What is happening with Harlequin – Dave Ames? Class… discuss!

Harlequin Resort

“We are urging every investor to register in the HMSSE administration.”

Gareth Fatchett, Regulatory Legal Solicitors (Forms attached at bottom)

With over 10,000 discussion comments on Barbados Free Press, Harlequin “investors” (and we use the word somewhat tongue-in-cheek) have lots to say and discuss.

Here’s the latest we have from Gareth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal Solicitors – a memo sent out on May 17, 2013.

Perhaps our readers can add what’s happened since…

From: Regulatory Legal Solicitors [mailto:mail@harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk]
Sent: 17 May 2013 17:09
To: Gareth Fatchett
Subject: 17th May 2013 – HIG UPDATE

At outset, HIG are more than prepared to continue to engage with Harlequin and will seek to understand and support a rescue plan where this is feasible notwithstanding the protective steps we are suggesting below. ie. our objective is to pursue different strategies which aim to achieve the best outcome for investors regardless of the course adopted. Simply sitting back while matters worsen is not a strategy HIG are prepared to adopt.

HIG members are all investors in Harlequin and would like nothing more than it to work. However, we have to be realistic. It is not going to work in the current format. It needs a major overhaul to give us any chance of surviving. Currently, the whole process is dictated by a handful of people at the Harlequin core. Frankly, that does not work for investors who need to understand the actual position.

The seriousness of the situation has increased with a High Court Judge making an order against Mr & Mrs Ames personally. Of course, Mr & Mrs Ames are able to challenge the order and seek to have it revoked. What is concerning for HIG is that the order was granted in the first place.

We are trying to keep an open mind, but the slippage of timetables, non payment of creditors and the issuing and granting of the injunction does little to reassure us.

Plan A – Rescue Plan

We have not received the Rescue Plan as yet. We were promised some details this week. We are now promised the documents during next week.  There is  little point in speculating as to the content.  We will advise on the detail if and when we receive it.  What we can say is that for any plan to work the vast majority of investors will need to be in agreement. The current position suggests that this is far from the case.

Questions posed to David Ames

We expect detailed answers to our questions by the 23rd May 2013.  To date we have received nothing.


Plan B – Securing of Assets

The Harlequin Investor Group feels it is time to prepare for a worsening of the situation.  The advice from HIG is that everyone capable of issuing a Statutory Demand should do so.

It announces the intent of the investors
It allows people to move quickly upon expiration of the demand period (21 days)

There are some defined groups who need to make demands :-

Group 1 – Investors with “Finance Agreements” with Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited where the missed payments exceed £750.00.

Group 2 – Investors who hold contracts (with any Harlequin company) where their Completion Date has expired.

Group 3 – Investors who hold contracts with Buccament Bay Resort Limited (any date).

Group 4 – Investors who hold contracts relating to the investment within Brazil.


Gather together a copy of your contract along with evidence of the date you paid monies to Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited.
Send the documents to harlequin@regulatorylegal.co.uk
The relevant statutory demand will be issued and served in SVG.
The cost to deal with this process is £360.00. If you have multiple properties please let us know.

Why should you do this ?

If a Rescue Plan proceeds then the only way the threat of a winding up petition being presented (following the expiration of the statutory demands (21 days))  is to come to terms (eg agree to pay off  the demands).

If a Rescue Plan is not possible then investors may wish to take matters into their own hands.  By being one of many statutory demands we can petition the relevant court together with a consolidated petition.

HIG feel that we have to increase pressure on Harlequin. If not, matters will drift.

Queries – please call Martyn Anderson at Regulatory Legal Solicitors on 01384 426400.

Can we withdraw the Statutory Demands ?

Yes, if a satisfactory proposal is received all court papers can be withdrawn.

Current Litigation

You will have seen in the papers that 13 investors obtained an ex-parte injunction against David & Carol Ames personally on the 14th May 2013.  The return date at court in London  is on the 28th May 2013.

The RL  damages claims against BBR (1) David Ames (2) and HMSSE (3) was issued early April 2013.  David Ames has notified RL of his intention to defend the claim.

As at today just under 100 Statutory Demands have been issued. Many of these have gone beyond the 21 day period.  Therefore, they are operable. No challenge to the debt has been made by Harlequin’s lawyers in SVG.

In one case positive instructions have been given to issue a Winding Up petition.

The simple conclusion is that investors are becoming impatient. Nervousness will not have been reduced by a High Court Judge issuing the £1.1m freezing order.  Far from it. The call/ email level has risen dramatically.

Dealings with Harlequin Assets

HIG have asked for some form of confirmation that there will be no disposals of Harlequin assets (other than in the normal course of dealing).

HIG take the view that any and all steps should be taken to prevent dealing of the land / corporate assets of Harlequin. With this in mind, RL have emailed Harlequin and their advisers to seek a confirmation by close on the 24th May 2013. If no such confirmation is received, then HIG will set out the further steps investors should be taking to protect their positions. Advice has been requested from lawyers in the Caribbean.


This week has seen very little positives to report from Harlequin. We understand that David & Carol Ames are in SVG for the next week.  There lack of attending to matters here is very telling.

We will be updating everyone about Proof of Debt forms over the weekend.  Please make sure you deal with these forms as soon as possible.

We will be updating everyone on other matters on the 24th May 2013.

Visit Regulatory Legal Solicitors at: http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk

We are urging every investor to register in the HMSSE administration.

From: Regulatory Legal Solicitors [mailto:mail@harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk]
Sent: 14 May 2013 06:51
To: Gareth Fatchett
Subject: Register as a Creditor of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited – ACTION REQUIRED


Query – Should I register a Proof of Debt form ?

We have received calls asking us whether or not investors should register as a creditor of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited “HMSSE”. Our guidance is that all Harlequin Investors should register as proof of debt form with Shipleys.Two insolvency practitioners within Shipleys are acting as joint administrators of HMSSE.

Rationale for entering a Proof of Debt form

Even though investors contracted with one of the Caribbean companies, every penny of investor monies went via HMSSE in Basildon.  Every investor expected their money to be applied to their investment in the Caribbean.

Every investor paid the money to HMSSE as agent (of their own specific Caribbean company).  As agent HMSSE deducted commission to agent, management expenses etc and then remitted the balance to the Caribbean.

Every investor believes that the payment of the monies to HMSSE was for the sole purpose of transmitting he monies to the Caribbean.

As we all know now, some 33% of monies were paid in commission to agents / IFA’s and approx 14% was retained as management expenses by HMSSE. Our understanding is that the total turnover to December 2012 is some £400m. Of course, the accounts only run to March 2011.

Therefore, with some £200m being charged as expenses by HMSSE it is only right and proper that investors see a proper account.

The first stage in this is for every investor to lodge a Proof of Debt form with Shipleys.

How do I lodge a Proof of Debt Form ?

1. On the enclosed link is the letter sent by Shipleys to known HMSSE creditors. Shipleys Letters – please click link to download . The form is contained therein. Also, you can lodge the form by sending it to Graant Meadows (his email and contact details are on the front page). Please ensure you do this by the weekend.

2. You will need a copy of your contract to send with the Proof of Debt Form. If you have more than one contract you will need to complete one per investment.

3. You will need to insert the date your monies were remitted to HMSSE. If this was done by a third party (eg a SIPP) then you will need to ask them. If they cannot tell you, then put “on or about DATE”.

4. A model Proof of Debt Form is enclosed on this link to help you.

Proof of Debt Form – Example – this assists you to complete the Shipleys Form

Proof of Debt Form – Particulars Example – this document assists you in adding the particulars of the debt

Why should I lodge the Proof of Debt Form ?

1. All investors should be part of the process. If you do not engage, you will not be written to.

2. If the administration process fails then liquidators would need to be appointed. It is important that investors make up the clear majority of creditors by value. There are intercompany positions (eg other Harlequin companies) who will be creditors. If they hold the majority, they will control the future conduct of the insolvency process.

Tell Us

If you have lodged the forms, please tell us you have done this by sending us a quick email at harlequin@regulatorylegal.co.uk . Please give us the amount you have lodged so we can calculate the running total of creditor claims.


Even though a Rescue Plan is being worked on, all investors need to act as if nothing were happening. This is the prudent and cautious path.


Proof of Debt Form – EXAMPLE

PROOF OF DEBT- example for use with Shipleys

Shipleys Letter

More on the Proof of Debt Forms!

From: Regulatory Legal Solicitors
Sent: Tuesday, 14 May 2013 22:10 PM
To: Regulatory Legal Solicitors
Reply To: do-not-reply@harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk
Subject: 14th May 2013 – Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited

(in administration)


Harlequin “Advice” of the 14th May 2013 not to complete Proof of Debt Forms

It is very sad that investors who stand to lose significant parts of their investments are being encouraged not to take part in the insolvency process running with Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited. Our colleagues at Pannone LLP (solicitors) are advising that all investors lodge Proof of Debt forms. We advise the same.  Counsel we have spoken to advice a cautious approach is best adopted by lodging the forms.

If you need any further persuading consider this.

1. HMSSE has received just shy of £400m in deposits until the end of December 2012. That is serious money in anyones books. It is bigger than CF Arch Cru funds, bigger than the SLS or Lifemark individual elements of the Keydata funds. In investment terms this is one of the biggest non-mainstream funds with problems we can remember. It should be scrutinised.

2. The enclosed documents reference some of the representations made on behalf of HMSSE.

Document 1 – 14th December 2006 100% Finance Scheme – 14th December 2006 – click on the link

“In cases where we are unable to obtain finance for you, we will be prepared to refund the £1,000.00 reservation fee.”

This document refers to “guaranteed”. It also refers to “subject to status and conditions apply”.

It is a fact that the vast majority of investors only invested due to the representations from HMSSE that finance would be available.  Investors are entitled to have HMSSE’s books and records inspected to see whether the senior management at HMSSE ever arranged such facilities.

Document 2 – October 2008 – 70% Guaranteed Mortgage Letter – click on the link

“However, it is made clear in all the Harlequin literature and advertising that a 70% guaranteed mortgage is available. This is because Harlequin are fully aware that it is not possible for clients to raise mortgages in the Caribbean so the Harlequin business model, and the fact that there is no borrowing on any of the projects will enable funding to be raised and passed on to our investors.”

Our view is that this representation would be a material inducement for people to part with their monies. Surely, people in this situation require an explanation of this statement ?

Document 3 – 20th August 2008 – Ringfenced Monies – Segregation of Monies – click on the link

“We wish to confirm that all monies we receive on each development is used for the development only.

For example, if you were to pay us 30% deposit for a property in Buccament Bay, this would only be used for the Buccament Bay development.

I trust this clarified the situation but should you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact us”

This is simply untrue. The monies were intermingled. Many investors on the Brazil project paid deposits and when the project was no longer proceeding, why did they all not receive their money back ? If the monies had been as described above then people would have been protected. Sadly, many Brazil project holders have not received their monies back.

Is Harlequin seriously asking these people not to register a Proof of Debt form to require an explanation from the administrators ? Can it be the case that every Brazil investor is not interested in an explanation ?
Document 4 – 24th March 2009 – Note to Agents – HMSSE note to agents – 24th March 2009

Prior to 24th March 2009 it is very clear that some agents were suggesting to agents that the payments were ringfenced. Hardly surprising if the Investments Manager – Daniel Dalligan was telling people as much in 2008.

Any agent making these statements is going to face a difficult job explaining themselves. The HMSSE records will show which agents made such statements. They will show how the Senior Management dealt with the concerns.

We would anticipate that all investors would want this investigated and an explanation provided to the administrators. Surely, investors would want to know what happened ?

Document 5 – 12th February 2013 – Letter from Williams & Williams Solicitors Williams & Williams letter

Read this letter carefully. The first piece of land properly registered with a Harlequin company was in January 2009.

Is Harlequin seriously inviting people who invested before January 2009 not to require an explanation of this. Many of the investors we speak to tell us that they were told the land was owned by Harlequin.  This is a serious issue and a proper investigation needs to occur.

Why would Harlequin not want investors engaged ?

The usual process is that the adminisator will make proposals to creditors.  A vote is taken on these proposals.

We believe (as do our other legal colleagues) that it is important that investors control this process. With all the monies routed via HMSSE, we strongly believe it would take a brave administrator to deny an investor the right to vote as a creditor.

Investors need answers. The selection of the 5 documents above tell us that the directors / officers and senior staff at HMSSE have some searching questions to answer.

This process ensures that the administrators carry out their duties fastidiously.


Whilst at the same time that the Harlequin Investor Group are seeking to assist a rescue, the Harlequin machine continues to dissuade investors from seeking answers to very legitimate questions. This has nothing to do with the Irish Court case or the Wilkins Kennedy matter. It is all to do with the conduct of HMSSE in the making of representations to investors which procured their monies. Nothing more. The past has to be accounted for irrespective of what the future holds.

If you feel satisfied with the Harlequin machine (as Mr Ames claims), then do nothing and sit back. After all, you have already convinced yourself all is well. If not, get your proof of debt in.

If you missed our earlier email explaining how to do this, please email harlequin@regulatorylegal.co.uk


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  2. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Why? Is BFP running out of HP banner headlines so lets start another one. Has Fatchett pulled the BFP chain again? Fatchett to BFP “we need to get to the top of the discussion board, start another discussion” BFP “OK Mr Fatchett Sir, will do”

  3. Wot a Carry On

    Fatchick36, you yourself requested that a new thread be started because the old one was too long and slow to load. No pleasing you is there?

  4. Jeriel

    They should try to get back some of the money from Trisha Devoni Yonge-Hinds and rebuilt the house she is now trying to sell

  5. BBaywatch

    Some of the other links that I posted are waiting moderation – the way that the blog is formatted catches some links.

    I thought that as this is a fresh start we could have the background facts – before the usual suspects degenerate this into a slanging match.

  6. Wot a Carry On

    You have not presented one iota of convincing evidence. I think you are only here to disrupt the thread and cause dissent. As I said earlier, just because an affidavit is presented in court that does not make it a reliable document.

    ‘A final point why do you try and make this a gender argument?’…
    Who said it was an argument? Just pulling you up on your uncouth misogynist rants. BTW I’ve never met Erica.

  7. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ BBaywatch. Yes repost an article dated March from the SFO web site. Very original. How about a few you tube clips or a remark about ” award winning journalist Jon Austin” just I case we forget who he is.

  8. Dave - just leave- now! Go! Leave!

    At last this stupidity with WTF and Erica has stopped. 😉

    Ames would not hire a PI to spy on Erica – that’s just daft. It’s a blog not the FBI

    He would offer a special deal to a gullible investor to spy and post and generally disrupt – that’s what WTF has done under his many guises.

    He will never actually get his special little deal and he feels a bit angry, that’s all this is about.

  9. Dave - just leave- now! Go! Leave!

    Drop it now, your looking as mad as Erica. We don’t care if you are Sherlock Holmes

  10. Wot a Carry On

    Just what is your problem with Jon Austin? You have reposted disparaging references to him it on here so many times I’ve lost count.

    For those who don’t know who Jon Austin is. He is indeed an award-winning journalist and works for the Basildon Echo which happens to be Dave and Matt Ames’ local rag. The newsworthy duo appear to have been featured quite a lot in the past year or so what with all their court cases, freezing orders, police investigations, companies in receivership and resigning accountants, not to mention thousands of disgruntled investors and a lot of missing money.

    Such a lot of negative press for Harlequin… are you going to try and blame Jon Austin for the Ames family’s demise?

  11. 6

    @Erica – for clarity.

    Richard Ingham and Sean Ghent ARE NOT PART OF HIG, never have been.

  12. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 10.57, if this is tre then it’s more misinformation coming from the Wigan bunker.
    @Waco. “Fatchick36” that really is pathetic. The issue I have with Jon Austin is that he is heavily promoted by BBaywatch, they are obviously mates. If he did some investivagative type journalism then I would give him credit, but he now just cuts and pastes other reports from trade papers. Next you will be saying Laura miller is a journalist!

  13. Wot a Carry On

    We don’t care if you’re a private dick or Sam Spade himself. However, your answer is just not good enough. And there you go again with the nasty misogynist jibes.

  14. Erica Broughton

    @FDNRM I do not want to clog everything up but…I will let you have a few little PMs of Richards here is one for starters Erica,

    I understand that Gareth is calling you tonight and you have spoken to Paul.

    I realise you have only had a brief chat, so will not know the plan we have come up with in detail.

    I will be seeing Dave with the others and telling him we are taking his baby off him.

    It will be explained that if he doesn’t we will take him to the cleaners personally, and also give the information we have to the authorities who will take what’s left and jail him.

    What I need from you is any information you can add to the file of dynamite you may have, including recordings.

    Once he’s frightened half to death then he will be asked to sign the assets to a trust we are setting up. I think I may go and see him Tuesday and tell him the facts of life.

    What information do you have that will be of use to us?

    The other thing is keep this strictly confidential, if Dave gets a whiff of it he will do a swerve to stop us, so please don’t say anything – it’s only for the next 7 to 10 days!


    I do not have any of the court documents that this idiot says I have as they were not released in court.
    Now “Richard” if you want to dance lets do it!
    I thought the next thing I would post is were you say the money is….what do you think your little mate would think of that eh!
    Now as this is your statement you have it so lets see it freak!

  15. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @WACO “misogynist jibes” LOL how about “Fatchick36” ? Get real.

  16. Wot a Carry On

    So Fatchick36 is now an authority on journalism and the press.

    For those of you who don’t know: Laura Miller is News Editor of ifaonline part of Incisive Financial Publishing Limited and winner of AOA Digital Publisher of the Year 2010 and 2013. That makes Ms Miller a journalist.

  17. Whatsthefuss

    I never said I was a nice person, it’s not about gender!

    So you tell me, you moron, that if a olive complaint that wasn’t true you wouldn’t care? You are a liar like washer woman!

    If you think the document isn’t genuine your a nob as its going to be presented to the police by me to prove my identity!

    Your a fool to question an affridavit over a nutters word?

  18. Whatsthefuss

    Now nutter Erica is writing emails in my name and claiming I wrote them!

    Get to a doctor you clown.

  19. Yatinkiteasy

    Wtf , FDNRM . and others successfully degenerated the other thread with irrelevant rubbish about Erica, PI, Cozier, Richard Ingham etc etc….it is clear to see that it is all a smokescreen to hide the real issues about Harlequins state of affairs and the plight of the investors who have been conned out of their savings, pension funds, and who have received absolutely nothing in return….except more promises.
    They are trying to do the same thing here .
    BB is always highlighted as a success by Harlisuccess and FDNRM, even though it is a 25% built project of 6 projects that have been sold, which has provided 0 returns to Investors, and for which no investor has received legal title to “their” unit.
    I guess this will continue indefinitely , or at least for several more years as the various legal actions take place in the UK and in the Caribbean.

  20. 80

    Dave Ames sold thousands of people property on land he did not own, on which he did not have and still does not have permission to build, then went on to build 2 or 3 per cent of what he sold, and allegedly spent the rest of the money on himself, his family, on paying agents and ifa’s, on planes, on legal fees protecting himself and attacking others, on cash flowing loss making hotels, on buying other random hotels, and has failed to deliver on any promises. People are losing life savings, and he is being investigated by authorities. Purchasers are in serious trouble. This is the crux of the matter, and I am not sure whether one “investor” is indeed just and investor or magnum pi is relevant.

  21. Erica Broughton

    What the fuss, That was brilliant hats of to you as Paul and Gareth and Nikki and the Police have every ip address you have posted from I will now send them the original PM and it will be clear to all you are a liar!

    Yantinkiteasy, You are totally right I am stooping to their level and disrupting the thread sorry everyone from now on I will not comment I will just post his emails and PMs :).

    I spoke with Jon Austin last week he is doing another article about Harlequin I am sure that he would love to hear your points of veiw why not give him a ring

  22. Wot a Carry On

    ‘So you tell me, you moron, that if a olive complaint that wasn’t true you wouldn’t care? You are a liar like washer woman!’

    What are you on about? This doesn’t make sense.

  23. 169

    Please someone tell the “spelling challenged” moron that
    the word is affidavit.
    “affridavit” sounds like some sort of schnapps

  24. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @waco (Waco seems appropriate) Laura Miller is a mouthpiece for Fatchett. She quotes him every time in her articles.
    @Yatinkeasy, you don’t think you tube postings of Genisis and others are irrelevant? You don’t think queening croziers credentials is relevant? Have you only got one eye? If its all too much for you then retire into the ether.

  25. Whatsthefuss

    So Erica in these fake PM’s you are now doing are you trying to make it look like I’m pro or anti harlequin now? Or a double agent or what?? Now your lies aren’t even consistent!

    Stop lieu g and email me the details of the police you reported me to, you offered to go the police with me now you retract?

    Up your medications dear!

  26. Whatsthefuss

    You try and drive/ text / spell check all at once and you will work it out brain box!

  27. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, how ironic that immediately following your post about WTF and myself clogging up this site, Erica posts about IP addresses being sent to the police, they are circulated to others etc etc. classic, gave me such a laugh.

  28. 169

    Anyone who would drive/text/spell check simultaneously is
    a menace on the highway and in my neck of the woods totally
    ps – have you been driving for three days

  29. St George's Dragon

    @ Dave – just leave- now! Go! Leave!
    “Ames would not hire a PI to spy on Erica – that’s just daft. ”
    He has previous history of appointing PIs, of course. From the Harlequin update of 1st May 2013:
    “I appointed a forensic IT team who, through great commitment leading to a High Court order, managed to eventually identify that the administrator of the Harlecon website was Jeremy Newman………I immediately appointed a surveillance team …. all three gentlemen met in Cork, Ireland. ….The three had further meetings and we continued to gather evidence… including their business trips to Jordan and Dubai amongst others.”
    So he has previously conducted IT investigations. Is that hacking? It can’t be because that would be illegal, wouldn’t it?
    He has appointed investigators who followed people to Ireland, Jordan and Dubai, amongst other places.
    Sounds like he is more than capable of appointing a PI to spy on anyone he wants.

  30. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So if that’s the case then there is absolutely no point in Erica constantly quoting the police? They will not be interested.

  31. Whatsthefuss

    Just spoke to paul Walton, he recommended i contacted the Wigan police myself to see what the situation is.
    Called Wigan police to see if Erica Broughton had made a complaint to the police and guess what – no such complaint has been made.

    Secondly they said that how can two people with a disagreement be a crime? They said they would not be remotely interested in such trivia!

    Erica your simple, sick, dumb and a combination of all 3!

  32. Whatsthefuss

    Erica another point that proves you can’t tell the truth, you have no personal messages from me to post because I cannot send you any as you banned me from the forum on 16 may 2013

    Seeing as I can’t send you PM how are you going to publish what doesn’t exist?

    Do you have many imaginary friends?

  33. casual observer

    Reading the title of this blog, I really thought I was going to hear something of value about the current state of affairs re Harlequin.

    As a retired school teacher, some of the posters (pupils) here would be out of my classroom, possibly never to to return!

  34. Yatinkiteasy

    FDNRM andWTF clogging up the thread again.

  35. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Wow how long did it take for you to think that one up then? So no sensible comment about the irony of Erica’s post after your ” they’re clogging up the thread” comment? Perhaps you need the definition of irony?

  36. Whatsthefuss

    Yankinmyselfoff – why font you suggest that Erica lets me on her blog so I can discuss/ PM her on there instead of here.

    Been told another blogger got booted this week by Erica because she don’t agree with their views.

  37. Whatsthefuss

    Poor Spelling – your spelin is two gud four me two compeet wiv so leaves me ahlone plaese

  38. Whatsthefuss

    Erica still waiting for you to forward your imaginary policemans name, you still wondering how to get out of this lie?

  39. Yatinkiteasy

    @fdnrm. Eric has not posted since she agreed with me..at 11.51. You have posted 4 times and WTF 5 times since then. It’s obvious who is clogging up this thread with nonsense. Btw, are you still happy with Harlequin? Thought not.
    I know very well the meaning of irony. I think it ironic that someone most screwed by Harlequin is one of its staunchest defenders! You have no title to your unit at BB yet. How much have you put into their pockets? Why have you not been given title to the unit you paid for?
    You are a very strange , and obviously desperate and deluded person.

  40. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @yatinkiteasy, funny how you ignored the the first part of her post though. That’s the irony. And you have posted twice. Let me ask you a question, what return, if any, are you getting from any money in a deposit account. How about 10%.? Would you settle for that? I bet you would. Don’t in any way presume that you can “think” about my degree of happiness with HP. Perhaps you should consider as a non investor whether it is you who is clogging up a blog on HP?

  41. 169

    I thought it was a blog on BARBADOS and what is pertinent to
    BARBADOS. Everyone knows what irony is but it seems like
    some on here don’t know what presumptuous means.
    UK bitch fights accomplish nothing.

  42. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon,4.34 cast your eyes to the top of the page to the headline. Barbados doesn’t even get a mention. The Yatinkiteasy blog police will be after you soon.

  43. 9

    So, it settled Richard Ingham is not a PI and there has been no report to the Police? That about the top and bottom of it?

  44. Yatinkiteasy

    @fdnrm . So you are getting 10% return on your investment with Harlequin.?Wow, no one else is.
    You have not answered the question as to WHY you have no title at BB , but really I don’t care . I have tripled my investment in real estate in Barbados in the last 5 years(obviously not with Harlequin) and I actually have legal title to my properties.
    As I have pointed out before, this blog is not for the exclusive use of Harlequin Investors. Perhaps you still think it is . Sorry , wrong again.

  45. Yatinkiteasy

    @Fdnrm 4.41 pm… Cast YOUR eyes above the headline of this thread and you will clearly see this is Barbados (not Basildon) Free Press.You are really not on the ball , which is probably why you invested with a twice bankrupted persson who fancied himself a resort developer in the first place.

  46. perplexed

    Thanks for the validation

  47. it really is game over

    Most posters on here have (yes have, coz you aint gonna get your money/unit/title) and all they wanna do is behave like five year olds in a playground. It’s obvious to see how easy it is for DA/HP to con people looking at things on here

    DA doing the laughing…he got your money, he still a free man and you all wanna fight with each other

  48. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy “what is happening with Harlequin, Dave Ames, class discuss” now I’m obviously not as intelligent as you with your wonderful property investment portfolio, but where in that headline does it mention Barbados? Now could I suggest you stop clogging up this thread. 5 posts in less than 24 hours including asking a question and not caring about the answer. Now that really is intelligent. If you do not think this blog is for HP investors then complain to BFP they put the banner up. Muppet.

  49. 174

    @fdnrm 7.17

    Yatinkiteasy did not say that this blog was not for HP investors; he said it was not for the exclusive use of Harlequin investors.

  50. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, this blog has other topics which are not commented on by HP investors. This thread relates to HP investors so will be commented on by HP investors, and of course any other smart arse Barbados investor who likes to continually try and tell us who can and who cannot post on here.

  51. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy. Looking through BFP threads there seem to be plenty of Barbados issues raised. But for some reason I dont seem to find any postings by you. Perhaps its a good job there are HP threads on here as it gives you something to comment on. No interest in Barbados tax, tourism or that crook Jack Warner? Shame on you for not taking a bigger interest in your islands issues.

  52. I thought I'd call by and feed the trolls

    What a beautiful day. Nice walk in the forest with the grand kids and dog me thinks.
    @fdnrm. Been the usual irritating and obnoxious c*nt as usual. If your aim was to get non investor readers of this blog to despise investors you are doing a good job. I for one am very happy that you have lost all of your money. Keep the stress levels up and pretty soon you will be feeling the tightness across the chest and hey presto, no more worrying about this anymore. Of course with the added bonus that I won’t have to read your mind numbing crap anymore.

  53. Wot a Carry On

    Based on what has been posted here I have some questions. Why would an investor be happy with the situation where they haven’t received title but are getting a ten percent return, (well some of the time)? Could it be that the units that they ‘own’ are currently being used as reception, gym, Indian restaurant or staff accommodation etc.? Is this the result of a cosy little sit-down chat with Dave Ames? Will the investors’ loyalty be rewarded with preferential treatment?

  54. Since this new thread has been started I have not been getting notifications, hence my post.

    It’s my belief an investor led rescue plan and securing the assets in a trust is the only way forward, but this will not be achieved by infighting or on a blog – that’s why I rarely post on here now – I do however keep myself updated.

  55. Anon

    More to the point is where has the 10% been coming from. They have the f–k you Jack I’m alright mentality/attitude that doesn’t care that some sucker has paid a deposit to cover it. They know it is a scam and don’t care how many people lose money as long it’s not them. They will.

  56. I thought I'd call by and feed the trolls

    @broughton. Was has my comment to do with Erica? I am me and never communicated with her.
    It’s all about the money. Remember everyone for themselves. I didn’t wish fdnrm dead I said I would be glad if I didn’t have to read his half intelligible retarded ramblings anymore.

  57. Yatinkiteasy

    @ last word always FDNRM …Jack Warner is in Trinidad, not Barbados.
    Ignorant harlequin!

  58. J chalmers

    I totally agree with Casual Observer.It is sometime since there has been any news of any developments and I was hopefull of some constructive comments.I cannot believe that what I have been reading is posted by adults.Whereas discussion is good at least show some respect for each other and for their opinions.I can’t see any thing but confusion in these posts for the genuine worried sick investor.Would be great to set up a meeting with all of you on here and see how you behave face to face.Do you all live in the UK or Barbados.I won’t be following this anymore until BFP publish a new article on the situation with Harlequin.janice chalmers a total Casual Observer in the UK.

  59. Harlisuccess

    Why are you so rude to Fatchett Does Not Represent Me?
    You have a self righteous, pompous arrogant attitude.
    Now, you are the one who lives in an infested backwater. It would not surprise me if you thought you could ride your bike on water.
    Why all the stupid criticism of beautiful Buccament Bay?Do you think you are above everyone else? Has the gravy train in Barbados hit the buffers? Why don’t you spend your time tackling the high level of reported HIV cases in your own backyard?
    Why hayou not done anythingabout the 50+ hotel closures in Barbados?
    To quote other threads…” The truth and reality in your own backyard is your not wanting the problems to be heard. Why is it that the Barbados HIV infection rate is 50% higher than elsewhere in the Caribbean? Why is the Bascobel Toll Gang still frightening tourists”
    ” The pressure cooker otherwise known as Barbados is going to explode unless some serious action is taken fairly soon. A crowde island with limited employment possibilities. A declining tourist trade, a thriving drugs trade, guns floating around and an ineffective Police Force. What do you think is going to happen?”
    As for four Seasons… a ruin that must have used more concrete than that used to build the Colosseum.
    You have nothing to fall back on. No sugar plantation. No banana plantation.
    Get digging and plant those bananas. You are going to need them. TICK TOCK. TICK TOCK.

