Barbados Cruise Ship tourist wants to know about day-use hotel rooms…


Dear Barbados Free Press,

How do we find out if any of the hotels in Barbados welcome the one day cruiser to visit and use their facilities and what the charge would be?

We were lucky enough to stay in Barbados for a week a few years ago and are visiting for one day via a cruise ship.  We want to be able to take a taxi to a hotel/motel/resort to sit by a beautiful beach where restroom facilities are accessible along with being able to purchase drinks and food.

Mary Blaine


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9 responses to “Barbados Cruise Ship tourist wants to know about day-use hotel rooms…

  1. susan

    While not a hotel, at Dover Beach I think Charles water sports has a number of chairs available for cruise ship passengers. There are showers there and some small bars. I don’t know about bathroom facilities. We stay at Southern Palms each year and we see those chairs fill up most days.

  2. Pat Harris

    By the time the tourists get to the hotel it will be time for them to get back on the ship as everything is done at a slow pace in the Islands.

  3. Tyrone

    Why do people make such dribble regarding events and things about, the islands. A cruise liner usually arrives in any of the islands between 6 and 7 am. The clearance by officials takes place which allows passengers to disembark the vessel to go on any activities planned or desired. Ships generally depart in the evenings around 6pm.this should surely give any passenger enough time to enjoy a day’s activity and return to their ship in time.

  4. Pat Harris

    Cruise ships come to the island to visit and shop and take a tour of the island, not to lie on the beach all day.

  5. barbarees

    @Mary Blaine

    Welcome to Barbados anytime you have the money and time at your disposal. Cruise ship visits are different from long stay visits. I don’t know through which cruise line you have booked your cruise but all of them have shore excursions . The cruise line determines where the passengers go if you use their chartered transportation. If you decide to use one of the available taxis at the seaport to go on your independent excursion, the driver will take you wherever you want to go at a price which you can negotiate. My advice to you is to travel in a group where it would be less expensive on the pocket per individual. This is the norm wherever you cruise worldwide and want to use different transportation from the one offered by the cruise line. Barbados is a small island. If you want to walk to a beach, sunbathe and have a few drinks, make your way through the seaport gate and ask any of the friendly people you see on the street how to get to the beaches on Bay Street. If you disembark from the ship at 9 o”clock, you can get there by 9,20 with a brisk walk. However if stop on your way taking a photo-shot or two, you will reach your destination at 9.35. There are two hotels on Bay Street both of which would accommodate you and your group for the length of time that you have on shore but be prepared to pay hotel fees. On the other hand , you can purchase your drinks from the supermarket obliquely opposite the Cheapside Fish Market and walk with them to Brown”s Beach on Bay Street. I don”t remember the name of the supermarket but any friendly Barbadian , including the guards at the seaport gate, will direct you to the location of the fish market and on reaching there, just cross the road on the pedestrian crossing and you will see the supermarket ready to serve you. You can get the local Banks beer at 4 bottles for 5 U.S dollars. It has won its fifth gold medal from the internationally recognised Monde Seléction, theBelgium-based International Institute for Quality Beer Selections. Local brands of rum and the imported stuff like whisky, gin, vodka and brandy are also on sale at the super market. If for some reason or the other you can’t foot it to Bay Street, you can hire one of the taxis available at the seaport to take you there. Spread your cruise line beach towels on the golden sand and have an enjoyable Bajan break away from the ship. The cruise line will tell you when to return to the ship. I would suggest you leave the beach an hour before that time and walk back to the ship.

  6. barbarees

    @ Mary Blaine
    I forgot to inform you that there are beautiful restrooms and fresh water bath facilities available at Brown”s Beach. Have a wonderful day in Barbados and recommend the island to whomever you meet / talk.

  7. Jon B

    How about this? I have heard of people getting day passes to hotels. I did it once in the Bahamas. needed to get some work done and sat by the hotel pool and used wifi. Cost of pass included lunch / beverage voucher. We still got out and wandered around town but it was good to get online to take care of work.

  8. NEB

    Tiki Bar on Accra Beach. Great cocktail menu along with all the traditional island beverages. Beach chairs are free (well, they are USD5 each and full cost is redemmable at the bar). Menu is quite good with a mix of local and international dishes. Bathroom and shower facilities for customers. Friendly staff Ask for Greg or Justin who are the owners. They will take good care of you.

  9. NEB

    Forgot to mention. You can find their facebook page online and see facilities beach and what entertainment may be going on during specific days.