Harlequin wins lawsuit against Padraig O’Halloran by proving Dave Ames is unfit to manage your money

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

David Ames: Stupid? Crooked? …or smart like a fox?

Would you trust your money to a man so foolish that he paid tens of millions of dollars to a building contractor without signing a written contract?

Would you trust your financial future to a man who ‘managed’ investors’ money by holding million-dollar promotional events while not bothering to ask how toilets at the resort could flush if they weren’t hooked up to any sewerage lines? Would you trust a man who was such an idiot that he failed to monitor expenditures vs. observed results on a 100 million dollar project?

An Irish court has just awarded Harlequin Property a rather shameful victory – for in order to achieve victory in the civil lawsuit, Harlequin had to show and admit how much of a trusting idiot is their glorious leader, Dave Ames.

“Harlequin said between 2008 and June 2010 £8.5million was diverted from £34million paid to the contractor to develop the first phase of its flagship resort Buccament Bay, in St Vincent.

The court heard during a 31-day trial there was no written contract and money was diverted into personal accounts of Mr O’Halloran to fund lavish purchases, including a wedding, private jet, a racecourse in St Lucia, a car franchise business and renovations to a rented property on the Sandy Lane estate in Barbados.

Harlequin said during construction shells of the buildings went up but they were not connected to essential infrastructure like sewage, water and power leading to the resort opening late and on a smaller scale.”

“(Judge) McGovern said it was “extraordinary” there was no written contract for such a large development and that turned out to be a “very poor” decision by Mr Ames…”

… from the Basildon News article Harlequin Property wins civil fraud case against former resort builder

Dave Ames establishing a defense against Ponzi charges?

Charles Ponzi never worked for Harlequin... but he could have!

Charles Ponzi never worked for Harlequin… but he could have!

According to the Basildon News, Harlequin and Ames took about 6,000 deposits from investors for off plan resort accommodation at six planned resorts, but built just 300.

Couple those figures with a total failure to account for missing millions of dollars, and you have what is commonly called a ‘Ponzi Scheme’, named after the patron saint of fraudsters: Charles Ponzi. Wikipedia explains ponzi this way…

“A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. Perpetuation of the high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to keep the scheme going.”

That’s Harlequin Properties alright.

But what if David Ames had a plan to conduct a Ponzi scheme to take tens of millions from investors – but wanted to make it seem he was incompetent, not a crook? Wouldn’t what happened with Padraig O’Halloran take care of any allegations of criminal intent? You can hear the defense claim coming: “Ames had no criminal intent. He was an idiot. A good salesman, but a lousy business man who was in over his head and overly trusting of people around him.”

Yes, that might work in a court.

David Ames: Stupid? Too trusting? A victim …. or smart like a fox with millions tucked away all over the world?

Charles Ponzi would be so proud!


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  2. perlexed

    BFP – Thank you for a rational/reasoned editorial. One thing that
    stands out is the difference between the reward and the amount
    of the claim. As in all things Harlequin….the figures don’t add up.

  3. 239

    This is most definitely a Ponzi scheme if ever there was one!
    Why would Dave Ames inflate local St Vincent property prices by 400% and tell investors that they would get a 70% mortgage, knowing that no bank would touch it, even if he HAD approached them?
    Why would he claim that a well known land owner in Barbados was guaranteeing 10% rental income for 5 years, when this person knew nothing about it?
    Why did he create a purchase contract that could be changed by him at any time?
    Why did he set up a company in the Caribbean to market the cabanas and apartments, and then put the deposits in a different account?
    Why did he need to employ an army of lawyers to protect him?
    Why did he pay Agents 10% commission of investors money to sell?
    Why have all the original Agents now stopped selling?
    Why when he was a twice bankrupt double glazing salesman with no money end up with massive personal assets?
    Why has he now put the UK sales company into liquidation and yet claims that he can continue to build as he retains his assets in the Caribbean?
    I think it speaks for itself???

  4. A pity..... huge pity

    Sadly true.

    However, what would you do if you invested say £100,000 cash and there was a viable rescue plan in-place that booted Ames out.

    Some people are in that position, so what would you do then?

    And you don’t have £7k for the Crozier yet to be prooved method?

  5. All seeing eye.....

    Looks like you would be a bit dumb, if you invested and did not put your claim in?


    The Liability of SIPPs

    We have instructed counsel to provide us a further technical advice on what liabilities SIPP advisers vis a vis Harlequin investments.

    We have reliable sources which tell us that some of the SIPPs that now value Harlequin Property investments at £1 were releasing new money in March 2013. This date is crucial as it is after the January 2013 FSA alert.
    The £1 valuation is for regulatory purposes and will effect the value of investors pension pots across the board.
    The standard SIPP we have seen hold nearly all investor monies in Harlequin Property or similar unregulated schemes.
    The SIPPs allowing monies out in March 2013 and now writing down to £1 per investor have some explaining to do. What is their rationale for losing such value in such a short space of time ?
    Pension Transfers

    Some of the transfers are very poor. Final salary schemes (NHS/ teachers / Post Office / Police) are being transferred in to SIPP to allow onward investment into more esoteric funds.

    The advice is entirely driven to achieve an investment in Harlequin Property. The clear problem for Harlequin Property is that it did not provide the advice to pension investors. The responsibility for that rests with the adviser.
    Many advisers suffer terrible amnesia when asked to justify their Harlequin advice. They insist that the client wanted the investment on an “execution only” basis – eg no advice. This wriggling is unedifying as it is clearly untrue.
    One other concern for investors is the number of advisers who are seeking to cease trading. In the last week alone we have objected to the dissolution of three advisory companies at Companies House.
    Act before the insurance ceases

    Insurance on many advisers will cease at renewal. Act quickly. We have no intention of continually chasing this. If you want to run the risk, then that is a matter for each investor.

    We have issued a large number of claims already. We expect an up turn as people review their advice. Shortly, we will be opening up our remit to claims where an unauthorised adviser

    Contact / Helpline

    Please call us on 01384 889900 and speak to Phil Haslam or Martyn Anderson.

  6. BBaywatch

    interesting comment from ‘Zoro’ posting on http://www.pimlico-flats.co.uk relating to SIPP companies and the £1 valuation.

    quote “A word on that £1 valuation; the FCA told your SIPP company that unless they can show a proper (independent) valuation of the investment (which they can’t) they should not just take Harlequin’s word on the value of the property i.e. what they sold it for. The SIPP company decided to err on the side of caution and therefore chose a £1 figure to safeguard them in the event (likely in the FCA’s opinion) that the investment will turn out to be worthless. The FCA has singled out Harlequin for this treatment, make of that what you will!!! “unquote.

  7. Save Buccamentbay sue an IFA


    Now you have inadvertently, posted something that’s positive for Harlequin and investors!

    This is why its going to be easy to sue an IFA.

    What you may not like is that also means HP won’t have to give the money back – I don’t give two hoots as long as I get it back!!

    I also don’t think many people will take the moral high-ground either.

    Sue them!

  8. Yatinkiteasy

    Mr O’Halloran was ordered to pay back £1.3million yesterday by Mr Justice McGovern at the High Court in Dublin.

    Wow! Glad that’s over. Now Harlequin can get on with building the Resorts in the Caribbean that investors paid £400 million for.
    This court case clearly demonstrates that Mr Ames did not know (naive ) how to manage and control a project such as BB, far less 7 other projects at the same time in DR, St Lucia, Brazil, and Barbados.
    The fact is no Construction Company will touch them now with a ten foot pole, and they are unable to do it themselves. So what is the future of the unfinished projects?
    Stay tuned for more BS from the PR folks.

  9. EddieLizzard2

    Who is paying costs in the Irish court case or has that not been awarded yet?

  10. Where has the £400 "million" gone ?????

    Great comments BFP, Ames has really showed what a complete an utter prat he really is.
    Only a few dumbasses like Fdnrm would try and put some positive spin on this.

  11. Short Legs

    @Where has the £400 “million” gone ?????

    That’s far to polite, he is a scheming, robbing, short arsed little CU*T

  12. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Where has etc etc, no need, BBaywatch has done that. Dumbass? Nice. High interlect poster comes to the front again.

  13. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, have you seen how in the UK press trip advisor has been slated for posting spoof reports. It it has been proved that rivals are posting negative reports so destroy businesses. Now who would have thought that. Perhaps Irish builders/discredited accountants etc could have been posting negative reports in order to destroy a business. I would hope you would disown anyone who did that.

  14. BBaywatch

    “Now you have inadvertently, posted something that’s positive for Harlequin and investors!” – you really think that? The Financial Conduct Authority have singled Harlequin out stating that SIPP’s providers should “take a prudent approach to valuations” and that “how each firm values the investment is up to them”. Quite clearly some firms are taking the approach that the Harlequin investment is worthless or of nominal value only. How any investor could take a single crumb of comfort from that is beyond me. I hold no brief for the financial services industry – far too much snake il for my liking but how anyone can spin this news as positive???

    As I have said before, Harlequin is now synonymous with ‘failed overseas investment’.

  15. Fatchetts special little deal with Ames

    FDNRM is a dark horse I’ve just found his audition for Harlequin on youtube

  16. 80

    No planning, 95 per cent of what was sold has not even been started yet. Ames has the money in his pocket already. As do the ifa’s. 95 per cent of purchasers have nothing to show for their investment, not even planning permission. Years later. I’d say 1 pound is a high valuation for those units. There is no dressing this up. Ames is far wealthier than when this started. Do the math.

  17. perlexed

    After the Irish court ruling does anyone know what the status is
    of the B-707 and the race-track in St Lucia? There seem to be so
    many lose ends not tied-up. Just wondering!

  18. 7135

    the 1.2 million court order should go a long way to bring aimless Ames & Co out of bankrupcy

  19. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @7135 no one is in “bankrupcy” DE DA DE DA Spelling police wanted. Where are you?

  20. 169

    It may be open season for internet sleuths. I’ve just read an entry
    on I-Witness-News that references politician/government activity in
    St Vincent. I expect it won’t be long before politicians in Barbados will
    be implicated in dealings with Ames et Cie. As the Bard said, “all the
    world’s a stage….” he could now add ” and all secrets, transactions,
    activities etc are floating around somewhere in the i-cloud”
    This promises to become very interesting. Maybe there is something
    positive to be said for Wikileaks after all.

  21. 48

    Not a chance the Brotherhood runs too deep.

  22. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    A special little meeting!!!!

    Well, here is an interesting one for you…. Mr Ames is meeting the senior movers and shakers of TaylorMade in Warrington this Friday, a selected trusted few. 😉

    Guess what, The lodge Alistair Burns belongs to meets…….. yep this Friday
    in Cheshire…… coincidence….. I think not!

  23. Laughing my head off

    What a loads of b******s all this crap is, stick to facts not rumours

  24. Poor spelling

    Punctuation old boy!

  25. Save Buccamentbay sue an IFA

    There is a certain irony about the fact Ames is meeting the IFA’s today and Reg Legal are going to be taking their pants down and giving them a good old rodgering!!!

  26. Dave - just leave- now! Go! Leave!

    I will drink to that the tw@ts deserve to lose the whole lot

  27. 7135

    Fatchett does not represent me

    While you are make a run to get the spelling police can you swing around the corner and get the forensic auditors as well? We will need them to help us find the few hundred million dollars which are presently unaccounted for and missing.

    Ames and Harlequin spent how many millions in legal fees to get this recent Judgement? Ames and O’Halloran laughing all the way to the bank or some low tax jurisdiction. A terrible thing we the cons are smarter than the conned and can even con the authorities.

  28. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    There are some mighty unhappy TaylorMade sales agents, they actually seen through Ames bullshit.

    They have nothing to sell and no chance of getting paid what they are owed – such a shame 😉

    Ames struggled as usual when asked about throwing the IFA’s to the dogs to save his own skin…… We all know that’s coming.

    Some very worried agents indeed – maybe there is a God after all……

  29. Yatinkiteasy

    H trolls blocking up the comments with loads of crap today.BFP please clean up.

  30. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @yatinkiteasy, are you including yourself in that? Any comment about the cricket team review on TA yet?

  31. Yatinkiteasy

    Ha, the Chief Troll is out again!(see above)

  32. Don't want to say who I am ..........


    Who the hell do you think you are? What a bloody ego, toss pot

  33. Fatchett does not represent me.

    It’s been quiet for a couple of days then then the self appointed censor cannot help himself and post an idiotic post. Who do you think you are, Yatiniteasy, to decide who is or is not a troll. Now if you want to contribute to this forum, what are your thoughts regarding the cricket team review on TA?

  34. 80

    What does a ta review have to do with Ames squandering 400m? This surely is more important than an argument about how good bucc bay is or is not? Facts are facts, where are the developments, where are the planning permissions, where is the money??

  35. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 2.08 I think you are right. However our friend Yatinkiteasy likes to keep posting TA reviews, which is fine, except he only posts the negative bits. Even to the point of selectively posting tiny bits of the full review. I believe that if TA is being quoted then all the review, the good and the bad, should be posted if it is deemed to be relevant. Cannot be fairer than that.

  36. EddieLizzard2

    Did the cricket team pay for their accommodation and food or were they guests of Harlequin?

    A favourable review after some absolute shockers. And who is the chump in charge of responding to TA reviews? He/she is in dire need of some lessons in customer services.

    Is the leccie still on at Buccament Bay?

  37. 169

    @EL2 – Are you a writer at “The Economist”? What a beautiful
    word -leccie- . That newspaper has a way of inserting seldom
    used words in articles….at least at least seldom used
    on my side of the pond.

  38. yatinkiteasy

    @Eddie Lizzard2 ..my thoughts exactly…
    Besides, is Harlequin`s future really dependent on the success of BB, which has seen at least 4 GMs in 3 years, and all executive chefs , resort managers gone? Electricity service cut off for non payment of bills, Dive Shop Indigo closed for 3 days in July, local Suppliers not delivering liquor or food supplies on credit?Reported very low occupancy by several TA reviewers.(Even the positive reviews)
    Great TA review from the Pakistani guy…so what? Nothing has changed to say they will be around in the next 6 months.

  39. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hang on, the Pakistani cricket team had a nice stay at BB? Well that changes EVERYTHING.

    Christ, with circa £1.5m due from Padraig O’Halloran, a glowing review from the Pakistani cricket team on TA and the continued backing of Dave and Carole “Honey-monster” Ames, this £1bn development investment is looking better than ever.

    Joking aside, how on earth is BB surviving financially, and how are Dave and Carole’s living expenses being paid? Any idea what the administrator’s fees currently stand at?

  40. 169

    I wonder what the T/A revue would have read like if
    HORRORS!!! an Indian had been on staff. Seems like
    a great place to spend Ramadan. To each his own….

  41. EddieLizzard2

    @ yatinkiteasy Nothing has changed to say they will be around in the next 6 months.

    Sadly, their ‘5-star’ plastic cups and glasses will be around for a lot longer polluting the local environment.

  42. Yatinkiteasy

    @dwtswia. Naw , hate mosquitoes,and I’m not fasting.

  43. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, not been? Suggest you write a TA review, after all you an expert in all that is BB arn’t you.

  44. Anon

    I have. Figured out it was a scam the second day I was there. A part built show resort that could no where near take the projected thousands of guests.
    Which equals they are liars and selling units they could never deliver equals con men. The victim who I was there with applied for a refund the day after we got back.

  45. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Just as I thought. All these negative reviews posted by Yakinteasy could be posted by anti HP trolls.

  46. Dug

    Do you really need somebody to explain to you that it could equally mean that all the positive reviews were just as disingenuous?

    Lest you forget, a number of reviews for BB were removed from TA for that exact reason.

  47. Anon

    Lol. “Anti HP troll” !!!!!!
    I consider myself an honest man with integrity. I am anti HP, not because I am a troll, simply because I hate seeing people being ripped off by some thieving conman. I understand that some people are desperate about losing everything and clutching at straws, but seriously it is the equivalent of negotiating with the fellow that has just burgled your house. Desperate and deluded.

  48. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Dug, no of course not. Suggest you dont loose your sense of humor. I’m pulling Yatinkiteasy’s chain because he has constantly posted on here anti HP posts on TA, rather than being balanced and posting good and bad. I guess you would have to ask yourself why he would do that? What is his agenda?
    @Anon, 11.02, I’m not suggesting you are a troll, I am suggesting all the anti HP postings COULD have been posted by anti HP trolls. Have you been to BB? Have you posted on TA? If so when was your TA review put up?

  49. Sid

    The way I see it, whether reviews are positive or negative is completely academic. They are all reviews of a resort that is hemorrhaging money and can’t stand on it’s own 2 feet. Unless there is any evidence that proves otherwise?

  50. Sid

    Just out of interest, does anyone know how Crozier’s movement is going? Has she had any success yet?

  51. BBaywatch

    “whether reviews are positive or negative is completely academic.” – not quite, the undisputed fact that over 150+ reviews were removed says something about the attitude of HP and their willingness to be economical with the actualité, as Alan Clark memorably put it. Coupled with Mr Ames on camera performances re the (non existent) marina and his DVD promotional material released at World Travel Market suggesting that reviews would be a big part of the marketing, it gives quite an insight into the mindset of HP and Ames. More recently the blame game re the electricity blackout, Indigo Dive and now the IFA’s etc should give any investor pause for thought. How can you do business (rescue plan?) with a man who will lie to camera about about a marina being almost complete when it had never been started?

    I expect much more of this to come – I still have my comfy seat and popcorn to hand while watching this unfold.

  52. Fatchett does not represent me.

    A few Pakistani cricket teams players got banned for corruption so i know their review don’t really mean f*ckall but I’m clutching at at straws here!
    Dave Ames takes it up the back door so I’m going to defend him forever.
    I will defend him until i die because we are secret lovers.
    Now the truth is out ill also let you know, That old slag Carol is really a man!

  53. 169

    Ease up on the boxed wine. The spelling police will be out in force.
    Sorry to read about your really sad domestic situation…

  54. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 7.29 I appreciate your sentiments. I will pass them on to my alto ego.

  55. 169

    I think your ego is about as “alto” as it can get

  56. Bajan boy

    @Sid, they are miles of getting anything….. apart from £6000 they have coughed up so far.

    She is full of shit and not ever a proper solicitor…. fool and the money an all that 🙂

  57. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    It’s been quiet for a couple of days, Simon Terry is away on his holidays now, so not much to report…….. Ames knows he is running out of time Shipleys won’t wait for ever….. nor with the SFO………

    All boring not much happening, even WTF is not around – I did hear Dave is avoiding him …. but he won’t go away!!!!!!!!

  58. 80

    I very much doubt nothing is happening. Unless you have written off your investment in its entirety, the stupidest thing to do is sit and wait and do nothing. Am sure not all investors are stupid, there will be activity and there is no reason to tell people if you are taking action. Best just get on and do it.

  59. Sid

    Hi Leaky Squeaky. What’s the mood like in the Bunker? Have you seen the movie Downfall? Is Ames going the way of Adolf, deluded and losing the plot?

  60. Sid

    It’s incredibly quiet on here. Has everyone given up?

  61. Sid

    Does anyone have any news?

  62. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    I am not going on holiday…….;)

  63. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Expands even more how complicit Newman and MacDonald were in the fraud. Role on the 2nd court case the end of the year.

  64. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Llmintb. Why not, I’m sure you won’t be missed. Thought you might have commented on the latest letter to come out.

  65. Sid

    So how much has Ames been awarded so far and how much is he still pursuing?

  66. EddieLizzard2

    So how much has Ames been awarded so far and how much is he still pursuing?
    …and how much will he still owe?

  67. Sid

    You never know, once the SIPP investors are refunded by the IFA’s and they walk away, that may reduce the number of remaining investors to a realistic amount that can be accommodated by the existing resorts. If Ames then sells off the land for the resorts that are never going to happen and starts taking completion money for BB and manages to get external finance, maybe a scaled down HP could work?

    What do you think FDNRM?

  68. 169

    However if the IFA insurers in turn file claim against HD the
    equation does not change. And I think when dealing with
    Insurance Company lawyers you are dealing with the big boys
    ie. – they guys who NEVER quit.

  69. Sid

    I don’t think Fatchett would be putting so much into it if he wasn’t confident of a result, would he?

  70. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I think your analysis is very good. However you are missing one point, new investment.

  71. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, I think I covered that under ‘external finance’ i.e. investment from new finance organisations.

    So do you think it will work out ok?

  72. it really is game over

    fdnrm new investment…you got more chance of seeing Lord Lucan ride Shergar to victory in the Lunar Derby on the moon

  73. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I do but that’s just my opinion and I’m sure the usual trolls will pitch in now.
    @irigo. Wrong, it’s Elvis who is on the moon.

  74. Sid

    Here’s hoping eh.

    I do find it very odd that this forum is suddenly so quiet. It’s almost as though the order to cause disruption has been lifted. Or am I just being cynical?

  75. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, probably the usual posters of anything negative about HP have run out of material. Even Dumb and Dumber have disappeared. It probably shows the usual suspects such as Erica realise that their attempts to bring HP down through the media has failed. Don’t get me wrong there is still a long way to go but it’s back on the up. Did you receive the latest HP letter about completions?

  76. Sid

    I did yes and am pleasantly surprised that people are completing. I only hope the news is true and not more fiction, and hope that Fatchett is driving the completions. All in all, the fact that things are moving forward can only be good for everyone as things could be a lot worse, though it doesn’t change the fact that things should never of been so bad in the first place.

  77. St George's Dragon

    Who would be mad enough to want to complete when in the absence of accounts for any of the Caribbean companies they can have no idea about the financial position.

  78. it really is game over

    Surely to complete, you would want title to the land….and what if , just what if BB did/does close as it isnt paying …what do purchasers end up with…ok a cabana, but not gonna produce the income desire.
    Way to many unanswered questions for a happy ending, not least how did it get to this point in the first place

  79. Anonymous

    Ponzi. Like the others, taking years to crash, but it will be revealed as a ponzi, even though it obviously is already to most impartial observers. What do the 6000 people who have nothing to complete on have to show for their investment 6 years ago??

  80. Beggars Belief

    Lord Lucan riding Shergar to victory on the moon had me snorting my morning coffee through my nostrils. The point is well made though.

    Which third party financier is going to hand over money to a company that had to demonstrate its utter incompetence as a developer in order to win a court case? Surely you would think twice about handing over Monopoly money to someone who has demonstrably shown they can’t put appropriate safeguards in place to ensure it is properly spent.

  81. Sid

    @Anon, I have the answer to that….it’s nothing.

  82. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 3.06 it’s not 6000 people, it’s 6000 investments.

  83. EddieLizzard2

    Here come the old pedant to bitch about numbers again. Out of 6000 ‘investments’ only 300 units were built. A lot of ‘investors’ still out of pocket.

  84. Sid

    I’m hoping that soon a good percentage of those investors will be refunded through the SIPP route, which will bring things down to a manageable number.

  85. Bajan boy

    Dave Ames is suing the SFO for damaging his business………

  86. A Real Investor


    It makes sense for the PI,or via the ombudsman scheme ( if the IFA company has gone bust or PI exceeded) but its capped at 5ok, however I guess that would cover most peoples SIPP investment?

    Dave Ames suing the SFO, that I would love to see!! Who is paying his fees! you must admit his has a bloody pair of balls!!!

  87. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 what’s it got to do with you. Are you against accuracy in statements? Very odd.

  88. BBaywatch

    Seems that some investors are still expecting the cavalry to come over the hill and bail them out. That they haven’t learnt anything from events to date is surprising, more surprising that they still don’t seem to be seeking and getting quality advice on their position and options.

  89. Dug

    I think that the issue is that you’re very discretionary in your pedantry, FDNRM. You will flagrantly ignore some enormous details, and direct questions, and then become obsessed with others that in the grand scheme of things may reasonably be considered fairly irrelevant.

    Suing the SFO — and before they’ve even announced their findings? Unbelievable.

  90. Sid

    @BBayatch, I’m sure there aren’t that many people who haven’t yet taken legal advise. All the investors I know of are going down one route or another. I don’ personally know of any who are just hoping for the best.

  91. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, BBaywatch hasn’t got a clue. There is very little to cut and paste from journals at the moment so why not just post something regurgitated and make something up “more surprising that they still don’t seem to be seeking and getting quality advice on their position and options.” How do you know that? You don’t just something made up.
    @Dug, Is accuracy not important? I would thought it was. And by the way I hope your last comment was not aimed at me.

  92. A Real Investor

    But, if the SFO have caused a problem its fair enough? However, to take them on is not the best idea – after having a minor victory he could be punch drunk 😉

    Imagine how much that will cost!!!!!!!

  93. Sid

    If Ames wants to resurrect his reputation he needs to be publicly seen to be doing the right thing by people, not letting people down, hiding behind excuses and blaming everyone else. It’s time to start refunding people that have been over due a refund for 5 years plus and offering completions to those that want to complete. Until people see this kind of behaviour they will continue to think the worse.

  94. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, the last letter from HP suggested 50 people are ready to complete.

  95. Sid

    Like I said yesterday, I hope that’s true.

  96. Dug

    I’d be curious to know who these people completing are — the FCA has specifically warned against doing this very thing haven’t they? How is it possible to complete when there are so many outstanding questions? Not just the big questions, but those pertaining to completions — taxes, accounts, definition of net in respect of receipts etc. Sid, you are absolutely right that if there is any hope everything must be done with transparency — I can’t see any meaningful signs of this yet.

    Blaming the SFO is just playing the same game as usual. The fact is they’re still looking. If they thought there was nothing to find, surely they’d have wound this up ages ago. Taking on a dodgy builder and taking on the SFO are very, very different things.

    FDNRM you might petulantly spout off about importance of accuracy — to which I would say return to the issue of the accounts: No accounts for 7 years in the Caribbean, heavily qualified accounts in the UK (delivered late). I’m surprised that your penchant for accuracy doesn’t lead you more in this direction — it is, after all, a much bigger issue. 6000 investors or 6000 people is semantics. It’s more than a thousand either way. It’s a lot, that’s the salient point (as I suspect you probably know). You identify the discrepancy with a view to try and loosen the point or the argument — it doesn’t, it makes you look utterly blinded.

  97. Sid

    @Dug, I like your take on the situation. Can I ask if you have invested in HP yourself?

  98. Conned

    Ames v The SFO? Never going to happen…
    Completions at BB? No accounts, no land titles, no transparency, no confidence… Same!

  99. BBaywatch

    I chose my words with care – it’s the quality of the advice that I was questioning. Many of the investor posters appear to somewhat naive about the further implications of certain actions (eg action against a SIPP provider) and the consequences and chain of events that would be set in motion. As Dug has pointed out, the FCA warnings appear to be being ignored, and that alone raises serious questions as to the quality of the advice.

  100. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Dug, I’m surprised that accuracy of information is not important. Obviously you have different standards.
    Regarding the SFO, two property developers recently sued the SFO and won, so it is not out of the question. However I could have posted that as One property developer sued a UFO and his son, which would have been accurate enough for Dug.

  101. Sid

    There are lots of varying opinions flying around, but as they say the proof of the pudding etc. Ames has got a chance now to undo some of the mess he has made and time will tell if he is telling the truth. It’s a good thing that we are finally at the stage where real action is being taken, though I do wonder what he would have done had Fatchett not come along.

  102. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I think that Fatchett coming along probably focused the minds somewhat. However where I think he made a mistake was putting the SDs on. I can understand why he did it but it has hampered fund raising. The fact he has backed of and is now chasing the IFA/SIPP providers has been good. If anyone thinks that going after HP was a good idea just look where Crozier is at the mo. Anyone seen or heard from her recently? With Sheargar and Lord Lucon perhaps?

  103. Dug

    Oh dear, FDNRM, you do make yourself look a bit thick when you make comments like that. Your example materially changes the content of the sentence, and thus the suggestion contained therein; that is in no way comparable to any possible confusion that could arise in the difference between 6000 investors and 6000 people — which is in context, essentially semantics. I’m never quite sure if you’re wilfully clutching the wrong end of the stick, are being deliberately obtuse or are just a bit dense — I would suspect a combination of the three. In any event, any rational individual would understand that the value of accuracy is relative — and that inaccuracies that do not materially affect, or impact, the headline information are not something to get unduly concerned about. There are much, much bigger issues with accuracy here that you chose to turn a blind eye to. I notice that you ignored mention of the accounts. Interesting.

    I’m very comfortable that my standards are not your standards — and I’m very happy about that.

    Sid, I’m not an investor personally — though nearly was. I’ve kept a close eye on the company ever since — as much as anything else to see if they could actually do what they said they would (there were some very impressive claims). My spidey senses are always piqued whenever there is a suggestion made that an investment is low, or no, risk — particularly where international property is concerned. It seemed that this one was always going to be some people to take unusual risks.

    On a related note, I always find any attempt to silence debate very problematic. It strikes me that all information should be made available — there’s always seemed to be a particular double standard here.

  104. Sid

    Thank you or replying to my question Dug. It was asked out of nothing more than personal curiosity.

    @FDNRM, are you assuming that Crozier hasn’t got far with her case? I think it would be naive to think that her case has collapsed just because she has gone quiet. I would take that to mean that she may be in negotiation with HP and knows the importance of keeping things confidential. Loose lips and all that. But that’s just my opinion and I actually know nothing factual. Do you?

  105. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Dug, yes and the best way to try and silence debate is to personally attack someone. Ring any bells, or just look at what you have just posted. I cannot comment about accounts, I know nothing about the. I never comment on things I know nothing about so stop asking silly questions. And you are not an investor? Well well no surprise there then. So really all this has absolutely nothing to do with you. Just want to keep a close eye on things? Well stop the pontificating, go away and let the people with an vested interest discuss the real issues. I think we have a new group now, Dumb, Dumber and even Dumber!

  106. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, no I don’t think she has gone away, but she has not achieved anything for the money her 13 clients coughed up. I think it will be a long time before she does also.

  107. Sid

    You may well be right. I don’t think there is a court date set for any time soon and I’m sure Ames will do everything in his power to delay it for as long as possible.

  108. Anonymous

    Why should people not go after harlequin? They have a contract with them, and they have not delivered, in fact have spectacularly delivered nothing 95 per cent of buyers. Their chairman has been recorded openly lying. These people have breached their contracts, not an ifa or sip provider, and harlequin owe the refunds. How can people possibly ignore going after harlequin if they invested cash? Bizarre comments from some trying to steer the focus of the wrongdoing away from harlequin.

  109. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, I don’t think anyone has suggested not “going after HP” I suggested that SDs were not the best way that was all. No one is trying to “steer” anything. Its my opinion, if you don’t like it then don’t read the post.

  110. yatinkiteasy

    Interesting statements…….

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    August 8, 2013 at 1:55 pm
    @Sid, the last letter from HP suggested 50 people are ready to complete.

    From:Harlequin Newsletter September 2012.
    “In the early days of selling property in the Caribbean, some people said that this
    was all too good to be true and that it wouldn’t happen. I feel that we have proved
    them wrong as we are now in the process of handing over legal title to the
    properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which is a significant step and completes the
    cycle that we promised all those years ago.
    We look forward to a great future for all our investors and I thank you for your
    continued support.
    Kind regards
    Dave Ames

    “Fool me once”…and all that.

  111. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, do you enjoy butting in to a conversation between me and Sid? Another non investor who cannot help themselves but need their daily fix of commenting on something that does not concern them. Which one do you want to be Dumb or Dumber?

  112. Anonymous

    Keep it up Yatink They live in some sort of parallel reality. The true
    dumb-dumbs would be the 50 closers on a property with 5,950 liens.
    And a thank you to BFP for providing fdnrm/Sid a forum to hold a
    private conversation. Yecccccch !!!

  113. WhatsTheFuss

    Leaky Squeaky Arse in the Bunker – why is it that you have to keep bringing my name into your bullshit postings.
    I don’t post on here because its too boring and full of misinformation!
    As for Dave avoiding me where did he go after last weeks Tailormade meeting?
    Can you manage to explain to me yet why if you think HArlequin is a scam why you work there and why it’s morally acceptable to take a salary which in turn can only be investors money? How can you so that and criticise FDNRM for accepting a return on his investment?

  114. yatinkiteasy

    @anon 7.47pm …FDNRM likes to tell people that they should not be on this blog because they are not (dumb) investors..Now he wants to carry on a personal conversation with Sid, on Barbados Free Press. And don`t ask him if he has his legal title to his cabana yet…that really sets him off.
    I`ll bet that the 50 investors they say are about to close is about as real as the Harlequin Resorts in the Dominican Republic, St Lucia, and Merricks Barbados.Or as real as the H airline, or the fantastic Marina at Buccament Bay.
    FDNRM is not just DUMB, he is totally delusional to believe whatever H people tell or promise him .

  115. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy/Anon 7.47. Let me explain how blogs work for you. When using the @ symbol as in @Sid it means my answer is directed at Sid. Now if i used @Sid/anyone else who who wants to butt in then I would use that. See it really is simple, but not simple enough for you two to understand.
    @Yatinkiteasy (see this is directed at you) I have not said anywhere that people should not be on this blog. I have queried why anyone would want to be on it if they are not investors or just want to “see” what is going on i.e. Dug. And no it does not “set me off” if someone asks about legal title, you know, I know that no one has legal title yet so the question is just stupid. So do you want to be Dumb or Dumber. Come on answer the question. You know you want to, or is too difficult for you?

  116. Yatinkiteasy

    FDNRM has got to be the most stupid person on the Internet . Dumbest would definitely describe him.

  117. Yatinkiteasy

    At least The Chief Troll has confirmed that he knows that no one has received title to BB units. This also confirms that the statement from DA in the H Newsletter of Sept 2012 that they were then in the process of delivering titles was a blatant lie. Thanks for the confirmation FDNRM.

  118. Anonymous

    It is not news that Ames lies. He is a liar and a crook. People who invest time or money in him now are simply dumb.

  119. it really is game over

    Interesting tv program in UK last night….”fraud squad”…they tracked down people selling carbon credits and money laundering about 27million…got eight years in jail….now I wonder what the sentence would be for 400 million.
    I hear toilet roll sales in Baslidon are seeing a dramtic increase.

  120. EddieLizzard2

    Matthew Ames (Dave and Carol’s eldest son) appeared at the Old Bailey in February 2013 and pleaded not guilty to two counts of fraudulent trading. This relates to his now defunct companies The Investor Club and Forestry for Life.

    The Investor Club allegedly raised £846,494 for investments in teak tree plantations in Sri Lanka, while Forestry for Life allegedly raised £443,327 from investors for avoided deforestation projects in Brazil and elsewhere.

    Matt Ames will appear in court again in September 2013 – at Southwark I was told. I wonder if Carter Ruck (owed more than £20k in the Harlequin Management Services (South East) collapse) will continue to represent him? If not, bearing in mind that the Ames family’s coffers are currently a little depleted, I wonder if he applied for Legal Aid.


