourism sector but says they must be implemented quickly to make a difference.

    In a statement issued yesterday, President Patricia Affonso-Dass said her association was “appreciative” of the measures outlined by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler on Tuesday, saying they “speak to many of the critical issues the association has been lobbying for, for some time”.

    In particular, she identified the new VAT rate of 7.5 per cent on accommodation in the hotel sector and direct tourism services; the initiative to return 1 000 rooms back into production, some of which will be under international brand name management; and the earmarking of an additional $100 million for marketing and promotional activities of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA).

    “Based on the present state of the industry, and in order to stem the current downward trend in arrivals and revenue, it is imperative that these measures move forward expeditiously and that all related regulations, modalities and definitions be confirmed in the shortest possible time,” Affonso-Dass said.

    Some of the other measures the BHTA welcomed were the reduction of bound rates – with the president saying the association looked forward to receiving a comprehensive list of additional items within the promised six-month period; and the $50 million Hotel Refurbishment Fund which is now ready to receive applications.

    The latter measure will be open to registered tourism accommodation establishments on favourable loan terms, with an offer of a special duty and tax waiver programme for businesses accessing the loan over the next 18 months.

    Affonso-Dass said while that was a start it remained to be seen whether the sum would be enough.

    “When considering the total number of hotels in need of refurbishment, there is question as to whether this quantum of funds will have the necessary impact to cause the needed turn around,” she said.

    In reference to the additional funding to the BTA, Affonso-Dass said it was important that a marketing and public relations plan, that could be immediately implemented and involved full measurement of all initiatives, be put into place.

    The BHTA president also welcomed Sinckler’s agreement to meet on a quarterly basis with the association and the Ministry of Tourism.

    “We will be using these meetings to monitor the progress of the initiatives listed in the budget and in the recently announced 10-point plan,” she said. (DP)

  7. Progress

    It’s very said to read these comments, these people who are writing these blogs. all you can hear coming from them is hate and jealousy, everyone of there comment are untrue & negative, Barbados in in a deep hole, and its keep getting bigger and bigger? Because of our incompetent leaders. SVG has Agriculture, and I believe when there international airport becomes operational, they will go very far with tourism! While Barbados keep sinking deeper and deeper, don’t forget 95% of there tourism come through Barbados, same as visitors and there citizen, have anyone of you ever travel through the beautiful Grenadines island to see all of there resorts. Jealous people know the facts before you start typing…

  8. Come again

    I agree with progress: all you can hear his hate & jealousy.Adrian Loveridge speak about the airport and the development about to happen, instead the haters say will let’s us go negative on all development, about to happen in SVG . Argyle international airport will be one of the futuristic in the Caribbean? With elevator, escalator, jet bridge and fully air condition throughout the building, and it will have it own generator .

  9. BBaywatch

    Adrian, the marina at Canouan is about the only part that makes any sense, but I still won’t hold my breath. Marina’s worldwide are dependent on housing development associated with the actual docks to break even before returning any profit. Coupled with the hotel under construction this has a chance to work – but let’s not forget how many owners the Canouan Resort has gone through to get to this stage, it’s been a development in progress for many years now. Of course it would have been much better if the airport on Canouan had been able to accommodate trans Atlantic flights as I previously suggested but …

  10. H

    The Blue Roof Terminals of Argyle
    will welcome you with great style.
    A paradise of wondrous scenes
    awaits you in the Grenadines.
    Resorts, hotels, guest houses too
    just take your pick, wide choice for you.
    Kind folks you’ll meet along the way
    Abundant smiles to greet each day.
    La Soufriere and parrots green
    on St Vincent can be seen,
    Blyth;s breadfruit tree within the park
    A scary bat cave, oh so dark
    The turtle sanctuary on Bequai
    Well worth the visit, so they say
    Humpback whales, dolphins at play
    will simply blow your mind away.
    The stunning beauty of Mystique
    our Princess Margaret found unique
    Take a trip o;er clear blue seas
    and swim with turtles in the cays
    The magic of the coral reef
    will quite amaze beyond belief.
    Mayreau, Union and Canoun
    Be sure to visit all of these soon.
    Tourists, Vinces, homesick loved ones too
    these Blue Roof Terminals here for you
    Let’s give thanks to those who did so toil
    to build Blue Roof Terminals on our soil.
    Soon non-stop flights to come on stream
    and Ralph Gonsalves fulfils the dream.

