Barbados Government Minister says Muslims contribute to poor productivity and work ethic

Byer-Suckoo: Election Day... and after Election Day

Minister Byer-Suckoo: Election Day… and after Election Day

Minister of Labour Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo said that it was very sad when “employers have to say that the laziest people in their workplaces are the Muslims”

“Muslims in the workplace are not reflecting Allah.”

Oh, wait, she was talking about Christians…

Whew! That’s okay then. It’s okay to call Christians anything you want, but if you say the same thing about Muslims, well… you’d have to watch for the riots and knives, wouldn’t you?

Nice, safe targets those Christians…

From The Nation (website here)…

Christians knocked

BY ANESTA HENRY | SAT, JULY 06, 2013 – 12:09 AM

Christians are not reflecting God in the workplace, says Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo.

She said that Christians also contributed to poor productivity and work ethic in the workplace. 

Speaking yesterday at the People’s Cathedral Primary School graduation, held under the theme I Will Be A Reflection Of God, Byer-Suckoo said that as Government planned for the future of the country, it was challenged with issues in the area of productivity and work ethic, which were not only contributed to by non-Christians but also those who professed to be Christians.

The minister said that it was very sad when “employers have to say that the laziest people in their workplaces are the Christians”.

“Christians in the workplace are not reflecting God. Christians in the workplace have verses on their desk, they have Cita Radio playing all day, they have calendars up and pictures up and a cross here and a cross there and they are not giving a full day’s work.”

Byer-Suckoo said that when an employee who professed to be a Christian was not setting a productive example in the working environment, non-Christians saw that.


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18 responses to “Barbados Government Minister says Muslims contribute to poor productivity and work ethic

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  2. MoneyBrain

    While it maybe true that Bajans, who are predominately Christians, are not as productive as they are capable of being, there is no good reason to bring religion into the conversation, especially in a school environment.

    If any person decides to do research in the UK and Europe, in general, they will find a significantly higher unemployment rate among Muslims. Why? Must be racism? NO! Hindus et al are brown people originating from the same countries/ regions and they have a very low unemployment rate in the UK and Europe!

  3. just want to know

    Byer- Suckoo can talk what she like, because her party states family first, ask her what she did to divorce her husband, & who & where she is living.
    Politicians like to throw stone at their citizens to whom they come every 4 to 5 years asking for their votes, Oh! I forgot the people rejected her! So there maybe some Christians who she felt did not vote for her.

  4. Rastaman

    Byer Suckoo divorced???? Tell us more.

  5. 213

    why bring muslims in this.she was talkin about Christians

  6. robert ross

    1. Why would a government Minister choose a theme like that for a children’s graduation?

    2. Who are the Christians she is talking about? There are very few in Barbados so the sample must have been very small.

  7. WSD

    Men on Strike by Dr. Helen Smith has some answers about the fall of the nuclear family, which is the real topic here.

  8. WSD

    “why bring muslims in this.she was talkin about Christians”

    BFP’s point obviously is that while Byer-Suckoo has no problem centering out persons from that religion, she would never do the same to Muslims because Muslims on the whole react to any slight and as a religion have a propensity towards violence.

  9. Anonymous

    @WSD have muslims ever reacted that way in bim?

  10. She spoke on Christians as she was at People’s Cathedral, as for Christians – especially here in Bim, they need talking about – look at the many “Christians” not only here at BFP, but Facebook and at my website railed against Raul Garcia and his continuing to stay in Barbados; the recommendations were barbaric yet mild compared to when he was on Hunger Strike. I do not even know why we refer to Barbados as a Christian society. I remember suggesting at an SSA meeting once the same way we have a Reverend then how about an Imam and/or the corresponding representative from Hindu? The way they reacted, you’d’ve thought I stood on the table and relieved myself? So much for tolerance, guess Jesus was wrong to approach Sinners, Pharisees and those other Non-Worshippers eh?

  11. Yatinkiteasy

    Just a stupid comment made by another stupid government Minister. Do these folks not think about what they say before they open their mouths?
    FS at least keeps quiet so as to not talk too much crap like Sealy ,Sukoo, and Jones .

  12. 211

    Why was that particular point about Christians in the workplace taken out of its context? We do the same thing with the Bible! What does divorcing her husband, the reason why and where she resides presently all have to do with her statement? Did her husband complain?

    If she had used the terms “church goers” or “pew warmers” would she have been attacked on this blog? Why are you blaming her for this statement? Why not attack the Heads of Departments and Managers of businesses or work colleagues who would have given her that feedback?

    Do not shoot the messenger, listen to the message and make sure that you or any member of your family, are not perpetrators to that end. Leave the goodly lady alone!

  13. The Watcher

    Well, this is not a shock. It is amazing to see these so-called christians operate with impunity in the workplace. They come in singing their hymns and other melodius mantras but produce nothing. And when you bring it to their attention, they get very defensive and start to call you Satan and Demon, but still, there’s no change in their behaviour.

    I can attest to this fact. I work with a prominent gov office on Fairchild Street and the accountant here is always playing religious hymns or simmilar on her BlackBerry device, but is one of the most vile, dis-honest and lying individuals that I have met not to mention incompetent. She can call God down multiple times a day when she is faced with situations which she caused, but cant admit to mistakes. Great example of Jesus-Like behaviour I say. But you know what, their “sins” are forgiven unlike you and I, because they belong to the Evangelical movement and that is all that matters! So you can be a real Ogre and still be a christian as long as you belong to one of these assemblies.

    Go figure!

    Im glad that this behaviour was “called-out” by Dr Suckoo. She is right as was Mr Ronald Jones in their assesments of the ills that plague our society. I’d be willing to bet that if she tried to collectively get a headcount of these villians and then try to compute their collective worth to the island, she couldn’t get a number which she wouldnt be ashamed of.
    Please, stop trying to cover up the in-effiencies and layer on the excuses and just get to work. And if the pseudo-christian movement wants to really show value, I dare them to lead the charge!

  14. zena

    Esther Byer should be one of the last to talk about Christians

  15. Fedup Bajan

    One thing for sure the Christians in St George South were very productive when they voted her lazy ass out of St, George South. Looking pretty and being on TV is not being productive Mrs Byer Suckoo

  16. Not Marcus

    Marcus must be rolling in his grave. He dead and leff wunna and this pathetic story is all wunna can muster in memory of his obsession with Islam?

  17. Goose

    She is correct! Dont believe it? Next time any of you are shopping, dept store or super market, see how long it takes before the clerk offers to help. Or at the check out counter of the super markets, try I nterupting the constant cross talk between cashiers, to ensure items are not checked twice, when you do, you will better understand what the minister is saying. Common. People! Be honest.

  18. very interesting indeed, but for those of you who are interested in the score, muslims vs rest of the world, you can go to for the latest scores.