  121. Dug

    Now, now FDNRM it’s a bit silly to try and describe people as dumb just because they don’t subscribe to your argument — and let’s be honest, lots of people don’t. It’s also utterly disingenuous to suggest that I was attempting to silence you; I quite clearly wasn’t — but if you say something that’s a bit errant, you should expect to be pulled up on it. That’s sort of how these things work. I notice however, that with a hypocrisy that isn’t without precedent, you are attempting to silence me by telling me to “go away” — and also not commenting on things you claim to know nothing about, whilst simultaneously commenting on things that you clearly know nothing about either.

    Regardless, I’m not going anywhere. It’s not only investors who have an interest here. I may not personally be an investor, but I have been approached by friends and colleagues asking for informal advice on my thoughts on it. It’s through resources like this one that I’ve been able to suggest information that provides a fuller picture, and issues they might like to properly consider — which includes both the pros and the cons. Surely any reasonable person would advocate such investors being able to do as much DD as possible?

  122. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Dug, how pompous to suggest I have said something ” a bit errant” and I should be “pulled up” up on it. How arrogant are you! So you think that reading a blog, and making uninformed comments makes you an point of informed information regarding HP? When you have over 100 pages of transcripts from an interview with the SFO you just might have a better understanding of what HP is all about. “and also not commenting on things you claim to know nothing about, whilst simultaneously commenting on things that you clearly know nothing about either.” And you have clearly lost me on that one. Prey tell me, what “things” am I commenting on that I clearly know nothing about?

  123. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy (yes this is directed at you) A post at 11.13 followed by another one at 11.19 Is it too difficult for you to combine the two together? Too complicated a thought process? And this is from the person who complained about the thread being blocked up! Couldn’t make it up!

  124. Anonymous

    GOOD NEWS: BB is going to make a go of it…
    BAD NEWS: Being forced to sit next to FDNRM on a
    long, long, long, BA flight in a crowed main cabin

  125. Yatinkiteasy

    Now the Chief Troll is not only saying Who should post comments, and when they should or shouldn’t , but is now giving instructions as to how the comments should be delivered .”combine the two together” ….confirmed Dumbest!
    @Doug… You will never get the last word with the Chief Troll. His mission is to throw crap around and insult people so as to detract attention from the subject of any discussion on Harlequin.

  126. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 11.05 not a clue what you are on about.
    @Yatinkiteasy, discuss as much as you like. But don’t be a hypocrite and tell posters not to block up the thread, and then do precisely that. You are not even able to think up your own comments, using my Dumb and Dumber comparison. Common man show some imagination. lol

  127. Yatinkiteasy

    Amaryllis Hotel in Barbados is up for sale, according to a story in Barbados Today 8th Aug 2013.
    Back in Feb Hardlysuccess called me a liar when I said that the sale to Harlequin ( for their second H hotel) had fallen through.
    Time will tell what will happen with BB, but I predict its going to be very painful for a lot of investors, especially cash investors or folks who are now thinking of completing by handing over even more money to a company that has never filed financial statements.

  128. EddieLizzard2

    How much bile did FDNRM put on her cornflakes this morning?

  129. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Blah blah blah

  130. BBaywatch

    August 9, 2013 at 11:05 am

    The only good news about Harlequin is that since Mr Ames defenestrated the assets of investors like 36 you are much less likely to have to share any kind of space with them anywhere in the Caribbean – we must be thankful for small mercies 😉

    ps – bet he votes UKIP, typical bar bore.

  131. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Talk of completions……. 50 wow! Does anyone have a idea how many units are actually available on BB!!!!!!!!

    After you take out all the units being used as offices, staff accommodation, restaurants, kids clubs ect etc 😉

    Maybe WTF can update us after he met up ( in his mind) with Dave Ames.

    He is a Walter Mitty on speed. bit like Ames

  132. A Real Investor

    Have Matt Ames in charge of BB make me feels all warm and fuzzy inside, such a glowing CV just like daddy!!

    Only a dickbrain like Ames would think this is a good idea

  133. EddieLizzard2

    I bet Matt votes UKIP too!

  134. A Real Investor

    @ FDNRM
    How can you defend some conman running a resort that you have given cash to?

    Dan Ames is as guilty as his Daddy, just not as vertically chalanged

  135. Anonymous

    ARI – Get him horizontal and he might surprise you !

  136. Truth

    There will be no deal.

    Ask RL how many statutory demands have been removed.

    They all need to be removed for new finance or completions to occur.

    I suspect the completers will be advised to hold fire. Therefore, no money is likely in the next 3 months.

  137. it really is game over

    @ truthI think the truth is…no more money will be coming ever. Any money invested would provide longer enjoyment if it was burned on a bonfire

  138. A Real Investor

    Sue the IFA’s is the only real option, the rest is just smoke and mirrors / delay tactics and bullshit

    There is no finance, and all the regulatory bodies will have to OK any deal the investors need input…… without them its a no go.

    Its game over for the evil Ames family……

    Sorry when they sue the SFO and accountants they will build resorts 😉

  139. Anonymous

    ARI – I have read and re-read you last sentence…”Sorry when
    they sue the SFO and accountants they will build resorts”. I
    give up. What do you mean?

  140. A Real Investor

    Ames is suing the SFO and then the accountants, I was being sarcastic 😉

    but only about the building, he is actually going after the SFO – silly man

  141. A pity..... huge pity

    Has anyone an idea what the running costs of Buccament Bay would be? Is it true it was losing $1million a month?

  142. Yatinkiteasy

    The highly paid GM, exec Chef , and several others left, so they would save a few dollars there. Also with low occupancy , their AC costs should be quite a bit lower as well. Same as to Food and Beverage purchases. There is no more construction going on, so no expenses there.
    I guess it depends on how much Matt is paying himself as GM.

  143. BBaywatch

    One of the managers (can’t remember which one – they change them like underpants) said that it was being subsidised to the tune of $1m per month, which is not quite the same thing. Bearing in mind that many hotels are subsidised at some stage (see the thread on here re Adrian Loveridge’s posts and response) – is Sandy Lane really being paid that amount by the BTA? – sorry, back to the point, subsidy in early stages may not necessarily be a bad thing if the hotel is actually attracting guests and building to near capacity occupation, but as BB seems to only have a handful most of the time then if there is a long term subsidy required that would not be good at all. Of course if there were any accounts to see we would know exactly what the position was – but that’s not likely to happen.

  144. Ralph

    The Vitriolic nature of the press releases and statements by Harlequin and the Ames family in respect of the recent Judgement in the Irish High Court is very odd indeed.

    Harlequin released four paragraphs of the Irish Judgement and three pages of additional notes including references to the court transcripts (but interestingly not the transcripts themselves as had been previously promised by Mr.Ames) to a large number of media organisations last week.

    The releases concentrated in the most part on the alleged involvement of Wilkins Kennedy and two of its senior employees / partners in the fraudulent misrepresentations and deceit.

    Wilkins Kennedy is a top 25 firm of accountants in existence for over 100 years.

    Mr. Ames failed however to include in his releases the involvement of RLB in the case. RLB is one of the largest Quantity Surveying and Project management firms in the world and had been engaged by Harlequin to report on construction progress at the Buccament Bay site.

    Mr. Garreth Ronan who up to a few weeks ago was the VP of Hotel Development for Harlequin Hotels and Resorts and who now works for the Japanese restaurant chain Zuma in New York told the court of his concerns as to the accuracy of the RLB reports and further stated that RLB had possibly tempered the reports.
    The Hon. Judge must have found this evidence so compelling that he felt it necessary to include it in his judgement.

    Furthermore Mr. David Campion the former development director of the Harlequin Design Studio up to the time it closed earlier this year and who now operates Argo architects in Barbados was also critical of RLB. Mr. Campion is part of Mr. Fatchets team in Mr. Fatchets rescue plans for Harlequin. Mr. Campion travelled to the UK in mid July to meet with Mr. Fatchet and others to discuss the development options.

    Yet despite the negative comments about RLB in the Hon. Judges judgement. Mr. Ames has failed to state what action he intends to take against RLB. The allegations made by Harlequin against RLB in the case were serious in the extreme. So serious that the judge felt compelled to include them in his judgement.
    On that basis and given the judgement and as a sign of good faith to his purchasers Mr. Ames should consider a professional negligence claim against RLB at the very least.

    Mr. Ames has stated to purchasers that he intends suing the SFO yet makes no mention of his intentions as they pertain to RLB.

    It is however very odd and possibly very telling that Mr. Ames has to date made no reference to RLB despite his and his wife’s very public statement that they will continue to seek justice.

    The Hon. Judge also makes reference to the alleged misappropriation by the previous contractor on the Buccament Bay project. Yet despite over five years having elapsed Mr. Ames has taken no action on that matter. So why after such a long time was the issue raised in the Irish Court and why has no action been taken by Mr. Ames?.

    Mr. Ames in his press releases to the media states that the firm of Grant Thornton provided him with expert witness testimony in support of his actions in the case. The judge also refers to Grant Thornton. Yet Grant Thornton have been looking into the activities of Harlequin in the UK and have attended a number of purchaser meetings.

    The Hon. Judge also states that little or no work was completed on the Buccament Bay project. Did Mr. Ames not visit the Buccament Bay project during the tenure of Mr. O Halloran’s companies. If not why not?

    The judge ruled that Mr. O Halloran engaged in fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit. Ironic when you consider that during the period in question Mr. Ames was publically stating and producing promotional material indicating that work was progressing a pace. One such video in early 2010 shows Mr. Ames discussing the great progress of the Marina.

    The Hon. Judge makes an implication that Mr. Ames may have been somewhat naieve.
    Mr. Ames’s own website states that Mr. Ames has run a number of successful businesses over the past 30 years.
    In a recent newspaper article it was stated that Mr. Ames sold his successful construction business to Coulthards a number of years ago.
    So is Mr. Ames naieve?.

    With respect to the SFO investigation, it appears that the investigation is still ongoing. One would expect at the very least that the reference to Harlequin would be removed from the SFO website if the SFO were not continuing with their investigations.

    Mr. Ames had repeated his allegations on numerous occasions that the sole purpose for individuals reporting him and his companies to the SFO was to influence the judgement not only in the Irish case but in other actions Mr. Ames and Harlequin are currently taking. Mr. Ames has claimed that the information being provided to the SFO is both false and defamatory.
    Has Mr. Ames reported these individuals for wasting police time or the equivalent as it pertains to the SFO.

    The judge awarded 1.55 million Euros in damages to Harlequin. This amounts to just 0.3 % (one third of a percentage point) of monies taken in deposits by Harlequin. The total monies Harlequin claim that have been allegedly misappropriated by Mr. O Halloran is 1.85 % of deposits received by Harlequin. Yet Mr. Ames in a letter to purchasers stated that progress on the Harlequin developments had virtually stalled as a result of the actions of Mr. O Halloran.

    In a bizarre twist after Mr. O’ Halloran’s companies were removed from the Buccament Bay project a further fraud was committed against Mr. Ames by his own staff in excess of 4 million USD. Details of this fraud will be provided to media organisations with an interest in Harlequin in due course.

    The full judgement is available on the Irish Courts Website.

  145. Fatchett does not represent me.

    If I could add another couple of points to the above.
    The QS who signed off my build was from TVS, are they connected to RLB?
    The original complaint sent to the SFO was by Newman, so I expect this to come up in the possible Newman court case.

  146. Ralph

    There is no firm of Quantity Surveyor’s by the name of TVS operating in the Caribbean. There is an Architectural firm based out of The US called TVS and they have worked in the Caribbean. If your valuation was done between 2008 and June 2010 then check with RLB or Wilkins Kennedy. Mr. Ames has claimed (bizarrely) that Wilkins Kennedy acted as a QS firm. But as the judge has noted Wilkins Kennedy did not make an appearance in Ireland so Mr. Ames’s rather bizarre statement cannot be tested. The Judgement refers to a Mr. Amin from a firm of QS’s Mr. Ames used after June 2010. They were called BCQS.
    I suspect the document you have is a forgery, sorry but in all likely hood it is. I believe the media will be running a story on forgery soon.
    I have no idea who contacted the SFO first. I do know it was in or around 2009. I met the barrister dealing with it then. He was representing a number of clients. If Mr.Newman was a client of his then he may have been the first. Who knows.
    I wonder can you tell me what happened the planned orangery at Buccament Bay. The project was planned in 2009. But never heard anything since.

  147. Ralph

    We have been looking into the activities of the Ames family for a good number of years now for a number of clients. Its how we inadvertently stumbled on the fraud in the fall of 2010. We have made a report to the authorities and we did that some time back. In or about early to mid 2010 I think. I will have to check.

  148. Ralph

    Just to be clear, the clients we assisted had issues with Panama, Thailand and Australia. And a report on this was sent some time early 2010.

  149. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Ralf, sorry it was a misprint. It was TVA Consultants who were formally called Tomlinson Voss Associats ltd. They are a bona fidi company.

  150. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Also it was the SFO who confirmed the Newman connection.

  151. Ralph

    Sorry Bob having worked in the business for the past 20 years the SFO nor any other state investigative agency will not inform the other side as to whom reported what first.
    Not at this juncture in the investigation.
    What the likes of the SFO etc are obliged to do is to pass evidence to the other parties defence team. Its akin to the discovery process in a civil case.
    If the SFO have done this with Mr. Newman’s evidence then sadly for all concerned they must be very close to making their move.

  152. Ralph

    Apologies FDNRM I inadvertently called you Bob. The bloody cat is in the room and the kids call him Bob. As in Bob no hope. Lol

  153. Ralph

    What you have is a document signed off by Ridge view construction. TVA were the original architects and not the QS’S. As previously stated the first QS firm was either Wilkins Kennedy as bizarrely stated by Mr. Ames or RLB.
    Much of the documentation pertaining to the Buccament Bay project was forged. Now the issue is who forged or tempered documents? Harlequin will claim it was RLB for example as they have done in the Irish case. Mr. O Halloran will claim that Harlequin produced documents which ultimately proved to be forged. Etc etc etc. What all parties agree on is someone was engaged in forging documents, and of that there is no doubt. The question now is who?

  154. Ralph

    FDNRM. I have a question for you? Did you purchase an apartment or a villa? And did the document provided to you by TVA state your unit was complete?

    Because this is where the wheels fall off the cart so to speak. The whole thrust of Harlequin’s claim in Ireland was that no units were completed until August 2010. At least that was what was claimed in the court. And only then 38 were completed. Since that date Harlequin claim to have completed another 62.
    So if you have a document from TVA stating other wise then that document on Harlequin’s own evidence is false. TVA were not involved with the project from at the latest May 2008. And Harlequin’s own evidence to the Irish courts was that NO properties were completed up until August 2010. I am not saying that this is correct. I am saying that this is the claim made by Harlequin.
    Let me give you an example of a hypothetical scenario.
    A guy is working in a good job, he sees an advert for a villa in paradise. The returns are excellent. All the guy has to do is pay a 30% deposit say 12,000 and then stage payments as the unit is being built. He receives what he believes to be certificates from the architect via Harlequin in the UK.
    Now if the architect had checked the building and certified it as being complete and signed off on it. What the architect would in essence have been saying was that the building to the stage he was signing it off to was built and that section completed to a standard, in this case a standard befitting a 5 star resort. That in essence, the building or the part signed off was completed properly, to an acceptable standard. The person paying the money would have continued to pay as per this hypothetical scenario a further 28,000.00. Thinking his unit was complete. Remember the thrust of the Irish case was that none of the units were completed before August 2010. And those that were virtually completed required a huge amount of remedial work to get them to a satisfactory condition. And a huge amount of additional money to get them completed.
    Harlequin had promised the purchaser a 10% return per year on the completed unit. In this case 4000 per year in quarterly installments of 1000 per year. Even though Harlequin claim in legal actions the units are not complete they make the payments of 4000 a year because they are miniscule and they can always state later that they were indeed paying some of the guranteed payments. And no one would be any the wiser.

    Of course this example above is ridiculous because there is no way that Harlequin would have sold anyone a unit for 40,000 and after comission leaving 34,000 to build a unit under half the cost to build one. This would have meant that Harlequin were trading insolvently from a very early stage. Oh this too is dealt with in the Irish Judgement.

    The Irish judgement deals with the very issue of construction costs.

    And of course had the architect signed off the units in the proper fashion the units would not need remedial work done to them.

    If there was an architect and they did not sign off the work properly one would have thought that Mr. Ames would have sued them for professional negligence.

    The question is who did sign off the certificates. I wonder?

    Oh yeah in my hypothetical story the guy looses his job and is now on state benefits. So the last thing he wants or needs is to loose his investment. So he becomes an avid supporter of the developer.

  155. St George's Dragon

    I believe that both RLB and TVA acted as QS on Buccament Bay, in different capacities.
    There are two TVAs. Historically, they were in the same ownership but they are now separated. One is an architectural practice based in Barbados, the other is a architectural / QS practice based in Grenada. It was the Grenada company that would have signed off anything on Buccament as the Barbados company has no QS capacity.

  156. St George's Dragon

    @ Ralph
    Please post the link for the Irish court judgement.

  157. Ralph

    Thats the problem TVA only provided an Architectural role in Buccament Bay and not a QS role. However this we can verify with both companies tomorrow. You will note from the judgement at para 71 the allegations being made against RLB.

  158. Ralph

    FDNRM is a genuine purchaser in Harlequin. His current circumstances mean he is dependant on his investment as a major part of his income. FDNRM is not alone in his plight. He along with many others is clinging on to a belief that Mr. Ames or Mr. Fatchet will perform some kind of miracle. The truth of the matter is very different. We will be providing a number of documents to the main stream media in the UK which will clearly ask some very probing questions of Harlequin. The documents themselves may prove to be the death knell of Harlequin as the documents were generated by Harlequin.
    Lets hope that Harlequin will be in a position to answer the questions in a professional manner.

  159. Anon - reasons unknown

    When will all this be happening, Ralph?

  160. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, I hope you do and then you can stop hiding behind the ID of “Ralph” When that happens you and I will be having some very strong words. And you know why.

  161. Anon - reasons unknown

    Is it because Ralph explains why Ames owns you FDNRM? It seems you really are desperately gullible.

  162. BBaywatch

    Only had time for a very quick check, (using the document search facility) but on the face of it the phrases shown as quotes in this – http://www.international-adviser.com/news/products/harlequin-wins-high-court-battle-over-contractor – do not appear to have originated from the court report. I don’t have time to right now to investigate further but perhaps someone else might care to take a look to confirm that?

    As no source was given in the International Adviser feature one wonders where it originated from.

  163. BBaywatch

    one quick correction – the phrase –

    The first named defendant (O’Halloran) and his senior advisors (Newman and MacDonald) travelled to the UK, Jordan, Romania and Morocco canvassing new business. It appears a ticket was bought for MacDonald, but that he had not ultimately travelled with other members of the party.

    appears in para 67 of the court report as quote “Around this time, also, the first named defendant and his senior advisors travelled to the UK, Jordan, Romania and Morocco canvassing for new business. It appears that a ticket had been purchased for Mr. MacDonald, but that he had ultimately not travelled with the other members of the party.” unquote

    NB neither Newman nor MacDonald are named. The addition of the names in the IA report may be confusing the court report search engine – no time to investigate further at the moment.

  164. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon RU, No you are so wrong. “Ralph” obviously knows who I am, his innuendos are too close to the mark. However they are inaccurate and wrong in some of their assumptions. Before throwing your smart arsed comments out make sure your facts are accurate, which they are not!

  165. EddieLizzard2

    Do I get the feeling that there is a smear campaign emerging against Newman and MacDonald? Lots of misquotes, biased Press Releases and the assertion that Newman was ‘found guilty’ when in fact it was a civil matter and he was not even a defendant in the Irish builder case. I wonder if it emanates from Harlequin? Of course it might have nothing to do with the upcoming court action by Harlequin against Newman and Wilkins Kennedy.

  166. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 Why do you think there is a smear campaign Take the time to read the court transcripts, they are damming in themselves. I’m surprised the three of them are not under the investigation by the SFO. This was serious fraud,and no less. And where do you get the idea its a “biased” press release? .

  167. Ralph

    FDNRM this is in no way a personal attack on you or your character. Again as stated you are a genuine purchaser who has paid for your unit in full. And we believe that you are not alone in this. Most of the initial purchasers would have paid stage payments as you did. It must be remembered that the 30% down with nothing else to pay regime came at a later stage. Mr. Ames has publically stated on many occasions that he will soon be in a position to allow completions on units. Thus giving the impression that 70% funds will flow as a result. But as in your case FDNRM you have already paid most if not all the full amount. And we suspect you are not alone in this.
    In addition FDNRM if you look closely at your contract, the original contract it clearly states that title would pass to you on payment of the deposit. Harlequin might try to claim that this is a typographical error. And get you to accept a new contract. Our advice would be to refuse and keep your original contract. But it is up to you.

  168. EddieLizzard2

    @ 36 read my post. BTW it’s a Judgment not a court transcript!

  169. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, I may well be misreading you, but lately you have been coming across as less pro-Harlequin as you have been in the past. Has something happened recently to cause you to view HP in a different light?

  170. Ralph

    FDNRM Mr. Ames had promised to make the transcripts public. To date he has failed to do so. And he had a very good reason not too.
    The UK authorities were represented in Ireland throughout the trial.
    The Hon. Judge has picked our what he considered to be the most relevant parts of the case and put them in his judgement. Including a reference to the QS’s being unreliable.
    The information Harlequin gave to media outlets last week does not tally with the judgement when taken in its entirety.
    Their appears to be a manic obsession by some to divert attention away from the core issues.
    Just to repeat. The judge has ordered Mr. O Halloran to pay back 0.3 % of monies taken by Harlequin and the Ames family.
    Just to put this in context. Mr. Ames spent 0.56 % of all monies taken in deposits from purchasers on a two day launch at the grove hotel. Mr. Ames and his family “borrowed” 1.4% of purchaser funds to buy properties fir him and his family. He however did not seek the permission of the purchasers to do this.
    Mr. and Mrs. Ames were at pains to point out that the 0.3% in essence prevented them in achieving completions of projects for their purchasers. No mention of the 1.4% borrowed.

  171. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph 10.41 Just about every point in this post is inaccurate and ill informed which leads me to believe that you are making a lot of assumptions in your analysis.

  172. Dug

    Well this is all very interesting…

  173. Ralph

    FDNRM apologies, it is a very stressful time for all concerned. We have copies of contracts from the period 2006 – 2008. We are fully aware of the business model during this time. The business model was also addressed in some detail in the Irish Court Case and is referenced in the transcripts as opposed to the judgement. Would you be prepared to state how much you paid for your unit? And or would you be prepared to state how much of the purchase price you paid prior to 2010. Ie the stage payments. We fully respect your decision should you not choose to do so.
    As previously stated this is not a personal attack on you or an attack on your character. We have thousands of documents on which we have based our analysis. We have historical and relatively recent information. We are not basing our analysis on here say, rumour, innuendo or conjecture. We have passed on “OUR” analysis to the relevant parties with an interest in Harlequin.
    All we are doing in this forum is to test the information being provided on this forum against the actual facts as they become available.
    Some of the comments on this forum lead us to believe there is confusion as to your position with Harlequin. However it should be pointed out to all, that each individuals arrangement or agreement is between the Individual concerned and Harlequin and is of no concern to anyone else unless that individual is prepared to share that information. And this includes you. If you are happy with Harlequin then fine. That will have to be accepted by all parties. If you are willing to state why you are happy with Harlequin better still.
    If you are unhappy then use this open forum
    as a means to ask questions. This might help you make an informed decision.
    The Irish judgement is just that. And as such must be read as a single source document.
    As has been pointed out there has been a lot of inaccurate reporting of the facts of the judgement. In essence it is being sensationalised. Again remember the award is for 0.3% of all deposit monies taken.

  174. Sid

    Hi Ralph, I’m sure many people would be more than happy to share their experience with you, but would probably want to know who you and your organisation are first?

  175. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralf, “As previously stated this is not a personal attack on you or an attack on your character” Oh yes? And I quote :He along with many others is clinging on to a belief that Mr. Ames or Mr. Fatchet will perform some kind of miracle.”
    “Apologies FDNRM I inadvertently called you Bob. The bloody cat is in the room and the kids call him Bob. As in Bob no hope. Lol”
    “His current circumstances mean he is dependant on his investment as a major part of his income.”
    “A guy is working in a good job, he sees an advert for a villa in paradise. ………….Oh yeah in my hypothetical story the guy looses his job and is now on state benefits. So the last thing he wants or needs is to loose his investment. So he becomes an avid supporter of the developer.”
    Very Innocent comments? NOT. You have personally quoted me, and me only several times, in your posts. As Sid has said “perhaps we should know who you and your organisation are first” Until you do that do not refer to me in your posts and I have no intention of engaging in any further dialog with you. I attempted that earlier in your postings and you have abused that. In the meantime I will let you carry on posting uninformed rubbish guess work.

  176. Ralph

    Hi Sid we have concluded our look at Harlequin and sent our analysis to the relevant authorities. The purpose of the posts on this forum was really to get the forum back to discussing issues relevant to Harlequin and indeed those connected to Harlequin in one way or another.
    Our purpose is to generate interesting debate on issues raised backed up by information available.
    Those who wish to participate can do so freely, even going so far as to say that anyone should be able to make sensible comments either pro or anti Harlequin, if we make a statement of fact as we perceive it then we fully accept the right of anyone to question the veracity of the information provided by us. As we would with them.

    We have also thought it prudent to remain anonymous just for the time being, as you yourself choose to do.
    We hope this is acceptable to you.

  177. Ralph

    FDNRM et Al. Our hypothetical story was just that.
    The figures quoted in the story as to the purchase price could not have been real. To have been real would mean that Harlequin sold properties not only well below market value but most importantly below the cost to complete.

    Our statement that you and many others are clinging onto the hope that Mr. Ames and Mr. Fatchett will pull off some miracle may not be true in your case and as such we apologise to you. However it must be accepted that most people do not want to loose their investments, many purchasers can ill afford to loose the money they paid Harlequin. Many are struggling to meet monthly commitments since Harlequin stopped making payments on the monthly interest due to them.
    And as a consequence will cling onto any hope that might save them their money. There is nothing wrong with this.

    But FDNRM you relied on documents provided to you by Harlequin in order to satisfy you to allow you make payments for your unit.

    Those documents were NOT prepared by a QS. The TVA documents you saw had a signature. It was not an original. TVA did NOT provide a QS role to Harlequin. TVA provided an Architectural role ONLY at Buccament Bay.

    As for any similarities between our hypothetical story and your circumstances those are purely coincidental and apologies again if you taken offence by our posts.

    The Irish judgement in itself demonstrates how far the Ames family are willing to go to implicate everyone else apart from themselves in this shambles.

    At no point has Mr Ames accepted partial responsibility for the absolutely shocking way in which he made no effort to protect purchasers funds. He blames accountants, (both Wilkins Kennedy and BDO )builders, (Ridgeview and ICE Group), lawyers (Dla Piper for over charging). Procure it Direct and Andy Smith. Jeremy Newman, The SFO, Garreth Fatchet, Nikki Crozier, BBC Panorama, Matthew Hill, RLB International QS firm, The UK print media, Jon Austin, The Government of Barbados etc etc etc

  178. TS

    Ralph aka Jeremy Newman.

    BBaywatch clearly has not read the section of the judgment called “The Role of Wilkins Kennedy Accountants, Mr. Martin MacDonald and Mr. Jeremy Newman”.

  179. 28

    TS – Whoever he is does’nt mitigate the math……0.03%, rsvp.

  180. 28

    Sorry —0.30%

  181. TS

    Anon it is a warped view that reads exactly like Harlecon. The case was for money sent to Ireland and other cases will take place in the Caribbean where the majority was allegedly sent. It is the same old Harlecon propaganda.

    There are also other considerations such as the cost involved in replacing the contractor.

    What a coincidence that the shamed pair Jeremy Newman and Martin MacDonald take a pounding in the press and Ralph magically appears to troll and misinform.

  182. 28

    TS – Sorry, it does’nt wash. You are in effect saying that Ridgeview,
    ICE, Procure-it-Direct and Krauss-Manning and ALL the QS,
    Architectural and Accounting firms “were out to get Harlequin”
    Good grief man, do you realize how idiotic that sounds?

  183. Ralph

    TS what are your views on the very serious allegations made by Harlequin’s witnesses about RLB.
    We have re read the Judgement in its entirety and cannot find anywhere, not even an oblique reference to any hint that Mr. Newman had engaged in any wrong doing.
    We also find it rather odd that Mr. Newman was engaged by Harlequin. Surely as an employee of Wilkins Kennedy it was they who were engaged by Harlequin and Mr. Newman was tasked with doing some work for Harlequin by his superiors in Wilkins Kennedy.
    The other issue not clear from the judgement is did Mr. O Halloran or his companies engage the services of Wilkins Kennedy or was Mr. Newman moonlighting,?
    The shamed pair apparently took a pounding in the press as a result of the miss leading information provided by Harlequin to media outlets. This should be redressed in a professional manner in the next few weeks.
    Again TS your inference with relevance to the Harlecon site is a little premature. A competent UK court is due to decide that matter in the next 12 months.
    The amount being claimed by Harlequin in the Caribbean is 1.7% of the total deposit taken by Harlequin.
    This compared to the 47% taken by Mrs. Ames in commissions through her company HMSSE and the 8.7% that the Ames family took from purchasers between loans and investments in companies to which the purchasers have no stake. Airlines, Travel Agents, The loan, Properties in Dubai etc.

    And it is still remarkable that you fail to comment on RLB. Harlequin have alleged they tempered with Reports.

    On the issue of replacing contractors, did Harlequin not set up their own contracting firm, with Andy Smith of Procure It Direct being held out as the Managing Director?

    And has not Harlequin and Mr. Ames not accused this company and Mr. Smith of theft too, with Mr. Smith claiming he is owed close to 1 million USD.

  184. 80

    The business model falls apart when over a third of deposits go in commissions. It is a show stopper. Ames then spent fortunes on himself, and other non construction related items. No need to blame harlecon or o’haloran for that.did not check outdoor plumbing himself? Did not check to see if marina had started before telling the world it was almost complete? His staff sent out wildly misleading and simply untrue promotional material. He said there was guaranteed financing. He said construction was going apace. Projects did not even have planning. The picture is one of a hopelessly incompetent developer, and an at best sly, possibly fraudulent businessman. How can anyone else be held responsible?

  185. Ralph

    Why were Wilkins Kennedy, Mr. MacDonald or Jeremy Newman never made defendants in Harlequin’s multi jurisdictional actions. Maybe Harlequin should add them to the Caribbean cases.

    In order to provide a semblance of credence to what Harlequin have to say, they could start by publishing a letter from the SFO stating that they are no longer under investigation. Then maybe Harlequin can tell us who will replace Matt Ames as General Manager of the Buccament Bay Resort, whilst he attends to some important matters back home in the UK.
    The Ames family could also alay the fears of purchasers by stating that they are not funding nor part funding Matt Ames’s defence in his up coming criminal trial.
    Harlequin should also state when they intend to pay the employees at their Buccament Bay Resort. The employees have been on 50% pay for 3 months and have received no pay for the month of July.

  186. Ralph: Fantastic. FDNRM not going to engage with you any further – what a result!. Please go easy on yourself, don’t take it to heart or lose any sleep. LOL

  187. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, try page 17. So Newman who was working for Wilkins Kennedy tried to get advise about ICE pulling out of the contract. Talk about a conflict of interests. Also page 20, again a total conflict of interests.
    @TS I’m with you, Ralf is just a propaganda exercise as he knows the net is tightening on others.
    Why O’Halloran is not being investigated by the police for fraud I do not know.
    Also it would appear that the money awarded by the court only relates to money transferred by O’Halloran to Irish accounts and not the total amount misappropriated.

  188. Ralph

    icu4wotur Sadly you may have spoken too soon. FDNRM We understand your frustration here. A conflict of interest you say. This appears to be a common theme used by Harlequin to cover a multitude of issues.
    I would be very surprised if Wilkins Kennedy did not have safe guards in place to deal with this. Do you know which office Mr. Newman worked for? It might be an issue worth raising with Wilkins Kennedy.
    In the same vain would you consider the actions of Grant Thornton to be a conflict of interest.
    Were RLB also not conflicted? Were not Harlequin’s own Caribbean lawyers working for both Mr. O Halloran and Harlequin. Is this not a conflict? You claim to have read the transcripts, are they not full of conflicts. Andy Townsends Brother was employed by a subcontractor of Mr. O Halloran’s companies. Is this a conflict of interest? ? Mr. O Halloran and Mr. Ames use Virgin, Is this not a conflict?
    Harlequin’s own employees signed off independant QS reports. Which you paid money against. Is this not a conflict? No sorry this is fraud.

  189. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, I will comment on something I know about and the many items you quote are unproved. Suggest you put up your evidence, particularly relating to the QS report. Lets see if I get an e-mail back regarding that shall we? Lots of allegations, no proof, certainly not in the transcripts except o’Halloran and his associates were part of a massive fraud on HP. And you cannot deny that.

  190. Ralph

    Which Net are we talking about?
    How is the defamation case progressing? How is the professional negligence case progressing ?
    The net closed in Ireland did it not? Ames got his victory Got awarded 0.3% did he not? How much more do you need to close that particular net to close.
    How is the SFO case progressing?
    Or the Essex police case ?
    Did the Oranges ever ripen ?
    Has Mr. Ames sent a pre action protocol to RLB yet?
    Has the case against Port Vale concluded?
    How are the Stat demand cases coming along?
    How are the 15 current private investor cases in the Eastern Caribbean Courts coming along?
    How is the action in the Eastern Caribbean Courts by ex employees of Harlequin coming along?
    Are there still freezing orders against the personal assets of Mr. and Mrs. Ames?
    How are the cases against the IFA’s going?
    How are the cases against agents coming along?
    How is the case between Procure It Direct and Harlequin coming along?

    Or are you talking about the criminal case in September against Matt Ames.

    So many nets closing, so many nooses tightening, So much confusion.
    So lets all just concentrate on the accountants shall we. That way its so easy not to get confused?

  191. Anon - reasons unknown

    Good. It’s getting exciting again.

    Maybe good will prevail over evil after all.

  192. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralf and your proof that the QS reports were falsified?

  193. Ralph

    FDNRM The reports you have should contain signatures. It might be worth looking at them. We have copies of 67 reports. In ours the signatures are all “Exactly” the same. I suppose the easiest thing however to do is to call TVA and ask if they ever provided a QS role to Harlequin. When we called them they explained that they only provided an Architectural role and were adamant that they did not provide a QS role. Again you refer to the transcripts. Have you seen these transcripts? If so could you please enlighten us as to what Mrs. Ames had to say about her management of HMSSE ?
    We have yet to see the transcripts but I am led to believe that section is very revealing indeed.
    Back to the QS reports. This will have to be dealt with by the authorities and it will be wrong of us to make our findings on these public at this time. I hope you understand.

    Massive Fraud yes absolutely, perpetrated by Harlequin perhaps. Look at Matt Ames the Orange never falls far from the tree.

