Barbados Tourism Minister runs from press interview about Tourism Master Plan

Richard Sealy Barbados Tourism Minister

Richard Sealy Barbados Tourism Minister

The Bajan Reporter, Ian Bourne, comments on his latest interview ….

I was at launch of SoCo by St Matthias Rd, and Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy was ribbon cutter, he saw me and asked if I am “going to give trouble…”

I stated once the ceremony’s done, I wanted to interview him briefly on how can there be a Tourism Reinvigoration Plan when the Master Plan is not completed?

Big mistake…

Soon as ribbon cutting was done? Sealy did the 100 metres faster than Yohan Blake, Tyson Gay & Usain Bolt combined! I have to do like them and lie, then LIE in wait for their hasty departure…

I said this to say Sealy is a poor Minister and the only difference between him and a parrot is their plumage and what they squawk.

Read Ian Bourne’s original comment here.

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13 responses to “Barbados Tourism Minister runs from press interview about Tourism Master Plan

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    I think you have to ask the question where does the Minister get advice from to even contemplate a plan or respond to journalistic questions. Our long stay visitor arrivals have now declined EVERY single consecutive month for the last 14.
    2012 was DOWN by 31, 421 persons over 2011 and so far we are already down 16, 151 persons (until the end of May) this year.
    Yet you have prominent BTA policymakers standing up in public stating that Barbados is ‘outperforming’ most of the English speaking Caribbean.
    It is a shame Ian, that your could pose this question. Of course Barbados is ‘outperforming’ St. Lucia and other neighbours, simply because we have more room stock.

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  3. Tubex

    @ Ian
    Maybe the fact that your personal hygene leaves alot to be desired caused him to avoid you. People in Barbados talk about these things, plus it seems to run in the family?

    @ Adrian
    Didn’t Sealy have the Cabinet fire you from the board of the BTA?

  4. Adrian Loveridge


    YES! absolutely right, along with eight other Directors including the Resident Manager of Sandy Lane, CEO of Atlantis Submarines (Barbados), Shelly Williams and several other PROVEN tourism professionals. We were replaced by lawyers and other party cronies who obvious knew a lot more about tourism than we did. Maybe this had something to do with our current crisis in tourism and the continued decline in arrivals.
    Maybe TUBEX you could persuade the Minister to put you on the board and you could make things better?

  5. I must be doing something right as the only riposte is of a personal nature, which is conjecture on their part as they did not indicate if they were present to judge my attire, etc? Perhaps it’s the “Gorillaphant” who wrote the nasty letter to erstwhile Karib Cable, looking to see if he can get back a pick with Sealy?

    Maybe it’s a next body who thought I was out of order to ask about certain websites? I guess that was a crime of Pornographic proportions, hmm? Is that it? You’re a Don of an Internet Mafia family?

    Plus, losing my parents less than a year apart and your trying to sully their memory really makes you a shining pillar of the community…. How many orgasms did you get by sniping so heavily oh Tubex (is that ex-Senator or Fmr-Health Min?)…

    The fact remains – how can there be a Tourism Reinvigoration Plan when a Master Plan is yet to be finalised? Be a cool dude and stand and take the heat, it’s known as testicular fortitude or proving you’re vertebrate? Plus it means a Brain and not Party Ideology lurks between your ears!

  6. Anonymous

    Stand strong Ian and Adrian !!!
    History will show them for who they are.
    But sad to say that they keep fooling the stupid black people every day…

  7. Well Well.

    This is so funny, showing true colors.

  8. LOOK

    Yes very funny

  9. Carson C. Cadogan

    Well Well

    What you mean, “showing true colors”? Everyone already know ADRIAN and IAN TRUE COLORS a long time ago. They are not fooling anyone but themselves.

  10. Roverp

    I am at a lost to why we have to have these personal attacks….

  11. Every one knows Carson Cadogan’s stance – DEMS are good and Bees are STANK, my vuiew is both sides need improvement, but if you don’t agree with Cadogan? Instant villain… Seriously? Such jingoism in the 21st Century? Things are no longer that polarised, even Barack Obama has “off” moments – grow up CC!

  12. Dose of Reality

    From a strictly journalistic point of view I think it is a bit of a stretch to say that the minister “ran” from you Ian. It certainly is not a difficult question to answer – why must everything be a case of the dramatic with you? Couldn’t it just be that the minister had to quickly move on to another engagement and you missed the window of opportunity? I don’t know if that was actually the case but please this seems to be much ado about nothing…if you had asked him the question directly and he refused to answer it that is one thing but to say he ran without actually getting the opportunity to pose it to him face to face is to stretch the limits of reality…just a bit.