  60. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @yatinkiteasy, you see my friend, that is where you get it so wrong. You obviously have not read the Jack Warner article have you. Let me help you through it. It is on BFP because the report into corruption (something you say is close to your heart) was written by a. BAJAN. And I’m ignorant?
    @WACO try and stick to facts, not what you assume to be correct. I have been to BB and seen my unit.
    @iticbaftt how stupid are you. Wishing someone dead and then denying you implied it? If you don’t want to read postings DON’T COME ON HERE. Idiot.

  61. Fatchett does not represent me

    The’ Wigan Bunker’ and its dimwit followers have actually got it so wrong (again) Sean Ghent and Whatsthefuss members of the HIG – the are not!

    Furthermore, the ‘evidence’ against poor old Richard Ingham is lacking ……. it’s just that obsessed nicker sniffer…..at it again!! ….if he is Private Investigator can you prove it?

  62. Painful realities

    Harlequin is a scam. All investors are crime victims and all your money is gone. Most of what you read on here is lies. SFO can we have justice for the victims.

  63. 80

    Correct, painful realities. Money has gone, 2 per cent built, operational resorts losing money hard, purchasers are victims, need to try to liquidate, maybe get 10 cents in the dollar and move on. The likes of fdnrm are sideshows who for whatever reason (that does not matter) do not like to accept or admit the reality of harlequin situation.

  64. yatinkiteasy

    @ Harlisuccess…slagging off Barbados(again and again) will not help Harlequin. They are a huge failure..I suggest you change your name. Hardlysuccess is more like it.

    @FDNRM..You said this … “No interest in Barbados tax, tourism or that crook Jack Warner? Shame on you for not taking a bigger interest in your islands issues.”
    Jack Warner is not a Barbados issue.
    Now you are saying that I should be interested because the article was written by a Bajan. No wonder you got conned by a double bankrupt person.
    You saw “your” unit at BB? Lovely, but where is your title to said unit? You have been conned .

  65. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @yatinkiteasy, it’s a Barbados issue. The report was written by a Bajan.. You want this to be about Bajans. Here’s your chance. Any thoughts about tax avoidance or tourism issues? Or do you just want tp poke your nose into HP issues? Wonder why. Does the Wigan bunker have a subsidiary in Barbados. You could of course continue to clog this thread with silly questions about title. I know exactly my position regarding title. You do not. Now go and comment on a relevant thread and stop clogging this one up.

  66. Fatchett does not represent me V2

    So you are not a PI?

  67. yatinkiteasy

    FDRM …you consider questions about title to your Harlequin unit at BB “silly” ? With all the negative news about the company of late and the fact that they have in effect ceased operations in Barbados and St Lucia,and are in Administration in the UK, it is an interesting view that you take.
    I dont know what a Wigan Bunker is, but Ill let you know if one shows up at the derelict Merricks or H Hotel site.

  68. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy 6 posts since you complained about the forum being clogged up by posters. You do make me laugh you muppet. You must be fishing watching the fish bite, because you do every time. LOL

  69. 169

    Who actually owns H-Hotel? Has it been paid for in full? Are any
    taxes owed and if so by whom? Did any “investors” buy into H-Hotel?
    Were monies from the other scams used?

  70. Statler and Waldorf

    18 posts already from FDNRM clogging up this thread!

  71. 169

    22% of the post saying absolutely nothing!
    (Thank God the other one is on his way to Dubai)

  72. 169

    Statler and Waldorf……I have stayed at both but am having trouble
    putting two and two together.

  73. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @S&W only 16. Have a recount and see if you can spot your mistake. That’s an extra post from you clogging up the thread with a meaningless inaccurate post. Idiot.

  74. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 7.47 does that 22% include yours? You are saying what exactly?

  75. Wow

    Oh! What dreadful things to say to Fatchett does not represent me.Haw can anyone say these unkind things to him? I hope he is alright.can anyone help me please?does anyone know the dates of the next investor meetings in Basildon and Warrington ?
    Thank you.

  76. 100

    As the Eastern Caribbean resort industry heads into the low season, resort operators need to closely manage cashflow to see them through. Resorts that did not have strong winters can fall further behind by not having very carefully managed summer and fall/autumn periods. Some more hotels have had to close/enter receivership in the last few months. Reports from some islands are that it will be a tough one – high airport departure taxes from UK dont help for example. Operating costs are notoriously high in the region, utilities hugely inflated and insurance the two big costs resorts must deal with. Established, profitable resorts go through this every year pretty much, but they do get through and make their money in the winter. The worry for Harlequin investors should turn to Buccament Bay and how it will make it through this off season without the revenues coming in from deposits. I am aware of many managers applying for jobs at hotels in the region, some saying they have not been paid for two months. When you cannot pay your staff, it is a very worrying sign. When there are no accounts filed and purchasers/investors don’t have regular resort reports to show them how their investments/holiday units are doing in whatever rental scheme is being used, then it is impossible to know the position of the resort. Investors/purchasers need to get to the bottom of this asap, as this is one of the only assets within the group that could be worth anything – the land they own is not worth much, nor is Blu in St Lucia. This gathering of information should be a big focus of those who have not already got out of their investment via the FOS/suing IFAs/SIPP providers. A closed and run down Buccament Bay will make 10 cents in the dollar that has been mentioned seem a good deal.

  77. Kroll

    S&W – the reason FDNRM is so assiduous in his knowledge of the number of posts he has made is entirely understandable: rather like the “fifty cent party” in China, who are paid by the Communist Party to post comments favorable towards party policies in an attempt to manipulate public opinion on Internet sites and message boards, FDNRM is paid per post by Harlequin to obfuscate, smear and generally disrupt all those seeking to hold their corrupt and crumbling regime to account.
    Well done FDNRM: you made £9 yesterday!

  78. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes



    Thank you very much for dealing with the survey we sent relating to the “Guaranteed Finance”. We have just under 300 responded. Our next important focus is the land at Buccament Bay.

    (a) we act for clients who have bought in all stages of the Buccament Bay sales process

    (b) we have clients who resold their property

    (c) we have clients who cancelled their contracts

    Land Survey

    You will all recall the document issued by Harlequin which from May 2012 which is the plan upon which future sub sales of land would be based. The survey numbers the properties.

    Sub Divided Plan – May 2012

    Cross Reference Exercise

    We are cross referencing the sales to the various brochures and the various architect drawings / land surveys etc. This will give us an accurate idea as to the extent of the early Buccament Bay sales. This is very important as all the contracts on the earlier phases are beyond completion. Therefore, they are contractually entitled to their monies back.

    Survey Link


    or click on Survey Link

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  79. Fatchett does not represent me.

    To sumerize the last couple of days,
    Yatinkiteasy posts about the thread clogging up and then posts 6 times and says nothing new.
    I THOUGHT I WOULD FEED THE TROLLS; hopes I would have a heart attack, nice.
    STATLER AND WALDORF, is not clever enough to work out which of my postings are from me and which are postings for people imitating me. Definately has the mentality of the 2 old codgers.
    Anon 7.45, writes a meaningless post about % of postings.
    KROLL: writes a meaningless post about China and £9.
    You lot really have sad lives. And I’m accused of clogging up this thread. Get a life you muppets.

  80. Yatinkiteasy

    FDNRM …yawn….go back to sleep!

  81. Mr. Page

    @Yatinikiteasy, you’re still ranting and raving about Harlequin indiscretions. Man it’s time to start searching for a new hobby. Because it seems quite clear that conversing with the rest of the victims of Harlequin, have had little or not impact in the way of therapy for you.

  82. Mr. Page

    @ Yatinkiteasy@ In clear English… You need to get a life friend. Have you searched EBay yet? I’ve heard through the grapevine that there’re now selling them by the bundles.

  83. Dave - just leave

    I will buy one for Ames, he needs one at the moment 🙂

  84. Statler and Waldorf

    Can you substantiate the claim that Harlequin actually pay FDNRM to troll on here to deliberately “obfuscate, smear and generally disrupt all those seeking to hold their corrupt and crumbling regime to account.”?

  85. Karma is coming after you

    @Statler and Waldorf
    Of course they can’t. But still they had £400mil and lined thier own pockets, people will be paying that off for years.

  86. Statler and Waldorf

    Karma, I asked Kroll not you.

  87. 169

    Does anyone know if PM Gonsalves touched on anything
    reference BB at his news conference this a.m.?

  88. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy. Ha ha trying to get the last word again. Another pointless, clogging up this forum post.
    @@ Kroll, yes go on, this should be interesting. Lets see the proof. Ill bet we never hear from you again now you have been challenged.

  89. 169

    We can all breathe a sigh of relief, our presumptive webmaster
    is firmly back in control.

  90. Statler and Waldorf

    A lot of people on here are still waiting for FDNRM to prove he has title to his unit at BB and that he is not a mouthpiece for Harlequin. Showing up at Gareth Fatchett’s office with a bit of paper signed by Dave Ames is worth about as much as WTF’s High Court ‘affridavit’.

  91. 169

    You mean that cheap bottle of schnapps.

  92. A Real Investor

    @Statler and Waldorf
    Is it important? Its not. We all know nobody has title, the WTF thing has been talked to death – it’s irrelevant.

    What’s up nothing happening on the boring blog so you come here?

  93. Statler and Waldorf

    Glad you cleared that up ARI. Thanks

  94. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Statler & Waldorf, if you keep asking the same stupid question the Yatinkineasy police will be after you for blocking up the thread. Now I will write this slowly so it will make it easier for you to read. I did not turn up at GF office with proof of title, it was proof of rental return. Now read that back again S. L. O. W. L. Y Got it? Good.

  95. Statler and Waldorf

    What disgusting language EBPC you should be ashamed. I suppose you are the sort of person who laughs at people with learning difficulties.

  96. Statler and Waldorf

    All the Harlequin trolls out tonight then!

  97. Fatchett does not represent me.

    We will resist attacks from the Wigan bunker,
    @Yatinkiteasy have a word with these thread blockers!

  98. anun

    We will resist attacks from the Wigan bunker,
    you are effng mad.

  99. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Wigan bunker, harlequin trolls, fire with fire Anun. Why is anyone who is not anti HP a Harlequin Troll?

  100. 169

    S&W – Must be something to do with the super full moon last night.
    ALL the loonies are back , braying and accounted for.

  101. 169

    As was said all the asses are braying

  102. Camel Toe

    Not all the loonies are out ……. I have just nipped on here to ask if anyone can suggest how I stop my camel toe from showing?

    I can’t stay on too long cos its itching.

  103. Anonymouse

    Well, clearly the latest cunning plan from Harlequin is to get this thread removed and possibly stop BFP posting any more Harlequin stuff (could you blame them if they did make that decision?).

    This revolting smear campaign won’t make any difference to Harlequin’s demise, nor will it affect court proceedings to Harlequin’s benefit, but it may cause the loss of a very valuable place for genuinely distressed Harlequin investors to share information and contact each other.

    I hope you’ll all find other places to communicate should BFP finally decide they’ve had enough.

  104. Ames and Family just have a think about this.....

    @ Dave Ames

    How are all your court cases progressing? It must be a repugnant feeling to have all your assets taken off you and to be so publicly humiliated.

    What does Mrs Ames and your family really think of you? Not sure if being bankrupt 3 times is something to be proud off? Maybe you scum think it is?

    @ Daniel Ames…. coming after your assets pretty boy….. just like Daddies 😉

    @ Matt, well your just going to jail, not long now 😉

    What a family………………..

  105. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @A&FJH blah blah blah. You see totally inaccurate post. His assets have not been taken off him, He is not bankrupt 3 times, Try and deal in facts not rhetoric. Just clogging up this thread with rubbish. Where’s Yatinkiteasy when you need him?

  106. Sanjat

    This is astonishing, another GM has left Buccament Bay and he did not get paid

  107. Oh Dear

    I thought Matt Ames was the GM at BB. Did he get caught in flagrante again with a member of staff and Daddy Ames sacked him [again]?

  108. 169

    What’s the “nearly accurate part”?

  109. Oh Dearie Me

    I should think between them Matt and Dave have ‘screwed’ so many people they have lost count.

  110. 169

    OMG !!! The future queen’s brother !!

  111. Dear dear dear

    The Middleton Boy had a lucky escape then!

  112. Fatchett does not represent me.

    On a more serious note, can Erica confirm if she has withdrawn her complaint to the police regarding harassment? If this is true could she be given a caution for wasting police time?

  113. Oh dear what can the matter be

    We didn’t claim he was but like i said James had a lucky escape. It was such a lot of hot air wasn’t it? Where did all the money go? Now let me see Forestry for Life owes £672,676, including £443,327 to investors and £39,622 tax. Matt’s other scam The Investor Club owes £951,237, with £846,494 to investors, and £20,000 tax.

    Anyone know what date the trial is set for?

  114. Oh dear what can the matter be

    Old Bailey?

  115. Yatinkiteasy

    @sanjat.8.36 pm Is that a fact? Trip advisor shows recent replies to reviews from the GM but no name. How personal is that? A no name GM. True 5 star quality.

  116. 80

    Guest relations manager has gone (had not been paid), exec chef has gone (had not been paid), other managers on the way out. Resort cannot remain open much longer.

  117. BBaywatch

    Ames’ Thai adventures continue to have repercussions – not least the continuation of the freezing order on their assets.


  118. Conned

    Why don’t you Harlequin Trolls just f**k off and get a life!
    Most of us on here are decent people who have been conned out of their life savings or pension funds by a little, unscrupulous wanker who deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life!
    You twats have no morals, how can you support such an evil family that has caused so much pain to so many?
    Aimless and his cronies… you all deserve each other… and you all deserve what’s coming to you!!!

  119. 80

    They are morally bankrupt people, Ames, the ifa’s, fdnrm et al. Well said conned.

  120. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Conned. That’s why it’s called BARBADOS FREE PRESS. Free does not mean you don’t pay for it, it means FREE SPEECH. Understand.
    @yatinkiteasy, so we had numerous comments on here, no doubt clogging things up, about Erica going to the police. Now it seems she has withdrawn her statement, I’m sure you will have something to say about her discredited comments? Yes?
    @Conned, will you now put Erica into the troll category?

  121. Statement from the representatives of the Harlequin Investor Group (HIG)

    The Harlequin Investor Group is comprised of every person that has signed up to the website (http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk). The site currently has over 1100 members and is expanding daily. HIG is distinct from Regulatory Legal Solicitors (RL), although HIG does engage with RL Solicitors for advice and for practical matters.

    In March 2013, RL organized a series of investor meetings. During these investor meetings RL agreed with attendees that due to the size of the HIG, there was a need to appoint a smaller representative group of investors in order to enter into face-to-face dealings with Harlequin Property/David Ames. During the investor meetings, all present were given the opportunity to submit their names to RL if they were interested in joining the HIG representative group.

    RL then selected individuals that represent the types of investors across the various Harlequin developments (i.e. those whose completion dates have passed, those who invested via SIPP, those who invested directly and those who invested via mortgage etc.). Each person on the HIG representative group is in at least one of these positions and possibly multiple (e.g. invested directly and completion dates have passed)

    The HIG Representative group is comprised of 6 investors, none of which are/have ever been employed by RL Solicitors, Harlequin or any of its associated companies. The investors are not related to/ friends of the Ames family or any of the employees of RL solicitors – they are simply concerned investors (just like yourselves) who are trying to salvage the best they can from what is an increasingly complex situation.

    The HIG Representative Group is working hard to find a solution to the current situation and maximize any potential returns to investors. The Representative Group does not believe that an Ames-led restructure will fully take investor interests into account and is therefore both challenging Harlequin to be more open and transparent in their communications with investors and is also considering developing an alternative bid to present to Mr Ames.

    We hope that the above can put an end to the concerns on this site regarding the membership and interests of the smaller team that represent the wider HIG. It is only by presenting a united front that we can possibly hope to bring any positive outcome to the situation that we find ourselves in. It will not help the efforts of the team if we allow them to be undermined by rumour and speculation.


    Representatives of the HIG

  122. I post when there is something relevant to say.

    There have been some rather strange statements of late, on other blogs regarding members of the HIG group etc.

    For the record I am not a member of the HIG,

    I explained my reasons at the Warrington meeting, why I did not or was asked to join.

    People will believe whatever they want to, but all this idle gossip is not helpful and potentially damaging.

  123. Conned

    @fdnrm: Confirming you are a twat I see… Best thing you’ve posted so far… Well done!
    Erica is no troll, she is trying to help, and we are thankful to her.
    Unlike you, one of Ames’s cronies, spineless moronic idiots.
    You lot had enough to say when you sold us this shite, and now you don’t deserve free speech.
    But you do deserve what you will get! The net is closing… 🙂

  124. Loony tunes


    Could you actually explain how Erica has helped in ANY WAY – she set up a blog where loads of weido’s like me, who pass many a happy hour talking to faceless people with no idea what’s going on!

    But achieving absolutely nothing 😉

  125. Anon

    So im trying to get this straight.
    A number of victims have a different opinion from other victims. This seems to be because they have paid the full amount up front. The cash victims need to keep this sinking ship afloat to have any chance of gaining title. To achieve this they need a lot of people to complete, this in the hope that the larger number of completions will facilitate the handing over of titles.
    This obviously would mean 100s of non cash buyers stumping up more cash.
    Is this what is happening now.

  126. Clues

    Thinking of all the people blamed for this mess over the last year on this blog.

    I don’t know everything that is going on with Erica. What I do know is that she stuck her head above the parapet and boy is she getting it, including some pretty low disgusting comments.
    I’ve also noticed that the people with a different opinion spend a lot of time mentioning people on the above list but not talking about David or Carol Ames.

  127. Getting desperate now!

    It does seem that the Ames gang are getting very desperate now! Ingham aka Whatsthefuss etc etc etc etc etc has changed his username ”again” to (Ericas Blue Peters Bird Cake). its obviously him because he’s as thick as shit and his insults remain the same.
    Then you have the low lives trying to smear the HIG by saying that its not run by genuine investors.
    You few will all come a cropper in the end and I hope you all get whats coming to you.

  128. casual observer


    I know I am stirring it up a little, but I wonder if the Essex police are making any connections!?

  129. Loony tunes

    Erica has officially lost the plot, go and have a look.

    The woman needs medical help.

  130. 169

    Another General Manager has not been paid
    Nor has the chef, porter or chamber maid
    Oh what a mess I declare
    In despondent despair
    Buccament Bay just does’nt hack it, I’m afraid

    Erica is mad as hell at Paul
    Sending her email to Richard took a lot of gall
    Richard then shared it with Dave
    “Please delete on receipt, do not save”
    So what was once private is known by all

    Today has been very interesting Erica, Richard, Paul and Dave
    and throw in Buccament Bay for a little spice……but seriously
    does this solve any problems?

  131. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No but it brightens up the day.

  132. EddieLizzard 2

    Only FNDNE and his potty-mouthed friends can find it funny that people in St Vincent have not been paid. You really are an embarrassment.

  133. 74

    This is becoming surreal. Erica’s site is now a bizarre cesspool of accusation, counter accusation and paranoid ramblings.

    Good old FDNRM is also now a main contributor under the guise of “Sporting Man” (you have to admire his work ethic). He claims it’s not him but the deluded one doesn’t appear to realise that his somewhat curious prose style not to mention predictable content is completely unmistakeable!

  134. Sherlock Holmes

    I think the most interesting thing is that Erica has been proved wrong about Richard Ingham is a PI from Warrington and he follows her – stating its not his real name, is just….. deluded

    What exactly has she reported him to the police for? If she has anything to back up her crazy statements PROVE IT!

    All the PRIVATE MESSAGES she published from Richard Ingham actually shows him in a good light pro-investors!

    Paul Walton’s statement seemed balanced and I think he acted the way any intelligent person would act. Listen, take action, form a conclusion based on the evidence.

    It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”


  135. Sherlock Holmes

    ‘How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?’

  136. I posted this on the blog Erica & Co runs. If what I have seen is a cover for being a PI I must take my hat off to the level of detail.

    In particular forging passports,bank accounts, VAT registrations etc. I feel sure the police will be interested in that should it be true.


    We’ve had many discussions and disagreements about Richard Ingram, aka Whatthefuss. I believed he was a useful conduit between investors and Ames, in my opinion this was a good thing, even if this runs the risk of information getting back to Dave Ames.

    Then you both had many unpleasant fallouts – especially last Friday publicly on Barbados Free Press.

    We have your obsession that Richard is a Private Detective working out of Warrington, who is following and spying on you. As an investor I took note of your concerns and done some research myself. Firstly into the Richard, then his company.

    I did not want to make a fool of myself, being ‘spied on’ by someone I speak to on a regular basis. I shared this information with you and Nikki Crozier. You have now, kindly shared all the emails with several people including Richard.

    So, what exactly have I done wrong? Checked into someone who you said was a PI spying on you and getting close to me and Gareth Fatchett, in order to gain information to pass back to Dave Ames. I find the whole thing bordering on paranoia.

    I have used several people and contacts to establish the following.

    1 He has his own professional company, this is not a Private Investigators business.

    2 A valid VAT certificate and number

    3 I have seen six years of accounts, cheque book, bankcard, in the company name

    4 PI insurance but not for being a ‘PI’ and its current and for £500k

    5 A degree qualification in line with his profession

    6 It is a LLP hence no company house records exist

    7 The court affidavit was in his home address, in his name

    8 It was verified as correct by a local solicitor, proving Richard Ingham is, well Richard Ingham, living where he said.

    Now I am getting accused of playing both sides.

    I am told there is ‘evidence’ to prove all sorts of things about Richard Ingram ( The PI ) so I do my own double bluff and find out the facts.

    Please decide for yourselves. All this is not productive.

    Erica its time to stop all this, if you have proof back up your statements.
    I don’t believe Richard Ingham is a PI or has been following you. If he is and I have been duped – so be it – who would not be given the evidence I have seen.

    Meanwhile I have had some very uncomfortable discussions with Richard, as a result of the emails ‘we’ all exchanged when I was convinced you actually had something to support your rather odd allegations.

    Its time to stop.

  137. Loony tunes

    If its true I would sue Erica for damages

  138. Over stuffed taco

    Depends if it needs the skiddies removing

  139. Sherlock Holmes

    ‘I confess that I have been blind as a mole, but it is better to learn wisdom late than never to learn it at all.’

    Some people never do….. 😉

  140. 174

    It’s all Erica’s fault, everything would be fine if it wasn’t for her stirring up trouble. And that Nikki women: she’s a con artist. Also that Jon Austin guy; award winning journalist? Don’t make me laugh. And the BBC with their Panorama debacle. And that ambulance chaser Fatchett: he’s running a smear campaign against Harlequin and people need to realise he is the one damaging the interests of investors. And the FSA …and the SFO…and those Auditors…both of them etc, etc, etc

  141. Take Ames And Fire

    Good to see the Harlequin bully boys in full flow tonight. Classy lads!

  142. Take Ames And Fire

    Anonymous, what is it they call it, a perfect storm??

  143. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @getting desperate now. The joke is on you. The name is far too subtle for you. If only you knew. Lol

  144. Nutty Scutters

    Why do people listen to Erica ?

    Being fat shows no discipline. That should be enough.

    Richard – you did grass and you have reported to David Ames. Your no better.

    Mud wrestling anyone ?

  145. Barcode Magic

    Can Eric’s help me ? I am loose.

  146. icu4whtatur

    Emwt: (Harlicon Trolls): What an absolutely illiterate twat (and I do expect an appropriate response)!! Crawl back to your slime ridden habitat, The response from you and your co-habitats is predictable. but then again I get the satisfaction of annoying you by getting a response.,XXX

  147. Needs help...............

    @Paul Walton.

    Sound like anyone?

    Symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder

    People with paranoid personality disorder are generally characterized by having a long-standing pattern of pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others. A person with paranoid personality disorder will nearly always believe that other people’s motives are suspect or even malevolent. Individuals with this disorder assume that other people will exploit, harm, or deceive them, even if no evidence exists to support this expectation. While it is fairly normal for everyone to have some degree of paranoia about certain situations in their lives (such as worry about an impending set of layoffs at work), people with paranoid personality disorder take this to an extreme — it pervades virtually every professional and personal relationship they have.

    Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder are generally difficult to get along with and often have problems with close relationships. Their excessive suspiciousness and hostility may be expressed in overt argumentativeness, in recurrent complaining, or by quiet, apparently hostile aloofness. Because they are hypervigilant for potential threats, they may act in a guarded, secretive, or devious manner and appear to be “cold” and lacking in tender feelings. Although they may appear to be objective, rational, and unemotional, they more often display a labile range of affect, with hostile, stubborn, and sarcastic expressions predominating. Their combative and suspicious nature may elicit a hostile response in others, which then serves to confirm their original expectations.

    Because individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder lack trust in others, they have an excessive need to be self-sufficient and a strong sense of autonomy. They also need to have a high degree of control over those around them. They are often rigid, critical of others, and unable to collaborate, and they have great difficulty accepting criticism.

  148. EddieLizzard 2

    Once again the Harlequin rabble forget to mind their manners and remember that they are guests on this forum; they have managed to demonstrate to the world the extent of their depravity and vulgarity. One can only imagine the example these adult men set their children. Deplorable.

  149. 169

    Needs help……….I don’t know about Erica but it describes
    FDNRM to a tee

  150. 9

    and a few others…………… 😉

  151. icu4whtatur

    EL2: Completely concur with your views. To get back to the real world, I confirm (with every expectation of success) that I will recover from IFA’s (via the ombudsman ) an equitable solution to my stupidity. If I don’t, then as far as I am concerned: that’s life (which unfortunately is too short). and I will have to reduce my annual holidays accordingly. (Skegness here I come)!!

  152. Hatun

    I do not mean to be disrespect in anyway shape or form, but have ya’ll British folk given any thought to the fact that the people of Barbados have had enough of your conversation? A conservation I may add, that involves not the people of by any means. please give these few words some consideration, because ya’ll conversation is beginning to affect the collective conscience of those who frequently users of this blog.

  153. 42

    ECT – probably one of the most vile posts we have seen yet. Truly disgusting comments. Get a grip of yourself, maybe think about what your family or someone you care about would think if they were aware of the type of stuff you were posting.

  154. BBaywatch

    @Hatun this is one of the few forums on the web that permits discussion of anything relating to Harlequin Property, a combination of bullying, threat of legal action and manipulation of the lax UK law relating to libel has silenced critics. The foul language and disrespect present in so many of the posts from supporters of Harlequin Property, or those in their employ, reveals exactly what this company is all about.

    BFP should be proud of their stance in allowing free speech and drawing attention to just how cowardly and revolting those promoting Harlequin Property really are.

  155. BBaywatch

    @Hatun – this is why BFP needs to keep the spotlight on Harlequin and those associated with it –


    these people who are only interested in exploitation of the islands will do nothing but harm to Barbados.

  156. A Real Investor

    Good pionts well made.

    @Erica, any news on the proof of the PI and your convenient hacking of the blog.

  157. Steamy dirty windows

    Do you understand its just not the done thing to make unfounded allegations without proof – it just makes you look very silly indeed, even unstable.

  158. Yatinkiteasy

    If Campion is in Barbados on a work permit because of H Studio and Harlequin , and that is now over, it would be illegal for him to set up his own business and continue to live and work on the Island without a new work permit.

  159. Anon

    Well if any investor had any doubts about what they have got themselves into. The last days or so of vile and disgusting posts from Harlequin supporters/trolls dispel any doubts. A bunch of low life criminals surrounded by slimy creatures.
    Please don’t tar all of us in the UK with the same brush as this scum.

  160. Ericas Norwegian Lunch Box

    Steamy Windows – I hope your not peeping through Ericas steamy windows are you?

    Yankyourselfoff – didn’t Dave Campion marry a local lady, giving him the right to work?

  161. Yatinkiteasy

    @enlb Contrary to popular belief, marrying a Barbadian lady does not bestow immediate or automatic residency or permission to work in Barbados(same as in the UK)

  162. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @42/BBaywatch I have been called a F*****g twat, a c**t and harlequin scum. Do you have any comment to make regarding these comments? I await your reply in anticipation.

  163. Fatchett does not represent me.

    The above comments apply to Anon also. Are the above lowlife comments?

  164. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, I agree that comments like that are very unnecessary and uncalled for. Equally so are the comments that are being directed at Erica.

  165. Oh dearie me

    Well FDNRM you can dish out the insults but you can’t take it when it’s directed at you. A tad two-faced may be?

  166. Short Legs

    @Sid, I agree in principle its nasty.
    But she is looking more and like she has lost the plot. O’Hallaran link, Hacking, wild accusations, to name a few.

    What does she achieve?

  167. Richard The Thick Ingham

    Its very clear to see that the messages sent to Erica by Richard the thick were a poor attempt to sabotage the HIG and get his boyfriend Ames of the hook.
    When Erica discovered Richard the thicks devious little plan he just goes back to his insulting ways and slags her off using Multiple user names.
    This guy is one sick man! almost as sick as his fat little toad like boyfriend.

  168. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @oh dearie me. I defy to to find ANY bad language I have used on this site. Trawl throughbthevthreads and post one if you can find it. If not than be man enough to appologise!

  169. Oh dearie me


  170. Short Legs

    @Richard The Thick Ingham

    I must interject there old chap.

    It’s Erica that is putting the HIG group at risk spouting off unfounded drivel. Sean Ghent and Richard Ingram are part of it!!

    And what about the PROOF Richard Ingham is a Private Investigator?.

    Psychotic delusional narcissistic personality disorder.

  171. 169

    Well Short Legs I suppose PDNPD is a lot better than dyslexia.

  172. Beam me up Mr Spok

    I think not.
    Erica should go to the doctor, tell them what’s going on and then take much needed medical intervention.

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.

    “loss of contact with reality”. People suffering from psychosis are described as psychotic. Psychosis is the term given to the more severe forms of psychiatric disorder, during which hallucinations and/or delusions, violence and impaired insight may occur.

