Why Bajan men (and all men) are avoiding marriage and fatherhood

“In reality, men are opting out of education, work and marriage because in all of these areas, the penalties are high and the rewards are low. Their choice is a rational one.”

Dr. Helen Smith – author of the book “Men on Strike”



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    There is lawyer around the corner that is talking HALF HALF as his/her bill keeps going up depends on your estate. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD.

  3. 204

    The sins of the father he will die and leave it , and when you see bad things happen to this children

  4. Richard

    First off, I don’t know that there is even any truth to this to begin with. Maybe is just someone expressing an opinion, I beg to differ though.

  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    What was the sample size for this video. How did the reporter arrived at the generalization that the reasons provided are validated and constitutes a representation of how men feel about commitment and job. Sorry this maybe true for some men but not all men.

  6. TooCoolToFool

    In the US, since 1965, the marriage rate has dropped by 60%. In that same time frame, the number of adult households headed by married adults has dropped so far that those households are just about in the minority. If you research the topic, infidelity is now equal between the genders. 40% of children (on average) are now born out of wedlock (72% of African-Americans are born out of wedlock). Recent research (not the feminist inspired research from the past) shows that children born to single/divorced households suffer higher poverty rates, increased incarceration rates, more depression, higher rates of substance abuse, lower economic opportunity and comprise the majority of those living on welfare. If you’re a male breadwinner with children/wife and you go through a divorce, unless you’re a multimillionaire, your life is over. Prepare to hand over the lion’s share of your net worth and future income to your wife, her new boyfriend and the kids you’ll seldom see.

    If you’re a man thinking of getting married, please reconsider. Men are now and have always been the disposable gender. Research the past 40 years of marriage related data before you make the fatal mistake of getting married.