BREAKING: Harlequin Property applies to go into administration

 “The company is or is likely to become unable to pay its debts.”

Director Carol Ames of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited, Basildon at High Court, London on Monday April 22, 2013

URGENT BREAKING: David Ames said nothing during investor meeting although he knew!

“The Harlequin Investor Group met with David Ames yesterday afternoon. It is very disappointing that nothing was mentioned to the investor representatives.  The Harlequin Investor Group will now move to issue guidance to investors on how best to secure their investments in the Caribbean. “

Gareth Fatchett, Director – Solicitor & Notary Public – Regulatory Legal Solicitors special to Barbados Free Press

Notice of Appointment of Administrators   (PDF of Harlequin’s court papers)

Harlequin leaves Barbados with nothing but a huge mess

Harlequin leaves Barbados with nothing but a huge mess

House of Cards about to go?

Yesterday David Ames met with some investors and their lawyers from Regulatory Legal.

Did Ames inform the group that he had already moved to have his sales company apply for administration? NO he did not!

What does this do to ongoing negotiations with various shareholder groups?

What does this mean for those who have not filed complaints that invoke insurance coverage?

So many questions, but if you listen carefully you might hear the answer as the cards on the bottom start to bend and slide…

Harlequin Property applies to go into administration


SOUTH Essex multi-million pound Caribbean investment firm Harlequin Property has applied for its sales arm to go into administration.

The business run by the Ames family from Wickford which is promoted by big name sports celebrities lodged an intention to appoint administrators for Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited, of Honywood Road, Basildon, at the High Court in London yesterday. 

A statement signed by director Carole Ames, of Brock Hill, Wickford, said: “The company is or is likely to become unable to pay its debts.”

It has prompted fears over the future of at least 6,000 investor’s deposits, many paid through personal pensions, and around 40 jobs at the Basildon head office.

The company, which is promoted by former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, golf legend Gary Player and footballer Andy Townsend and trades as Harlequin Property, has taken more than £300million in deposits from at least 6,000 investors for off plan luxury holiday accommodation across the Caribbean since 2006.

However, it has so far built just around 300 of the thousands of properties and is being investigated by Essex Police, the Serious Fraud Office and Financial Services Authority…

… (Read the rest of the article at the


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2,434 responses to “BREAKING: Harlequin Property applies to go into administration

  1. BBaywatch

    Looks like The Guardian, The BBC and MOS got it right then – congratulations to Jon Austin for keeping on top of this and doing an excellent investigative and reporting job.

  2. BBaywatch

    and of course respect to BFP for keeping it on their board despite all of the attempts at disruption by HP trolls.

  3. BFP

    Thanks BBaywatch,

    We’ve seen this coming for two years and we’re not that smart. Our glorious leaders should admit how much they received from Harlequin / Ames for “election expenses” and “consulting fees”.

    What a mess we are left with. Look at Merricks and the “H”. Those bones will rot in the sun for the next decade while the courts listen to arguments of ownership. Thank you to Prime Ministers Owen Arthur, David Thompson and Freundel Stuart!

  4. Beggars Belief

    Would Harlisuccess like to comment on the genius businessman now. I presume that appointing administrators is a stroke of genius and only green eyed trouble makers with their own evil agenda could possibly see this as bad news.

  5. Beggars Belief

    Looks like “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” is set for another week at the top of the UK download charts.

  6. BBaywatch

    Of course it is only the sales arm of the business which is going into administration, which leaves other parts of the business and associated companies still active. Now it’s going to get really dirty as assets are hidden/juggled/offloaded and untangling this will be long time coming.

    Many questions for the governments of Barbados and SVG to answer too, let’s hope they learn a lesson fro this and stop pandering to these carpet bagging neo colonialists.

  7. Fatchett does not represent me.

    1)For the sake of accuracy, its 2500 investors, not 6000
    2)As rightly pointed out this is the sales arm of HP. Before everyone starts to throw themselves of buildings in despair, check who your contact is with. Mine is not with HMSEE.

  8. BBaywatch

    I’m all right Jack until the very end then – 36/Fatchance at the top of the pyramid and still looking to rake it off while last one in gets burnt.

  9. algarvec

    But 6,000 units sold according to Harlequin…….FDNRM going down with the ship all guns blazing and nit picking to the end – there’s no “external development funding” coming, never was and never will be – wake up and smell the coffee. Who are you, Dave Ames?

  10. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, stop being a stupid arse hole. Instead of rejoicing with your jounalistic mates, look past the headline and what it means. HP are trying to keep the enterprise afloat and being sued by 40 investors is not going to do that. They cannot sue something in admin can they? Try and be objective not give us the “I told you so” line.

  11. Beggars Belief

    Does this mean the Irish court case also collapses?

  12. Anon123

    I was trying to post “my way” by Frank Sinatra but it is currently awaiting moderation 😦

  13. Django

    SFO has given all the necessary time to Dave Ames to hide all the assets and develop the Ponzi scheme!!! He has St Vincent Nationality and he can go there and hide with the protection of Uncle Ralph… “Bonne chance” investors !!!

  14. Django

    Dave Ames is piloted by a bunch of solicitors paid with investors money…But he should know that he cannot escape the justice from above!!!

  15. anonymous55

    HMSSE was just the sales arm. the whole operational costs, staff salaries, dividends, office expenses, marketing, commission to agents etc etc was all paid for using investors money. we know that. the real question now is how much money is there left in the overseas companies with which investors contracts are actually with. Is BB making a profit as with no accounts hard to know. is there any chance of building any more of the units??? if no monies left will be reliant on capital injection/funding from another party??. how likely is this. lets not forget c 5700 units have yet to be built requiring hundreds of millions of funding

  16. A policy holder

    Perhaps a small very isolated island can be acquired in which top level crooks can be shipped and on which they will live alone and amongst themselves. Their expenses will be paid by them and not unfortunate tax payers. Now perhaps they can use their twisted brains to write books on how they did it and make recommendations to law enforcement agencies how to spot the development of criminal schemes early in the game!

  17. Anonymous

    They’re already getting in there with the “it was all because of the negative publicity” line. This startling lack of self-awareness should scare anyone if nothing else does. Apparently the underlying business in the other companies is strong — although noone would know whether or not that’s the case as they haven’t filed accounts for them for 7 years (So strong that they haven’t got round to doing that)…

  18. So what about the meeting tomorrow ?

  19. BBaywatch

    Just aired last night –

    will the Ames be added to the list?

