Lawyer Mark Goodridge named Queen’s Counsel – How many previously “Most Wanted by Police” are awarded QC?

QC mugshot?

QC mugshot?

Lawyer Mark Goodridge named Queen’s Counsel

“The honour which you have garnered has come at the price of your continued respect of the court system in which you work and of which you have been officers since the date of your admission to practise law,” Sir Marston told them.

“Those junior to you in years called, and in years born, will look to you for guidance and leadership. They must continue to receive it and to see it demonstrated, not only in your words, but in your actions, particularly in your respect for Her Majesty’s judges and her courts,” he said.

And with the words: “May I invite you to take your seat at the Inner Bar?”Sir Marston welcomed Deputy Solicitor General Donna Brathwaite, Speaker of Parliament Michael Carrington, Brian Clarke, Stephen Farmer, Hal Gollop, Mark Goodridge, Deputy Clerk of Parliament Nigel Jones, Milton Pierce and Stephen Walcott as new QCs.

Full story at The Nation Show Respect to Judges

I can’t remember what the end story was about Mark Goodridge…

There was some controversy about him back in 2006. Mark Goodridge and his son were charged with a racial attack on a young black man on his property, but then it all faded away without any public announcement that I saw. What was the ultimate disposition of all the happenings? Does anyone remember… because I can’t find it on the internet.

Barbados Free Press story published October 16, 2006 – Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes


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  1. robert ross

    Is this necessary? Does it serve any useful purpose?


    robert ross@ Is this necessary? Does it serve any useful purpose?@
    1. Yes ,it is necessary?
    2. Does it serve any useful purpose? Yes it does serve a purpose ,
    3. This is why its called Barbados Free Press , Not lawyers free press

  3. ZZT

    What happened was the young man was a thief who they caught stealing and beat the shit out of him. The press turned it in to something it wasn’t. They beat him because he was stealing not because he was black.

  4. robert ross

    What is far more interesting seven years on is why BFP cannot match its ‘311 responses’ figure now as then.

    @ Plantation Deeds….Now you’re an ‘ideas’ person…What do you think?

  5. robert ross

    This evening on TV I heard a minister of the Wesleyan Holiness Church assert that despite falling church numbers, Barbados is still a Christian country. Does that statement make any kind of sense?

    @ Plantation Deeds…do feel free to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or an expletive deleted.

  6. robert ross

    @ BFP

    Mind if you want to play the ‘finger pointing’ game at Mr Goodridge (whom I don’t know), it might be interesting to scrutinize some of the others. One seems to have got the ‘Government’s award’ for failure. Another – clearly an ‘honourable man’ (so are they all ‘honourable men’) – determined to wipe the slate clean at the last minute rather than risk rejection, and paid his Bar Association fees. Any advance on three?

    And I suppose we could go further and scrutinize the CJ too. There are various jokes going round about him I understand. One is that if he’s invited to four cocktail parties, he will attend five. Another is to refer to him as Gibson TT which, I understand, stands for ‘Talk Talk’.

    The last certainly makes some kind of sense in relation to his concern to retrench delays in the system. By June 2012 he was supposed to deliver a critical judgment, on behalf of the Court of Appeal, in what has become known as the ‘gun case’, a case of constitutional importance. Well he hasn’t done it and no-one seems to understand why. Oh yes, and then there’s the promise to deal with Alair Shepherd once all the facts are in. Trouble is, no-one seems to know what power he actually has to interfere – well, other than to report Shepherd to the Bar Council which any of us could do. But then Shepherd’s protest was about delay in a judge who is invariably late; so perhaps what the CJ meant was that he will deal with her.


    robert ross@Barbados is still a Christian country YES
    Barbados now knows that the church is into a lot of land fraud and the ministers in the church are crooks with a BIBLE hugging lawyer so hold both titles .
    So better to be home and read than to to give them money not to be on HOLY ground.REMEMBER PEOPLE with BIBLES preach on thing and did another , remember SLAVERY?


    robert ross@ if you know it tell it , after all this is the BFP,if not dont be mad at others who does. Free is Free not some times, What the lawyers wipe under the rug other go to jail for , Is that fair? then wipe all under the rug and close the courts down, Let the police go home , we all then can do as the lawyers do and the NEWS hides,
    Some one has to care.or must it happen to you first then for you care , we are all to be equal under the LAW and God.

  9. BFP

    Hello Robert Ross,

    Actually old chap, several stories this month approached 1000 comments each. Welcome back!

  10. 45govt

    Hey BFP, why is my comment ‘awaiting moderation’? There is nothing inaccurate in it about Goodrich.

  11. Has everyone conveniently forgotten the black teen in this matter had a record, carried a large scissors in his backpack during the incident, and the matter concerned potential theft of Staffordshire Pit Bull pups which can earn a pretty penny in dog-fighting circles?

  12. Ross also clearly has a thing for lawyers, probably is a Numb Du Plume for one of the QC’s in question, does anyone realise when there are intelligent ripostes in threads where he butts in, Ross resorts to Ad Hominem insults? I am surprised BFP hasn’t banned him yet?

  13. Marvin Bareback

    It is more than a little curious that BFP wishes to stir the pot once again on an issue that was full of misinformation from the start. So many people were out supporting their respective “skin tone” that they lost sight of a few facts. The “boy” in question was there to steal and got caught. The mistake the Goodridges made was holding on to him when he struggled and attempted escape. His face got smashed in the “takedown”, but they really should have let him go. There was no way this boy was going to pay for his crime anyway (being a minor after all). If they let him go, then just the typical dead end police report would be filed, everybody gone home to sleep. I honestly believe that only if the intruder is inside your home and persists in attempting further robbery or harm to the occupants, then you would go out of your way to “hold” the man with appropriate (but not deadly) force. Otherwise, you will find yourself in trouble with the court of public opinion and subsequently with the court of law. The Goodridges have had their name smeared over this matter and, as mentioned, their only mistake was to bother to try to hold the burglar when there was really no need to. Let him get away, he will get caught sooner or later for something else and with a good description, it would be highly likely he would get nailed for the original crime too. Now you got a guy on the loose who hates you and may try to get even by damaging your property anonymously or poison your precious dogs, etc.

