DNA Paternity Tests should be standard in Barbados


by Sherwin King

I am responding to statements made by the Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite and others in the nation newspaper dated Wednesday the 24th of April 2013 on page 6A, which was headline “AG knocks DNA call”.

The attorney general being a man in appearance is noted in the matter here as being ashamed of a call by a character to have a DNA test done on every child born in Barbados, which appears to be supported by other legal minds.

What are you really saying to men in this country AG?  Can women do no wrong in your sight? As an attorney at law for so long and now a QC also, have you not come across or heard about cases or matters in this country where a man was force to give child support to a woman who swear that the child is his, only to find out or be told by the same woman when the child is old enough, that the child belongs to another man? Do you have any idea how that man would feel now, being use by her in this way? Would the same force that force the man to pay her child support all these years now come to his aid and force the woman to pay him back every cent in support that he was force to give her because of the lies she stated?

As a man in this country you AG disappoint me and I will think twice of voting for people like you next round. My view is yes, make it so as it is very much needed to clarify family matters in this country, however, as money to pay for these matters is an issue, at least pay for those that want that question answered to be sure and not the ones that are sure of their position as dad and in rare cases mother. My advice to you AG is to take your head out of the sand as that position only attracts funny people.

To the others, to Marilyn Rice Bowen of NOW, let us focus on domestic violence as you stated that we should, for any violence to occur there have to be a cause, have you researched that yet? What were the causes of these murders you mention, who was to blame? Did it involve disrespect and who was disrespecting who?  Put yourself together in a man’s position this day and tell me, if you were caring and loving to a child for all these years, who you believe it to be yours, then to learn from your partner that the child belongs to another, how would you be thinking towards this partner? [Be truthful now] Would you feel raped and used and abused? And what if the court system force you to care for the child with the claim that it is yours, now to know otherwise, when you look at this partner in your range, what would you be thinking?

It is too easy to stand afar off and make statements on matters; it’s another to be in the furnace. As far as a lot of you do where men and women are concerned – “hang the men but let go the women” is a practice I see too often by authorities and law enforcement and I tell you as a matter of fact, there is only so much a man can take before war breaks out.

If a man is wrong in a matter then he is wrong and if a woman is wrong in a matter then she is wrong. What is very frustrating is when she is wrong, you people are doing everything in your power to cover her tracks and highlight the man’s position and that is injustice to the man, being bought to the man by the help of other men hypocrites. My advice to you is to outline the facts of the whole matter and not part as is practice, if the woman is wrong in the matter, have the guts to state just that.

Sherwin King

BFP encourages our readers to visit The Nation to read the news article mentioned by Mr. King, but we must reprint it here in its entirety because The Nation has a habit of changing the historical record by modifying and erasing news stories…

AG knocks DNA call

WED, APRIL 24, 2013 – 12:03 AM

ATTORNEY GENERAL Adriel Brathwaite has dismissed as “unfortunate” and insulting a recent call by chairman of the Men’s Educational Support Association Ralph Boyce for mandatory DNA testing to be done on all babies born in Barbados.

And Brathwaite went so far as to tender an apology to women for the recommendation.

On Monday at the annual general meeting of Soroptimist International of Jamestown, held in the Hildegarde Weekes Activity Centre in Eden Lodge, St Michael, Brathwaite tackled the controversial issue.

He said: “I read about some character suggesting we should have DNA tests for every child in Barbados. I want to say to the Press that you can take this apology to the woman of Barbados on my behalf because I am insulted that – if the report was correct – someone, who considers himself to be a serious senior in this country, can be suggesting that you should have DNA testing at the birth of each child in this county”


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10 responses to “DNA Paternity Tests should be standard in Barbados

  1. Fear Play

    BFP, are you getting soft or what? Commissioner of Police forced into resignation, government not offering an explanation to populace, disclosures within the Opposition in relation to a court case, economy in shambles and government leader silent (as usual), tourism in nose dive while St Lucia in ascendency and you offer some marshmallow topics? What’s happening? Lost your mojo?


    Mothers baby , Fathers maybe , Get it right from the start , Will save a lot of money and court later in life. Just do it , sleep better at night.
    You are not the father ,

  3. St George's Dragon

    This debate is unlikely be taking place anywhere else in the world.
    Elsewhere there would be people on the streets protesting about Government dictatorship if there was any hint that DNA testing was being considered for every new-born child.
    You don’t want people monitoring your emails or your phone calls. Why would you want them monitoring your DNA, or that of your children?
    If there is a paternity dispute, get the test done and sort it out. Leave the rest of us alone.

  4. LOOK

    Barbados civilization is way too far behind. DNA almost everywhere else is the norm. DNA solves crime and proves paternity. Commissioner Dottin apparently knew nothing about DNA. Would have saved him a lot of embarrassment. Again, Barbados civilization is way too far behind. Drunk driving is legal, breathalizers are not. LOL

  5. Sankofa

    Nobody is dismissing DNA for solving crime, and yes DNA is used when there is a perceived problem with paternity….not as a matter of course “almost everywhere else”. Where else in the world do you know that DNA is mandatory as is being called for here? What effect would mandatory testing have on relationships and trust? Most of all, who is going to pay? Some people should not even be having children in the first place, and can hardly afford diapers. They are certainly not in a position to pay for testing. Will this be another burden on us, the taxpayers? Whoever wants to sleep around and be uncertain about paternity, let them pay for their own DNA. Not all of us sleep around. Just leave us alone and let us raise our children – we know the fathers.

  6. Willie & Rib Bone

    My bbf, Rib Bone, who brother, Ham Bone, reading da law at HMP Dodds, St Philip, where he residing full time for the time bein (where he acused of mopery), have advised me and Rib Bone dat this whole ting bout DNA ain’t nuthin but some legal flim flammary and dat DNA mean DO NOT ADMIT!
    It got nuffin to do bout fancy boy science what you see on da televishun when some slapper in da US of A is chasin bad boys.
    DO NOT ADMIT. So Ham Bone say to us, Shut da Hell Up! when da polis be hassling us becuz dey make enuff lyin even when we take da rite to remane silent and da polis tell a story dat make even da poor widow who live nex to da rum shop on da coast road where we set up shop weep like dat fat girl from Trini who clamed dat Rib Bone hep her wit a love child who now 38 yers old and hangin out wit da road gang.

  7. LOOK

    Taxpayers could not afford the 2.5 million loss, the result of Owen Arthur’s Nigerian water heater idea. Taxpayers cannot afford millions owed to Contractor Al Barrack but must pay if not already.

    There are many things that Barbados should certainly invest in, should invest in rape kits and whatever is needed to produce immediate forensic results. Barbados has developed an increase in crime but worse crime against tourism there. DNA should be mandatory for the purpose of solving crimes and because people producing children. This way, they could not deny child support.

  8. Lookin in

    DNA tests should only be used where there are paternity suits. It’s a crazy waste of money to use it for every child and insulting to both parents. What happened to trust?

  9. james

    it is insulting that paternity testing isn’t obligatory by law. there are numerous frauds. do you feel insulted as a man that there are laws that obligate you as a father to contribute to your biological child? well, it may not be your child but you will be legally forced and emotionally ruined, not just financially. not just you, but everyone involved.
    people use dna analysis to prove murder, rape and even thefts and other things. paternity testing costs very little when compared to benefits to everyone in the future. case clear, paternity testing shuold be obligatory.

  10. wendell

    DNA testing is very important at birth because it prepares you for the future and all the problems ahead of you.if a serious health problem occur and the only one that can save that child life is the father, what would happen then if the father is not the real father. who is responsible now?