Canadian tourists robbed at gunpoint in room. Sex assault upon wife as husband held at gunpoint.

Cheerful Commissioner Dottin comments on the recent tourist robberies

Commissioner ‘Do-nothing’ Dottin

Downstairs American couple also robbed at gunpoint

“Then he grabbed me inappropriately,” she said. “It felt like forever, but it was probably like a minute.”

“I’m laying there in my night dress thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’”

The Nation News has withdrawn the original story from its website – probably to try to limit the public relations damage for the Barbados Tourism Authority – but that doesn’t stop the foreign press from reporting another violent gunpoint robbery of tourists in Barbados.

The Star newspaper in Toronto Canada is reporting that a Canadian couple was robbed at gunpoint in the Sea-U Guest House on Tuesday night. The wife was ‘touched inappropriately’ as the husband stood impudently by and made the wise decision to let his wife be sex assaulted instead of being shot.

From the news story the robbers would have kidnapped the couple had they had a rented vehicle. Another vacationing couple at the guest house was also robbed. They were from Virginia USA so the robbers took care of tourism from both the USA and Canada.

Our Commissioner of Police, “Do-nothing Dottin” had this to say about the tourist robberies… (nothing at all)

Meanwhile in other news two men shot at Barbados Water Authority employees last night, and a home was burned to the ground after someone tossed a Molotov cocktail.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. Just f’ing wonderful.

The local press can ignore violent tourist robberies all they want, but there is this little thing called The Internet where 90% of people research their vacations before deciding on the destination. When the politicians finally decide to care about the quality of life on this rock for all of us including the tourists, they can take a few logical steps…

  1. Fire Do-nothing Dottin
  2. Raise police salaries enough to attract the kind of police candidates that Barbados deserves
  3. Hire 100 new officers immediately to bring the RBPF up to strength.

Until all that happens and we see some improvements, be prepared to read more stories in the foreign press like this, while watching the tourism revenues tank…

York U profs robbed at gunpoint in Barbados

… from The Star, Toronto Canada Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Intruders in plaid shorts and bandanas entered their guesthouse and demanded money, access to the safe and a car, before doing the same in another unit. 

Two York University professors say they were robbed and assaulted at gunpoint Tuesday night while vacationing in Barbados.

Julia Richardson was making tea in the kitchen of their guest house around 9 p.m. while her husband, Steve McKenna, lay on the bed. Then they say two strangers opened the sliding doors and walked in, wearing t-shirts, plaid shorts and bandanas that partially covered their faces.

“You’re in the wrong room,” Richardson, 49, recalls telling the strangers. “I thought it was our neighbour coming into the wrong room in a drunken stupor.”

Then she noticed the silver handgun pointed at them.

“What do you want?” she said.

“Where’s the money, where’s the money?” she says the man with the gun, wearing a cowboy hat, yelled.

Then they say the men ordered the Aurora couple to the floor, covering McKenna’s head with a sweater, as they scoured the apartment.

“I was angry. I wanted to get up and do something,” McKenna, 55, told the Star from Barbados. “But there’s a gun, so you just hope that nothing happens.”

Richardson had trouble believing what was happening.

… continue reading this news story at The Star of Toronto, Canada.


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61 responses to “Canadian tourists robbed at gunpoint in room. Sex assault upon wife as husband held at gunpoint.


    what has to happen is to train the police in 2013 tactics. it is appalling that the poise is as lax as they are because there is no accountability. Pompous pumped up in crisp uniforms and don’t even know hoe to earn their pay other than to be arrogant and higher than thou . BGI needs to wake up and step into the 21 century. 98% literacy is great but many do not read and understand what has happened and will continue to happen until they address real time problems.

  2. 228

    I no what has to happen in Barbados…we in this country as a government and the police force feel we are the best in the Caribbean but i dont no of Barbados having a police force cause the job they do is so poor and unprofessional that i am ashamed of this country police force i dont want to deal with them,i have done IP and the police here dont no what they are doing ….and Mr .Dottin is hiding up all that needs to be dont ,they have to remember that when we kill tourism our children children will suffer ..all the lies the police is telling to cover up one day they all wil have to pay a heavy price..whae this police force act like the one in the USA and respond right away and be professional ,i would say we have a police force
    there are so many crime fighting products and device that we can us to deal with crime and RBPF not say let we up grade…what type of police we have here,for me i call them cartoon police

  3. Knock Knock Who's there? Nobody!

    Not to worry, the police will pull out all stops to catch the perpetrators and the Canadian Tourism Minister will issue congratulations and put it up on YouTube to keep all those whining and self-entitled tourists happy.