    Translation = fruit cake

  173. Beam me up Mr Spok


    Not if you are unwell.

    Psychosis is the term given to the more severe forms of psychiatric disorder, during which hallucinations and/or delusions, violence and impaired insight may occur.
    excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

    Then its all normal.

  174. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @oh dearie me. Do I take it that “hahaha” is an appology for an inaccurate moronic post with no substance and basis of trust. Oh dearie you.

  175. Oh dearie me

    I am laughing at you you fool not apologising.

  176. 169

    Oh dearie me at
    @Needs Help…….11:26pm final sentence of PPD was…” they are often rigid, critical of others, and unable to collaborate, and they have a
    great difficulty accepting criticism…” I think both you and I would agree
    on who fits that description (and it ain’t Erica)

  177. Beam me up Mr Spok

    @Anonymous – it fits Ames and Erica

  178. Needs help...............

    Regarding the post about Mr Ingram ‘the’ PI in Warrington, has anyone actually called them to check if they have an office in Slutchers lane? I have…………….

  179. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @oh dearie me. So you think it’s funny someone swearing at you? What a strange set of values you have. You do have values don’t you?

  180. Oh dearie me


  181. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @oh dearie me, no values, just sick.

  182. Needs help...............

    Sorry, the PI offices in Warrington, don’t exits. Its all ran from London, they simply do not have an office in Warrington….. call them.

    La La land 🙂

  183. Synchronicity

    There was a post in the name of Blue Peters Bird Cake.

    Erica then starts a thread on her own ‘blog soapbox’ referencing it back to the post on here, somewhat strange. This is followed by references to ‘someone’ looking over her fence at her bird table. No doubt a reference to the imaginary PI.

    That is not so, please find below the slang version of what was meant by it, crude yep. But it does make a point.

    Blue Peter bird cake:

    1. N. Half a coconut shell filled with a solid paste of lard and old seeds. 2. Sim. Descriptive of a right full old growler. ‘Up betimes and feeling heavy of nodgers I made my way to Mrs Fitzgibbon’s bordello on Threadneedle Street to see darling Bess. However, to my dismay I found she had done good business this day, and indeed, when I remov’d her scads did find that her cunny resembled naught but a Blue Peter bird cake. I was forced to demand back my shilling.’ (from The Diary of Samuel Pepys).

  184. Synchronicity

    Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.

  185. just asking again!

    Maybe it is time to get back to what is important. How and when will the many creditors in the Caribbean, including staff, contractors, suppliers, consultants, government departments and service providers be paid the millions of dollars still owed to them and how and when will Harlequin be able to source the US$1 billion funding required to start and complete Merricks Barbados, Marquis St Lucia, Las Canas, Two Rivers and Hideaway in the Dominican Republic bearing in mind that all the deposits taken for those resorts have allegedly been spent elsewhere?

  186. Dave - just leave- now! Go! Leave!

    @Just asking.

    Dave Ames would not be capable to raise anything with all the stat demands.

    Some people will lose big time.

    It’s work with investors or go bust, the only choices.

    But has it hit home yet Dave?.

  187. Pigs Toe

    @ Erica.

    What you going to do when this is all over?

    Maybe Dave can give you a job looking after the washing contract at Buccement Bay?

    You could use your pantaloons as a parachute 😉

  188. 174

    JAG – a very good question. Can anyone come up with considered opinions as to how this might best be achieved either by Ames or another party? Or is this simply a forum for abuse? I’d really be interested to hear from those positive towards Harlequin exactly how they feel the situation may be improved. Is it just a case of getting more funds in from completions?

  189. 230

    The Reg Legal route is the only option that looks viable, but its the old HP secrecy bit that is a problem.

    Investors running it for investors must be better than Ames? That is of course if its not terminally damaged???

    If that’s case it call in the Insolvency practitioners,no other choice.

  190. yatinkiteasy

    @Jag We will just have to see what happens..its a slow motion disaster movie….. except that it is real for a lot of people,

  191. 'Just one more wafer-thin mint for monsieur'

    @The Broughton Chipoapotamus.

    You will have the anti humor police on you for that

    The best yet 😉

    Please when you say my name do so with a french accent.

  192. 'Just one more wafer-thin mint for monsieur'

    And now for something completely different 😉

  193. Been had

    It’s all over very soon! lets all face the real facts thats Ames has done us! we have all Been had!

  194. Conned

    @Been had… I think you are right.
    That little fat runt Ames, his family and all his cronies have stitched us up good and proper!
    All monies gone, idiot if he thinks he can get finance, too much money still owed, BB and Blu both shite and not worth a bean.
    Plenty of beachside hotels for sale in Dom Rep, he should have started there, bought one, refurbished it, with established airports and market and being the most popular Caribbean island it should have been an easy choice and success.
    However… the inept little Tosser would have probably screwed it up one way or another… probably bought a submarine as an underwater restaurant, instead of getting the basics right… Dumb twat!!!
    I’m a purchaser and stand to lose over £150k…but its about time we got this over with and accept that… Harlequin is dead!
    Someone should call it… put us all out of our misery so we can concentrate on getting payback and inflicting as much pain as possible on the little fat controller, his family and his cronies (most of whom are on here… Wankers!)

  195. Erica's Trodden on Pork Pie

    I have just looked on Ericas blog last night and been forwarded some of her emails – it’s the rambling of a nutter who needs some help!

    I think there will be some clarity today, which will prove she’s suffering psychosis!

    The ramblings appear to get worse at night, does she get on the white lightening and start typing?

    Reading them she is either mad peas pissed as me nan’s mattress!

  196. Erica's Trodden on Pork Pie

    * or as

  197. UP

    Interesting, and also blindingly transparent, that anyone who raises an objection to Harlequin is subject to a rigorous onslaught of allegations intended to discredit them, Fatchett, Newman, Erica, Crozier — and on and on. FDNRM you may be a lone voice (usually) on here, and cop some abuse for it — but you do so with a large, litigious company at your back. Erica does so with nothing of the sort, and so I’m fairly clear who has my respect.

  198. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP, then why am I working for £7 an hour? You really do not have a clue do yo? Ask Erica if she makes more than £7an hour ironing?

  199. Conned

    @fdnr & @etopp and the rest of you Harlequin trolls.
    You spineless little twats! Funny how you keep picking on the one person that is giving some sort of hope, refuge and understanding to us suckers who had the misfortune to ever get involved with you bunch of thieving bastards calling yourselves Harlequin.
    Harlequin will very soon be confirmed dead and the fat little runt, his family and all you trolls & cronies will all get what you deserve!
    Have the balls to come clean, tell us who you are and if you are brave enough (….very doubtful), stand before us purchasers and then start spouting your crap!
    You’d be enjoying Prison Hospital food by the time I’ve finished with you!
    Keep up the good work Erica, don’t let these moronic little boys stop you!!!

  200. 'Just one more wafer-thin mint for monsieur'

    Explain how she is helping please?

  201. Erica's Trodden on Pork Pie

    Conned AKA Anthony;

    Your still an angry little shit aren’t you??

    If you want to know people’s identities ask the washer dobber she’s free and easy with private information and conspiracy theories!

    Why not go around see her? Have a look at her bird table, get your shreddies scraped out and maybe stick your face in those big saggy crèche feeders? May be a bit of therapy for you??

  202. Conned

    @ both moronic twats…
    first answer… you know full well… enough said!
    second answer… No, not Anthony, I’m not so little, your comments show how small and pathetic you are though… Gobshite!

  203. Erica's Trodden on Pork Pie

    Conned – you have more in common with David Ames than you think – small mans syndrome!

    Another mouthy keyboard warrior, all mouth no trousers!

  204. UP

    @FDNRM I can’t see what bearing one thing has on the other — and am genuinely confused by the £7 an hour thing; I thought that you were getting your investment return — why is the work necessary?

  205. Sherlock Holmes


    Have you got the proof yet for the PI accusation? still waitin…..

  206. Anonymous192

    Thanks BFP. The plan worked. I remember a nearly a year ago starting to post to make people aware of the Harlequin scam. The whole game plan was to stop new “investors” (victims) losing their pensions or life savings. The Ames train was still going strong then, although quite a number of us had already figured out it was a huge fraud and that sadly most people had already lost their money.
    Trolls you are too late. With no new income it’s already over.
    Now the next game is justice. Not just for Ames but all his cronies.

  207. Richard Ingham IS NOT A PI !!!!!

    The Proof about Mr Ingham.

    ——-Original Message——-

    From: Neil Taylor
    Date: 27/06/2013 09:00:39
    To: p_walton@btconnect.com
    Subject: RE: Form Submission

    You appear to have the wrong company.

    We neither have an office at that location nor an employee by that name.

    Kind Regards,

    Neil Taylor – Chief Investigator, PD Consultants UK.

    Direct Line: 07817 554510

    From: Form Submission [mailto:Form Submission]
    Sent: 26 June 2013 20:44
    To: contact@theprivatedetective.com
    Subject: Form Submission

    Form Submission

    Name: Paul Walton

    Email: p_walton@btconnect.com

    Phone: 07974736957

    Time: Anytime

    Preferred_Contact: Email

    Message: A complaint has apparently has been made to Wigan Police about a Mr R Ingham who works out of your Warrington office. I have been named as someone who can ID Richard, I have since been made aware he is NOT a PI, and we all may have been led a merry dance. So, I have a log number of 76826June2013 with the GT Manchester Police. Can you confirm if you have an office in Slutchers lane Warrington? I have also called today, but want something in email. Thanks Paul

    selectedpage: privateinvestigators-warrington.co.uk/contact-us.php

  208. You make my pigs toe itch

    Hail! to the almighty Wigan bunker, for doing errrm? what?

  209. Sid

    To work out what ETOPP? That the whole thing was a scam from the start? Very noble of you to admit it. We’re finally getting somewhere!

  210. Been had

    Etopp, aka RIchard Ingham aka the woman abuser, aka Wtf, aka , I’ve lost count!
    First of all I haven’t commented on here for a while because tossers like you ain’t worth my time, but seeing as you bought my name up I thought I’d defend myself. You are a low life scumbag and I feel sorry for any woman in your life ( which I doubt you have) you are the typical abuser who gets kicks out of slagging off women. You have been outed and your details have been splashed across the Webb.
    By the way I’m 5’11 14 stone ex boxer,, so less of the ‘little shit’.
    You complete and utter loser!

  211. Been flab

    @Been flab

    What are you defending yourself about? Some looked at your bird table 😉

  212. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Conned, “tell us who you are” and you identify yourself as? Conned. Very open. Now as far as your heroine Erica, the innocent face of the righteousness, is concerned, ask her how she got the picture of the white Audi? Now that will take some explaining.
    @UP, simple answer, I cannot live on that money alone. When I invested in HP I was in a well paid career position. That has gone along with the very adequate salary.

  213. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ been had, 5′ 11 ex boxer, believe me mate you would look like a midget. I wouldn’t throw any challenges out. It would not be good.

  214. Been had

    Hahaha! Ingham, you are one angry little pervert, has Dave got you and fdnrm working overtime? is that part of your special deal you have? you seem like you need a brake, its that personallity disorder again.

  215. Been had

    I told you before and I’ll tell you again…! You are not worth the shit on my shoe!

  216. Anonymous208

    Now now Been Had. What have I told you about playing with the trolls. You know what will happen next. They will all start braying like donkeys and spewing some filth about some woman that apparently upset somebody.
    That’s it’s little boys bring on the voice of reason. Haha

  217. Been had

    Dickie the Dick head Ingham listen here, I am not on the payroll like you so I’m not on here 24 hours a day using multiple usernames. we know who you are, you are fooling no one. There are only 2 nob ends that defend Ames and its you and the other waste of space Fdnrm.

  218. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @conned, any answer regarding the white Audi?

  219. Conned

    @etopp… Erection Trying On P#nis Pump…??????
    I have nothing in common with Ames, the little w@nker.
    And no, I’m not Steph. I am a thoroughly pi$$ed off purchaser who realises that the scam that was Harlequin is DEAD. I have lost a lot of money due to that little c^nt Ames, his family and his cronies, most of whom are on here being big and brave behind false ID’s… Just like you!
    @fdnrm… Not that it’s important, but my name is Joe Cerroni.
    5’11” ex boxer eh… Chicken sh#t!
    Now lets see if you and how many other of Dave’s bum chums and trolls man up and name themselves. (Think we are going to be waiting a long time)
    Trust me… you don’t want to take me on… but you are most welcome to give it a go… I could do with some exercise. 🙂
    Now go crawl back under your rock with the rest of your invertebrate trolls… and leave the woman alone… @sswipes all of you!

  220. Conned

    @Erection Trying On P#nis Pump…

    Typical response from a moronic, low life, coward!

    Man up… Or haven’t you got the balls…? Didn’t think so.

    You are not worth my time!

    @ Anonymous… Glad to have you aboard! 🙂

  221. Conned

    @Erection Trying On P#nis Pump…

    Oh you big brave boy… There is nothing phoney about me… pot and kettle methinks..
    Tell you what I’m going to do… Something you can’t… I’m going to take my woman out for a bite to eat, treat her right and have a great night. 🙂
    You cant do that because you have to troll on here as a coward… throw insults and stupid comments about… pick on a woman who is doing the right thing… and, oh I almost forgot… give Ames a good bumming in the meantime!
    Sad twat!!

  222. Been had

    Dickhead Ingham, I don’t challenge Low lives like you for a fight its no contest!.. i wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire…..as i said earlier !!…shit on shoe.

  223. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @been had/joe cerroni, well if that’s not using dual ids I don’t know what is. Nob end and waste of space, quite restrained really.

  224. Anonymous

    WTF —–Please Promise !!!

  225. Sid

    One thing I will say is that online harassment is a big deal these days and not treated lightly by the police. If they are looking at this blog it could definitely keep them busy.

  226. 169

    @Sid I am anon7:52 I hope they are looking. The vile, filth that
    has been posted here in the past several days (by both sides) is
    pathetic and discusting. Why do people think they are clever when
    they have reached the absolute zero of cleverness is beyond me.

  227. 169

    should be disgusting

  228. Kroll

    I imagine not only the police but also the SFO will be actively monitoring this blog. The extreme manner in which opponents of the company (Erica, Crozier et al) are attacked, bullied and humiliated is certainly something which can be clearly observed and no doubt attempts will be made to scrutinise any links between those actively engaged in this behaviour and the company itself. This is after all, not the way that normal company’s respond to reasonable criticism and is suggestive of something altogether more sinister.

  229. Sid

    The disappointing thing is that most people seem to be pretty smart and articulate. It’s a shame there’s such a lack of class on here.

  230. Sid

    Good point Kroll. What I don’t understand is why so called HP supporters are as cutting and crude as they are. Is this really under the guidance of Ames? If it is he’s not doing himself any favours as it is just adding more fuel to his already raging fire and reinforces the opinion many people already have of HP. If I was Ames I would be much more amenable just to improve PR. Doing the extreme opposite really isn’t going to do anything for him. If he isn’t connected he should come out and public distance himself from the whole thing.

  231. If your not for us, you agin

    No one cares apart from the few people named in this. Everyone else is more bothered about what is happening with Harlequin.

    Have a look on Erica’s forum. Hardly any posters at all who are outside 6 usernames.

    Same on here.

  232. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Kroll/Sid, I think you will find it is ANTI HP posters who used the expressions, F*****g twat, C**t, Harlequin scum. Care to comment on those expressions? Or are you just one eyed?

  233. UP

    Quite right FDNRM, in the midst of this entire debacle and the unbelievably high stakes, that is the salient issue — lucky you’ve repeated it ad nauseam or it could easily have been sidelined as massively irrelevant against the far larger backdrop.

  234. Ren

    @WTF said ” the blog is being recorded by the police and investigated”

    Is this the same police that have been investigating HP for several years now? The police from the same country that seems hamstrung by it’s own legal system and is powerless to act at thousands of people are scammed out of their life savings?

    Your statment may be true, but is as scary as a 15 year old toothless chiwawa with a gammy leg.

  235. Stimpy

    Ah…….Ren, it’s spelt Chihuahua

  236. Ren

    Stimpy! You Eeeeeeeeediot! Don’t correct me in public!

  237. Stimpy

    Sorry Ren. It’ll never happen again.

  238. 80

    Ren and UP, fair comments. The issue is that thousands of Brits have obviously been scammed. They paid money for properties that have not been started even, and don’t have planning permission. In the meantime, harlequin boss Dave Ames has enriched himself and his family, as have ifa’s who misrepresented the products. Brits are left homeless and broke, and uk authorities are not acting. Given that this fraud was highlighted several years ago, one would hope for action by now, as harlequin is just the walking dead, scrapping around to se what more it can take before finally collapsing.

  239. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP you may think offensive language is ok, but I find it unnecessary. I suggest you read you post in the context of the posts I was replying to.

  240. An Investor

    Has no one anything constructive to say on this matter ?

  241. Anonymous

    Aaawww fdnrm. Staying consistent I see. Quack quack

  242. Kroll

    Yes, it is strange that any company could have such shocking PR, especially given the huge sums spent on professional expertise in other areas, not least legal representation.
    I suppose we must place it in the overall context of the complete and abject mismanagement that has plagued the company from the outset.
    Ironically the company’s one area of unquestionable success: sales and marketing, has been the primary reason for the extent of debacle we are now faced with. Once the sales juggernaut had left the station there was neither the skill, the experience nor the general wherewithal for any of the other essential areas of the business to catch up.

  243. Sid

    @FDNRM, I agree with you that you didn’t deserve the abuse you have received in the past and I have said so previously. However, I’m surprised that given your disdain for abusive language on the forum, why you have never commented on the abuse Erica has suffered. Or are you just one-eyed?

  244. A fresh boiled egg up the bottom

    ‘Take my woman out’ what by clubbing her on the head and dragging your woman as you put it by the hair!

    Oooh so masculine 😉 got me all moist

  245. Don't you dare look at my bird table!

    What will the SFO and Police gain from this blog other than people insulting each other online? You don’t like it don’t log on.

    They have far more serious matters to attend to, someone has reported having there bird table looked at.

  246. UP

    Also, FDNRM it wasn’t directed at you, so much as an identity you’ve constructed (an identity, incidentally based on taking a negative position against another individual). The abuse aimed at Erica is much more personal — and maliciously so.

  247. A fresh boiled egg up the bottom

    Surly you mean Porridge Pistol 😉

  248. The truth is out there, Scully

    Preferred_Contact: Email
    Message: A complaint has apparently has been made to Wigan Police about a Mr R Ingham who works out of your Warrington office. I have been named as someone who can ID Richard, I have since been made aware he is NOT a PI, and we all may have been led a merry dance. So, I have a log number of 76826June2013 with the GT Manchester Police. Can you confirm if you have an office in Slutchers lane Warrington? I have also called today, but want something in email.
    selectedpage: privateinvestigators-warrington.co.uk/contact-us.php

    You appear to have the wrong company.
    We neither have an office at that location nor an employee by that name.

    Kind Regards,

    Neil Taylor – Chief Investigator, PD Consultants UK.
    Direct Line: 07817 554510

    From: Form Submission [mailto:Form Submission]
    Sent: 26 June 2013 20:44
    To: contact@theprivatedetective.com
    Subject: Form Submission

  249. Frank Cannon (PI) That's Private Investigator!

    Hi Guys ‘n’ Gals, Frank Cannon here 😉 been away eatin’ doughnuts

    Let’s just sum this up, cos I gotten fed up with it….. really fed up.

    That nasty WTF guy and Erica ‘the blog’ Broughton had a public tiff for all to see – fact……

    Lot’s of posts being very nasty from many many people, too many to comprehend – fact

    WTK aka Richard Ingham was the ‘outed’ as you Brits say, as a ‘PI’ a gum shoe working under cover for dastardly Dave.

    Seemingly working from a PI office in Warrington, he had a made up name, made up ID, made up cover job, and so it goes on and on and on and on……and on….. and on…..

    He was accused of following Erica, spying on her, looking over her fence at some bird table…….. all this was reported apparently to the police and SFO, and rightly so.

    A crime reference has been posted on the ‘Erica Blog’ all very exiting stuff. Not sure what the ‘crime’ has been reported…all in good time…….

    The PROOF was going to be posted to back up these most horrible and most serious allegations……

    But, Guys ‘n’ Girls, its not based on fact, its just,……. well wrong!

    Time to move on to the real problem – Harlequin.and your investment??


    Kiss and make up but no tongues 😉 or this will keen going on and on trying to prove something that is not real!!!!

    Bye Guy ‘n’ Girls,


  250. Frank Cannon (PI) That's Private Investigator!

    To lighten the mood

  251. A Real Investor

    Looks like they need to stop all this crap say they both got it wrong and move on.

    A silly side show,

    Erica needs say she was wrong about the PI rubbish

    WTF to say sorry for the nasty ( but amusing at time posts) 😉

  252. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @sid, I only comment on the abuse I have suffered/endured. I referr back to this when posters talk about Erica’s abuse. I have never abused Erica, questioned her motives, yes. Now the question for Erica is ” who does the white Audi belong to” she will know the relevance to that question.

  253. Yatinkiteasy

    Seems everyone has drifted (perhaps purposely) from the subject of this thread….” What is happening with Harlequin and David Ames?”
    Very clever on the part of Harlequin supporters , weather paid or unpaid .
    It will not stop the outcome of this fiasco, but the sideshow and insults, threats and counter threats displayed here is all irrelevant and meaningless to the subject.

  254. I have been banned from the Harlequin investor blog, how strange.

  255. @whatsthefuss.

    I did post the details on Erica’s blog, prior to being banned from it today, that covered your situation, with the facts as I know them.

    I have been in contact with the police yes, twice, it may not be prudent to discuss this on a blog.

    Too much time has been spent chasing ghosts, I have no more to say on the matter – leave it to the police – that’s what they do best.

  256. 135

    Lets now drop this. Point made.

    When will the Shipley’s report be due out? its today / tomorrow? That will give a pretty good picture of what we are into.

    No one knows if an investor led take over will work or HP will be forced into liquidation- until we have facts.

    The recent course of events show what can happen when people go off half cocked, does it not?

  257. BBaywatch

    WhatsTheFuss – karmic consequences? You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh!

  258. 22

    Yes they both looked silly

  259. Needs help...............

    Does this sound like anyone?

    A paranoid delusion is the fixed, false belief that one is being harmed or persecuted by a particular person or group of people. Paranoid delusions are known technically as a “persecutory delusion.”

    It involves the person’s belief that he or she is being conspired against, cheated, spied on, followed, poisoned or drugged, maliciously maligned, harassed, or obstructed in the pursuit of long-term goals.

    Small slights may be exaggerated and become the focus of a delusional system with a person suffers from a paranoid delusion.

    The focus of the delusion is often on some injustice that must be remedied by legal action. The affected person may engage in repeated attempts to obtain satisfaction by appeal to the courts and other government agencies.

    Individuals with paranoid delusions are often resentful and angry,

  260. WhatsTheFuss

    I’m not bothered about it to be honest I think Erica looks stupid and I think all you supporters who have believed her over me look moronic!

    She fooled you all!

  261. EddieLizzard2

    Ah! WTF the bully bullied…
    Maybe you now have an inkling of what the employees, contractors and others on the islands have gone through at the hands of Harlequin. While you’ve been indulging yourself using obscene language and perverted imagery on here, poor people on some of the most impoverished islands in the Caribbean are suffering because of the greed and stupidity of people like you.

  262. sportingman

    For some reason I have been banned from Ericas forum, no reason, not even the courticy of an e-mail. with an explanation or prior warning.
    Thank you Erica for your paranoia and surrounding yourself with your friends.

  263. EddieLizzard2

    WTF That does NOT excuse your filthy mouth.

  264. EddieLizzard2

    And if Dave Ames had given Erica and her husband their money back (as he was contractually obliged to do) and had not tried to shut them up with a gagging order via Carter Ruck then this story would have had a very different outcome. Just look at the mess it’s made.

  265. 174

    I wouldn’t say that “most people were gushing at what a good job Erica was doing”. However I think that most right minded people would have been uncomfortable with the extremely disgusting personal abuse she has been receiving on this blog. Most normal people would not condone that level of vulgarity, particularly when directed towards a woman and her daughter however much one might disagree with their position.

  266. EddieLizzard2

    Good God he’s a father? What a role model [not].

  267. Leaky Leaky mole in the WIGAN BUNKER

    I have a problem with Erica Broughton; she is a spiteful control freak, lies, then try’s to cover up her mistakes.

    When she gets it woefully wrong, won’t have the balls to admit it.

    For example:

    1. Contact with Newman and O’ Hallaran to dig the dirt on Ames, now, did they not apparently steal from investors?
    2 Trying blame a hacker on her site, when Crozier cocked up.
    3. Blames WTF, in private messages to the court, to drop him in it with Ames.
    4. Deleted all Croziers posts, or was it the hacker 😉
    5. Banned WTF ( he was a trifle rude admittedly) 🙂
    6. Banned Paul Walton? because he said she was wrong about the PI and proved it?
    7.Banned FDNRM – why he behaved?
    8. Selectively posts PRIVATE messages on her blog from WTH after she banned him – to make him look bad to Ames, who she says is his Chum.
    9. Phones the police and almost incites a lynch mob on WTF, all based on some paranoid delusion ( thanks for that excellent post ‘Needs Help’)
    10. Now she won’t admit she totally got it wrong and have removed the silly statement from the blog!!

    Maybe that’s why you were banned!!

    So, its all OK WTF, you have been dragged into a court case vilified, reported to god knows who? Police and the SFO, ripped to bits on here and Erica’s blog, your name sullied all because of some crazy woman who thinks you have a bird table fetish.

    And this woman is doing to help investors with their emotional support and fix this Harlequin mess?

    She would stuff the investors if it got what she wanted, revenge on Ames that’s all this is about.

    She is a sick demented dangerous woman, its sad its made her this way.

  268. My special little deal with Ames


    It pains me to say it, sorry.

    That’s just wrong and so was I

  269. Mole on the birdtable

    @ The Wigan bunker, how will you find your leak? And why have your members dropped by around 70 over the last day or two?

  270. The £86m question


    We are in receipt of a copy of the Administrators Report for Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited. We will be sending a copy to investors on this site on Monday morning.

    We are going to undertake a more detailed analysis early next week. For now, we will give you the broad brush headlines.
    •Creditors Meeting – 12th July 2013 @ 11am – Earls Court
    •Total amount of monies held at bank on the day of administration – £1,195.04.
    •Biggest trade creditor – Tailormade Alternative Investments – £484,543.52.
    •Total monies owed to HMSSE from related parties £86,341,302.41

    The monies owed column is where investors need to focus. All the Resort Development Companies and Trading Companies owe money to HMSSE.

    This means that HMSSE is entitled to ask for the £86,341,302.41 to be repaid. This sum is huge and if the joint administrators seek repayment then it is our view that it could not be repaid. This action would surely lead to the liquidation of the overseas companies.

    The solution to this problem is twofold.

    1. There needs to be an agreement between (1) investors (2) the administrators of Shipleys and (3) the overseas companies for repayment of the intercompany positions.

    2. The investors who hold statutory demands, expired contracts or basic misrepresentation claims against the Caribbean companies are the ones which need to be settled with.

    The Joint Administrators are unlikely to permit an agreement with the Caribbean companies in relation to the £86,341,302.41, if a short period after, one or all of the companies become insolvent due to investor claims.


    The joint administrators cannot be in limbo forever. They will either need to approve a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) or place HMSSE into liquidation. Everything therefore depends on the ability of the directors of HMSSE and the Caribbean companies (the Ames’s) to persuade the joint administrators that there is any prospect of repayment. This has to encompass the investors as they represent the “clear and present” danger to any CVA.

    Therefore, if a deal is to be done it will need to be done before we all turn up at Earls Court on the 12th July 2013.

    It goes without saying that the Administrators Report will be unpleasant reading for investors. However, the practicality is that to save collapse, the parties will need to work together.

    It goes without saying that no 3rd party financier will lend to the overseas companies if they own £86m cumulatively. Therefore, the “only show in town” is the investors.

    We can assure you negotiations continue behind the scenes and further updates will come from both us and HIG.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  271. Tailorfade

    Very good of Tailormade to volunteer nearly £500k of commission.

    How will they survive now ?

    Selling Green Oil ? – no, that went bust as well.

    Frank Cannon – have Tailormade ever sold anything that has worked for investors ? Please investigate.

  272. Frank Cannon (PI) That's Private Investigator!

    Jeez Guys ‘n’ Gals I was just tucking into my meatloaf and doughnuts, then off to Hooters 😉

    Don’t know much other than:

    Alistair Burns drives a Aston Martin, lives in Cheshire ( where else) and has a special number plate on it…..

    ‘Taylor not paid’, have a couple of new large offices off the M6 near Warrington, I believe they own them.

    The did some property deals in Cyprus and that was a HUGE cock up, details to follow. That ran into millions……

    They have been give a beach front villa in BB ….. but bet they don’t have title 😉

    What if that was your villa….. I must investigate that….. could there possible be an instance whereby a villa has been sold twice……surly not that would be dishonest – …oh no lets not think that.

    I don’t think they will survive what are they selling?

    The hardly have the King Midas touch, more like King Midas in reverse every thing they touch turn to shit!

  273. Synchronicity

    Oh Shit!

    Don’t need to be a accountant to know that the Caribbean arm can not pay back £86 million.

    Its party over guys unless the HIG group actually pull something off, but it appears Ameless has not exactly got the trust of investors has he?

    I wish I never read it…….

  274. Over stuffed taco with brown sauce

    Its worse than I could ever imagine, I don’t think even Erica’s blog can sort this terrible mess out.

  275. Loyalist Marcher


    Erica – they’ll come up with something. Probably accuse WTF of being a PI again. Or may they’ll ban everyone.

    The meeting on the 12th July 2013 should be fun.

    No surrender etc

  276. Statutory Remand


    I feel we should turn up with placards.

    We could hire a bus from Wigan via Sluchers Lane, stopping at York, Birmingham and Basildon.

    Little cramped with the Teletubbies, but unless they are “gassy”, it shouldn’t end too bad.

    Who will Dave blame this time ?

    “The Caribbean companies are real tossers. They ripped us right off”

    “but you own and control those companies Dave”

    “Yes, but they have special powers controlled by Jeremy Newman.”

