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In Memoriam – Marcus (James)


One of BFP’s founders passes

Dear Friends,

We have lost Marcus – one of our original four founders and BFP’s editor-in-chief.

Although his passing was not unexpected, it was in some ways more difficult for family and friends during these last five months than had he been taken suddenly. Marcus said it was a blessing that he knew and had time to prepare. Given his choices, I could not argue with him.

“When you know your time is coming, you find joy in the smallest things that you once took for granted.”

That’s what Marcus said and he remained his usual smiling self right to the end. His attitude and joy in life remains an inspiration to all who knew him.

Some of our regular readers started asking if things were alright three or four months ago as they noticed changes in BFP’s postings and lapses in the usual daily online banter as Marcus became less and less able. He was the glue that held BFP together and it showed when he was increasingly absent.

Those of us who remain will take a some time to reinvigorate Barbados Free Press and to get back to our roots as a voice for social and political change in Bim. We pledge to continue the fight to stop our so-called Bajan “leaders” who sell off our children’s futures while lining their own pockets and filling their foreign bank accounts.

The mourning time is over, and with help from the good Lord and our readers we’re getting back to work.



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