NERD TV looking for Angela Cole and information on Gerald Bull – Project HARP


Dear Barbados Free Press

I’m writing from Nerd TV, a UK television production company based in London. We make documentaries and factual series for major US and UK networks.

I am doing some research into a documentary on Gerald Bull, a Canadian missile scientist, who did work in Barbados, running Project HARP, a missile research facility. I came across on your website an article about Angela Cole, a prominent writer from Barbados, who knew Gerald Bull  and was wondering if you might be able to tell me how I can get in touch with her? I would really like to talk to her about Project HARP. Moreover, if you knew of anyone else who might know something about the project and Gerald Bull, then I would be really grateful if you might be able to give me a steer as to how to get in touch with them.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Theo Chester
Development Researcher
T: + 44 (0)207 043 0080



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14 responses to “NERD TV looking for Angela Cole and information on Gerald Bull – Project HARP

  1. A policy holder

    Dr. Bull wrote a detailed book on the specs and manufacture of his BIG GUN which under went trials in Barbados. I wud hv thought the Internet would have full details of the book. I have seen it and even attempted to read a few pages but its chiefly highly technical ballistics!

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  3. Canadian Tourist

    Contact the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa and McGill University in Montreal, as both supported his work on the HARP Gun (And it was a gun, not a missile system!).

  4. Carson C. Cadogan


  5. The Oracle

    Bull’s GM was Carlton Brathwaite and the ole badass is very much alive and kicking…246 432 5374

  6. ivan taylor

    I know how to get Angela Cole

  7. Yatinkiteasy

    The late Major Mike Hartland, a long time resident of Barbados published a great book on the guns of Barbados, which deals mostly with the splendid collection of British cannon he collected, salvaged and documented . There
    is also a section on the big gun at HARP.
    Bull was probably killed by Israeli Intelligence as he was about to provide Sadam Hussein with the technology to build a Big Gun that could fire into Israel from a neighboring country..There was a lot of secrecy and security about that project, which was strange if it were simply a weather measuring device. (High Altitude Research Project) Bull was killed and the motive was not robbery, as he was found shot dead with cash and jewelry on him.
    I’m not sure what Angela Cole has to do with it , but she still lives in Barbados I believe.

  8. She lives opposite QEH as i understand, nary a soul carries her books including the utterly astounding “BOYS IN THE BAND”

  9. Ebook Fan

    A pity she won’t self-publish Boys in the Band electronically. She would easily sell a few thousands worldwide with iBooks at virtually zero cost. Someone would probably scan the book and format for e-printing for nothing just to help the cause. Perhaps this documentary maker searching for her could assist. Two days of work would probably do it!

  10. I will ask you the next time I see you Ivan Taylor 😉

  11. 175

    a flim was made about Bull. It was called the “Doomsday Gun”

  12. 175

    the remnants of the test gun are still lying around near the BDF base just east of airport

  13. clayton H

    is this movie happening? Did they interview Angela Cole?