    Fair enough

  277. Grimpet

    Sluchers Lane has a knocking shop.


  278. The Slucher

    The verb to “sluche” is a French verb for walking slowly in a shuffling type of way.

    Therefore, it is quite apt that a “slucher” is someone who practises that art. Therefore, we are looking for an ambler. An ambler could amble by choice or by necessity.

    I am not sure whether we have the right person. I have traced the IP address of “Salsa Lady” back to the Wigan bunker.

    What gave it away was the “salsa” reference. Obviously, a reference to food. Well that’s enough evidence for me.

    Its like a an apartheid court in Wigan. Guilty, guilty, guilty !

  279. A fresh boiled egg up the bottom

    @ Statutory Remand Center

    Was the £86 million?

    Steve Austin only cost $6million, so does that make Dave Ames the £86 million £ man?

    He could have made himself a bit taller!

  280. Synchronicity

    ‘@the Slucher.

    Wrong wrong wrong… it was the use of two random words, Fence and Bird (table)

    I immediately picked up a glaring obvious link. 😉

    ‘Fence’ and ‘Bird’ are words crims use.

    Then it all fell into place how could I have been so stupid, some one said on the blog Richard Ingham was in Jail – so it must me true.

    So, it was him looking over the FENCE at the BIRD table.

    I sentence him to forty gashes 😉

  281. Jesse 'Broughton' Ventura

    I know now without any doubt Dave Ames is a member of the Billderberg society, it explains everything……… I am going to the Police right away.

  282. andrew shipley

    theres a couple of dodgy crime numbers kicking about take yr pick . it will save the juice and lets face it yo is ass f….d my babies by the performing midget

  283. anonymous145

    the £86 million is presumably loans to the “caribbean” companies for building, running, purchases , etc. what would happen if “shipleys” pursue repayment of this debt. because of the lack of accounts in the overseas companies it is impossible to ascertain their financial position but one would assume it is not strong (otherwise why the need for capital injection via loans from HMSSE and why no further building??). if the overseas companies are liquidated in order to repay HMSSE and any other creditors according to the insolvency laws in each country WOULD it be possible for Ames and family to use their own personal monies to buy the “caribbean assets” at presumably a “fire sale” value. what would the implications be for investors as their “contracts” are now with a “defunct” company. PLUS HMSSE will be repaid from the overseas “liquidation proceeds” albeit in line with the insolvency/liquidation laws within each company. worst case scenario if this is viable is truly staggering…

    on a more personal note i have been checking this and other forums and would say that there have been postings that are simply “wrong”. both sides pro/anti have been at fault and it is time that “genuine” investors try and resolve their differences and unite to try a seek the best way forward ( genuine investors can to a certain degree be forgiven as they must be under the most incredible stress at present given the risk to their homes/family/retirement plans). what CANNOT be forgiven is those that purely come on here to try and get discussions disrupted , constantly spout abuse and vile obscenities with the sole aim of hurting others and/or getting the websites closed down. rant over

  284. 174

    Any news on the Irish court case?

  285. Words don't come easy to me

    £86m is a fair wedge.

    Best bit is the investors are sleepwalking to lose it all. Dave must be overjoyed.

  286. The Bajan Banana

    Irish case – The people claiming at the companies who owe £86m !

    Money will not go to investor. No siree !

  287. andrew shipley

    From the previous postings walton, wtf and erica have all got crime numbers , so perm any one from three and take your pick 1 three idiots who think plod can understand the complexities of this !!.
    Ames has screwed everyone over . 86 million quid is gone , but where i hear you ask , there on the stairs right there a little man with a cob on well i declare going clip clipperty clop opps hes not there …………….
    his exit strategy was planned years ago and if you hadnt all been so busy fucking each other over you might just might have salvaged something .
    The purchasers have lost . Ames has won , mind you the competition wasnt all that ! so we dont have money but hell guys we did have a laugh

  288. andrew shipley

    wtf – no just retarded cos i invested in harlequin …………………..i cant write , cant spell so i was a fucking perfect victim sorry investor

  289. Poor spelling

    @andrew shipley
    Oh dear me; you are beyond help, you need primary school teaching.

  290. Pigs Toe

    @Words don’t come easy to me.

    Its their own bloody fault; Its called

    Munchausen by Erica proxy syndrome for adult investors

  291. St George's Dragon

    86 million owed by the resort companies! Surely the administrators have to pull the plug on them.
    So much for Mr Ames’ assurances when he put HMSSE into administration that the investors were safe because their contracts were with the resort companies.

  292. Leaky Leaky mole in the WIGAN BUNKER


    Seems like Mein Fuhrer Erica has lost another quality moderator Janey; she made the fatal mistake of possibly not capitulating with the cult like following of the two fatty fatty pie eaters. 😉

    Janey, seems to have objected to the banning of people who dared to cross the almighty administrators – well done for sticking to your principles. Truth free speech etc.

    You may me next to be unceremoniously dispatched!
    You are more than welcome here 😉

    We even talk to that evil imaginary PI Richard Ingam 😉

  293. 80

    Ames will hide in Australia or Thailand. Svg would be too dangerous.

  294. BBaywatch

    As expected, the rising tide of filth from the Basildon sewer presaged bad news. The only surprise was that it was no surprise at all, while WTF, 36 and others have been playing their infantile games they have obviously not been paying attention or they would have seen that Mark Sawkins had confirmed that BB was being subsidised at $1m a month – now where was that money coming from? Out of your pockets you simpletons! And that’s only the start – where did the rest of the £300-400m go?

    If the contributions of investors on this forum are anything to go by there is no evidence that any of them are anywhere near competent to take any part in a ‘rescue’ plan – do any of you even know what it is you are trying to rescue?

    The only significant tangible asset is located in a politically volatile country where the leader and administration have been disposed to look favourably on Ames and Harlequin – what does that tell you?

    Greed led the majority of the investors into this mess and now they expect the British taxpayer to pay for investigations to bail them out? – parasites the lot of you.

    You bought it – you own it, and don’t come on here whining and expecting any kind of sympathy.

  295. EddieLizzard2

    How much of investors’ money did Ames spend in shutting down all debate in the media (internet, TV and newspapers) about Harlequin? Carter Ruck didn’t come cheap. Barbados Free Press is one of the few places left where one can discuss Harlequin and most of the posters on here continue to abuse it with a smear campaign and disgusting profanities. What Erica does with her forum is beside the point.

    I sincerely hope that BFP does not pull the thread or censor your posts so that all the world can see you for what you are. Uncouth, vile, homophobic, anti- Semitic, misogynist cowards who hide behind the anonymity that this forum affords you.

    Meanwhile you have a problem – where’s your money gone?

  296. Sanjat

    In summary:
    – They are the biggest employer in SVG island, that’s why nobody does anything.
    The other Resort in St Lucia is a disgrace, the rest will never be built.
    – They get away with anything because the authority can’t just arrest them, he is smart and goes by his lawyers book.
    – They owe money to the entire Caribbean, USA, UK and perhaps North Pole but nobody has balls to just do something.
    – The guy has already put aside and when he had enough he’ll disappear.
    – Shame for all 5000 investors (including me) but f… sake how could we invest in something done by “Harlequin Hotels and Resorts or Harlequin Properties etc. Who are they? What have they accomplished previously? Nothing is the answer.

  297. My view for what its worth on the £86 million loan and the investor ‘rescue’

    If Shipley’s call in the ‘loan’ that means only one thing it’s over, liquidation.

    Whatever assets are left after the insolvency practitioners take their cut will be minimal, it will take a long time to conclude.

    The IP’s will be fighting to get that job….. imagine the fees.

    I think we can all agree on that?

    If the HIG & Reg legal get to look at the books and can come up with some viable solution (assuming there is one) is that not a better option for investors, creditors and employees at Buccament Bay?

    If it can’t be rescued back to plan A,

    One problem I can see is a tiny fraction of investors that would see any plan collapse or not support it for the greater good, if it left Dave Ames head attached to his body!

    To me its simple , better to have a go that smash it to bits out of vengeance and hate.

    This all I have to say on it.


  298. A Real Investor


    What wrong with you today? I usually think your posts have credibility. Now you sound just like an intelligent Erica.

  299. BBaywatch

    But Paul, what is a viable solution and what are you trying to rescue? Is there expertise within HIG or via RL who know anything about or have any kind of track record in this type of business?

    I’m not being combative for the sake of it, these are serious questions and I’ve yet to see any answers that give any kind of credibility to a rescue plan. Of course, not being an investor, there may well be information that I am not party to, but if there is isn’t it time to make it public? A rescued BB and Blu (there won’t be anything else will there?) needs partners with confidence in the future and I see nothing that would encourage any other companies to go anywhere near HP in any future form.

  300. BBaywatch

    @A Real Investor
    Investors in Harlequin Property were buying into a business model which intentionally kept as much money from the islands as possible, including tax revenue which is sorely needed, and I bet if this had worked, that where possible, the majority of them would have avoided paying any tax in the UK as well. It was exploitation pure and simple – or call it greed it you want to be blunt. Now it has gone wrong the UK taxpayer is having to fund the investigation into sorting the mess out. I object to my taxes being spent in that way – get it?

  301. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, “infantile?” how about coming up with a few ideas rather just the continual “I told you so” claptrack? You post the same things over and over and over again. Filling up this blog with the same crap. Anything new to say? I guess not.

  302. BBaywatch

    @36 next time you serve a customer don’t forget it’s “do you want fries with that SIR?” – don’t want to lose another crap job do you?

  303. Leaky Leaky mole in the WIGAN BUNKER

    Very little activity to report from the podgy pie eaters.

    Maybe, they will have to ban all the people using a proxy server; what if people are on there with multiple ID’s ? I’m not just referring to the corpulent couple……..

  304. Poor spelling

    Any plan that that give hope is surly better than throwing in the towel?
    if its fails what’s lost?

    Choice 1 give up
    Choice 2 make it work

  305. Don't want to say who I am ..........

    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. The same thing applies to deleting posts when you have been proved wrong about blaming a gentleman for being a private investigator.

  306. Kroll

    As BB rightly asks: What sort of viable solution is envisaged?

    The reality is that the money has been squandered and the only tangibles are a partially built, loss making resort in a questionable location, a third rate hotel and a few scraps of land. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    The only end game is an asset sale and a distribution to creditors; the only question therefore is how the process should best be managed to gain maximum return. If this is via an investor group rather than an IP then I wish those involved the best of luck although the I would not be expecting too much. Personally I can’t help thinking that the minimal return after IP liquidation would have been less minimal had they been called in a long time ago instead of allowing Dave more time to run around tilting at windmills and burning more money.

  307. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, oh dear, oh dear, drawn you into the petty insults LOL. You fall for it every time. What happened to “I’m going to ignor you?” So stupid you keep referring back to 36. Ignorant journalistic twat.

  308. Empty desk in Harlequin ghost office


    Your a little to set in your thought process to think outside the box, ditto BBwatch.

    You just want it to fail so you can say told you so.

  309. BBaywatch

    @36 – just demonstrated how easy it is to make gratuitously offensive remarks, any fool can do that – however I’ve yet to see anyone make any kind of sensible suggestion for the ‘rescue’ that you all keep talking (and doing nothing) about – that takes brains and intelligence. “Thinking outside the box” – puhleeze – if all you can come up with is 80’s corporate speak you are not going to get very far.

    I’m not a journalist BTW, although I do have business interests in the media, but then I also have business interests in hotels and hospitality and I can assure you all that any mention of Harlequin Property in those circles has been met with ridicule for some years now.

    You’ve all had your silly fun being rude to each other, but if you want to be taken seriously it’s about time to put some credible grown up proposals forward – personally, like Kroll, I think that it’s far too late – but that’s just my opinion.

  310. Kroll

    Well they do say that history repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce. I wonder who will be cast in the role of Louis Bonaparte to Dave’s Napolean.

  311. Empty desk in Harlequin ghost office

    Well we all can’t be so successful as you are can we, you big cleaver mover and shaker of the global economy

    I’m deeply impressed by your (made up) CV.

  312. Leaky Leaky mole in the WIGAN BUNKER

    Erica’s blog will save us, so don’t worry.

  313. 169

    The plains of ambition are bleached white
    With the bones of those who tried
    And having tried failed………but at least they tried

    There have to be some young lawyers in both SVG and BGI
    who see this unfortunate debacle as an opportunity to seize
    political advantage away from the moribund machines that
    govern their island nations. The current them vs us power structure
    accomplishes nothing. Like this blog all effort is exerted against
    the other side with no consequent betterment of the community.
    Forget the old entrenched farts. Seize the imigination of those
    who want progress. Just do it!

  314. 100

    From a developer’s vantage point, I am afraid to say that Kroll and BBaywatch make valid points and Kroll’s earlier post is probably spot on, given the complex nature of having thousands of investors/purchasers and the obvious impossibility to get them all to agree to new contracts, call off stat demands and other legal processes going on. Based on the nature of personal arguments that are taking place already, smooth resolution among investors will not happen. So, liquidation is the likely way that investors will get anything back. BB in its current form may not be worth rescuing, so it needs to change. The first plan that investors should be looking to see put in place (if they want to avoid liquidation, and even if they do so as to increase value) is turning around BB into a viable business, otherwise it will remain a cash sucking asset of little value. Whoever takes over this asset will have to plan this change first and foremost. Blu is an easier asset to get on top of and manage effectively. Investors need to understand what the running costs are at BB, what breakeven is, whether break even is possible/likely, and if not then reduce the operating costs (close off some of the units, run a smaller place, don’t incur costs that are not absolutely necessary, like footballers and west end performers), change the nature of the resort in terms of who it is looking to cater to, understand where the market is coming from, who is the target, how do they get there – essentially, build the business model and plan from scratch, if indeed there is not one already in place. If the resort is making money and we are mistaken, investors should have access to the resort’s books and financial reports. It is true that in the Caribbean hotel circles, Harlequin have been ridiculed since day 1, not out of mailce at all because (the right) development is encouraged, but because it had no serious foundations as a business model, it was flawed from the outset, the idea of a 1500 room resort in SVG was absurd, the other locations were bizarre, plans kept changing, and it was hard to see so many purchasers get on board a ship that always had to sink. Mr Ames also is not an impressive resort developer/operator, and it is obvious upon meeting him that he has no knowledge or experience of the business he was involved with. His business was selling and commissions, the small matter of building and operating what was sold was seemingly not on his radar. However, that of course does not help you going forward, and if you can raise 50m in selling the assets for what is allegedly over 10 cents in the dollar back, then I would accept that and move on. I acknowledge my comments are based on limited knowledge of the Harlequin position of course, but extensive knowledge of resort development, operation and receivership/liquidation situations. I check into this forum from time to time as it is hoped investors get some sort of resolution/closure to this sooner rather than later and that the spectre of Harlequin leaves the islands soon as it has just been a train crash waiting to happen and now it is happening, it is best for all for it to just be over.

  315. In the S**T

    Still better to try than just give up? or maybe that’s just wishful thinking and we are up the creak with no paddle.

    Its not the best weekend I have had.

  316. We will fight them on the beaches!!!!!!

    What a pity Taylormade are owed £500k that would explain while they are just about hanging on, selling farm land and gold, what a bunch of wan***ks.

    What goes around comes around 😉

    There is a God after all

  317. The anti investor action group

    The ‘Wigan Wobblies’ are not too bright, nor well behaved in public.

    This was demonstrated during the last meeting in Warrington, when I assume it was ‘Erica’ who insisted on interrupting Ames, again and again.

    Mr. Broughton needed to be restrained by security….. saying something like ‘I will kill him’

    This is just sort of behavior that will damage any possibility of working together on a solution.

    Disruptive, negative, unsettling.

    And this woman is the investors savior!!!!!!!!

  318. TS

    I have been disgusted by the behaviour of Erica Broughton and I worry that her forum has been a diary of a breakdown. I say that with no disrespect for mental health issues.

    Any reasonable person wants a resolution to suit everyone but she only wants to make wild accusations, get in the media and destroy Harlequin. I joined the forum with interest to see what would be discussed as a way forward for investors but it was all name calling, publishing personal details of anyone she disliked, stupid ideas for joke music videos insulting Harlequin and promoting that Crozier person. What a pathetic ego project.

  319. Beggars Belief

    The summary of the administrators report is interesting. Taking it at face value we are told that the various resort development companies owe HMSSE £86.3m.

    Given that the chief purpose of HMSSE was to act as a conduit for purchaser monies from the UK to the Caribbean how can the related companies owe so much money back to the UK?

    Ames himself said that, apart from the commission paid (or not in the case of TailorMade) to agents, they haven’t taken a penny and all the money has been sent to the development companies.

    So, if these companies owe so much of purchasers’ money back to the UK shouldn’t we be asking why?

  320. Take Ames And Fire

    Mr Ames stated at the investors meetings that Buccament Bay was making a profit. It appears not. Another porky pie David?? Why hang around any longer. WTF, FDNRM- Still in contact with your old mate? What are his thoughts on the latest developments?

  321. A pity..... huge pity

    Sad but true.

    Lets not forget the stupid pictures of Ames in various prison clothing. I have no time for Ames period – but she just loves the attention -classic narcissistic behavior.

    I worry for the fragile followers she has ‘taken under her wing’ could have tragic consequences – she needs help herself.

  322. St George's Dragon

    I have the same question. If the contracts were between the resort companies and the investors (which I believe is the case) the only income the sales arm should have had is surely just the commission it was presumably due under whatever contractual agreement was in place between the two.
    86 million sounds like a lot of commission.
    The only other possibility I can think of is that HMSSE was taking investors money then “lending” it to the resort companies – thus the amount owed. If that is the case, then the investors are creditors of HMSSE rather than the resort companies.
    I guess we will have to wait until a copy of Shipleys’ report is leaked to find out what is going on.
    On the Ames quote about “not taking a penny” I don’t have it to hand, but I don’t think he actually said what you have quoted. I think it was more along the lines of he hadn’t taken a penny of the money which had been sent to the Caribbean for the resorts. Subtly different and leaving every opportunity for him to pay himself and the family whatever he wanted out of HMSSE.
    Finally, of the 86 million due to HMSSE, it will be interesting to see how much is due to investors. If indeed they do not have contracts with HMSSE, then the money goes to Ames as he owns HMSSE.

  323. 169

    B-Belief……….a very appropriate question. Very few on hear are being
    un-emotionally rational. Actually it seems to me Buccament is a no go.
    H-Hotel Barbados is probably the most valuable property. But who owns
    it? Is it free of encumbrance? Clean title or mortgaged? Where did
    the money come from? (Investors?) If it is a Bajan registered ownership
    what local lawyer directs it? Even in its skeletal condition, in
    my mind it would get the quickest and highest dollar. Do investors have
    a stake or is it 100% Ames? Any silent partners?

  324. 169

    …..very few on here”

  325. 167

    A few things that really piss me off,

    ‘Erica the blog gob’ gives advice she is not qualified to give, whether it be something that a solicitor should do or a trained mental health professional.

    What if she gets it wrong?

    Just like Ames, she is out of her depth and should stick to what she does best – Ironing.

    Like Ames she is mad as a mad thing

  326. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. So you think I am playing “infantile games” Your comments regarding, “next time you serve a customer don’t forget it’s “do you want fries with that SIR? – don’t want to lose another crap job do you?” Shows an unbelievable level of ignorance and moral bankruptcy. To try and belittle ANY person for taking a job in order to feed his family and keep a roof over their heads shows you, sir, exactly as the type of person you are. For someone who has “business interests in the media” your comment above was extremely offensive. If you make those sorts of comments to anyone in hotels and hospitality then your business would be finished. I am personally discusted by your comments, to mock any person trying to make a living is beneath contempt.

  327. 169

    @FDNRM…..why don’t you say the same thing to your buddy
    WTF re: his ironing put-downs? You are both disgusting.

  328. 174


    You have an extremely erratic moral compass. Always quick to take offence yourself but seemingly unable to appreciate or accept the questionable morality of your own conduct. You really are a strange individual.

    ….And by the way, I said large fries with the cheeseburger not regular. Do I have to call the manager again?

  329. Can/should we look into the possibility of getting Erica sectioned?

    Entirely for her own good of course.

    Here is what’s required:

    You can get a person sectioned under the Mental Health Act by having two doctors, one of them a psychiatrist, and a social worker or close family member to examine such person and recommend so. This act came into being in 1983 and gives such doctors to detain a sectioned person for up to 72 hours.


  330. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon8.15 WTF has not made any similar remarks to me.
    @ anon 8.22 Would you like to expand on your statement, “questionable morality of my own conduct” like to give examples.

  331. Mampy, mampy crab

    Ay mon leave FDNRM alon …. C U Next Tuesday, he workin fo da dolla.
    dat fatty boom boom broughton, goat nose who da problem
    she need one up the battyhole

  332. Beam me up Mr Spok

    ONLY 72 HOURS?

  333. 169

    @Anon 8:22 It took him forty minutes to come up with that
    “pithy” (no lisping please) response. Time-out !!!

  334. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 9.02, are you talking about my response?

  335. Beam me up Mr Spok

    The Wigan Plumpa Lumpas
    The Wigan Plumpa Lumpas

  336. Anonymouse119

    I think it’s awesome that Erica has managed to frighten and anger Ames so much that his allegiance is attacking her so grotesquely and cruelly.

    Sure, her emotions run high, and she wears her heart on her sleeve and cocks up online sometimes. But that is completely understandable. If this vitriolic, sickening abuse is a representation of Harlequin (and it is) no wonder she has been driven to act the way she has. Anyone can see that.

    Are you people trying to make her ill? Who are you? IFAs? Tailormade? Or direct employees?

    You Harlequin trolls are disgusting. I am ashamed that people in the Caribbean may be led to believe that you are representative of British people and their views.

    You are not. Not in the least.

  337. 169

    you are not alone be any shot @anon11:09

  338. Can we have a separate thread devoted to Erica and her antics maybe?

  339. Yatinkiteasy

    @anon7.14pm. H Barbados the most valuable asset? Are you serious? The place looks like a building that has been bombed! Syria comes to mind.
    I would be surprised if it could get a buyer at US 1.5 million , given that the concrete and steel shell that is on the land needs to be pulled down. It’s just a sad joke what they have done there in the last year or so . Harlequin and H studio are laughed at in the local construction circles.
    “Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean” what a load of crap!
    Of course , we also have Merricks , where all that is happening is that some “white lady” has been selling building materials and supplies from the deserted construction site.
    When will the deluded investors understand that it is all over and pull the plug on the company that has not delivered what they were contracted to do?

  340. EddieLizzard2

    @ Nick Stewart
    There’s nothing to stop you starting your own forum and while you’re about it take the bunch of no mark Harlequin trolls with you. Then you can all post sexual innuendo and masturbate to your hearts content.

  341. andrew shipley

    Ok guys funs over back to the serious stuff – how the hell do we get our money back – a mad dangerous question, any answer? or are we all to busy shagging around on here
    any body got the in on the other MR SHIPLEY ?

  342. Poor spelling

    @andrew shipley
    Simple answer you can’t get your money back, but you need English lessons. I am available 😉 need the money.

  343. A pity..... huge pity

    This is very strange…….

    Did Erica not accuse Ingham of following her? And yet we have pictures of his house and reference to a white car – that’s not normal.

    What if Erica were to have confronted him like she did with Ames, would Mr Broughton have to be restrained.

    Maybe he should report her to the police?

    From an earlier post:

    A paranoid delusion is the fixed, false belief that one is being harmed or persecuted by a particular person or group of people. Paranoid delusions are known technically as a “persecutory delusion.”

    It involves the person’s belief that he or she is being conspired against, cheated, spied on, followed, poisoned or drugged, maliciously maligned, harassed, or obstructed in the pursuit of long-term goals.

    Small slights may be exaggerated and become the focus of a delusional system with a person suffers from a paranoid delusion.

    The focus of the delusion is often on some injustice that must be remedied by legal action. The affected person may engage in repeated attempts to obtain satisfaction by appeal to the courts and other government agencies.

    Individuals with paranoid delusions are often resentful and angry,

    Under the circumstances how would you react?

  344. Take Ames And Fire

    There needs to be a serious reality check here. It appears that a housewife from Wigan has attracted more criticism on this Harlequin forum than Dave Ames, the illustrious leader of Harlequin who has caused this whole sorry mess. This Essex wide boy has lied time and time again, ripped off thousands of people and yet there seem to be investors on here who are becoming more obsessed with their hate for Erica rather than dealing with the main culprit, Mr Ames.
    WTF, FDNRM- No one really cares if your burger bar workers or PI’s. It’s boring now, stop harping on about it. Oh, any you both conviniently swerved my earlier question- Any update from your mate Ames on the recent developments regarding 86 million going missing in the carribean?? Time to draw a line in the sand fellas on this hate campaign against this Wigan housewife. The bullyings gone too far in my opinion.

  345. Shafted - John - Shafted!

    Take Ames And Fire

    Agreed, Its now very boring…. but needed saying.

    Now its out in the open, we just have to wait and let the PROFESSIONALS deal with it, most investors won’t understand it – I don’t
    human nature as it is will just focus on the £86 million that’s missing.

    We need someone to explain in laymans term, what if any options we have?

  346. In the S**T

    All I want is someone to tell me what it means in very simple terms, and what choices I have ,

    I don’t give two hoots about blogs, PI’s GI’s or any of this shit.

  347. Gareth Fatchett

    We have the report and will be issuing a copy tomorrow morning at about 11am.

    This will be issued via http://www.harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk in the usual way.

    Gareth Fatchett
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  348. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EddieLizzard2, can you BBaywatch with you with his boring one eyed posts.

  349. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Take Ames and Fire, I agree my work should be of no interest to anyone else. However BBaywatch seems to think it is a matter for frivolity, as do you, and I’m surprised Yatinkiteasy has not repremanded him for clogging up the forum with meaningless posts.

  350. Gareth Fatchett

    FDNRM – in a liquidation how would your “investment” be protected ?
    No land titles have been vested with any investor ?

  351. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @GF, how should I know. Not got a clue.

  352. Gareth Fatchett

    @FDNRM – Everyone would be an unsecured creditor in the Caribbean.

    Any special deals would be reversed as preferences.

    It seems to me that all investors are in the same boat (although some are deluded to think otherwise).

    The HMSSE report will once and for all tell you what you need to know about the integrity of agents, sales staff and those running HP.

    Any variance from this conclusion would be simply bizarre.

  353. Sherlock Holmes

    @Gareth Fatchett.

    It will be unpleasant reading for sure, but it will be based on 100% facts.

    Something sadly lacking of late. Facts I like.

    “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”


  354. Sherlock Holmes

    We all have been guilty of this

    “I had,” he said, “come to an entirely erroneous conclusion, my dear Watson, how dangerous it always is to reason from insufficient data.”


  355. BBaywatch.

    @FDNRM. I would like to appologise for belittling your current employment. I admire anyone who is willing to work in order to feed and clothe his family. What’s more I am wrong to continually referr to you as 36 which I recognise as being your old ID but not your current one. Please accept my sincere appologise and good luck for. The future.

  356. Take Ames And Fire

    FDNRM, I have not belittled your current profession at any point and I have no interest in what yourself and WTF do for a living. You need to move on from worrying about little jibes and start putting your energy into retrieving your investment.
    You do seem to have swerved my earlier question again though- Any news from your friend Mr Ames yet as to where the 86 million has gone? I thought he stated Buccament Bay was making a profit at the investor meetings but it appears it was propped up by investor cash instead?

  357. BBaywatch.

    @TAAF you seem to be under the impression I talk or have contact with DA on a daily basis. Last time I spoke to him was over 2 months ago. I have no answers to your questions, why should I, do you? I cannot “swerve” something I no nothing about.

  358. At last calmer waters!

    When RL publish the report maybe we can all read it digest it and work towards a common goal?


  359. That’s not me now! 😉

    I have been disbarred,

  360. Take Ames And Fire

    @BBaywatch, my question was directed to FDNRM and WTF. I got the impression that these two were in constant dialogue with Ames.

  361. Anonymously

    Fdnrm posted in bb name and forgot to change it back when replying in his own. Lol

  362. Take Ames And Fire

    FDNRM, why are you posting in other peoples names, where’s the sense in that? Things must be getting desperate at Harlequin HQ, multiple user names, forgetting to change log in names. This is so incompetent it smacks of Harlequin! At least you answered my question in a roundabout kind of way. How about WTF, any news from your pal Ames?

  363. A pity..... huge pity


    Please explain, you are actually BBaywatch and FDNRM??
    Why would you do that? That’s a worry…….. as you hate each other!

  364. Sherlock Holmes

    It could be someone pretending to be FDNRM …..

  365. Frank Cannon (PI) That's Private Investigator!

    Hi Guys ‘n’ Gals, Frank here,

    Trust a God damm limey gum shoes to come out with all that fancy talk! No offence Sherlock!

    Any how, cut the crap, jeeze…. We need to see if this Harlequin thing is a dead duck.

    Kill it or save it – simple.

    That’s ain’t for me I only count calories, Math has always’s been too confusin for me.


  366. Anonymous

    FDNRM also posts under the the name Sportingman on the other blog. He then got nasty and started threatening Erica when people realised they were one and the same. His posts are a case study in passive aggression and he is basically a nasty piece of work.

  367. Karma is coming after you

    You think he is, he could be on there with multiple ID’s and still be on, under a ‘nice identity’ He could post as pro Ames when he actually is anti Ames,- the fact is, you assume things…….. that’s all you can do.,,guess.

    Look how silly that has made people look in the past, we don’t know and its not important, is it?.

    But £86 million is important …… very important.

  368. Karma is coming after you

    £86 million
    £86 million
    £86 million
    £86 million

  369. BBaywatch

    Judging by the attempts at disruption recently it looks as if Harlequin is really getting desperate and the news in the report due to be released tomorrow is not going to good. Bad news for investors will mean worse news for employees, contractors and others owed money on the islands – that’s where my sympathy lies.

  370. andrew shipley

    so no money back , not a happy chappie I can tell you .

    so what do we do now or is that it then .

  371. Sherlock Holmes


    Had I deduced the fact you had been impersonated correctly?.

  372. BBaywatch

    @SH “you know my methods Watson!”

