Saint Vincent’s very own Gestapo: The Vincention Mongoose Gang


“Why would heavily-armed men who are dressed for jungle warfare, be used to carry out police functions in a metropolitan city?”

“Just a political force carrying out its political orders to cause as much panic and fear as possible, while showing the regime’s might to opponents.”

by Peter Binose

Are men dressed in army jungle warfare dress – men who carry no identification on their tunics or jackets, no numbers, no names, no ranks – considered police officers?

Or, are they military officers? Whatever they are called they are a political army, answerable only to this current Marxist led regime.

Why would such men, carrying loaded weapons by way of automatic pistols in hip holsters under their tunics, be used to carry out police functions in a metropolitan city when they are dressed for jungle warfare?


Why does Saint Vincent need an armed paramilitary force, a force who frighten and brutalise Vincentian people if not physically, certainly mentally? Clad in military uniform, sometimes carrying armed assault rifles, ready to fight a jungle war in Kingstown. What are we coming to? What has this communist led regime done to us?

According to international law, a paramilitary force is a militarised force whose function and organization are similar to those of a professional military. But in the case of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who claim they do not have an army, do not have a military, these men are not considered by the government as part of a formal armed force – so they cleverly call them police officers. They do not act like police officers and do not carry out the normal function of police officers. These men always armed, sometime armed to the teeth are little more than a paramilitary political police force, something created by SVG’s Marxist regime to frighten its opponents.

Under International Law, the Law of Armed Conflict, a state may incorporate a paramilitary organization or armed agency (charged with police functions) into its police forces. But why do we need such a force in SVG? Why? We are not at war, we do not have any terrorists, we are not being attacked by a foreign power. We don’t even have home grown terrorists. We do not have armed conflict, not now and never have had. Therefore is such a force acceptable and legal under International Law?

An example of military over-kill: the raid on Brian Alexander’s office

I raise these points because this regime that we are living under is bent on creating fear in the people. Remember when the police raided Brian Alexander’s Kingstown office and searched the contents of the office and its safe, supposedly looking for money laundering activity? They surrounded the building and saturated the streets with these very same SSU officers, a paramilitary army, with officers posing as police. Men all dressed in jungle fatigue army dress, patchwork of camouflaged tunics and trousers for hiding in jungles. They raided these offices – terrifying people in the streets with their big automatic assault rifles. Way over the top. Yes, I said in Kingstown; crouching behind cars and trucks as if expecting to be attacked.

And after all that display of excessive force they found nothing. No charges and no explanations: just a political force carrying out its political orders to cause as much panic and fear as possible, while showing the regime’s might to opponents.

Then the same force went to the home and radio station of Douglas DeFreitus, Nice Radio, looking for a police incriminating letter which they never found. Nineteen officers all together, armed to the teeth, rude and frightening to this very nice family. Obviously sent as a political warning because I believe they would never dare such actions without the direct sanction or instructions of the Minister, Gonsalves. Again this was a show of power – a frightener, and an attempt to shut the mouth of the radio’s owner and the NDP program hosts.

There have been many minor skirmishes in Kingstown, this paramilitary force flexing their muscles, frightening and terrifying the citizens. The latest atrocity was the arrest of Vynnette Frederick.

Frederick is a small lady whom I believe is hated by our Prime Minister. She is a well spoken and articulate adversary, someone who Gonsalves in the past has publicly described as a snotty nosed girl, equated her to several types of mango’s in the most derogatory terms. Gonsalves even said she went away a girl and came back a tomboy, which I believe as a Vincentian equates with being a lesbian.

I believe a plan was hatched to re-arrest her in the most embarrassing and public way possible – in a way that would embarrass her and her colleagues, which I can only believe to be a purposeful and flagrant breach of her human rights. This was a total disregard of international norms and laws used for making a political statement.

