Story changes… Nation News self-censoring? Government running the Nation News?


by Not Taken

In BFP’s post “Canadian tourists robbed at gunpoint in room. Sex assault upon wife as husband held at gunpoint.” it was said “The Nation News has withdrawn the original story from its website – probably to try to limit the public relations damage for the Barbados Tourism Authority……..”

On Saturday April 20 I read an article  “New tourism boost”  at

On Sunday April 21 I read an article  “$11m plan to boost tourism”  at

Both articles covered the Minister of Tourism’s unveiling of the “Barbados Island Inclusive” programme to members of the media.

When I first read the article on Saturday, the Minister was quoted as saying something to the effect that “there really is nothing to be gained by counting the numbers of visitors disembarking from airplanes and cruise ship gangplanks in Barbados; but rather the important thing is how much money they spend when they are here.”

When I read the Sunday article, I was surprised that the comments about the numbers of visitors was excluded.  Of course it is not surprising that he does not want to talk about 9% declines.

So I revisited the Saturday article; and to my greater surprise those comments were no longer in the Saturday article.

Is it possible that the Minister or someone else in Government was able to have the article re-written to exclude those very strange comments that the numbers of visitors do not matter?  Is it possible that  knowing the MOF was to have his rather gloomy economic update/press conference yesterday, the PM decided that it would be inappropriate for MOT to be upbeat one week, when the MOF would be saying he is “disappointed” with the the state of the economy the next week.

Given that neither you nor our friend Adrian has been all over those comments, I am guessing they were deleted before either of you saw them.

Both articles, the Saturday April 20 one being apparently re-written from the one I originally saw are copied below.  Each had a different photo.  In the Saturday photo The Minister and his colleagues all appear to be searching for an answer somewhere in their papers.

The Sunday article also excludes the following, which was in the Saturday issue.

“For example selected vendors at Oistins will be able to participate,” he said.

Sealy said 15 eating places have signed on for the programme adding the list as ‘not exhaustive’.

It is all very confusing

Not Taken

New tourism boost

SAT, APRIL 20, 2013 – 5:51 PM
Barbados will invest  $11 million on a new tourism product, ‘Barbados Island Inclusive’.
It is estimated that this will bring an estimated $30 million in visitor-spending across the island.
The new initiative offers visitors an air and accommodation package from April 29, that earns them free dining .
Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy : “While those previous promotions delivered savings at the point of purchase to the customer ,they did not promote or commit this proposed level of spending in Barbados. That money stayed in the distribution channels outside of Barbados”.
He explained to members of the media in the Barbados Tourism Authority boardroom at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre today,  that the intention was to spread returns of this investment to eating houses beyond the BTA and Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s definition of a restaurant.

“For example selected vendors at Oistins will be able to participate,” he said.
Sealy said 15 eating places have signed on for the programme adding the list as ‘not exhaustive’.

“The whole idea is to get a cross-section of other [eating] establishments  and attractions,” he explained.

Potential visitors in the UK, Canada, US, Europe, the Caribbean and Brazil are targeted, and coupons are issued on arrival at the hotel booked. (GA)

$11m plan to boost tourism

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy (centre) explaining the new tourism programme yesterday, flanked by Parliamentary Secretary Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner (left) and BHTA president Patricia Affonso-Dass. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)

SUN, APRIL 21, 2013 – 12:08 AM

Barbados will invest $11 million on a new tourism product – Barbados Island Inclusive – that officials estimate will result in visitor spending of almost three times that amount.

In unveiling the package yesterday, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy said it would offer visitors an air and accommodation package from April 29 that earns them free dining of up to $600 per person at local eating houses as an inducement to greater spending in Barbados.

“While those previous promotions delivered savings at the point of purchase to the customer, they did not promote or commit this proposed level of spending in Barbados. That money stayed in the distribution channels outside of Barbados,” he said.

He told journalists in the Barbados Tourism Authority’s (BTA) boardroom at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre that the intention was to spread returns of this investment to eating houses beyond the BTA and Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s definition of a restaurant. (GA)


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25 responses to “Story changes… Nation News self-censoring? Government running the Nation News?


