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Request for assistance in solving murder of Father Charles Brown

Father Charles Brown Jamaica MurderDear People of Jamaica

We are the family of Father Charles Brown, lovingly known to many as ‘Uncle Charles’.

On the 24th July the senseless murder and loss of our beloved brother, uncle and servant of God, Father Charles Brown has sent ripples of pain and heartache across oceans and continents.

To us ‘Uncle Charles’ was a vibrant and funny man, he really loved a good joke, very understanding and adored animals, he devoted his life to the service of others, often sacrificing his own needs.

Uncle Charles was known to go without food or sleep in order to provide support and comfort to families in grief, to be a character witness for those facing the courts or to joyfully perform the baptism of a baby, welcoming them into the world with his kindness and warm smile.

He spent his life giving from his heart and we have had him brutally ripped from ours.

In every sense of the word Uncle Charles was a loving nurturing man who was not just a religious Father but a ‘father figure’ to many, in particular the disaffected youth with no positive male role models in their lives. He was the kind of person who would listen to your troubles without passing judgement or breaking your confidence. Continue reading


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