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Canadian Parliamentary report targets Barbados and other offshore banking and corporate centres


I have a question for our glorious leaders of the DLP and BLP…

Tourism is dying and our offshore banking sector is under serious attack. What is this island going to be doing to earn foreign revenues in 10 years time? Folks like Dr. Duguid and Owen Arthur won’t care because they are rich enough to bail out, but what will our children do to earn a living?

“Canadian banks and other financial institutions should be required to find out the beneficial owners of corporations or trusts that are transferring money overseas, according to recommendations in a new report on tax evasion by Parliament’s finance committee.

The all-party finance committee reported Wednesday on the results of a lengthy review of tax havens, but the study immediately drew criticism from NDP and Liberal members who said its 11 recommendations are too vague and will do little to halt the tide of money flowing into offshore tax havens.”

… from the Globe and Mail article: Banks urged to find out who is sending money abroad


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