    As we have said previously, you are entitled to your opinion. It appears that you are happy with Harlequin. We are not here to dissuade those who are convinced that Harlequin is a sound investment. We are here to try and shed some light on issues which have yet to be addressed.

  194. it really is game over

    ensure your seats are in the upright position and your seatbelt is securely fastened….looks like its gonna get a bit bumpy

  195. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I didn’t mean transcripts, I meant court ruling. You haven’t answered my posting of 6.07 regarding Newman.

  196. 28

    fdnrm – Maybe I’m incorrect but would’nt a fraud case against
    O’Hallaran be prosecuted in SVG and would’nt a certain unnamed
    Prime Minister not be to happy to see a lot of dirty laundry
    necessarily exposed? Just wondering…

  197. Ralph

    FDNRM We must apologise. You are asking us to make comment on the judgement and you refer us to page numbers. Sadly the judgement as it appears on line is not paginated, as in it has no page numbers. Could you possibly be referring to a copy of the judgement provided to you by Harlequin? Would this also perchance contain annotated notes. If Harlequin have provided you with the judgement could you also get them to provide you with a copy of the transcripts. We have just received an anonymous email with an attachment which claims to be a court transcript.
    The transcript is bizarre in the extreme.
    Sit back folks this is so weird. We are typing as we speak. The transcript basically describes how Mrs. Ames states that she does not know how many units HMSSE sold.
    She states that she has no knowledge as to the finances of HMMSE. It is her husband and Mr. Mac Donald who deal with this.

    Ok this has to be a joke. Mrs. Ames is the managing director of HMMSE or was until Shipleys took on the administration. Sge signed off the accounts. The audited accounts every year. Her husband and Mr. MacDonald are not even directors.

    FDNRM can you get a hold of Mr. Ames urgently and ask for a copy of the transcripts so that this rubbish can be put to bed once and for all. If what we have just received is wrong, we will apologise unreservedly to the Ames family and join the attack against anyone who dares speak out against them.

  198. Anonymous

    This is getting too good to believe!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Anon - reasons unknown

    And was so intent on getting an early night! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas 🙂

  200. Ralph

    This is so weird. Mr. Ames states he has 5000 investors and sold in excess of 6000 properties.

    This has to be a wind up. Mr. Ames says he had initial concerns about Mr. Newman working for the ICE Group but was then happy as Mr. MacDonald told Mr. Ames that Mr. Newman would be Harlequin’s eyes and ears in ICE group. Was Newman a spy. This is ridiculous. Did Newman become a double agent. My name is Bond, Jeremy Bond.lol

    This cant be real. Did Ames’s plan backfire? If this is true then Ames had no issue with a conflict of interest. Sorry he did but only after it did not benefit him.

    Mr. Ames you promised to make the transcripts public. We now plead with you to do so to put this madness to bed once and for all.

    We pray no one else gets sight of these alleged transcripts.

  201. it really is game over

    I hear the all night Spar in Basildon has had a late rush on toilet tissue and has now sold out

  202. St George's Dragon

    I have read the court judgement and find the whole thing a bit odd.
    Although there was no contract in place, there appeared to have been discussions about a rate to be paid per square foot and a price of $79 million for the project.
    Against that backdrop, were the payments to O’Halloran not just payments on account to a building contractor? If they were, then if he spent the money on planes or weddings, that is entirely up to him.
    I guess that must have all been covered in the case and that it hinged on the fact that ICE was “almost insolvent”. Strange though; never seen anything like it in construction before. QSs crawling all over the project and not one brave enough to tell Mr Ames that he was mad to embark on the project on the basis that he did.

  203. Ralph

    Somehow one senses there is more to this then meets the eye. The transcripts we have seen tonight paint a terrible picture of how Mr.Ames ran his business. He makes himself out to be a naive and sometimes terrified individual who was bullied by Mr. O Halloran.

  204. Yatinkiteasy

    No one can write their signature exactly the same, even if it is done 100 times. It is how handwriting experts determine forgeries . If all the signatures are EXACTLY a the same, they are surely digitally copied and applied to the documents in question.

  205. anon73

    There appears to be a certain amount of irony to this case. O’Haloran’s business relied entirely on Harlequin and was insolvent and Harlequin claim unjust enrichment against O’Haloran. Is Harlequin not trading insolvent itself? It does not pay the interest payments to purchasers, it does not pay staff on time if at all in some instances, does not pay many creditors. It is not able to meet its financial commitments, and therefore is by definition insolvent. And yet, the man behind it all has taken huge dividends from the sales company (HMSSE), and has lived the high life himself using what can only be purchaser money. He entirely relied on purchaser money himself, as O’Haloran relied on Harlequin. Mr Ames had been recently bankrupt when Harlequin was set up, he had very limited personal funds at the time. The fact that the dividends were taken from HMSSE, a separate legal entity to the Caribbean company, does not change the fact that the source of funds with which he enriched himself is the same as what was funding the Caribbean companies (and ultimately O’Haloran’s lifestyle too) – namely purchaser money. The developer of the properties should not be doing this, pure and simple. Any half decent or semi experienced developer would know that US$96 per square foot is not going to build you quality in SVG. The list of facts that demonstrate his negligence is very long, but the irony does appear fairly rich in this case.

  206. Anon - reasons unknown

    His incompetence lead to negligence (on a massive scale). His lies (which were endless, seems like a sickness) lead to deception. Fraud whichever way you look at it.

  207. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, stop ducking the question, take the court judgement on line and PRINT it off which is what I did, so answer the question asked above regarding Newman. Also you keep referring back to sight of the transcripts, I haven’t seen them, you have in which case publish them. I see lots of accusations coming from you but not backed up.
    Also why is it weird that there are 5000 investors and 6000 properties invested in?

  208. TS

    This is utterly pathetic. Has Ralph, Anon or any detractors actually read the judgment?

    Anyone who reads the judgment will see that Jeremy Newman and Martin MacDonald are heavily implicated. It is false to say otherwise.

    Jeremy Newman and Martin MacDonald worked for Harlequin as representatives of their accountants and auditors Wilkins Kennedy.

    Jeremy Newman and Martin MacDonald are defendants in the defamation case due in the next few months.

    Those are the facts.

  209. TS

    The Role of Wilkins Kennedy Accountants, Mr. Martin MacDonald and Mr. Jeremy Newman

    75. Wilkins Kennedy had been accountants to a business run by Mrs. Carol Ames and subsequently became accountants to Harlequin. The contact between Harlequin and Wilkins Kennedy was Mr. Martin MacDonald (“Mac”). Mac became more than a member of an accountancy firm retained by Harlequin. He became a close friend and confidante of Mr. and Mrs. Ames and, as time went by, Mr. Ames relied more and more on his assistance. Eventually, he became, to all intents and purposes, the Chief Financial Officer of Harlequin. Mr. Jeremy Newman was retained to give tax advice to Harlequin. After some time, he became involved in giving advice to the ICE Group. This was a matter of concern to Mr. Ames, who was reassured that sufficient safeguards were put in place to avoid any conflict of interest on the part of personnel within Wilkins Kennedy. On 23rd November, 2012, Mr. Newman resigned from Wilkins Kennedy and has now gone into business with Mr. Padraig O’Halloran. Together, they have set up a new construction and civil engineering company in Jordan.

    76. Again and again, throughout this lengthy trial, evidence was produced which showed what a pivotal role Mac played in the day-to-day business of Harlequin. What also emerged in the course of the trial was the growing relationship that developed between Mr. Padraig O’Halloran and Mac. It developed to such a point that Mac attended the stag party of the first named defendant at Monte Carlo during the Grand Prix weekend in 2010. Although Mr. Newman gave evidence in the trial, Mr. MacDonald did not. He neither turned up at the trial nor furnished a witness statement.

    77. I am satisfied that the evidence establishes that by the spring of 2010, Mr. MacDonald was working in league with the first named defendant and he had a serious conflict of interest in continuing to act for Harlequin. Mr. Ames felt very let down by Mr. MacDonald, and with some justification. By that time, Mr. Newman was also working for the ICE Group.

  210. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @TS I agree with you. Ralph just keeps throwing out accusations and suggestions to try and detract from the real points of the court case. DA won and the ICE group were culpable of fraud. It’s down in black and white. And to suggest he cannot answer because “the page numbers are missing” is unbelievable.

  211. Who's the worst fraudster.

    What an amusing game is being played out here. Apparently if the supporters of each fraudster can shout loud enough and often enough that the other fraudster is worse it absolves the fraudster they are rooting for.
    Incidentally anyone reading the judgement properly will note that neither Ames nor Newman were accused of any wrongdoing. That doesn’t mean either are innocent it merely means that it had no part to play in the case. The judge was quite clear that all that counted was whether O’Halloran knowingly, or was reckless as to the truth, misrepresented whether Phase 1 of Buccament Bay would be completed by July 1st 2010 and thereby obtained money from Harlequin on that basis. The Judge found that, on the balance of probability, he did knowingly misrepresent the likelihood of completion and therefore found against him and ordered the return of the money misappropriated to Ireland. No other damages other than the money misappropriated was ordered to be paid. I wonder who will pay the costs of the court case. Answer – the investors of course.

  212. Ralph

    FDNRM The issue of the conflict of interest as it pertains to Mr. Newman is rather simple. Mr. Newman was an employee of Wilkins Kennedy, not a partner, just an employee. ICE group was a client of Wilkins Kennedy as were Harlequin. It must be noted that ICE group was a client of Wilkins Kennedy’s Egham office whilst Harlequin were clients of Wilkins Kennedy’s Southend Office.
    Each of the Wilkins Kennedy’s offices operate separately. Its exactly the same with Grant Thornton.Grant Thornton in Ireland were assisting Harlequin as expert witnesses , whilst Grant Thornton in the UK are looking into the business activities of Harlequin and the Ames family. In both cases there is no conflict of interest. It might be perceived by you or the average Joe on the street that there is. But this kind of arrangement is commonplace.
    As Mr. Newman was an employee of Wilkins Kennedy and tasked by his senior managers he would therefore not have been retained by Harlequin. His company (The Egham Office might have been) but this arrangement is not clear from the Judgement.

    However regardless of all of these facts what is incredible is that in the various extracts from the court transcripts we have, it is clear that Mr. Ames himself did not consider there being any conflict of interest, having being satisfied that Mr. Newman would be his eyes and ears whilst working for the ICE Group.
    Therefore the aggrieved party in this instance as it pertains to a conflict of interest was in actual fact the ICE Group and Mr. O Halloran.
    It wasn’t until later that Mr. Ames complained about a conflict of interest quite possibly because Mr. Newman in upholding the ethics of his profession refused to be, in all essence a spy for Mr. Ames.
    With respect to the very vociferous protestations by TS on the Issue of Wilkins Kennedy and Mr. MacDonald. It has to be noted that neither the company nor Mr. MacDonald were witnesses in the court case. Again what is unclear from the judgement is whether Harlequin requested or supbonead Wilkins Kennedy, but from the court transcripts we have it does not appear that Harlequin made any attempt to involve Mr. MacDonald or Wilkins Kennedy in the proceedings. Which is very odd given the allegations made against Mr. MacDonald and Wilkins Kennedy prior to, during and after the proceedings.
    The judge himself found it odd that Mr. MacDonald had not presented a witness statement nor had he attended court, therefore in the absence of any rebuttal evidence in the Irish Court Case the Judge had to rely on the evidence of the plaintiffs.
    Wilkins Kennedy and Mr. MacDonald may very well have had valid reasons not to turn up in Ireland but those reasons as of yet remain unknown to us, but Mr. Ames could take an action against Wilkins Kennedy in the UK. It is a fact that for the past 3 years he has stated that he has commenced a professional claim against Wilkins Kennedy yet as of today’s date no court action has commenced.

    In simple terms the allegations by Mr. Ames and Harlequin against Wilkins Kennedy and Mr. MacDonald remain unchallenged, although we suspect that Wilkins Kennedy will address this issue in the UK.

  213. Ralph

    FDNRM Mr. Ames has stated publically and in letters to his agents and purchasers that he will make the court transcripts public. He has failed to do so. We are sure however that at some stage members of the press will receive the relevant transcripts.

    Why Mr. Ames has not made the transcripts public is any bodies guess. In the information he provided to the press last week he made numerous references to the transcripts, even noting the transcript page numbers, paragraph nos and relevant line numbers, however he did not provide the media with the supporting documentation as on the transcripts.

    FDNRM has asked why we don’t make the transcripts public. We unlike Mr. Ames have never stated we will. We will however analyse them and pass our findings onto the relevant authorities for further action should the authorities deem that necessary.

  214. BBaywatch

    @Who’s the worst fraudster.

    “Incidentally anyone reading the judgement properly will note that neither Ames nor Newman were accused of any wrongdoing. That doesn’t mean either are innocent it merely means that it had no part to play in the case.”

    Quite so – the judge is reported as saying –

    quote “A great deal of this trial was taken up with matters that were peripheral to the issues which I have to decide and did little more than add colour.” unquote

    colour?? – that would be Technicolor and 3D according to some of the HP trolls, but then conflating entirely separate matters into one has been standard practice by HP for years.

  215. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, Despite being “an average Joe” I can read. I suggest you read the judgement in more detail.Your defense of Newman is incorrect, he was more than just an employee of WK. As you seem unable to print, or save the judgement, I will quote the point directly.
    67) “it emerged in the evidence, also, that Mr O’Halloran and key advisors, including Mr. Newman, had sought advice in February of 2010 from Knowles, a consultancy firm specialising in construction disputes. In Mr. Newman’s evidence the meeting was primarily concerned with assessing the possibility of the ICE Group “discontinuing” its involvement with the Buccament Bay project at short notice. However, it appears that they were advised that this would not be possible. The first named defendant claimed in evidence that the company had sought this advice because of failures on the part of the plaintiffs to make payments on schedule. Indeed, the first named defendant claimed that the ICE Group is owed a significant sum of money by the plaintiffs. However, there was no evidence of complaints having been made by the ICE Group or The first named defendant regarding purported difficulties in obtaining payment from the plaintiffs. Indeed, the meeting with Knowles took place in the same month that an agreement was reached with the plaintiffs for an increase in the payments to be made in pursuance of the Buccament Bay project. Around this time, also, the first named defendant and his senior advisors travelled to the UK, Jordan, Romania and Morocco canvassing for new business. It appears that a ticket had been purchased for Mr. MacDonald, but that he had ultimately not travelled with the other members of the party.”
    Also Ralph you now admit to having copies of the court transcripts. So stop playing your silly games, either post them up or stop being selective with your drip drip of information.
    There again what would I know being an “average Joe”

  216. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, Trolls? Yes usual response to an informed debate trying to get to the truth. At least I post all the relevant information, not selective text to misinterpret the total item. Sound familiar?

  217. Ralph

    Whilst TS’s manic obsession with Wilkins Kennedy continues, TS nor anyone else supportive of Harlequin has addressed the issue raised in the judgement with respect to RLB. RLB is one of the world’s largest and respected QS and Project management firms in the world. Yet and as contained in the judgement Mr. Garreth Ronan a witness for Harlequin suggested that RLB had tempered documents they produced. The Hon. Judge was just as vehement in his assertion that RLB were also conflicted.
    Oddly Mr. Ronan’s LinkedIn page details have changed considerably since the conclusion of the Irish Case.
    He no longer works for Harlequin. His LinkedIn page now calls him Garret. R, not Garret Ronan. He also had removed all reference to Harlequin, now stating that he is VP of Hotels and Resorts Barbados.
    Mr. Ronan has in fact left Barbados and now works for the Japanese themed restaurant Zuma. Again evidence has come to light which casts doubt on the evidence that Mr. Ronan provided in the Irish case. Despite the allegations levied against RLB in the Irish Court , Harlequin, Mr. Ames and indeed Mr. Ronan invited RLB to take on the project management of the Buccament Bay Resort in late 2010. RLB executives even stayed free of charge as personal guests at the Buccament Bay Resort whilst deciding on whether to take on the PM role or not. RLB after due consideration turned down the role being offered them by Harlequin.

    FDNRM ICE Group was not a defendant in the Irish case and as such no judgment has been made against the ICE Group in any jurisdiction.

  218. Yatinkiteasy

    The revelation by this court case that Ames did not have a written contract with a Construction Company to build a multimillion dollar resort in St Vincent is mind boggling . Sending hundreds of thousands and then millions of pounds to them on a weekly basis, without a contract is the act of an idiot or a madman. He can blame everyone and anyone, but ultimately he is the person responsible for the complete screw up that has taken place with investors’ money.

  219. Ralph

    FDNRM is a genuine purchaser, he has also been acquainted with Mr. Ames long before the Caribbean developments were ever conceived. But the evidence to date demonstrates that his only involvement with Harlequin is as an innocent purchaser.

    This however might explain why FDNRM was singled out by Mr. Ames for special treatment with respect to the payment of his guranteed returns.

    We must reiterate that aside from his long term personal relationship with the Ames family there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that he is in anyway involved in any alleged wrong doing by the Ames family or the Harlequin Group.

    However we would ask him to ask Mr. Ames to let him have sight of the court transcripts to allow him to make his own definitive informed opinion on the facts as they pertain to the issues being discussed.

    This would give FDNRM credibility in the eyes of his peers on this forum.

  220. Ralph

    Yatinkiteasy Its even worse then that. The court transcripts which Mr. Ames promised to produce but has failed to date to do, demonstrate that the ICE Group requested a fidic yellow book contract be entered into on numerous occasions and the transcripts refer to a number of email exchanges on the matter. It was Mr. Ames according to the transcripts we have seen who refused to enter into a contract.

  221. TS


    It has already been discussed that the court transcripts are copyrighted. That is why Erika Broughton and Nikki Crozier could not post them when Paudie O’Halloran provided them.

    Regarding RLB how do you know they are not to be the focus of future action? Can you not see that Paudie O’Halloran, Jeremy Newman, Martin MacDonald and Wilkins Kennedy would clearly be the priority? Your obsession with RLB is an obvious diversionary tactic.

    If you represent a company or group, why are you hiding here?

  222. Yatinkiteasy

    @Ralph… Why would he not want a contract? It just does not make any sense at all.

  223. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, nice try but you have ignored paragraph 67 AGAIN.
    Your posting above is both inaccurate and personal. i have come to the conclusion that as you have singled me out for attention you must some how see me as a threat.
    1)Known DA before my investment, WRONG
    2)Special treatment WRONG
    3)Not involved with any wrongdoing RIGHT.
    4)Ask for sight of court documents to make my own informed opinion. YOU SUPPLY THEM
    5)Credibility in the eyes of his peers on this forum COULD NOT GIVE A S**T
    Also I have not suggested ICE group was a defendant in the Irish court case. Quoting directly from the judgement shows the involvement of Newman in the conspiracy, Your tactics are obvious on here, deflect all questions and comments with another statement. You motives have been found out.

  224. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, regarding a contract, he was of course wrong not to have one in place. But the reason he did not was that he was persuaded by MacDonald, a trusted friend and employee of WK not to have one. Macdonald was now found out to be part of the ICE fraud.

  225. St George's Dragon

    If ICE suggested entering into a FIDIC Yellow Book contract then they didn’t know what they were doing. The Yellow Book is a specialist contract for use on electrical and mechanical works, not for “normal” construction work.

  226. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @TS, are court transcripts readily available to anyone, or just to people directly associated with the case? I think your ID “slip” higher up is quite pertinent.

  227. Ralph

    Yatinkiteasy According to the court transcripts Mr. Ames on the advice of Mr. MacDonald felt that a contract would tie them down and Harlequin needed flexibility. The transcripts don’t detail why the flexibility was required. But they are very clear and despite the fact that the ICE Group requested contracts on a number of occasions Harlequin and Mr. Ames refused to accede to the requests.

  228. 80

    Misdirection is rife. It is Ames and Ames alone who got purchasers to part with their money via lies and deceit and delivered 2 per cent of his sold product. He gave the info to ifa’s and agents, and masterminded the scam. He will blame everyone else and the more misdirection the better. Purchasers have been ripped off by him. Others may have joined the robbing gravy train, but the focus has to surely be on him. Clearly was clueless as a developer – no contract with builder, thought he could build five star for $96, terrible locations for resorts and losing fortunes operationally. Thankfully for him though, got paid up front so he’s sorted.

  229. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, I suggest you stop quoting from court transcripts, no one else has a copy and what you say cannot be substantiated. To the point where the judgement is different to what you say.
    “Mr. David Ames said that he was persuaded not to have a written contract by Mr. Martin MacDonald who had become a close and trusted advisor and confidante. Throughout the proceedings, Mr. MacDonald was generally referred to by the soubriquet of “Mac”. Mac was a partner in the accountancy firm of Wilkins Kennedy. Mrs. Ames got to know him when she was employed with Patten Pools (Construction) Ltd. As the plaintiffs’ business grew, they needed someone who could advise them on financial matters and Mac became the point of contact between the plaintiffs and Wilkins Kennedy. But he was more than that. He eventually became de facto the Chief Financial Officer of the plaintiff’s company as he carried out work going way beyond the role of an accountant. He also became a close personal friend of Mr. and Mrs. Ames and they trusted him absolutely. Although Mr. MacDonald played a pivotal role in the events giving rise to this litigation, it is of some significance that he was not called to give evidence, nor did he supply a witness statement.”
    “For whatever reason, Mr. Ames did not see the need for a written contract and he appears to have willingly gone along with the suggestion that the parties to the building contract for the resort at Buccament Bay would work things out on an ad hoc basis as they went along. As matters transpired, this turned out to be a very poor decision on his part.”
    Somewhat different to your suggestion that ICE requested them but DA turned them down.

  230. Ralph


    Dear sir, firstly let us apologise to you for the inaccurate post earlier. In it we stated that whilst you are well acquainted with Mr. Ames you were to the evidence we had at that time nothing more then an innocent purchaser albeit acquainted with the Ames family.

    It appears that you now do indeed have access to the court transcripts, your posting of 12.35 pm describes fairly accurately Mr. MacDonalds role as it pertained to the issue of the contract, as is contained in the transcript. You will note that we have also referred to the same transcript at 12.38.

    Your comment to TS is also now somewhat hollow as it appears you also have a copy of the transcripts. So how far up the totem pole are you.?

    We no longer now consider you an innocent purchaser but at the very least a very good and loyal friend of the Ames family but possibly also complicit in the alleged wrong doing and fraud by that family.

    Sadly you were the first to refer to Mr. MacDonalds role vis a vee the contract issue as is referred to in the transcripts.

  231. Conned

    @ Ralph… You are a breath of fresh air…. Thank you!
    @ FDNRM… Why oh why do you keep up the defence of such a scam?

  232. Ralph

    FDNRM We are prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt on your last post only with specific reference to the fact that you may have extracted the information from the judgement as opposed to the transcripts. Its just that they way you posted your post of 12.35 was exactly as it appeared in the transcript where as there is s subtle difference in way its worded in the judgement. We will give you the benefit of doubt that this was just pure coincidence on your part.

  233. TS

    Jeremy/Ralph FDNRM was quoting from the judgment which you clearly have not read.

  234. TS

    FDNRM that is correct they were only distributed to those associated with the case. It was a 31 day trial so you can imagine how many pages there would be.

  235. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, At least you realize that the court transcripts are different to the court judgement. And I’m not “up ant totem pole” And I dont really care about how you think of me. You are obviously personally attacking me to try and discredit me. People like Conned now think you are a God send. Well I for one can see straight through you. You are probably either Jones/Newman/MacDonald who can see the next court case coming and will do anything to get support from the baying crowd on here.
    The fact you have the transcripts suggest you are from the O’Halloran camp.Your comments regarding MacDonald being the “good guy” regarding the contracts advise is pure farce.

  236. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Thanks TS just as I suspected. I think we all now know who “Ralph” is

  237. TS

    Ralph suddenly appears after all the bad press about Wilkins Kennedy, Jeremy Newman and Martin MacDonald.

    Ralph writes exactly like Jeremy Newman did on Harlecon.

    Ralph has the same Robin Hood facade as Harlecon in pretending to represent a mystery group.

    Jeremy Newman is now unemployed and unemployable with all of his hopes pinned on the success of Kelltek which he runs with the fraudster Paudie O’Halloran.

    No wonder Jeremy has all the time on his hands to write Harleconish ramblings on here.

  238. Ralph

    TS FDNRM The documents containing the transcripts may well be copyrighted but the information contained within those documents is not as it was provided by both parties in the case. One option would be to ask both parties if they had any objections to the transcripts being made public.

    The other option would be that someone leaks them. TS you claim that parties unconnected to the case already have copies of the transcripts so god knows who has them now.

    We prefer the first option however, because Ames and O Halloran would have to agree to this. If one or other of the parties were not to agree that would be very telling indeed.

    Mr. Ames has stated he would make the transcripts public. The question is why has he not. The latest excuse is that the transcripts are copyrighted.

    Incidentaly TS how do you know this?

  239. 28

    I have heard of court proceedings being “sealed” but I have never
    heard of court proceedings being “copyrighted” . Maybe things
    work differently in Ireland.

  240. TS

    Ralph Newman I asked a question first.

    If you represent a company or group that has been interested in the Harlequin situation for years why are you hiding here posting rambling comments?

    And as FDNRM asked why have you not released the transcripts yourself?

  241. Ralph

    Ahh TS what you say about Mr. Newman might be true. But lets see if he looses the defamation action first. As for him being unemployed and unemployable who knows but at least he will be at liberty to look for work. If however he wins the defamation case the same might not be said for the Ames family and there in house lawyers. They might just find their liberty a wee bit curtailed.

    TS if what you claim is correct and Mr. Newman is unemployed and unemployable well one would have to deduce from this that after he pays his defence costs there will be little or no money left to pay damages to Harlequin. Nor will there be any money to pay Harlequin’s legal costs. So why are Harlequin spending vast amounts of purchasers funds on legal actions in the knowledge that the defendants are all but penny less.

    That’s if Mr. Newman looses, what if he wins??????

  242. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, the question is, why has O’Halloran not made the transcripts public? Or as TS asked, Crozier or Erica who admitted she had them, supplied by her puppet master O’Halloran. You seemed to have ignored my question regarding Newman and the judgement paragraph 67 in case you have forgotten.

  243. TS

    I am sure Newman has assets. Wilkins Kennedy are in the case and they have lots of money.

  244. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, nice try to turn the tide against HP in the deformation case. However arnt WK part of the defendants as Newman was employed by them and used company information while an employee to post his Harlecon site. That’s means they are potentially liable. And if Newman wins his case why would Ames liberty be at stake. He is not the defendant here.

  245. Dug

    FDNRM this is a curious little habit of yours; demanding answers on one hand, and refusing to give them on the other. For what it’s worth, to the casual observer it’s fairly clear which case is more compelling.

    The idea that it should be a viable argument that Ames was “persuaded” not to have a contract is particularly risible. That’s like a schoolboy blaming the big boys for getting him into trouble. The MD of the company (tricky here I know, as we don’t know which company we’re talking about a lot of the time) has to take responsibility for their own decisions — and the consequences of those decisions. I find it incredible that anyone would think otherwise.

  246. Ralph

    TS let us make this abundantly clear to you. You have no need to know who we are, although this will be made known to you in the fullness of time no doubt. What may or may not be of interest to you in the future is the investigative authorities to which we possibly provide our findings to. It is after all those agencies who will ultimately decide whether there is any merit in prosecuting any members of the Ames family or others in the various Harlequin companies including senior managers, in house solicitors etc.

    The fact that O Halloran was found by a competent court to have engaged in fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit does most certainly not in itself exonerate Mr. Ames and the Ames family and there trusted advisors of any wrong doing. In fact the Irish judgement tends to suggest that the management team comprised of a bunch of moronic idiots. At least the transcripts do anyway.
    As you have pointed out TS the transcripts are copy righted so let us take some legal advice on the matter in order to figure out how to release them with out breaking the law.

    FDNRM just to put your mind at rest. We have looked at para 67. It states that Mr. Newman attended a meeting with Mr. O Halloran. Mr. Newman was seconded to the ICE group of companies by Wilkins Kennedy. So what is the problem. Oh yes the Conflict of Interest. Well we have covered this off in previous posts. if it concerns you that much please feel free to make a complaint directly to Wilkins Kennedy or in the alternative the IACEW. Quotations from the Irish judgement would be very helpful but a copy of the transcripts would seal the deal although not necessarily for you.

  247. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Dug, what a pity you decide to interject without taking the trouble to do some basic background research. The question i am asking is in response to Ralph’s comment that Newman is not implicated in any way in the judgement. I took the trouble to find where he was, quoted the relevant paragraph which “Ralph” chooses to ignore. Hence my prompting. Also your comment that idea that that “Ames was persuaded not to have a contract is particularly risible” ignores the fact of who persuaded him. I suggest you read the full judgement from the court before you start chipping in with your comments. Especially as others have chosen you to “keep an eye” on HP for them and advise.Read and learn.

  248. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph very selective. Are you BBaywatch in disguise? Now lets look at the whole of P67 from the Judgement shall we?
    “it emerged in the evidence, also, that Mr O’Halloran and key advisors, including Mr. Newman, had sought advice in February of 2010 from Knowles, a consultancy firm specialising in construction disputes. In Mr. Newman’s evidence the meeting was primarily concerned with assessing the possibility of the ICE Group “discontinuing” its involvement with the Buccament Bay project at short notice. However, it appears that they were advised that this would not be possible. The first named defendant claimed in evidence that the company had sought this advice because of failures on the part of the plaintiffs to make payments on schedule. Indeed, the first named defendant claimed that the ICE Group is owed a significant sum of money by the plaintiffs. However, there was no evidence of complaints having been made by the ICE Group or The first named defendant regarding purported difficulties in obtaining payment from the plaintiffs. Indeed, the meeting with Knowles took place in the same month that an agreement was reached with the plaintiffs for an increase in the payments to be made in pursuance of the Buccament Bay project. Around this time, also, the first named defendant and his senior advisors travelled to the UK, Jordan, Romania and Morocco canvassing for new business. It appears that a ticket had been purchased for Mr. MacDonald, but that he had ultimately not travelled with the other members of the party.”
    There is a lot more to P 67 than you would let on isn’t there?
    So contrary to your earlier protestations Newman is mentioned in the Judgement, is named as a key adviser to O’Halloran, and was part of his team which tried to pull out of the project a very short notice. Yes?

  249. TS

    You are not a very organised group if you were not already aware that stenographers copyright their products.

    Are you eating humble pie after you lambasted Ames for not sharing them?

  250. Dug

    @FDNRM I’ve read it all. That’s what I’m basing my conclusions on — but thanks for the advice notwithstanding. It seems pretty clear to me that nobody emerges from it with an awful lot of dignity — it all seems unnecessarily incestuous to me. That said, my opinions on the issues re “Mac” stand; the onus for the final decision on any company lies with the director (albeit in this case it appears that it was on occasion a de facto director). In my opinion, the notion that the boss was “persuaded” suggests a fairly egregious failing; if he is qualified to marshal hundreds of millions of pounds, he is qualified to discern good advice from bad advice — and should be beyond persuasion by his subordinates (again notable that this Mac was a sort of de facto SFO according to the ruling, but never formally appointed — why conduct your business like that???)

    I’ve done plenty of background research — that’s what I’m basing my opinions on.

    A number of posters on here have identified the growing list of people that are blamed for this failing — with various promises of litigation in the off-ing. The companies and individuals are varied and widespread, but there is one common denominator. Eventually occam’s razor, if nothing else whatsoever, has to be given fair consideration.

    Your arguments would have considerably more gravitas if they weren’t continually based on a defensive footing. You have a fondness for declaring that there is no proof to various allegations, but are reticent and sporadic in offering proof yourself — relying in this case of fragments of the judgement that are hardly compelling. As is common with the company, there is much talk of “things you don’t know about” — but no actual substance to this. You have made several oblique references to forthcoming investment, for example, but have done nothing whatsoever to substantiate this. I’m afraid that as the clouds start to gather, the onus is quite clearly on those standing behind this company to start substantiating their position — and doing so in such a way, that isn’t based on the passive apportioning of blame elsewhere (it is always about Newman or WK or a thousand other people having wronged the company in some way, but so rarely about any positive steps independently of this).

  251. Ralph

    TS when has Mr. Ames in the past abided by the law. Has he found Jesus? He never worried about legal issues when he sold property on land he did not own.

    In fact some one has stated that Mr. Ames will be leaking the transcripts soon. Anonymously of course.

    Anyway we are confident that the transcripts will copper fasten what both you and FDNRM have been claiming.

  252. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, so we are agreed then, that Newman was not the innocent bystander that you claimed earlier and was an active participant in O’Halloran’s organisation. Well that was like pulling teeth wasnt it? And until anyone has released a transcript I suggest you stop referring to it At this moment in time it is a meaningless document. Unless of course it is being used as a distraction?.

  253. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, “Anyway we are confident that the transcripts will copper fasten what both you and FDNRM have been claiming”
    Copper-fasten, From the Free Directory “Irish to make (a bargain or agreement) binding. .
    Interesting, Irish origin and will confirm what TS and I are saying.
    Thank you very much Mr

  254. Dug

    @FDNRM I’ve read it all. That’s what I’m basing my conclusions on — but thanks for the advice notwithstanding. It seems pretty clear to me that nobody emerges from it with an awful lot of dignity — it all seems unnecessarily incestuous to me. That said, my opinions on the issues re “Mac” stand; the onus for the final decision on any company lies with the director (albeit in this case it appears that it was on occasion a de facto director). In my opinion, the notion that the boss was “persuaded” suggests a fairly egregious failing; if he is qualified to marshal hundreds of millions of pounds, he is qualified to discern good advice from bad advice — and should be beyond persuasion by his subordinates (again notable that this Mac was a sort of de facto SFO according to the ruling, but never formally appointed — why conduct your business like that???)

    I’ve done plenty of background research — that’s what I’m basing my opinions on.

    A number of posters on here have identified the growing list of people that are blamed for this failing — with various promises of litigation in the off-ing. The companies and individuals are varied and widespread, but there is one common denominator. Eventually occam’s razor, if nothing else whatsoever, has to be given fair consideration.

    Your arguments would have considerably more gravitas if they weren’t continually based on a defensive footing. You have a fondness for declaring that there is no proof to various allegations, but are reticent and sporadic in offering proof yourself — relying in this case of fragments of the judgement that are hardly compelling. As is common with the company, there is much talk of “things you don’t know about” — but no actual substance to this. You have made several oblique references to forthcoming investment, for example, but have done nothing whatsoever to substantiate this. I’m afraid that as the clouds start to gather, the onus is quite clearly on those standing behind this company to start substantiating their position — and doing so in such a way, that isn’t based on the passive apportioning of blame elsewhere (it is always about Newman or WK or a thousand other people having wronged the company in some way, but so rarely about any positive steps independently of this).

    PS props on the racist stereotyping — quite the sleuth!