  20. Anon

    In typical Ames tradition “it was all because of the negative publicity” means it was everyone elses fault but ours. I imagine the bad publicity hasn’t helped matter, but they have to look as to why they were getting it in the first place.

    Seriously, how do they sleep at night?

  21. Mr Lars

    This application of administration for one of their companies is like a small hole in a ship that starts to leak. Either you stop the leaking or abandon the ship.
    The situation with Harlequin is difficult and needs prompt attention. It makes me wonder what all those lawyers/advisors/investor group representatives are doing and thinking.There is no time to wait with lengthy legal disputes.
    The setup with ownership of all those companies including local companies in St Vincent, St Lucia, Barbados, Dominican Republic and Brazil and probably in many other places is amazing. How could this happen with other people’s money .
    I have said it before and say it again, there is only one decent asset left for you who have invested in Harlequin and it is Buccament Bay which actually is a working resort even though it most likely is losing money as operated now. The rest of the so called assets are burdens for any small time investor and can only be realized as a sale to wealthy investors with an appetite for multimillion dollar investments. And the question mark remains does Harlequin have title to all their lands? And is all the land free and clear of encumbrances?
    My advice is to focus on the assets, they are not located in UK and there is no way you as the investors can get anything back if you do not cooperate with Dave Ames directly but most of all with the Government of St Vincent.
    Buccament Bay is probably the only way out for all of you who invested to get a return back of your investment, would it be in an ownership of a unit, vacation club or simple a future free vacation.
    Investor group , wake up, You could turn this around to a good thing but act quickly and do something before that option is gone as well. It is possible to make this a success but only with what you see built as of today. No more investments except completion of unfurnished units.
    When and if Buccament is closed that’s it, no way to start that resort again without serious investments, believe me I have seen many resorts die out in this part of the world and a few years later they are occupied by squatters.

    Mr Lars


    what ever FUNDs is there will be sucked up by the courts and the lawyers , Investors may see nothing back.

  23. Beggars Belief

    Presumably one of the first actions of the administrators will be to call in the c. £5m owed for the purchase of overseas properties in the names of Ames family members? Failing that I assume they will just default to becoming a company asset because HMSSE was supposed to have a charge over the properties.

    Unless this has already been paid back since the last set of accounts was submitted.

  24. Harlisuccess

    Lets not panic. Lets wait and see what eventually transpires.Lets hear what is to be said at the investor meetings today and tomorrow.Now is not the time for sarcastic comment.Success may well yet follow.

  25. 4

    Could we please have the Hastings wreck/ruin torn down, levelled -and made into a car park for Boardwalk users?

    If it’s left to stand there and look bad as it rusts its way into history, it’ll just become yet another Boardwalk eyesore, along with the sorry Caribbee Hotel (pull THAT down too!) and the horrible old house immediately West of Tapas.
    ALL that crap want levelling! ..the whole damned lot!

  26. Adrian Loveridge

    The Government (Barbados) must disclose in full, what this company owes in NIS, Land Taxes, unpaid VAT, income taxes etc., and how these taxpayer monies will be recovered. Who (which company) owns title deed of Merrick’s and the former Allamanda Hotel?
    YET AGAIN, the Government has watched this debacle unfold over a period of almost SEVEN years and chose not to do anything.

  27. Eddie Lizzard2

    I wonder if ‘Bluebell Wood’, Dave and Carol’s lovely £1.5 million mansion on leafy Brock Hill in Runwell, Essex SS11 7PB will be counted as an asset by the Harlequin administrators? Sadly I doubt it.

    Runwell is a rather wry oxymoron don’t you think?

    I am also interested to know why the property has so many CCTV cameras around the perimeter fences? What are they scared of?

  28. Not Taken


    Surely all of that info must be a matter of public record, available under FOI

    Certainly the land titles and land taxes should be easily obtained at the land registry office

    The following email addresses are on the BIG website at;

    I am sure they will be please to help you, LOL

  29. yatinkiteasy

    I agree with Anon..tear down those eyesores and blights on the landscape!Add the old house east of Tapas too.

  30. perplexed

    Anon & Yat —-don’t overlook the really awful paint job on Marine House,
    Hastings Rd. Harlequin blue & white do not a DesignStudio make. Yeeetch!

    Seriously one plea from me. If ever buildings on the water side of the
    road are town down, please, please make ALL parking on the opposite
    side. From road to water -nothing but beach.

  31. Sid

    @FDNRM 11:54, I don’t think anyone planned to Sue HP, they just wanted the monthly payments they were owed (and probably needed to survive) to be brought up to date. You’re lucky as you’re still receiving your payments, but try to imagine what your life would be like if they stopped with no sign of re-starting….though you seem to know that you will be ok….which I still can’t figure out, but hey-ho.

    What worries me most is that HP didn’t have the money to pay just 40 of the thousands they owe. I can’t imagine it was a huge amount of money and knew Ames would spin it so the investors would be to blame for the business going tits. But think about it, if they can’t pay 40 in the short term, what chance have we all got in the long term?

    The big question on my mind is why haven’t they been completing and handing over for all these years? That should have been the focus, not starting up resort after resort just to get deposits. On handover HP would get the lion share of the payment which would carry a healthy profit I’m sure – which should have been the incentive all along. Now, if properties haven’t been built because they wouldn’t be occupied by paying guests, then the whole model was wrong from the start and was never going to work.

  32. perplexed

    Oooops……..I meant “torn down”

  33. Anthony's Green Creased Gay Jacket!

    The real issue is that this has really destroyed the goodwill between RL and HP that the investor group was supposed to nurture.
    The stat demands were also served on the carribean companies so by doing this Ames has solved nothing – just made it worse.
    The company does have assets but no cash – the Hartland Group who were the people who did the first deal will pursue the SVG companies now and there will be wave after wave of stat demands – no finance will be forthcoming to pay and the end will come.
    I take no joy in this as I have lost out – by the way I was at the meeting today!

  34. Informa

    To All

    Dave Ames or the Ames family will not hide out in SVG as this would be the most high risk place to hide given that Harlequin is closely connected to the local politics there. When everything was going good (money flowing) the political connections are a real benefit but when things get stickly and legal for politicians then those generating the heat better stay as far from SVG as possible. SVG has too many islands and too much ocean for the Ames to feel they can seek refuge in SVG.