  4. 64

    As I ‘ve said before today . I’m not coming back to Barbados . After 31 years of yearly trips too

  5. 45govt

    Knock Knock, you are a moron. Self-entitled? If you pay for something you ARE entitled, and if you are let down by indifferent cretins like Dottin and the likes of you, you are entitled to whine.

    Question – WHY is Dottin still employed after years of shirking his duty, incompetence, and what else we can guess at? Does he have the goods on some big-ups? Perhaps an erasure would be in order in the national interest.

  6. I am quite sure that over time others will take the same course of action as Anonymous by excluding Barbados as a holiday destination. Perhaps when tourists numbers take a drastic fall that lead to increased unemployment, closure of hotels and tourist attractions, to name but a few, only then will Barbados realise that the stable door should have been closed before the horse bolted. But it may well be too late.

  7. 254

    I will have to tell some of my friends who are coming in to celebrate for Crop Over Festival, maybe we should go somewhere else instead of thinking that we may be robbed, of course many tourists will go somewhere else for their vacation where they may feel safer, thought Barbados was a safe place to vacation.

  8. Canadian Tourist

    Knock, Knock,

    Who is there?

    Not me, you dumb fuck, I’ll go to another island and spend my money. Congrats Barbados, you’ve become a Banana Republic.

  9. GreenMonkey

    Don’t worry, be happy. Within the next few days there is sure to be some government minister quoted in the press or speachifying on the local CBC 7pm news reassuring all and sundry that “Barbados is still a safe place for visitors.”

  10. Bajan Abroad

    Come into my house and try that cowboy hat robber. I will put so may holes in you, you will whistle. Fear of God needs to be put into these perverted *uckers.


    Wunnna jokers really make me sick. Wunna live in some of violent societies in the western world and trying to paint this negative image of Barbados. New York and London aren’t without its evil sides. People are killed there every day, so stop pretending that evil only exist in Barbados.

  12. 124

    Yeah you bajans doing a good real job on tourism…

  13. Robiv Gun crime is still a rare event in the UK thankfully, it is now a common event in Barbados and the murder rate per capita is very high now in comparison.

  14. Emigrating Europeans

    Me and my wife have been going to settle us in Barbados but after everything that has happened in recent times, we have changed us. Thankfully, there are many other nice places on earth. It will be Spain, Thailand, Malta or perhaps any other island in the Caribbean that have lower crime rates.
    Emigrating Europeans.

  15. Responder

    You said it right you got it right. It seems that some of these people think we are to backward a society for some of us to commit crime. The same precautions tourist that you would take in your own country, please take here. Crime does not have a color, class upbringing, or size of country. It could happen anywhere.

  16. Knock Knock Who's there. nobody

    Does somebody not understand satire?

    The minimum a tourist requires in another country is security to walk the streets and rest in their hotel room without fear of assault, rape, robbery and worse.

  17. It will mesmerize the average law abiding citizen of Barbados how things will go downhill fast. The Economy and Crime.
    I have seen this before. In my country Jamaica and a few other Caribbean states i.e. Cayman and the Turks
    It starts with denial and hiding the truth. Don’t be like the only two people in the room when one farts and holding his head high like it aint he.
    At least the Barbados free press has started to inform the world. Nothing is worse than been misled about peace and safety only to be faced with destruction
    With its well know and sometimes blown out of proportion crime and violent problems, Tourist still flock to Jamaica and I see them in Kingston more and more.
    Why, because people make decisions about their vacation by and about what they know of their destinations.
    In Jamaica there was a crime stop slogan “Don’t hide it, tell it” in Barbados it would be Hide it don’t tell it situation
    The Bajan economy is under pressure serious pressure ‘only my opinion’ but the telltale sign are there and crime will relent to that pressure like it or not they go hand in hand.
    Government will blame everything on the opposition Mr. Big will blame the government the citizen will blame it on the Government. And Mr. Big will be blameless for his role in raping the country and support for organized crime.
    Until the average law abiding Bajan citizen DEMAND more for their elected officials and the people of capital who owns most of the island. Nuttin aint go change until it reaches crisis proportions and everybody start bawl things then get outta control.
    Remember the people who have it already not go settle for less. And the people who struggling not go be settling for less either.
    Wake up and smell the roses, coffee or anything else that don’t stink.