  255. Ralph

    FDNRM given that you believe we a plural are a single individual Jeremy Newman. We believe you to be an individual going by the name of Bob xxxxxx. Apologies if we have miss spelt your name. Whilst you have absolutely no idea who we are you did confirm that we knew who you were.

    And we do our research. Sadly we have to concede that we are not as articulate as Mr. Newman nor do we profess to be as grammatically correct as Mr. Newman. From now on we will refer to you as Bob.

    Now Bob in the past you claimed to have been receiving a return on your investment from Harlequin, indeed sometime back you stated you proved this to Mr. Garret Fatchet of Regulatory Legal.
    We also believe you are on benefits of some kind or another. Well that is really not relevant or it might be. We have one little question for you? Did you declare your rental income received from Buccament Bay to the UK authorities? Maybe it slipped your mind? Perhaps? Would you like us to check this out for you? It will not be any trouble for us.

  256. Sid

    I’m not on anyone’s side, but that was a bit below the belt Ralph.

  257. just asking

    Jeremy O’Newman?

  258. Ralph

    Bob feel free to call us Jeremy O Halloran, Paudie Newman. even Paudie Mac Newman.
    Call us what you like. How about Wilkins O Halloran. Or Jeremy Kennedy. Bob listen to your self ” We know who you are” and now we are going to sue you for telling the truth. Go away you sad little wack job. Lol

  259. just asking

    Yeah O’Ralph back off! We are beginning to see through you and suspect that your motives are not at all honourable.

  260. Ralph

    It was a little naughty Sid. Lets just get back to the Bob and Simon show shall we. Now where were we Oh yes, those fraudulent accountants Wilkins O’ Halloran or was it Newman Kennedy or …………

    Over to you Bob to continue with your story.

  261. Ralph

    Our motives are to demonstrate to all the facts. If this has a negative impact on Harlequin so be it. Harlequin are very adept at spinning the wrong story.

    If this is beginning to hit a raw nerve with some we are sorry.

    Sadly Bob is still not aware of who we are. There are many out there who want to know the truth and not some sanitised version which will allow the charade to continue.

    Its seems ok to attack some individuals on here without being aware of the full facts.

    The truth of the matter is out there and we will make it public. But if you guys would like us to back off for a while and give maybe the rescue attempts a chance then just ask and we will.

    Its really that simple. Do you want to know the reality of the situation or allow this forum descend into farce once more?

  262. 28

    Ralph – You have my vote.

  263. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Well Ralph now we all see you for what you are. I must really have you worried now. Do you think some moronic trolls are going to worry me? Your threats are worthless. have you forgotten I was interviewed by the SFO? Do you not think I declared any rental income to them? You are factually wrong on so many items, but believe what you want. Call me what you want. You are making yourselves look like mindless bullies hiding behind a computer screen. Bore off.

  264. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 5.39 good to see you supporting internet bullies. Well done.

  265. Ralph- and mine. I await in great anticipation as to what comes next!

  266. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, just for clarity, am I supposed to be suing you or are you suing me? Re your post of 5.07.

  267. Ralph

    Bob we were just having some fun granted at your expense. You are attacking individuals on this site without having a knowledge of the full facts. Sadly the transcripts are vital to ascertaining what went on within Harlequin. The judge has even commented that much of the case was taken up with issues not connected to the Irish case.
    It is these transcripts that will be of interest to Harlequin purchasers and investors.
    Mr. Ames and those around him want to retain control of the company. The transcripts might very well assist in a rescue plan. But Mr. Ames has not even been upfront with Mr.. Fatchet. The transcripts would help in removing the Ames family from the loop once and for all.
    There is very little chance of a rescue plan succeeding, but with any member of the Ames family involved there will be no chance. Mr. Ames promised to make the transcripts available. This was at a very early stage in the trial.As the trial progressed Mr.Ames made no further mention of making the transcripts public.
    TS has now used the excuse that they are copy righted by the stenographer. The format used by the stenographer is what is copy righted.
    Anyhow this is not an issue any more as we have been advised that a full independant transcript will be available shortly.

    A tweet on the Regulatory Legal Twitter account in the last few minutes states the following. ” Mixed messages from Harlequin at Tailormade meeting. Meeting minutes paint a different picture to that delivered to us”

    Sadly this tweet is exactly what we are talking about.

  268. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, having some fun at my expense? No mate you crossed the line and are backtracking because you know you did. You are a low life. You still refuse to acknowledge P67 which I have put up here twice which shows you lied about Newmans involvement. Why is that? This started off as a reasonable exchange of facts but you decided to personalise it with personal innuendos and trying to be a smart arse by naming names. Do you think this would intimidate me. Tell you what if you know so much about me, call round for a chat. Bring your “mates” as we’ll. Go on, if you have the balls.

  269. yatinkiteasy

    its amazing that while all this stealing of investors` money was going on at BB the great man of vision was taking Investors money and buying planes for an airline , and paying millions for Allamanda , which is now a derelict eyesore in Hastings .
    I wonder if or when it will be revealed that many millions were also stolen in that and the Merricks development?
    There has got to be somebody to blame for those two cock ups.
    Everything seems to have been run on an “ad hoc” basis.

  270. Ralph

    With the greatest of respect to Garret Fatchet and his colleagues at RL. Mr. Ames has no intention of entering into any rescue plan for purchasers. He is stalling for time. He is fully aware that the SFO will be slow to move in if there is any chance of a potential rescue plan. The Garret Fatchet rescue plan is being used by Ames to delay the inevitable.

    Mr. Ames continues to send different messages to different individuals depending on his needs on a particular day.

    There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. No secret bank accounts.

    Harlequins only real business at the moment is litigation. Ames is now saber rattling with the SFO. Ames stood up in a meeting 4 months ago in Manchester and stated quite forcibly that the SFO were no longer investigating him or his companies. N9w he is threatening to sue the SFO.

    The Ames family have destroyed many lives and will destroy many more before this sorry story is over. The Ames family are disdained through out the Caribbean.

    Their business is the butt of jokes in the UK. Their loyalty towards their agents and IFA’S can be demonstrated by the actions now pending against these companies.

    We can just see Ames pathetic excuse. It wasn’t me gov. Those damn agents miss sold the properties. Me and ummm me wife are so angry at those agents. It was all McDonald’s fault. He was dealing with the agents.

  271. Who's the worst fraudster.

    Fascinating stuff this – just like a soap.

    Anyway, those of you that REALLY have the transcript can rest easy. Copyright law in the western world allows you to reproduce excerpts for the purpose of review or comment, It’s called fair use or fair dealing. All you have to do is recognise in your excerpt that it is copyright and ideally but not compulsory; attribute it. So let’s see who’s really holding the cards and who is bluffing. Post the excerpt of the transcript you wish to comment on – if you really have it!

    Incidentally in England, transcripts are the copyright of the crown and the crown has given blanket permission for their copying or distribution for legitimate purpose. No idea if that is the same in Ireland, there was a law enacted in 2012 which was supposed to make it easy for the public to get court documents but it’s irrelevant anyway as it’s still subject to fair use. Go ahead, publish and be damned.

  272. Fatchett does not represent me.

    There you go Ralph, publish the transcripts. If you don’t want to bring it round to my house and we can discuss it over a cup of tea. Oh yes, bring your mates as well.

  273. Ralph

    Yatinkiteasy The blame for the Barbados debacle is being layed at the door step of Procure It Direct and Andy Smith.

    And a further embarrasment will shortly be exposed by us. Shona Quomie one of Harlequins witnesses and an individual the judge found very credible indeed was fully aware if not fully involved in a fraud against Harlequin after ICE Group had left. This fraud cost Harlequin or more importantly their investors in excess of USD 4 Million. The simplistic nature of this fraud demonstrates clearly why Ames and his mob need to be removed as quickly as possible.

    This fraud was played out directly in front of Ames and his clowns. Demonstrating the disdain to which the Ames family are held.

  274. Fatchett does not represent me.

    “Shortly to be exposed by us” yeh yeh yeh. Publish the transcripts. Get on with it. All innuendo and hints. You seem a bit quiet in talking to me now. Why would that be? You will not intimidate me so don’t even think of trying again.

  275. 174

    FDNRM you complain about Ralph getting personal with you just because he called you Bob. What about the vile abuse dished out to Erica and her family by your fellow Harlequin supporters. You are a hypocrite and a low life and you deserve everything you get.

  276. 28

    @Ralph – Why not call him Whack-a-Ball Bob. Nothing shuts him
    up. No matter how persuasive the argument against HD is, he just
    comes right back with some inane rationale. The guy truly is
    hopeless. I guess in his case – hope springs infernal…

  277. Anon - reasons unknown

    Benefit Bob, your work here is (not) done. You only make things worse for yourself when you get your knickers in a twist.

    The only reason you come under fire is because of your relentlessly lame arguments over any negative comments about Harlequin. It was obvious to many (me) that you were a spineless limpet from the start. Now we more or less know it. Even before anything Ralph has posted. You told everyone you were getting payment, and ‘proved’ it to Fatchett. Like I said, Ames owns you.

  278. Ralph

    No one wants to loose money whether sane or otherwise. Many people are looking for a scape goat. Some one or a number of individuals. Mr. Ames will pay people to do almost anything to save his hide.

    Garret Ronan is an example of this. He now resides in New York and has tried to erase his public profiles.

    The RLB issue back fired on Harlequin as they were not expecting this to be contained in the judgement.

    Harlequin are trying to destroy the careers of individuals they accuse of being complicit in one way or another. Take the case of Mr. Newman. Harlequin are seeking to destroy his career prior to his court case. Why do this? Surely it would be better to leave him be, to allow him make money, more for Harlequin if they win the case. TS’s comment with respect to Wilkins Kennedy was infantile to say the least. “They have loads of money”. They also have “loads of money in which to mount a very robust defence” Harlequin on the other hand have little or no funds left.
    Carter Ruck and Nabarro no longer act for Harlequin.
    Harlequin just do not have the funds to maintain all the legal battles currently being fought on a number of fronts. Ames has made an impationed plea for purchasers to close on properties at Buccament Bay. This against the back drop of advice from UK government agencies telling purchasers to proceed with extreme caution. Shipleys remain silent on the issue, however Shipleys as administrators for HMMSE would have every right to claw back any cash paid over by purchasers for completions.
    On the issue of a rescue plan. If you are one of the “lucky” ones to complete on your property at Buccament Bay would you be prepared to share revenue of your unit with a number of other purchasers?
    Would you as a future share holder in the rescued Harlequin be willing to share in the risk associated with taking on all the existing litigation. For a rescue plan to work 100% of purchasers would have to buy into the idea.
    Failure to get 100% agreement could lead to ongoing litigating for years by a group or groups of disaffected purchasers. If the rescue plan entailed that purchasers became share holders, they would be liable for any losses as well as profits. How many of these share holders would be class A shareholders with voting rights and how many would be class B with no rights? The rescue plan will be a hugely complex plan just to set up. The only land that is owned outright by Harlequin with no issues or skeletons in that closet is Merricks in Barbados and that has huge planning issues, with planning having only been granted for 1/8th of the site and even this planning us subject to strict planning conditions.
    David Campion was tasked with devising construction budgets as part of his role as development director for Harlequin but he was not aware of how many units were sold and at what price. Carol Ames the managing director of HMMSE the primary agent for Harlequin did not even know how many units her company had sold. She did not even now how much the units were sold for.
    She therefore could not have known whether her company was profitable or not. Yet she signed off the accounts and paid herself and her family a huge dividend every year. The same accounts that were heavily qualified and eventually disclaimed.
    Harlequin failed to get their accounts audited in the Caribbean. They claimed in the Irish court that they had filed accounts in the Caribbean but refused to state whether these were audited accounts or management accounts. They refused to produce the accounts in the Irish Case. To date the so called filed accounts are unavailable for viewing.

  279. 28

    I simply can’t wait for Benifits Bob’s rebuttal.

  280. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ah well the usual cretins crawl out from under the rocks.
    @Anon 8.31, no I did not get annoyed because he called me Bob. “Sorry Bob having worked in the business for the past 20 years the SFO nor any other state investigative agency will not inform the other side as to whom reported what first.” Ralf is a professional stalker who has alluded to a lot more than knowing my first name. Report me to the tax authorities? Now thats personal. Erica on the other hand took photographs of a persons wife and kids. How would you respond to that?
    @Anon 8.35 Pointless comment.
    @Anon RU. Well of course you would want to chip in. Spineless limpet? No I have a backbone and stand up for myself.
    And for every ones information I have not or am I on benefits. See you morons follow like sheep Ralphs accusations and he cannot even get that right. And you believe all the information he is postings.
    And Ralf your defense of Newman is pathetic, leave him alone? That is the founder of the Harlecon site who started it while still working for WK and was part of the fraud against HP. You must be joking.
    PUT UP THE TRANSCRIPT RALF. or call round for a cup of tea. You must know where I live.

  281. 80

    Fdnrm, how can you stand behind a company and a man who has lied and deceived all these years? Selling on land he does not own, selling property that has no planning, borrowing money from purchaser funds for his own gain, paying himself dividends from purchaser money whilst permissions or building were non existent, lied about the marina, does not file accounts, ignores purchasers, stands behind wildly misleading sales promises that are simply lies, buys planes randomly, leaves debts all over caribbean etc etc. All this was pre harlecon. I am afraid your constant defense of these disgraceful business practices is what makes people believe you to be either a little pig headed, not too sharp or connected to harlequin in a way you have not revealed.

  282. 28

    From one Anon to another……..BRAVO!

  283. Yatinkiteasy

    We are supposed to believe that Mr Ames so trusted Mac that he persuaded him not to have a signed contract with a builder for a multimillion dollar project!. If true, no wonder he went bankrupt twice.
    I wonder if Mac told him to jump off a cliff , that he would do it.
    There must be more to it than this simplistic explanation.
    Then again, I love conspiracy stories.

  284. Erica Broughton

    Bob, You are wrong and a liar! I have never took pictures of anyone’s wife or kids. I am nobody’s puppet.

    Now leave me alone.

  285. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, How did you get the court transcripts then?

  286. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, yes you could be right about not taking a picture of any ones wife and kids. Its just difficult to tell if there is any body in the picture of the white Audi that you sent to Crozier. Remember that one? Now how did I get a copy of that.
    Oh and by the way it wasn’t me who brought you into this, it was 174 (Anon) who decided to bring you back to the intention of the public. Have a word with him about raising your profile again.

  287. 42

    Erica always stuck her head above the parapet and the abuse she took for it was vile, patently so. The abuse predated all the guff about taking pictures of people, which you still seem to be offering as a justification for her treatment. You feel that she got what was coming to her.
    You are a revolting passive aggressive low life and you need to develop a moral compass.

  288. TS

    Well it did not take long for Jeremy Newman, sorry “Ralph” to show his true malicious colours!

    How very Harleconish to resort to petty personal insults and threats. Maybe he will start sending anonymous death threats again?

    How very Harleconish to write rambling posts with unsubstantiated claims, veiled threats and personal insults against Dave Ames.

    Why the vitriolic reaction if he is not the shamed and defamed Jeremy Newman? Why take it so personally?

    I am sure Ralph is an incoherent and inconsistent speaker for a group representing certain interests. They are all named in the judgment between paragraphs 75-77.

  289. Ralph

    Matt Ames has been banned for 13 years for being a company director. We suppose given that the Irish Judgement concludes that Mr. Mac Donald was such a close friend of the Ames family, it was his influence and his influence alone that caused poor Matt boy to be facing trial in a little over two weeks.

    Oh yes is this not the same Matt Boy who recently stole some 10 million USD worth of Assets from the Buccament Bay project. Or was that Mr. Ames senior, no of course it was not, it was those pesky accountants again.

    Hang on……………….. Stolen assets you say? Yup folks the Ames family have done it again and will push the Country of SVG back into the spotlight.

    More on this at a later stage.

    TS may wish to comment.

  290. Ralph

    TS sadly for you and Mr. Ames it is Harlequin who have made the transcripts public as will be demonstrated very soon.

    It is also sad that you defend Mr. Ames so vigorously and are upset by the personal insults directed at him whilst you apparently condone if not partaking in gratuitous attacks on everyone else.

    We are not Mr. Newman, that we promise you. TS. BFP refer to the Apple not Falling Far from the Tree. Surely Barbados Free Press should have stated That The ORANGE does not fall from the tree?

    Or is that a sour subject?

    If Mr. Newman was to win the defamation case it would mean that the jury and or judge accepted that what Mr. Newman was saying was in all essence the truth. Ie that Mr. Ames and senior members of his team including his in house lawyers were up to their necks in it?

    TS will you acknowledge one fact please. That Carol Ames stated she had no idea as the sales made by HMSSE or the Number of units sold. Will you at least confirm that, before the leaked transcripts from Harlequin are made public.

  291. Fatchett does not represent me.

    The copyright for the transcripts is owned by Gwen Malone, who were the stenographers for the whole of the court case. It was agreed by both parties that a stenographer would be present at the court hearing and costs would be shared.
    A copy of the transcripts was handed over to two parties O’Callahan solicitors in Cork (I would assume that was the solicitor for O’Halloran) and Harlequin Property. Now I’m sure DA hasnt handed out copies of the transcripts so that would only leave…?
    Gwen Malone own the copyright for the transcripts and cannot be published without their permission!
    So now we know why “Ralph” is so keen for me to obtain a copy from Mr Ames. He knows that it is now public knowledge that he cannot publish the transcripts, also why Erica backtracked, and therefor is unable to substantiate any of his claims made above relating to the court case.
    Nice try “Ralph” to discredit me, the reference to the Copper-Fasten gave it away, the Irish origin and the manic defense of Newman.
    Still call in any time for a cup of tea with your “mates”. I’m sure you know my address, if not then I will send it to you. Unless you are in Jordan.

  292. TS

    It is too predictable that Jeremy Newman would resort to desperate measures AGAIN when he has no job, is a director of Kelltek Group with Paudie O’Halloran which has no business and will probably lose his house.

  293. TS

    Excellent FDNRM. As I said all along they cannot be shared and so yet again we have shown that Jeremy Ralph Newman is full of nothing but more lies and maliciousness.

  294. Richard Hannay

    Ralf as an affectionado of the film the 39 steps can you explain now and tell us all ,What is Project Orange , and did Ames pay the Piper

  295. 80

    Don’t know who is lying or not,but I don’t see anything built at Marquis, merricks or dom rep after all these years. Or planning permission. Just debts. Those are enough facts for me to know ames is a conman.

  296. Ralph

    TS We have taken on board all your comments with respect to the transcripts. We have passed on your comments to those who discovered that a website is about to publish them.

    This is their response with out editing.

    ” Dear Sirs, we have been following Barbados Free Press with great interest. There are two words to describe the Ames Family, Simon Terry, Bob and others connected to Harlequin.

    ” WACK JOBS ” def. Someone or a group of individuals who are crazy and / or have lost their minds and act like damn lunatics. People you should avoid at all costs as they may be a harm to themselves or others.

    We say this given that we have copies of emails from Mr. Ames where he has sent the transcripts of the Irish Court hearings to a number of journalists.

    Please see attached.

    It is these LEAKED transcripts that will appear on a website shortly.

    Kindest regards as always. ”

    Well well well. Bob could you please furnish us with an address for the Stenographers in Ireland as we would like to forward the emails we have to them.

  297. Who's the worst fraudster.

    It’s interesting that Bob knows only two people had the transcript, Apparently Ames and O’Halloran, via solicitors. If true then presumably one of them told him that; I wonder who?
    Anyway it’s irrelevant who owns the copyright it is perfectly legal to publish excerpts without permission for “fair use”. Check it out! Come on let’s see what ‘s so damning.

  298. TS

    The planning permission at Merricks is well documented.

  299. EddieLizzard2

    @ fdnrm and all his other guises
    it’s ‘aficionado’ not affectionado

  300. St George's Dragon

    @ TS
    One of the old half-truths again. The Town and Country Planning consent for Merricks is for a phase 1 application only. I know, because I have been to the Barbados T&C Planning Department to look at it.
    What is not clear is the extent that has consent as drawings are not available for public viewing.
    Would you like to share with us how many units the consent is for and to what extent the central facilities (restaurants etc) are included in Phase 1?

  301. Ralph

    Gee Richard are you talking about project Orange. Ouch Carpet and Dirt springs to mind. This was in all essence an attempt by Harlequin to clean up a mess after their legal advisor’s advised them that not to do so would have the consequences of possible dawn raids by the authorities.

    These we believe are matters known only to the inner sanctum within Harlequin. This was leaked to us by a current employee.

    Will dig out all we have on this.

  302. TS

    Jeremy Newman honestly wants us to believe Dave Ames contacts all the journalists himself and does not have people to do that.

    What a ridiculous and pointless lie. If you have the transcripts just share them.

    Will it be all 31 days? That will be thousands of pages.

  303. TS

    George why are you asking me? Ask Harlequin yourself or resume the default of making things up.

  304. Ralph

    TS cmon now. Mr. Ames has sent out this information to purchasers with a drawing clearly showing Harlequin have received planning permission for “PHASE 1” of 8 phases for Merricks. The planning permission for phase 1 as stated in the release to purchasers by Harlequin is subject to a number of conditions. Strangely Harlequin failed to include those conditions in their release.

  305. 28

    @SG’sD An empirical analysis (if there is such a thing) would
    lead one to believe that permission was granted for Merricks
    Show Village and only for Merricks Show Village (with conditions).
    At any rate building materials (now disappeared) were imported for
    that purpose. It seems like one year ago a frantic effort was being
    made to get “something/anything built” to demonstrate progress.
    Perhaps David Campion who was in charge and is still in Barbados
    could clear things up.

  306. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, if Ames is the victim in all this and has done no wrong why would you be bothered if the transcripts were made public? Surely they would only show Ames in a better light than he has been perceived in recent months….which would be a good thing wouldn’t it?

  307. TS

    Jeremy Newman you are clearly not a member of United 2 Succeed. They have all of the information on there.

  308. TS

    Jeremy “Ralph” Newman only needed to show us the attached email that supposedly showed Dave Ames sending the transcripts to prove himself but he obviously cannot fabricate one on the spot.

  309. Sid

    The fact that there is a forum called United2Succeed is all the evidence you need that HP has been a huge failure. Purchasers shouldn’t have to rally together to help Ames save the business he has abused. What a mess.

  310. Ralph

    TS you appear to speak on matters to do with Harlequin’s litigation from a position of authority, strength and absolute conviction. You appear to be fully in the loop on these matters yet have no opinion what so ever on matters such as planning etc.

    Given that you are apparently up to speed on the litigation etc please feel free to give your opinion on project orange. Or your views as to whether the SFO are still investigating Harlequin or the Ames family or indeed Simon Terry Harlequin’s in house lawyer.

    And what are you views on the latest news about Matt Ames the current general manager of Buccament Bay.

  311. TS

    Sid would you feel that way if Buccament won even more awards?

  312. Ralph

    TS Please understand we will be providing the underlying supporting documentation to back up all of our claims. You can rest easy or otherwise on that score.

    Now can you please shed light on PROJECT ORANGE yes TS PROJECT ORANGE. 2009 remember.

  313. TS

    Jeremy I know a lot about the case because I followed it and read the judgment. Maybe it was too painful for you to read which I can understand. Merricks is not my investment so I do not pay it much mind.

    Now I have answered you can stop trying to divert attention from your inconsistent rambling comments and show us the email from Dave Ames that had the transcripts attached.

  314. TS

    All you have to do is copy and paste the email. Why are you so shy all of a sudden?

  315. Sid

    TS, absolutely. BB could win 1000 awards a week, but after nearly 8 years I have never seen a penny from them despite making a sizable investment and am told by HP not to expect anything for at least the next 2 years. So 10 years with no ROI and you want me to be satisfied with awards? Awards don’t feed my kids TS. Lucky old FDNRM is getting his money which explains his satisfaction, I’m not so am entitled to be pissed off.

  316. Ralph

    Simon sorry TS one would expect that after spending close to 400 million sterling on a few bits of rocky mountain sides and mangrove swamps that Harlequin have purchased through out the Caribbean that 100 or so operational units would win some kind of an award.

    They certainly will win no awards for paying staff or local suppliers.

    They might win the award for the Caribbean’s Newest most high Profile Loss Making operation. They could also win the Worlds Leading Luxury Hotel Litigation Awards.

    Harlequin have spent in excess of 6% of total monies taken from purchasers on legal bills.In both defending actions and taking them.

  317. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I have not said I would be bothered if the transcripts were published. In fact I have challenged “Ralf” to publish them, but he/they seem a bit reticent. I have no idea what is in them and not seen a copy.
    @Whos the worst fraudster, do you read anything at all? Read my post of 9.03, then read it again. Lets see if you can work it out?
    @EL2, you really are a stupid person. Now you think that Richard Hanney and I are the same person. Hang on here’s Lord Lucon again, no its me.
    @Ralf, try using Google, Type in Gwen Malone, oh hang on a minute, your solicitor friend O’Callahan in Cork will give you the address.
    And your web site who are going to publish the transcripts sent you an e-mail which you “quoted” at 11.18. Judging by the content of the e-mail this should be a laugh.

  318. St George's Dragon

    @ Anonymous
    The consent is for more than the show village as, for example, there are conditions in it about a lift to the beach and the stability of the cliff-face.
    What I find irritating is that Harlequin and its supporters fail to respond with any substance. We know the consent for Merricks is for part of the development. Why keep repeating the old nonsense that permission has been granted for the whole thing?
    @ Ralph
    I have read the conditions and posted something on BFP a while ago about them. They are the sorts of standard conditions T&CP impose on developments such as agreeing the main drainage design before it is installed – so “reserved matters” issues.
    @ TS
    I can be accused of many things but “making things up” is not one of them.

  319. Ralph

    Hi Bob. Remember good things come to those who wait. You will get to see the transcripts in good time. TS don’t worry you too will get to see the websites in good time.

    Bob can you look at the transcript pertaining to Carol Ames and tell us all what it says whilst we wait for the transcripts to be made public.

    See we cant find any reference to the stenographers or Mr. O Halloran’s solicitors in the judgement so we assume you have a copy or have had sight of the transcripts.

    Bob we understand that you are angry given that your sole source of income were the payments you received from Harlequin. And that you might have been a special case in Harlequin’s eyes. This is why we question your impartiality.

  320. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph/Jeremy, you really are a stupid person. Let me write this slowly because you obviously need time to think about what I am going to say.
    1)Phone the Irish court
    2)Find out if a Stenographer was used
    3)Ask who it was.
    4)Google the Stenographers name (posted in an earlier post or do you want me to repeat it?)
    5)Phone the Stenographer and ask some simple questions like “who had a copy of the court transcripts”
    Now just to show you again how stupid you are read your post above again. “You will get to see the transcripts in good time” then “Bob? can you you look at the transcripts… etc etc.”
    Now make your mind up, do I have a copy or not. I know the answer but obviously you do not.
    And Ralph, so do I take it I am now off benefits? Another crock of shit posted earlier then.

  321. A Real Investor

    @Ralph, wow makes a change from all the normal crap on here, in summary do you think Matt Ames will get a ‘holiday’ and whats the outcome for HP?

    Could Ames sell it or would that need investors concent?

  322. Karma is coming after you

    if you can’t take it don’t give it

  323. Ralph

    Bob we are very impressed with the efficiency of the Irish Court staff during this their Summer Holidays. It would have been far easier to ask Dave or Simon.

    One question was the money from Harlequin your only source of income? And were you considered a special case by Harlequin.

  324. Ralph

    Will Matt Ames get a holiday? That will be down to the jury. What is very interesting is that the insolvency service announced a 13 year ban on Matt Ames with just over 2 weeks to go to his criminal trial.

    It seems fairly cut and dry he took all the money and spent most of it on himself. We suspect given the insolvencies services’s move today that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

    As for selling the companies, that’s far more complicated we will get back to you on that.

  325. TS

    Jeremy Newman you look even more foolish, malicious and full of it now. You will not copy and paste an email because a website is starting? A single email will cheapen everything will it? You clearly do not have the capacity to plan this ruse because you undermine and embarrass yourself every other post.

    Good luck with the new website Jeremy. We all know what happened to the last one and where it will get you.

  326. TS

    @FDNRM Jeremy Newman is unemployed and spends all day on Twitter when he is not writing nonsense here.


  327. Ralph

    TS we are not Jeremy Newman.

    Let us ask the readers on BFP. Should we do the following?

    Should we direct readers and the media to sites which will back up and substantiate our claims.

    Should we discuss Project Orange.

    Should we direct readers and the media to sites demonstrating that Mr. Ames sent transcripts to media organisations.

    Should we direct readers and the media to sites containing the court transcripts.

    Or should we allow TS Simon and Bob dictate what should or should not be said about Harlequin.

  328. Ralph

    Anyone with a financial interest in Harlequin should seek independent legal advice and we strongly advise not to take any advice from Mr. Simon Terry and the in house legal team of Harlequin. If Simon Terry or his team produce information to you or your independent solicitors you should advise your solicitors to independently verify the information.
    This is very important. Many solicitors will accept the word of another solicitor as they will expect the other solicitor to uphold the ethics of his profession.
    In the case of Harlequin and Mr. Terry there is persuasive evidence to demonstrate that ethics play a small part in their actions.

  329. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph/Jeremy I cannot speak for TS but try all of the above and see where you get. I do not try and dictate anything, only what is said is factual and can be substantiated. So try away and print/direct/ whatever you wish.

  330. A Real Investor

    Ralph thanks for that,

    I suspect Ames will be looking for a deal that will not involve the best interest of investors, just covering his little short arse.

    The stat demands won’t go away, and i think that will be the stumbling block
    for any finance deal. ……..

    If there is ever going to be any finance – i doubt it as we have been told so many times

  331. Ralph

    FDNRM – you have antagonised and stirred behind a veil of anonymity on this site for too long.
    You clearly think that we have no factual information so how about we kill 2 birds with 1 stone?
    FDNRM is a 64 year old man by the name of Bob Storey who lives in Nuneaton, he bought cabana 34 for £150k in 2006?
    Bob – have I got facts or am I just a bluffer?

  332. Ralph

    Bob was Harlequin your only source of income and were you a special case?

  333. Conned

    Wow… This is now getting interesting!
    @Ralph… Re your post 2.18pm… Yes,yes,yes,yes & NO!
    Thank you.

  334. @Ralph at 2:18: Go for it. (The vision of Bob on his Loo with ipad – steaming with obvious indignation at your involvement has provided me with a real chuckle). Long time coming!

  335. Anonymous

    Ralph The initials certainly are appropriate….BS

  336. TS

    Proof if needed that Jeremy Newman is a nasty piece of work. My name is not Simon by the way so your psychic powers have apparently abandoned you.

  337. Merricks planning

    T&CP has granted full planning permission with usual conditions for Merricks Phase 1 which is the largest of seven phases – comprises entrance roads, parking, beach access, elevator, 162 studios and 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments in 3 storey blocks, 5 duplex and single cabanas, beach complex including restaurant, bar and pool, village/market place pedestrian boulevard, back of house facilities including storage, kitchens, laundry, garbage disposal, sewage disposal, water storage, workshops etc. 250,000 sq. ft. of building area

  338. EddieLizzard2

    Last week The Insolvency Service named and shamed Matthew Ames and banned him from being a director for the next 13 years. Rather condemnatory information now in the public domain and most inconvenient for poor Matt what with his fraud trial coming up and all.

    A quick look on InCourts Daily http://incourts.co.uk/ and a search for MATTHEW AMES and what do I find?

    21/02/2013 Thu, Plea and Case Management – Case Started – 11:43 at Court: 13
    21/02/2013 Thu, Plea and Case Management – Hearing finished for MATTHEW AMES – 12:12 at Court: 13
    21/02/2013 Thu, Plea and Case Management – Case to be listed for Further Mention/PAD on 26-Jul-2013 – 12:13 at Court: 13
    09/08/2013 Fri, For Application to Break Fixture – Case Started – 14:07 at Court: 16

    Now why would they want to postpone/adjourn? Run out of money? Not in the country? Has someone advised him to plead guilty?

  339. 28

    It looks like Bob did a jack-knife on the loo. Classic case of

  340. Conned

    @TS… yeah.. so what, its a house?

  341. Ralph

    Simon we like the name Simon.
    So Simon it shall be. Or maybe we might call you Carol. Simon is better.

  342. TS

    That is my house. I am all for sharing.

  343. TS

    Do you like my house Ralph?

  344. EddieLizzard2

    It’s Jeremy Newman’s house

  345. TS

    I think you meant Ralph.

  346. 42

    They’re really going at each other now: Ralph unmasks FDNRM as Bob Storey, a 64 year old loser from Nuneaton and TS posts a picture of a a house, presumably Newman’s or someone connected to him.

    Thanks, Ralph – things are really getting interesting.

    p.s. – your move!

  347. 42

    Bob Storey – have you nothing to add?!

  348. 28

    He’s wedged in the loo !

  349. Conned

    @TS… My question is….. Do I really care who’s house it is?
    Simple answer… NO!
    What I care about is WTF has happened to my money that I gave to Ames for a so called investment???
    Ralph has made a refreshing change to the S#ite that FDNRM has been spouting on this blog.

  350. Richard Hannay

    Bob is on shift at McDonald’s now , so he can’t use his iPad .
    Nice house Simon pity Ames won’t be getting his hands on it to pay back
    What he owes……. Did Ames the younger cop a plea then????

  351. TS

    Erika I was not talking to you and stop lying about being an investor.

  352. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, Jeremy Newman, interested in WW11 and fraud.
    Home address:5 Hasting Close, Bray, Maidenhead, SL6 2DA
    Martin Macdonald, Ex accountant Wilkins Kennedy
    Home address: 202 Thorpe Hall Avenue, Thorpe Bay, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 3SE
    So lets understand how you have your information.
    When the SFO came to see me they has placed a Section 2 on Wilkins Kennedy and retrieved all the accountants information. That MacDonald was your information which included the Cabanna change from 23 to 34. That happened in 2009 when you were still employed by WK.
    So we all know who “Ralf” is, or are, Newman and MacDonald.
    So Ralf lets hope your “outing” does not lead to anything more unpleasant like Erica photographing my car. Everything is traceable these days.
    So when are you going to post your transcripts?

  353. Ralph

    Love the M3 Simon must have set you back hmmmm 50K or so? Yes / no ? Nice Mini too. Heh do you have one of those electric car thingy’s.

    Reminds me of something funny we saw.

    Q. This is the Captain of the Good Ship Harlequin. The largest and best ship in the world. You will divert your course 15 degrees to the west.

    A. No mate you divert your course 15 degrees to the East.

    Q. Again my name is Captain Ameless and you will divert 15 degrees to the west.

    A. Again mate you divert your course 15 degrees to the East.

    Q. I will not tell you again. I am Captain Ameless no one disobeys me.You will alter course 15 degrees to the west or I will be forced to order my chief Simple Simon to fire a salvo of C Ruck missiles at you. In addition to this my chief Simple Simon will be ordered to fire a whole host of google earth photos at you.