  14. 215

    @MArvin Bareback – the only problem with this suggestion is what happens when a the burglar is not held for police and then next crime he does commit ends more seriously or violently.


    robert ross if Marvin Bareback accounts is correct or near to truth , It then will let us all who may not know to be on one side or the other. If his statement is near truth the young man is in deed lucky , If was anyone come in to my home and seem to be a danger, he may not leave Alive. Trespass out side is way different trespass inside ,BFP at time will let us have our own court on line and to say as we which to many matters.Accused by not convicted .Its hard for people to say what you should do or not do when you encounter some thing for the fist time.

  16. robert ross

    Search Haversack……….YAWN

  17. just want to know

    Was the case for this young man ever brought to court? Is he residing at DODDS? was the lawyer ever convicted of any injustice to the young man? Or was this brought up again because the Lawyer has been made a QC? to try & put a ” black ” mark on the lawyer.

  18. Pieter Pieper

    We are so very obsessed with race and so quick to vilify persons,especially caucasians ! Even those who are of lighter hue often experience the racist venom often spewed from the mouths of our brothers and sisters of darker complexion.To be “white” is almost a crime! But we also spew our racist rhetoric against asians and south asians,(chinese and indian).Some of us are quick to express our hatred towards “mudheads”,”trinis”,”jams”,”lucians”,”vincies” and other “foreigners”. Yet, many of us,our relatives,our friends have migrated and settled in other countries and demanded that we be accepted and treated with respect and dignity and are quick to cry “discrimination” or “racism” when others display the same inhuman and negative behaviour toward us ! God help us! WE ARE ALL GOD’S children !

  19. Rastaman

    Racism is alive and well in Barbados. So called” Whites”because they like to think themselves so, put up with blacks and coloured once they do not question the status quo.If this is done all hell breaks loose and all sort of threats are made. But we like it so.

  20. Wow is there ever racism, I recall when at CBC how a floor crew personnel looked at me and said openly “We don’t want no stinking red people on our TV sets!”

    The late Terry Mayers warned me how even if I made the same jokes he did that there’d always be a problem, simply because I am paler – the hardest thing is to know, he meant nothing ill by it, just to be aware of the racism of black Bajans to anyone lighter was as bad as what white USA do to blacks in Georgia, Mississippi or Texas, etc.

    It is easy to cast aspersions, it is more difficult to do analysis and pursue questions along sensitive veins of History.


    Ian D Bourne@“We don’t want no stinking red people on our TV sets!”
    @ if so they also dont want the truth either, For they never aired Our interviews . One tv station one of every thing in Barbados control by one lie Government.

  22. Anonymous

    Barbados free press not so free after all….

  23. Anonymous

    Stop blocking post !!!


    @Ian D. Bourne

    Ian I not quite sure where in Barbados you were born and bred? But, I had the pleasure of attending Roebuck Boys Primary School in the 1970’s. And there I saw the majority of the stores in Bridgetown Barbados comprised of people your complexion, and that of the European- Stock. Racism was quite as bad for blacks Barbadians during the 1960’s / 70’s. I remembered as a child, if you were a certain skin –colour. You were prevented from entering certain streets in the city of Bridgetown. I can’t speak for the country, because I was born and bred in the city area of Barbados. And at that time there were many many streets where white Barbadians resided. Just to give you an idea of my age. I was born in the middle 1960’s. And attended school in Barbados between the early 1970’s and ended in the early 1980’s.


    @ Ian D. Bourne
    Ian, I not quite sure if you remember when you had to be a certain skin type in order to get a job at Cave- Shepherd and Home-center? (Your skin type and that of the European- Stock)


    Ian, I not quite if you remember when you had to be a certain skin type in order to get into the “Yacht Clubs” in Barbados? (Your skin type and that of the European- stock)


    @ Ian D. BourneIan,
    I not quite if you remember when you had to be a certain skin type in order to get into the “Cricket clubs” in Barbados? (Your skin type and that of the European- stock)


    So Ian Please !

  29. tedd

    is bajancat saying tha because there was racism against blacks in the past that is now ok for blacks to be racist against whites and mixed people.

    if this is the case then racism is not a bad thing it is just a matter of who is giving it and who is recieving it.

    just food for thought

  30. Duppy Lizard

    Racism,,,,,my red,rusty,rotating rasshole,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Right now what we have here is a failure to communicate,,,,thar is them big up black nooovay reeeech who live in a world totally beyond compreeeheension,,and thar iz nuff uf tham varmints,,,,them thar buzzards sure doo live high on the hog,,,,Oooh gawd dam it,jest chack them out at Lime Grove,,,Mamma dey just laying out dem thar Grantleys lef rite and centar to a whole new world uf class and wanna bees,,,,,,,,,,,,dem feew whiteys,,dey day too,,pretensitating dey got what dey aint really got ,,unless dem whiteys are really dem CD peeplees from way over and abroad,,,,,,,But de real trute is dat de avrage whitey in Babados mostly ent got two cents to rub togedda,,,,,,,De whole Magooby now is CLASS,CLASSand more CLASS,,,,,,soo alll uh wunnah reverseability raacist creatures from de black lagoon goo check yuhself……..