    While it is only Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited that has gone into administration it is important to recognise that this was the sales arm of the group, the arm that constantly was bringing in money to keep the pyramid from toppling over. This is the major artery in the Harlequin Group and therefore spell certain dissaster for the investors and the projects.

  35. Beggars Belief


    Can you give us a rundown of the key points presented at the meeting today please?

    Was time left for questions from the floor? What questions were raised and were they answered properly?


  36. Beggars Belief

    Sorry @AGCGJ not @ACGCJ

  37. yatinkiteasy

    A contact in St Vincent says BB is trying to sell heavy construction machinery, for which they have no further need.

  38. game over

    This will rumble on for a long time….I am sure Ames may well end up in jail, but not for a good while Money left for investors….I would say not as all those IRA ans sales peeps had had their fill and gone when it started to get hotI feel for all the peeps who have been taken in and it is amazing how easy it is to run a scheme like this for so long before time runs out

    good luck.

  39. and then there was Clico

    Conspiracy of Silence

    You have no right to information Barbados

    where are all the audited statements of government affairs that everyone else must produce?

  40. 138

    Dave Ames is a British Entrepreneur who has had a range of successful businesses in the UK over the last 30 years.

    A visionary and creator, Dave Ames has designed business models and systems which are unique in their market place. It is this that defines Harlequin Group’s competitive advantage in the market place and provides the impetus for an entrepreneur who is constantly seizing new opportunities, identifying new markets and revolutionising market places.

    He has a unique skill in recognising opportunities and managing economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations into practical account.The Harlequin brand has seen considerable growth over the last three years, supported by the sales mechanism of Harlequin Property and 3,000 independent property brokers throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

    His dynamic, forward-thinking approach and drive have led him to create ground-breaking concepts that have evoked a revolution of the investment property and destination resort markets.


  41. Anon - reasons unknown

    If it’s any consolation, whatever money the Ames’ (and senior members of staff at HP) have managed to ferret away over the years, they will all eventually be brought to account and their assets retained by the crown as proceeds of crime. The arrogant, scheming, deceitful, lying fraudsters will be brought to justice; but I’m afraid this process may be an agonising slow one.

    My heart truly aches for those people who are going to lose homes and/or enter into financial oblivion due to the actions of that psychopathic, greedy, low-life bastard and his accomplices. I hope he suffers as much as all those he shafted.

    Too late to say I told you so, but I commented when RL switched tact and called for calm from investors and dialogue towards resolution with Harlequin. RL sat there with HP and Ames yesterday and were convinced and swept away by all the BS that all those investors were swept away by.

    Even RL were conned by the conman and his crew.

  42. Been had

    Then it should follow….that was a complete load of bulls**it as you now all know.
    The soon to be 3rd time bankrupt fat little toad is still lying and passing the blame.
    He will shortly be spending a very long time in some grotty jail along with his other scum bag con artist family.
    In prison, con men who rob people of their pensions are on par with nonce cases.
    So good luck fatty and I hope not to see you soon.

  43. Lighthouse


    My SVG demand expires on Thursday. I am going to pursue a winding up petition as I do not believe Ames.

    When people try and be sensible he tries to con them. RL – go back on the attack. That is your only real option.

  44. Anthony's Green Creased Gay Jacket!

    Lighthouse – pursue it but you won’t get paid, he said today he cannot afford any refund payments.
    Pursuing a stat demand will bust the whole thing and you will become a creditor like any other.
    Finance was the only hope I. Getting anything back out after listening to the broker if nothing is forthcoming in the next 4 weeks then you may as well bust it

  45. Anthony's Green Creased Gay Jacket!

    BB there was nothing factual said today.
    He did a quick chat through Panorama, Irish Case, MOS, Newman all interesting I suppose but not the real issue.
    Then Jim got up to confirm the forensic accountancy had been done on the carribean accounts and confirmed he was satisfied that the accounts were substantially correct.
    Then the finance broker got up and said he was talking to various parties but nothing confirmed in respect of finance but he had only been appointed a week ago

    Then there was questions from the floor that was just bullshit, waffle, not answering the question.

    I’m not hopeful after listening to it.

    Put it this way if you went to the meeting concerned you wouldn’t be any more comfy of your situation when you left!

  46. john Delhirro


  47. Anthony's Green Creased Gay Jacket!

    JD – the government is struggling to pay for the airport never mind getting involved in BB?

  48. Been had

    @Richard/AGCGJ, now your backtracking, you must feel like a right fool for backing Ames?

  49. Sid

    Hi John Delhirro. I recall you saying in the past that you know of capital investors who may be interested in taking over BB. This would obviously be a difficult deal to strike currently whilst it is owned by David Ames, but if HP SVG were to go into administration, this could be a conversation you could have with the administrators. They could well be interested as it would take the burden out of their hands and would take care of a large percentage of investors in one hit. It would also make commercial sense for the new owners to honour the individual investors contracts as we all still owe 70% of our contract value, which I’m sure adds up to a huge amount and would deliver a healthy profit. What do you think?

  50. anonymous55

    @ sid. going to be a nightmare scenario as funds have been commingled and thus all the investors who have paid their 30% have an interest as BB ( the 300 or so units) are the only ones complete. going to be a very very hard state of affairs to resolve.

  51. anonymous55

    maybe someone going to the meeting tomorrow could ask 1 simple much money is there left in the overseas accounts to build the remaining resorts???

  52. Mr Lars

    John Delhiro, The situation is extremely difficult as of now. Not only for the investors who bought into this scheme but also for many local persons who are employed or depend on the Buccament Bays resorts existence.
    It would be devastating if St Vincent lost such an investment, to a situation where the resort closed down. I am afraid that the overhead as of now will be hard to cover without the support of new income from sales and negative support from investors.
    I do not suggest that the Government should intervene in the legal disputes between investors and Dave Ames and his companies, But I do know that any sensible Government supports local tourism as it is a very important part of our economy in the small Caribbean islands.
    I am a firm believer that this can be resolved so the resort can stay open but not as the investment is structured now. It is far to complicated and you need to think outside the box. Just because you bought a unit in Barbados or St Lucia does not mean that the original deal cannot be changed to a part ownership in Buccament Bay, no titles have changed hands so it is just a negotiation between investors how the new investment structure will be designed. Maybee it will be better for all of you who invested to own a small part of a resort as a vacation club instead of beeing a freehold owner of a unit. Once the investors can find a way to rescue the resort and keep it open, I am 100% sure that the Government will support such a venture with all available concessions in order to secure the future of tourism.
    There is no doubt that Dave Ames has failed to deliver, maybe he dreamt to big? If he have any decency left after all his promises, he should cooperate with the investors and see whether Buccament bay can be saved as on ongoing resort and turn the ownership over to the investors in one way or another. There must be room for negotiations between investors and Dave Ames how to split up and sell the assets without legal disputes, it is the only healthy way out of the misery.
    In such a scenario there would be lots of winners and few losers, but if this drama continues with legal disputes, administrators and lawyers, nothing will be left except the memory of a dreamer who wanted to create the best resort company in the Caribbean.