    A. Ok so crack on. We are a light house.

    A. Hello Hello …………. Are you there over?

  354. 28

    WTF is baaaaaaaaack… He was absolutely consumed with the fact
    that Erica was not an investor (even though her husband is – hasn’t
    he ever heard of community property?)

  355. TS

    And Jeremy Newman just became even more nonsensical. He is not even trying to avoid sounding like Harlecon now.

    Desperation does funny things.

  356. TS

    “what a vile species we can be.”

    How right you are Jeremy.

  357. Ralph

    TS it ain’t our house. Anyone know whos house this is? Google maps can be a tad unreliable. TS why don’t you go over and take a photo of the right house.

    Sorry for the technical glitch. Our language is
    back to normal. The language masking software cocked up.

  358. Ralph

    Ahh hmmm Bob, don’t take this the wrong way mate but surely if you were interviewed by the SFO they would have asked you to keep it quiet. We could be wrong. Not sure they told you about the section 2 though. Maybe they did tell you. Maybe they wanted you to tell the whole world. Who knows, who cares, you said Ameless is going to sue them anyway. Have you any photos of the SFO offices to put up on line?

  359. Conned

    @TS… So you think I’m Erica?
    Just goes to show you are full of s#it like FDNRM.
    When you post on here Tw#thead, you talk to everyone!
    Why don’t you confirm it with your buddy, he knows I’m not Erica….
    And why keep bringing her into it anyway???

  360. Ralph

    We would like to apologise to Mr. Newman and his family and Mr. MacDonald and his family. We are neither individual. We are a plural to begin with. TS Simon or whatever and Bob Storey FDNRM are true examples of how people get things so wrong.

    It appears that these two individuals will try intimidating the wrong people in order to stop us from Highlighting issues to anyone with an interest in Harlequin.

    Resorting to posting photos of houses of individuals wholly unconnected to this debacle.

    People are loosing the run of themselves here. But sorry guys we cant stop these 2 wackjobs.

  361. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph/Jeremy/MacDonald. How odd that you should show Erica as a business connection on your business page. Did she iron your shirts. You really don’t know how a Section 2 works do you. All HP files were handed over which included investor information. You Martin, had access to that information which included at that point the new Cabanna number. Funny how in one of your original posts you asked what property I had and how much I paid for it. Now you seem to know. Decided to interigate your files a bit better did you? Oh and I’m not your mate either. Got that

  362. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph, well you can always come out then.

  363. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Conned, didn’t take long for the t**t language to come back out. Have you got ADHD?

  364. Bob (FDNRM):: Back to your normal childish responses. At 64 you would think you would know better but then again there’s no fool like an old fool (and you certainly take the biscuit)!

  365. Ralph

    No Bob your not a mate your a complete wackjob. LOL.

  366. Anonymous

    Bob (36 et al) should be enshrined i n Madame Tussaud’s
    House of Wacks

  367. @Anonymous: Right on. Sitting on a thunder box, an ipad on lap with smoking keys – and a manic look on his face.

  368. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Newman/MacDonald Wackjob, another word from your internet hosting company, another made up bunch of people.

  369. 28

    Bobbie for God’s sakes open the box of wine. Its getting time
    and your last post made no sense …relax !!!

  370. 174

    Mr Storey – it’s over, you have been unmasked. A sad 64 year old loser who gets his kicks trolling on the Internet and bullying women with your equally pathetic HP brothers in arms. Try and get a few more shifts at B&Q and move on. You haven’t the intellect to contribute anything meaningful to the debate and now that your cover has been blown you come across more so than ever as a ridiculous and risible figure.

  371. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anon 6.53 believe me bigots like you will not make the slightest difference. “Anonymous” sums up your value to this debate.

  372. so pathetic

    I hoped that Ralph would be a breathe of fresh air offering new angles and intelligent debate. Alas, it seems that he is no better than the rest, resorting to childish insults when he runs out of things to say. Such a shame because it was looking quite good for a while.

  373. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Interesting article, for those interested in fact not fiction, in IFA online. SFO have charged 4 people in a bio fuel fraud, including an IFA who advised investors to invest through a SIPP. Cannot post the link but interesting development.

  374. 174

    Yes Bob, but the three other people charged, who were the ones who set up the scam were not IFAs. Why would you focus on the fact that one was an IFA when the other three were not?

  375. Dug

    And it was alleged that they had been actually fraudulent — this really isn’t comparing the same thing at all.

  376. St George's Dragon

    @ Merricks Planning
    At last a few more facts and a little more clarity, thank you.
    So 162 + 5 = 167 units (plus central facilities etc).
    Do you know what the total number of units planned is?

  377. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anon 8.40
    Because I wanted to.

  378. 28

    @Bob.FDNRM.36.etc.etc – This is one Anon who truly apologizes.
    Little did I realize that you were simply a somewhat eccentric yet
    lovable cabana owner whose joy in life is “believing what he wants to”
    It is almost tantric….

  379. 80

    @ so pathetic. I agree name calling and insults are pretty tasteless. However, I am not sure what fresh angles there are to discuss other than how to get your money out. Ames took the money, paid himself and ifa’s, did not own land for some of his sales, did not have planning permission for most. He built 2 per cent of what was sold. The money has gone, he is rich, purchasers have nothing. What other angle can there be, or fresh insight? He ripped everyone off, there is simply no other angle, the facts are what they are. He has not delivered. If you have not made your move already, I suspect you will have lost everything.

  380. Ralph

    The issue of Ames selling his companies.

    Our take on it is yes he could, however its not that simple. According to the Irish transcripts Harlequin has sold circa 6000 properties to some 5000 purchasers.

    Harlequin have only 120 units currently available to hand over. Leaving 5,880 to be completed or more importantly constructed.

    This means that there are close to 5880 purchaser contracts many which have passed there contract due dates.

    Most if not all the remaining contracts will fall due in the next 24 months.

    This will then give a liability to the companies of some 400 million sterling. If every one of the 5880 purchasers were to call in their debts. In addition many if not all of the contracts have a compensation clause of 10 % if the contract deadlines have been missed. Adding a further 40 million liability to the debt burden.

    In addition you have on going litigation which one way or the other will have to be settled. The current estimate of litigation costs are in the region of 15 million. This will increase as time goes by.

    So the liabilities are in the region of 455 million. Now we have to offset this against the value of the assets.

    1. Merricks the value of this land in today’s market is about 7 million stg. The market is depressed in Barbados. Despite the need for investment in new hotel stock, there is nervousness in the Barbados market.

    2. Development costs for the Merricks resort stand at approx 160 million. Circa 1000 units have been sold here.

    3. Planning granted for only 1/5 of the project.

    4. Marquis Estate St. Lucia. Currently no planning permission granted. In addition some of the land originally acquired was subject of a contract where if Harlequin had not completed sections of the work the land would revert back to the ownership of the original land owners and Harlequin would loose any money paid. Those deadlines have now passed. Current value of land circa 4 million sterling.

    5. The Marquis Estate costs will be three times that of Barbados given the topographic nature of the location and the inclusion by Harlequin of a 6 star Hotel and World class golf course. Close to 2000 units have been sold here. 480 million development costs.

    6. The Dominican Republic, The lands here are an issue. Most of the land at Las Canas originally earmarked for development was deemed unfit for use by Environmental officials. The Land at The Two Rivers site also has similar issues.

    7.A small potion of the Las Canas land known as the Hideaway has however now planning permission. Development cost here circa 20 million.

    8. Land values have dropped since the original lands were purchased given the environmental issues with Two Rivers and Las Canas. There are also a raft of other outstanding legal issues pertaining to the lands in the Dominican Republic. Land value in event of a sale based on current rates max 10 million.

    9. Total development costs for the Dominican Republic 290 million sterling.
    Additional land will however have to be purchased to allow for the build of all properties sold.

    10. Buccament Bay circa 30 acres are owned by either Ames or Harlequin. However Harlequin have sold property on a further 45 acres which is not owned by them. Including units in the Pat Cash hotel. Whilst Harlequin will claim they gave binding agreements to purchase this land that us not the case. Harlequins proposals to purchase this land was by way of a mortgage.

    To date Harlequin claimed to have spent close to 90 million developing the resort. Currently 110 units are available however some of these units are used as restaraunts gyms, reception etc. A further 50 apartments currently occupied by staff could technically be made available relatively quickly. There are another 89 units at various stages of completion, however little or no work has been undertaken on these units in the past 2.5 years. And they have fallen into disrepair.
    Circa 1100 units have been sold at Buccament Bay. 851 additional units gave to be built from scratch. A further 260 million will have to be spent on developing this resort.

    The true value of the Buccament Bay site as it stands is very hard to ascertain. The values attributed by Harlequin to this site are wholly unrealistic however. The resort has yet to turn a profit despite being operational for 3 years. In addition it owes HMMSE in excess of 25 million. A liquidator would be lucky to see a return of between 20 and 30 million for this site.

    Therefore it might be possible to get a return of circa 60 million for all the assets.

    We have not included the hotel Blu and the boutique hotel in Barbados. We will attribute a nominal 7 million for both these sites.

    So a total of 67 million might be realisable from the assets. Liquidators costs will be circa 25%. Leaving 50 million.

    Total development costs will be circa 1.25 billion

    If all contracts remain as are. Ie nothing else to pay until completion I doubt any purchaser would look at buying the group.

    The total amount realisable from 70% completions would be 900 million.

    Any purchaser would need to invest 25% more then they could recoup from the 70% completions. In addition any purchaser would have to set aside a contingency of 266 million to cover the guranteed returns as per purchaser contracts.

    The problem for Harlequin is given that the 400 million spent to date is only returning a real asset value of 67 million. Partly because circa 200 million has been paid in commissions. Most purchasers or financiers would shy away.

    The bigger problem is that coupled with the large commissions this has had the affect that Harlequin have sold the units at 25% below the cost to complete.

    So few if any financiers or purchasers would be willing to invest.

  381. A Real Investor

    Bloody hell Ralph where have you been, how cab I contact you?

  382. Whatsthefuss

    @ Conned – Er wrecker….. is a vile vindictive woman with mental heath problems – shame for you she is your mother.

  383. 28

    @WTF – There you go again. Just what is you vicious
    obsession with Erica?

  384. St George's Dragon

    No comment from the Harlequin trolls on the facts in Ralph’s analysis, just another vicious attack on a woman who stood up to Harlequin.

  385. Ralph

    Rescue Package.

    A rescue package could be mounted however.

    1. Ames and his family would have to walk away.
    2. Agreement by all purchasers to become shareholders
    3. All non purchaser creditors settled. ( unknown say 12 million)
    4. All litigation settled ( circa 15 million)
    5. All assets with the exception of Buccament Bay sold. (This could raise circa 37 million)
    6. Build additional 300 units at Buccament Bay. (Anymore would saturate the site)
    Cost for this with infrastructure circa 48 million.
    7. 38 million would have to be raised by purchasers. (7600 per person)
    8. Set a target profit of 100 per night per room net of all taxes.
    9.This would give a yearly average return of 3000 per purchaser. Of course this would have to be pro rated as per purchasers investment. This is based on 60% occupancy.

    The draw backs.

    1. Getting Ames to walk.
    2. Selling all the other assets in a timely manner ( other wise raise an additional 7400 per person)
    3.Settling all litigation ( Given the animosity created by the current litigation)
    4. Getting all purchasers to agree.
    5. The airlift issue to Buccament Bay remains.
    6. Selecting a proper Project Management Team. Argo under Campion is most definitely not an option.
    7. Do not select a construction team from the ranks of purchasers. This will lead to forums like this springing up with allegations of all sorts arising.
    8. Shareholders share in profits as well as losses.
    9. 2-3 years to complete and see a return.
    10. The Ames family control of the chess board with respect to Shipleys and HMSSE

    This basic rescue plan could see an avg annual return of between 2 and 5-6 % per year. Would of course be a better option then liquidation.


  386. Ralph

    As per BFP (3.27) earlier. Consent is for three storey apartment blocks. That is smaller than the original plan ( 4 floors )
    and what Ames needed to make this even marginally viable ( 5 floors). It’s also lower than is shown on the resort CGI’s still on the Harlequin Property website

    So what was going to generate a loss will now generate a whopping loss. And there are eight phases- so to build out will take a decade or so at a guess.

    We also know that the site as originally planned was going to struggle with back of house plus all the accommodation. Now that the height of the apartment blocks has been reduced the total number of units will have to be scaled back. Logically that means that Ames knows there must be refunds made, but we guarantee he has not notified the purchasers who are affected.

  387. Ralph

    Our mission is to demonstrate to purchasers the facts as they pertain. And not the sanitised version presented by Ames and his die hard supporters. We seek solutions for purchasers and a jail cell for Ames his wife family and in house legal team.

  388. 80

    This rescue plan cannot work. Buccament bay will lose millions annually as a 500 room resort. Liquidation is the best way to get money out am afraid, although the values stated above are high, you would not raise that much from selling the assets off. Blue is worth $4m tops, about 2.5m sterling. Marquis is worth $4m too. Allamanda may be worth what you suggest. Buccament bay not worth anywhere close to what you are saying unless you are including the sold units. Not likely to get 7m sterling for merricks – greenfield site in not good location in a market where there are existing hotels for sale at good prices in the region and real estate sales poor. Dom rep, also won’t get 10m. Lots of good land there, better than these sites. Ames invested very badly. However, hope you succeed in your goals ralph, conmen belong in prison.

  389. Who's the worst fraudster.

    I’d have to agree with Anonymous August 15, 2013 at 2:42 am. Not because of the arithmetic; it’s the principle of getting 100% of purchasers to give up any right of ownership of a cabana or whatever, in exchange for shares in a company that owns the properties. I suspect that a large majority bought into the dream of owning their own place in the Caribbean not shares in a Caribbean company. I suspect many, if not most would want out, placing a much bigger burden of funding (i.e. buying out out those that wanted out), on those that might agree to stay in. It’s a beautiful idea but human nature will almost certainly get in the way. It’s worth a try I suppose but I wouldn’t back this particular horse to win. Just another opinion though.

  390. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No Ralph, your “mission” is to get the upcoming court case dropped against you. Funny how you refer back to the Irish transcripts again isn’t it Jeremy and Martin. “settle all litigation” so very obvious.

  391. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @SDG some of us go to bed at night and don’t give answers to order.

  392. TS

    How on earth are Jeremy Newman and Martin MacDonald accountants with such shocking maths?

    Litigation could only cost £15,000,000 if it is the equivalent of 10 OJ Simpson trials.


  393. TS

    As soon as I made reference to Jeremy “Ralph” Newman’s Twitter account he locked it down.

    What a shocking coincidence! Almost as if he is here eh Ralph?

  394. TS

    Ralph is so eager to help that he will not provide contact details.

    Why could he want to keep his identity secret?

    Rhetorical question of course. It is obviously Jeremy Newman.

  395. BBaywatch

    Ralph – as Anon at 2.42am pointed out BB at 500 rooms will not work. There is no evidence of any kind to support the notion that there is any demand for a hotel of that size in the area – probably not in the entire Caribbean islands. The size of the development has been a flaw from the very beginning and gives credence to the claim that this was a scam from the start. It’s the wrong product in the wrong place, a resort of that size would put a massive strain on the already overloaded Vinlec capacity and even if there was a demonstrable demand, the tourism infrastructure is nowhere near advanced enough to support that kind of development – and before Ole King Troll Bob’s yer Uncle starts on about the airport again – just because there is an airport does not mean that a mega resort is justified. That’s the old “build it and they will come” stupidity writ large. Whilst on the subject of the airport – take a look at the Friends of Argyle FB page, does that look like an airport about ready to receive traffic in the near future? Best guesses are that it might just about be ready for 2015 – just in time to boost the government’s standing in the general election.

  396. Ralph

    Harlequin is currently embroiled in over 30 separate litigation matters. Some involving purchasers, some involving creditors, some involving the Ames family as in the defamation case.

    But your comment on the defamation issue could be a clear indicator of one of the many issues and hurdles which would need to be overcome before a rescue plan could be considered.

    The defamation case is primarily concerned with the alleged defamation of the Ames family. If a rescue plan was successful in having the Ames’s removed then why should purchasers continue with that action.

    If purchasers cannot reach agreement on settling matters such as litigation then a rescue plan will have little or no success. Settling litigation does not necessarily mean throwing in the towel. Much of the litigation in which Harlequin is embroiled is filled with animosity. These forums are clear indicators of the levels of animosity that exist.

    But to allow the rescue plan even the slightest chance of success, shareholders will have to agree on a huge range of issues including how to settle ALL matters currently being litigated.

    The rescue plan mooted by RL is predicated on the fact that the Ames family needs to be removed from the equation without any additional cost to the purchasers. Even the RL rescue plan demonstrates a total lack of confidence in the Ames family ability to successfully steer the business out of troubled waters.

    The Ames’s are still plaintiffs in the defamation action and could most certainly continue with the litigation.

    Some appear to want to call the result of the defamation case prematurely. This is one case that cant be called. Why can we not wait for the action.

  397. Ralph

    TS would you be willing to hazard a guess at the costs of the Irish Case for example. It will be interesting to see what those costs end up being.

    TS FDNRM do you have any comment on the viability of the resorts as being debated on this forum. Your thoughts on this matter would be most welcome.

  398. BBaywatch

    As this sordid affair heads towards a predictably nasty conclusion it’s useful to remind ourselves just who and what drove it in the first place. The whole business plan was predicated on overselling massively into a market that could not sustain it (and at a time when that market was contracting), setting it up in such a way that bullied the nations involved into declining almost any tax income, making sure that as little as possible was spent to benefit the nations involved – it was greed pure and simple and the participants, especially the leaders but also some of the investors, are as nasty a bunch of exploitative I’m all right Jack’s as you come across. The islands need sustainable development with low leakage rates, not these absurd neo-colonialists conmen.

    Now that it is all heading towards collapse it is interesting to note that many investors in the UK seem to think that it is the job of the UK taxpayer to compensate or feather bed them now their self interest has lead them to financial difficulties – the true skivers and shirkers.

  399. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @”Ralph” Newman, you lost the chance to enter into serious debate yesterday afternoon. Your attempts at bullying and intimidation lost you any chance of credibility. Some will obviously fall for your “we are the good guys” routine. This is exactly the attempt you made before the Irish case and did not work. You are suddenly interested in my opinion? I think not Jeremy. You “mate” are in for a big financial loss and you are panicking now. When are you going to publish the transcripts O’Halloran gave you?

  400. Ralph

    BB Watch sadly for all concerned the Harlequin companies have collapsed. They have been trading insolvently for a very long time now.

    Many purchasers might not understand the reasons behind Harlequin’s appointment of Shipleys and what a CVA does. A CVA in the case of Harlequin allows the Ames family reduce their companies debts. The Ames family will not loose but the creditors will. Its immoral but not illegal.

    Its now incumbent on Shipleys to see through this and do the best they can to protect those creditors not part of the Harlequin group.

  401. Ralph

    This forum demonstrates that a rescue plan is now looking less likely by the minute.

    We would like to know what TS and FDNRM’s take on the SFO investigation is. Is it now to be accepted by all that the defamation case is over.

    To satisfy some on this forum we are quite happy to accept their views on the defamation case. We hope this concession on our part will allow reasonable debate on the important matters which affect purchasers within the Harlequin Group of Companies.

    Whilst we are not Mr. Newman, Mr. Mac Donald or Wilkins Kennedy nor do we represent them we are quite happy to accept that for the purposes of this debate the issue of the defamation case is over. If Harlequin and or their supporters want to claim victory, thats fine we will not argue with them on that issue. There are far more important issues to discuss.

  402. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @”Ralph” Newman, It just goes to show how desperate you are becoming. The case against you is over? Is it hell. Concession? WOW arrogant doesn’t describe you now. So now is the chance to unmask yourself. Any takers on it will not happen.

  403. TS

    Jeremy clearly had too much to drink last night as he has forgotten how vile he behaved yesterday.

    Answer questions before asking them Newman. When can the people you want to help receive your contact details?

    Or was your plan to help by trolling FDNRM on an obscure blog?

  404. TS

    Jeremy Newman is the Batman of this age! Just without the money. Or the secret identity. Or morality.

  405. Sid

    Hi Ralph, when you talk about the need to settle all litigation are you including the stat demands in this or is that another chunk of cash that will need to be found?

  406. Merricks planning

    @SGD – total 988 units
    @Ralph – there are 5 storey blocks as well as 3 storey blocks but not in phase one

  407. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Jeremy, you have locked your twitter account. Why is that then? All those references to WW11 societies a bit embarrassing? Games up.

  408. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hey Jeremy your house is worth over £500k then. Will you be using that for your legal fees? Mind you your mates house, Martin, is a bit shabby, only worth about £350.k Guess he will not have any loot to help you out there.
    Posted the transcripts yet? How about finding some obscure hosting company in California/Singapore? But you have been down that route haven’t you.

  409. Conned

    I’m not sure where all this is going?
    Who cares if it’s Bob, Simon, Jeremy, Erica or anybody else… I sure as hell don’t.
    What we do need to do is concentrate on the issue at hand, which is, let me remind you all, trying to work out a way in which to get the maximum we can back from the lying, cheating, little toad Ames.
    He is the one who has stolen our monies and dreams. He is the one who has put people into financial hardship. Him and his family are the ones that have defrauded us…. NO ONE ELSE!
    Passing the blame to anybody else is pointless and futile… Its the Ames’s that have F#CKED US ALL!!!!!

  410. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    Strange how FDNRM because you seem to have more information than anyone else on Hardlycon.

    I read with interest your rescue plan, you make no mention of the SIPP investors suing the IFA or the FCS compensation scheme – why is that?

  411. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Le Grand etc. Not sure if you directed that at me or Jeremy, but some time ago I goggled Harlecon. Guess what, after about 6 pages it gave me information on server location, IP addresses, web hosting address. and silly Jeremy thought he could hid his identity. Silly boy. Still when he was found out he was exposed and was kicked out of Wilkins Kennedy.

  412. 42

    Bob – what’s your take on the rescue plan? Do you still think that the best way out of this mess would be for Dave Ames and family to remain at the helm?

  413. Sid

    That’s a silly question Anon. FDNRM can only answer in the positive. No offence FDNRM, but you would be foolish to say anything negative as it could jeopardise your payments.

  414. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I quite liked some of your comments in the past, quite fair I thought, but that is a bit stupid. What rescue plan would that be? Ralphs? with the comments “about” and “around” and the end to all litigation which would include “Ralph” Newman’s. Get real Sid. You disappoint me.

  415. 42

    Bob – other than the vile Harlequin trolls Sid has been the only person on this to have given you the time of day. I think you owe him an apology.

  416. Sid

    I thought I was being fair FDNRM. And I was only asking Ralph to clarify one of the points he made, not agreeing with him. I actual empathise with the position you are in and genuinely believe that you are a true investor. If Ralph is to be believed we have both invested very similar amounts, the only difference being you get a return and I get the big shaft. The point I was making is that if I were you I wouldn’t risk rocking the boat or the gravy could spill! Did I just make that phrase up btw? I think I did and I quite like it 🙂

  417. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, yes sorry I did not mean to react the way I did. Its a bit difficult telling what is malicious crap and a genuine comment. Sorry

  418. Sid

    No offence taken. And it did allow me to coin the gravy boat phrase!

  419. Kroll

    Lots of vitriol and no small amount of entertainment since our friend Ralph has entered the fray but nothing much to change the basic fundamentals, which have remained strikingly constant over a period of several years. As BBwatch has consistently and eloquently explained to anyone with a mind to listen, this was a badly conceived, naively supported and staggeringly mismanaged undertaking from the outset. The fact that people still speak of a “rescue plan” is testimony to the willing suspension of disbelief (or perhaps more accurately cognitive estrangement) which has characterised this project from the word go.
    So where do we go from here? I have for some time felt that the best possible outcome for creditors/purchasers/investors would be liquidation sooner rather than later with any returns augmented by the possibility of damages from a number of sources. I am also convinced that we have not heard the last of the SFO on this one and it is interesting to note that the arrest yesterday of four persons connected with the biofuel firm Sustainable Agroenergy Plc, a much smaller and less convoluted operation in comparison to Harlequin, followed an SFO investigation which commenced 21 months ago in November 2011.

  420. Conned

    @Kroll… at last… a realist!

  421. Sid

    Hi Kroll, good point well made. Do we know when exactly the SFO HP investigation started?

  422. BBaywatch


    That was posted 5/3/2013 so the case was probably opened in January/February 2013. Can’t find anything that pins it down closer than that – but still a long way to go I would expect. Bear in mind how long it has taken to get Matt Ames to court (he’s trying to get dates changed too) and that by comparison seems a much simpler case.

  423. St George's Dragon

    @ Sid
    The statement on the SFO’s website about the Harlequin investigation is dated 5th March 2013. 21 months from then is December 2014.
    I can hardly wait.

  424. 81

    Do you think Matt will end up with a custodial sentence?

  425. EddieLizzard2

    I hope so!

  426. Fatchett does not represent me.

    The SFO were asked on more than one occasion by Newman, dating back to I believe 2009 to investigate and at that stage declined. The pre investigation was started around Christmas time of this year but I cannot be sure of that date.

  427. Sid

    Thanks for the answers folks. Looking at it realistically, if a much smaller and apparently far less complex investigation took 21 months, how long could HP take?!

  428. Ralph

    Le Grand architecte, des Caraibes.

    You asked why we had not mentioned the SIPP investors suing the IFA’s or receiving compensation from the FCS. We assume the reasoning behind this is that any resultant payout from this action could be ploughed back into Harlequin.

    Anyone considering going down this route must understand that they will be fore going any rights or claims they have against Harlequin.

    If you used your SIPP to pay the 30% deposit and you decide to make a claim against an IFA or the FCA and you are sucessfull, you will be required to surrender your rights and contract to the insurance company paying out the compensation.

    The insurance company will then pursue Harlequin in order to recover the monies paid to you in compensation.

    For example if 25 % of purchasers (SIPP holders) were to go down the road of seeking compensation via litigation against the IFA’S or the FCA. The insurers would then pursue Harlequin or the new entity (rescue plan) for circa 100 million. Ie 25% of the deposits taken.

    The money recovered by the SIPP purchasers would be returned to the individuals SIPPs. The pension trustees or their insurers would not allow this recovered money to be reinvested back into Harlequin or any rescued version given all the government warnings etc on the issue.

    This is why a rescue plan would need 100 % purchaser support.

    We accept what other contributors have said on the issue and agree that a rescue plan whilst hypothetically could work, it will in reality fail, taking on board the above and the very good reasons put forward by the other contributors.

    We were asked if we had included the Stat Demands in our synopsis. We have not. A rescue plan in our view has no chance with out 100% support. In order to achieve this all stat demands would have to be rescinded.

    Our reference to the litigation was in respect of all litigation. Most lawyer’s will advise their clients that civil litigation is a 50 / 50 gamble. In the event that a rescue plan was considered the best option the share holders have every right to continue with the litigation. Some the current litigation involves counter claims by the other parties amounting to 10’s of millions of dollars.
    Any shareholders of any rescued company would have to engage legal teams to in one way or another deal with the outstanding litigation. A cost to be borne ultimately by any prospective share holders.

  429. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I owe Mr MacDonald an apology, it’s not his house its his mothers.

  430. 28

    How does the UK force companies registered in SVG-GBI-DR etc.
    into liquidation?
    When the inevitable happens could DA spend time in a Vincentian
    jail? After all he is a citizen and early on in these treads perpetrated
    some rather ghastly crimes economic on Vincentians allegedly.
    Are any companies actually registered in BGI?
    What are the liabilities in DR with its rather unique justice code
    derived from conquistadors, Borbons, and SPQR?
    Are any taxes being paid on the Allamanda?
    This surely is a tangled web.
    Just wondering……

  431. 28

    Bob is what you’re doing to Mr McDonald similar to what you
    have had one major hissy-fit accusing Erica of doing. You really
    are a pathetic little man.

  432. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No Anon, you are so wrong. Newman/MacDonald started this yesterday, threatening to go to the tax man, publishing financial details. Trying to be so cleaver in going public. For your information I’m over 6 ft and 15 stone, not little. How about you Anon publishing your details full name etc. no? Well that’s being pathetic.

  433. 28

    Well excuuuuuuuse!!! me. You are a pathetic big man.

  434. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Silly silly comment. You want your name, address, financial details published? You are the pathetic person for hiding behind the ID of Anonymous. You think that ‘Ralph” Newmanwas was right in doing that. They started this and have now opened a can of worms for themselves. Your reasoning is rubbish.

  435. Ralph

    It is wholly incorrect of FDNRM to make a statement that a report was made to The SFO in 2009 but was declined. The SFO has not, does not and will not make public or discuss with any other witness potential complaints made to them. Especially if they decide not to act on the information.
    The confidentiality and protection of potential witnesses is covered off in detail on the SFO website.
    However to possibly answer the questions posed by many on this forum. FDNRM has alluded to the fact that he is fully aware of information passed by both Mr. Newman and Mr. MacDonald/Wilkins Kennedy to the SFO.

    There are a few possible reasons for this.

    1. The SFO are keeping FDNRM updated on case progress and are giving him details of witnesses and the information which they are receiving. Unlikely given the above.

    2. There is a leak in the SFO. Not the first time that those associated with Harlequin claimed that they were being provided information by the Authorites. James of 11 Capital stated that a gentleman he had previously worked with and who now is a senior employee within A UK government authority confirmed to him that Harlequin were not being investigated by the SFO.

    3. Mr. Ames himself confirmed at a purchaser meeting in May near Manchester that the SFO were not furthering their investigation into him or his companies.

    4. When cases are coming close to a prosecution, the prosecution is obliged to pass on information to the defence in order to allow them to mount a defence. This could be where FDNRM is obtaining his information.

    It appears that given that FDNRM apparently knows much about the ongoing investigation by the SFO maybe he csn answer the question.

    However given the 4 points above and the fact that FDNRM claims to be getting information from the SFO we have asked a number of journalistic colleagues of ours to now raise the very serious issue of witness confidentiality given the assertions made by FDNRM. If FDNRM can uphold his claims this has massive ramifications for ongoing and future cases and witness participation.
    Or could it be misconstrued as witness intimidation.

  436. Square

    Unless and until the statutory demands and linked litigation goes, no rescue.

    That fact cannot be changed.

    Why not ask RL to confirm how many demands they have in play ?

    Then ask how many have been removed .

    Unless their clients are paid off, no deal.

  437. Ralph

    FDNRM as previously stated we are not either Mr. Newman nor Mr. MacDonald. You have engaged in massive defamation of these two gentlemen and may well indeed be engaging in some form of witness intimidation.

    Despite the fact that you have absolutely no proof that Mr. Newman or Mr. MacDonald are the authors of the blogs currently being produced by Ralph, both you and TS, in the case of TS, publishing a photo of a house obtained from google earth claiming it to be the property of Mr. Newman, when in actual fact it is owned by someone wholly unconnected with Harlequin, Newman, MacDonald or anyone connected to this debacle. Then you apologise to Mr. MacDonald because you referred to a property you claimed belonged to him but now acknowledge belongs to a family member again wholly unconnected to this debacle.

  438. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Oh dear Jeremy, we really are clutching at straws now. I said “I believe” the date was 2009. I also have not said I have details of any information passed to the SFO. So now we have had two lies. Lets continue. Items 1-4 are pure fantisy, just like most of your previous posts. Yes ask your journalistic colleagues, Jon Austin for instance, how the SFO got my details from Wilkins Kennendy after serving them with a section 2. What led them to Wilkins Kennedy to serve that order? Who at Wilkins Kennedy had access to the HP files including investor names, addresses, amount paid over? Let me guess, JEREMY NEWMAN.
    By the way my car tax is up soon, do you want to tell the DVLA?

  439. 156

    Could take years as have to deal with Caribbean outfits. Civil suits could be brought directly against Ames in meantime. He structured a lie to defraud you, there is enough evdidence of that already.

  440. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hey Ralf! Sue me, go on Ralf, published the transcripts yet? We can then find out who O’ Hallorans solicitor passed the transcripts to. Be careful what you wish for.

  441. Anon - reasons unknown

    Ames can be pursued through the criminal courts. Fraud. Tricky and expensive, but I’d think people have more chance of getting their money back via that route. That of course applies to cash investors rather than SIPP investors.

  442. Sid

    HI FDNRM, I’m sure I’ve asked you this question before, but why do you spend so much time debating on here? You’re happy with your investment and HP as an operation and are getting your expected return. So why not log out and never look back? Just think of all the hours you would reclaim!

  443. Sid

    Hi Anon RU, what about Crozier’s plan to got after the Ames’ personal assets? I’ve always been dubious about that approach as HP are a Ltd. company which protects the owners doesn’t it?

  444. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @”Ralph” Newman, An extract for letter sent to investors, thought you might like to read it. And I QUOTE
    “Working with Mr O’Halloran at the time of the fraudulent misappropriation was Jeremy Newman, a senior manager of Harlequin’s previous accountants and auditors, Wilkins Kennedy. After the fraudulent misappropriation was uncovered and both Mr O’Halloran and Mr Newman fled the Caribbean, an anonymous smear campaign began through a website hosted in Singapore, which spread seriously defamatory statements about Harlequin. Harlequin alleges that, through the website, Mr Newman sent damaging allegations to various media and official organisations, such as the UK Serious Fraud Office. Harlequin faced scrutiny and undue criticism as a result.
    After several months, a forensic IT investigation traced the website’s IP address to Mr Newman’s home in Maidenhead, Berkshire, and he subsequently confessed to administering the website. Harlequin alleges that Mr O’Halloran was also involved with the defamatory website. Mr Newman now runs a development company called Kelltek Group with which Mr O’Halloran is also involved.”
    Now “Ralph” why dont you run along and stop trying to intimidate me. It has not worked, will not work.
    As I said can of worms has now been opened by you.

  445. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, nice sentiment, but as you know I’m 64 working/not working/claiming benefits/not claiming benefits. The list of lies goes on. One reason and one reason only. People post on here out of misplaced ignorance. And I do sympathize with them, I told Conned the other week I felt for his problems, but he has returned to the usual name calling. Every thing I have said on here I have proved. Getting a rental return, being an investor etc etc.and being called some disusting things for it to So yes my wife would like me to spend more time doing the things I should be doing but this is a bit of a hobby, a bit like BBaywatch trawling through every journal he can get his hands on, or Yatinkiteasy riding round the islands on his bike. And “Ralf” getting up tight and personal was like a red rag to a bull. Off for a pint, I have something to celibrate.