  11. gigsaw

    BBaywatch you sounding like this idiot call peter who has nothing good to say about SVG all because Ralph Gonsalve is Prime minister.This guy hate gonsalve so much that any body, orgonisations, groups or countries that associate with gonsalve is either foolish or maxist.All you mention about SVG is a damn lie.We have no problem with electricy generation in SVG and we have the capacity.Palm island and PSV are doing well in torism,they produce their own water and power,chatham bay has no problem with accesability,their is a raod that take you to chatham bay its not paved.If investers want to develop isle a quart, frigate island or Balliceaux they will put in their own water and power just as in Mustique canouan palm island PSV and in most of the caribbean island that experience water problems.And if we largly market ourself on the tobago cays its ours,Barbados and St Lucia market the to bago cays sa theirs,so what th F###k if we who owns the cays do it.You are such a f###King C##t hole.BBwatch where you see obstacle
    s other see oppertunities.the marina in canouan will have its own villas you asshole.And Say it as it is… i hope you dont ever have to come in the dump to look for a job.Argyle air port will finish and all the development airmarked for SVG will materialised.I personal dont like mass tourism but SVG will rise in tourism.

  12. gigsaw

    Argyle airport is nearing completion, we have the funds to finish it, and it will finish.And when it is finish the airport in arnos vale will be decommission and the area will be develop into a new city.Heavy wquiptment and plants from the airport construction wil be used to repair and construct news roads

  13. barbarees

    Peter has a brother in Barbados by the name of Adrian.

  14. I’m convinced more than ever that the governments of these small Caribbean states have more pride than commonsense. We should be cooperating with each other; after all, we are competing for a small piece of the same pie, and that pie is shrinking faster and faster!

  15. Jordan

    The article is provocative but I am glad for the discussion. Comparisons in tourism are very difficult . We should be happy that St. Vincent is seeking to maximize their tourism product . Barbados need to refocus on where theirs is going as a matter of urgency.

    Build it and they will come isn’t guaranteed. Tourist alone will not be able to sustain that airport . Will SVG operate two airports ? Tobago is also way ahead of SVG in terms of tourist product.

    SVG success is not dependent on Barbados failure or vice versa . I wish them the best.

  16. Urlan Alexander

    I have no query with anyone’s view point. It is their point of view and the blog encourages us to write what we think. As a Vincentian I am fully supportive of the Argyle International Airport. Like many of my colleagues I do not see the airport as the answer to all of our economic problems. At this moment millions of dollars have to be borrowed to complete the airport. All others sectors of the economy has been short changed just for Argyle to be funded. nothing is being done in the mean time to prepare the country to benefit from Argyle. I am one who believes that in SVG we must do more to attract the tourists. With the lack of Direct Foreign Investment we could be in some trouble later on down the road.

    Our main foreign revenue earner use to be the proceeds from banana exports. Some might say tourism but the fact that a lot of the tourist dollar is repatriated, banana is it. The demise of the banana industry and the economic woes brought on by mismanagement of the economy and other exogenous factors have created many uncertainties to the way forward. The recent proposal by a US senator calling for sanctions on member countries of ALBA is not good news for us. So while I welcome Argyle, whenever it may come on stream I am aware not to be too ecstatic and blinded in my support for the airport. We have to plenty on the local front to make Argyle to be at least breakeven.

    Emotionalism in support of the airport is understandable due mainly in part to you ‘bajans’ shabby treatment of vincies in transit. The LIAT problems will not go away either with the advent of the Argyle International Airport as many of us seems to think. I look forward to the future with baited breadth and open expectations.

  17. A webb

    Wow! Look at some of the negative comment from who I believe to be mostly Bajans, They speak as do they know all the facts, one even states they that airport is being build by relying on borrowing, so fare from they fact they are. Another say It will be a white elephant, If it is not a prick in your eyes, why are you worrying that it be a white elephant as your stated. Another person cry, ” SVG largely markets itself on The Tobago Cays”. So the question to that person, Who do the Tobago cays belong to? and who have the right to market it? One thing I do know the Tobago Cays and the other Grenadines island is part of and belong to St. Vincent, thou the the St. Vincent and the Grenadines and we have all right to market our won. As for you negative bajans. You get rich off of us by marketing the Grenadines that do not belong to you. When we make connection at your airport to connect to international flights, or to connect to liat, you abuse some of us. So now it prick your heart that we are getting our own. if it a white elephant as your state be thankful it not your white elephant. It ours and we still be proud to have it. But know this for sure Bajans, it will not be a white elephant as you wish and keep your all curse of my blessed country because you can not keep us down as some of you may wish..