    Mr Lars

  53. Sid

    Hello Mr Lars, I like your thinking, but is your suggestion realistic considering there are 6,000 investors to cater for, all having invested different amounts at different times over the past 8 years?

  54. Mr Lars


    Nothing is more realistic than to try to save what you still have, I dont think anyone would give up on a chance to see a return of what seems like lost right now.
    I do not have enough knowledge of the actual number of investors, some sya 2500 who invested in a total of 6000 units.
    I have no idea how much each investor have invested but my guess is that theier is a wide range from verys small amounts to huge amounts.
    The return might not be what was promised but things does not always end up is it should, look at it as a new opportunity instead of a lost opportunity.

    Mr Lars

  55. Steve

    I was at the meeting yesterday and Mr Ames came out with a reply to a question about the planning permission for the Merricks ( the lack of FULL PLANNING permission) Ames replied that FULL PLANNING permission had been granted the previous Friday & that emails had been sent out to Harlequin investors.
    As an investor i have not recieved this email and no one who i spoke to at the meeting had.
    Does any of your followers know or can find out if The Merricks has got full planning permission as i think his comments were another LIE.

    Can i also comment that the number of people who was willing to go along with his comments reminded me of past events in history where right upto their deaths they still thought it could not happen to them.

  56. Been had

    That is more Bulls**t, I had a letter in 2011 saying that they had planning permission on merricks when they hadn’t. they tell you what you want to hear but know most people are wise to it.
    I have said it before, Ames is a compulsive liar and a very sick individual who needs locking in Rampton mental institute. prison is to good for him.

  57. Short Legs

    I was at the Warrington meeting.

    Ames was embarrassing, forgetting his words, what was said and going the usual bull about it not being his fault. It lacked content, direction – the whole works.

    There is no finance, a broker has been appointed, he did not even tell his Essex based staff that were with him at the meeting we put the company into administration!!

    He was handed a piece of paper then he ran out of the room and come back in saying he put the ‘sales arm’ into administration, to protect his investors? ask the investors who were expectine to be paid because of the stat demands who they think?

    As predicted he done himself more damage…. if you invest now you deserve to lose your cash – no title no escrow – why would you do that?

  58. Sid

    The way I see it, he has been spinning a web of lies for so long he’s forgotten where the truth ends and the fiction begins. I’m sure if he were to be psycho analyzed he would fit the profile of someone who lives in a deluded state. It’s clear he has lost the plot. Not telling the Essex staff that the company is in administration as it can’t pay it’s debts – which will include their wages! They must be really pi55ed of after the loyalty they have shown him spreading his BS. I’d love to hear from them once they have been made redundant. That’s when we’ll hear the real truth.

    The fact he lied so blatantly about monthly payments stopping due to a banking error and then arguing that point to death when questioned says a lot. Are we now expected to believe he has started telling the truth and the lies are in the past? Give me a break.

    I would be interested to hear FDNRM’s opinion following the recent news. I don’t believe even he can put a positive spin on things.

  59. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, as stated above HMSSE was just a sales arm. Why do you think I just try and put a positive spin on things? I just try and discuss facts, not hysteria such as BBaywatch who was nearly hysterical with joy, but now probably realises that HP have possibly out flanked Fatchett and Crozier.

  60. 113

    so what do you think will happen now with the finance payments, surly there is no chance of them ever being reinstated now ?
    I cant see how Dave will ever build any more resorts . There is no money left at all. They clearly have been planning this for a long time , seeing as they have been shifting all there assets over the last 3 months.

  61. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, I don’t know what is going to happen. At the end of the day it might have been easier for DA to put his hands up, walk away and take the consequences. But he did stand up and admit he got it wrong and is, I believe, trying to retrieve the situation. BB is in profit now so perhaps he will expand that and coupled with the new airport uplift, increase occupancy, turnover and profit.

  62. 80

    Ames has his money in the bank people – do not think for a second this was not one big scam from the start so he can get rich and cover legal loopholes as much as possible. He overpaid for land as he knew for the most part he was never actually going to build and needed a front. I have been scammed to a much bigger number before and it is accepting you have been scammed that is the hardest part. This is clear cut am afraid – commissions for everyone with building not a priority, selling unregulated schemes to people who were low risk profile, no planning permissions, no experience. Ames all along was making sure he and family got paid. It is a horrible sinking feeling, feeling of embarrassment, regret, shame (not justifiable), anger, remorse, shock, almost grief if life changing for you. But he has done this to you.

  63. 113

    I hope your right, although if BB is turning a profit (which I don’t believe it is )
    I don’t see how this would be enough to finish the other resorts.
    So even if he did expand , its not like he can move the thousands of investors in to BB. At the end of the day BB investors will probably be ok .
    But as for everyone else , that’s where the worry lies.
    Regards to the airport , they started this 7 years ago and as much as they need it , I still cant see it being finished by the end of the year , if its much later , this will more than likely be to late for Harlequin.
    Your positivity shows you must have some inside knowledge , which I would love you to share, as it might reassure me a little.

  64. 183

    @FDNRM you believe he’s trying to “retrieve the situation”? He created the situation, what possible reason could have for thinking he now suddenly has the ability to fix it?

  65. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 12.36, I didnt say he could, only that I think he is trying. Don’t twist my words.

  66. nikki

    Dear Fatchett does not represent me

    He didnt outflank me and my team not by a mile …….. mrs crozier

  67. yatinkiteasy

    @Steve If Ames has planning permission on Merricks, can he furnish proof of this? A copy of the approval letter from Town and Country Planning would absolve him of the accusation that he lied about it. This is hardly a “confidential” document , but one that should be eagerly shared with worried investors.