Ms Frederick had attended court in Kingstown on charges brought by the regime and its cronies. The magistrate found her not guilty and discharged her. She went with her lawyers and the opposition leader the most honourable Mr Arnhim Eustace, to lunch at a restaurant following her court appearance. Thirty minutes later whilst seated in the restaurant, detectives and a bunch of armed SSU officers in their jungle military warfare uniforms turned up and re-arrested her. It was made to be unnecessarily as public, nasty, embarrassing, and image damaging as possible. Image damaging for both her and the honourable opposition leader Mr Eustace.

It was a statement by the regime that they can do whatever they want whenever they want and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

The charges Thursday afternoon came hours after Magistrate Rickie Burnett upheld a defence submission and dismissed six charges against the senator. Police later arrested the senator after an extended standoff during which her lawyers argued with police over the legality of arresting someone without producing a warrant.

Why were those armed paramilitaries in what was considered an unjustified excessive number, required to arrest a slip of a girl? Ms. Frederick is a person of good standing, a lawyer, an officer of the court, a member of the Bar Association and a Senator, with no history of violence, no history of crime or criminal activity, and not considered a flight risk. Why? Why could she of not been simply requested to attend the police station the following morning?

I believe that the police and this paramilitary mongoose-gang could never of done such a thing without direct instructions and orders from the very top. I strongly believe the orders came from Gonsalves and Colin Williams the DPP to be carried out at the behest then of the Chief of Police.

We need to know if any or all of these SSU officers were the ones trained at a US school, or the most recently ALBA military school. Have any of these officers ever taken training in any ALBA country, including Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia home of the ALBA school, operated and controlled by Iranian presidential guards? Have they taken special training classes in urban warfare and interrogation techniques? [even their title Special Services Unit (SSU), does not imply they are policemen, the word police is not part of their title]

I personally claim that this force is akin to Hitler’s German Gestapo. Why do we need such a force? The answer is to carry out the bid and call of the ULP governments Marxist policies, they are quite simply a political paramilitary force engaged in the act of terrifying the regime’s opponents – controlling the population through fear. Can you imagine how they and the regime could of acted and behaved like if the new constitution with its extended powers had ever been adopted in 2011?

Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has said on more than one occasion ” I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop”.

Bishop now dead, was a lawyer and Marxist Leninist under the control of Cuba, who took over the Grenadian government by a revolutionary process in 1979. Gonsalves a few days later was in Grenada riding in Bishops car and helping write his speeches. Bishop locked up thousands of Grenadians, many without trial, just on his signature and say so. He locked up religious leaders, lawyers, Rastafarians, and almost any one who whispered his name. He closed down newspapers and radio stations, tapped the telephones of about the whole nation, and was instructed by his Cuban masters to get rid of the Catholic church because they were counter-revolutionary. He was instructed by his Cuban masters to keep two sets of accounts to deceive the International Monetary Fund [IMF]… to commit a fraudulent act against the IMF.

What I write here in the above paragraph is public fact written from Public Records. I have made up nothing and render only the truth, according to public records available to all.

Following her re-arrest opposition senator Vynnette Frederick was slapped with nine charges relating to making false declarations, swearing falsely, and fabricating evidence. She will return to court on July 31. [six similar or close to being the same as she was previously acquitted, and three new charges].

She appeared Friday before President of the Family Court, Colleen MacDonald, and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

Frederick, a lawyer and member of the New Democratic Party, is slated to appear before magistrate, Rickie Burnett in Mesopotamia on July 31.

I sincerely hope that that all decent minded patriotic Vincentians make their voice heard regarding this whole debacle, and Gestapo-style mongoose gang fiasco.

Peter Binose
Self appointed keeper of the whistle.


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9 responses to “Saint Vincent’s very own Gestapo: The Vincention Mongoose Gang

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  2. 186

    Well, we all know what happened in Grenada as a result of the government’s Marxist leanings. Mr. Gonsalves must be incredibly stupid to think that the U.S. government is not keeping a close eye on events in St. Vincent.

  3. To Mr Binose, your letter seems to be a mission to embarrass Vincentians in the eyes of the world !
    This is a Vincentian affair what does it have to do with Barbados news ?