    Come on BFP, that is not news , You all have to know that heading is true,
    Lets not forget the CBC, and wrong numbers for the votes tally. Publish lower Numbers for the C.U.P and others that ran with the BLP/DLP.
    Brass Tax, and the long delay to cut words on the radio ,
    Lawyers all over the place blocking news and reports on their own club members, and even more Quick Crooks Q.C lawyer named. next time we will see Richard Byer and Jackman as QC lolol

  2. repeat visitor

    Waaht? I just read about Canadian tourists being assaulted and robbed on the East Coast and then this? The Toronto Star story did more damage to Barbados than can be measured. And the Nation self-censored itself?? This is crazy! As for that new initiative, what about people who don’t stay at hotels? but pour money directly into rentals of homes and apartments?? We’re the people who count and spend money year after year– that is unless we end up getting robbed (again in my case)


    We are sure that Bajans and other CC members got rob, jailed, killed in Canada also and the US of A,

  4. Iain

    I continued to be astonished and dismayed at the gross incompetence displayed by those involved in the promotion of Barbados as a holiday destination. Millions are spent, or rather completed wasted, on obscure projects which will bring very little return to the island.
    Barbados has lots going for it, yet somehow the amateurs of the BTA have conspired to make the place invisible.
    Try as I might, I never see any press releases on the long established tourism sites, such as e-turbonews, etc. This is a no-brainer, just take a look at what the likes of the Seychelles Islands have done with continual promotion.
    There’s so much which can be done, but it needs someone at the top to advise and lead. I’m available at a very reasonable $US100,000 per annum.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    I would just like to comment on this latest promotion Barbados Island Inclusive for a moment. First, why have a media launch (20 April) with the MOT, when the full details are not put forward.
    Secondly, $11 million represents 11 per cent of the total BTA budget for the current fiscal year. $11 million to HOPEFULLY attract an ‘additional’ 15,000 long stay visitors (which represents only 2.75 per cent of the total 2012 long stay visitors) who will HOPEFULLY spend $30 million (which is only 1.5 per cent of the average gross tourism revenue yearly) or after promotional expenses generate just US$90 per person per night based on a average stay of 7 nights. Who is eligible to participate? Is it only BHTA members? If so, how can spending 11 per cent of the entire BTA budget on a restricted few be justified when it is ALL the tourism operators funding the project.
    And what measures have been put in place to prevent regular repeat visitors availing themselves of the discounted offer, therefore further diluting earned revenue?
    These repeat visitors will also question why ONLY first time people are being ‘rewarded’.
    The Return on Investment (ROI) appears dismal at best and after discounts could only produce at ROI of $1:1.76. This simply is not sustainable.
    Meanwhile, the crisis continues. If the former PM is correct, then for the first 15 days of April , arrival numbers fell by a staggering 24 per cent.
    The Barbados Statistical Service website is finally back up again, but still NO arrival figures for either February or March have been posted. WHY?

  6. Yatinkiteasy

    @Adrian I am convinced that the folks at the Ministry of Tourism have no clue as to what they are doing, nor what they are supposed to do.
    A visit to the official Ministry of Tourism website reveals these two incredible items on what is factually a very dull and boring website..
    1. .last statistic for Visitor Arrivals to Barbados is Jan 2012!
    2 Click their “events” tag…..There is NOTHING there!
    What a bunch of clowns and wasters of money.

  7. Adrian Loveridge


    Agree! We seem to have a culture of rewarding people for failure and it doesn’t appear to matter which party is in office. How many weeks is it now since the Minister stressed how important it was to put the ‘right people’ and ‘right systems’ in place. The two year mandate of the BTA Board has already ended, so what’s the problem?

  8. mac

    Adrian. Excellent as always!

    The BTA website & FB page is poor. The info is weak, with the internet as it is now the BTA should be all over it like a rash using any & all methods to promote the Island. YouTube is a great tool to promote or free! Yes, times are hard but the lack lustre approach of the BTA is appalling. How is it that so many people can have better ideas than the BTA. This is not just sour grapes or having a dig. This is serious criticism that the BTA keeps ignoring. It saddens me to know there are better answers out there that could help.