  446. St George's Dragon

    A further can of worms will be opened when the Newman / Wilkins Kennedy defamation case starts.
    I don’t know what their strategies will be but I assume WK will take the approach that they can’t be liable for something a member of their staff does.
    If I was Mr Newman, I suspect the only way I could prove myself innocent of the allegations would be to put everything up in front of the court and try to prove the allegations are true. On that basis we will see all of the information that used to be on the Harlecon website produced and pored over in (semi) public.
    The core of the case appears to be that Mr Newman said Harlequin was a Ponzi scheme. If Harlequin loses, that will prove it was a Ponzi. If Mr Newman loses, Harlequin get to try to wrestle his house away from him (men of straw tend to have little in the way of assets). It all seems a bit nuts – but that tends to be a feature of the Harlequin approach.
    Anyone fancy splitting the cost of a stenographer so we can get the transcripts in the public domain?

  447. Anon - reasons unknown

    Sid, fraud is a criminal offence. No assets are protected if Ames is found guilty of fraud.

    For clarity, I am talking about Ames senior. It’s ironic that Ames junior is being trialled for fraud as we speak. Wonder if any of the investors Matt lied to and stole from are discussing it on a forum out there somewhere? Poor buggers.

    The Ames family do appear to be out and out liars and crooks adept at fraudulently taking money off thousands of people and ruining any number of lives in the process. Shocking that they have been allowed to carry on so conspicuously.

  448. Anon - reasons unknown

    SGD – I thought any member of the public could sit in on a court case? Boy, would I love to be at the Newman trial. Talk about Ames’ dirty underwear being jet blasted in public.

    I am somewhat surprised that Harlequin have continued with the defamation action. I always expected them to back off long before it ever got to court as I cannot for the life of me imagine that even Ames is that blinded by his own delusions to want to give the Harlequin critics a chance to justify what they’ve said in court.

    I truly cannot wait for it. Whatever the outcome. I think it’s very important that the court case is reported on.

  449. Ralph

    Bob we just stumbled upon this a record of what transpired in the court on Day 11.

    When we find more we will be sure to bring it to your attention


  450. Fatchett does not represent me.

    If you think I’m downloading some obscure site with viruses you have another think coming. Dream on.

  451. 28

    I can’t help but keep telling myself that a “Ponzi Scheme” occurs
    when the investments of later purchasers are used to pay “returns”
    to earlier purchasers. Bobbie,36/FDNRM/et-alia has publicly demonstrated
    to Fatchett that he has been receiving funds from HD. Double duh!,
    I am not a rocket scientist but does’nt that sort of wrap it up.
    I love the irony that Bob just may be the one who brings the whole
    house of cards down. Good work Bobbie.

  452. Ralph

    Hi Bob. Its very odd. Its the same website used by Harlequin to post pictures of Mr. Newman et al.

    Why dont you head down to an internet cafe tomorrow and download it there?

  453. beggars belief

    Matt Ames presumably expects that he will not get be getting a prison sentence for his fraud charge because he is in St Vincent running BB and discussing with certain people the purchase of a house.

  454. St George's Dragon

    Looks from the transcript as though Mac should have gone to the hearing – its all his fault as he was running everything including checking that the work on site had been carried out.
    Mrs Ames does not appear to have much of a handle on anything though. Is that for real?

  455. bp

    she is titular

  456. Kroll

    After reading Shipley’s report, the Irish Court Judgement and now the transcripts it really is incredible to think that these buffoons were able to raise the thick end of half a billion pounds.

  457. 28

    @BegBelief – Neo-Colonialism taken to a micro/individual level.
    I wonder what Matt Ames’ employees must think. And all of this
    happening in a Bolivarian Paradise.

  458. yatinkiteasy

    Thought Bob had flushed himself down the john with his i pad…what a pity it did not happen.

  459. BBaywatch

    Extraordinary isn’t it – the professed socialist and Marxist hand in glove with the very worst aspects of completely unfettered rentier capitalism greed.

  460. Anonymous

    Yatink…they dug him up at Buccament in 2010 along with
    the recently installed landscaping. It happens when you have
    pipes to nowhere.
    (Flush twice..its a long way to the beach)

  461. Ralph

    More from the court over the next few days. We have been given site of documents which demonstrate that Mr. David Edward Ames sent transcripts of the court case in Ireland to a number of media organisations including the BBC.

  462. 28

    I can’t wait to read how the grand-poobah himself responds to
    some of the questions. Ralph do you have any indication as to whether
    they have been sanitized or not?

  463. Ralph

    We have been contacted by our journalistic colleagues who will over the next week be directing us to a website which they claim contains documents freely available from the UK courts pertaining to a certain upcoming defamation case which they claim are explosive.

  464. Ralph

    We have been told that the documents which are appearing on the website are a true and accurate reflection of what was said in court.

    Hopefully TS and FDNRM will be able to authenticate them against the transcripts held by their friend Mr. Ames and his in house solicitor ST or could it be TS.

  465. Save Buccamentbay sue an IFA

    @BBaywatch re Matt Ames

    Of course he is trying to get the dates changed, he is too busy trying to act the great ‘I am’ in Buccament Bay

  466. 225

    You are behaving like Ericabroughton,you have gone all weird – next think you will think he is a PI and call the police!!!!!!!!!

  467. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @”Ralph” Newman. Just publish your transcripts on here and be done with it. If you are so sure of yourself why be so coy?

  468. FDNRM is a tosser

    FDNRM must be lonely having solo sex all the time…..

  469. All seeing eye.....

    Looks to me that ‘Ralf who ever he is’ has got an awful lot of information on HP
    So mote it be

  470. Ralph

    FDNRM just click on the link we provided you. We are sure the others will confirm its not a virus.

  471. All seeing eye.....

    its clean…and confirmed.

  472. Ralph

    We would like to put the issue of Harlequin and the notion that they have hired Private Investigators to follow individuals to rest. Well sort of. We can confirm that not only have Harlequin hired PI’s to follow individuals and intercept electronic communications they have “boasted” about it to the media.

    In one letter we have seen from Carter Ruck in response to a query on the matter of the legality of the surveillance by Harlequin. All Carter Ruck would say was that all future ” Surveillance ” would be carried out legally.

    Again purchasers money has been used for this purpose. We know that some on this forum have been derided and ridiculed for believing that they were under surveillance. Sadly we can now confirm that Ames did indeed engage in these activities.

  473. 28

    Erica come out of the cold…..I for one miss you

  474. Ralph

    We have been just directed to the following links by our journalistic colleagues, Thank you guys.

    FDNRM et al, The links below are to documents that were sent to various media organisations by Harlequin
    It appears that a number of media outlets ran the story based on the text supplied by Harlequin. These documents were sent out prior to the Judgement being published.

    FDNRM TS you might note from the document the many references made to the court transcripts, for example ” This can be seen at Day 23 page 37 (23;37) of the court transcripts of Mr Newman’s evidence.”

    Now we have no intention of joining Harlequin in the infringement of the copyright of the transcripts which you were so good to point out to us so vigorously over the past few days. So we will not publish them. Not the Gwen Mallone Transcripts.

    Would it be too much to ask given that you have the number of Gwen Mallone Stenographers to ask you to call them to bring to their attention this as you perceive it copyright infringement by Harlequin.


  475. TS

    Jeremy Newman where is the proof that Harlequin provided the transcripts? They refer to them but there is no evidence that they were shared.

    My name is short for Truth Seeker by the way. I am sure the solicitor who helped to destroy you in court has more wit than to reverse his initials.

  476. TS

    And so after all the BARKING from Jeremy Newman all we have are selected files posted to an anonymous website. That is not at all like your Harlecon days.

  477. TS

    Where is your proof that Harlequin posted photos of Jeremy Newman on that dodgy website?

  478. Ralph

    TS we have asked our journalistic colleagues to find for us the records pertaining to Mr. Newman’s time in the stand in the Irish Court and we will get them to you via this forum.

    Then we poll the readers to see if they feel Mr. Newman was destroyed in court.

    Will be interesting to see if they concur.

    As for the proof that Mr. Ames and Harlequin have sent transcripts to the media, all in good time my friend, all in good time.

    TS were you at the court case in Ireland on the day/days that Mr. Newman took the stand. We ask this given your statement that Simon Terry helped destroy Mr. Newman in court. Was Mr. Terry an active participant in the trial. We thought Mr. Terry was a solicitor, is he in fact a barrister?

  479. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ralf Newman, just give it up Jeremy, the court case will happen and you, MacDonald and WK can have your day in court. This will happen. So stop wasting your energies on here and get on sorting your defence. And while you are at it why not post all of your transcript rather than selective bits? “Let’s have a poll” you ought to be on Jeremy Kyle.

  480. Fatchett does not represent me.

    By the way just letting all my followers know I am painting for the next 2 hours, why not pop round Jeremy I can lend you a paintbrush, after all you know where I live.

  481. Ralph

    Ok so Bob.

    We reckon Harlequin are going full bore after Newman, McDonald and Wilkins Kennedy. The defamation case should be starting any time soon now.

    Is the case not due very soon Bob?

    Our bet is that Newman and Co. will try and delay matters. Would you not agree Bob?

    And we see that Matt Ames may well be innocent. Carol Ames is on record as saying her family intends on suing the Insolvency Service as well as London City Police.

    See all Matt did was to use investor money for marketing purposes. Is that not correct Bob?

    Will you keep followers updated? Thank you Bob.

  482. TS

    The Harlequin solicitors were instrumental in assisting the QC with the case. You should know they were in the court with you.

  483. TS

    This is so very desperate and pathetic.

    The judgment is clear as day and the evidence presented in court implicated you in the fraud and deceit so sharing selected transcripts from a dodgy website will not help you.

    The word is that Paudie has now cut you off Jeremy because he was sick of financing your failed ventures. First with Harlecon and now with Kelltek. Kelltek Group or Kelltek Limited as you registered it will fail before it even began because no one will want to work with a fraudster and his key witness. Your website does not even have contact details. How can you buy more teddy bears with no income?

    You will lose the case and be ruined Jeremy and WK as your employer will pay up. Accept your fate and put your energies into making what you can of your sorry life.

    Think about your poor wife. She is now the sole bread winner and you are wasting your time trolling on BFP.

  484. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, what colour are you painting the walls, Harlequin blue? 😉

  485. Ralph

    TS everyone on this forum knows that you believe us , we, I in this case as I am the only person typing this particular post, to be Mr. Jeremy Newman, so us, we, I and everyone else on this forum will have to accept that you believe that us, we, I were in court. Furthermore there is no denying the fact that Mr. Newman was in the court.

    That’s not what we asked. We asked if you were in the court. See you appear to be very knowledgeable of the facts pertaining to the issues raised in the court but not contained in the judgement. The transcripts perhaps. Although you have put a rather different slant as to the facts as they appear in the judgement.

  486. 193

    Who cares about O’HAlloran and Newman. It’s Ames that took our money and did not protect it. This FDNR/Bob character is transparently a Harlequin plant, why do people interact with him? He is deflecting everyone from the facts, Ames took our money, made himself rich and did not build our holiday units. Harlecon came along years later.

  487. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, woodwork, colour is “Ralph” Lilly livered white.

  488. TS

    Jeremy I was not in the court but yes I do know a lot about the case.
    We both have journalist friends it seems. One of my journalist friends is Irish.

    I also read the judgment front to back and copied and pasted parts above. If that is somehow putting a slant on the facts then you are accusing the Ireland court of spin.

  489. TS

    Now answer my questions Jeremy.

    Where is your proof that Harlequin posted photos of you on that dodgy anonymous website?

    Where is the proof that Harlequin provided the transcripts? They refer to them but there is no evidence that they were shared. You would have uploaded them too if they were attached.

  490. Ralph

    Thank you Simon. We will move off the subject of Newman et Al for the moment and focus in on the finances of Harlequin. We will need to revert to the judgement and transcripts to explain this in more detail but we will also be able to furnish you with previously unseen accounting records for Harlequin, which purchasers and RL amongst others should find very interesting.

  491. TS

    So you are confirming that you are full of it and have no proof. Thank you for that.

  492. TS

    Let us not leave the subject of Newman and MacDonald because they were complicit in the fraud of millions and deceit that threatened every Harlequin investor.

    Share the transcripts of when you were cross-examined Newman.

  493. TS

    Another part from the judgment featuring Martin MacDonald:

    Throughout the proceedings, Mr. MacDonald was generally referred to by the soubriquet of “Mac”. Mac was a partner in the accountancy firm of Wilkins Kennedy. Mrs. Ames got to know him when she was employed with Patten Pools (Construction) Ltd. As the plaintiffs’ business grew, they needed someone who could advise them on financial matters and Mac became the point of contact between the plaintiffs and Wilkins Kennedy. But he was more than that. He eventually became de facto the Chief Financial Officer of the plaintiff’s company as he carried out work going way beyond the role of an accountant. He also became a close personal friend of Mr. and Mrs. Ames and they trusted him absolutely. Although Mr. MacDonald played a pivotal role in the events giving rise to this litigation, it is of some significance that he was not called to give evidence, nor did he supply a witness statement.

  494. Ralph

    Simon of course we will provide the evidence to show that Harlequin sent the transcripts to media organisations, in due course. It would be wrong of us not to do so.

    However we would now like to deal with the issue of the financial affairs of Harlequin. Simon we are sure you will understand that most purchasers will be far more concerned about their investments than some possible copy right infringement issue.

    We will start the issue of Harlequin’s finances off by asking a question vis a vee the Irish judgement.

    We believe that having reviewed all the evidence put before him ( expert witness testimony included ) the judge in the Irish Case delivered his judgement.

    And we do not believe anyone on this forum has questioned the outcome of the case nor the evidence put before the court with of course the exception on the concerns we have raised with respect to the veracity of the evidence provided by Garret Ronan in respect of RLB.

    So in broad terms we can all agree that the judge made a fair call on the evidence presented to him. TS FDNRM would you not agree?

  495. Loony tunes

    @ Carole Ames is more clueless than her husband, they both have a nice new set of teeth, no doubt paid for by investors 😉 Simon Terry the over paid solicitor – £120,000 pa is a tad over the going rate, is it not?

  496. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @”Ralph” Newman,”We will need to revert to the judgement and transcripts” Good, then post them in their entirity on here then Or Jeremy how about your Linkedin site. Oh I forgot, that will be locked soon like tour Twitter account. Off to any WW11 conventions this weekend befor your house is reposessed? Back off to the painting now.

  497. TS

    So you can post the email but not the imaginary attachments? OK Jeremy Newman whatever you say.

    I believe finances are important and that you and your Wilkins Kennedy friend Mac threatened them for every investor.

  498. Loony tunes

    TS, lets face it the old bat Carole and stupid thick toad face dwarf have only managed to build a few cabanas in a little crappy little island with £400 million, anyone could do better than that!!! Its just one big ego trip.

    You do seem to be getting a bit uptight about Ralph, he is the only one that seems to have any intelligence on here……and is a threat.

    O’ Halloran ripped them off cos they are dim and he could, the family ripped off investors because they are arrogant sociopaths.

    Buccement Bay is shit…..nothing to do and plastic glasses – an Essex persons dream at quality.

  499. Ralph

    TS FDNRM we all agree I think that based on the evidence provided to the court that the Judges judgement is a fair and accurate reflection of events as per the evidence presented? And if that includes the complicity of Mr. Mac Donald, Mr. Newman and Co. so be it. Would you both not agree with us on this matter. ?

  500. TS

    Funny how it keeps winning awards.

  501. 28

    LL – You write like I think
    R – You have my respect but please it is vis-a-vis
    TS – Funny as in haha or funny as in not quite right

  502. TS

    Funny as in it clearly is not s**t.

  503. Ralph

    Acknowledged anonymous. TS would you agree with us on the judgement?

  504. 42

    TS – “Funny how it keeps winning awards”

    Are you suggesting that the Harlequin project has been a success? That Dave Ames has managed the undertaking competently? That he should be allowed to remain in charge of the operation? That investors are getting a good deal?

  505. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, LS, or should it be LT, you write like I think. What as in complete completely muddled? Read the sentence again regarding how O’Halloran ripped them off because they are dim and he could and investors were ripped off because?

  506. 28

    Loony toons – you struck a chord when you said “an Essex persons
    dream at quality”. What is with the somewhat Polynesian/South Seas/
    Disneyesque architecture of BBay? It is pure kitsch and there is
    nothing/zero/zip/zilch 5-Star about that “tacky” design. Good enough
    for a 5-Star mini-golf course at best. The two apartment blocks
    look like something in East Berlin before the fall of the wall. Totally
    institutional and proletarian.

  507. Yatinkiteasy

    World Travel Awards is a self nominated money making scam, where folks are invited to pay approx €400 per category. They have THOUSANDS of categories. The couple running this scam keep a low profile but are multimillionaires .
    It is quite a joke, but for many in the Tourism Industry , it’s a chance to get a nice Award they can boast about and hang on the wall in the lobby.(the plaque for winners cost another €300 or so each.
    To demonstrate the joke that it is, 2013 “nominees” for best Airline in the Caribbean include Liat and Air Cubana!

  508. Loony tunes

    It’s just Essex chav’s that think they are sophisticated, drinking cheap fizzy wine out of plastic glasses – believing its champagne….. with their false teeth or dental implants.

    Are you sure Harlequin don’t run Liat 😉

    Matt lording round BB thinking he actually has a job and not facing jail – classic Ames delusion.

    Another thing he got from Ames toad stumpy, apart from fraud that is.

    TS is you are a toss pot

  509. Anonymous

    TS – I will ask again:
    Are you suggesting that the Harlequin project has been a success? That Dave Ames has managed the undertaking competently? That he should be allowed to remain in charge of the operation? That investors are getting a good deal?

  510. Ralph

    TS FDNRM are you both happy that the Irish judgement is correct in so far as it is representative of the evidence presented to the courts.? Would you both agree that the judgement was correct?

  511. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ralphy boy, stop posting as RAlph and Anonumous. The facade is too obvious. Do you want me to get a paint brush out for you Jeremy? Why did you lock your twitter account?

  512. TS

    Buccament is a big success and demonstrates that Harlequin can and will do what they set out to do. Do not forget that O’Halloran, Newman and MacDonald caused a large part of Harlequin’s problems starting with the failed development of Buccament, fraud and Harlecon.

  513. TS

    I bet Jane is proud that Jeremy spends all day trolling on here to somehow dig himself out of the hole he made from trolling before. Scum of the earth.

  514. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Jeremy just wondered why your LinkedIn connections include a lady from “pressed to impress ironing services”

  515. Beggars Belief


    Would you also rate Buccament Bay as a “great success” for all those people who bought a property there?

  516. Ralph

    From the answers of Mr. Terry and Mr. Storey we take it they concur with the judgement.

    Over the next few days we will demonstrate to purchasers what the Ames family did with your money with the support of Mr. Simon Terry with seemingly little or no regard for purchasers. We will demonstrate that the accounts produced by Harlequin were not reflective of the actual situation as it pertained.

    Harlequin are demonstrating the lengths they are prepared to go to in an attempt at intimidating persons wholly unconnected to their operations.

    We are amazed at the lengths to which Harlequin are prepared to go to stop or stifle debate on the issues

    We will highlight Project Orange, amongst many of the issues that made Harlequin a very unsafe investment indeed.

    And then we will leave it up to you folks out there to decide what action if any you feel you need to take.

    Feel free to use the information we will be providing in assisting you or your legal representatives in deciding what course of action you wish to take.

  517. TS

    BB yes absolutely. The fact it is a big commercial and industry success despite the delayed airport can only lead to that conclusion.

  518. kroll

    TS maintains that Buccament Bay has been a great success!
    I’m reminded of the infinite monkey theory, which suggests that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will end up with the complete works of Shakespeare.
    Given 7 years and half a billion pounds Ames is well on the way with 150 properties already built. Throw in a few more billion and a millenia or two and we may have a complete resort on our hands.

  519. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Jeremy, enjoy your look at my LinkedIn profile yesterday? And what did it tell you? Absolutely Jack S***t. Are you getting desperate yet?

  520. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hey Jeremy, “From the answers of Mr. Terry and Mr. Storey we take it they concur with the judgement.” HA HA How does the Supertramp song go “Dreamer, your nothing but a dreamer” Have you transferred your house in Bray into your wife’s name yet. Being a “tax planner” I guess you have that worked out by now. Should have stuck to tax planning rather than defamation and Fraud. OOPS sorry, going to sue me?

  521. Ralph

    TS If Buccament Bay is the success you claim it to be. Why are Harlequin refusing to show the accounts.? The Irish transcripts demonstrate this very clearly. Mr. O Halloran’s legal team fought vigorously for sight of the accounts. Harlequin refused and their refusal was up held by the judge.

    These are the same accounts ( unaudited ) that Harlequin claim to have filed in the Caribbean, yet to date no one can find them.

    And surprise surprise, the new “Phoinexed” HMSSE “Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd” the company that Mr. Terry is now company solicitor for on the SRA website is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, a country which does not require you to file accounts. So how would a purchaser know what his 50% net room share would be.

    Mr. Newman has not been found guilty of any act. He is however continuing with his defence of the defamation action along with Mr. Mac Donald and Wilkins Kennedy. Yet Harlequin resort to calling him scum.

    Very sad.

  522. 9

    TS…..you are deluded fool or worse still you are simply posting on behalf of HP. Actually probably both! At least FDNRM has a hint of credibility in comparison.

  523. TS

    It is not only Harlequin who think Jeremy Newman is scum so it is desperate to claim I am they. You threatened everyone’s investments for greed and continue to try to ruin it all so you can avoid court so yes you are scum.

  524. TS

    It is the same old Harlecon trick of posting nonsense, refusing to answer questions and insulting the directors. Learn a new trick. Better yet accept you are a spiteful failure and move on with your life.

  525. BBaywatch

    “The fact it is a big commercial and industry success” – oohh it’s the return of Hardlysuccess!

    TS, your constant sparring with Ralph has put Ole King Troll Maximum Bob on constant alert and he’s frotting himself into a lather 24/7. For heavens sake man, have some decency and give him a rest, it must chafe so, what with all the hair on the palms.

    ( a lift of the lid to CartoonistRowson for that one)

  526. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @TS some life that will be. Court costs, penalties, at least Newman can do the ironing companies accounts for them.

  527. EddieLizzard2

    Harlequin and Buccament Bay are the laughing stock of the travel industry.
    The Ames family is despised, especially in the Caribbean, as a bunch of arrogant no mark chavs who don’t pay their bills. Dave Ames has been recorded telling whopping great lies – who is to say that what was contained in any of the legal documents presented by Harlequin was truthful? The answer is we don’t know and we probably will never get to the truth. What we do know is that the Ames family on the whole are unreliable and that Dave Ames is a liar.

    A lot of money is unaccounted for and it wasn’t all nicked by Paudie and his pater, so where it the rest Dave?

  528. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, you think I’m a troll. Anyone who thinks its funny to post personal details on a web site, threaton to go to the tax authorities just hasn’t seen anything yet. Give him a rest? Nothing one eyed about you is there.

  529. Some Mothers do 'ave em

    @ Bob36/
    What a hypocrite you are – you are the one who posted the wrong house and had to apologise.

    How does Betty stand you?

  530. Some Mothers do 'ave em

    ANd you don’t seem to understand how Linkedin works either.

  531. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @some mothers do etc.
    1)wrong not wrong house, wrong owner. MacDonald lives with his mother and its not his house.
    2)Betty is my 90 year old mother moron.
    3)oh yes I do. Idiot

  532. Ralph

    TS taking your rationale on board. The following people should also be considered scum.

    1. Alan Bell Former VP of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts (Accused by David and Carol Ames of Accountancy Fraud in 2009 )

    Amount circa $500,000.00


    2. Ken Picknell Former Project Manager of the Buccament Bay Resort construction site.
    (Accused of theft and Fraud by David and Carol Ames 2007-2008 )

    Amount unknown.


    3. Ridgeview Construction ( Accused of misappropriation and fraud and referred to in Irish Trial 2007-2008 )

    Amount $29,000,000.00


    Advised by Mr. MacDonald to pursue them in court. Advised by Mr. Commissiong SVG attorney at law to Harlequin not to pursue because of negative press it would cause.

    4. DLA Piper ( Former lawyers for Harlequin accused of Overcharging Harlequin)

    Amount unknown.


    5. Matthew David Ames. (Took a personal bonus of $ 1,000,000.00 after selling out s phase of Dominican Republic in early 2008. Left Harlequin shortly afterwards after falling out with Dave Ames over bonus. )

    Amount $1,000,000


    6. RLB (Harlequin alleged they took bribes in 2009 to over inflate construction costs at Buccament Bay)

    Amount unknown


    7. Carol Ann Ames ( Borrowed Purchaser funds without their knowledge for the purchase of personal properties for the Ames family)

    Amount < $5,000,000.00


    8. ICE Group / Mr. O Halloran ( Fraud 13 million ongoing litigation including counter claim by ICE)

    Amount $13,000,000


    9. RLB ( Alleged to have engaged in document tampering by Harlequin in Irish Courts)


    10. Agents and IFA's (Now being pursued for miss selling by a number of legal firms, including HMSSE.

    Amount $202,000,000


    11. David Edward Ames, Carol Ann Ames, Matthew David Ames, Daniel Ames, Nicola Kelliher (Potential Illegal Dividends to the shareholders of HMSSE as advised by BDO and currently being probed)

    Amount <$2,500,000


    12. Wilkins Kennedy and Martin Mac Donald (Professional Negligence Claim being considered by Harlequin since 2010. Not yet initiated.

    SCUM Yes according to TS.

    13. Jeremy Newman, Wilkins Kennedy and Martin MacDonald. (Defamation case being brought by Harlequin. Trial Date not confirmed)

    SCUM Yes according to TS.

    14. Harlequin Property et Al ( failure to make interest payments to purchasers.)


    15. Harlequin Property et Al. ( failure to complete as per contractual obligations)


    16. Harlequin Property et Al. ( Selling property on land not owned)


    17. Procure it Direct, Andy Smith. ( Harlequin allege Mr. Smith miss appropriated monies from Harlequin)

    Amount $ 1,000,000


    18. Port Vale football club (owe Harlequin money)



    A whopping 250 million USD now in dispute. 1/4 billion USD in contention. Your money. Purchaser Money.

    Have a long hard think folks.
    (This does not include all ongoing or past litigation, disputes or investigations)

  533. Ralph

    FDNRM Are you the Bob Storey that made a report to the SFO?

    Can you also confirm if any one else has in the past or more recently posted on these forums using your ID “FDNRM” Whether be known to you or otherwise?

    FDNRM if you are Bob Storey can you confirm you met with Garret Fatchett to demonstrate you were getting a return.

    FDNRM if you are Bob Storey can you confirm that the SFO informed you that Mr. Mac Donald was interviewed under section 2.

    FDNRM if you are Bob Storey can you confirm that the SFO informed you that they did not act on Mr. Newmans first complaint.

    FDNRM if you are Bob Storey would you be willing to state where you got your information from if it was not from the SFO.

    FDNRM if you are Bob Storey have you ever gone by the name Richard Ixxxxx. Or would you perhaps be acquainted or in contact with an individual by that name on matters pertaining to Harlequin.

    Your response would be much appreciated.

  534. Ralph

    FDNRM Mr. Mac Donald’s mother passed away in November 2011.

  535. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Is Jeremy I bet it would be appreciated. And you can swivel.

  536. 28

    Ralph in your SCUM post @6.03 you managed to give a reference
    point in time for when the scam/ponzi began. ’07-08. When, and
    it will happen, the testimony of Smuthwaite and Picknell during the
    trial of Ames will be damning. May he rot in hell ! Nasty, nasty
    little man. The range and scope of the honest lives that he has
    harmed is unbelievable.

  537. Ralph

    Anonymous We are trying to demonstrate the manic attempts by a number of Harlequin supporters to deflect attention away from Harlequin.

    The Ames family continue to ruin lives. Lie in court on oath then get others to lie for them.

    In the court transcripts you will see that Harlequin claim little or no work was done at Buccament Bay prior to Mr. David Campion taking over the project.

    An example of the lengths that Harlequin will go to, to lie is contained below.

    Harlequin produced “Independant expert Witnesses” for example BCQS produced a report where the monies paid to Ridgeview $5,000,000 were deducted from the value of work as having been estimated by BCQS $ 26,000,000. Giving a total of $21,000,000 attributed to ICE Group.
    Then at the latter stages of the trial a senior member of Harlequins accounting staff Paul McTaggart gave evidence that the monies paid to Ridgeview were $34 million. Had the true figure of $34 million been given to BCQS when they were compiling their report the value of work done by ICE Group would have been -8,000,000 a negative figure.

    If the correct figure had been given to BCQS it would have had the rather bizarre affect of basically demonstrating that Ridgeview had been over paid by 8 million USD and ICE group by 50 million USD.

    Very few if any people would have believed this so Harlequin manipulated the information provided to their independent experts.

    BCQS did caveat their report by saying all information pertaining to the contract was supplied by Harlequin.

    In another example of the extent that Harlequin will lie to purchasers, the media etc. Harlequin publically stated that they had engaged an independent firm in Essex to audit payments made by HMSSE to the Caribbean companies and that this firm confirmed that the audit gave HMSSE a clean bill of health. As the court transcripts will clearly demonstrate this was not in fact an audit and only covered the period to 2009. It must also be noted that one of the senior managers of this “Independant” firm was Adela Chalmers a former CFO of HMSSE who was employed by HMSSE in 2011.

    It is for this reason and many others that Harlequin do not want the court transcripts made public. We will deal with all of these issues in greater detail.

  538. 28

    Ralph – as I said the amount of harm done to honest people
    is unbelievable. Whoever you are and whatever your end-game
    is so far you have been the most knowing person yet. I am sure
    Yatinkiteasy, BBaywatch, 100, 73, Saint George’s Dragon and
    myself are parsing every word you post. I know I left a lot
    off. Just thought of Eddie Lizzard 2, mug, erica on and on and on.

  539. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So at last Jeremy you have posted direct from the court transcripts which is against copyright rules. This could be interesting.

  540. Loony tunes

    TS Buccement Bay is shit, SVG is a two bit shanty town – great place to build a shit resort. You are no doubt form Essex and know no better.

  541. Some Mothers do 'ave em

    you don’t understand copyright law either,
    HAs Karen let you off painting over your skid marks in the bathroom yet?

  542. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    The real number of units built and able to be used by guests is closer to 100 than 150………………… that must value each one at millions!

  543. FDNRM is a tosser

    fdnrm…….what you gonna do when hp is wopund up and yr income is cut off no title to your villa…but then what if you have had a chunk of money you are not due, now would that make you party to the fraud…hmmmm maybe that why you defend HP etc so stongly….maybe you gonna be doing some time inside also

    there again you could just be an arrogant areshole

  544. 174

    Bob – do you also think that Buccament Bay is a big commercial and industry success?

  545. 192

    TS is Simon
    Ralph is Newman
    Bob is Bob
    Whatsthefuss is Matt

    This doesn’t matter of course but its fun as a cluedo game, anyone challenge?

    All of these people also post under other names so any other thoughts…

  546. 28

    Anon – I’ve been working on a board game (hopefully for Parker Bros)
    Its called PONZI. There will be no “get out of jail free card”. Each
    player is issued enough money to put 30% down on a villa/cabana
    on a mythical resort developement called Buccaneer Land on the
    island of St Trinian somehere in the Caribbean. The evil developer
    is called Dave Shames……..all sorts of evil tricks happen to con the
    players out of their deposit. Anon 9:27 please take over….

  547. Ralph

    Its ok Bob there appears to be no copyright infringement. But it really is irrelevant. The transcripts may help purchasers in getting an understanding for the position they find themselves in.

    We have been advised that more will follow. In addition we have been advised that all public documents pertaining to the defamation case will be available as well.

    And information on Project Orange the clean up Operation to hide some of Harlequins very serious issues.

  548. 28

    Ralph – Can you give some sort of hint as to what Project Orange
    is. I detect the hint of some really big exposure.

  549. The only way in new teeth!!!

    Matt Ames…..have you thrown any phones at your Dad recently?

    You should tell your mother her teeth look really stupid….your Dads not much better.

    How’s your poncy little brother? looking forward to becoming a postman again?

    You need to be careful as you are getting a little rotund….. soon loose that when your in der nick!!!

    13 years not being a director – what will you do? maybe get your wife to act for you ……bit like Daddy eh?

  550. Ralph

    Safe to say any purchaser with a lawyer should request full details of project orange from Harlequin. It was a series of meetings instigated in early 2009 by Harlequins then solicitors DLA Piper who Harlequin fell out with some time later when Harlequin accused DLA Piper of over charging. DLA Piper were concerned that the activities of Harlequin at that time would have attracted the attention of the authorities, who would have instigated a dawn raid. The existence of project orange was uncovered by reporters from the BBC Panorama program and Matthew Chapman.
    Sadly Matthew was getting to close to uncovering some really nasty going’s on with in Harlequin and the rest is history so to speak.
    Matthew was coming too close for comfort in exposing the Ames family. Unfortunately Sean Ghent who was employed at the time by Ames was brought into the fray.

    If we were conspiracy theorists then we would say that Mr. Chapman was set up. A distinguished award winning investigative journalist, who was trying to seek the truth and was on the verge of exposing the Ames family became another victim. The vitriolic nature of the Ames family then is similar to what it is now.

    You just have to look at the list of individuals and companies who prior to having met the Ames family may have had nothing more then a parking ticket.

    Bell, Picknell, Smurtwaith, Newman, O Halloran, O Halloran Snr. Mac Donald, Spencer, Floyd, Chapman, Cellate, DLA Piper, Wilkins Kennedy, RLB, and lest not we forget the initial claims in Ireland that Fujitsu and Bank of Ireland were also involved in money laundering all though in the case of the latter two Ames was probably told to drop that allegation given how preposterous it was.

    Sean Ghent if anyone cares to Google him has had a rather colourful history with Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

    It was Ghent that was responsible for coordinating the illegal surveillance of individuals at the behest of Ames. There is also persuasive evidence that Ghent at the behest of Ames indulged in illegal electronic tapping. The issue was raised with Carter Ruck who assured those concerned that all surveillance from the date of the letter would be illegal.

  551. Ralph

    Correction Carter Ruck stated that any surveillance after their letter would be legal.

    The list of individuals is just a sample of the lives Ames has tried to ruin.

    In mid 2009 Ames fell out with Oasis after a meeting in Spain with Oasis threathening to sue him for breach of contract.

    In 2008 he falsified documentation in order to entice Gary Player on board.
    In 2010 Harlequin used forged documents to get their initial freezing applications against the ICE group companies through the courts.
    In 2011 Harlequin produced false accounts in an Irish security for costs case. They will claim it was a 20 million pound mistake.

    And it goes on and on.

  552. 28

    Ralph –
    1 – It is Smurthwaite (my mistake)
    2 – DLA Piper seems to be the progenitor of Project Orange. I assume
    it is up to them to provide a explanation of what it is.
    3 – The Harlequin mess just keeps getting more and more convoluted
    the deeper one digs,
    Thanks Ralph

  553. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph Newman, your ramblings get worse. So it was ames fault that you. O’halloran and MacDonald decided to de fraud him. And stop pretending that Anon 11.14,is a different person. We can all see you are one of the same.