  68. yatinkiteasy

    Here is what was stated in Sept 2012.(8 months ago)
    “The master plan was
    submitted to Barbados Town and Country Planning on 14th
    May 2012. It has been confirmed that the application is
    being processed by the various agencies and governmental
    bodies; feedback from the Chief Town Planner is expected in
    September 2012.”

    They were selling Merricks as far back as 2006…but submitted the Master Plan May 2012…something does not add up.

  69. 183

    @FDNRM I didn’t say you thought he could — I was just stunned by your belief that the same person who created the situation, could also fix it (having been unable to do so already for years, and with a fair wind behind him).

  70. Mr Lars

    It seems like there are still investors out there who actually belive the scheme will work. It must be that none of you lives in the Caribbean and understand how difficult it is to build and operate a resort.
    The grand plans set out by Harlequin is deemed to fail from the beginning, if they had stayed focused on one resort alone there would have been a chance to get Buccament bay up and running after a few years. Fatchet dont represent me is apparently totally incompetent when it comes to hospitality industry.
    ” BB is in profit now ” where do you get this idea from. Despite the fact that BB has been paid by others peoples money and do not have a mortgage thanks to you guys who took the mortgages instead, they cannot and will not make a profit as it is now. This time of the year is the toughest period in the Resort business in the caribbean and if BB survives another 3-4 months it is a miracle and it means that funds are coming from other investors money who have invested in Merricks, St Lucia and Dominican republic.

    Focus on yourself, Save what you can and stop discussing whether Hartlequin and Dave Ames can pull of his big dream, he cant and nobody can resolve his mess even with the help of another 300 million pounds.

    Mr Lars

  71. Short Legs

    The fact remains if you are a cash investor you are pretty stuffed, there will be no finance,SIPP people have some protection if they act quick – but Harlequin is going down and fast.

    Nikki, despite you not being a solicitor, the fractional thing was mentioned and he wants cash now from investors now, and nothing is his fault.

  72. anonymous55

    Click to access harlequin10.pdf

    read again re allegations of where the money has been spent, albeit we are 2 yrs behind in HMSSE sales figures as no accounts. then roughly half of all deposits had been spent on commission, admin, sales and marketing, salaries etc. does not leave much over to finish 6 resorts inc infrastructure, amenities, golf course???, etc etc. it is imperative that investors get full disclosure on how much money is banked in the caribbean companies and available for building and how much the remaining resorts will cost to build. only then will they have a clear picture of the true situation.

  73. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Nikki, so is your interest just in making money out of this or do you have the majority of investors interests in mind?

  74. How Jack

    The winding up petitions will be applied for within the next week.

    Let’s see Ames talk his way out of that.

  75. Sid

    I was wondering about that. HP supposedly put HPMSSE into administration due to the stat demands. But the stat demands were also against HP SVG. so will that be put into administration too?

    @FDNRM, if anyone is doing the outflanking, it sounds like Fatchett is one up on Ames.

  76. To be fair

    I suspect that Ames will rue the decision of misleading the investor group people.

    They appear to have been counselling giving him time to effect a rescue. He chucks that in their faces by lying to them.

    There will be no finance, there will be no completions as no one will have the time to do it.

  77. game over


    The money thats been paid on commission and salaries tec etc is gone and you can bet your life most of the rest will have been pd as dividends by the Ames familly and then there will be other costs…..there wont be much left, maybe a token the rest will be but aside a bit here a bit there.

    It will take years to trace it all…the accounts will never be available

    I doubt anybody will get much back and maybe Ames will go to jail

  78. casual observer

    Has there been any reporting in the local press on all of this yet?

    Is it possible to get copies of Town & Country Planning approval letters – are they supposed to be made public – if not, when?

    As a local resident, I really would like to know what is going to happen to the present eyesores at Merricks, St. Philip and at H Barbados, Christ Church.

  79. Sid

    It is reassuring to know that the SFO are monitoring HP. If I was Ames I would pay serious attention to the words ‘Serious’ and ‘Fraud’. His opinion and bright outlook won’t mean a thing if the SFO do treat it as a crime. I also wonder what his celebrity friends, Pat Cash and co. think of him now.

  80. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Mr Lars “Fatchet dont represent me is apparently totally incompetent when it comes to hospitality industry” Ignorant yes, incompetent? Well who knows. However I do know the difference between “trading profit” and “operating profit” Do you? By the way its “doesn’t” not “dont”

  81. I have not posted for quite some time on here, because a period of calm was called for, I did not want to spoil the chance of someone getting a refund because i was being a pain in the arse for HP.

    The Group that the High Court Judge said must be paid last Friday, have not been paid, the UK company the Stat demands against was put into administration on Friday.

    Make your own mind why. The Harlequin staff at the meeting in Warrington
    had no idea Ames had done this – some were worried if they had a job.

    The next step is going for a winding up order against Harlequin SVG, this is ready to be filed.

    Kind Regards,


  82. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Nikki (mrs crozier) On your own web site, CPC Worldwide, you list your “CPC Property garantee” Number 3 in order of importance is “3. Remember the first rule of successful purchase LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION” Still think thats the 3rd most important?

  83. Sid

    @FDNRM, I don’t want to rub your nose in it, but we talked a couple of week ago about the % of dissatisfied investors, and you rightly said we cannot assume that all of the 6,000 investors are unhappy and we can only accurately measure satisfaction based on the people we are aware of. Based on that, there are now 216 members on the other forum, which when added to the people on here make about 250 in total. Of that, only 1 as far as I can see remains satisfied – you, which equates to less than 0.5% of known investors. Not taking any of the other 5,750 into account granted, but I can’t see them being any happier. The same can be said about the hundreds that have been to the meetings this week. I haven’t seen any positive press from any of them. I have a marketing background and know that a focus group of 20 will give a very accurate account of the opinions of thousands, so do believe that 250 is plenty to give a clear indication of overall satisfaction.

  84. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul walton, and the point of that is? The meeting I was in at 3.00 showed that there were many people who were ready to committ further funds, were ready to give DA a chance to pull things round. A suggestion has been made that a 3 month breathing space be allowed. Do you have all 2500 investors at heart or is this now personnal?

  85. I spoken the the finance broker at the meeting.

    He was appointed only last Thursday. He is looking to raise £30 million giving Buccement Bay as security.

    They have not yet got answers regarding due diligence needed before presenting this to the lenders, who ever they are.

