Barbados Forensic Laboratory unable to produce results for over two years

sheema mangar

Does nothing work ’bout this place?

submitted by Friend of the Family

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Two years ago the Guyana Police Force submitted a crucial piece of evidence to the Barbados Forensic Laboratory: a scrap of cloth found lodged in the running gear of an automobile.

It was thought that this scrap matched the clothing worn by Sheema Mangar (photo above) when she was killed – murdered really – September 11, 2010 during a robbery in Guyana. Sheema was dragged to her horrible death as she was chasing a man who stole her Blackberry phone.

Two years later and the Barbados Forensic Laboratory has not bothered to complete the report on its examination of the scrap of cloth. Two years Sheema’s family has been waiting for justice.

You Bajans talk so big with so much pride about how much more advanced you are than poor Guyana. What use is a forensic laboratory that does nothing?

Friend of the Family

Note: BFP’s readers please read the full news article at Demerara Waves…

Home Ministry asks Barbados forensic lab to send Sheema Mangar’s results quickly

The Home Affairs Ministry wants the Barbados Forensic Laboratory to speedily deliver a second report concerning Sheema Mangar who was killed three years ago when a car dragged her on the road while she was chasing a man who had grabbed her Blackberry.

“Apart from the efforts of the Guyana Police Force, the Ministry is now in touch with the Head of the Laboratory with a request that a report on the second submission be expedited,” the Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

This is the third time in as many years that the Home Affairs Ministry and its minister, Clement Rohee have been seeking to assure Mangar’s relatives that everything was being done to acquire all the forensic results from Barbados.

Mangar,20,was robbed on September 11 while awaiting transportation on North Road close to Camp Street. She was then knocked down by a car and dragged from the Bedford Methodist Church at Camp Street and North Road to the intersection of Camp and Church streets. She died hours later at the St Joseph Mercy Hospitalfrom multiple injuries including a ruptured spleen. Subsequent to the incident, pieces of fabric were found beneath a car, which seemingly matched the clothing of the late Demerara Bank employee.
She was an employee of Demerara Bank.


The Home Affairs Ministry said it reconfirmed that two submissions were made to the Barbados Forensic Laboratory, on November 05, 2010 and August 30, 2011, respectively.  A report on the first submission was received in August 2011, when a Guyana Police Force representative travelled to Barbados to make a second submission.

According to the Home Affairs Ministry, it was only recently revealed that the Barbados Forensic Laboratory recommenced operations late 2011, having been closed for repairs from 2009 to 2011.  However, the Lab continued to accept submissions.


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15 responses to “Barbados Forensic Laboratory unable to produce results for over two years

  1. LOOK

    Barbados civilization is way too far behind.


    Send it to Miami

  3. LOOK

    If traveling through Barbados (male and female), you certainly need identification, these too: A rape kit and a breathalyzer. Can’t depend on Barbados, can’t trust them either. Now they (Barbados) are shame and embarrassed and now, just now fired police commission Dottin.

  4. A policy holder

    Par for the course!

  5. sith

    Sad situation.

  6. Responder

    Running behind a man for a blackberry phone. Is there something wrong with story.

  7. Lookin in

    No surprises here. When you don’t expect much, you don’t get much. Someone needs to give the whole justice system a good shake.

  8. just want to know

    just to let you know, I have been waiting to have a cataract remove from my eye at the QEH, the reason for the delay is ” some medicine that’s needed for the surgery is not in stock, when asked when are we going to get it, we were told it cannot be ordered because there is no money to pay for it”, so maybe I will end up being blind, right now I have difficulty reading for longer than 20 minutes. So forensic is not the only thing that’s not available for Barbadians or anyone else for that matter.

  9. LOOK

    @ just want to know

    Feel sorry for you, I do. You will ultimately go blind, Catarack will cover your entire eye (s). i wouldn;t live there. I just would not live there.

  10. 3

    Does it make sense to castigate Barbados because the Lab has not concluded its findings on a piece of cloth said to have been found under car in Guyana? Who said it was really found under a car? Who said it could not have been a plot to destroy some innocent person? Who said the cloth could not have been “doctored up” to bear out malice, envy or jealousy against someone? Why did the authorities in Guyana not send the cloth to the USA? Are you all not tired of trying to make fools of Barbadians? Is it that we are too “nice” which is really a euphemism for “foolish”.

  11. anonymous115

    Nice, Owen Arthur and the BLP allowed masses of land theft involving Violet Beckles. Oh! Winston Roach, Purchaser at the Barbados Water Authority, cousin of Owen is a psychopath, just like Owen. Personal vehicle is a 1999 SUV, he calls it a van. Said he doesn’t trust his own daughter, she knew about his ex-wife having (4) affairs but wouldn’t tell him. Ex-wife never engage in affairs with other men, it was him Winston. LOL Persons in my family have much influence he said, but Owen is a drunk, inept and corrupt. Drunk driving in Barbados is legal, breathalyzers are not – fools in Barbados. Barbados forensic laboratory unable to produce results for over two years – fools in Barbados.

  12. just want to know

    I thought the DLP was the Government of Barbados, didn’t realise OC was still in power, After 5 years plus the BLP is still on, they should be jumping for joy!!! that anonymous can still be talking about such wonderful years when Barbadians had money to spend, and some in their pockets for fun time, now not even enough to go to the supermarket, have you pass through a supermarket lately, it is only the older folks can buy anything LOL with some small change in their pockets. Remember VAT raising to 20%!!!!!

  13. LOOK

    The administrator for the estate of Violet Beckles is not jumping for joy. Barbadian citizens likewise aren’t jumping for joy. This is because poverty in Barbados is rising and the cost of living. Surely they must realize that the millions paid to Contractor Al Barrack or that must be paid to Contractor Al Barrack is heavily involved. Owen Arthur and the BLP gave birth to Al Barrack not the DLP. Now, now lets talk about CLICO; blame and shame belongs to both Owen Arthur and David Thompson. Owen Arthur like David Thompson took CLICO money, OSA just took a lot less than Thompson.

    Barbados at moment is a mess. It’s just a mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there. The United Nations says so. . . . Tourism on its death bed. . . . Forensic laboratory unable to produce results in two years and now we hear that QEH is unable to perform cataract surgery, medicine needed for it not in stock, hospital has no money for it. Wow!

  14. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    This is shameful. My lovely island turning into the laughing stock of the Caribbean. Trinidadians think that we cannot run our businesses so they buying them off and doing it for us. While we complain and continue to talk Trinidad continue to negotiate and buy. We selling off are assets and than complaining that we have no more controlling influence over our destiny. Can you imagine that we offering tax concessions to attract international business but taxing the shite out of our people who helps fuel the economic wheels. We execute justice only to the poor and say to the rich you are above the law you can do what you like so we lock up a poor man for accidentally running over a child but a man accidentally shoots his son and kills him can do as he pleases and get off scotch free. Now we got a forensic lab that is causing others to hurl insults at is. What the heck is going on down there…

  15. anonymous139

    Funny that Mottley suddenly can’t handle her own kitchen fire – George Payne v Edmund Hinkson – gets out on the street to communicate with the public, comes here to the BFP, post comment and the Barbados Underground the same. The PAC meeting that convened 06/18/2013 was temporarily suspended but not before Minister Inniss embarrassed her, Mia Mottley and not before she embarrassed herself. Does she know what she is doing?

    Interesting that the BLP (Mottley and Dale Marshall) are demanding answers from Prime Minister Stuart concerning Dottin. Interesting, neither one of them demanded answers and or a thorough investigation concerning the Britton Hill deaths.