  18. The Oracle

    Anytime I get a chance at a thieving a hole in or on my property it will end there..I will make him a gift of every bullet and sleep well til the next one shows up when I will repeat.

  19. Terry Wilcock

    To those in so called charge – you are committing commercial and moral suicide !!

  20. John

    The escalation in assaults against tourist in Barbados has been occurring for decades. It’s was quite common, trust me on this one. I was born and bred in close proximity to a police- station; and saw many of the victims who came to give they reports regarding they assaults. These senseless assaults on tourist have been taken place in the 1970’s and beyond. The only problem is it hasn’t been reported to the print- press for fear of damaging the image of the Barbados Tourist Industry. (Now, this is mere speculation on my part, given the fact that none of these incidences was reported to the media at that time).

    Nevertheless , I myself also witnessed the tourist who were brought to the police station to give reports of they assaults, and those that came on they own accord. The tourist who was assaulted, if I remembered correctly: were raped and rob of their personal precessions; no incident of gun violence was perpetrated against the tourist in those days. And this I can only surmised was due in part to the in accessibility to gun at the given period.

    Some may rightfully believe that just because the tourist is being attacked nowadays at gunpoint. That Assaults on tourist have gotten worse. But I can assure you it was much the same in the 1970’s. Who knows? The print- press as well as the police may have been instructed by the shakers and movers in those days to look the other way; because I quite certain that the

  21. fred

    The pressure cooker otherwise known as the island of Barbados is going to explode unless some serious action is taken fairly soon. A crowded island with limited employment possibilities, a declining tourist trade, a thriving drug trade, guns floating around and an ineffective police force – what do you think is going to happen?

  22. sith

    Here is the current Canadian Government Travel advisory for Barbados


    The decision to travel is your responsibility. You are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. The purpose of this Travel Advice is to provide up-to-date information to enable you to make well-informed decisions.


    Petty crime is common and incidents of violent crime occur. Crimes against tourists, as well as incidents involving firearms, have been reported. Foreigners have also been the target of rape. Avoid unattended or isolated areas, including beaches, at any time. Be particularly vigilant when visiting Long Beach, where incidents have been reported.

    Arrange completely secure living accommodations and do not carry large amounts of cash or jewellery. Leave personal belongings and travel documents in safety deposit boxes and hotel safes.”


  23. abc

    bajans, dont expect money and love coming in your crime polluted island
    in future. you messed it up voting for the usual suspects.
    harrassment causes hatred, why dont you just lock the bastards away?
    barbados is mouse dead for tourists and absolutely unimportant to ROW, so why bother.
    bye bye useless island

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  25. Ronnie McGovern

    As previosly stated My partner and I will NOt be returning to Barbados. This was primarily due to feeling being ripped off by those hotels etc who overcharge for the winter season. Now it’s because of the security issues. I feel safer at home in Scotland now than I do in Barbados, and believe me that says a lot!
    iF you think the Canadian Government advice for travellers to Barbados is bad then look at the UK advice-
    The majority of visits by British nationals are trouble-free. However, incidents of violent crime including murder do occur. There have been serious attacks on foreign visitors, including armed robbery and sexual assaults, as well as opportunist thefts of wallets, handbags, jewellery and personal possessions. Firearms and other weapons have been used in some of these attacks. Victims of sexual assaults have criticised the Barbados authorities’ response, including the level of support received.

  26. Bim

    What is it about British tourist that the criminals find so appealing? There have been any reports of American tourist being victimizing in Barbados.

  27. 4

    It’s a slow spiral dowwwnnnn….

    would be a huge start on the upward path!

  28. Benteo

    @ Bajan Abroad

    There is a sight correlation to racism in America and Barbados. My mother worked as a domestic- servant for white Barbadians, practically all adult her life. And I was brought alone as a young lad to help with the outside work when needed. And in all honesty, I must confess, I did not witness any instances where I saw my mother being mistreated by her white employers. But, one thing that I did remembered quite vividly, is the fact that when it came time to use the bathroom. We were not permitted to use the bathroom of our white-employers. Maybe that’s insignificant to you. But it made a negative imprinted on my memory as a young lad. I had interpreted it with a mind not fully developed, as not being good enough as our white employers.