  554. Eddie Lizzard2

    But Bobbet 36/- you change your name to suit sometimes and you have even impersonated other people on here. Not only are you a hypocrite but you got caught out by your own stupidity when you forgot to change the name you posted under. lol

    And by the way it was most definitely Ames’ fault that the money got mislaid – what competent business man would not insist on a legal contract in a deal of that magnitude? Mind you Ames is unable to account for quite a lot of money at the moment. It stinks very fishy to me.

  555. Ralph

    FDNRM you are pathetic.You are also a liar and quite a dangerous person to boot.

    We are not Jeremy Newman nor Martin Mac Donald.

  556. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Well “Ralph” you have nothing to worry about then have you. Why are you so worried about me? A liar and quite dangerous am I? Why would that be Jeremy? Why were you looking at my LinkedIn profile 2 days ago? Coincidence? You are interested on making me a business proposition perhaps? Don’t make me laugh you muppet.
    @EL2 and who do you think I impersonated?

  557. 239

    I am sorry but I think that you are all losing the plot. Dave Ames has committed a crime of false representation under the Fraud Act 2006 and should be reported to the Director of SFO in London This is a criminal offence. and it is the only way to get your money back. The gagging orders that you have all signed are not worth the paper they are written on. The lawyers and agents are interested only in making money It is interesting that now Matthew Ames is running Buccament Bay having been banned for 13 years from being a Director and is now on bail in the Caribbean!!. Great… .

  558. Anon - reasons unknown

    Great idea anonymous at 9:07am! Quick, somebody call the SFO!

  559. Beggars Belief

    Let’s cut through all the accusations and counter-accusations being flung around.

    Let’s be as generous as it is possible to be towards the whole Harlequin operation. Let’s assume that Harlequin has never done anything fraudulent or illegal or even morally doubtful.

    Let’s read the Irish court case judgement with an open mind.

    Even then, can anyone honestly say that Harlequin have demonstrated a level of professionalism as a developer to be trusted with any future building project? This judgement, combined with the track record of taking around £400m over 7 years to create a semi-complete resort. Wouldn’t it be quite difficult to perform that poorly?

    Comments from TS and FDNRM please.

  560. Beggars Belief

    More specifically, the decision to not protect purchaser funds with a contract needs an answer. Would TS or FDNRM like to comment on this.

    To embark on a build programme of this scale with one’s own money (maybe that’s what Harlequin thought they were doing!) without a contract would just be stupid. Doing so with other people’s money surely is professional negligence. Does anyone want to challenge this view?

    How can any specification have been defined without a contract to bind the parties to? How can a build programme have been set out with late delivery penalties without a contract to bind the parties? How can any number of basic protections of purchaser funds been put in place without a contract to bind the parties?

    In short how can this not be considered negligent behaviour?

    It really doesn’t matter if the shadow director of the company was persuaded by someone else to be honest. Those that make the final decisions are accountable for these. People didn’t purchase properties by investing with the people who are claimed to have persuaded (with fraudulent intent) Harlequin to not have a written contract. It is frankly ludicrous to defend this. Does anyone want to?

  561. HP..very clever scam

    this is a clever scam
    1: pay a large amout of the takings to IRA etc…this spreads blame around a lot of other people
    2: collect the funds in the uk, but send the collected money to small (known to be corrupt/no info available regimes) so again lots of different countries legal system to trawl through
    3: dont keep any accounts (or at least any you will produce or admit to having)
    4: award large building projects (worth millions) without any paperwork at all…to be flexible…very flexible for the scam, nothing documented at all as to what was being built and and at what cost
    5: sell units in countries were you dont own the land, and let the people chase you to obtain refunds
    6: buy other items such as planes and hotels, to widen the trail and make it harder to unravel
    7: spread scam across lots of countries…international borders slow down dramatically the auditors tracing the scam
    make no mistake this was a scam from day one and in all probability worked much better than initially expected, so greed took over…hence the wide and varied locations of proposed resorts (plus assists point 2)

    I think it is/was a very clever plan, but still a scam…it will take time to unwind, and it would appear that the ames familly are born to scan and fraud

    Time is the fraudsters best escape…look at the ponzi schemes…they all had a good life until almost at the end of their days

  562. HP..very clever scam

    sorry post should read IFA

  563. Ralph

    TS FDNRM Harlequin rumbled Harlecon not through all the money that was spent on IT experts, Lawyers and private investigators tryinq to get website host companies to divulge IP addresses etc or through illegal surveillance but by eventually masquerading as a purchaser with no hope left.

    A purchaser emailed Harlecon claiming to be distressed and Mr. Newman responded in order to assist. Like many of the 100’s if not 1000’s of purchasers out there looking for help,

    He inadvertently did not mask his IP address when responding to the purchaser and Harlequin managed to get a hold of his IP address. His home IP address. Not his office IP address, not Wilkins Kennedy’s IP address, Mr. Newman’s home IP address.

    Furthermore despite it being Mr. Newman’s home IP address Harlequin chose to contact Mr. Newman’s employers initially and not Mr. Newman himself.

    The comment by TS on the issue of Wilkins Kennedy having loads of money is quite telling.

    Could it be that Harlequin added Wilkins Kennedy just to be vexatious and in the hope that Wilkins Kennedy’s insurers would pay out quickly without any adverse publicity.

    Did something happen over the past number of weeks which indicated to Harlequin that Wilkins Kennedy have no intention of capitulating?

    Is this why Harlequin have become increasingly vociferous on the issue of Wilkins Kennedy yet make absolutely no reference to the involvement of RLB in the fraud?

    The purchaser was not genuine.

    Mr. Newman tried to assist a distressed purchaser.

    Mr. Newman is not alone in the personal attacks and attacks on his character directed against him by Harlequin. Mr. Chapman of the BBC tried to expose the issues pertaining to Harlequin and whilst his methods were subsequently found to be unethical they were made with the best intentions.

    Garret Fatchett and others in the legal profession have been subject to attacks by Harlequin and the Ames family, with Dave Ames asking agents and purchasers to probe the ethics of Mr. Fatchett and others.

    Harlequin have become very adept at covering their tracks by attacking the short comings of others who are basically seeking to uncover the truth about Harlequin in a bid to give those with a vested interest in Harlequin real transparency as to the issues surrounding this company.

    Mr. Newman and others had discovered many issues pertaining to Harlequin. Not least that they were trading insolvently and relied on sales to keep the business afloat.
    Ames kept selling product in the full knowledge that external finance would not or could not be obtained. Ames knew this as far back as 2009 and even alluded to this in the video of his business model at the Grove Hotel.

    The reliance on sales of units to fund construction and support the business was graphically illustrated earlier this year. When sales dried up, loan interest payments to purchasers stopped and construction was halted with most if not all construction related staff laid off.

  564. Whatsthefuss

    @ TS come on how would you fix Buccament Bay, its shit, on a shit island.
    Mine you,apparently Essex boys think it’s great plastic glasses and white teeth and plastic tits all round…………

    Classy joint…..

  565. Ralph

    Unconfirmed reports from St. Vincent are claiming that Dave Ames has confirmed that the owners of Harlecon have agreed on settlement terms.

    It is also being reported that Ames has stated that construction work is to recommence full bore at Buccament Bay by October.

    And further more it is claimed that Ames has confirmed Matt Ames as the General Manager of the Buccament Bay and has the fullest support of his family, staff at Harlequin and investors.

    Matt Ames will be contesting vigorously the wrongful decision of the insolvency service to ban him for 13 years.

    Ames senior has condemned the media reports surrounding Matt Ames’s 13 year ban as being stirred up by the usual suspects and wholly unfair and unjustified given his son’s pending appeal on the matter which as Dave Ames states will vindicate his son.

    Ames senior has also stated that all staff will receive payments outstanding to them for the past 3 months by Monday.

    Comments anyone?

  566. yatinkiteasy

    He also said a year ago that he was handing out titles to BB investors.He also said there would be a Marina at BB, and a Trader Vics, and a Customs Clearance facility at BB. He also said he would be flying Harlequin Air.He also said…………………………………….folks, fill in the blanks.

  567. TS

    Jeremy Newman cannot maintain a cogent argument to save his or his wife’s wasted life.

    One minute the judgment is absolutely spot on and the next it is wrong. Make up your petty mind!

    It is transparent that this is your pathetic attempt at Harlecon V2. You do not even have the guts to post these accusations without hiding.

  568. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Ames Snr quoted that WK solicitors have offered an out of court settlement.

  569. Ralph

    TS could you demonstrate to us and direct us and the readers on this forum to where we have stated that the judgement is wrong please with the exception of our references to RLB?

    Would you also care to comment on the reported deal struck between Harlequin and Wilkins Kennedy.

  570. TS

    My journalist friend witnessed the following during Jeremy Newman’s cross examination.

    Jeremy Newman told the court that he was not friends with Martin MacDonald and rarely had interaction with him.

    When asked when he last spoke to him the court sniggered when he said one hour ago and on 90 occasions in the last year.

    Many people do not speak to their parents that often!

    Jeremy was also asked if he ever went on an ICE Group business trip with Martin MacDonald and Paudie O’Halloran during his time at Harlequin. He said no but the QC presented plane tickets with Jeremy’s, Mac’s and Paudie O’Halloran’s names on them.

    He cannot even keep his story straight in front of a judge. Not only malicious but apparently lacking common sense.

    I suppose that would explain why he helped to steal millions and started a defamatory campaign whilst still working for Wilkins Kennedy. “Who will ever know?” he thought as he hid behind lies and now TWO anonymous accounts. Moron.

  571. Beggars Belief

    @TS I notice that although you have posted a couple of times since my earlier post you have declined to comment. Would you care do so or simply acknowledge that there is no reasonable defence to be made?

  572. TS

    Jeremy Newman also told the court that ICE Group were insolvent and were not going to make a profit on the work at Buccament. You clearly did a great job of advising on their accounts Ralph. Oh no I forgot you helped them to steal money instead.

  573. Ralph

    TS sorry but what we asked you to do was point us to where we have made conflicting statements regarding the judgement?

  574. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    TS how many time do you speak to your Daddy AKA Dave Ames?

    Care to elaborate on the proposed finance deal?

  575. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    TS is Matt Ames

  576. Ralph

    TS we will make a copy of a transcript pertaining to Mr. Newmans evidence soon,

    But maybe your journalist friend did not quite here Mr. Newmans answer on a direct question by Harlequins barrister.

    Q. Mr. Newman, what the position was of June 2010, if not before, is that ICE Group was insolvent, was it not?

    A. No, Judge, I dont think that is a fair characterisation at all ……………….

    It is also very interesting to note from the transcript how Harlequin and their legal team including Mr. Simon Terry view a company which have not yet filed and or prepared accounts. They were mire then critical but we will let readers decide once a copy of a court transcript has been uploaded.

  577. Shafted - John - Shafted!

    Well done Ralph, you got them on the run!

  578. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    @ Ralph

    What about my theory, than units have been sold multiple times? knowing full-well people would never be in a position to complete? And will loose their deposits

    Also, that TaylorMade were given a beech front Cabanna?

    I also, believe the IFA investors were somehow ‘gifted’ deposits.

    How could Kathrine Wooler / Manderfield afford seven deposits?

  579. St George's Dragon

    I don’t think beech will last very long. They normally use purpleheart in the Caribbean.

  580. yatinkiteasy

    Anyone knows if Gary Player is still associated with the Harlequin Marquis /Gary Player Resort in St Lucia?There was so much hoopla about it in 2009…resort to be built by 2013…but yet construction not started, Harlequin in Administration…etc etc.How many people were convinced this was a good investment because of the famous 77 year old golf legend?


  581. TS

    My rep has confirmed that no deal has been done and the court case is still going ahead. More lies from Jeremy Newman what a surprise.

    And now I am both a Matt and a Simon? My name begins with L to give you a clue and I have not said I am male.

    Harlecon V2 like I said.

  582. Beggars Belief

    @TS I notice that you have still chosen not to comment on the points I raised at 1033 and 1136 this morning.

    Do you have anything to say by way of defending the HP position or are you unable to do so?

  583. Maidenhead Watch

    Local sources claim that Jeremy Newman (pictured) of 5 Hasting Close, Bray, Maidenhead, Berks, is under investigation by Thames Valley Police for possession of illegal images.

  584. Beggars Belief

    Thanks for that Maidenhead Watch. It really turns everything around. After all, if Jeremy Newman has done some bad things then that makes everything to do with Harlequin OK again. Silly of me not to see the compelling weight of your logic.

  585. Ralph

    TS We stated that the reports from St. Vincent were unconfirmed, we thank you for your confirmation. If that is what it is?

  586. 174

    Beyond Belief asks a pertinent question (several times) about the culpability of Harlequin’s management team and instead of responding with a cogent and reasonably argued defence they choose instead to employ diversionary tactics, smearing one of their critics; this time it was Newman but he is simply the latest in a long list.
    Typical Harlequin, typical. These guys are playing for time nothing more, nothing less.

  587. Beggars Belief

    You get used to it in here. But their refusal to answer a perfectly reasonable question speaks louder than any of the other silly nonsense they spout on about.

    There seems to be this ridiculous logic to most pro-HP posters and it goes something along the lines of, “if we can show that person X or company Y is really really bad then that makes Harlequin the good guys. Why they can’t all be a bunch a crooks conning each other doesn’t seem to cross their minds. The sad thing is that if they are all a bunch of crooks then they are doing the conning with money belonging to other people and then have the shamelessness to take each other to court using other people’s money as well!

  588. Ralph

    The following link is a link to the evidence of Mr. Comissiong Harlequin’s St. Vincent lawyer in the Irish case

    It is well worth reading, especially if you are a purchaser. At page 30 Mr. Comissiong clearly states that Harlequin gave property deeds to purchasers.

    Q. Did any purchasers get their deeds?
    A. Yes, Madam


  589. Ralph

    The evidence of Mr. Comissiong as it pertains to land owned by Harlequin and Mr. Ames 32 acres as opposed to 90 acres and the issue of title deeds is at odds as to what Ames and Harlequin have been stating to purchasers.

    Sadly TS will jump all over this by shouting from the roof tops that Mr. MacDonald is a fraudster and Bob will whine on about copyright issues etc, but it would be very interesting to see what Mr. Fatchett has to say on the matters as they pertain to purchasers or anyone else or that mater with a knowledge of such issues.

    TS would you like to comment on the issue of title having been passed to purchasers. Bob given that you have paid for your unit can you confirm that you have received title for your property?

  590. TS

    What did Jeremy Newman do with the INVESTORS money he helped Paudie O’Halloran STEAL? Has any of it been used to create the struggling Kelltek Group?

    Why did Jeremy Newman wait until after the O’Halloran fraud and ceasing to work for Harlequin before saying anything about alleged wrong doings?

    Why did Jeremy Newman hide if he was doing the right thing?

    Why did Jeremy Newman have to resign in disgrace when he was uncovered?

    Why did Jeremy Newman lie in court?

  591. 174

    TS – could you answer the questions raised by Beggaers Belief at 10.33 and 11.36 this morning? It’s just that not answering them undermines your credibility. People are interested in Harlequin not Jeremy Newman.

  592. TS

    Jeremy it has been days and still you hide on an anonymous forum with files on dodgy anonymous websites.

    Where is this website you promised? When will you stop being such a coward if you are supposedly doing the right thing?

  593. Ralph

    TS please, a judgement has been given in Ireland and it has been accepted by all parties. We are dealing here with information very relevant to purchasers. Why has Mr. Ames lied on the issue of land ownership and on the issue of transferring title?

    We will deal with your questions about Mr. Newman in good time, and will provide the supporting documentation. Please be patient.

    And yes you raise very important questions and they will be answered, don’t worry. Relax.


  594. TS

    Anonymous why would I or any investor want to prove themselves credible to anyone let alone trolls? What possible benefit is there in that? I am an investor and Jeremy Newman is once again trying to ruin my investment so it matters to me you arrogant fool.

  595. Ralph

    TS the site you are looking for is https://anonfiles.com

    But sadly we are not Jeremy. TS Harlequin won their court case, Hooray, Great Credit due to their legal teams, magnificent job. We are here dealing with issues which purchasers want dealt with, But we will deal with the issues you raise, we will. We will even produce the responses by Mr. Newman and Wilkins Kennedy provided to the courts in the UK the part 18 requests for everyone to see, just to keep you happy. But not just yet. Ok?

  596. TS

    I have done my due diligence and seen proof of land ownership among other things so I am content and have no questions to answer.

    Now I am going out for the night. I wonder if Jeremy will finally provide this website he promised, reveal his not so secret identity or answer any of the MANY questions left unanswered that Anon and others seem to fail to notice?

  597. TS

    Jeremy Newman your credible group will use a dodgy anonymous file sharing website used by paedophiles? You total moron.

    NOW I am going out.

  598. Ralph

    TS we have lots of information about Ames and Harlequin which might affect how you view them with respect to your investment. TS Mr. Ames has everything under control, he is dealing with Mr. Newman and Mr. Mac Donald and Wilkins Kennedy, if you however have spare cash you could go after RLB, Mr. Picknel, Ridgeview Construction, Mr. Chapman etc. Plenty to go around.

  599. Beggars Belief

    You see even TS can’t defend the indefensible. I rest my case.

  600. Ralph

    TS sorry we just found it odd that Mr. Ames lawyer would have a different version of events to Mr. Ames and we thought it would be of interest to purchasers, TS we wonder if you would be prepared to share the findings of your due diligence with others on this forum. It might help to calm every bodies frayed nerves.

  601. Ralph

    The following might be of interest to purchasers in the Dominican Republic.
    TS could you please confirm if these matters were ever addressed? Your journalist friend might be able to help. Its just that the CGI’s show properties on the water front and river front and this document tends to suggest that this is not allowed.
    We assume Mr. Ames would have informed all those who have purchased Beach and River front properties that there was a problem.
    This pertains to land in Las Canas and Two Rivers but not to the Hideaway


  602. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    @TS don’t forget your plastic glasses

  603. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Well Ralph Newman, you don’t know if I have title or not. There again your files only go back to when you were kicked out of Wilkins Kennedy. Not so up to date are you.

  604. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @leaky mole etc, if you think TS is Mattt Ames then you are certainly not in the bunker. Keel guessing.

  605. 174

    Don’t bother asking FDNRM if he has title, as his last response implied. He won’t answer (and anyway he hasn’t)

  606. Ralph

    Dear Bob please find an extract from a letter Mr. Ames’s in house legal team sent a prominent UK media organisation TV/Radio and Internet in March of this year, you will see from the extract that Mr. Ames’s legal team seem to have no problem with the copyright issues you have raised.
    We will have no problem in passing the email along with the letter to Gwen Malone Stenographers should Mr. Ames or his in house legal team deem it necessary.
    Maybe you could ask them if they would like to get our colleagues to do this.


  607. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph Newman, then I suggest you pass it over. I have no intention of opening any site you suggest. Interesting that you suggest a letter was sent to the media in March, when the trial judgement was issued at the end of July. Why wait for my say so to talk to Gwen Malone, are you not capable of doing that yourselves? Perhaps O’Callahan solicitors in Cork might start a paper trail. As you know everything is traceable, even obscure websites.
    By the way are you ready to defend the complaint to the Institute of Chartered Accountants regarding your conduct? You wont even be able to do an ironing companies accounts then.

  608. 28

    Bob – Why don’t you look up the meaning of –sniveling– it
    fits you like a glove……

  609. St George's Dragon

    Commissiong comes over as really shifty in the transcripts of day 14. He keeps avoiding questions and misunderstanding them. From the transcript that seems deliberate.

  610. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    @FDNRM – if only you knew……. Bob

  611. 28

    Well at least he did testify that no one other than Ames himself,
    or BB has title to anything… sort of… then back tracked… sort of.
    As if he did’nt know what the hell was going on.

  612. Ralph

    TS we did not want you to feel left out so we have responded to your latest questions.

    August 17, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Q. What did Jeremy Newman do with the INVESTORS money he helped Paudie O’Halloran STEAL? Has any of it been used to create the struggling Kelltek Group?

    A. According to the Irish Judgement and the expert witness appointed by Harlequin Grant Thornton it was spent on a house, a wedding, paying back his father, petrol in a garage and something in Tescos twice. Please refer to Judgement, Transcripts and Witness Statements Mr. Ames sent to a very prominent UK TV, Radio and Internet company.

    Q. Why did Jeremy Newman wait until after the O’Halloran fraud and ceasing to work for Harlequin before saying anything about alleged wrong doings?

    A. Well according to FDNRM Mr. Newman made his first report to the SFO in 2009, and who are we to doubt the veracity of FDNRM’s information. The name is Bond, Bob Bond.

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    August 15, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    The SFO were asked on more than one occasion by Newman, dating back to I believe 2009 to investigate and at that stage declined. The pre investigation was started around Christmas time of this year but I cannot be sure of that date.

    Q. Why did Jeremy Newman hide if he was doing the right thing?

    A. Mr. Newman may have tried to hide but in documents and photos sent to a very prominent UK Based TV / Radio and Internet media organisation Mr. Ames knew where he was at all times, Just ask Mr. Simon Taylor or Mr. Neil Outrum both of Harlequin who know all about the surveillance.(according to the originals we have) As they say you can run but you cant hide, at least from Ames anyway given all that purchaser money he has.


    Q. Why did Jeremy Newman have to resign in disgrace when he was uncovered?

    A. He didn’t. Harlequin wrote to Wilkins Kennedy in June 2012, Mr. Newman did not resign until November 2012 and has since then attended a number of Wilkins Kennedy functions as Mr. Ames is aware of through his surveillance operations.

    Q. Why did Jeremy Newman lie in court?

    A. We cant find where he lied, Maybe if he lied he was just taking his lead from Harlequin. We doubt it though, Mr. Newman has integrity and morals.

  613. Ralph

    Bob we are actually growing to like you, even if you have a few screws loose, you are bringing a smile to a lot of peoples faces in what is other wise a very serious topic. Keep up the good work.

  614. Ralph

    Folks you think Commisiong was shifty, wait till you hear what the great POOBAH himself has to erm, sorry umm, ahh, duhh, say.

    POOBAH; ” OI’m A VISIONARY MATE, everything else is Mac’s fault gov.”

    POOBAH’s WIFE ” I am not sure, I know nothing about the Finances, Sales Figures, Turnover, how many kids I have, You will have to ask my husband my lord, My husband dealt with the business the 2% that was above board, Mac my Lord dealt with the rest the 98% all the illegal stuff.”

    Judge; “How do you plead ”
    Poohbah son; “Mac is guilty me lord.”

  615. Anon - reasons unknown

    Ooh, I can’t WAIT to read Poobah’s stuff. It will be a jaw-dropping,cringe-fest.

  616. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralf Newman, “what did he do with the investors money?” very selective answer. let me add, “Purchased a private jet, renting an expensive mansion in Sandy Lane, buying a racetrack in St Lucia, purchasing a quarry i SVG, a Hertz franchise in St Lucia.”
    OOPS Jeremy you somehow let that slip your memory didn’t you. Wonder how a sharp tax planner like you could forget such details.
    Don’t forget investors out there THIS WAS YOUR MONEY.

  617. Ralph

    Ahh……..No Bob. Sorry mate. Nice try but no Court has yet made a determination on those matters.

    And from what we have seen this past 24 hrs Mr. Ames has started playing Russian Roulette with everyone’s money..

    Oh don’t worry we will demonstrate to every one including you Bob what a spineless coward Anes really is.

  618. Anonymous

    Bob – you’re talking like the Irish money was the lion’s share. It is nowhere close to what Ames has p*ssed up the wall. You know it, I know it and everyone else knows it.

  619. Ralph

    Bob we know you might find it difficult to comprehend even the simplest of matters but maybe it is time that you comprehended that as a result of the Ames’s family inability to deal with purchasers funds yours included that the investments are all but lost.

    Many have been clinging on to the hope that a rescue plan is in the offing. But from what RL have stated recently with respect to the lack of transparency and basic dishonesty demonstrated by the Ames family in RL’s discussions with them (granted RL may not have described it in exactly those words) and given the information coming to light with respect to Ames’s real nervousness as to the upcoming litigation ( and please Bob do not make an assumption that you know what we are talking about because even Ames has kept you out of the loop on this one) a rescue plan cannot and will not succeed.

    What we can tell you is that the Harlequin Group is facing in excess of $300 million in civil actions.

  620. Eddie Lizzard2

    Ah talking of pissing it up the wall – poor Bobbet 36/- didn’t even get an invite to that ONE MILLION POUND BASH AT THE GROVE in 2009. Nor did he get a freebie/discounted trip to BB in 2010 as so many of the other investors and IFAs enjoyed. Now there’s loyalty for you.

    @ FDNMR do you think Paudie’s private jet is better than Ames’ two clapped out bangers languishing in a Caribbean hangar somewhere? All purchased with investors’ money BTW.

  621. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ralph Newman, and your sidekick Anonymous, Lets face it lads you have been found out. I recon WK might just settle out of court to try and keep their reputation, but you matey are looking at a bad time coming up. Perhaps a little look into the land registry to see if you have transferred your house into your wifes name yet..Yes you are right I dont know as much about the defamation case as you, you are the defendant so you should know a bit about it. Still O’Halloran might let you take a walk around his racetrack or drive a Hertz rental car.
    Laddie Pisshead2 Oh and for your information I did get an invite to the Grove. Tut Tut not up to date there, still what do you know. Nowt.

  622. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 9.15 isnt it hypocritical of you that you think DA “fraud” who by the way has not been convicted if anything is worse than O’hallorans fraud, who has been convicted. So Anon, do you think that O’Hallorans fraud was ok then?

  623. Ralph

    Bob given your manic obsession with Jeremy Newman and the vicious nature of the attacks on his character which you seem resolute in maintaining, your absolute conviction that we are he. And your absolute belief that he will loose his defence of the defamation claim being brought against him by Harlequin. We ask you to consider the following. We do this because we genuinely are beginning to like you.

    You are demonstrating that you have no clue as to what is really going on or as to the identities of the players involved.

    You have no understanding of Mr. Newman’s role. He was neither engaged by Harlequin or the ICE group. Wilkins Kennedy were retained by both Harlequin and the ICE group albeit by two separate and distinct operating entities within Wilkins Kennedy. (Southend and Egham) Mr. Newman was not a partner he was an employee and was instructed to work with the ICE Group from September 2009 by his employers Wilkins Kennedy. He was also asked from time to time by the Southend Office to provide tax advice to Harlequin. Not detailed tax advice where Mr. Newman would have required sight of detailed financials but strategic tax advice based on a number of options being reviewed at the time by Harlequin and Wilkins Kennedy in Southend. On occasion Mr. Newman was asked to look at tax liabilities as they might pertain to specific purchasers. But of course Bob you would not be aware of any of this.

    Despite no reference by the Judge in his judgement as to Mr. Newman’s guilt or even suggestion that Mr. Newman was complicit in any fraud, you and others supporting Harlequin remain vehemently resolute in your attacks on his character.

    Yet despite the Judge being hugely critical of the Role Wilkins Kennedy played in the matter and the Judges stance that both Mr. MacDonald and RLB were complicit in the fraud, there is far less of an aggressive stance taken by you and others against Mr. MacDonald and absolutely no reference being made as to the involvement of RLB in the Fraud.

    This possibly has more to do with the very deep pockets both RLB and Wilkins Kennedy have in which to mount a defence and possible counter action against Harlequin and the Ames family and anyone else brave enough to join in the fray.

    Its also rather odd given the Judges ruling that Mr. MacDonald was complicit in the fraud, that he has not been suspended nor sacked by Wilkins Kennedy. RLB, Wilkins Kennedy and Martin MacDonald were not represented at the case.
    The question is why weren’t they.

    Or is the answer to that question dealt with by Mr. Ames himself in a letter we have seen sent by Harlequin to the BBC.

    Much of the information you are being fed is probably coming from Carol Ames who has claimed in court that she is clueless as it pertains to any aspects of the Harlequin Business with the exception of the detailed knowledge she has as it pertains to the fraud and its complex nature, and we are not just talking about the fraud referred to in the Irish case.

    We suspect you are also being fed information by other members of Harlequin including Mr. Ames.

    Then there is a Walter Mitty side to your character in your suggestion that investigative agencies including the SFO have in some way imparted information to you as it pertains to their ongoing investigations into Harlequin. Your statement that Wilkins Kennedy was interviewed under Section 2 being just one example.

    Now what if Mr.. Newman successfully defends his stance in the defamation case. Could he not instigate a legal action against you.?

    When we make our identities known and we will. Would not Mr. Newman be justified in taking an action against you?

    Do you honestly believe that Mr. and Mrs. Ames will pay your legal costs.Even though it is partly your money. On that note who’s money are they using in the numerous personal legal battles they are contesting currently? Some of which have nothing to do with the fraud case. Its not their money. Its partly yours.

    Ironically in one case being taken by a number of purchasers against the Ames family personally, the Ames family is using purchaser funds to defend the action. And if the Ames family loose it would have been purchaser funds had there been any left that would have paid out the award.

    This is not a threat just an observation.

  624. Ralph

    See Bob there you go again lol half cocked.

    Based on the evidence provided to the court the judge found against Mr. O Halloran and a judgement of 1.55 million euros has been made against him.

    Much in the same way as if someone defaulted on their mortgage. The bank would foreclose and seek judgement against the owner on the balance owing.

    It was a civil case not a criminal case.

    However Mr. Ames and his companies are being investigated by a number of UK agencies. The “SERIOUS” Fraud Office. And the Essex Police amongst others. The word SERIOUS might give you a hint.
    These investigations if they were to result in a conviction or if the Ames family were to he found ” GUILTY” in this case a judgement against them would be the least of their worries.

    And Mr. and Mrs. Ames are also defendants in a number of civil actions in a number of multi jurisdictional cases were some of the causes of action against them include ” FRAUDULENT MISS REPRESENTATION”

    The amounts being sought by purchasers in these actions are a wee bit greater than what Harlequin won in Ireland Yet amazingly there is little or no hype being generated by the Ames family with respect to these cases.

    Maybe we can redress this obvious imbalance.

    Bob we have to say your reasoned arguments are an absolute joy to read. It would be wrong of anyone to suggest that Bob was not assisting us all in getting a better understanding of this debacle. We can just see Carol Ames now as she stoops over the stove cooking those duck eggs. ” Dave can you get that idiot to shut up” All though we suspect she is as clueless as Bob lol. Keep up the great work Bob.

    Lets not forget young Matt eh Bob.

  625. Eddie Lizzard2

    Bobbet 36/- Do you think the 2-day £1 MILLION POUND JUNKET at the Grove was a reckless misuse of investors’ money?

    PS So whose got the best plane then?

  626. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ralph Newman, Oh dear Jeremy, you are not very observant are you.
    “Your statement that Wilkins Kennedy was interviewed under Section 2 being just one example.” No dumb ass I said that the SFO OBTAINED their files from WK under a section 2. Understand the difference?
    “You have no understanding of Mr. Newman’s role. He was neither engaged by Harlequin or the ICE group”. Ups Jeremy another porker. From the court case: Mr. Jeremy Newman was retained to give tax advice to Harlequin. After some time, he became involved in giving advice to the ICE Group
    I could disprove more of your previous rubbish post above, but I’m going to cut the lawn. I suggest you do the same while you still have a house.
    And if you want to sue me Jeremy, bring it on. Enjoy looking at my Linkedin profile? That told you a lot didn’t it. LOL .

  627. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Laddie Pisshead2, how should I know. What to you think to “Ralph’s” lies printed above? Or are you bowing down to your computer screen chanting “I am unworthy”

  628. Anonymous

    Bob really is a desperate man. Time is running out on that special deal of his and he knows it. 3 months, 6 months? Maybe just long enough to tide him over until his basic state pension kicks in.

  629. Ralph

    Cheers Bob we acknowledge that we were not totally sure what the SFO told you about Wilkins Kennedy so thank you for your clarification on the issue.

    Jeez Bob was Jeremy in essence moonlighting. Wonder how much O Halloran was paying him. The engagement letter we have seen between Wilkins Kennedy and ICE Group must be a forgery so.? So must the court transcripts we have of Mr. Newman.?

    Thats it folks Bob has uncovered another evil plot by Mr. Newman? to defame poor Mr.Ames.

    We can just see Mrs. Bob now looking at Mr. Bob as he mows the lawn and thinking to her self. I married an idiot and now not only have we lost our life savings, but we could also loose the house.

    Don’t worry Bob its apparent that whatever biological form existed in the upper regions of your body at sometime in the distant past appears long since to have vacated that region with the exception of some decaying vegetated mass which enables you to function albeit in a very delusional form.

    Lol fill us in later on how you got on with the lawn.

  630. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So Ralf, I am totally sure what the SFO told me about WK. What makes you think I am not? More guess work.
    So Jeremy, later today, when I have a bit more time, I am going to ask if I can be a follower of you now locked twitter account. Of course you could deny me access which would beg the question “what have you got to hide?” or you could let me join, in which case all you “followers” will be revealed. Wonder what it will be Jeremy?
    @Anon 12.24 how funny your posts always follow Jeremy and vice versa. Just a tad obvious.

  631. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Bobbitty 36/-
    Are you not remotely concerned just how profligate Dave Ames was with other people’s money? Taking into consideration your apoplectic rants and allegations about J Newman and the Blarneys, I find it hard to believe that your only reaction to Dave Ames squandered £1 million quid of investors’ money on a party is ‘how should I know[?]’.

    Incidentally, talking of squandering money what happened to that scheduled air service between St Lucia and Puerto Rico for Harlequin’s growing number of US-based guests?

    Who’s got the best plane? All paid for by investors’ money. And BTW no one gives a shit who you follow on Twitter?

  632. Ralph

    Bob thanks for the clarification on what was told to you by the SFO.

  633. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Ralf, tell me which address to send it to, Bray or Southend, I will send you the copy of the transcript.
    @Pisshead2, why do you come on here. No one is remotely interested in your comments. How should I know? I never went. Any comment about a race course and Herz rental company? Just go away you add absolutely FA to this at all.

  634. Anonymous

    Roberta – waah, waah, waah – such a little girl!

  635. Simple Simon Says!

    @ Bob, don’t you think you have become obsessed, something you had a go at the Wigan bunker for?

  636. Eddie Lizzard2

    36/- it’s quite simple a simple question. Do try not to circumvent it by asking another questions that is irrelevant to the discussion (like you usually do). It is such troll-like behaviour to do that you know. From your reluctance to comment I can only conclude that you condone Ames spending so much of the investors’ money on a party.

    BTW you didn’t comment on the freebie and discounted trips to BBay taken by IFAs and investors did you? It all came out of investors’ funds.

  637. Eddie Lizzard2

    And just so as you know Bobby, I have every right to be on this forum just as you do. And the reason I am here is none of your business.

  638. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Yes it is Pisshead, when you personally attack me If Im such a troll stop asking me inane stupid questions. Racetrack and Herz, right back at you!

