Tourist statistics for March… say hello to the Germans!

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This just in…

In the interest of fairness and accuracy, retired diplomat Peter Simmons stated on Down to Brass Tacks yesterday that visitor arrivals were down 9 per cent for the first three months of 2013.

While long stay visitor arrivals were down 9 per cent in both January and February, they were only down 1.6 per cent in March.

In fact, cruise ship passenger arrivals were up by 9.2 per cent in March 2013. This is when compared with the same periods in 2012.

What was that old saying about statistics and people who use them?

Okay, so we know life is tough ’bout hey, but what does this mean…

March 2013 cruise ship passengers up 9.2% over March 2012


March 2013 overall tourist visits down 1.6% compared to March 2012


We had a couple of bigger boats in compared with last year, but the overall visitors are down.

The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming!

We had an extra 367 German visitors in March 2013 over March 2012. How much did those extra visitors cost us in increased BTA spending in Germany? I know you can’t look at it like that because you have to consider the cumulative impact of advertising, but while the Barbados Tourism Authority people will be happy to talk about the increase in Germans, what do they say about the loss of 385 Canadians and 1,431 Americans during the same period?

This is too heavy for me on a Thursday morning. I need a Banks…

.                             March        March        Net YoY           YoY%
.                               2013           2012            Change
TOTAL                53,304         54,164           -860          -1.6%
U.K                       18,550         17,601            949           5.4%
U.S.A                12,222         13,653         -1,431         -10.5%
Canada              9,086          9,471           -385          -4.1%
Germany            1,343            976            367          37.6%
Other Europe          2,825          2,459            366          14.9%
Trinidad & Tobago  2,937          2,982            -45          -1.5%
Other Caricom         4,237          4,653           -416          -8.9%
Other Countries       2,104          2,369           -265         -11.2%
SOURCE: Barbados Statistical Service

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10 responses to “Tourist statistics for March… say hello to the Germans!

  1. pomp

    after the first shootings, stabbings, muggings, rapings and endless harrassments of germans the news will spread very quick via web and they will show the island the finger as well as the british, americans etc.
    barbados will be a poor 3rd world island again and the locals can kill themselves again and ongoing.
    dont expect any more support.
    who elects bribed representatives does not deserve better.
    barbados will have its doom within the next years due to complete ignorance of the (honest) locals.

  2. Not Taken

    This article in April 25 Toronto Star will not help

    York U profs robbed at gunpoint in Barbados

    Intruders in plaid shorts and bandanas entered their guesthouse and demanded money, access to the safe and a car, before doing the same in another unit.

    By: Liam Casey GTA, Published on Thu Apr 25 2013

    Two York University professors say they were robbed and assaulted at gunpoint Tuesday night while vacationing in Barbados.
    Julia Richardson was making tea in the kitchen of their guest house around 9 p.m. while her husband, Steve McKenna, lay on the bed. Then they say two strangers opened the sliding doors and walked in, wearing t-shirts, plaid shorts and bandanas that partially covered their faces.

    “You’re in the wrong room,” Richardson, 49, recalls telling the strangers. “I thought it was our neighbour coming into the wrong room in a drunken stupor.”

    Then she noticed the silver handgun pointed at them.
    “What do you want?” she said.

    “Where’s the money, where’s the money?” she says the man with the gun, wearing a cowboy hat, yelled.

    Then they say the men ordered the Aurora couple to the floor, covering McKenna’s head with a sweater, as they scoured the apartment.

    “I was angry. I wanted to get up and do something,” McKenna, 55, told the Star from Barbados. “But there’s a gun, so you just hope that nothing happens.”

    Richardson had trouble believing what was happening.

    “When he was standing there with the gun with that stupid hat on and the mask over his face,” she said, “half of me wanted to laugh.”
    “Where’s the safe?” the man in the cowboy hat yelled.

    “It’s in the wardrobe,” Richardson remembers saying. She says the man with the cowboy hat grabbed her by the back of her head and dragged her to the safe. She opened it, pulling out an expensive watch, an iPod and their passports.

    “Where’s the money?” he demanded again, Richardson said, ignoring the items.

    “It’s in my wallet,” she said. She found her purse and handed over about $300 (U.S.). She searched for McKenna’s wallet, which he said was in his pants — but it wasn’t.

    Richardson panicked as the intruders yelled louder, worried they’d be shot.

    She finally found the wallet and handed over about $500 in U.S. and Barbadian money.

    Then the man in the cowboy hat turned to Richardson and said, “You’re coming with us to the bank — bring your bank card.” The intruders thought the car parked outside was theirs, but it wasn’t — they hadn’t rented one.

    Frustrated, the man in the cowboy hat told her to lie on the bed.

    “Then he grabbed me inappropriately,” she said. “It felt like forever, but it was probably like a minute.”

    “I’m laying there in my night dress thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’”

    Then more rummaging, followed by silence. A few minutes later they heard a car start and drive off, which is when they sprang up, ran for help and called police.

    During that silence, the intruders had barged into the downstairs unit, where they are said to have terrorized a Virginia couple and stole cash and electronics before grabbing the keys to their rental car and fleeing.

    The Royal Barbados Police Force said no arrests have been made yet. But they will “use all the resources that we can to solve it — especially when it involves tourists,” said Insp. David Welch, noting a specialized tourist unit is involved in the case. The forensic team was able to pull fingerprints from the scene.

    Uschi Wetzels, who owns the Sea-U Guest House on the east coast of the Caribbean island, upgraded both couples to its best suites. She told the Star there is now an increased police presence to help their security guards.
    Both couples decided to stay, Richardson said, because “we don’t want to be defeated.”

    So the couples took a five-hour walk Wednesday, processing the ordeal, trying to let go of their anger.

  3. pomp

    this is nowadays barbados at its best.
    gangs and bastardos everywhere.
    never go to barbados!
    and spread the bad news….

  4. John

    Barbados is still a beautiful island despite the 1% who is playing the ass. You could drown you hopes in pessimism all you want. But I have high hopes and optimism for the land that I love.

  5. John

    Where were you when Barbados was falling off the deep end in the 1990’s Pomp? Do you recalled the gang warfare in the 1990’s, well I do? I recalled quite vividly, leaving the house with a weapon on my person just for self- protection. Where were you Pomp?

  6. pomp

    in speightstown, half moon, north point, cherry tree hill, lowlands, morgan lewis mill, batsheba and many more places unharmed and without a gun, just pepper spray….
    barbados is completely unimportant to me and many friends, we just go somewhere else and leave you behind in poverty and crime with your gangs and drugs….

  7. sith

    Comparing 2013 to 2012 does not tell the real story. How does 2013 look compared to say 2009 or 2008. That will show you what has hapened. In some cases the declines are probably 20% plus.


    Germans,Hitlers people .no one likes them and no one wants them around.
    after all they tried to take over the world and murdered millions of people.
    if they could have done it they would have. and they still have that attitude.
    no thanks to the Germans.know of many German women marrying bajan village idiots just to live in bim.the scum of the earth i would call them.

  9. Hellmut

    Ok I won’t come. Thanks.