  9. yatinkiteasy

    Does the Tourism authority even know about this World Class Sailing Event being held in Barbados? The facilities, including International Press hook ups from The Barbados Yacht Club are amazing! Asleep at the wheel, Bdos Govt Tourism Authority,

  10. yatinkiteasy

    Look at what is being done by others.

  11. Rastaman

    Barbados is on remote control until the OMF steps in.!!!!

  12. Rastaman

    that should read” IMF”

  13. Bentoe

    Barbados shall overcome this economic difficulty. I am quite confident that we will regain our economic standing in the Caribbean once again. And to all those pessimists, who can see no hope for our beautiful island. Shames on you all.

  14. Bentoe

    It just goes to show that Barbadians aren’t resilient people after all. We are unable the cope during the tough times. We’re like the privilege child who knows not how to cope when away from mom and dad home. We have had it too good, for far too long.

  15. just want to know

    How many tourists ships did Barbados have here on Friday? Guess what St. Lucia had 5 ships in their port. Our politicians do not have a clue as what to do. One of the many complaints are prices are too high, & service too poor, so live on Bentoe keep putting your head in the sand.

  16. yatinkiteasy

    Correction…last Visitor arrival stat on Ministry of Tourism website is Aug 2012…still, that is 9 months old!

  17. Bajan Abroad

    Pay the salaries at the Ministry of Tourism based on arrivals. See how fast they get to work.

  18. Bajan Abroad

    @plantation deeds – come on, if everyone is jumping off the bridge will you jump off too?

    No one said it does not happen overseas. It is the head in the sand mentality that we are discussing here.

    @ Bentoe – yes overcome; and that is the right attitude, but attitude gets you nowhere unless you get a plan of action and enact it. Lets first admit we have a problem and talk about it in the news. Only then can we know how bad it is and treat it. The government has no right in a free society to control anything in the press. To do otherwise is a dictatorship. Anyhow, the internet must be causing those who would control the Barbados media tizzick!

  19. Not Taken

    Kudos to The Crane

    The April 27 issue of the National Post newspaper in Toronto included a 32 page glossy advertising magazine supplement Grand Luxury Travel, focused on the upper end traveler. Go to:

    Page 9 is a full page ad for St. Lucia Tourism.

    Page 17 is a full age ad for The Crane. There being no Flying Fish logo included suggests no BTA (taxpayer) participation, the ad being paid by The Crane.

    It is undoubtedly a pretty pricey ad, which smaller hotels could not afford; but surely BHTA could do something along these lines on behalf of its member

  20. general

    strategy is needed not smalltalks
    action plan
    remove the rastadrugbugs from the airport, the dispatch, the beaches and all tourist locations.
    replace them by reliable ! police force or mercenaries.
    show mano duro i.e. lock them away or kick them out
    on conair.
    clear the island with an iron broom, dont mind some collateral damage.
    make the beaches private!
    this will bring back safety and tourist money.
    invest the money in birth control, nobody needs “oversexed”
    men being proud to produce 21 kids with ten girls…
    invest in transparency and education.
    you wont find local sources? get white mercenaries, a save island
    provides enough money!
    we’ll drive the bugs out and make the island save.
    then we will leave you alone in a prosper country.

  21. Paul

    Barbados is for Barbadians. But this concept seems not to register in the coconuts of Some Barbadian people.

  22. Paul

    The Biggest mistake the government of Barbados has made to date. Is it decision to reliance on tourism as its primary source of foreign- exchange.


  23. Paul

    Maybe it is a good thing that we hit rock- bottom. This shall teach us
    not to put all our eggs in one basket.

  24. general

    I agree barbados is for barbadians and tourism is not sacrosanct.
    who is barbadian? arawaks? spaniards? former slave owners? successors of slaves? druggangs?
    concentration on local industries ( rural based, trade ( not with drugs ), fishing, etc.) might dry the swamp out but impact the living standard as the return on invest is a bit lower…
    betta little cuba than being little jamaica?

  25. red

    what eggs you got?
    drugs, coconuts, fish?