    Now, I think that I have had more exposure to white Barbadians than the average black Barbadian. As I said early, my mother worked for them when I was a young lad. Added to the fact, that at the years of 18, I was fortunate to have gotten gainful employment at Home- Center, where I made my acquaintance with several older whites ladies who worked on the flood. And who are probably sleeping quite peacefully in the great beyond. And of course, I happened to have been born and bred just behind one of the majority police station in Barbados. Which happened to be the venue where the white Barbadians kept their Horse- jumping and Dog showers in the 1970’s; the very place I met a white girl by the name of Rachel Dean. Whose father happened to be one was one on the richest white men in Barbados at the time. Rachel was a decent human being. And I can’t remember ever witnessing Rachel mistreating any of us. Unlike the others red- necks Bajan whites who treated us less than human.

  29. NYCBGI

    Unfortunately you have not traveled abroad and have experienced racism outside BGI., Not being able to use the wBajans bathroom says a lot.. While in BGI there are quite a few Bajans who are not concerned with skin color because of their heritage ie mixing, but perhaps the behavior of many of the w Bajans has to do with class and economics not skin color. BGI allows limited access to the outside world unless you use the internet and experience what Google will take you to., Bottom line cash is king as well as culture..

  30. Bajan Abroad

    Not sure what happened I think the Racism issue post was for another thread. Benteo I appreciate your comments and I know what you describe to be true. Unfortunate but true. Lets hope successive generations can get over this nonsense.

    @responder and @ bajancat yes these things do happen abroad. The places you mentioned however do not rely on Tourism as the only means of keeping the place afloat. Barbados cannot afford this kind of negative press. When the average European or North American goes on holiday they want to get away from the crime and harassment. Can we eliminate it completely in Bim? No. But what we can do is make the punishment fit the crime. We can create a rapid and thorough response force to deal with it. Most of all we can stop pretending (newspapers that it did not happen. Are the powers in control of the media in Barbados so stupid that they think if they don’t publish it, it will not be published? Now not only are they ignoring the problem, it looks to the outsider that they are purposely hiding it. The game is up, either Barbados starts dealing with this or the marketplace will deal with it for Barbados.

  31. red

    barbados has developed successfully into a no go banana republic.
    I dont understand why hotelowners and honest locals dont rise a revolution.
    maybe they are not hungry and dont care to avoid a salvadorian like future
    with maras and drugs.
    anyhow barbados is not important at all and nobody abroad will care.
    when the violent locals are about to die out a new tribe might set foot there and make it a good place again.
    until that happens I will warn everybody to set a foot onto that blood stained

  32. Paul


    Red, I am assuming that you’re a man, and if you’re. You definitely remind me of the rotten kind of husband who abandoned his family when the affairs of live reaches the boiling- point. Life is no bed of roses. And sometimes we have to take the bad as well as the good aspects of it. We now are witnessing a phenomenal change in the conduct of the Barbadian youth. But we prefer to resign ourselves to the symptoms, rather than the causes of this changing attitude of the Barbadian youth.

  33. Paul

    Red, I am assuming that you’re a man, and if you’re. You definitely remind me of the rotten kind of husband who abandoned his family when the affairs of life reaches the boiling- point. Life is no bed of roses. And sometimes we have to take the bad as well as the good aspects of it. We now are witnessing a phenomenal change in the conduct of the Barbadian youth. But we prefer to resign ourselves to the symptoms, rather than the causes of this changing attitude of the Barbadian youth.

  34. SheriVeronica

    I was almost killed there very recently, and I don’t intend on going back anytime soon. The police showed no interest in my wounds and joked with the man I accused of inflicting them, so I was not about the stick around for any court case. I choose to be happy, and I fled from Barbados. It was better for me to write a book and move forward.


    @ Sheri Veronica
    Sheri , I certainly can’t tell what you should or shouldn’t do with your unpleasant experience. But, I certainly would not allow those forces of evil to prevent me from visiting the land of my birth. If everyone adopted your attitude; however, right it may seem in your eyes. –Choosing not to return to Barbados– what message is this sending to those Barbadians who are looking forward to visit they home? But are afraid because of what you have written here.

    I have had some unpleasant experiences in my life; maybe not what you had been subjected to. But, I have allowed these experiences to prevent me from live my life the way I see fit. It is quite easy to give up when thing gets a little tough. But it benefits us to stay around when the going get tough. Because it builds character, and instill a sense of appreciation for what we have fought so hard to maintain. It becomes an anarchist state when the citizenry give up the will to fight the forces of evil. Much can be achieved by collective purpose. But we are more concern about ourselves interest over the collective- good.