  373. Gareth "Heir to Ames" Fatchett

    Gareth Fatchett please shut up and let the facts do the talking for once. No doubt we will read your opinion online in the next few days as you whore yourself to the media “in the interest of investors”.

    You’re the male version of Erica if one substitutes anger for greed.

  374. Need an ambulance chaser soon

    36 have U bin drinking??

  375. Sherlock Holmes


    “My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know.”

    Gareth “Heir to Ames” Fatchett your new I presume 😉

  376. Sherlock Holmes

    What a very odd week, Watson.

    Erica been exposed as someone who follow a fellow investors whilst reporting them to the police…… for the same ‘crime’

    FDNRM the Ames Number 1 supporter, is actually BBbaywatch who is the exact opposite…….They have online arguments.

    WTF aka PI from Warrington, is actually a real investor from York…… and not a Private investigator.

    What’s next?

    Dave Ames actually has a plan and it all will work out?

  377. andrew shipley

    sure it will work for ames – the buggars made of teflon

  378. Karma is coming after you

    £86 million.
    £86 million.
    I hope the Reg legal document explains things in simple terms, accountancy not my bag
    £86 million.
    £86 million.

  379. Short Legs

    @FDNRM what a guy

    You are one of us all the time 😉 you cheeky little blighter!

    Whist supporting Ames as FDNRM – you were giving him a right rogering as BBaywatch….. superb… never play poker with you.

    What a guy, gone right up in my estimation, talk about the gamekeeper turned poacher.

    Never seen that one coming – well done!!!!

  380. Sportingman.

    @Anon 12.34. I’m afraid you information is incorrect. Erica posted something which was incorrect. As a condition of registering on her site you have to give an e-mail address which I duly did. She then posted something which I took acception to and said if she divulged my e-mail then “I would sue her arse off” or words to that extent as I no longer have access to her site. I’ve been banned. I have asked her why but she refuses to answer. Her site has very poor security and protection of privacy is a condition placed on any administrator or web site owner. Now if you can tell me how I was nasty, why I was banned it would be greatly appreciated. She did by the way appologise for her comment. I would suggest you might do the same. Thank you

  381. Anonymouse

    Sportingman – so how are you getting on with the legal action?

  382. Sportingman.

    What legal action?
    That should be “exception” in the post above.

  383. Get your sick bag ready!

    Dear Harlequin Investor

    Many thanks for your expression of interest in the Pro-Harlequin
    Investors Group via our United2Succeed web site. We are very pleased to
    have received your contact details, thank-you.

    We sent out three updates to the early registrants. To keep everyone up
    to date, here is the first of those updates again :-
    Pro-Harlequin Investors Group

    Our objectives, briefly, are to :- Establish a substantial group of
    investors who wish to see Harlequin realise the full potential of
    their investment and not to sue them out of existence, to the
    detriment of all investors
    To build a fighting fund so that we can collectively present a united
    front to face up to such further threats as may arise against
    Harlequin interests – our interests – world wide
    Be in a position to present mass objections to, for example, adverse
    press statements that are inaccurate and sensationalist, of negative
    value to us as Harlequin investors
    Be in a position to influence authorities and regulatory bodies to
    support the Harlequin business model and refrain from placing it in a
    disadvantageous position
    Obtain accurate, regular, up to date information about our
    investments and their progress from Harlequin and their advisors

    In the short term, this means that we will have to get out of our arm
    chairs and be proactive in working with each other, agents, IFAs and
    Harlequin to counter the threats to our valuable investments, both
    capital and promised recurring revenue which, in the long run is far
    more valuable than the deposits we have at risk and well worth fighting
    for, in our opinion.

    We see no merit is throwing rocks at a drowning man – or Harlequin –
    but need to get behind them to help them drag themselves out of the
    mire they and we, are all in.

    Our activities to 22/05/13
    At the outset of last week we went into this with major concerns and
    significant trepidation over the security of our investments and
    whether we were too late to help recover anything. Nevertheless, we did
    our consultancy bit – we’re IT Consultants – and started making
    enquiries and pressing agents to contact all of you and to help get us
    meeting appointments with Harlequin Management and Eleven Capital. This
    they did.

    We put together a presentation which set out the position as we
    understood it – very good news in Buccament Bay – but with a host of
    problems and threats behind that.

    We also set out what we are trying to achieve – the points above – and
    then started asking a series of questions about the accounts, finances,
    security of sponsors and just who was getting them $100m and how they
    were going to get it in the 3 to 6 months proposed.

    We received a very positive response indeed, with offers of help, to
    operate a Pro-Harlequin Investors Group. We also came away with an
    overall positive view that Harlequin have recognised that they have a
    lot of work to do, need to get and have got some senior advisors on
    board and generating a re-structuring / business plan. This should be
    available in something like 3 or 4 weeks – but do be aware that plans
    of this nature often take longer to create and verify, in all
    companies, not just Harlequin.

    Eleven Capital
    We equally did some research on Eleven Capital prior to our meeting
    with them, which they very much welcomed. The Eleven UK accounts showed
    a dismal performance and very low turn over – leading us to question
    whether these guys are anything like serious enough players to raise

    Eleven Capital have been around for about 20 years and have offices in
    London, Copenhagen and Mumbai from which they trade commodities,
    amongst other things. Mumbai alone trades $30m of oil a day. Eleven
    have also stated they have raised between $100m and $300m roughly every
    18 months for various companies, so no mean operation and the Harlequin
    monies are not the first they have raised.

    Eleven are also party to working with Baker Clark, the accountants as
    presented on the Open Days, to create a re-structuring strategy for
    Harlequin, leading to the business plan being generated at present that
    will feed into the application for capital funding of $100m. We were
    given to understand that both Eleven and Harlequin staff worked long
    hours throughout the weekend to generate the numbers needed for the
    plan and now going through the processes of verifying the substance
    behind those numbers.

    Eleven have also had meaningful discussions with the SFO, FCA and HIG /
    Regulatory Legal, pointing out to each that the Harlequin statements
    have already been justified and proven in the High Court to counter the
    previously published web site claims and have the site taken down.
    Those discussions are ongoing but it seems likely that we will all hear
    some positive news from each of those organisations in due course.

    This week – to 17/05/13
    During this week the message has been spreading with senior agents (we
    met a group of them in the week, receiving very positive support for
    the approach) and investors all stepping forwards to come and support
    the Pro-Harlequin Investors Group concept – which isn’t new but has not
    gained concrete momentum before now. It now seems to be doing so and we
    are optimistic that our initial efforts have fired the necessary senior
    people into action, supporting the work that Harlequin and their
    advisors are doing behind the scenes.

    The downside of the week is the issuing of two further tranches of
    legal action. One to freeze up to 1.1m of the Ames family assets and
    the other to lay claim to £400k repayment. More unhelpful rocks being
    thrown at the project risking all our investments. We can do two things
    – panic – or think logically, pull together and fight back.

    We went into this very worried and seriously concerned for both our
    investments and our time away from our own businesses being wasted –
    but came out of it with a very much more positive view of both
    Harlequin and Eleven – and an increasing number of investors finding
    their voices to support the objectives.

    The health warning on all this is of course that there is no one magic
    bullet to make it all come good, nor will it happen in 5 minutes and we
    can all relax back in our arm chairs and count the cash. Far from it.
    There will be changes. Some of those changes won’t be pleasant or meet
    our original expectations.

    BUT – if we all pull together with Harlequin and their advisors, taking
    serious steps to counter those actions which will damage or destroy our
    investments, we have a chance or resurrecting something with which we
    can all be at least satisfied if not very pleased.

    Sitting back and wringing our hands will only result in our drifting
    blindly into oblivion crying “woe is me”. At least attempting to turn
    it around and fight off the unwanted attention may give the project a
    fighting chance to show a return. Killing the Golden Goose by whatever
    means will result in nothing for anyone

    So, to take this forward will demand :- money, a subscription to the
    group is necessary
    skills, we have substantial relevant skills within the investor base
    – management, financial, building trades.. and IT (we have to be able
    to communicate easily and cheaply – so even IT consultants have their
    uses !)
    time, timescales will undoubtedly be longer than promised to date
    flexibility, to accept something different to that originally
    substantial keeping of the faith that together we can turn this
    around and reap something like the rewards we signed up for

    We look forward to your active support.

    Best regards

    Pro-Harlequin Investor Group

  384. Get your sick bag ready!

    This is from another blog – Cassandra.

    The report from Shipleys is online on their website – see the link in the first post in this thread.

    The report shows that there is around £83.6 million more owed to the company’s creditors than the company has in assets. The shortfall only exists because the administrators and directors have not been able to work out how much can be recovered from the related parties, including Dave and Carol’s three children. In my view, while the size of the shortfall is shocking, what really galls me is that the directors, who took all this cash and allocated it around a load of businesses in the Caribbean, don’t seem to have a clue whether those companies can actually repay this. Dave owns and controls every single one of those companies, but his wife and son seem utterly clueless as to what has happened in the resort companies and other businesses.

    One thing that stands out is the money due from Harlequin Properties (Caribbean) Ltd. This is the company that was, apparently, used as the vehicle to hold the properties in Dubai. The March 2011 accounts showed that company owing HMSSE over £5 million. The statement of affairs shows about half that. There is no explanation for why the amount owed has dropped so much. It could be that they’ve sold off some of the properties and repaid part of the loans, but that’s just a guess on my part.

    The recommendation from the administrators, if I read it correctly, is that the administration should continue while they work out whether a company voluntary arrangement is feasible. If that won’t work, they want to place the company into liquidation.

    For the CVA to be approved, there is a two-stage test. There has to be 75% of the creditors by value approving the proposal. In addition, at least 50% of the unconnected creditors have to approve it. This is designed to stop an automatic approval being given just because there is a large value (as in this case) of connected creditors. Looking at the unconnected creditors, £1 million is for commission payable to staff, £500k or so is due to Tailormade and £189k owed to a set of barristers chambers, presumably the bloke who has been representing Harlequin in its various legal actions. Provided Harlequin can get these to vote in favour of the proposals, I’d think that there is a good chance of them being approved.

    It is worth noting that there is no recognition of any monies owed to purchasers, other than a few hundred thousand in respect of the projects in Australia and Jamaica. This is because, I think, their view is that the purchasers are owed money by the Caribbean companies and not by HMSSE.

    My guess is that, unless the UK authorities, such as the Insolvency Service, intervene, there will be a CVA in a few weeks. This will give the Ames family control of HMSSE again. It will be the detail of the CVA proposal that will be very revealing. This has to show how much the creditors will be paid out and over how long a period. If there is any reduction at all in the monies due to the Dom Rep and St Lucia companies, I’d have thought that this will show that they are insolvent themselves. This is on the assumption that they prepare accounts on the same basis that HP(SVG) does – that is, they have a net worth of £1 as the assets (land and loans) are matched by liabilities (monies from purchasers).

    Read more: http://harlequininvestors.boards.net/thread/125/shipleys-report?page=1&scrollTo=2931#ixzz2XjMFemUa

  385. In the S**T

    Summary we are all in the shit. If you want to see some facts have a look.

    Click to access Harlequin-Management-Services-SE-Limited.pdf

    Its bad reading…… yet the Pro -harlequin investors come out with that shit
    maybe they are wrong and its all ok ;(

  386. Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five (thousand)

    In order to have a CVA you need to be able to persuade the Joint Administrators that it is viable. This would mean Harlequin would need to show that they can repay HMSSE.

    The master plan was going well up until that point.

    The Caribbean companies cannot show that as they are also insolvent (due to the creditors – eg investors).

    Ames planned to old “pre-pack” and go. However, his timing was thwarted by those nasty investors who asked for their money back.

    CVA will not happen…. have faith

  387. Sportingman

    Hello Cassandra, I would like to read the link you have put up. Unfortunately I am banned from the forum. Do you have any idea why?

  388. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    @ Grandmaster Flash.

    If BB is being subsidised to such a degree, how could it be able to pay back HMSSE Ltd? Shipley;s need to be cautious with they play by the book…..

  389. Anonymous


    Why do it you idiot, you really are pathetic.

  390. Empty desk in Harlequin ghost office

    @ Sporting FDNRM BBaywatch aka 36

    Come spill the beans…. your dark horse 😉

  391. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    désolé pour mon mauvais engish…..

  392. andrew shipley

    it can happen cos the ames could give the other companies time to repay hmsse.. he owns them all so he can do what he wants. barstard.

  393. 185

    @ andrew shipley

    Its not up to him you silly man, your making a poor you of being thick

  394. Take Ames And Fire

    Those bloody accountants, how have they lost 86million! Dave Ames and Harlequin have been so hard done by again! As the great man said himself ‘you trust people to do their jobs properly’. Yes David, and we trusted you. You have failed miserably, time to call it a day. Taxi for the Ames family!……
    Wormwood Scrubs please!

  395. Dave - just leave

    And I dedicate this to David Ames and family

  396. Anonymously

    What has winning awards got to do with a viable business that generates an income. The awards are based on a subsidised part built show resort. Yes every guest/customer that stays costs the company/new investor money. Bait in a scam. Walk the beach, enjoy the pool, lay down look around you and you can work out this space cannot accommodate more than 400 guests max at 5 star. It’s bullshit. Go see for yourself.

  397. 169

    Some one help! In the United States what would Shipley’s
    be analogous to? Also what legal actions can it take.
    It seems to me that if Shipley’s allowed Ames somehow to retain
    control of all the Harlequin groups debt free and at a loss to all
    the investors its professional reputation would be forever ruined in
    British financial circles.

  398. St George's Dragon

    Shipley’s report has given us some meat to get our teeth into, in particular the Trade Creditors report starting on page 27.
    I am in the Caribbean so will be heading for bed in a couple of hours. You will be up and about 5 hours ahead of me so you will have plenty of time to Google each of the creditors and get their details from Companies House. I suspect there are some interesting relationships in there as these are the people paid by Harlequin (HMSSE anyway) to do all sorts of things for them. The investigation may throw some light on “special deals”, why certain people continue to post in support of Harlequin despite the clear problems and possibly the identities of those people.
    Frank Cannon, now is your opportunity!

  399. Carter f%ck due 25k…..they can whistle for that!

  400. Also, no funds due from Thailand? As Andrew Drumond documented harlequin money spent in koh Chang and also pattaya…I think this is far from complete…

    Also, what about directors loans to the Ames gang?

  401. St George's Dragon

    I am making my way through the Shipley’s report. As a starter and as an indication of what is interesting:
    Cannon Hill Services – owed 15,600; well we know who they are.
    CAS Clarks Shredding – owed 88 pounds; I wonder what was shredded and when.
    Cornhill Property – owed 10,000; does the address ring a bell, isn’t that Cannon Hill. (Not checked so may be incorrect).
    Discovery Forensics – owed 12,600; are these the people who found out who ran Harlecon?
    Finlays Bureau of Investigation – owed 84.00; are these the Private Investigators?
    Hideaway Property Investments – owed 3,200; now that looks like it is worth spending some time on.
    Infra-Tech Forensics – owed 6,300; someone else looking at people’s IT systems?
    Sean Ghent – 6,000; no comment
    Be careful, though. I suspect the vast majority of these firms were just ordinary suppliers of services who have lost the money honestly due to them.

  402. St George's Dragon

    @ Nick Stewart
    The Thailand property may be a red herring. Mr Ames paid himself a salary and we know took dividends. If he has bought property in Thailand with that money, it is not the administrator or liquidator of HMSSE who will have any involvement in it if it is a personal purchase. The Dubai property purchases are different, as they were apparently bought using a loan from the company and on behalf of the company. I am yet to spot a reference to that in the Shipleys’ report or to the loans. That may indicate that the loans have been repaid.

  403. St George's Dragon

    It is also important to look at the overall position of creditors and debtors.
    86 million is due from related companies; 83.6 million is due to related companies.
    HMSSE was clearly used to “wash-through” money. In other words it appears that lots of money came into it – and lots of money was paid out from it. So 39 million is due to the Dom Rep resort, while 22 million is due from Harlequin Property (SVG) with another 19 million due from Buccament Bay Resort.
    What does this mean? Presumably HMSSE paid bills for Buccament Bay to the tune of 41 million. How could it owe 39 million to Dom Rep, though?
    Over to the accountants.

  404. St George's Dragon

    Unless the income from the Dom Rep purchasers was 39 million, which was then fed back to HMSSE, then out to the other resorts? Sounds a lot of sales in the Dom Rep, though.

  405. BBaywatch

    BBaywatch, a correction – I don’t suppose that many were taken in but I will confirm that I have never posted as 36, FDNRM or any of the other personas adopted by that person. More of the same old from the HP dirty tricks dept. and I expect that this will get worse as the bad news continues to come out – the rat cornered etc.

  406. BBaywatch

    I had to pick this out from the Harlequin Investor release –
    “We were given to understand that both Eleven and Harlequin staff worked long hours throughout the weekend to generate the numbers needed for the plan and now going through the processes of verifying the substance
    behind those numbers.”

    I think that translates as ‘cooking the books’ 😉 You can tell the authentic stamp of Ames in this, the language and style is comedy gold.

  407. Lord Haw-Haw

    I I have been made aware of a letter sent to investors saying pay up or lose your deposit……. Its on the other blog.

    A thought, who was it sent to and why or how were they selected?

    Even worse, what if you ‘unit’ was sold more than once?

  408. Lord Haw-Haw

    So Ames has done the dirty on, his QC, Carter Ruck, his head of security, even the totally independent pro Harlequin investor group. 😉

    Domain name:

    Cannon Hill Services – 21st May 2013

    Registrant type:
    UK Limited Company, (Company number: 6500368)

    Registrant’s address:
    323 Cannon Hill Lane
    Greater London
    SW20 9HQ
    United Kingdom

    Its the little companies that I feel sorry for Carter Ruck can take it, a couple of thousand to a small business could kill it.

    The Ames family addresses being published would concern me if I were in the same position.

  409. anonymous145

    take a quick look at the trade creditors. a lot of familiar names, check out their websites/google them. there are many trade creditors who were “agents”, ifa’s, property companies who were selling “harlequin” and one would presume have outstanding commission.

  410. Anonymously

    Jesus! Did they pay anyone!!
    You certainly can’t accuse Ames of discrimination he ripped everybody off right down to the local plumber. These look like bills accumulated over quite a long period, been trading insolvent for a long time?
    Good to see the “advisors” on the list.
    Come on Harlisuccess give me a laugh with your spin on the this.

  411. Lord Haw-Haw

    But did he post as you!

  412. BBaywatch

    @Lord Haw-Haw – well someone impersonated me, I have no way of knowing for sure who it was.

  413. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @bbaywatch, does that mean that your heartfelt appology want frm you? And I thought you had turned a new leaf and become a more caring, compassionate person. Shame

  414. Yatinkiteasy

    The list of Creditors unpaid in the Caribbean from H hotel and Merricks development will make for even more interesting reading. In Barbados the list includes Inland Revenue Dept, Vat dept , National Insurance, Preconco Ltd etc etc..
    In St Vincent there are also many people and companies waiting to be paid for products and services provided to BB.
    Harlequin sure knows how to Redefine Luxury in the Caribbean!
    By now it should be clear to anyone except an idiot, that they will never receive legal title to anything that they bought from these jokers.
    Running a Headquarters until you have £2 thousand in the Bank and owe creditors some 4 million shows the complete inability to run a business. And yet there are those who believe that a Rescue Plan with the Ames gang in charge, will somehow make everything ok. Delusional!

  415. Lord Haw-Haw

    The bigger question is what’s the state of the Caribbean companies, pretty much the same?

  416. Loony tunes

    Where is FDNRM and Hardley a Success when I need some motivation to tell me all is well!!!

    On a serious note Lord Haw-Haw, the state of creditors in the Caribbean will be an equally sad state…… we are simply in the shit big time.

  417. The Apprentice


    Time is running out for a solution

    It was always going to come to this. Harlequin Property in its various guises in the Caribbean owe £86m to HMSSE. This will need to be repaid.

    Do the Caribbean companies have the ability to do this ? The simple answer is “no” unless investors agree a process with Mr Ames.

    Strangely, even though investors are one step removed from HMSSE, they are the key to any solution.

    Eleven Capital will really struggle to get a finance company to lend money to Harlequin while the £86m debt is owing.

    Therefore, the only real money generation will come from completions and an Investor Trust. This approach can only be directed by investors.

    No deal will mean liquidation in our opinion. Whether a deal gets done is entirely in the hands of Mr Ames. No one else.

    Link to the Report

    Click to access Harlequin-Management-Services-SE-Limited.pdf

    Link to our Commentary

    Joint Administrators Report – Commentary – click on the link to download


    We have recommended what action should be taken.


    HIG and RL will work hard to get an agreement with Mr Ames. HIG and RL may not be able to reach terms to protect investors. Investors may reject any terms.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  418. Sherlock Holmes

    Looks to me like Ames is committing commercial Hari Kari?

    “I’m not a psychopath, I’m a fully functioning sociopath. Do your research.”

  419. So mote it be

    No CVA can occur without investors agreeing not to sue for breach of contract.

    That is a boulder which Mr Ames can only shift by clearing the Statutory Demands,

    End of.

  420. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Loony tunes, I’m too busy cooking burgers mate.

  421. EddieLizzard2

    @ So mote it be
    It’s still a grey area at the moment . See the Shipley report:

    6.3.5 Following my appointment, I received numerous claims from Company investors, however, it appears from the documentation that has been provided that the Company only acted in an intermediary capacity between the investor and the relevant overseas Companies.
    6.3 .6 For the purpose of this report, the Joint Administrators have not recognised these potential investor claims as the contractual relationship is between the investor and the overseas Companies. The Joint Administrators are currently seeking legal advice in this matter and will update creditors of this opinion in due course.
    6 . 3 . 7 However, pending receipt of the legal advice , investors are entitled to submit details of their unsecured claim to the Joint Administrators offices.

  422. Conned

    Well, the Shipleys report has shut the pro Harlequin w@nkers up!
    Aimless and his sidekicks have certainly f#cked everyone over!
    No rescue plan will ever work, too much owed.
    Lying little tw@t said investors money was safe as it was in the Caribbean??
    Slimy, greasy, lying, low life toads… all of them!
    Love to meet any of them in a dark alley… Monies worth!!!

  423. So mote it be


    The investors are the key in the Caribbean. They have their formal claims there. What if investors pursue the companies in the Caribbean ?

    That would be a problem which has a knock on effect with HMSSE.

  424. Simple Simon Says!

    @So mote it be

    Well, that seems like a jolly good idea; it would be a bloody mess if that were to happen for all concerned ( apart from the IP’s)

  425. le soleil se lève à l'est et se couche à l'ouest

    The problem is Monsieur Ames still thinks he is ‘untouchable’ and can pull this off… God only knows why!

    We are talking weeks before it falls over for good .If investors will work with Ames it could work, if not it WILL FAIL.

  426. le soleil se lève à l'est et se couche à l'ouest

    @ ETOPP.

    It’s sound less offensive in my native tongue mon ami 😉
    Eric foulé Pie de porc

  427. Waltons Tin of Vim with an Apple on the Top

    £1 million of commission for miss selling!
    They shouldn’t be getting anything to my mind???

  428. Conned

    @Erection Thrusting On P#nis Pump
    Glad you missed me… sad to see you are still spouting your utter cr@p!
    Just what we have come to expect from one of Ames’s bum-chums.
    Have the guts to come clean and ID yourself like I did, or just shut the f#ck up! Spineless low life…
    @All other genuine purchasers
    Anyone know if Ames is obliged to attend the Creditors meeting at Earls Court?

  429. Conned

    @Erection Thrusting On P#nis Pump
    Funny how you ask about the bit that WASN’T directed at you but ignore the bit that was? As I said… Spineless coward. If I was going to hit Ames then I have his address, and it certainly wouldn’t be with a feather duster.
    Now f#ck off and stop wasting my time, you useless, moronic Tw@t!

  430. Beggars Belief

    I just read the scanned copy of the letter from Harlequin “requesting” payment of completion monies from a Buccament Bay purchaser.

    The letter basically says that the recipients unit is now complete therefore completion monies are due now so pay up or you will forfeit your unit and we’ll take you to court for failing to comply with the contract you signed. Nice customer relations!

    The letter clearly expects the purchaser to transfer money to a bank account themselves with the promise that that this will subsequently enable them to enjoy all the benefits of Title. Surely the correct procedure is for Harlequin to lodge all the completion documents (Title Deed, service contract etc) with the purchaser’s conveyancing solicitor and, once the solicitor is happy that all is in order, the purchaser’s completion monies will be transferred to Harlequin.

    Surely nobody would bank transfer money directly themselves?! If you were buying a house in the US or the UK you wouldn’t expect the vendor to write directly to you asking you to pay money to their account!

  431. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @the award winning (lol) journalist Jon Austin. So JA is sitting at his PC thinking, “what can I write about today? I know Shipleys is publishing it’s report on HP, ill have a bit of that. Cut and paste a page from it and job done. In fact there are 27 pages to this report. That’s my copy sorted for the next 2 months”
    Jon Austin would have been far more credible if he has unearthed this information BEFOR the report was published. That is what being a journalist is, not a copy writer.

  432. EddieLizzard2

    At least Jon Austin knows who he is all the time and doesn’t mislead by pretending to be other posters. Your feeble attempts at trying to be Baywatch were laughable. And you got caught!

  433. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Eddie Lizzard2 wrong again, there was no attempt to be BBaywatch. If you took the time to look intelligently at the posting, something you are obviously not very good at, you would see it was a send up. Lets see if you can spot the deliberate mistake? Bet you cannot.
    Jon Austin is pretending to be a journalist, he’s just a copy writer. He will get credit when he comes out with an exclusive.

  434. Make that large

    Chipfat…. they keep getting better!

  435. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I know, good isn’t it. It’ll be fatchip next.

  436. Walton's slug on a brillo pad!

    What’s up your very low key?

  437. Anonymously

    @Fatchett doesn’t care about me.
    Same old same old. Slag anybody and everybody off, but don’t talk about Harlequin or Ames or anything relevant. Total credibility loss

  438. BBaywatch

    quote –

    June 30, 2013 at 11:11 am
    @FDNRM. I would like to appologise for belittling your current employment. I admire anyone who is willing to work in order to feed and clothe his family. What’s more I am wrong to continually referr to you as 36 which I recognise as being your old ID but not your current one. Please accept my sincere appologise and good luck for. The future.

    Take Ames And Fire
    June 30, 2013 at 11:12 am
    FDNRM, I have not belittled your current profession at any point and I have no interest in what yourself and WTF do for a living. You need to move on from worrying about little jibes and start putting your energy into retrieving your investment.
    You do seem to have swerved my earlier question again though- Any news from your friend Mr Ames yet as to where the 86 million has gone? I thought he stated Buccament Bay was making a profit at the investor meetings but it appears it was propped up by investor cash instead?”

    Direct response to question to FDNRM by Take Ames and Fire “You do seem to have swerved my earlier question again though”

    June 30, 2013 at 11:22 am
    @TAAF you seem to be under the impression I talk or have contact with DA on a daily basis. Last time I spoke to him was over 2 months ago. I have no answers to your questions, why should I, do you? I cannot “swerve” something I no nothing about.”

    I’d call that busted beyond doubt – and trying to lie your way out of it now is just pathetic. How desperate for attention do you have to be to behave like that?

  439. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. What a pity you cannot tell the difference between “BBaywatch” and “BBaywatch.” Perhaps that was the posting you should have made if you were half a man.

  440. Anon

    @ericas little obsessive stalker
    Who rattled your cage. Haven’t you got an overweight middle aged woman to bully.

  441. EddieLizzard2

    Busted but saved by the full stop. What a joke!

  442. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 6.44 how do you know that Erica is overweight and middle aged? Have you got a photo?

  443. A Real Investor

    Please not birdtable talk, this blog has gone to seed

  444. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 well spotted son. Exactly the same as when someone impersonated me. Were not cleaver enough to get it right. LOL

  445. Roy Orbison - It's Over

    Ok the Shipley thing make grim reading, any company who has £2k in the bank, no sales and owes £million is in deep shit – agree?

    The Caribbean companies will be in a similar state – so Ames has to do a deal or go bust – Stat demands won’t just go away with out being paid.

    Anyone who believes otherwise is just dumb

  446. Anon

    So how do the resorts, part built and not started owe the money to Hmsse. Ames said out of deposits commission, his cut and marketing etc deducted then remainder sent to Caribbean for building.

  447. BBaywatch

    “not cleaver enough” – you can cut that out!

    That’s all Folks!

  448. EddieLizzard2

    ChipFat36, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be you.

  449. Lord Haw-Haw

    @ Dave Ames – Please take note.

    I have just read on the ‘other blog’ ask you spies.

    The concept of you selling things maybe more than once, could this be true?

    Maybe your sales agents who you ‘owe’ a million to and think they got a unit don’t ??

    Could this be one of the reasons no one has had title?

    Is this why the numbering changed?


    Looks like a duck…… barks like a duck!

  450. Lord Haw-Haw

    £400 million bird seed……… sorry could not resist.

  451. Beggars Belief


    If Jon Austin had done some undercover journalism and reported something that wasn’t within the public domain (and provably so) you would have jumped on him like a ton of bricks and accused him of making up stories that had no basis in fact.

    He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t in your book. You post any old pile of crud to avoid engaging with the facts as they emerge. There can be no defending this group of companies now and so you have to resort to diversionary tactics in the hope that some people will be thrown off the scent.

    Can you give us your honest opinion of the contents of Shipley’s report please?

  452. EddieLizzard2

    Here come the potty-mouthed pervs.

  453. EddieLizzard2

    @ Lord Haw-Haw and worried investors:

    This is was stated by Anthony Davidson Joint Administrator in the Shipleys report…

    8.3 I should be grateful if creditors could notify me in writing should there have been any matters relating to the Company, or the Directors’ conduct, that requires further investigation as a matter of urgency.

  454. Still hot boiled egg up the bottom!


    Believe me, I would rather take half an dozen duck eggs up the wrong un!

  455. Lord Haw-Haw


    Many thanks I have done that, not sure if I can attend the meeting on the 12th or not?

  456. une question effronté

    @Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five (thousand)

    comment sont les rideaux de boeuf

  457. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Beggars belief, I cannot comment as I haven’t read it. Too busy frying chips for serious comment.
    I would not criticise JA at all if he had come up with something new and original which could be proved. My stance on JA is the same as MOS, what was new in that article. Nothing, recycled info already in the public domain. The Echo is just down the road from HP. What stopped JA getting interviews with DA, interviewing suppliers, creditors etc to get some real background information?