  18. Anonymous

    Lol… I’m just laughing at the lofty yet ignorant views of some of these Bajans. There are so much to laugh about. 1. Your days of milking money out of passengers to and from SVG are numbered. 2. SVG has energy potential that bajans can only dream/or read about. 3. Barbados as a tourism product is basically spent ‘flat’. SVG has all that Barbados has and ‘mountains’ more. I can go on but ill just mention that it would be wise to read the article again seriously and start thinking about the survival of your tourism industry and possibly your economy. We’ll handle ours.

  19. NicoleCharles

    Watch and see that the Argyle International put SVG on the world map. Not long before it come a reality. I am proud of my prime minister Gonsalves and his team for his bold step to take my country into the future. Barbados is time to share the tourism, you had it all to yourself don’t be selfish and proud we need to work together even more now.

  20. Gaubin

    I’ts very interesting to read these comments made, as far as im concerned. St vincent is one of the few Carribean island that has not reached its true potential and has so much to offer. Tourist are not only looking for sun and sand anymore they are eco-tourism flora and fauna are just oe of the few that people are now more than ever happy to explore.Barbados just didn’t develop over night, investors saw potential in the island and decided to invest .There aren’t much more to invest in the island because they are now outsource. Lets look to the future of St.Vincent and pray whith soon to be easy acess to the island, we will one day draw if not the same investors but many more who not only saw what they saw while visiting Barbados but much more that the Gem of the Antillies have to offer. I do believe that the people of the island will pull together what ever money they are sitting on and invest it, if they know that they will get back or make more money in retun.I’m not going to complain about the way we are treated while in transit. Barbadians treat not only Vincentians unfairly but all other small islanders who they think that they can look down on. Don’t forget that it was Trinidad who help you while you were struggling many years ago and if it means that we the people of St.Vincent are going to ask for help i think that now is the time to do it. Their is a saying If not now then when,,,, lets bond together as one Caribbean people and make this happen

  21. Anonymous

    See many persons are scared of SVG finally coming onto the world stage. An international airport was promised many years ago now it’s coming persons feel threatened. We in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were always happy for the developments taking place around us in our neighboring countries. We have even allowed the marketing of the Grenadines as part of Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada and even Martinique. The Argyle Airport will be completed and it will certainly make a difference to travel first of all for Vincentians, visitors, foreign direct investment, trade, the export of our Agricultural produce among others.

  22. Great Patriot

    SVG cannot move forward at the pace needed for economic growth if we do not get this International Airport. SVG is a difficult country to get to; but yet people take the hassle to come relax in true tranquility. We have the right product stay-over visitors are looking for, and we remain truly the best kept secret. We don’t show up on the radar because whomever takes the plunge to come here don’t want to go back and blab about it and spoil the fun next time when the islands become over run like St. Lawrence Gap; it’s like you never left England!!.

    In time, things will pick up and in by 2020 Barbados will be like an old prostitute; SVG will be the new girl on the block. We have 32 to offer; they all have 1 each…….No longer will you call our Grenadines your own….

    The proposed projects are not an impossibility, they fall victim to the chicken and egg saga. We cannot wait, we have to do this now whatever the sacrifice. If one does take one for the team, the rest of us can’t go free.

    Finally, this is a matter of national pride and a cost concern. I am personally fed-up of the extra $300 US I have to pay to in-transit through Barbados only to have Customs Officers and Airline Staff treat Vincentians with disdain and disrespect.

    Bajans are in panic mode…….and Vincentians look out for heightened harassment!!!!!

  23. Megabyte

    these comments are truly interesting.. I must say this while everybody fight about tourist product we have more than just that. Yes it is true our visitors love what we have to offer so much they would spend over 5hrs and $300 dollars more just to get to our shore where is the convenience in that? Its the same way parents in the USA would camp outside in the cold just to line up early for hrs before stores open to get that special gift for their child its a must have.

    A white elephant is a not a common site i must admit but nevertheless we in SVG not dependent on tourism like bajans, we never in the past and well never be. Our soil is the best in this region. We are a people proud of our lands that we farm and our airport will indeed help to propel our agricultural sector far beyond what most can imagine. I love Barbados but i don’t take connecting flights there because they think they can treat vincentian like bugs not even dogs.

    Take a good look around the world, tourist (international and regional) have seen it all and its time for something new. Bajans will still enjoy visitors to their shores but very little vincentian traffic. (the stone the builder refuse shall be the corner stone).

    Maybe just maybe if we were treated like the first class citizens we are we would have just extended our strip at Arnos Vale and still come to Barbados but guess what that didn’t happen so we out.

  24. Anonymous


  25. Wayne

    Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! I am astounded with some of the negative remarks by some of our Bajan colleagues!! Let me address a few things here.