    Being your neighbor eyes and ears does more that just throwing one’s hands up, and give up. Jesus faced a lot resistance during his walked on earth. He could have given up. But he chose to press on because he knew that there were greater benefits to be had by doing so. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. chose to press on with civil protest, because he understood what was at stake. Had he chosen to give up what would life be like for blacks and other minorities in America today? Our brothers and sisters kept the fight (Revolt) up during the institution of slavery, because they understood the importance of fight for they autonomy.

    The future of our country is at stake here. Yet some find it easy to take the easy road. It is a coward mentality to abandoned ship when things start to fall apart. Listen! It is because of the sacrifices of those brave men and women in our Armed- Forces that we are able to sleep comfortably at night. But look how we have taken they sacrifices for granted. What about the police in Barbados who put they lives on the lines daily for minimum pay. Are we not concern about their safety?


    Sheri, I guess running away from the land of your Birth. Is the psychological equivalence of running away from a battered husband?

  37. Coolasever

    What someone inboxed me about Barbados which something has to be done about crime. Hey seriously you goin back to Barabdos it is dangerous . It is becoming known as little Jamaica all the drug use in the open and for sucha small island per capita what is happening is shocking. Crime is way way up. I am being told not to go by fellow Canadians, I met this lady she told me that a Jamaican woman arrived at grantley adams airport. They put her in jail at the airport, then sent her back to jamaica. She sued and got 1mill bajan. They are getting. Crazy. When I said I was going back she told me that her neice told her it’s dangerous. She happens to be Black to.. Not to bring her gold with her…she didn’t bring her best clothes. They told her to hide her money around the house. She didn’t even bring her visa card. I hear . that thhey wait outside western union to rob people…like vultures.

  38. coolasever

    Bajan cat wunna bog countries do not depend on wunnas barbados money so wunna should show some empathy for where wunnas money comes from . 99 percent of your livelihood depends on tourists do not bite the hand that feeds you . Know this.cause us wunnas here do not need you in North America Canada, USA and or England. You need us though.

  39. coolasever

    I meant to say to Bajan cat meant to say BIG not bog. You are a small country many of big major cities say in the USA for a city country of 260.000 your crime ratio is up there with cities in the UK, Canada and USA who are 10 x’s the size think before wunna speaks.

  40. coolasever

    Sheri veronica I am getting your book. I have went on other boards where people from the UK have said that cover-ups are the norm. Often Barbados does not report crimes thinking that when the Canadians , Americans and British get home they will not plaster your rapes , stabbings and shootings for all to see Barbados is being called little Jamaica now. Why should you not tell your story protect your country that did nothing to protect you. Sorry, If Rihanna had been beaten by a Bajan man in Barbados NADA would be done. This is the problem Bajan Cat. Sheri has a right to tell her story what she went through was hell.

  41. Anonymous

    And now the stabbing of a security guard at Carib Blue in St.Lawrence. We stay in the Gap each year and will do so again this year but I am hearing more stories about assaults on tourists. Also read about the rise in theft of gold jewelry being ripped off the necks of wearers. Sounds more like the Barbados we first visited in the ’80’s. Dover beach has always been a bit shaky at night but during the day it seems no problem. Maybe the presence of Charles helps. I wouldn’t mess with him.

  42. Anonymous

    No mention of the brave locals that chased after robbers who snatched a tourist’s handbag last week. Please see The Nation Newspaper
    It is also on the web’s Barbados Today if you search ‘locals to the rescue’

  43. LOOK

    Just not safe, Barbados.

  44. Steven

    @ Anonymous

    @ Anonymous
    Anonymous, it seems like you’re quite paranoid with respect to the current escalation of criminal activity in Barbados. And you have a legitimate right to be concerned, because your safety is at risk. But, it becomes detrimental to your mental- health when you allow paranoia to infuse those principles which instruct your thinking. Now, if you have a vested interest on the island of Barbados; you would be a fool if you choose to neglect the new wave of criminal activity there. But, you obviously have tendency I have gathered from many of your previous writings, to interpret every little incident (involving the tourist) in Barbados in a negative light. I can understand your awareness with respect to this public threat of violence. But it is a little excess when you allow it to consume your thoughts regarding the island of Barbados- one would think. Perhaps a hobby would probably quell your irrational- fears- who knows? Anyhow, based on your poor judgment of Barbados, and I am not saying this in an impertinent manner. One can only assume that you have forgotten, or have chosen not to remember the previous escalation of criminal activity during the 1990’. Furthermore, I am beginning to discover little by little that you’re not Barbadian, but if I am wrong in my assessment of you. You have my sincere apology.