  458. Take Ames And Fire

    The Harlequin trolls are back! Under orders no doubt from Ames to continue the bullying of housewifes and divert attention from the complete shower of s**t that he has created. Once again fellas, it’s boring and your loyalty is misguided. I suppose your just concerned for the preservation of your jobs though on the Harlequin payroll.

  459. UP

    That’s pretty specious FDNRM. If after the devastating revelations of the last 48 hours, all you can bring yourself to do is make half arsed digs at the journalists who cover the story, there’s not much hope for your case in general. To criticise a jourmalist on the grounds that you have is cynical and desperate — and to tacitly question their integrity, whilst throwing your support behind the people you are, is pretty extraordinary.

  460. Take Ames And Fire

    @ETOPP, You seem to enjoy the danger of running from Joe aswell. I’m sure you lot have been paid somewhere within the murky finances of the Ames family.

  461. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I am indead an extraordinary person. You seem to forget the 1st post on the old thread by BBaywatch, and congratulation to Jon Austin for his journalism. Those who live by the sword etc etc etc. got to go deep fat fryer is on.

  462. Getting bored

    Now that the details of HP are public, the SFO and insolvency service should be able to act without fear of disrupting the business, as there isn’t one.
    So where are they?

    Now that ‘Clarks Shredding’ is another unpaid creditor, hopefully no more incriminating paperwork will be ‘lost, ‘ so now is the time to act is it not?

  463. 174


    You cannot comment on the Shipley’s report because you haven’t read it?! Are you completely moronic? You’ve got time to come on here spouting inane claptrap about Erica, BBwatch and Jon Austin but you can’t even be bothered to appraise yourself when there are real developments to pick up on. What’s up, would it have been too unpleasant a read or did it contain too many long words? You are either a liar or an imbecile. Sorry, correction, you are a liar and an imbecile.

  464. 169

    FDNRM: In answer to your last sentence either fall on it or
    jump in it.

  465. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 8.41 “liar and an imbecile” Indeed truly outstanding statement. Such intellect. . So now you are qualified to tell me what I should read and when. BBaywatch tells everyone I should be polite when serving fries. Treat someone like a twat, and they will act like a ……. Whatever

  466. Take Ames And Fire

    @ETOPP, so you plan to introduce yourself to Joe at the creditors meeting? Dave Ames owes you money and yet your still brainwashed by him. That just about sums up the intellegance of the Harlequin trolls.

  467. People with no names

    £400 million scammed and we are having arguments online with people with no names?

  468. Your all mad as hatters

    What’s the point of all this?

    Any ‘investors’ have been totally screwed but spent time on here to achieve, what exactly ?

    I don’t know which blog has the most crazies… your all F***King nuts

  469. Take Ames And Fire

    @ETOPP, I think you’ll find you need to be a creditor to attend the meeting. You may have a wasted journey otherwise!

  470. Take Ames And Fire

    @ETOPP, Yeah right. More hot air from you…………..

  471. St George's Dragon

    Does anyone have a Harlequin purchase contract, or whatever it is called. It would be worth posting it somewhere people can download such as Dropbox.
    It would be good to be able to review it and see whether the demand from Harlequin for people to complete stands up to scrutiny.

  472. yatinkiteasy

    From Sept 2012 Harlequin Newsletter.. It is almost funny now , but it is not funny at all for the investors who bought this bit of PR…..or BS.

    “In the early days of selling property in the Caribbean, some people said that this
    was all too good to be true and that it wouldn’t happen. I feel that we have proved
    them wrong as we are now in the process of handing over legal title to the
    properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which is a significant step and completes the
    cycle that we promised all those years ago.
    We look forward to a great future for all our investors and I thank you for your
    continued support.
    Kind regards
    Dave Ames

    Mr Ames published that TEN months ago…..who could believe anything more he has to say?

  473. St George's Dragon

    @ yatinkiteasy
    Err, FDNRM, Whatsthefuss, 36, Harlisuccess etc., etc.
    I suspect you should have said “who (except those with a special deal or who are being paid by Harlequin) could believe…..”.

  474. Anonymous

    Handing over 150 titles out of 6000 purchases would be terrible (with 5,600 or so not even started) if true, but not even that is true. Makes it incompetent as well as fraudulent.

  475. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    The ‘Special deals’ don’t exist never have.

    It was just a way of winning people over or making them feel like they are special.

    Its actually very cleaver, unlike the people who fell for it.

    Think about it who has Ames not taken advantage of? Come on who?

  476. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    When I worked stacking shelves (Ok still do 😉 ) The manager used to give out a ‘negative stock report’ for me to check …… each morning.

    This strange occurrence happened when an item had been sold, but did not ‘exist or was ‘out of stock”, mainly due to the wrong barcode being scanned at the point of sale – the till.

    Did Harlequin ever use the same till to sell units or do they have such a report they could pass to Shipley’s 😉

    Could be interesting reading ??

  477. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    Ames knows he must do some sort of deal, he still has some potty plan but, deep down he and his family know – it’s over in its current format.

    He is worn out and its shows. Carol is stressed to death and not taking this well – shame!

    Each day another nail in the coffin

  478. Sid

    I can’t believe there is any room left in the coffin for nails there has been so many driven into it! How do the Ames’ feel abut the prospect of prosecution? Is it ever mentioned?

  479. BBaywatch

    Reading through the report – tedious but necessary – I notice that both LIAT and Mustique Air (which must include SVG Air Alliance) are owed reasonably large amounts. For any kind of rescue plan to have the slightest chance of working it will rely partly on the goodwill of local suppliers and their cooperation. That can of course be bought – at a price – but how dumb do you have to be in the first place to have a business which is totally reliant on airlift and then not pay the companies providing that service?

    Also begs the question that if £80-90m is owed by the UK company how much do the overseas registered companies owe? No accounts of course so impossible to know for sure, but I bet the situation with them is just as bad.

  480. Whatsthefuss

    Llmitb – I must have said 100 times I don’t have a special deal – thanks for confirming.

    Maybe now it can be put to rest?

  481. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker


    You may find that there will be no rescue plan, if Ames does not give the information required to make an informed decision….. if indeed a rescue plan is viable.

    However, its looking like it’s his only choice.

  482. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker


    Ok clear, it was a general statment not directed at you.

  483. Conned

    @Erection Thrusting On P#nis Pump
    Funny how you described Ames to a tee, but then again you know him so well… lover boy!
    No danger of meeting you at the Creditors meeting… You won’t even ID yourself… So there is no chance of you turning up… Gutless tw@t!

  484. Lord Haw-Haw

    A contact that may be useful.

    10 Orange Street , Haymarket
    London WC2H 7DQ
    DX – 40001 Covent Garden
    T + 44 (0 ) 20 7766 8560
    F + 44 (0 ) 20 7312 0022
    E advice@shipleys.com
    www. shipleys .com
    Our Ref: APD/5 1 688B/GAM/C49/SD
    Please call: Grant Meadows
    E : meadowsg@shipleys.com

  485. Conned - more Ginster than Gangster

    Conned/ Phoney Soprano/ Macaroni – if I go to the creditors meeting or not, it’s not dependent on you being there / don’t flatter yourself.

    Your a keyboard warrior with no balls, all talk no trousers, your a yappy poodle!

    Big and tough your about as strong as Roy Castles last gasp!

    Now run along you window licker!

  486. Lord Haw-Haw


    Citywire Article – click on the link

    98% of people surveyed by us need a mortgage to complete.

    Everyone has seen the “100% Finance” documents. Most people relied on them. Harlequin now say they were not to be relied on.

    However, Harlequin now say that this was “subject to status”. Does that mean they or your adviser checked your status when you signed up ? We doubt it.

    Therefore, you were “advised” to enter a contract which you could never complete (as you did not have the balancing payment -70% or the closing costs – approx. 8%). No wonder agents and IFA’s who sold this are “disappearing” from view. They know that they sold investors something which was almost guaranteed to fail from outset.

    What should have happened is that investors should have checked your status for a mortgage. If they had, the vast majority of investors would not have qualified (due to the stringent nature of Caribbean mortgages). You would have felt a little silly as being rejected. However, you would have had your money today.
    For those who re-mortgaged to invest, all you have done is give Harlequin money to pay commissions, management charges and a fraction of the contracted building.
    Read the linked article. Harlequin say that those who cannot get a mortgage can defer their completion. Until what ? they win the Lottery, inherit some money ?
    The Harlequin process neatly takes an investor into breach of contract if they cannot complete. That means 98% of people face a similar fate. Of the £400m, £392m (98%) needs a mortgage to complete. Does that mean that Harlequin Property can forfeit all these deposits as and when completions come and go ?
    Investors should be furious with this. However, many are still romanced by the agents / IFA’s (who took up to 15% commission and gave such poor advice) and the Harlequin apologists who still view the whole idea as sound.

    We are reaching the moment when 98% of investors will realise what their fate is.

    Mr Ames needs to consider this when deciding whether to work with investors on a rescue plan.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  487. Lord Haw-Haw

    He is more of a fool than I think he is if he won’t literally take this ‘get out of jail free card!!’

    But, he is pretty stupid……. maybe Erica’s idea of Wonga loans is bettrer


  488. Scam of the century.

    So, the little Tw*t is now saying its our fault.

    He will keep all our deposits because we are peasants and can’t raise the finance…………. not his fault.

    That’s about the level of it?

  489. In Strength

    Bottom line is that many investors are simply thick and were greedy. Ames has exploited this sentiment.

    The advisers have little training and simply need to flash the pictures of sunny beaches.

    A sad tale with Ames about to pocket £400m for a half built series of developments.

    Stupidity beyond belief.

  490. The import of the word ?

    Investors lack backbone. They will blog and whine, while Ames strings this out.

    The Bird Table episode says all you need to know about the intelligence of some investors.

    It is painful to watch.

  491. UP

    FDNRM any comment on the information regarding completion mortgages (or rather lack thereof) — and the obligation on purchasers to find it themselves or risk losing their deposits?

  492. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    He of course could dump the whole thing and do a pre-pack liquidation and I include the Caribbean in that.

    So, Basildon debt free and all you lot have built ‘his’ resort, hide behind some complex off -shore set up???

    I am not saying he will but its looking like an option.

  493. Conned

    Funny how the Harlequin cage is totally quiet considering Shipley’s report!
    No official defensive statements saying it was someone else’s fault or blaming us purchasers, or it’s all because of Erica or “we never meant to mean guaranteed mortgages”?
    No defence of BB saying its won another award this week?
    No updates as promised on the non-existent “rescue package”.
    Is it the calm after the “perfect storm” or is it the realisation that the charade is finally over and no further bulls#it will wash?
    Various travel companies who were promoting BB & Blu were named as creditors, so its doubtful they will continue promotion.
    No promotion = even less visitors.
    Sad to say, but it’s GAME OVER all round!
    To Ames, his family, his cronies, trolls, supporters, agents and greedy IFA’s, you have ruined a lot of peoples lives lining your own pockets…
    Scum… the lot of you!

  494. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP non whatsoever. Iv paid for my property so it does not concern me. However you should know that so why ask the question.

  495. Tubal Cain

    @The import of the word?

    I will lose my worldly possessions, if goes wrong.

    Have you anything to communicate

  496. Whatsthefuss and FDNRM special imaginary little deal!!!

    You know Dave Ames will shit on you and not think twice don’t you?

  497. 71

    @Leaky Leaky, he could do that but would be skating on even thinner ice than he is now. And Shipleys would need to play a part which I doubt they’d do if it’s as dodgy as it sounds. It’s time to start facing facts now that real acts are available for the first time. Everything will unravel now revealing the truth behind where the money has gone and how much is left which I expect will be very embarrassing for Ames. The fact that people like FDNRM (who changes his name more often than the artist formally known as Prince. Maybe FDNRM could have his own symbol?) still seem to be ok with the situation despite the recent reports completely exposes that they are not true investors like the rest of us, or they are happy to walk away from their investments without a care…..which they obviously wouldn’t.

  498. UP

    But FDNRM by the same logic it shouldn’t concern you what Crozier and the rest of them get up to — and yet it still seems to.

  499. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    July 2, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    That did give me a laugh 😉

    Maybe, lets all refer to him a ‘Fiddle’ (formally known as FDNRM)

  500. 71

    Fiddle it is 🙂

  501. Sid

    I prefer TAFKAFDNRM

  502. Fatchett does not represent me.

    What a bunch of trolls. Where is the Yatinkiteasy clogg up the forum police when you need him?
    @anon 12.38 that’s an original ID, how many Anonymous postings do you make? Can you justify your statement that I am not a “true” investor. Can you prove that? No just rubbish posting again.
    @Suspicious old shelf stacker. I would not admitt to a meanial job if I were you. The superior BBaywatch who works in PR and hospitality, will be making sure you tug your forelock when superior beings pass by.

  503. Sid

    It’s a good point though FDNRM. If you really have got your own money tied up in HP you must be as worried as the rest of us?

  504. 152

    How are the libel cases going for you, FDNRM? I seem to remember you stating you might sue the arse off someone. They must be shaking in their boots.

  505. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, now which anonymous are you now. Try thinking up an identity or is that too taxing for you?

  506. Sid

    FDNRM, if you answered some of the questions people would leave you alone.

  507. Wot no title!!!

    @‘Fiddle’ (formally known as FDNRM)

    How many times has your unit been sold 😉

  508. The import of the word ?

    @ Tubal Cain

    I do have something to communicate

  509. Gareth Fatchett


    If you have title can you come to our new office and show it to me ?

    Last time was quite easy. How about this time ?

    It will shut people up I can confirm to them you do indeed have title.

  510. Shibbo

    FDNRM has not got title. He has something much more valuable – Dave Ames’s word ….

  511. Sid

    Gareth, I think you need to address FDNRM as ‘The Artist’ which covers his many pseudonyms. It saves a lot of time and confusion.

  512. Sid

    @Shibbo, and a handshake. Don’t forget the handshake. A handshake from Ames is as good as any contract.

  513. The Great Architect, of the Carribean

    Still a cautious approach is better……

    I don’t think Mr Ames word is his bond!

  514. Sid

    What has Ames ever done to anyone that would cause you to doubt him? Go on, name one thing……

  515. The Great Architect, of the Carribean

    @ FDNRM ‘The artist’

    When you visit Mr Hatchets new office make sure you are truly prepared and take your title document.

  516. Lord Haw-Haw

    Its impossible to name only one

  517. Ames and Family just have a think about this.....

    Keeping on with the theme, on the other blog formally known as Erica’s someone……. has written to Shipley’s asking to confirm that they have checked units have not been sold ‘twice’ by errm error 😉

    As ‘suspicious old shelf stacker’ mentioned earlier……… I hope they look at that………

  518. Sid

    That is interesting. Doing the math, in BB how many units were planned to be built and how many buyers? If more units were sold than planned, even if the unit numbers were changed they were still sold more than once. Is that fraud? But if Shipleys are only looking at HMSSE will they have access to SVG files?

  519. Jesse 'Broughton' Ventura

    My unit was ready in BB December 2012, I half joked that one of the other ‘investors’ from say Dominican Republic may now have it……… therefor, I could have a refund……

    I am sure its happened with banking errors and that nasty Irish builder, they just got a bit confused.

    But it does need looking at? Would you really be suprised?

  520. Jesse 'Broughton' Ventura

    This is the person who has been emailed at Shipleys


  521. Shibbo

    Caution is my watchword.

    I have a fear that Dave may have sold a few units a few times.

    That can happen when you need more cash.

  522. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I have no intention of answering questions that you or anyone else throw out onto this forum. If you want to enter into a serious dialog then fine. The ” Artist” does not cut it so don’t bother asking.

  523. Take Ames And Fire

    @FDNRM, You want to be taken seriously? Does that mean you are going to cast aside your multiple user names?

  524. Anonymouse

    FDNRM, if title and the joint administrators’ report don’t enter into your serious debate, what does??

  525. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Does that mean people will stop taking the piss about my £ 7 an hour job?

  526. Anonymous

    The fake FDNRM is back. The one with the dot!

  527. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    Maybe there is something in it???


    Who bought what at Buccament Bay ?

    Last week we did a survey for investor who had bought one Phase 1 & 2 at Buccament Bay.

    https://app.icontact.com/icp/sub/survey/start?token=0bba79bba257da27fa3f2b958e863548&sid=303324&cid=152652 – click to complete the survey

    We asked them a few questions about their unit number etc. What we found is that the numbering appeared to change every few years.

    For example you may have bought Cabana number (for example) “109” in 2007 and it then becomes “2005” later.

    This cross referencing process needs to be done to understand what property has been sold, to who etc. This is particularly the case when completions are being demanded with threats of forfeiture of deposit backing them up.

    Can you help us ?

    Enclosed is a map and a spreadsheet which give a 2012 plot of the land. Phase 1 & 2 people should be able to physically spot their Cabana easily. The map is quite clear.

    Can you email the number of your unit to gareth.fatchett@regulatorylegal.co.uk so our team can compile the data.

    Buccament Bay Number Spreadsheet – click on link

    BBR 2012 Map – click on link

    Why is this important ?

    When we first looked at this project we were told in no uncertain terms to “go away”. We are made of stronger stuff and we got stuck into the land titles, the accounts and the way the mortgages were sold.

    With your help we know :-

    – no title to land has ever vested in Buccament Bay Resort Limited

    – title to land for Buccament Bay was only formally transferred into Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited in January 2009. Other parcels remain unregistered to this very day.

    – no investor has received title to any land.

    – no investor has received a “Guaranteed Mortgage”

    – approx. £400m has been invested.

    – That the accounting in the Caribbean is woeful with little visibility of the position of the Harlequin group of companies. Having seen the Shipleys report, we know have half the picture. The other half in our opinion will probably be equally ugly.

    The final piece of the jigsaw is to understand the numbering on the sales and why they kept changing.

    Help us to help you. As always, the results and our recommendations will be published.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  528. Sid

    To the real FDNRM, you don’t need to answer any questions if you don’t want to, that’s your prerogative. But, c’mon, something isn’t right somewhere. You must be bricking it if you really do have your money tied up in HP, I know I am. If you’re not, despite the recent report, and continue to keep faith in Ames, I can only imagine you are in some kind of KP cult (I said cult) and will follow Ames until the end. I like you and just don’t want hear that you drank his Kool-Aid!

  529. Sid

    I’m definitely not going to the next investor meeting. I hear it’s being held in Waco.

  530. Suspicious old shelf stacker!


    Have you seen the recent RL report, I just tried to post it but it’s been given the 3rd degree my the moderators.

    Its about the potential for ….. over selling units!! imagine FNDRM may be a fractional owner of his own cabana……with Erica 😉

    Come on FDNRM listen to Shibo unleth you really are a silly silly man

  531. EddieLizzard2

    Fryingtonite36 has seen his cabana at BB. Whether he is the sole owner of said unit no one knows including him. He is totally unconcerned about the Shipleys report; his smugness and conceit remain breathtaking. Being a ‘man of property’ one wonders why he has to take a job paying £7 per hour. One also wonders why he had preferential treatment from Harlequin.

    In his own words:
    “I am happy with my investment, apart from the .1% of investors who want to bring it down. I have been receiving my rental as per my contract, I have received compensation for late delivery, as per my contract and I decided to cancel my 2 Rivers contract and received compensation, as per my contract.

    ‘I will tell you what I am not happy about. After Wilkins Kennedy stopped being HP accountants they still had records which included investor details. When a section 2 was applied by the SFO, my information became known to the SFO. This is why I was one of the first investors to be interviewed. I had no objection being interviewed by the SFO, but it made my wife very ill. I would have preferred my cooperation had been at my instigation. By the way I did not say I had taken delivery in the legal sense.

    ‘I had an apartment at 2 Rivers and a Cabana at BB. It was the 2 Rivers which was refunded.

    ‘The only thing I would say is that there are aprox 3500 investors, so there are a large majority who don’t come on here, some of those could also be happy, but I could not resume to speak for them.

    ‘I assume you are not the other anonymous prat) My cabana is one of the 300 completed, but I have not taken legal title yet.

    ‘I really don’t want to go into all my personal details here. However very basically I originally bought my cabana in 2006, the resort [BB] was opened aprox 2 years ago which included my property. I was offered to complete the legal process before Christmas which has not been completed yet.” [as at 12 Mar 2013]. FDNRM36sportingmad and impersonator of many aka Diary of a Nobody.

    So you see – all you have to do is sit down with Dave to have a nice chat and everything will be fine.

  532. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, and now you know why I am reluctant to answer questions or enter into dialog. EL2 is an idiot. I have not said I am unconcerned about the Shipleys report, I said I had not read it when I was asked. I’m not sure what a “man of property” is. I ‘ ll tell you what Laddie Pissard 2 (easy this isn’t it) just make it up as you want. You now look totally stupid for taking endless time searching through past threads to get old posts, prefixed by a complete inaccurate load of bollocks. Get a life for the sake of your health you moron.

  533. 210

    “Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved.”

  534. Sherlock Holmes

    ”When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

    So, when Mr Fatchett gets the information on the unit numbers and cross checks the information – we will have our answers.

    Where you hide a twig Mr Watson? In a forest Mr Holmes….. 😉

  535. EddieLizzard2

    Actually 36 it took me a minute. I was curious about the Unallocated Investors deposits in the Shipleys report regarding Harlequin – Jamaica, Suspense payments and Ravenswood totalling £146.598.81 (and due to related parties). I googled Ravenswood and there were your posts right underneath it.

    FYI: Ravenswood was a Harlequin development in Australia that was due to be completed in 2010. http://www.emigrate2.co.uk/article/homes_and_relocation_detail-123/

  536. andrew shipley

    apparently the staff have gone on strike at bb because they havnt been paid any back up for this story?

  537. Fatchett does not represent me.

    pissard2 Well I just googled Ravenswood and I do not have a clue what you are talking about. Some hotel in Torquay.

  538. Anonymous

    I can pick up several radio stations on St Vincent. NBC says the
    next newscast is at 12:am Island Time. Does anyone know of a station
    that gives news during the day or on the hour?
    Big question – what the the guests at a five-star resort do when
    no one is around to wait on them?

  539. EddieLizzard2

    36, Then you had better make yourself better informed hadn’t you because it concerns your investment!

  540. Anonymous

    Try ravenswood and harlequin

  541. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Pissard2 no ill just leave to you to trawl about looking for some other posts you can drag up. Off down the pub. Tootle pip old chap.

  542. Sanjat

    Today July the 2nd all Buccament Bay staff didn’t get paid, we are talking about over 300 people, what else to say?

  543. 169

    @Sanjat What would be the best SVG radio station to get the local
    news? i-witness-news has nothing

  544. Lord Haw-Haw

    Is it true? Could be BS

  545. Loony tunes

    Thank God WTF and all his alias have shut up. Maybe, he has not been paid or finally decided Ames has shafted him too……….

  546. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    I detect a certain finality to this whole sorry mess, anyone else feel the same? Especially in the Basildon area?

    Dave, any comment 😉

  547. 169

    To: A A Haiku
    The metallic clang
    Of the steel door as it shut
    forever and more

  548. Yatinkiteasy

    @Fdnrm . 8 posts today….saying nothing ….clogging again, well done! You go to the head of the class. Your employer will be well pleased.

  549. perplexed

    Yat – What do your connections in SVG say about BB rumors
    today…..if anything

  550. Yatinkiteasy

    Perplexed …will check tomorrow …my main contact asleep already .

  551. Interesting update looking at the Regulatory Legal mortgage survey (note the comments from Harlequin) and the news demands requesting immediate completion are being sent to investors, despite the FCA’s warning to “proceed with caution”.


  552. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @”one eyed” Yatinkiteasy. And 21 posts were ABOUT me. Including pissard2 rendition of war and peace. Now in order to appear a fair (don’t make me laugh) person how about having a go at those who clog up the forum. Go you know you want to.

  553. Lord Haw-Haw

    Why defend Harlequin?

    I am genuinely interested in this question, even though Ames has shafted his loyal followers, staff, IFA’s, legal team, security, investors! etc there is still a small deluded? arrogant? stupid? simple? fraction that still insist on defending him…… why?

    This puzzles me, greatly.

    They must have been promised a special deal or been getting paid? – I don’t believe anyone faced with overwhelming evidence thinks he will pull this off.


  554. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    These oversold units, what a laugh if the TaylorMade beach front villa that was given to them, was owned by FDNRM….. formally known as piddle……. lots of data being collated now 😉

    Maybe, all you HP sales agents that ‘own’ units don’t actually own anything!!

    There is a God!

  555. Sid

    Time will tell SOSS but it’s looking more and more like it’s been a web of lies from the start. The net is definitely closing in now.

  556. BBaywatch


    not looking good for Bim

  557. 169

    Yesterday I emailed i-witness-news in SVG asking if they had an
    update on a general strike at BB. They replied at 6:am …..
    “we have no information to that effect” – so I assume it was an
    unfounded rumor.

  558. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    @ Harlequin Staff. 😉

    This over selling of units, proof coming out very very soon!

    You may want to start talking before your fully implicated, don’t stick your neck out for uncle Dave, he has shafted everyone else why should you be any different?

    SFO starting to have a sniff about, no doubt.

  559. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @James Allington, yes a whole 292 responded to the survey. Less than 10% of the total number of investors. Very representative.

  560. Lord Haw-Haw

    @ Katharine Manderfield – Network sales director Harlequin

    How many units did YOU say YOU had invested in? Seven, from memory (when you were showing off.)

    Now I wonder if that’s actually true?…….. This will be very interesting.

    Maybe you got them in return for something 😉

    Or in return for NOT saying something???

    Dave whilst you are away is laying lots of blame at your door ;(

  561. Yatinkiteasy

    @Fdnrm. You proved my point . Not only do you clog up the thread with crap, but you succeed in getting so many comments ABOUT YOU. This diverts attention from the subject …Harlequin and David Ames. Well done, you are a clever little boy.

  562. Shafted - John - Shafted!

    @FDNRM truly pathetic,
    If you think Ames will look after you and shaft that list of creditors – you truly deserve it.

  563. 41

    @ FDNRM

    You are totally discredited and fully exposed. Good riddance to you.

  564. EddieLizzard2

    @DownTheChippy36 FDNRM More than 250 Harlequin investors find themselves in a precarious financial position. Do you have sensible comment on the following? Does it still not concern you?

    98% of investors [of 292 polled] would have been unable to complete without mortgage finance.

    95% of investors were not aware that failure to complete, by not paying the additional 70% of the purchase price, could lead to their deposit being lost.

    96% of investor respondents relied on the finance being “guaranteed” .

    99% of respondents disagree that the “100% Finance Scheme” was merely an advertisement and not a promise.

  565. Anonymous

    There once was a doctor named Freud
    Who said FDNRM is truly schizoid
    “I really don’t have to mention
    That he needfully craves attention”
    Even though his BB contract is null & void

  566. Sid

    Need anyone say more?

  567. FDNRM his own little world.....

    Your mate has had ya pants down, you have been well any truly buggered. Save what little dignity you have and turn on your ‘mate’…..

    He has had you over big time 🙂

  568. Sid

    There is of course the possibility that FDNRM knows something we don’t.

  569. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, 7 postings ABOUT me so far today. Feeling a bit jealous yet? Lets see if the trolls can beat yesterday’s total of 21. GO TROLLS GO!!

  570. 169

    Sid The chances of that are somewhere in the region of-
    98%-95%-96%-99% …not happening

  571. FDNRM his own little world.....

    @Sid, yes that is a certainty, having never been ‘taken up the tail pipe’ 😉

  572. UP

    FDNRM you do understand that your failure to engage with any of the salient issues of the last 72 hours, but to concentrate on strange little details about the structure of conversations on the board, puts pay to any credibility that you may have ever had don’t you? The fact that you “didn’t have time” to read the administrator’s report says everything that needs to be said about the integrity of your position. You should read it. Might be a good time to reconsider your opinions on legal help — Fatchet might not represent you, but if what you have said is true then somebody definitely should.

  573. Sid

    It’s gone very quiet on here hasn’t it? There don’t seem to be any pro HP noises being made.

  574. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP. I’m sorry I did not realise that my credibility depended on doing things when you thought I should. Just because my world did not stop to read a report then credibility has gone? Do you really think I care what other people think about my credibility? I posted 7 times yesterday, others posted 21 times about me. And you think that I did not engage with the salient issues? I suggest you read the posts of the last 24 hours and decide who writes the most rubbish on here. For instance Eddie Pissard2 cut and paste something I wrote some time ago, and prefixes it with complete and utter inaccurate bollox. Perhaps you would like to comment on his credibility and not making ” salient comments? ”
    By the way I have read the report, all 76 pages and have absolutely no comment to make, so don’t ask.

  575. EddieLizzard2

    It’s unlike you 36 to not have an answer. You’re usually full of it.

  576. Sportingman.

    @Pisshead2 Answer to what? a 76 page report? Grow up you idiot. Do you think I am some sort of forensic accountant? Ah well ANOTHER post about me. On target to bet the 21 by the troll. @Yatinkiteasy, have a word!

  577. Fatchett does not represent me.

    There you go something else for you to commentb on. Off you go!

  578. EddieLizzard2

    Oops 36, you forgot to change your name back again. You keep forgetting who you are these days don’t you? I was referring to the poll undertaken by RL of anxious Harlequin investors that you scornfully dismissed as “… yes a whole 292 responded to the survey. Less than 10% of the total number of investors. Very representative.”

  579. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No Pisshead2 you keep forgetting who I am by refferring to me as 36. Any comment regarding the total bollox you prefixed you war and peace posting where you got everything totally wrong? No I guess not, too clever to make mistakes arent we.

  580. EddieLizzard2

    Rather than comment on how many hits your fanboi rating has had or which names people should address you by; I ask you again, do you have any sensible comment on the result of the poll carried out by RL?

  581. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @laddie pissard2 RL have 1100? at least people they are representing. of those 292 answered the survey. They cannot even get their own people to fill in a survey. That says everything to me. up to 11 now.

  582. EddieLizzard2

    Stop evading and answer the question! Nearly 300 Harlequin investors find themselves facing financial ruin. Does it not concern you?