  639. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    @ Bobies Helmet
    Still happy with your none title? Time to give up……… Ames won’t keep to your dirty little deal……. why would he when he done everyone else?

    Just think about that – why you so so special?

  640. Anon - reasons unknown

    Bob is special to Ames because he is so stupid. I mean really, really stupid. I imagine they regularly chuckle to themselves about how unquestioning he is and how easy he is to string along despite the barrage of contrary evidence.

    I’m picturing him as Benny off Crossroads.

  641. fdnrm is in on the scam

    anon RU…at least Benny was honest and didnt defend fraudsters, so defo not like Benny

    Bob you have been shafter by yr mate mr Ames and when you have to repay the money and sell up what y gonna do….with a bit of luck you will get a suspended sentance. mind you wopnt be able to work at macdonalds then as even they dont employ fraudsters

    you all washed up mr fdnrm….lol

  642. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon RU “benny” was a shakspearean trained actor! Nothing like making yourself look an idiot is there. Off to get in the hot tub.

  643. Eddie Lizzard2

    Actually ‘Benny’ was a character in a soap. Paul Henry was the actor who played Benny. Nothing like making yourself look an idiot is there?

  644. Anonymous

    Don’t forget to put your i-pad into a watertight zip-loc bag….
    you wouldn’t have a life without it…

  645. Ralph

    It is a pointless exercise in engaging in intelligent debate with Bob FDNRM. He is obsessed with Mr. Newman and we suspect his relationship with the Ames family is the catalyst which drives him on.

    However it must be remembered that Bob is an investor and along with the majority of purchasers can least afford to loose his investment. But these investments are lost. Purchasers will never receive interest payments again. Nor will they receive the 10% returns promised.

    It is also time that Pat Cash, Gary Player, Andy Townsend and Liverpool Football Club questioned the wisdom of their apparent continued unequivocal support of the Ames Family.

    The group is trading insolvently. The General Manager of “The Award Winning” Buccament Bay Resort as TS reminds us so often is not a successful hotelier. He is the former sales director of Harlequin who’s sales arm is now in administration. The company under investigation by the Essex Police and the SFO.

    He has just received a 13 year ban from CIB in the UK and on bail awaiting trial for criminal fraud. Yet he is rubbing shoulders with “Sports Stars” at the Buccament Bay Resort.

    And remember Phil Spencer, the so called TV property expert. He told the world what a great investment Harlequin was. He fully endorsed the product. Where is he now? What has he to say to the 1000’s of purchasers waiting to hear about how Ames won a court case in Ireland.

    Andy Townsend who can be still seen endorsing the Harlequin product on the Harlequin Property Website.

    Is Andy Townsend brain dead? Is he aware of the ongoing litigation. Is he aware that HMMSE is in Administration.

    Is it not odd that none of the “superstars” appear as creditors on the HMSSE books and reports as produced by Shipleys.

    Could we be seeing some Fraudulent Preference here. HMMSE stated that some of the money taken by that company was for marketing purposes.

    Who pays the ” Superstars” ?

    Shippleys have found that many of the management records of HMSSE are missing.

    BDO found similar problems. But Harlequin knew this as far back as 2009. An attempt by Harlequin in 2009 to cover this up was exposed by the BBC and Mr. Chapman. In a response to the BBC Harlequin would make no comment on Project Orange stating that it was covered by legal privilege.
    But project Orange included attempts by Harlequin to hide the double selling of properties.

    In a scheme overseen by Simon Terry Harlequin changed the unit numbers at Buccament Bay in a bid to create confusion. If two people then had the same unit number Mr. Terry would respond by saying that it was a mistake. Or a typo error.

    Carol Ames despite being the managing director of HMSSE the property sales arm for Harlequin could not state how many units were sold, how many purchasers there were nor indeed what the turnover of her companies was.

    Our posts are hitting a raw nerve with the Ames family. We wonder why?

  646. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Pisshead2 that’s why the ” ” we’re there to emphasise that was not his real name. Got it? No very unlikely. Bit too obvious for you.

  647. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ralphy boy, yes your right it is a pointless exercise you engaging in an intelligent conversation with me, the reason being you are far too thick. Funny how if the management records were missing WK top accountant and tax advisor did nothing about it. Now I don’t expect you to answer that as “it’s a pointless exercise engaging with me” good knob off then dumbo.

  648. fdnrm is in on the scam

    @fdnrm…I may be an idiot…but was smart enough not to invest in any of HP scams….now that must place me ahead of you in the brain cell department…hmm I also sleep soundly as they wont be any knock knock on my door by the police asking question about fraud and deceipt and deffo not needing to live on handouts from the crooked ames family…life is so good being an idiot….off to barbados tomorrow for a few weeks…. you never know you and the rest of the crooked ames maybe settling in at the hotel hmp Ames sewing mailbags

  649. Beggars Belief

    Bringing this back to the point of this thread (see the title) we are invited to discuss whether HP is a fit entity to manage the money that purchasers entrusted to them.

    Yesterday at 1033 and 1136 I asked questions of TS and FDNRM and, despite multiple and off-topic posts by both of them since, neither of them has responded.

    I will ask again.

    Given that the court hearing revealed that HP failed in their most basic duty to purchasers in not providing the minimal benefit and security of a contract between themselves as developer and ICE as contractor, can you comment on this as an example of professional negligence?

    If you deem it not to be professionally negligent then can you explain why?

  650. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @beggars belief, I will answer you when you post your full name, age, address and also your wife’s name. Just so long as we are on equal footing. Got that. Thank you. And while we are on the object of off topic posts, the majority have come from “Ralph” so why not have a go at him.

  651. Anonymous

    What’s beggars belief’s wife got to do with anything? you really are a cretin Bob.

  652. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Anon 5.13 because my wife’s name was put on here. Along with my mothers. Now who is the cretin?

  653. Anonymous

    It seems to me that Ralph is the only poster of ANY SUBSTANCE
    (including myself) for the past several days…

  654. Anonymous

    @FDNRM: so because your wife and mother were named by someone on this forum you refuse to offer an opinion on whether or not HP is a fit entity to manage the money that purchasers entrusted to them until such time as Beggars Belief confirms his full name, age, address and also his wife’s name?
    Interesting logic (some might even say infantile) but let’s run with it: Beggars Belief’s real name is Eugen Jan Boissevain and his wife is Edna St Vincent Millay. They live at 436 East Hill Road, Austerlitz, NY 12017

    Over to you on the question of whether Mr Ames is a fit and proper person to manage investor’s money and whether he has done a good job in doing this far.

  655. Eddie Lizzard2

    Bobby 36/-
    And your point is…? Why should your wife or mother’s name prevent you from agreeing whether Dave Ames was profligate with other people’s money and was incompetent when he failed to insist on a written contract before entering into business with the Irish lot?

    And weren’t you threatening to publish someone’s financial details only this morning? Here is your quote just to remind you…
    “but you matey are looking at a bad time coming up. Perhaps a little look into the land registry to see if you have transferred your house into your wifes name yet..”

  656. Anonymous

    To – Bobby
    His candle already burned at both ends
    It did not last the night
    But oh his foes, and ah his friends
    It went out with no hope of respite

    (with apologies to ESVM)
    Really cool middle name though…

  657. Beggars Belief

    And what if I have a husband?

  658. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon/pisshead2 the stakes have been raised by putting anyone’s personal details on here, which was started by Ralph Newman. Thought he would do it to try and intimidate me. It hasn’t worked. And Pisshead, a little look is not the same as publishing is it. Or is that too difficult for you. If you are going to publish something get it right. Idiot. Also Anon, how do you know Beggars Belief?

  659. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Your mate Anon has just given your wife’s name. Come on get your acts together. The new dumb and dumber

  660. Eddie Lizzard2

    You’re really not making a lot of sense tonight 36/-

  661. Anonymous

    Anon at 6.07 pm – very good! Entirely lost on the simple minded one of course!

    Anon at 5.39 pm

  662. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames


    Where is your mate WTF aka Richard Ingram – so the police finally shut him up?

  663. Eddie Lizzard2

    Anon 5.39 6.07
    Stoppit! I’ve spit my coffee now.

  664. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I wonder why Beggars Belief would be married to a dead poet? You can choke on your coffee now!

  665. Percy B

    Nah nah na nana!

  666. Richard Hannay

    Who cares about FDNRM or What’s the fuss – who cares who was stupid enough to marry them , live with them ,have offspring with them ( yuck ) THe facts are the facts Ames stole the money from the investors ,Ames spent purchasers deposits to fund legal claims, AMes lied ,cheated, stole ,abused ,deceived everyone He paid top flight law firms to advise him how to stay out of jail full in the knowledge what he was doing was illegal -PROJECT ORANGE-
    He employed other lawyers to issue threats and writs – again with purchasers money . EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DONE ON OUR MONEY BECAUSE HE HAS NO OTHER INCOME …….
    I don’t give a monkeys who , if anyone ripped AMes off – I paid AMES , he owes me .
    Tell me Bob how come you get paid without a title deed on your property.

  667. Richard Hannay

    Carpe diem…..

  668. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Fuck off Haney don’t talk about my wife and kids like that!!! EVER.

  669. Richard Hannay

    Go and fuck yourself wankshaft …… You can give it but you can’t take it ……
    Except up the arse from Ames ……. Oh harder Dave more jism my love … Let me be your servant Dave ……….

  670. Whatsthefuss

    Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames – don’t panick I am alive and well, I don’t post on here anymore although a couple of posts have been put up in my name. No the police haven’t stopped anything apart from Ericas forum. I don’t post on the subject of Harlequin as I have no interests in it anymore although I not divulging why!
    Richard Hannay – nice try at filthy insults but your a bit of an amateur at it aren’t you – need some help? I can only imagine you feel safe talking about people’s wives and children because you don’t have family? You seem married to your fist because you can’t get a girlfriend and are seedless so have no children?
    Try calling Erica she can’t be inundated with male attention and she also might be able to supply you with some pictures of kids to look at?

  671. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    FDNRM, now that’s being a little bit rude, have you had too many boxes of Aldi wine?

  672. Mampy, mampy crab


    How very interesting your information is, I trust its been given to the proper authorities?

  673. Eddie Lizzard2

    Why are some of the posters on here so preoccupied with Erica, masturbation and pedophilia? It is most unnatural.

  674. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker


    So your dirty little deal has happened, or was it Dave Ames that actually told you to stop being such a prat?

    Anyhow, you do know that your dirty little deal will be overturned – preferential creditor spring to mind 😉

    Shipley’s know about you and FDNRM – so your both up the creek without a paddle.

  675. Whatsthefuss

    Leaky Squeaky Arse – if you were anybody of any relevance you would know, but it’s not your business to know.
    Don’t worry about what I’m doing, Shipleys are only relevant to one harlequin business not all of them – amazing what a bit of lateral thinking can do.
    As I have told you now at least half a dozen times – DA has never asked for anything to be posted or not posted.

    Anyway I’m in the office Wednesday come and ask me and I will give you an update seeing as your not in the loop!

    I’m stopping posting again now so don’t bother asking anymore questions.

  676. Ralph

    The topic of this forum is

    “Harlequin wins lawsuit against Padraig O’Halloran by proving Dave Ames is unfit to manage your money”

    In order to prove that Dave Ames and indeed the Ames family were unfit to manage purchasers money it is necessary for everyone to understand how the business model was conceived the historical issues pertaining to Harlequin, the roles of accountants, lawyers, contractors, employees, purchasers etc.

    The Ames family have been since 2007 blaming everyone and anyone for their short comings. When criticism of their business model was raised on various blog sites and online Harlequin spent fortunes removing criticism.
    When the Guardian wrote an article about Harlequin and their Merricks resort in 2009, Harlequin threatened to sue them. Today 18 August 2013 nearly 4 years later three partly finished buildings are all that have been constructed on site.

    Harlequin blamed their first contractor for fraud and miss appropriation and then just going on the facts of the Irish case blamed their 2nd contractor for exactly the same thing. What lessons did Harlequin learn from their first contractor? Apparently none.
    What safe guards did they put in place? Apparently none.

    And what of the much talked about rescue plan, The Harlequin Investment Group, (Mr. Garret Factchett, Mr. Paul Walton, Mr. Richard Ingham) What’s their role in all this, What is their relationship with Harlequin, their relationship with Mr. David Campion the former Director of the HD studio. A rescue plan which has been discussed for months yet with little or nothing of substance being produced. Allegations by Regulatory Legal that they have received conflicting information from Mr. Ames. Incessant attacks by Mr. Ames on Mr. Fatchett. How can anyone have confidence in any rescue plan when this continues in the background?

    Is Ames using the ruse of a rescue plan to stall for time?

    Why did Mr. James Canon and 11 Capital walk away, How many walked previous to this?

    What happened the Harlequin Investment Fund?

    These are the issues which purchasers want to know about, people want to know what they can do, not live on eternal promises that someday all will be good. Harlequin talk about transparency, to date there has been none.
    We hope over the next few weeks to shed light on many of the issues of concern to purchasers and interested parties alike.

  677. Ralph

    WTF has stated that Shipleys are only relevant to one Harlequin business not all of them, These are the kind of statements that are both inaccurate and may well be designed to miss lead purchasers.

    The actions of Shipleys and the future of HMSSE and or any possible CVA will have huge ramifications on the Resort Development Companies, (The Caribbean Companies)

    We will explain this in detail this week.

  678. Ralph

    Mampy, mampy crab if we were betting people we would bet that anyone with an interest in Harlequin will be reading this blog. Including the Ames family and their in house solicitors. Harlequin have in the past published letters on Barbados Free Press and we would like them to consider doing so again in the interests of transparency. Many of the issues we raise could be addressed by Harlequin and the Ames family.

    We are not seeking a reaction from the Ames family or a release explaining to all and sundry that they know who is behind “Ralph” because they don’t.

    Harlequin will attempt to milk the Irish Judgement for all its worth in an attempt to lay blame for their complete incompetency at the door of someone else.

    Harlequin and the Ames family sent press releases to a large number of organisations in which they continued pedal their litany of lies. But they have rubbed up too many people the wrong way, they are now trying to weasel their way out of a number of situations they have created.

    There is no future in Harlequin, no magical solution, Harlequin are paying Pat Cash and other sports stars to maintain an illusion that all is well.

    But it is not.

  679. TS

    It is established in the judgment that Martin MacDonald of Wilkins Kennedy was Dave Ames right hand man and chief financial officer and he advised against a contract.

    Jeremy “Harlecon” Newman is still banging on and spreading lies I see. What a sad weasel of a man.

    It is already 1-0 to Harlequin and it will be very entertaining when the defamation court case arrives.

  680. Anonymous

    @ralph – how do I contact you for more information pls?

  681. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Yes Ralph how DO we contact you?

  682. TS

    Come along Ralph no need to hide. Help your fellow anonymous poster.

  683. Beggars Belief

    Be that as it may TS, this is no real way of defending the professionalism of HP.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but “Mac” was not an employee of any Harlequin company. So, as such, the purchaser’s had no contractual relationship with the company he worked for. If HP decided to entrust him to make decisions on their behalf then they have to stand by that and take responsibility for anything he did. The directors and the shadow director of HP can’t abrogate their duty of care to the purchaser’s.

    Is it your position that they acted professionally in this respect?

  684. Richard hannay

    Give it up beggars belief ……. You cannot get TS or FDNRM to accept even the tiniest bit of doubt about the messiah ( Ames) they cannot do anything but tow the party line ….
    Ohallorans 1.5 million quid judgement is their great white hope, no mention of all the lost cases HArlequin have fought , just the one winner and a least four lost cases .

    This forum in pointless apart from Ralph who seems to have insider knowledge and a lot more bombs to drop

  685. TS

    BB it is standard practice and professional to seek and act upon advice by trusted expert advisers. The judgment makes it clear how pivotal Mac was at Harlequin.

    “76. Again and again, throughout this lengthy trial, evidence was produced which showed what a pivotal role Mac played in the day-to-day business of Harlequin. What also emerged in the course of the trial was the growing relationship that developed between Mr. Padraig O’Halloran and Mac. It developed to such a point that Mac attended the stag party of the first named defendant at Monte Carlo during the Grand Prix weekend in 2010. Although Mr. Newman gave evidence in the trial, Mr. MacDonald did not. He neither turned up at the trial nor furnished a witness statement.

    “77. I am satisfied that the evidence establishes that by the spring of 2010, Mr. MacDonald was working in league with the first named defendant and he had a serious conflict of interest in continuing to act for Harlequin. Mr. Ames felt very let down by Mr. MacDonald, and with some justification. By that time, Mr. Newman was also working for the ICE Group.”

    I have nothing else to add and I am too excited by the prospect of “Ralph” helping the masses and providing contact details.

    To repeat I am not here to answer for my investment so I will not be going into any further questions. I want to ensure everybody reading knows that Ralph is Jeremy Newman and that he is the real threat to investors.

  686. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hello Richard! Firstly I want to apologise for my outburst last after you crass comment regarding my wife and children, however I am about to book a holiday for two weeks and I want to thank you for paying for it. God bless you for your generosity. Xx

  687. Ralph

    Anyone who wishes to contact us can do so on Theequaliser101@gmail.com

    Regards the Ralph team.

  688. Eddie Lizzard2

    @36 Hmm… Buccament Bay at the hight of the mosquito season – that’ll be fun!

    Better alert the catering staff to get the pies in.

  689. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Off to France.

  690. Short Legs

    @ EL2 – you mean boxes of wine ‘n’ fish’ n’ chips 😉

    @FDNRM will we have a break from YOU!

  691. Ralph

    TS We must not forget the role that RLB ( Rider Levett Bucknall http://www.rlb.com played in the FRAUD either. Tempering with documents as the Judge stated.

    In the interests of purchasers and UK Taxpayers we have prepared a document to be sent to RLB (Rider Levett Bucknall http://www.rlb.com ) the Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the UK Governments Contract procurement Agency and the trade media setting out Harlequin’s concerns and indeed the very reliable witness evidence of Mr. Garret Ronan former VP for development at Harlequin Hotels and Resorts and the Judgement from the Irish case.

    We will also provide the evidence that Harlequin claimed RLB had taken bribes.

    RLB are involved in a number of UK government contracts including the MOD. It will be of huge importance to the UK government to be informed of the role RLB played in the fraud.

    And we know how much Mr. and Mrs. Ames crave that justice is seen to be done.

    We know Harlequin and the Ames family have been too busy dealing with Wilkins Kennedy to get the information on RLB to those who should know about their involvement in the fraud.

    We will assist Harlequin on the matter of RLB knowing how busy they must be.

    We thank Mr. Garret Ronan now employed by the Zuma chain of Restaraunts in New York for this information and his evidence in the Irish Court which led to the exposing of the business ethics of RLB.

  692. Richard hannay

    La France recoit la douleur nous recevons l’augmentation

  693. Eddie Lizzard2

    I see that even The Chief Troll and a major protagonist for Harlequin prefers to visit France rather than Buccament Bay. Says a lot.

    However I do have a feeling that 36’s vacances d’été may be a ‘tarte dans le ciel’.

  694. yatinkiteasy

    Ames told Bob “Go to France!”

  695. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Pisshead2, only because Hannay has not paid enough to HP. Come on Richard stop being so tight man.

  696. Anonymous

    Another post that makes sense only in the twisted mind of Bobby

  697. Hey Paudie, You’re right! Ames is a scumbag… I should know…

  698. Fat Matt

    Ask your mate fatty Matty for a sub, he won’t need it in prison

  699. Septic Tank

    nothing has changed here. please add value if you have new information. posted weeks ago that Eleven Capital was out. all i see here is moronic gibberish and accusations with nothing to show regarding resolution of the investors money, disclosure of Harlequin’s books, a real plan toward a solution for people to get their money back. why not just stay off this blog unless you can say something of value or that is at least sensible in an adult way? please post information of value to help find a solution or just stay off the blog.

  700. Newman the pillock needs new teeth

    Well done to Dave Ames and his legal team in the Irish High Court. Now for Newman and Wilkins Kennedy. Easy Easy! As soon as the SFO complete their investigations,finding as they will, that Harlequin has no case to answer, funding will materialise and the blocked projects will be up and running again.
    B Baywatch Regarding the claptrap over the Hyatt investment. why no mention of neocolonialism, leakage etc.
    Yatinkiteasy Any thoughts as to why Hyatt is investing in the DR, Mexico and Jamaica ans not Barbados? As we all know, there is an ever increasing number of boarded up hotels and resorts awaiting foreign investment. This following on from Sandals rejecting Barbados in favour of Greneda. Could this be another example of the rudeness and the widespread drugs and crime scene. not to mention the high level of HIV which infests your island, taking it’s toll? Come on, smart arse. let’s have some answers!
    Before your Government spends money on refurbishing any hotel, they should look into the real reason behind the sad decline in tourism. they need to take positive action to clean up and re-educate your community and make Barbados a welcoming and safe place for your paying guests to visit once more. Are the authorities there so blind?
    FDNRM is working tirelessly to protect his investment. Good for him! He has paid for his unit in full so why should he not receive a return?
    There is a continuation of the same old waffle on this thread, with no interesting news, good or bad, Most, if not all, of what is posted is crap with no substance or truth behind it.
    If there was any substance behind the suggestion of Double Selling any unit, the SFO would surely have found it. Did Fatchet find any proof in his survey that double selling was taking place? No!
    Beggars Belief You are just one Almighty Liar.
    Others, in particular B Baywatch, Yatinkiteasy and Eddie Lizzard 2 all post garbage. Remember Eddie Lizzard 2 was the one who threatened to kill Dave Ames at the investor meeting in Warrington,
    As for you, Ralph Newman, you are the biggest pillock one could ever come across! Your would be far better spending your time planning on how you are going to pay your libel costs and the court costs. And how will you manage to keep a roof over your head? I can’t wait to see your face when you finally realise YOUR life is in ruins! Your actions on Harlecon have ruined so many other people’s lives. You will be held accountable. Don;t think you will get off lightly!

  701. Ralph

    When is construction due to recommence?

  702. Beggars Belief

    Well done for trying your best to defend this but you have no idea how ridiculous you sound.

    Let’s work with your assumption that directors at HP were persuaded to not protect the purchaser funds with a written contract with the contractor. Just how would you judge their business intuition and skill to accept that advice?

    It really is below the most basic level of business competence to follow advice of this kind.

    Can we even begin to join the dots on this one? Can we speculate how the line of reasoning might go that would support advice like this?

    It is quite ludicrous to suggest that a director acting with full control of his or her faculties would be persuaded that this was a good course of action. And you know this to be true TS.

    Lets be thankful that the contractor didn’t tell them that RSJs would not be required because they were going to use a new model of skyhook instead.

    I would ask the same question to FDNRM but I’m worried he might ask me for my chest size and the name of my gerbil before he considers replying

  703. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @beggars belief, how’s your dead wife, the 20th century poet? Some people on here try to be so cleaver, but in reality are so stupid and fly up their own arse holes.

  704. Beggars Belief


    Thanks for at least giving my name capital letters. Can you point out a single lie I have added to this thread?

  705. Beggars Belief


    Cleaver – a sharp knife usually used for cutting meat.

    Clever – could be used to describe a person who is too intelligent to use the word “cleaver” when he really means “clever”

  706. Take Ames And Fire

    Good to see that there is someone else out there apart from Bob, TS and WTF who still believe in Ames’s hairbrained scheme! Comical post, joker! Bob, enjoy your holiday with our money, good to see the ponzi scheme is alive and kicking for some. That’s it, keep shouting from the roof tops how Ames’s ponzi scheme is benefiting some when clearly it’s ruining the lives of others. Oh, and what happened to the interest rate deposits which were meant to start this month? Looking like yet another lie from Ames. # SCUMBAG

  707. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @take Ames and fire. Since my personal details were posted on here by “Ralph” Newman and my wife and kids were insulted I don’t give a shit about losers like you. Tough shit loser.
    @bb ah bless the spelling police. Clever is some one who makes an investment and makes a return. If you spent less time checking people’s spelling that might have been you.

  708. Ralph

    Some excellent informative posts by Harlequin Supporters. Just a simple question then when is Harlequin ready to recommence work on all their projects.

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ames,
    You have some very loyal and die hard supporters on this site. They are making very many statements about your business and the future. But like us they all remain anonymous.

    Now we are fully aware of the update you provided guests and purchasers staying at Buccament Bay Resort last week all 62 of them. (Equating to less than 25% occupancy) that work is to start in earnest on the Buccament Bay Resort in October.

    We and we believe your purchasers would like from you an update.
    Are you prepared to put into writing what you stated at Buccament Bay last week.?

    Are you prepared to state whether you intend to take legal action against RLB.?

    Are you prepared to confirm what your supporters are saying on this forum?

    Can you give us an update on the defamation proceedings, are there any delays to this case? Is it still going ahead this year?

    Are there still freezing orders on your wife’s assets? If so why?

    Are you and your wife willing to make a statement on the decision by the UK authorities to ban your son for 13 years?

    Are you still in good faith negotiations with Garret Fatchett of RL on a rescue plan?

    How many units are available to hand over as part of your completion process?

    Can you confirm that you received in excess of 200 completions to date at Buccament Bay. Those being in 2008 and 2009.?

    Can you confirm that the Baker Jones Partnership was an independent accountancy firm engaged by BDO to have a look at your Caribbean transfers.?

    Can you confirm that the Adela Chalmers who holds a senior management position in the James Baker Partnership and is a director of companies in the James Baker Group is NOT the same Adela Chalmers employed by your wife’s company HMSSE as a senior accountant or CFO prior to the appointment of James Baker Partnership?

    if Adela Chalmers was employed by your company did you or your wife not think this might have been a conflict of interest?

    Can you confirm that the work completed by the James Baker Partnership only went up to the 31st of March 2009?

    Are you willing to admit you were wrong in stating to purchasers in the past that the James Baker Partnership had carried an audit of the figures?

    In the Irish Court Case and as per the transcripts the work carried out by James Baker was merely a cataloguing exercise.

    You have stated that Mr. Baker of the James Baker Partnership confirmed that 30 million sterling was owed by purchasers to your companies for completions on the Buccament Bay Project.

    Can you confirm how Mr. Baker calculated these figures?

    Can you confirm whether you made Mr. Baker aware of the completion monies received in the period 2007-2009?

    Can you explain why Mr. Baker has stated that this was not an audit and Mr. Bakers team relied on Harlequin to provide the financial data (figures) to Mr. Bakers company.?

    Can you explain why during Project Orange you changed the numbering on the Cabanas at Buccament Bay.

    Can you confirm the number of units completed on and to which title was transferred as of Feb 2013.?

    Can you explain to your purchasers why a CVA as it pertains to HMSSE will have no impact nor could any resultant actions as a consequence of a CVA affect purchasers in any way?

    Can you explain to your purchasers why your wife claimed she knew absolutely nothing about the operation of her company as she set out in the Irish Court Transcripts?

    Mrs Ames why did you knowingly sign off on your companies audited accounts when you knew you had no idea as to the finances?

    In answering these questions we feel you both might go somewhere to regaining some credibility.

  709. Ralph

    Correction in our letter at one point we make reference to Baker Jones Partnership. It should read James Baker Partnership. Jones Baker are referred to in the transcripts but they are a different firm. This is what happens when we have a late lunch. We also made reference to the freezing orders on Carol Ames’s assets we forgot to include the
    Freezing orders on Dave Ames’s assets too.

    Again apologies.

  710. Ralph

    One of our colleagues has correctly pointed out that we got the name of the company mixed up.

    Apologies again folks The companies name is Baker Clarke.

    Sorry folks

    You can find them on bakerclarke dot com

    It must be all those rotis and banks in this heat. Phew

  711. Anonymous

    You seem to have just confirmed that you (at least one of you),
    is based in Barbados. To me a very positive development. It means
    some in the islands are making probing questions. Bravo!

  712. Beggars Belief

    The ROI on my investments is very healthy indeed and show every sign of providing great capital and income growth.

    I think you said, FDNRM, that you made multiple purchases of units from HP and you consolidated these in exchange for completion on a single Buccament Bay unit. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Can you remind us the total amount you paid for all your deposits and then give us an idea of the percentage return you are currently receiving?

  713. Richard Hannay

    But he still hasn’t got a title deed have you FDNRM ????? Just get a few quid each month from your bum chum like a good little troll

    First class questions Ralph , has Ames junior got his flight home yet ?………..
    Na though not ……..

  714. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BB, send Ralph an e mail and ask him, he seems to know everything, not.
    @Anon 7.59 you and Ralph are so obviously the same. Just too obvious.
    @RH iv got more than you have matey. A lot lot more.

  715. Ralph

    FDNRM Do you know a Bob Ladell? Or Richard Ingham? Apologies if we spelt that wrong. We are not too good with names this afternoon.

    When are you off on your holidays. France is great. Roll Mops, Oysters. Un baguette et deux croisant sil vous plait. Did we get that right Bob?

    NTPNNTO Are you a dentist per chance? Thank you for your very informative post. We wonder if you might like to add some substance to support your claims that all is well with Harlequin.

    Anonymous we cant be in Barbados the Dentist and Le Bob think we are Jeremy and living in a neighbours house in Bray.

    And apparently what the dentist and Le Nob sorry Le Bob say must be true because well because because they say it is ok…. OK EVERYONE . We is/are Jeremy Oldman no Knewman and We is/are/was lying and as Bob says We is/are/have lost our “DEFORMATION” case and we is so sorry for “DEFORMING” Mrs Ameless & Mr. Ameless and the Ameless kids.

    Too much Mount Gay doing the rounds today. Its one of the teams birthdays and we are celebrating.

  716. Yatinkiteasy

    @newman the pollock……good idea to avoid using your “Harlisuccess ” title after making such a jackass of yourself in past posts. You sound like an old record stuck in a groove .

  717. Anonymous

    Ralph this is Anon 7:59 Mt Gay, roti and Banks ye gods man!
    Anyway after this Ponzi wraps up hope one day to meet-up.

  718. Take Ames And Fire

    @FDNRM/sportingman/36/bobthenob etc.. Ha,ha loser? Last time we had a sparring match I exposed you for posting under BBaywatch’s username, remember? That would make me a winner in my book, still bitter old timer? I’ve been following the posts closely and there’s only been one loser this week. You’ve suffered an absoloute drubbing I’m afraid. Maybe that’s why you fancy a holiday, when do you go? Good work Ralph, keep the info coming.

  719. Barbados

    I think Ralph is being a bit of a tease by throwing in a few names that might suggest that he is in Barbados when he is not. I could just as easily say that I am off for a Chefette or a burger at Bubbas – does not mean that I am actually in Barbados, only that I have visited at some time in the past.

  720. Anonymous

    Bob shows all the hallmarks of a classic cult victim, completely brainwashed and unable to comprehend the realities of life outside the rigid dogma perpetuated by the cult leader. Cult leaders pray on the vulnerable, the weak minded, malleable members of society: life’s losers you might say. I know it’s difficult not to despise Mr Storey but we should resist this natural tendency for as another, altogether more articulate Bob pointed out, it ain’t him to blame, he’s only a pawn in the game.

  721. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @taaf, taking a drubbing, I think not. Who is paying for my holiday? Sad losers.

  722. Anonymous

    TDNRM – Duh..Could it be the HD investors! When “clawback”
    time comes I hope the holiday was worth it.

  723. Ralph

    Heh Bob how many other people own the same unit as you. As in how many people or who else also owns your unit? Lol

    We have waited all day for you to email us and TS, cmon guys you asked us for our contact details and we gave them to you.

    You guys know how this works. We give you our contact details. You call Simon Terry, he then proceeds to get some one to email us with information (false of course) pertaining to Harlequin. We respond. Bob Ladell kicks into action, installing illegal wire taps and traces. Spends months in the Chinese Cyberspace, all the time showing Ames all these flashing lights and alarms. Ames pays.

    Ameless and his wife claim they cant start any work because of the endless attacks being mounted against them on the BFP website.

    Simon Terry keeps offering the guys in BFP inducements to pass on our IP address. Eventually offering them 2000 units at the Marquis Estate in Exchange for the IP address.

    They still refuse. Simon Terry frantically calls all of Amelesses brain dead idiot supporters. TS Bob FDNRM the Dentist guy, 36, 99, etc etc Even the guys looking after the Oranges.

    They mount their coordinated blog attack. It gets frenzied, they blog each other, Jesus, God, Santa, Micky Mouse, they google earth anything, they post it. It becomes manic. They run out of intelligent words. They look at their own naked bodies in the shower it inspires them to blog on. They find new words, flab, cock, pussy, dickhead, dike, she male, “DEFORMATION” fatass etc. A new Dialect begins to emerge.

    They finish everything with words like “fuck off, or ha ha, or you will see, or you will have nothing left, or you can swivel.

    The madness begins to set in. They respond for example by stating that they will not engage in conversations with fellow bloggers but continue to engage by claiming that they are not engaging. They then come on the various sites to tell us that they only came on to tell us that they are leaving. They do this continuously.

    Ghent and the window licking moron Simon Taylor mount the surveillance operation. Simon Terry acts all important having assumed the role of Cater Ruck given that ELS are kind of all no winned no feed out.

    Then one day we drop the ball. The alarm panel lights up like a Christmas tree. The fireworks go off over Blue Bell wood. The ducks , chickens and swans go wild. The Ameless family scream from the rooftops, they send communique’s out to everyone.

    Taylor mounts Ghent, Ghent tells Walton and Ingham he can wrestle control of the business from Ames. Fatshit makes love to Ameless, Ameless has an affair with all the directors of Tailor made. Fatshit although hurt forgives Ameless , Ameless continues with his affairs. Fatshit looses his mind. Terry wets his pants with excitement then mounts some Welsh dude.

    Of course we are accused of “Deforming” all of the above.

    Then they find new life in their blogs. They engage in intelligent debate on the issues pertaining to the upcoming “DEFORMATION” action. They use words like looser, moron, fraudster, your going to loose everything. Again they attack anyone they can.

    All this time Ameless blames everything on the “deformation” case and nothing gets built and it goes on and on and on an………….

  724. Barbados

    Ralphy Baby – you are losing it, go and have a lie down!

  725. Anon - reasons unknown

    Ralphy Baby – loving your satirical commentary. Nobody does it better.

  726. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Ralphy Newman, plot and lost come to mind here. If you weren’t such a toss pot I might even feel sorry for you. Go to bed, think about how long you and MacDonald will still have a house to live in. I would send you a post card but I don’t know where the nearest squat is to Bray. Just like Harlecon, ramblings of a madman.

  727. Ralph

    Its time we had a break. This party is getting out of hand.

    We have had a lovely Le diner with a glass or two of Pastis followed by the Hors d’ oeuvre consisting of Bisque Potage followed by the Plat principal of Pot au feu and a Baguette washed down with copious amounts of Chardonnay we finished with a platter of Bucheron, Delice de Bougogne and Olivet Cendre most of us passed on indulging in the Patisserie but two of our colleagues shared a Mille Feuille