    It would be fair to say its not going to be signed, sealed and delivered with out some quite strict terms and conditions.

    Not paying investors payments a High Court Judge ordered, putting companies into Administration, and stat demands flying about, surly is not the best thing to inspire confidence in your potential lenders is it?

  86. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, Yes the BBC have focus groups and look at the mess they are in. All I am trying to be is a voice of reason. See my post above. The dogs are trying to savage the wounded animal. Just because people dont post on here, or anywhere, does not mean they are not in some way reasured. There were lots of people at the 3.00 meeting who wanted to complete. Paul Walton is talking about a winding up order on BB. Why? Its starting to show a profit. There is talk of possible fractional ownership. I believe PW is being used as a Fatchett tool so he can get another notch on the RL case file. The number of investors is 2500, so you have the opinions of 10% only.

  87. @FDNRM.

    Ames stuck two fingers up at a court order, what do you want the investors to think? he wont even tell his loyal staff he dumped the company.

    And you think that is okay,

    He met with the the Representatives of the investors group on Monday and did not think to tell them he had no intention of paying?

    This group represents well over a 1000 investors, what do you think will be fed back to them now? how can you put a spin that?

    He did not even answer the questions they asked, he had a week to to so.

    You do live in a different world.

  88. 183

    @FDNRM how do you know it’s definitely turning a profit? Because you were told? You surely can’t be blind to the inherent problems with using that as your sole basis for reassurance.

  89. The accountant said it was ‘just’ recently turning a profit

  90. Sid

    @FDNRM, whilst I appreciate why HP are asking for 3 months grace, my worry is that it could easily be a strategy to keep angry investors and the SFO at bay while he executes an exit strategy – which would benefit him but leave us all well and truly stuffed. If this is a real risk, and I believe it is, I would rather the business was folded now rather than wait until there really is nothing left.

    Of course, I could choose to believe Ames and trust that he trying to do the right thing, but am really struggling to believe a man who has talked so much crap for so long ad can never produce any evidence to support his claims.

  91. Beggars Belief


    I think the phrase was more like, “just about breaking even”. This is so vague as to mean anything you care to read into it. It suggests to me that it is not quite yet breaking even but thereabouts. It doesn’t have to make much of a loss to create chaos in a business that is cash poor.

  92. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 2.44. See post below, believed to be 6%. It won’t keep SFO at bay. Remember they are, I believe, carrying out a preliminary investigation before deciding on whether to go for a full blown one. Unless that has changed.
    @ Paul Walton, you don’t think he is just going to sit back and let a court order be carried out do you. That’s a bit nieve if you think so. Also he is not going to tell staff before hand in case it leaks out. By the way Fatchett told me he only represented 20 people and was not going to take any more on. Where does the 1000 come from? Also potential lenders will look at the assets, I.e. BB which is something to lend against.

  93. Kroll

    The notion that investors would provide further funds to this basket case operation is quite frankly risible, patently so. The appointment of insolvency practitioners would ordinarily be an avenue of last resort but is without question the only sensible next step to this sorry saga.

    Surely investors would be better off backing a serious, rational business professional to extract the maximum possible value from the rotting carcass of Harlequin’s global operations than the delusional, staggeringly incompetent ego maniac whose mismanagement and hubris has led us to where we are now?

  94. The 1000+ are the ones signed up to reg legal updates, and will have been told what happened.

    I got the notification so did several others, then Ames, left the room and said he done it to protect the investors on his return.

    I have no idea how he will react why would I

  95. perplexed

    When I took Accounting 101 many years ago every investor/purchaser
    at B/B would be put in the liability column not listed as an asset.
    So exactly then what would be listed as an asset. Good-will is all
    and I come up with and it ain’t too hot at the moment.

  96. BBaywatch

    “The dogs are trying to savage the wounded animal. ” – puhleeeze!! calm down dear, you are getting hysterical.

    Ames capacity for mendacity is proven beyond doubt, there is still no proof that any research into the customer base was ever done or that there is sufficient demand for a 1200 unit resort hotel anywhere within the region, nor has the part of the company that is operating demonstrated that it can fill the part completed BB or Hotel Blu to the capacities required to be viable.

    Some seem to think that constructing the units is an end in itself, but without demand from holidaymakers it’s just high density build to no purpose. If these were such desirable destinations for holidaymakers why has Virgin taken all mention of SVG off its opening web pages? Yes, if you search for Virgin BB you can find a web page, but you cannot book from that and nowhere else on the main site is there a link to that page. If Virgin have no confidence in the product, which that appears to show, what reason is there to believe that the brand can attract sufficient paying guests? I say ‘paying guests’ as opposed to those taking freebies etc at BB and posting the ludicrous reviews churned out by the Basildon pork pie factory, like an Iceland lasagne those reviews are suspect – should have the warning ‘may contain BS’!

  97. Sid

    @BBaywatch, you are very wrong in your metaphorical comparison of Iceland and HP. Iceland were found guilty of peddling horse meat, not horse sh1t.

  98. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBayawtch, thought you would appreciate a bit of journalistic prose. A bit like “carpet bagging neo colonialists” Now if you had actually been to a presentation you would have heard that either Vergin or BA will be flying direct to SVG when the airport is open. They might even use it as a hub to other islands. With direct flights there will be a demand from holiday makers. Don’t forget that the SVG government, after spending so much on the airport, have to justify its existence. That means flights. Flights = people. People = bedrooms. Correct?

  99. Beggars Belief

    @ FDNRM

    Why would investors be happy about finance being arranged with Buccament Bay being used as security?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the Ts and Cs on HP’s website say that they reserve the right to source third party funding by placing a charge over units that may take priority over those of the unit owners.

    In the event that things take another turn for the worse this means thatand owner could have their unit taken off them and sold even if they have paid for it in full.

    That sounds like investors’ interests are really being looked after.

  100. Erica Broughton

    The other problem is having spoken to James Cannon from Eleven Capital. If they do raise the finance it will be secured on BB which we now ALL own part of (can you seriously think everyone will agree to this?) and the creditor would have first claim on Harlequins assetts if it went bust in the future and so we as purchasers would lose out further down the road.

    But I want you ALL to sleep easy tonight safe in the knowledge that Mr Ames has his mortgage payments up to date “but we are still all in this together guys” some more than most eh!!

