Prime Minister Freundel Stuart: Lack of anti-corruption laws not important

Freundel Stuart Barbados

BBC does a little promotional video about our excellent Transparency International perceived corruption rating, and the PM chirps in.

Not a word from the BBC about the broken promises by the DLP and how they failed to deliver anti-corruption laws. Not a word about the past and passed PM David Thompson money-laundering for his friend Leroy Parris.

The Barbados Advocate has their own opinion: Perfect place ’bout hey!

Also nobody talkin ’bout how former Prime Minister Owen Arthur got his self caught stealing campaign funds and putting the money into his personal bank account.

“We know now that on May 15, 2005 while acting as CLICO’s lawyer, David Thompson signed a secret contract between CLICO and Leroy Parris’ private company that in effect deceived shareholders into believing that Parris was being paid less than he really was.”

…from the BFP article Leroy Parris’ defence of Prime Minister David Thompson rings hollow now


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    The news and the crooks in the same bag, Not all news is reported for the sake of tourist .
    let not for get free and with not deeds

  3. GreenMonkey

    Psychology studies show wealthy in US significantly more likely to behave unethically and less compassionately than less well off members of society.

  4. GreenMonkey

    Looks like the BBC might possibly have had a skeleton tucked away out of sight (until recently) in its own corruption closet.

    How outsourcing firms like Serco and G4S pad their invoices for tens of millions – and get away with it

    Government outsourcing giants SERCO and G4S have managed to win contracts worth billions in taxpayer money, while largely managed to avoid any scrutiny from mainstream media, and government accounts from what it seems. There’s a reason for that…

    Now Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has made big news this week accusing multinational outsourcing firms G4S and SERCO of charging for electronically tagging convicts who were either back in prison – or who had already died. Yes, you heard that one right.

    As a result, millions of dollars have been wiped off the stock market value of both G4S and SERCO. So it looks like the taxpayers have been propping up the share prices of SERCO and G4S all these years – giving them that extra profit, generated by institutional fraud and theft.


    Once in while, the media may catch wind of a scandal, and even then, political hacks will avoid the issue as much as possible for fear of losing out on the all the perks that large multinationals can offer our struggling career politicians.

    It’s interesting to note that BBC mentioned G4S in its headlines, but not SERCO. Why is that?

    This could be because the BBC is currently outsourcing parts of their operation to SERCO (the firm was also a ‘preferred bidder’ to operate license fee collections). Embarrassing, isn’t it.

    This is why nothing will happen to SERCO and G4S, and why they will not lose any contracts – because they have penetrated the state so deeply in a way that cannot be reversed – or so it seems.

    Nonetheless, it’s still somewhat encouraging to see the BBC covering a meaningful news story here, and we hope to see them engage in more journalism in future. Here is what the BBC had to say about Serco and G4S…

  5. John

    Really sad.

    The TI Perceptions Index could be a real force for change in Barbados instead of a justification for those who can make the change to say nothing is wrong.

    I suppose the good thing is that perceptions can change quickly.

  6. BBC, UK and London

    Transparency ratings coming out of the BBC?

    Give us a break!

  7. FearPlay

    July 15, 2013 at 8:30 pm
    Hi BFP, what has happened to this blog? You are remaining disgustingly silent on all that is happening in the country and when you do come to life, it’s a soft target you choose. Your silence reminds one of the holder of a formerly important position in Barbados who says nothing until election time.
    Did you vote for the present government and that is why you are so reluctant to comment on what is happening in the country?
    Please, either gird your loins and pick up your cudgel or pack up your tent and leave. I hope that it is the former. (Not even a whimper about cracking heads and shooting a few people).

  8. NO Confidence!

    I have NO Confidence in PM Stuart!
    And so do thousands of other Bajans, many of whom voted DLP
    and now bitterly regret it!

    It’s all Owen’s fault.
    HE lost the election for the Bees, who would be running the country better by now.

    Several folks I speak to fear VAT @ 20%
    and/or devaluation of the BBDollar.
    We’ll see what Budget brings next month.

  9. Rastaman

    @No confidence :A Budget from a man who does not understand simple mathematics and did not get past second form at school..God help Barbados.

  10. condo man

    Why is this blog so silent on the important fiscal matters before this country.
    Discraceful. BPF you have shown your true colours.

  11. yatinkiteasy

    This is another example of failed promises by successive Governments. This is a brilliant short documentary about the Empire Theatre.

  12. Still no ITAL for a supposed high trnsparentt democracy?

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality”


  13. 12 Responses to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart: Lack of anti-corruption laws not important…….

    Prime Minister David Thompson dies October 2010. Prior to his death as Leader of the Opposition I made it abundantly clear to Mr. Thompson that to resolve Barbados Serious Corruption the country needs to have a Chief Justice from beyond the shores of Barbados and the Caribbean and, it was an absolutely necessity for the removal of Sir David Simmons Q.C as Chief Justice. Upon coming to Office as Prime Minister David Thompson kept his word and Barbados now has for the first time following independence a Chief Justice from outside the Caribbean. Prior to his death I wrote Prime Minister Thompson requesting that he set up a “Special Parliamentary Committee” to investigate Barbados 50 years Supreme Court Registration Department and Judiciary irrefutable billion dollars corruption. Prime Minister Thompson responded in writing stating he has to be advised on this matter by his Attorney General the Hon Freundel Stuart MP. Astonishingly Freundel Stuart advised against having a “Special Parliamentary Committee” investigating this very serious matter with innumerable undeniable material evidence of numerous Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges, former Governor General, Chief Justices, Attorney Generals and Solicitor General irrefutable involvement in Barbados biggest property fraud scandal. Now as Prime Minister Mr. Stuart Attorney General the Honourable Adriel. Brathwaite MP continue where Freundel Stuart left off, doing that which is unrighteous allowing corruption to continue unabated the guilty gets richer whilst their victims gets poorer. Since both Prime Minister and Attorney General refuses to have Barbados Corruption investigated they should without further delay do one of the following: (1) step down from office they have Sworn to uphold. (2) Set up a Special Parliamentary Committee to investigate and punish the corrupter s, or. (3) The Governor General and the people of Barbados have Prime Minister Stuart and Attorney General Mr. Brathwaite removed from office.

    For some detailed irrefutable material evidence visit Facebook Jerry Mervriel Nurse and examine the Callender Estate Scandal where my uncle Fitzgerald Callender died 18th day of May 1964 but made his last will recorded in the Supreme Court 10th day of December 1972. Upon the 16th day of December 1982 Barbados Land Registration Department Conveyance Certifies Fitzgerald Callender sold one of his properties located at Four Roads Saint Philip; a six bedroom wall bungalow on 27,609 sq, ft of land for $3000, yes three thousand Barbados Dollars. This act occurred 18 years following Fitzgerald Callender death 18th day of May 1964; however, Prime Minister Stuart and Attorney General Brathwaite sees no need for an investigation. WHY?

    Due to Barbados Governmental behavior i HAVE PLACE MATTERS HEREIN BEFORE LONDON FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH SECRETARY and the Commonwealth Caribbean Corruption Team.