Saint Lucia Tourist Board sends out Adrian Loveridge’s recent article

Saint Lucia Tourism

Dear BFP,

I had an interesting email arrive yesterday from the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. The email contained a copy of your recent article by Adrian Loveridge, It’s Official: St. Lucia overtakes Barbados for long-stay visitors from the United States. They didn’t credit you, although they did credit Adrian Loveridge at least!

“Hi Media Partners,
In today’s age of touch regional competition to capture the interest of travellers, please find attached an interesting piece from an Independent Source that speaks to the many initiatives undertaken by Saint Lucia to spur on tourism development.
See below:
John Emmanuel                                                                                               
Public Relations Manager
Saint Lucia Tourist Board
Sureline Building| Post Office Box 221 Castries | Saint Lucia”


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13 responses to “Saint Lucia Tourist Board sends out Adrian Loveridge’s recent article

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  2. Craig Thomson

    Just goes to that when it comes of the art of tourism promotion, St Lucia is way down the track and Barbados is stuck at the starting blocks.

  3. Sugar Sugar

    St. Lucia is beautiful though. Our lack of a master development plan killed the beauty of our west coast.

  4. 63

    Well – as the old saying goes we reap what we sew – so we aint sewing nuttin so we cant eat

  5. Carson C. Cadogan

    I wonder if they know that he only runs a six room or so INN here in Barbados.

  6. 40

    Actually 22 CC and those were tourist suites he was running, not off at the mouth with cheap personal shots.

    Get a life that is constructive and positive.

  7. Lip Service


    MONDO ATHLETIC TRACKS – Technical Department
    2655 Francis Hughes, Laval (Quebec) Canada H7L 3S8
    North American Headquarters: 450-967-5800
    Canada Toll Free: 1-800-663-8138
    United States Toll Free: 1-800-361-3747

  8. 145

    CCC is a true DLP yardfowl, the ship has sunk, and he is still trying to salvage something. Get a life my dear man & put in constructive criticism.

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    Just stumbled across a report prepared by DeLisle Worrell and other members of the Central Bank of Barbados entitled ‘An analysis of the tourism sector in Barbados’ which concluded that in 2010, the average achieved hotel room rate (room only) was:

    3 Star
    Barbados – US$117 – St. Lucia – US$143

    4 Star
    Barbados – US$166 – St. Lucia US$213

    I certainly would NOT appear that St. Lucia hotel room rates are 30 years behind Barbados.

  10. Carson C. Cadogan

    “Actually 22”

    This is more than passing strange.

    How is it that this 800 pound gorilla in the Tourism sector, after decades in the business cant increase his room stock beyond this paltry number?

    I could name many hotels that have done far, far, better than his INN. Yet he is constantly beating his chest.

  11. Victor

    A person may be running their own struggling business yet still be able to have a very cogent over view of the whole picture.
    See Adrian’s views as informed opinion, nothing more. After all what has he got to gain personally by expressing them? How could his tiny hotel profit in any way from what he has reported? In fact the opposite is true.
    Attacking him personally only makes it so very clear how mafia-like some bloggers attitudes are. It’s no use burying your head under the – badly cleaned – carpet.
    Facts are facts. People are not coming to Barbados as much as they used to, yet they are, in increasing numbers, going to St Lucia. The same people that used to go to Barbados are now going to St Lucia instead.
    Personally speaking, what’s the big f…ing deal about a piton?
    I’d rather Barbados any day yet we have to look at the situation.
    I just now spoke to a Lucian small hotel owner who is thrilled at the figures, holds no grudge against Barbados at all and is thinking hard how they can avoid despoiling their beautiful island the way Barbados has done. In their minds they blame America! Oh well, ignorance is bliss.
    Ignorance has ruined one of Barbados’ key selling points, “unspoiled”.
    Do you realise not a single tourist ever in the future will experience “unspoiled Barbados”? They will look towards Grenada for that, never mind St Lucia. No Bajan will ever again experience an unspoiled Barbados, and that is very sad. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Remember how enchanting Six Mens once was? Oistins, before the makeover? It used to be great! Oistins used to be famous on the tourist map for a genuine, non-touristy mad night out. Now? Tragic.
    All-inclusive resorts can be found all over the world often instituted by the same provider so those who choose them do not care where in the world they are, could be anywhere, as far as they are concerned. They might be influenced by a name, Barbados sounded more posh than the Dominican Republic once, but at the end of the day, they stay in the complex, have no interest in exploring.
    Meanwhile the once-enchanting island of Barbados has turned into a Mall.
    For how much longer will newspapers report “Simon Cowell spotted in Barbados” etc etc.? Will Barbados be able to hang onto its legend, the place where any lottery winner longs to be? I say, rewind, and substitute the word Barbados for Costa Brava. Then you will see what has happened to the island.
    Barbados is no longer a posh destination.
    It’s amusing (in a bad way) how Bajans imagine Rhianna Felty will somehow enhance the tourist drop! The girl has done well, good for her, I love all Bajans but the demographic who listens to her music and buys it, is not the same demographic that visits Barbados. In fact, that same visitor demographic finds her overtly sexual stage performances and abuse-accepting mind-set repellent.
    So no, a no goal there then.
    You only have to watch the competing videos sent out by the Barbados and St Lucia tourist agencies. In our video, Rhianna is seen disporting herself in various picturesque locations, looking adorable, kicking sand, etc. It IS all good!
    Yet when you watch the Lucian video – WOW. People whizzing round jungles on zip-wires, stunning waterfalls, etc. Areal views? Absolutely stunning, the island is fabulously beautiful, cannot be denied. So.
    What is our USP, by the way? Oh yeah, off-shore banking! That will so run and run, not.
    In a way I wish Barbados could just rewind! That cannot be done and it is very sad.

  12. Adrian Loveridge

    Victor, thank you for putting things in perspective.

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