A symbol of our troubles: Tattered Barbados flag waves over stalled Four Seasons

Barbados Tattered Flag

Welcome to the Four Seasons, Barbados

The symbolism in the photo is stark: clouds obscure the Caribbean sun as weeds grow around a faded and ripped Bajan flag at yet another failed mega-project. A piece of garbage on a dead lawn provides the finishing touch.

Greed and politicians did this – mostly men who thought they were experts in leadership and running a country because they made speeches and got theyselves elected. The results of their decisions stand rotting in the sun all over the island: half built condos, closed hotels and crumbling steps. I’ve lost count of the sludge-filled swamps that used to be swimming pools surrounded by a hundred happy tourists baking and drinking Bajan rum.

It’s all over now and we did it to ourselves.

If we keep on blaming ‘the economy’ and 9/11 and Cuba we are headed only one way and that is down.

This is where we are now. Our best coasts and beaches are walled off or defended by thousands of motorcars. Our roadsides are tipping spots, while sullen shop clerks ‘greet’ visitors with about as much respect as you’d give a rat in your rubbish bin.

This is where our leaders have brought us, and when their time is up they head for Canada or Switzerland or Florida.

That’s where we are. The question is; what do we do now?

2013 Almond Barbados

Four Seasons flag photo courtesy of The Nation: Flag shame at Four Seasons


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15 responses to “A symbol of our troubles: Tattered Barbados flag waves over stalled Four Seasons


    Very Very So Very True , As the Fraud turns, A new and very old TV show on Barbados , Projects starve as the BLP/DLP gain weight feeding off the Public and other investors Pocket Book. NO Dam Shame of taking and stealing from the People and the Nation. This mess cant be hidden away in an overseas Bank account. This is what you can see as you drive by on a tour is a seeing Fact. Think of the things you cant see but just hear.
    Massive Fraud is the GDP of Barbados.
    Come to Barbados , enjoy the Island in the Sun , the People , The food, the night Life that is near no more in the GAP.
    None of this is possible with out the Lawyers and those who Knight each other with QC and other titles. More are Promoted , Crooks Approving Crooks to make them self feel better the More they take. The New Rooms headed by lawyers Make sure they grace each other for the People will not.
    I.L is dead with F.O.I as the Elections is over for now. Back to Sleep the Big Bears go back to their Caves counting the funds as they make fund of the People ,
    Government Approved Fraud goes no where as the Police and DPP does nothing , nice work AG. NOT.

  2. Anonymous

    We went to a shop in swan street last year. Both assistants were lying down and didn’t even bother to stand or attempt to serve us.

  3. Anonymous

    Some of them are pretty rude.

  4. Tudor

    ANSA Mcall will take over this project and another piece of Barbados will owned by Trinindad.

  5. Richard

    Poor Barbados, I feel your pain, but if this is any comfort, just know you are not alone.

  6. sith

    It is going to take a lot of fixing and suffering to get it all headed in the right direction. Barbados living way beyond its means. Government deficits just add to the problem. Beautiful Barbados not so beautiful anymore.

  7. John

    Anonymous, I gather from your comment that you aren’t Bajan?

  8. Nostradamus

    You think Four Seasons know their name is on that wall. I doubt it.

  9. just want to know

    There is a piece in the paper today from the Trinidad guardian that Duprey is a wanted Man, I just hope that they will include Leroy Parris, David Thompson is Dead, but his involvement is know, so anything that he has left behind should be indicated as well. Hope the P. M. will not continue to shield him.

  10. abc

    close it down the whole island we wont come any more so will our friends do.
    its 5 mins past 12 and nobody wanted to listen before.

  11. The Oracle

    @ abc…..The huge benefit to Barbadians from the many expats including Canadians who own palatial homes here, is the day the expats decide to leave Barbados for whatever reason their homes will definitely stay and Bajans will own mansions for cents on the dollar. Every dark cloud has a silver lining if the viewer pays attention.

  12. Sam

    I would never give up on the land of my birth. No matter the situation.

  13. Well Well

    After a fall, you have to get up, dust yourself off and start all over again, this will not be the first time in history or the last………….

  14. Dalomos

    There is a generation that needs to get out of the way of progress. In these new times you must purge old government and business practices. You’ve run your course…, let go of the reins.

    There is a philosophy that expats are gone. Who needs them? The diaspora needs them…America needs them…Africa needs them..They are the conduit, the resource, the lifeblood.

    The indentured servitude of tourism is a myth that has only brought Barbados shackles and usury. The thought was that the sun would always be shining. The tourist will always come in flocks and droves. We built a foundation on the sand and not the rocks of proper banking, manufacturing, industry, technology.

    Lo ‘ when Cuba opens it’s doors. There will be a lot more hotels that look like these haunted houses.., but it isn’t too late.

  15. red

    most barbadians like to close there eyes and prefer not to look at reality.
    the mostly unfriendly population like the money from tourism but do not like to serve and deliver.
    this attitude and harrassing tourists spoiled bim and will lead into ruin.
    we dont regret the island is not worth to visit any more and go to mauritius,
    maledives, seychelles etc. leaving our money there with the friendly local
    good luck forthe future you will really need it….