  101. anonymous55

    ok – from the last available figures- £300 million in 30% deposits equates to c 1 billion pp sales. BB has 300 units finished c5%, so on average this would equate to BB completions c £50 million. so if the broker is trying to get the 70% funding to complete for these 300 units this would equate to £35million ( not far off as they say they are trying to raise £30 million. ) if they are successful these investors will take ownership and their 10% gteed returns are now payable e.g £5million a year. if BB only just breaking even then this money has to be funded from cash flow. won’t leave much over to continue building. if this is the only way they intend to raise monies to complete resorts over the long term then its going to be a very very very long time before anything of significance is built and any returns payable… estimates to complete the build of the remaining units at BB and other resorts range from £400 million to £1 billion ( who knows) but one thing is for sure £35 million won’t go far…..

  102. Sid

    So currently BB is cash owned, but he is trying to mortgage it to raise money to finish the resorts? If he does mortgage BB up to the eyeballs and then squanders the money (as history suggests he may), then the lender could potentially take possession of BB and we all really do have nothing. I don’t like he sound of that.

    If mortgaging BB is the only way forward, do we have any say in how the funds are spent or do we have to leave that to Ames to decide?

  103. Been had

    I can’t believe Fdnrm is still defending toad face, soon to be 3rd time bankrupt Ames. He he for real or what? Surely there is no argument now!

  104. BBaywatch

    Now if you had actually been to a presentation you would have heard that either Vergin (Vergin?? ) or BA will be flying direct to SVG when the airport is open. They might even use it as a hub to other islands. With direct flights there will be a demand from holiday makers. Don’t forget that the SVG government, after spending so much on the airport, have to justify its existence. That means flights. Flights = people. People = bedrooms. Correct?

    – of course if Ames or some other HP spokesperson has said that then it must be true. I’ve been waiting for you to trot out “build it and they will come” and that’s pretty close. You really don’t have the slightest idea of how the tourism industry works do you?

  105. Sid

    @BBaywatch, I’ve been waiting for someone to pull that phrase out the bag!

  106. 183

    Exactly! “Flights = people” — um, no, Flights = Flights — whether or not people actually get on them is an entirely different issue. The suggestion that there is an inevitable, and directly proportional, causality that relates the two is startlingly naive.

  107. Erica Broughton

    Does anyone know if they have got the money to finish the airport now?

  108. Sid

    @Anon, normally I’d agree with you, but David Ames says that once the airport is open everything will be hunky dory, and who are we to argue. He is the expert after all.

  109. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @bBaywatch. So what is the reason the airport was built for? Answer that please. If there are flights and places to stay and it’s correctly priced then yes people will come. You having superior knowledge tell me why not. Please educate me why everyone will be looking upwards at the empty sky.
    @Erica, have you paid for your property in full? If not then you do not own it. The book value is supposed to be £150m ish. He is looking to borrow 30m ish. That does not seem a huge risk.

  110. BBaywatch

    Erica – hope this link works

    excerpt – KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, March 13, IWN – The US$80 million that the Government has to raise for the Argyle international airport this year will come from loans, land sales and departure tax monies.

    Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told Parliament on Monday that the Government has identified buyers for US$20 million of state lands.

    There was a $60m USD shortfall in January which had grown to $80m USD by March when this was posted. “buyers for US$20 million of state lands” – looks like another raid on the Crown land on Bequia then and even the earlier plots have not been fully sold out yet.

  111. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 4.40 if the price is right then yes they will. 25 years ago I went to Gambia when you could not get direct flights. I went because it was good value for money. Now it’s not a cheap holiday. That’s how to start getting tourists into your country/hotels. But what do I know BBaywatch is the expert on this.

  112. Beggars Belief


    Taking the red book valuation at face value (which is an assumption) this still includes the assets that are nominally in the ownership of those who purchased properties.

    It seems that there are two routes to attract third party funding using BB as security.

    1. The whole of BB is offered as security with the interests of the owners being subordinated to the third party financier. This has all the down sides to investors described by me and others above.

    2. Only the communal areas, restaurants, facilities etc are offered as security with the going concern aspect of running the resort. This would be deeply unattractive to a third party investor. Run the scenario that the resort operator was unable to run the place at a profit whilst honouring the 50:50 room rate share with the owners of the units. In this case the third party investor has step in rights in order to sell their interest to another resort operator. Who would want to buy it if it is difficult to honour the agreement with the owners? The only way forward would be throw away the agreements with the owners and offer them a much smaller fraction of the profits. For those people who have had sight of the completion documents I would be interested to know if there were any provisions in place to protect owners in the event that the resort operation changed hands.

    There are unmitigatable risks in every direction on this one.

  113. 183

    @FDNRM do you honestly need someone to explain why the logic that underpins the sentiment “If there are flights and places to stay and it’s correctly priced then yes people will come” is so ludicrously naive?

    Do you have any sense of the complexity that informs discretionary purchasing decisions such as these? Do you have any grasp of the fundamental elasticity of demand, and the range of factors that inform that — and of the inherently unbelievably competitive nature of the market? Unbelievable.

  114. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, go on educate me then. I’m all ears.

  115. 183

    @FDNRM if you think that that’s something that is achievable in a few lines on an internet bulletin board, then that explains an awful lot.

  116. BBaywatch

    @Anon, go on educate me then. I’m all ears.

    – and nothing between them!

    @FDNRM if you think that that’s something that is achievable in a few lines on an internet bulletin board, then that explains an awful lot.

    Quite so.

  117. Fatchett does not represent me.

    In other words you have no answer. The experts in tourism cannot explain why a new airport and new hotel won’t increase numbers into the island. Pathetic. Not like you to be short on words. Ok let me ask you a simple question. Why, in 2002 did SVG build a new cruise terminal. Did it encourage more cruise ships to SVG? Google SVG cruise terminal and see the amount of positive reviews of SVG. Not my words. I would suggest that if you are not prepared to support your argument then your argument does not stand up. And don’t say I don’t understand “fundamental elasticity of demand” etc. you have had your chance to explain and failed. And BBaywatch, don’t try and enter a grown up debate with cheap remarks, as a journalist I actually hoped you would be above that. I guess not.

  118. Last Chance

    Ok – I was at the meeting today – so lets try and sum up what happened and where do we go now ? I went there with an open mind, and was prepared to listen on all fronts. So what did I see.

    Sad – A 77 year old man who introduced himself as an investor who is struggling to pay a loan he took out as a deposit ..He has no earning capability to service the loan – DA brushed him aside with little concern !!

