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Reader slams Loveridge for speaking out about Barbados’ faults


“Please publish this article to bring balance to Loveridge’s arguments”

by JW

This man Adrian Loveridge tries to prove that Barbados is the worst place on earth for tourists to visit. This week he is highlighting the fact that Barbados has nothing to offer tourists in comparison to other destinations. I wonder if Mr. Loveridge ever visited the Bahamas? Apart from beaches and casinos, there is nothing for a tourist to see. Has he gone to Turks and Caicos? There is nothing apart from beautiful beaches. What about Cayman Islands? Nothing apart from the Iguana lizards, turtles, a gift shop with rum cake. There is nothing else to see.

Oh what about my lovely Roatan? Talk about poverty? Visit this country and you would wonder if the people are living in the 18th century. Loveridge, stop criticizing Barbados, take a trip to this country and report back to Barbados Free Press. Continue reading


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