    I know why- St Vincent will soon have its own international airport, and this is a big revenue lost for the Bajans ! As we all know Vincentians use Barbados airport more than the Bajans do… We also gave them banana plants to survive when they had that bad year , and since the airport , all news nagative about St Vincent is coming from that region!

    I could remember how tranquil and relatively crime free SVG was , the we start to be frequented by all sorts of criminal elements from all over the diaspora and further afield , suddenly the murder , rape, and robbery rate escalates !

    What is happening is a good thing for SVG as when this airport is operational , visiting tourists and expats can have a sense of security !!

    You dont have to be at war to protect your citizens . I had been to Barbados many times and have been treated as a common criminal at the airport, just to catch a plane , they singled out everyone of us and put sniffer dogs among us , women and all! And surprise surprise, not our white friends whom they did not know were travelling with us, this was quite shocking for our friends , who for the first time had an example of what we told them happens in Barbados!

    I have also visited a restaurant in Bathsheba called the Bonito, and was made to wait over an hour so that a bus carrying American tourists
    can get their food first , as they had ordered ahead, naturally I waited until they arrived and demanded a refund and cancelled my order !

    So when all of you use the non Vincentian media to vent frustration about SVG you are only damaging the reputation of SVG , and it is only 2 reasons , Willful or naive !

    Finally about the remark that the police have no badges or identification etc, go to Trinidad and mess about , they have an equivalent called the Tactical force, they come only to shoot , and they also have no names for the public to see also ! Just live , if you are not a criminal , why should this bother you ? Ralph is the only PM did what he said for SVG, and is because of him the other countries in the region is finally giving SVG the respect it deserves !!

  4. Anthony Williams

    I am a very impartial contributor to this airing of dirty Linen. I agree with the original post that the SSU and the other police units in SVG sometimes overstep the boundaries between policing in a professional manner, and intimidation, but currently they are the only force available to curb the increase in armed thugs on the streets of St Vincent. I cannot, however, understand why they need anything more lethal than side arms to fulfill their mission (policing ??), perhaps I am naive, but why the need for officers armed with automatic rifles in the context of SVG is beyond my comprehension and does lead to suspicion that they are there to intimidate which should not be the case. I have thought about the treatment meted out to black travelers transiting through Barbados and believe that this is a symptom of black power i.e if you you give black folks a uniform and certain powers they will tend to use it aggressively against their fellow blacks, power corrupts and absolute power with no checks and balances corrupts absolutely, but this posting is about SVG and the police force there and should not degenerate into a wider discussion about the arrogant and sometimes ignorant attitude of Barbados airport security staff. Also the fact that other police forces in the caribbean region behave in a similar fashion should not be used as an argument to justify any wrongdoing in SVG by the forces tasked with protecting us

  5. Canadian Tourist

    I won’t be going to St. Vincent, until you address your laundry problem.

  6. malcolmxlegacy

    What a confused rant. First of all, to talk about the SSU is if it were the tool of some kind of Marxist dictator is preposterous. You should know that the SSU was used to crush the remnants of the Grenada Revolution. To suggest that it is now some kind of tool of the ‘Marxist’ government of SVG is crazy. And BTW, the notion that the Bishop government was ruled from Cuba is bullcrap. Ask the average Grenadians – those for and against the revolution. Most Grenadians respect what Cuba has done for Grenada and the principled role it played in our internal crisis of Oct ’83. You would also find polls done among Grenadians that show that the majority of people who lived during that period supported the programs of the revolution. I refer you to a poll conducted by Patrick Emmanuel of UWI (Cavehill) during the US occupation (imagine!). I cannot speak to what you have said about the government in SVG for I don’t live there. But you should be respectful when you make connections to Grenada. Don’t be confused by what happened in October ’83. There was a lot of good things that came out of the Grenada revolution. Successive Grenadian governments since then have been trying to emulate some of its successes. Even paying lip service to some of the programs of the revolution in Grenada have gotten some Grenadian politicians on favorable terms with the people.

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  8. Peter Binose is a NUT.

    Anyone who takes him SERIOUSLY is also a NUT.

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