    When I mention St. Vincent to some Canadians here in Toronto, they asked: “where is that”? My response is that it’s a tiny island, with a group of other tiny islands (32 Grenadine islands), which is still undiscovered, unspoilt, yet known for a very long time by the rich and famous, who want to keep it as their personal treasure.

    But it’s time for the world to know about us, and that’s the purpose of the international airport project. I heard some people argue sustainability and how we don’t have sufficient foreign direct investment flowing towards our country. Mark my words; the international airport is just the start to a booming Vincentian economy. Look at the strategic location of the airport; it’s proximity to vast amounts of land and water. Oh (don’t quote me on this), but I heard from a relative that the Kingstown will be expanded into Arnos Vale!!! So for those of you who consider it a dump, business people see potential, potential, potential!!!

    And one thing our PM should be credited for is his commitment towards education!! There are many vincies like myself all around the globe pursuing tertiary education. Can’t you see our PM has prepared us for the future of our blessed island. You will start to see a rise in entrepreneurship coupled with increased FDI (Foreign DIrect Investment), which will move out country forward. Nothing against you Bajans!! But we have waited our turn, and tourists like things that are new!!! Cheers!!!

  26. doll

    I guest bajans will be in transit at AIA from JFK since AA drop the route. Weeeeee. LoL.

  27. In response to Doll: Anybody who “guest” Bajans will be in transit at AIA from JFK can’t be taken seriously! I’ve seen many white elephants in the Caribbean. Let’s hope for the sake of the people in St. Vincent who know proper English that the world economy improves and people can travel again. Surely they would want to come to this magical island that has everything that Barbados has not, including a spanking new airport the likes of which has never been seen before!

  28. doll

    Someone a little irritated. I had my things stolen out of my luggage on my way to SVG while waiting for hours. I have seen what the caribbean has to offer and will take SVG, Puerto Rico or DR any day. Not all tourist looking for sun and surf only. In my opinion Barbados and places like Aruba are overpriced. This is the reason why places like Cuba and DR are popular. People are travelling more to Asia looking for more than sun and surf.

  29. As a vincy i join with my brothers and sisters to congratulate Dr Ralph Gonsalves,who against all odds has had the stamina to show the impossible
    Has come to pass.


  30. vincy patriot

    Those negative Bajans knocked their head. For them to be talking such nonsence. Barbados every built an airport? No. Am aware Grantley Adams International Airport was a gift from the US government. Now is our time to rise to show the world what we capable of. Evevy, jealousy an bad mind can’t stop us. We are building the most modern state of art terminal building you’ ll find anywhere in the region. Vincentian expertise in the name of Dr. Rudy Mattias, head of th IADC. Our hard working government headed by Dr.Gonsalves for doing a marvelous job. Tell the world we are open for business. Lush mountains beautiful falls, lovely rain forest and our gorgeous sailing waters. And many more to offer does this sounds like a dead place? Stop using our Grenadines as if it belong to you. Its not. Is ours. Look at our houses the best one can find just about anywhere in the world. Best fresh water and soil too. Can’t you see we are a blessed nation.

  31. It is sad that we continue to fight against each other. Comments like the above is indicative of the lack of respect and unity black people have towards each other. That why we as black people do not prosper. The hate campaign runs through. The negative energy given to hate is a waste of time. Why not be happy for our successes instead of pettiness. Bajahs you need to reflect on your treatment of the people who pay their hard earned money only to be treated like lepers, disrespected in addition to having their duty free goods taken/stolen. I refused to return to St Vincent if I had to travel through Barbados I know many like myself! That is why I give God thanks that we will not have to suffer anymore. The old people say every dog has its day. By the way St Vincent is a priceless gem.

  32. Hip Hip Horray, we are a blessed people and it is time for us to rise up and act as such. For too long Vincentians have been treated with little or no respect by those Bajans. Now it is our time to rise and sore like the Eagle we are.This New Internationa Airport show that we are now in business with the world. It is a fine state of the Art designed building, the best in the caribbean. Thanks to Almighty God for seeing us through and of course our faith will see us through. Thanks to the Government and all who supported this worthwhile venture, you will never regret you did. To all our haters ” It’s not only the good things you do that matters, but the good things you say”. Thank God we never lost our way we only missed the cross road at times. To God be the glory great thingd He hast done. And by the way I am very proud to say that I worked with the Company that constructed the Terminal Building, something to tell my children and grand children one day.

  33. Argyle International Airport which is being built over a 290 acre (117ha) site, will include a terminal building, an Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower, a runway, three aprons, and other infrastructure.

    The airport will feature a 2,743m (9,000ft) long and 45m (148ft) wide paved runway.