  583. FDNRM his own little world.....

    @FDNRM (but needs to)

    You are a very sad, deluded individual, Dave will shit on you and you will feel very sill indeed.

  584. Deluded Dave... its all Okay

    Back to the real world, no finance, no CVA, no completions, no £400 million,
    no building.

    same old same old, but Buccament bay has an award

  585. yatinkiteasy

    36 IS FDNRM by his own admission (after having been caught by BFP) so I don`t see why the poor conned boy is so upset when people refer to him as 36…still the same idiot.

  586. Lord Haw-Haw

    TO ALL HARLEQUIN STAFF – please take note. 😉

    On the 12th you will find out, if not before, what Shipley’s decide to do with your jobs.

    No doubt uncle Dave is telling you all will be okay and there will be a CVA – this is not true…. the clock is ticking…….

    It’s not up to Stumpy, its Shipley’s and they wont agree to a CVA unless investors are onside.

    So, the ironony of this is that the very ones you have vilified and treated like shit, you need them to support you!!

  587. Anon - reasons unknown

    Oh, my belly aches after laughing at FDNRM/36/Sportingman’s posts.

    My favourite is that you need to be a forensic accountant to read the administrator’s report and deduce that:

    1. HMSSE is bust.
    2. Investors are owed nothing from HMSSE since they are in contract with the Harlequin Caribbean companies.
    3. The Harlequin Caribbean companies owe HMSSE £84m
    4. The HMSSE administrators will call in the debt from the Caribbean companies (as I understand it, they are legally obliged to do exactly that)
    5. The Caribbean companies don’t have a pot to piss in so will fold
    6. Investors are up poo poo creak and won’t see a penny of their investments returned

    Still, let’s all hope for a fairy tale ending where Ames and all his little helpers end up behind bars.

  588. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, now carry out a forensic search of BFF. I was not “caught out” by BFP as you have inaccurately quoted, I volunteered to change my ID due to the fact that FATCHETT DOES DOT REPRESENT ME and I publicly announced this change. Do you understand? Your stupid post is clogging up this forum!!

  589. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon RU, my resident stalker. Not heard from you for a long time.

  590. 17

    Lets just ignore FDNRM (but should) they he can go and drink his box of wine, or is it Turbo cider?

  591. Fatchett does not represent me.

    16 and counting!

  592. Fatchett does not represent me.


  593. EddieLizzard2

    FDNRM 36 Sportingcodnchips
    You wanna try some Jeyes Fluid for that clogged drain problem of yours.

  594. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 7.23, some one with a sensible suggestion for once.
    Anyone know how the SFO investigation is going at the mo? I suggest you concentrate on that angle, that could be the real story!

  595. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon RU, it does go to show that you cannot read reports forensically. Let me ask you a question, what if the Caribbean companies CAN repay the £84m?

  596. Anon - reasons unknown

    1. HMSSE is bust.
    2. Investors are owed nothing from HMSSE since they are in contract with the Harlequin Caribbean companies.
    3. The Harlequin Caribbean companies owe HMSSE £84m
    4. The HMSSE administrators will call in the debt from the Caribbean companies (as I understand it, they are legally obliged to do exactly that)
    5. The Caribbean companies don’t have a pot to piss in so will fold
    6. Investors are up poo poo creak and won’t see a penny of their investments returned

  597. Anon - reasons unknown

    Brilliant, FDNRM, if the Caribbean companies can repay HMSSE the £84m (I’ll humour you for the sake of balanced debate), then that creates the following scenario:

    1. HMSSE calls in the £84m debt from the H Caribbean companies and that debt is repaid. (Why companies in the same group couldn’t talk to each other and arrange the balance sheet transfers between themselves is anyone’s guess! Must be Company Act stuff that will all come out in the wash I guess. Maybe Dave Ames could explain? Maybe not!)
    2. Those 137-300 investors whose units have been completed at BB will have to pay the remaining 70% immediately or face legal action from the developer or forfeit their deposits.
    3. Investors in other developments will need to wait. Wait for what? I don’t know the answer to that.

    Do you see any other outcomes FDNRM, or could you elaborate on/change what I think might happen? It’s a bit of a buggers’ muddle if the likely scenario doesn’t materialise.

  598. Anon - reasons unknown

    Blimey, I forgot – I blame it on Murray’s victory and my spontaneous, unplanned celebration!

    The other thing to bear in mind is that if the Caribbean companies can afford to pay back HMSSE the £84m, and they do so, then the existing and pre-existing claims and statutory orders stand.

    There are criminal prosecutions against HMSSE for fraud as well as the straight forward, non-applicable breach of contract stuff (non-applicable breach of contract because investors were in contract with Dave Ames’ Caribbean companies under Caribbean jurisdiction).

  599. Shibbo

    FDNRM – Caribbean companies repaying the £86m seems as likely as you having land title.

  600. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes


    Where is your Buccament Bay Property ?

    We have had mass confusion today as many client could not find the property (by reference to their contract number) on the Buccament Bay survey maps.

    If you have not emailed your Buccament Bay property number then please send it gareth.fatchett@regulatorylegal.co.uk . We have maps across the last 6 years which seem to change numbering all the time.

    It is a painstaking job, but we will build a picture of who was sold what at Buccament Bay.

    How many properties did Harlequin (HMSSE) “give” to agents / IFA’s in lieu of commission ?

    One of the consistent themes we have is that agents were “given” properties on Phase 1 in lieu of commission. We are checking this out to see whether this is the case.

    “Special Deals”

    A handful of investors believe that they have “special deals” sanctioned by Mr Ames. As none of them have title to anything, this is a surprise.

    Investors thinking they have a “special deal”, prepare for disappointment. Any preferences can be (and probably will be) set aside if a liquidation happens.

    CVA ?

    Without a CVA, HMSSE will enter liquidation. At that point, the whole group is at risk. What will gall investors is that the main beneficiaries of any CVA would be the Ames controlled Caribbean companies and the IFA’s / Agents who “advised” on this investment. This would not be acceptable to many investors. As part of any CVA it is likely that investors would ask agents to waive any dividend under the CVA.

    If not, then why should investors agreeing a process to give the Caribbean companies time to pay HMSSE (which would then return money to agents / IFA and about £1m to internal Harlequin sales staff).

    Where do you stand ?

    We are considering running an investor legal surgery. Are you interested in understanding where you stand ? Call Phil Haslam on 01384 889900.

    Statutory Demands

    The best way to reclaim your deposit if your contract is beyond completion is via this process. For more information, please contact Martyn Anderson on 01384 889900.

    Barbados Today

    The Barbados Today publication CLICK ON LINK reports creditors having problems in Barbados. Worth a look as it shows the comments coming from the independent press in the Caribbean.

  601. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon RU, You see it is possible to have a serious debate without name calling. Long may it continue. Lets hope Murray wins then. One question though, what are the criminal prosecutions against HMSSE for fraud?.

  602. Leth


    You will have FDNRM (but should do) spitting his White lightening turbo cider out!

  603. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes, Can you confirm if you are RL, If you are then why not post as being so? What do you class as a “special deal” Also where is the link?

  604. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    @FDNRM (but needs too)

    I am most certainly not RL, you paranoid old twit 😉 get back to your turbo juice and shut up!

    vous vieille chèvre ivre

  605. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Leth/Shibo well the post above from RL? seems to give some creedance to the idea that the Caribbean companies could pay HMSSE and has got RL in a bit of a panic.

  606. 214

    I couldn’t find my unit on the RL list. I was sold unit 5103. No such unit exists! At least I don’t have to worry about co-ownership.

  607. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @LGADC, sorry you are just a mouth piece, my mistake.

  608. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, mine is number 23 which changed to 34 so believe me you are a long way behind me in the build plan.

  609. 169

    FDNRM – lol….you were just called “you old drunk goat’s milk cheese”
    Probably the nicest thing you’ve been called in a long while…

  610. EddieLizzard2

    Looks like FDRM34 (but deffo needs to) is getting a teeny bit twitchy but as usual cares only about his own investment. FYI both Phil Haslam and Martyn Anderson work for Regulatory Legal Solicitors. Who ya gonna call?

  611. 169

    @Yatinkiteasy…..were you able to contact anyone at BB. The
    other blog is “confirming” something happened.

  612. EddieLizzard2

    Anonymous 10:55pm
    I also asked one of my contacts today about BB and they said they hadn’t heard anything but would get back to me. I’ll post if I get any news. It’s not looking at all good for the locals is it?

  613. 169

    EL2 – It seems the locals are the unrecognized victims in this
    entire mess. You can get into a really existential argument
    about who has done what to whom. But the end result is that
    David Ames has screwed over a bunch of people.

  614. Yatinkiteasy

    Sorry my contact is in NYC for a week so I have no news from SVG

  615. anna

    What a sad sad world it is while people such as the ones who run HP exist on this planet. Our own greed is only surpassed by the greed of people such as DA and he is obvicously a damn sight more clever

  616. Simple Simon Says!

    If the rescue plan was a real option, and was not ran by crooks then maybe the governments would be more inclined to help?

  617. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    Pause for a moment FDNRM.

    When this all goes wrong, or a rescue plan, any dirty little deal you have will stop….. let me explain.

    If it goes bust you are unimportant to Ames (if indeed you ever were) if its ran by investors, you under-the-table deal won’t be allowed to happen.

    Do you understand now?

  618. Frothy Man

    @ Erica Broughton.

    Can you please give an update regarding the Police investigation and the ‘Proof’ that a PI was following you and looking over your fence?

  619. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes


    It is game over, you need a new pastime.

    Faut péter dans l’eau pour faire des bulles

  620. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @awhaddwa. I suggest you pause for a moment, or longer. Will you explain what dirty little deal you think I have with DA. This is we all can understand. Facts facts facts!

  621. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Laddie pisshead2, you have not admitted the complete bollox you posted the other day. Too BIG to admit you were wrong?

  622. andrew shipley

    oh here we go an ames disciple trying to destroy a semi sensible thread with the magnum pi incident …..ok wank shaft read the shipleys report he admits to paying or rather owing an investigations company so go and feck yourself !!!!!

  623. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    Ok, how’s this FDNRM ( but should)

    You got your first refund (eventually) less £6k you seemed happy with that!!
    You got your ‘return’ albeit never getting title,……. then they stopped….just like all the rest – your not a special case.

    So, the deal was you continue to support Ames and he will ‘sort you out’ regardless of what happens to HP for your continued disruption and support.

    But when it goes bust why would he? It’s flawed logic.

    The only other answer is that you are insane and need to be locked up.

    If you defend this you are insane, so don’t bother 😉

  624. Poor spelling

    @andrew shipley

    Whilst I agree with you, are you aware of what a Capital letter is?

  625. EddieLizzard2

    FDNRM34 You wrote it it not me. All I did was cut and paste the words you had written in previous posts.

  626. Sid

    What if you had invested everything you have in HP knowing that if it did fail you would be ruined. Maybe if you were in that position you would be over optimistic in the hope that things work out despite the facts cos the alternative is unbearable. Maybe that’s the position FDNRM finds himself in?

  627. Loony tunes

    If that’s the case, its very sad. It’s won’t ruin me but I won’t let Ames get away with it.

    However, would not that want you to fight Ames not support him?

  628. Sid

    @LT, I would yes, but we’re all different I suppose.

  629. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @AWHADDWA. Let me explain this to you by slowly as you obviously have a problem understanding things.
    1 my return was less £6k which was the interest deducted for these posit repayments as per my contract. You do understand what a contract is dont you?
    2 you assume my return has stopped?
    You see you really are talking through your arse. You know nothing and presume everything. FACTS!

  630. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @lazypisshead2 Wrong, I did not say I was “a man of property” and I did not say ” I was not concerned about the Shipleys report” I said I had not had the time to read it when asked, and I only own one property, the house I live in. Now admit what you posted was incorrect and made up!

  631. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yankiteasy, don’t go hiding on other threads, still waiting for your appology regarding BFP “finding” my change of ID from 36 to Fatchett does not represent me. More made up misinformation from you.

  632. UP

    With respect FDNRM you are fairly selective in the “facts” that you relate — and what you chose to confirm or comment on and what you don’t — which means that the picture remains fairly murky.

    You should appreciate too that there is an extraordinary irony to making comments like “more made up misinformation” given the firm that you are trying to support or absolve. Trying to suggest that contracts are something that are unbreakable is probably not particularly wise for similar reasons.

  633. Sid

    What, contracts are unbreakable? That’s great news, I’ll be ok then!

  634. yatinkiteasy

    @FDNRM..you are beyond boring now.No one cares who you were or what you have or have not. No one cares why you changed your ID. I may have gotten it wrong that BFP caught you..I must have been thinking of the other Harlequin clown Harisuccess and others who used multiple IDs, and were even having conversations with themselves.
    My “made up misinformation” included reports on the lack of building activity months ago at H and Merricks. Turned out to be true , didnt it?
    Another bit of “misinformation”…Harlequin owes millions in Barbados and no one can find them.
    One more bit of misinformation, this one just for you ,my dear fact checker…no investor has received legal title at BB as of today,July 4th 2013.
    Now you are telling me that I am not to post on other threads…you are truly a comedian!

  635. Keep the story straight

    @FDNRM nobody assumed your return had stopped. You said it. Several times.

    Would you like EddieLizzard2 to refresh your memory again?

    We’d love to hear your opinion on the Shipley’s report. You’ve been very vocal on every subject except this one. It does seem odd that chips are suddenly more important to you.

  636. Loony tunes

    And if your payments are up to date, your sniveling Dave Ames arse licking is working – for you! So keep it up or they will stop!!!!

  637. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @keep the story straight. Stop making up lies. I have not said ANYWHERE that they have. I challenge you to trawl through these threads and where I have said that. Get Pissard2 on the job. You are a lier!, if you want an opinion on the Shipleys report, you get jack shit for used computer equipment. Good enough.
    @yankiteasy, if no one cares, STOP MAKING UP LIES. If it is not important then don’t post lies!!
    Don’t try and cover up by posting your successes as a diversion.

  638. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Loony tunes. No doubt someone will make a stupid comment regarding the fact I have made no comment on this.

  639. UP

    @FDNRM to the best of my knowledge you neither confirmed nor denied it, hence the assumption. Are you confirming that you are receiving it now?

  640. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    Hello Harlequin staff,

    Not long now until you find out if you have a job, day -8
    Take no notice of uncle Dave and aunt Carol, they don’t figure in the outcome.

    There is only 2 possible options;

    1 Liquidation and you are all out of a job
    2 A rescue package and some of you get to keep the jobs, if you are lucky.

    Shipley’s will be so squeaky clean they will be beyond reproach.

  641. 169

    I-witness-news.com is now reporting BB electricity cut-off

  642. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    its not

  643. Anonymous

    llmitb are you a double mole?

  644. Sid

    Why is it being reported it is if it isn’t?

  645. Sid

    @Leaky, so are you saying this story is fiction?

  646. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP everything you are so interested in is in the public domain. Don’t be lazy, look for it.
    In the interest of openness could you confirm the following.
    1 do you have a property
    2 which resort
    3 Have you paid for it
    4 how much
    5 do you work
    6 how much do you get paid
    7 how old how.
    I’m sure you won’t mind sharing this info

  647. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    I am just ‘a’ leaky leaky mole with information about Harlequin, I am not the only one – that you can be certain on – this is my leaky area 😉

    Most of the office are leaky, I am talking, senior leaky moles ……. very leaky

  648. Anon - reasons unknown

    Amazing that even Gonsalves isn’t backing them in the article.

    I’m sure the TA reviews will still be glowing.

    LLMITB – I bet even senior staff members are deciding to co-operate with the authorities in the hope that it may help keep them out of deep water.

    Squeaky bum time as the net closes in …

  649. Sid

    Squeaky Squeaky Mole. I like it 🙂

  650. Keep the story straight

    @FDNRM, You replied to Sid twice and to others confirming that you had not received your cheques, would it be fair to say they ‘stopped’ coming?

    So now you’re changing tack in your defence of the indefensible. Are you now saying Uncle Dave is still paying you from his loss making investment scam/Ponzi scheme?

  651. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @KTSS I suggest you put both those denials on here now.

  652. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Erica’s on holiday? Bet the police have breathed a big sigh of relief. Reported crime numbers will have dropped no end.

  653. Shibbo

    8 days and counting – like a reverse advent calendar. Boom

  654. Keep the story straight

    @FDNRM, Either your memory is failing you, or you are more than one person and aren’t aware of what the other has written. I suspect the latter.

    The original 36/FDNRM (although deluded) was polite and didn’t indulge in name calling, profanity, or multiple IDs. The current FDNRM embraces all of the above, often In the same post.

    Things are getting desperate for you folks at HP now huh?

  655. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Was that following Fatchetts meeting with the SFO?

  656. Shibbo


    Not a chance. Boom

  657. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ktss the previous FDNRM did not have such a huge following and fan base. Over 40 posts about me in 2 days. Might start my own Facebook page. Now put up the posts you are referring to. I have decided that my followers, perhaps even deciples, prefer my new style, why even Anon RU has joined my followers with humble postings and words of wisdom.
    Where are the posts you referr to???

  658. 169

    Good grief! On top of all the other psychotic neuroses that FDNRM
    is certified to possess we can now add a Messiah complex. The
    man is amazing….the poor little burger flipper who would’nt quit.

  659. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @KTSS common mate, how long does it take to find a couple of posts. Get Laddie pisshead2 on the job. He loves trawling through a couple of thousand posts.

  660. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Good point. Where is the Red Button Girl. Has she been told to pay for her unit in full or lose her deposit. TICK TOCK the clock is ticking LOL

  661. Keep the story straight

    @the new FDNRM, You are someone else, you agressive style is totally out of character. Did you buy the rights to the FDNRM name? Is this the FDNRM franchise now? Is that part of the deal? HP gets to use the ID , the old FDNRM gets a deal?

  662. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @KTSS and your two posts are? Where exactly? Stop trying to change the subject. Proof?

  663. 170

    Former Wimbledon singles champion Pat Cash, currently commentating on this year’s championships, will be running a summer tennis school at Buccament Bay Resort on St Vincent (below) from August 18-September 1. A week’s all-inclusive accommodation there costs from £1,679 per person, including flights and five one-hour tennis coaching sessions; book through Western & Oriental Travel (wandotravel.com). Family packages are also available, while former professionals John Barnes and Ronnie Whelan will be running football sessions at the resort this summer.

  664. 80

    Does anyone know how barnes and co’s fees are paid for? Has anyone seen a rental pool returns statement showing how costs are apportioned? Do such statements exist?

  665. St George's Dragon

    @ Anonymous
    …. does it say to bring your own torch?

  666. 169

    The world’s first (and only) 100% GREEN 5-Star Resort
    No electricity – no sewerage – no sweat….every night you can sit
    by the bon fire on the imported beach and sing Kumbaya
    I can hardly wait to book…

  667. St George's Dragon

    I am trying to get my head around what is likely to happen at the HMSSE creditors meeting next week.
    Firstly, the big unknown is whether the investors will be classed as creditors when the legal opinion comes back. If they are not, and that seems to be the most likely outcome as it is Shipleys’ base assumption, Mr Ames will hold more than 75% of the vote by value of the creditors through his control of the £78 million owed to Harlequin Caribbean resort companies . He can therefore force through a CVA so long as Shipleys go with it.
    His two options are:
    1. Do nothing and let HMSSE slide into liquidation. The liquidator will then seek to get the money owed from the debtor resort companies. That means the £30 million from Harlequin Developments (HD) and the £22 million from Harlequin SVG (HSVG) which I believe owns the Buccament Bay resort. As it is very unlikely that any of those companies have any cash, the only way the liquidator can get the money is to push those companies into liquidation and take whatever emerges from the fire-sale. This route then leads to the demise of the other Harlequin companies and Mr Ames will presumably avoid it at all costs.
    2. Vote through a CVA which pays creditors a percentage. This has to be Mr Ames preferred option. The general creditors (due £4.3 million) and the staff (due £1 million in commissions) would get paid out at an agreed percentage, as would the other Harlequin companies due £78 million (the foundation of Mr Ames’ majority creditor vote). The Harlequin companies couldn’t care less what % they get as any money remains in the group anyway; it is therefore the general creditors who will lose out. To get a CVA through, Mr Ames will have to show Shipleys that there is a prospect of “the collection and distribution of related parties’ debt” – so the money owed by HD and HSVG.
    Everything therefore hinges on whether Mr Ames can show to Shipleys’ satisfaction that HD and HSVG will be able to pay.
    Now this is where I am out of my comfort zone. On what basis does an administrator decide whether a CVA is appropriate (or not)?
    – Do HD and HSVG have to “pay something” or “pay everything”?
    – How credible does that prospect of payment need to be? Does it have to be a cheque, or is a letter on HSVG paper signed by Mr Ames promising to pay £1 million sufficient?
    – To what extent does HMSSE have to show that it will be a “going concern” in the future? Harlequin is on record as saying it has no need for a sales organisation in the future; it appears to have little prospect of future sales bearing in mind the FCA, SFO etc. How can it be a going concern on that basis?
    Are there any experts out there who can advise?

  668. Yatinkiteasy

    @fdnrm ..it is you that are losing your money with Harlequin, not me . And that is why? You are smarter than I. Your constant stupid rantings prove it…and I forgot, you are getting your “returns” and you have title to your unit a BB (sans electrical service)

  669. Yatinkiteasy

    Wonder how DA and the PM are getting along these days? Imagine cutting the electrical supply to BB for non payment of their bills?how dare they?

  670. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @yatinkiteasy. Iv not “lost” any money. I’ve never claimed I have title have I. Your the one who is ranting. Another posting about me. Are you one of my disciples now?

  671. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Keep the story straight. Well you have been proved to be a troll and a LIAR. In future don’t post crap on here unless you can back it up. Idiot.

  672. BBaywatch

    The value of the Harlequin contract book is supposedly £1.33bn, about triple the GDP of SVG, more than the GDP of St Lucia and only slightly less than the GDP of Barbados – any sign of the accounts of the Caribbean arm of Harlequin which could relate the actual value of the companies to the contract book figure? Estimates by those on the ground suggest that the actual value is well below 10% of the investors exposure.

    Take away the £300m estimated to have been paid by investors and Ames can show that he only needs less than 10% of the investors liabilities to be paid and everything is jake – no wonder so much pressure is being put on the investors to complete. Of course in the real world the value of what they are completing on will still only be about 10% of what they have paid out – casino banking looks like small beer compared to this!

  673. Sid

    @FDNRM, KTST is correct. You have told me twice when I asked that you had not received your most recent cheque. That was about 6 weeks ago when you said it was due. The first time I asked you said it was due that week, then when I asked again 2 weeks later you said you still didn’t have it. That is not to say of course that you have not had it since, but you did confirm it was definitely late.

  674. Leth


    Day -7……..

  675. Red Button Girl

    @Ericas Trodden On Pork Pie

    I’m BACK……. my hand poised and ready.Tick tock

    You are truly a very unpleasant excuse for a man

  676. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    @Sid I changed my name, only slightly.

    Ames is very concerned about the meeting on the 12th…… even saying he has an award won’t help 😉

    If he does use the route mention by SGD, he won’t be able to pay the CVA – so its not going to get the OK with Shipley’s.

    Shipley’s wont put a foot wrong – they are being watched very carefully, not what uncle Dave had planned.

    It’s a bizarre concept an IP. You get appointed by the client and paid by them, but don’t take instructions from them and they work for the creditors not the client!

    I don’t see a easy way out of this liquidation seems inevitable.

  677. Lord Haw-Haw

    This was from ‘the Erica blog’ staff leaving and no electric…….

    If the reports of trouble at BB are true, I feel hugely sorry for any holidaymaker stuck there. It must be an absolute nightmare. And, as always seems to be the case, local suppliers and staff are the poor souls who are being dumped on.

    Also, there will be a significant adverse effect on BB’s prospects. The tour operators, such as Virgin and Kuoni, will drop this like the proverbial hot potato. That means that there will be fewer (perhaps no?) visitors and so its resale value will fall. On the upside, the level of losses it seems to be making might drop a bit.

  678. EddieLizzard2

    FDNRM (but needs to) aka Sportman 34Piddle&Bubbles

    Why don’t you shut yer mouth and give yer brain a chance?

  679. Suspicious old shelf stacker!

    That did give me a much needed laugh!

  680. Sid

    @Squeaky, do you know if Ames will be there in person on the 12th?

  681. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker


    Yes I believe that is the plan.

    The questions about selling units more than once appears to have got a few people’s bottoms squeaking!

    It’s an interesting question what happened to someones deposit if a unit was sold twice? Was it refunded & were the investors told?

    They know if that’s the case its SFO ‘time’, in more ways than one 🙂

    I did often wonder how Katharine Manderfield, claimed to have soooooo
    many HP ‘investments’………

    RL just won’t give up, persistent little blighters……

  682. Karma is coming after you

    @FDNRM ( but should) and all the other names.

    What about the staff leaving and no electric at BB any spin on that? Or will you just ignore the question?

  683. EddieLizzard2

    Blimey LLSqueaky,
    Is Ames Snr going to have an armed guard with him for the creditors’ meeting? Are Mrs Dave and Dappy Dan the Postie going to be there too? Can’t imagine Minder Sean and Bull’s Eye will be champing at the bit to ward off angry investors himself what with being owed six grand an’ all.

  684. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Not paying the very posh Hefin Rees QC and Carter Ruck is very odd, he is vulnerable.

    Sean Ghent, gets bad press that’s not justified he not such a bad guy to be fair.

    Mrs Dave and mummy boy Dan won’t be going. Mad Matt don’t forget is not a director ( in name only) so he won’t be there.

  685. EddieLizzard2

    Isn’t Carter Ruck owed £25k?

  686. Sid

    I’m no lawyer, but I’m fairly sure that deliberately re-numbering units and re-selling them is fraud. In fact, I actually know it is as I discussed it with a lawyer yesterday! This will not need to be debated and can not be swerved, it is criminal – black and white. Maybe the clock really is ticking now?

  687. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Yes, but that’s peanuts compared to 39 Essex st aka Hefin Rees, don’t have the figures to hand but it was well over £100k !!!!

    500k to TayorMade in commisions!!


  688. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, late is different to not receiving it. KTSS is wrong and told a deliberate lie! When challenged was unable to prove his point. Therefor is just a troll.
    Laddie pissard2 I will continue to post as long as you keep posting your crap on here.
    @KICAY. I do not comment on speculation. Why should I?

  689. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @leaky leaky, if you were that much of a mole then how did the DA/ Fatchett meeting go?

  690. Sid

    @FDNRM, true. Late is different to not received.

  691. EddieLizzard2

    Ah now I know who you mean.

  692. Yatinkiteasy

    @FDNRM Title is also late, different to “not received”.
    For sale …Cabana in Buccament Bay St Vincent. Can’t promise you clear legal title or a supply of electricity , but what’s left of the staff are fantastic.

  693. EddieLizzard2

    OK FDNRM/36 Bubbles
    If I stop posting will you promise to fuck off to the far side of fuck off and then fuck off some more?

  694. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker


    That’s because I don’t know how the meeting went.

    Ask your only mate WTF, he apparently speaks to Dave most days and know him for many many years.

    I however doubt the validity of that.

  695. Sid

    @EL2, that sounds like a very far off land that probably doesn’t even exist. Are you referring to Buccament Bay?

  696. Sid

    @WTF, care to share for the benefit of all?

  697. Take Ames And Fire

    Come on dickie boy, spill the beans! Offer us some hope to send us on our way for the weekend.

  698. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Laddie Pisshead2 Why should I go. Dozens of people want to speak to me every night. Nice choice of words though.

  699. EddieLizzard2

    OOH Bubbles FDNRM 36 you are so easy to wind up. If you had a brain you’d be dangerous. Dozens would like to see the back of you too.

  700. Anonymous

    WTF – That was the most specious self-serving claptrap I’ve
    read. Are you Harleysucess ?

  701. Loony tunes

    That’s hardly rocket science, I could have told you that / or made it up to sound like your old name ‘In the know’ when clearly your not!

    What a total tosser you are.

  702. Whatsthegrass

    What on Earth would Ames speak to you about something confidential for you to blab your big far gob off on here for? You have no credibility whatsoever

    Go back to abusing people with your uneducated gutter language.


  703. Anonymous

    Peter Binose has just written a succinct comment on iwn.com.
    I have one question who/what is the FRANCIS boy?

  704. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    @FDNRM (but should) Bubbles

    I have an new one for you as a goodbye 😉

    mon cher ami

    Vous avez le corps d’un chien et le QI d’une durée de cinq ans

  705. Anonymous

    Allahu akbar for the last sentence

  706. Loony tunes

    @Richard Ingam aka woman abuser whatsthefuss, in the know Yorkie poo and all those filthy names, pigs toe, chumper mucher etc.

    You make me feel physically sick with you disgusting comments, I can only think being crude somehow sexually arouses you.

    Go and join a website for people like yourself can share things… you call others a pervert!

  707. EddieLizzard2

    Oh for Gawd’s sake TROPorker
    You seem totally obsessed with female genitalia. Why don’t you buy yourself a blow-up doll and take it to your room instead of coming on here posting schoolboy filth. Honestly, you have about as much wit as a trodden-on bogey.

  708. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @laddie pissead2 wind me up? I think not. I like the way you have become obsessive with me. But that is what happens to cult follows. Think I might make a CD and sell in shopping precincts. Think I might call myself Harli Krishma. Got a certain ring to it.

  709. EddieLizzard2

    @ FDNME Bubbles 36, read your post before you send it, then it might make sense to those who read it. Jeez didn’t you listen to anything at school?

  710. Sid

    @FDNRM, are you ETOPP in disguise? You may have slipped up me old mucker.

  711. Sid

    Weren’t you brought up with any manners EL2? It’s hey! shitboy Big Mac & Fries please.

  712. EddieLizzard2

    Is that the best you can do – impersonate me? That old saying ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ comes to mind.

  713. EddieLizzard2

    @ Sid, it wasn’t moi!

  714. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @wtf, what do you think about a CD of topical tunes. Leakey mole, underground by the jam, Erica, were all going on a summer holiday, le grand architect des caribes, ma cherie amour, Anon, who are you ” by the who” BBaywatch, paperback writer, and DA, give me just a little more time “chairman of the board” Recon I’ve got myself a money spinner there. LOL

  715. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @laddie pisshead2 so you didn’t call me a shitboy and order fries. Who impersonated you yo sday that?

