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DNA Paternity Tests should be standard in Barbados


by Sherwin King

I am responding to statements made by the Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite and others in the nation newspaper dated Wednesday the 24th of April 2013 on page 6A, which was headline “AG knocks DNA call”.

The attorney general being a man in appearance is noted in the matter here as being ashamed of a call by a character to have a DNA test done on every child born in Barbados, which appears to be supported by other legal minds.

What are you really saying to men in this country AG?  Can women do no wrong in your sight? As an attorney at law for so long and now a QC also, have you not come across or heard about cases or matters in this country where a man was force to give child support to a woman who swear that the child is his, only to find out or be told by the same woman when the child is old enough, that the child belongs to another man? Do you have any idea how that man would feel now, being use by her in this way? Would the same force that force the man to pay her child support all these years now come to his aid and force the woman to pay him back every cent in support that he was force to give her because of the lies she stated? Continue reading


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Chrissy: Made in Barbados family film

The trailer is too dramatic but I liked the film very much. Excellent production values, good story, good acting.


From a publicity email sent to BFP…

This movie played to sold out audiences in Barbados and Premiered in Jamaica to a standing ovation. American Author Eric Jerome Dickey says “I Enjoyed Chrissy! from the beginning to the End.” The High Commissioner of Barbados to Canada Mr. Evelyn Greaves says “This movie is highly recommended for the entire family, educators and organizations.” The movie has played in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London and Birmingham and is currently playing in Antigua. Chrissy is an inspirational movie for the entire family and stars 10 year old Makalah Harrison and Cara O’Donnell, Sophia Thomas lead actor of the HUSH series and Barbados’ own Mac Fingal and Peter Boyce. Shot entirely on location in Barbados, Chrissy will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions as you move from scene to scene with the children. Continue reading


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