  45. fred

    What utter nonsense, Steven, to accuse someone of paranoia who has the temerity to notice that tourists to Barbados are increasingly at risk of being a victim of serious crime. Whether you are a tourist board employee seeking to muddy the issue or merely a confused bystander nothing can hide that fact that poor Barbados has a growing problem that bajans will find it harder and harder to disguise in the days ahead.

  46. SheriVeronica

    Thank God there’s someone out there who understands. Not only was I attacked, I had two near-death experiences and was being robbed while I was in recovery. And Steven suspects I am not Barbadian. Well, I am. I have lived abroad most of my life and returned to B’dos with the best laid plans and positive outlook. I was instantly told not to go out in the early mornings running because I could be raped. I constructed a home and was constantly being robbed and had to hire investigators to find the contractor in an effort to get a deposit returned. No matter how positive and determined I was to try to make Barbados my home, it was not meant to be. Coming close to death, well, if that does not wake you up, nothing will! And there was something else I noticed, a lot of Barbadians were not friendly. Yet, I see pictures of the Island of Barbados and oh how beautiful it looks!!!!


    Reblogged this on Barbados Tripadvisor.

  48. SheriVeronica

    I tend to agree with you @ Redman Irish.

  49. The decent folk of Barbados White , Brown and Black , please rise up against this crime wave , make a march !

  50. fred

    There was a time when Barbados could keep this kind of thing quiet. No longer it seems. Its a brave new interconnected world and the island had better adapt quickly or the tourist trade and indeed civil order will disappear more quickly than everyone thought possible.

  51. red

    its too late already, only rookies book bim now repeat visitors do not return.
    u barbadians missed out the frequent warnings and forecasts, learn to live
    with your rastas, pushers, muggers and killers in poverty.

  52. Anonymous

    Was going to bring the family for a week in Barbados. Read this. Going to Florida instead

  53. we’ve been to Barbados more than 10 times but we feel we cant risk it again. We were robbed there last year and just didnt feel safe. Its very sad but the news is spreading here in the UK and it is certain to have a real affect on tourist numbers soon.

  54. Shelly

    That’s why St.Lucia and St.Vincent(When the new airport opens) will get all of the tourists to their islands. Even right now St.Lucia is getting way more tourists to their island than Barbados, because #1-Their island is way more beautiful than Barbados and people want a safe and comfortable place to go on their vacations. Too many Bajans are Stupid, Dumb, Arrogant… so

    from now St.Lucia and St.Vincent will be way bigger and better than Barbados never will be. Barbados needs to clean the nasty ugly old houses

    can’t tell them anything, so from now St.Lucia will be way bigger and better than

  55. Anonymous

    Coming a little late to this. All visitors have to do is search “Barbados and Crime” in and Google it. Up it comes with coverage from different sources.

    It is a great pity because I first visited in 1996 and did not feel unsafe. My family and I happily caught a bus into Bridgetown, we loved Barbados and the Bajan people so friendly and kind.

    I was recently bereaved and left an inheritance, thought of buying a property overseas somewhere warm. As we had wonderful times in Barbados, I have seriously researched buying an apartment there.

    But reading of the dangerous crime that is getting even more out of hand, no way!

    Yes we have crime in the UK and it is on the increase. But why go somewhere on holiday or for another home, that is becoming increasingly dangerous?

    The financial loss to Barbados is that I and my friends will not be buying food and goods there, supporting the local shops and restaurants, paying taxes, buying furnishings for an apartment and any other money spent in Barbados.

    The Barbadians should rise up together and demand the politicians and police do something about it. Even if you do not care whether I buy a property in Barbados, driving away tourism means a loss of jobs and income for many of the people of Barbados. Furthermore, companies that could open an office in Barbados, will not do so if it is now “Little Jamaica”.

    All over the world criminals destroy the lives of decent people and not only their immediate victims.

  56. fred

    As has often been said people get the kind of government they deserve. But as long as Rihanna consumes everyone’s attention why should the politicians pretend to pay attention to the growing crime problem.

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