  716. EddieLizzard2

    It’ll never sell – you’re on your way to bankruptcy. Morally and financially!

  717. 169

    FDNRM – Your best work yet. It just proves the saying that
    gallows humor is the best humor. A bit giddy though…

  718. Fatchett does not represent me.

    It’s Friday night, sitting in the garden with a glass (wine box) of cheap stuff. Even Anon RU has begun to have a laugh. Don’t people understand that my/ yours/ anyone’s opinion or comments will make no difference what so ever to the outcome here. Life is too short.

  719. EddieLizzard2

    FDNRM ( but needs him), Why don’t you try “I’m forever blowing bubbles.’? You’re good at that.

  720. Fatchett does not represent me.

    You see no class, that’s a West Ham song, everyone knows a Cov supporter.

  721. EddieLizzard2

    Faut péter dans l’eau pour faire des bulles…

    À plus tard!
    Bonne nuit

  722. Sid

    @FDNRM, you’re a Coventry City supporter? So you’re losing your stadium as well as your retirement plan?! You must be jinxed!!!

    I hope you enjoy the wine and your Friday evening.

  723. Sid

    @ETOPP, do they let you have your own computer in that asylum you’re in?

  724. Take Ames And Fire

    @WTF, Did Ames give you any information on the immediate future. Has the power been cut off to Buccament Bay. If so, are they running on a back up generator? I’ve heard investor meetings are planned for early August, is this correct?

  725. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Avengersmovie chats worth, why thank you sir.

  726. Anon - reasons unknown

    Any update from BB today? Power?

  727. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Anon RU how are you, enjoying the weather? I feel a group hug coming on.

  728. BBaywatch

    July 5, 2013 at 5:39 pm
    Peter Binose has just written a succinct comment on iwn.com.
    I have one question who/what is the FRANCIS boy?

    You can all call each other names – shame that you know nothing about the islands where you money has been lost.

  729. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes, loving the weather thank you FDNRM.

  730. 169

    BBaywatch – Got me wrong there, I was a vendor. Job from hell
    actually. But what is the reference to FRANCIS boy? Believe me
    I am on the side of the Islands in this mess.

  731. EddieLizzard2 ( impersonator) sorry about nicking your name!

    @ Richard Ingham aka whatsthefuss yoorkiepoo intheknow & Erica’s various names.

    Does your wife know the names your are dreaming up about Erica’s genitalia? Maybe she should start to worry over this obsession you have?

    I think you are just some sad ‘ Walter Mitty’ character who makes up things about himself to feel important coupled with some OCD illness.

    A little like your ‘claim to fame’ about being big mates with Ames. I bet he hates taking your pathetic calls, but does so only because you would call him a 100 times a day!!!

    You no more know him than I do, just make it up as you go along, you sad sorry for an excuse of a man.

  732. Anon - reasons unknown

    No BB updates? Shame there is no SVG free press. Maybe I’ll check twitter …

  733. 192

    @ETOPP. You offer revolting remarks, with disgusting wording. I feel sorry for your lamentable behavior. Further, you do the majority of us, who seek knowledge from these posts, a huge disservice. I’m ashamed that people like you exist and for the misery unsuccessfully try to spread.

  734. Keep the story straight

    Don’t let these poorly educated, crass individuals ruin the discussion. There is one who finds toilet humour funny (in all his names), and FDNRM in his various guises who has difficulty remembering his made up stories. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

  735. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @KTSS. More lies. Why post on here when you obviously cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction. Found those posts yet? No thought not, because they don’t exist. Try reading SIDS posts and learn. Perhaps you are after a free copy of my CD or want to join my group Harli Chrishma.

  736. Looks Like Erica banned me!

    Erica, you need to stop doing this, going off half cocked.

    You already discredited this blog and yourself by making unfounded and yet unproved allegations about Richard Ingham being a PI and now your off again.

    James Cannon is nothing to do with this, he just happen to share the name ‘Cannon’ and this business is called Cannon Hill Services, in Cannon Hill Lane – that’s it.

    Its ran by Damian Wilson if you care to check his linkedin account – he was a consultant for Harlequin.

    As I stated prior, this site runs better without your nasty vindictive input, its better for all when you are not around – your views are blinded by hatred and revenge – not productive or helpful.

    I expect to be banned for daring to disagree with you, you said the same in the PM you sent me.

    Your totally bonkers!!

    Domain name:

    Cannon Hill Services – 21st May 2013

    Registrant type:
    UK Limited Company, (Company number: 6500368)

    Registrant’s address:
    323 Cannon Hill Lane
    Greater London
    SW20 9HQ
    United Kingdom


  737. Looks Like Erica banned me!

    Seems only Eric’s messages are not allowed to be used for all and sundry to see 😉

    13 hours ago

    Let us all play nicely without any digs at anyone or I will ban you this is not BBFP and if I see this on there you will be banned I will not tolerate any abuse hope you understand
    All posts on this forum by members are members opinions this does not necessarily mean it is the opinion of admin or staff.
    This post is not for publication on any other website or forum.

    This message was about me saying the ‘Erica blog’ was just a soap box for her to spout of her bile and hatred and Bird tables were not interesting for investors. She must have been away last week because the blog was fairly productive.

    The really sad thing is a few people on there really know what they are talking about.

    Talk about censorship!

  738. Simple Simon Says!

    You have made me chuckle, keep drinking the wine, Will I need to wear any special clothes to join your cult?

  739. BBaywatch

    July 5, 2013 at 9:39 pm
    BBaywatch – Got me wrong there, I was a vendor. Job from hell
    actually. But what is the reference to FRANCIS boy? Believe me
    I am on the side of the Islands in this mess.

    What an amateur shambles this whole affair is – none of you with any sense. Just search Francis and SVG – you can do the rest yourself.

  740. Looks Like Erica banned me!

    I have not been banned and my thread has been put back, and left alone!
    I had PM’ed a number of less volatile members, just after I posted. A bit like in the movies when people say, ‘if anything happens to me read this…….. 😉

  741. 174


    Why don’t you set up you’re own investor site? You’ve obviously got strong views, which might help move things forward for investors. If you did, I’m sure some people would join you in trying to get it off the ground. If you don’t like the set up at HIB you should offer an alternative; otherwise you will just come across as churlish. All mouth and no trousers as they say. Best of luck.

  742. James Cannon

    Erica Broughton re: The Blog.

    If you have defamed me on ‘your’ blog I will commence legal redress without further notice.

    You have until 5 pm tonight to remove any comments and set the record straight.

    James Cannon.

  743. A pity..... huge pity

    on the song theme, what about

    ”Just My Imagination (running Away With Me)”

    For maybe Erica?

  744. Sportingman

    I was banned for no reason, no explanation at all. Had not posted anything offensive. Care to explain oh here Erica?

  745. WARNING! Gareth Fatchett and R Legal are desperate

    People are looking so intently at Harlequin that they are ignoring a very serious danger by the no win no fee sharks.

    It is rumoured that Gareth Fatchett and R Legal have lost a number of cases but non disclosures keep the results out of the public eye. That would explain why they are getting desperate over Harlequin and putting all of their eggs in one basket.

    They moved to cheaper offices recently. Why?

    It is estimated they have already mounted up charges of well over £200k on Harlequin in the past few months for very little result because they do not understand the company, the industry or the background. Have you noticed how most of the claims they make in articles are not repeated?

    The Daily Mail is not known for dedication to accuracy but it steered clear of the story after the failed freezing order. That failure was a clear warning of R Legal’s lack of understanding and their ruthlessness.

    With that freezing order they tried to destroy a company, a resort and take all of the investors monies for SEVERAL clients they represented and themselves. They failed and we are still here months later.

    Time is literally money for solicitors so every email, every meeting, every conversation, every update and all the solicitor hours will be counted.

    There are also expensive court appearances, trips to the Caribbean, advertising and salaries to pay for when they are bringing little money in aside from signing on fees.

    Solicitors are very expensive but no win no fee is massively expensive. R Legal will be desperate for any kind of a result to get their huge cut and again there will be non disclosures to stop clients saying what they received after all of the charges were covered.

    When everyone is busy looking at Harlequin do not forget that Gareth Fatchett and R Legal have been working for several months without a positive result.

    Someone will pay and R Legal will do everything possible to make sure it is not them. That might mean robbing 6,000 investors by gutting Harlequin to pay their 60 clients and themselves.

  746. WARNING DAY -6 IFA's to follow

    Now I wonder who wrote that?

    I think its HP that are looking desperate maybe around the 12th of this month!!! and IFA will be bricking it.

    I don’t think you need to worry over Mr Fatchett’s finances his payday will come from the SIPP and savaging the IFA’a…… Are you TaylorMade by any chance 🙂

    Mr Fatchett won’t be shaken off that’s your ‘real’ problem!!

  747. All of this fuss


    Well you must have done something? Maybe you dared to question someone or asked a difficult question? I understand only anit-Harlequin posts are allowed.

  748. Yatinkiteasy

    It seems someone else is being blamed for “robbing 6000 investors”. We all know who the real scammers are , don’t we?

  749. Anon14:50

    Sportingman is 36/FDNRM. I heard Erica chucked him out for being abusive. He has lots of different names.

  750. BFP

    The person who is making all the attacks upon Erica under different names ( Ericas Trodden On Pork Pie, What’s the Fuss etc.) has an IP of

    We have removed most of their comments, over a hundred…

    IP Information for
    IP Location: United Kingdom York Opal Telecom Dsl
    ASN: AS13285 OPALTELECOM-AS TalkTalk Communications Limited (registered May 25, 2000)
    Resolve Host: host-78-150-180-144.as13285.net
    IP Address:
    Whois Server whois.ripe.net

    inetnum: –
    netname: OPAL-DSL
    descr: Opal Telecom DSL
    country: GB
    admin-c: PM58-RIPE
    tech-c: PM58-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: OPAL-MNT
    mnt-lower: OPAL-MNT
    mnt-routes: OPAL-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered

    person: Phill Magill
    address: TalkTalk Communications Limited
    address: Northbank Industrial Estate
    address: Irlam
    address: Manchester
    address: M44 5BL
    address: United Kingdom
    phone: +44 161 222-2000
    fax-no: +44 161 222-2008
    nic-hdl: PM58-RIPE
    mnt-by: OPAL-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered

    descr: Opal-Net Autonomous System
    origin: AS13285
    mnt-by: OPAL-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered

  751. The Real RL

    Best thing to do is wait and see what happens !

    RL – we don’t win 100% of cases. True. About 96% at last count.

    We will back ourselves against the plainly greedy advice of most advisers. We are both resourced and ready. We know its going to happen. We can wait.

    Remember a CVA has to be both viable and feasible. That requires investors to be onside. Therefore, the RL / HIG role is crucial. Mr Ames recognises this. More importantly, Shipleys do as well.

    Although a little dramatic, Harlequin are running out of time. If it is in the interests of our clients we will help formulate CVA. The reverse also applies.

    We are relaxed as we know what is actually going on. It is clear most posters have no idea as to the actual position. It is not for us to educate non clients.

    In conclusion, we continue to work hard for an equitable solution. That solution may happen, it may not. If not, liquidation is almost certain. Irrespective, those who mis-sold will be pursued. On that you have our word.

  752. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ The real RL. You say it is not for you to educate non clients. How does that reconcile with the list of all investors you say you have and ALL investors must agree to any RL led rescue plan? You don’t even have a majority onside so without that a RL led rescue will not work.

  753. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ BFP, are you going to remove Erica from this forum for her made up accusations of WTF being a PI? In the respect of fairness?

  754. Sportingman

    @Anon 14.50, how would I know what I was chucked out for. Erica didn’t have the good grace to issue a warning or explain why. If fact she apologised for her actions. Of course it is impossible for me to prove that as I don’t have access to her site.

  755. The left hand porchway


    RL / HIG will offer investors two choices

    (a) liquidation
    (b) CVA with conditions

    Ames will go for (b) as he has no choice. RL do not care as they pick up the SIPP claims / IFA claims whether it is (a) or (b).

    They have played a blinder as they win either way as investors will only be concerned about getting their money back.

    There are thousands who went via an IFA. The rest are screwed.

    Let’s see how this plays out over the next week.

  756. BFP

    “@ BFP, are you going to remove Erica from this forum for her made up accusations of WTF being a PI? In the respect of fairness?”

    Nope, we’re not. That person crossed the line. Sometimes on the blog we’re not sure where the line is, but it was clear that .144 crossed it.


  757. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @the left hand porchway, not according to the post above which is said to be from RL. “It is not for us to educate non clients” if that is the case then non clients will not make a decision, and they are the majority. And why do you think the rest are screwed?

  758. GAOTU

    @The left hand porchway.

    I would tend to agree with you, it just looks like RL need to square up a few things and its a ‘win win’

    The cash investors were always going to be the most vulnerable, However, if a plan is worked out and all investors work together who knows, could be some hope?

  759. Short Legs

    Thank goodness that horrible man WTF etc, and I used the term ‘man’ lightly has been removed.

    What a vile bitter and twisted individual. We all have some fun with FDNRM but in his defense he is rarely too rude.

    And I have chuckled at some of his recent posts 🙂

    I don’t think we will miss WTF, maybe we may have a proper debate?

  760. James Cannon

    @Erica Broughton.

    Thank you Erica, the matter is now closed.

    Your prompt action was appreciated.

    James Cannon

  761. KST

    Any deals won’t be done in public.

    They won’t be done on any forum.

  762. SD


    That is the only way to be truly prepared for any eventuality, a forum is certainly not the place.

  763. Tubal Cain

    I hopes yo can do the deal at birdspeed,hurting up my head

  764. 169

    One hour ago i-witness-news.com reported that the electricity has
    been turned back on at Buccament Bay. It did not say for how long
    the resort was blacked-out.

  765. The Junior Warden


    FDNRM, WTF – they are not players in what is going on. Hence, there frustration at proceedings.

    The deal needs to be done and quickly.

    The sticking point is some of the greedy agents insisting on being paid via a CVA. Once that is removed, investors may be in business.

  766. Whatsthefuss

    Short legs, who said I was banned! I haven’t done anything to warrant being banned!

  767. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    You are an odious little man. What happened to you never being caught out on a lie? So many names such nastiness, I pity you.

  768. St George's Dragon

    BFP – thanks for clearing some of the muck off the thread. It was getting a bit tedious.

  769. Hoodwinked

    @The Junior Warden

    They are a strange pair, birds of a feather flock together and all that 😉
    A most repugnant person indeed.

    Must go, go now someone knocking on the door.

  770. Whatsthefuss

    I cannot believe how stupid people on here are! I was proven right about not being a PI.
    I then was telling you that ETOPP was not me and the other potty mouth named were not me.
    BFP then ban that person by banning their IP address and I’m still here.
    Again, I was proven correct that that wasn’t me posting
    Twice I have been proven right now!

  771. BFP

    Not so fast, Whatsthefuss…

    IP numbers can be switched. Maybe this is you, and maybe it’s not.

    Maybe that was you using the C word, and maybe not.

    We will see.

    Robert for BFP

  772. Whatsthefuss

    Robert – I include you now with the idiot pack mentality, rather than innocent until proven guilty I must be doing something underhand.
    And Robert I hope you jump to my defence next the I’m called a nonce etc?
    BFP – double standards in your banana republic may be acceptable but not to me.

  773. St George's Dragon

    In terms of how to make friends and influence people in Barbados, using the term “Banana Republic” is not particularly helpful.
    I suspect the Harlequin paid supporters can expect a little more focus from BFP in the future.

  774. A Real Investor

    I would be surprised if WTF understood how offensive this term was, or even cared.

  775. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    CVA or not CVA is the question!

    But,what is the answer?

    The answer needs to be quick, or its all going down the pan, people need to wake up a bit and stop thinking this will fix it’s self.

    It won’t……. people seem almost in a zombie like state of apathy..

  776. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @SGD can you explain why any supporters or posters should have “a little more focus” you don’t know much about the Wigan bunker do you.

  777. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Where is red button girl? I think her clock needs winding up.

  778. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    Possibly sunbathing 😉

    I forgive you anything but!!!!

    S’il vous plaît pas de vin d’une boîte ses terribles

  779. PPGM

    The RL latest bulletin …… about the CVA is interesting.

    Its seems to be recommending investors work with HP rather than it going into liquidation? .a pro-investor CVA.

    You don’t need to be an accountant to work out that liquidation is the worst option – question for all…..

    Would you sign up for that if it was possible?

  780. Short Legs


    Well if being obsessed about dreaming up different words for women’s genitalia, racist, homophobic, misogynistic comments, bullying, lying, and just being a vile troll are not reasons for banning you what is?

    Even low life Ames would distance himself from you after this, if it were true.
    I actually think you are a troll, not even a Harlequin one.

    This IS YOU

    In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by trying to start arguments and upset people. They may do this by posting deliberately inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
    While this sense of the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels subjective, with trolling also used to describe intentionally provocative actions and harassment outside of an online context. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”[5][6]

  781. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, is there a description for someone who makes false allegations about a persons occupation, makes false allegations about being followed, makes false allegations to the police about harassment and then drives past some ones house, photographs their car and then e mails the details to a person with a dubious past who is trying to put a freezing order on a company. I cannot think of a name, can you?

  782. Anon20:00


  783. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon20.00 not at all. All the above are in the public domain. Even the crime number, name of the WPC and the picture of the car on the e mail.

  784. Whatsthefuss

    A Real Investor – I do know what a banana republic, it must be you that is confused as I think it fits quite aptly!
    Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent on the export of a single limited-resource product, such as bananas. It typically has stratified social classes, including a large, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy that comprises the elites of business, politics, and the military. This politico-economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions and thereby exploits the country’s economy.

  785. Whatsthefuss

    Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent on the export of a single limited-resource product, such as bananas. It typically has stratified social classes, including a large, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy that comprises the elites of business, politics, and the military.[1] This politico-economic oligarchy controls the primary-sector productions and thereby exploits the country’s economy.[2]

  786. Anon20:40

    Then you know the answer to your question don’t you? Why labour the point?

  787. Whatsthefuss

    FDNRM – don’t bother giving short legs the facts of what’s gone on, firstly he doesn’t want to know the truth and secondly why educate the idiot?
    I have explained 100 times I wasn’t the one following Erica or posting vulgar insults to her.
    The police are now spending thousands of pounds and tying up resources investigating a crime that happened in Ericas daft head spending thousands just to prove she’s a nut job!

  788. 174


    Do I take it that you’re entirely comfortable with the vile abuse dished out to Erica on this forum? It’s just that whenever someone brings it up your response is to divert attention back to the fact that Erica made false accusations against WTF. Why is that? Are you suggesting that Erica deserved the abuse she suffered because she has made false accusations against WTF? If so I suppose you are entitled to your opinion whilst others will draw their own conclusions.

  789. Anon21:02

    FDNRM is miffed because Erica slung him out of her forum.

  790. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames - these two have

    @ WTF aka nonce and his only mate FDNRM ( but should)

    What a pair of sad gits you are. Ames has had what £300k + and you are still on here defending him, in the hope he will do some ‘special little deal’

    You think it will get past the IP’s – not a chance 😉

    Pair of parasites, and you the ‘nonce’ whats up no more statements to make, Ames used you like a tissue.

  791. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anon 7.47 is I am entitled to my opinion and I have made no comment regarding the abuse so you cannot make any assumptions as my thoughts. I know what the facts are though and Erica made some very serious accusations, took photographs of someone’s car and posted them to another person. Abuse can come in many forms.
    @Anon 21.02 Erica can do what she likes with her forum. A reasonable person would have discussed any objections befor just banning someone. Particularly after Erica had apologised for her postings. Abuse can come in many forms.

  792. Whatsthefuss

    Special little deal/ phoney soprano/ Anthony – your post makes you look as stupid as you clearly are, Ames has nothing like the figures of cash that you talk about. Although I have no wish to lose it I do not let it become an anger issue in my life, it’s making you all bitter and twisted.
    You clearly know nothing about the statement I made to the court because it wasn’t requested by Dave Ames, I was mentioned in court proceedings so was informed by the court. I wished to reply Harlequin never requested I did or didn’t reply because it wasn’t for them to request.

    As for your insults you appear childish, lets see if Barbados Free Press think that it’s ok to insult me but not Erica?

    Your posts are all the same, don’t you have an imagination??

  793. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Well one thing for sure Shipley’s haven’t left a stone unturned,

    if anyone thinks they will get an ‘Uncle Dave deal’ they have absolutely no chance, plus the fact is they can be overturned.

    Jo Swinson has been contacted, who in turn contacted Shipley’s so they are being harder on HP. Even a few law firms done the same 😉

    Sorry guys, no special deals it just wont happen.

    Don’t you think the SFO are getting feedback , come on get real!

    As for you Richard, Dave views you as a liability and a non player in the whole scheme of things – sorry, he done one on you too.

  794. 70

    Does anyone know a Mr Croucher… of Wiltshire I believe ?

  795. Whatsthefuss

    LsMItB – well that’s fine with me as I have no special deal, so makes no difference. if you were a player you would be aware of this?

    What are these special deals you refer to as I would love to know. I’m in no different position to anybody else as far as I am aware.

    As for doing one on me, I haven’t requested anything from Dave nor has he asked me for anything in return.

    Your posts just demonstrate your a fake and have no knowledge. You should stop giving misinformation on here to people, it’s not the done thing!

  796. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @llsmitb, that is the most rediculous thing anyone has posted. You obviously do not understand the remit of an Aministrator. They are part of the court process and NO politician can or will not have any influence. Absolute rubbish.

  797. 174

    FDNRM’s posts seem more tenuous and disconnected from reality than ever. Nothing about Harlequin or the current situation, just a bizarre obsession with Erica accusing some low life of being a PI, like anyone cares. I think it’s finally dawning on him that the only two options are liquidation or an investor supported CVA. In either scenario he would have no special deal, no rental payments and would be in the same boat as the rest of the investors. Except as a cash purchaser he would have no negligence claim against an IFA, agent or SIPP provider. In other words he is screwed. I wonder if he is still happy with Harlequin.

  798. Whatsthefuss

    Anonymous – another boring repetitive post, are you running out of things to say?
    Worry about your own position not FDNRM!!
    As for who cares about the PI issue your right nobody does apart from an idiot in Wigan who is spending thousands of pounds and police resources on it still because she can’t accept she is wrong!

  799. EddieLizzard2

    @ WTF 36FDNRM (but needs a lawyer) You have repeated these accusations about Erica Broughton for weeks now. It still hasn’t proved anything. The foul-mouthed attacks against her by you and the rest of the Harlequin rabble must be one of the worst PR campaigns I have ever seen in my life. You are a bunch of desperate amateurs.

    Has it occurred to you that most people here aren’t really that interested in what she has or hasn’t done (it’s still hearsay). There are far more important things than this, like hundreds of people losing their pensions, jobs, homes and life savings.

  800. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @anon 9.29. How very wrong you are. Try thinking outside the box. If only you knew.

  801. EddieLizzard2

    Jo Swinson MP is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs. Her responsibility includes consumer policy, consumer credit and consumer affairs; and more importantly the Insolvency Service (including company investigations). She has a lot of clout when it comes to company insolvency especially when serious allegations of fraud have been made.

  802. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I don’t care who she is, she cannot influence an administrator of a company. That administrator is answerable to the court only, the administrator is a court appointee. Dont you think that a Government minister cutting across an administrator would shaft the SFO? Get it!
    @Pisshead 2, perhaps you should be interested in what Erica has done. This is not “hearsay”
    —- Original Message —–From: Erica broughtonSent: 06/23/13 03:50
    PMTo: cpcholding@europe.comSubject: White Audi Please find attached a
    picture of the White Audi along with a screenshot of the file
    properties showing the date the image was taken.

    Whos white Audi do you think that is, more importantly, how did I get an e-mail from Erica to CPC?
    You really should think before you post.

  803. EddieLizzard2

    @ FDNRM
    Yeah it’s a picture of a car. No one cares.
    I think the sooner you get yourself a lawyer the better.

  804. Whatsthefuss

    EL2 – Erica cares, Greater Manchester Police care and the person who Erica stalked to their home address dies to.
    You don’t care because your a self centred cretin!

  805. EddieLizzard2

    My God, Are you dead and still posting? WTF!

  806. Keep the story straight

    Why does anyone want a CVA? HMSSE was just the shadow company for all the money to go through. It is in debt, and is not, nor ever was, a viable business. The contracts are with the Caribbean companies and those should be the targets of any CVA.

    Investors and Reg. Legal need to push HMSSE into liquidation so the books are opened for all to see and the directors are brought to account. The directors need their day in court, where they will be forced to answer the questions put to them by Reg. Legal under oath.

    The claim that HMSSE is owed £86m from the Caribbean companies is just a rubbish attempt to cover up the fact they were operating insovently. Without accounts from the Caribbean how will it be proven? Don’t you think its odd that HMSSE is owed almost the same amount as it’s debt, by it’s own related companies? Companies that we know are broke, and may well be operating insovently too (How did BB pay the power bill? What about BB’s other significant debts?)

    Liquidation is the answer, and with the liquidation we should get more answers about how this scam was orchestrated, and where the money went. Any CVA is just an attempt by the Ames family to avoid accountability.

    WTF and FDNRM are just side shows. Ignore them and look for the money.

  807. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @KTSS. Liquidation is not the answer.doing that there will be no money at all. Opening the books will prove nothing.
    @EL2 people do care because its the truth. And we all want the truth don’t we?

  808. EddieLizzard2

    @ Keep the story straight.
    Good post.

  809. 42

    @FDNR 6.51 am

    “Opening the books will prove nothing”
    “And we all want the truth don’t we?”

    You quite simply couldn’t make it up!

  810. Short Legs

    @Whatsthefuss AKA nonce.
    Bet he has when you combine it with your mates FDNRM. You are one to talk about anger issues, oh dear. Why would you give a statment to defend Ames – that’s the real question.

  811. Short Legs


    Clearly you have no idea how IP’s work, or what Jo Swinson role is.

    IP’s are typically lazy and charge a fortune,

    Usually the people who are owed money by the company don’t fancy challenging the result or spending more to prove it.

    So the accept say 10p in the £.

    Also, IP’s will turn a blind eye, they are in it for the fees not to make work.

    With Jo on the case and law firms they have to make sure its done by the book.

  812. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    @FDNRM ( but should) and his mate WTF

    You both really do have delusions of grandeur. Dave don’t give a toss about you.

    WTF, has become an embarrassment for him, claiming he has know him for years and making out they are best mates – he does know him, but that’s about it. He just want’s him to shut up and stop his campaign – it’s causing him grief.

    Pity you can’t see all the posts of the emails and PM’s you sent Erica.. Makes you look like a real turncoat, well you are!

    @FDNRM, he just pays you a couple of quid because you carry on blocking up the blog with your drivel, for what he pays you its worth it.

    You both will be dropped, along with your special little deals when you have served your purpose, and then you will feel used and abused – bit like real investors.

  813. FDNRM and WTF thier own little world.....

    It’s surreal, you have these to moaning about what Erica’s said whilst the company is heading for the dunstbin this week unless some sort or agreement can be made!!

    I am truly mystified – and they are investors???

    Say’s it all really.

  814. Whatsthefuss

    LLMITB – I have no special deal so I have no idea what you are referring to.

    As for posting, I haven’t been posting alot at all, I just get accused of posting under different names hence when ETOPP was banned from here I wasn’t?

    As for any private messages sent to Erica these were what she wanted to hear so I could understand what idiotic tricks she was up to, simple really.

    As for yourself, if Dave is all the things you call him, then why are you happy to prostitute yourself for him for your monthly salary? Isn’t that what your accusing FDNRM of doing?

    Your a bit of a clown really because your a fake, go down to reception and find out what date and time I was in the office last week, if not disappear, your a fraud!

  815. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker


    If you say so.

    Anyway Dave was not too happy about you trying to ‘take his baby’ off him. – but he got you to do the statement whether the court needed it or not it’s irrelevant; you did it.

    Some of those PM’s & emails…. tut tut! 😉

    Bet he tells you nothing now does he? That’s because he does not trust you. You only have FDNRM as a ‘mate’ now.

  816. 169

    National Hurricane Center now showing Tropical Storm Chantal
    as reaching hurricane force and passing over St Lucia sometime
    Wednesday. It will be interesting to find out how the “beach”
    at BB withstands any residual tides/high surf.

  817. Whatsthefuss

    LLSMITB – Dave was not unaware of the things I wrote to Erica, so maybe he’s playing you to see if you can hd water?
    If you were actually who you say you were you would know I spoke with Dave this morning, there was nothing that I asked that he didn’t answer.
    As for you though, you didn’t answer any questions.
    So prove who you are, go to the visitors book and tell me what date and time I was in the office last week and secondly, why its acceptable to take a salary from Dave, from investors deposits and being complicit in whatever you say Dave is doing, and thirdly what’s this deal I have because you must know more than me about my own business.

  818. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    You can’t bully me & I have no intention of answering any questions from you.

    Alas, your the one being ‘played’ but too stupid or arrogant to know.

    The IP knows of the deal – I told them.

    That’s all I have to say.

  819. Whatsthefuss

    LLSMITB – think you have been rumbled here as a bullshitter. Fact is there is no deal, never has been.

    So what about checking the signing in book next, and why taking a salary is ok but an investor getting a return isn’t?

    Zero out of three so far!

  820. Loony tunes

    I would say 1 nil to Ames he has your money you pillock!
    Was it cash, ouch your stuffed 😉

  821. Whatsthefuss

    Loony – no more or less screwed than anybody else because I don’t have a special deal – do you??

  822. Andrew Shipley

    Hey wtf does that mean Ames oked the shit and kinky stuff you doled out? that’s a twats trick if he did.you are one sick puppy pity your bird she must be right frigged of seeing u do this to a woman

  823. Whatsthefuss

    Andrew – I do not recall writing any filthy posts to anybody. I recall posts being put up in the name of ETOPP and getting accused of being them.
    ETOPP is banned so I was proven not to be him!

  824. Poor spelling

    @ Andrew Shipley
    Please ask someone to write for you; clearly it’s not your strong point. No need to use such expletives – its just rude.

    Has ETOPP been banned or just hiding?