    Crying – A woman crying on DA shoulder .. Was like watching X Factor. who has the most heart wrenching story.

    Bullshit – DA quote in “2009 the world was a different place, and financial times have changed” — REALLY – So why sell the same business model to new investors from then on ???

    Deluded – DA quote “BB is the best hotel in the world” Fact – Its Not !

    Ego – ( post meeting ) New investors are on the fringe to help turn this round but would want part control and share holdings with a new management structure – A husband and wife team cannot run this on their own.. Mr Ego as we understand does not want to release his baby – Even for the good of the investors.

    Sales – The sales arm has closed down – Q to HP – how do I now resell my unit – Ans – I dont know !!

    Travel – It appears that the HP travel don’t have an ABTA licence – it ran out ? REALLY

    Funny – The security man took the mic and explained that he has bought into a 15 year plan .. REALLY – DA soon took the mic off him.

    Nothing was learned today – NOTHING – We just have to sit tight and see what Mr Ego does next .. Once the SFS have given green light we will all be back on track …

    Final point – IF MERRICKS has now got planning – dont you think the DA media wagon would be shouting about this .. Very quiet !! I want to know if this is actual fact .. if its NOT – The guy is one BIG Liar.

  119. homefront

    This whole scenario looks ripe for an MG style “rescue” which the UK government welcomed with open arms only for it to turn into an asset stripping bonanza.and those of us with long memories will remember similar antics in UK manufacturing companies in the 1960s and 70s

  120. Hi Fatchett does not represent me , you ask a straight question so here is a straight answer. I will earn money by doing this case and yes i do have the cash investors interest at heart . The sipps ones will be taken care of by claims on insurance but those who used loans ,mortgages and their personal money I dont see so many firms offering them any hope do you?

  121. homefront

    Also from past experience SFO are not great ,but dont F???K with HMRC

  122. homefront

    I hasten to add I was on the goodies side with SFO and HMRC

  123. Hey short legs , thanks that was nearly a compliment (careful ) Yes i knew what he would say because it is the only thing that possibly could calm the clients down . Next will be re contract as shareholders so I can get the money I need then quelle surprise , he will default on the payments and you loose because the mortgagee has the charge over the assets . Then you will have no claims in law because you were shareholders and god knows how much cash he took out of the “private contract”

  124. This may seem a little crazy, but have a think……

    What about if Ames is removed, and someone that knows what they are doing replaces him? if that was the only way to secure funding would that be okay?

    If you are a cash investor you have little protection, If it goes wrong, that is a sad, but true fact.

    is this worth thinking about????

    Those that still want out but can make a claim for bad advice.

    HP going bust does not help anyone….. is this such a crazy idea??

  125. Brett Penny



  126. Been had

    As Bob Marley sang……You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time so now we see the light, we gonna stand up for our rights!

  127. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton “the next stage is a winding up order on HPSVG” now you say that HP going bust does not help anyone. Come on Paul, what is your strategy? If you hadn’t tried these SDs on HMSEE then there would have been no administration. Admin has helped no one.

  128. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch/Anon the great experts in tourism are stuck for words! I am here all night. Get typing if you have any sensible reasoning.

  129. Anon - reasons unknown

    You are one very thick, annoying person FDNRM.

    How much more useful would this whole site have been without your incessant, useless, irritating, unintelligent, naive, pathetic, Ames-arse-licking (in exchange for money) input?

    Jeez, I hope you disappear off the face of the internet soon. Give up, why don’t you, you pathetic waste of a life?

  130. Erica Broughton

    Mr Ames said in the meeting that we ALL now own a bit of BB so how can approx 170 people=units complete on something we ALL own part of, what about us then? am I missing the point?

  131. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes, Erica, you are. It’s game over.

    Why on earth you’re still talking about anything Ames said, I have no idea.

    Remember, he is a liar. He’s been lying for years.

  132. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U LOL! What do you expect. I have nothing between my ears! Next comment from you, let me guess “F***ing twat” ? now let me, am I getting your money? That would be a no because you are not even an investor. So naff off.

  133. Pingback: BREAKING: Harlequin Property applies to go into administration | Friends of St Lucia's UNESCO World Heritage Site

  134. Anon - reasons unknown

    Oh, back to the effing twat again! What a surprise. How many times have you typed that phrase on BFP? Get over it as I really don’t give a toss. Well, no, in fact I’m over the moon it made such an impression on you.

    No, you’re right, I’m not an investor. Lucky me. That’s why I’ve been telling investors for years on many forums to take action immediately and get out. More recently I’ve been telling people to take legal action immediately. But since you’re a f**king twat, I wasn’t speaking to you as you’re too thick to appreciate what I was saying backed up by ALL the evidence on the net to substantiate it.

    You’re also being paid by Harlequin for your promotion – but not any longer, eh? HA HA! Best busy yourself thinking of ways to earn an income now to save up that huge amount you gave to Harlequin (you liar) instead of being an absolute pain in the backside here. People like you should have been dealt with by evolution if Darwin had been right. Please tell me you haven’t done any breeding?

  135. yatinkiteasy

    Merricks has Full Planning Permission, according to, next step…build the rashole villas that were sold 6 years ago.! Slight problem…no Money, no HD Studio, no Construction Company in Barbados that will touch the project.This is just another statement from the man that promised a Pirate Ship , a Marina by the world`s best Builder of Marinas, two Hotels in Barbados in 2013…on and on and on…..anyone (including my friend FDNRM) who still believes ANYTHING he says is delusional.

  136. Last Chance

    One thing DA did say that between the court cases the forums has a rise in agitators – Newman / builder and co trying to bring HP down for their own benefit as its the only way to win the case…. DA is a lot of things but he is right ,, Dont trust or believe a lot of the posts in here ,,,The agitators stand out like a sore thumb ,,,, The Forum has become what was a good idea to somewhere that serves no purpose unless you are an ambulance chaser or an agitator. ,, I am out of here … One final word ! if you have a complaint and feel your IFA miss sold or did not conduct the sale properly .. Put a complaint into the FSA .. It will be dealt with the same way as handing over your money to the Legal vultures

  137. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U always sign when your not getting any. I don’t need any advise from you. Foul mouthed, smart arse, I told you so. Also I don’t have to prove anything to you. So again, just go.
    @ last chance, about agitators, you only have to look at Anon R-U.

  138. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hey Last Chance – aka Dave Ames! I recognise your writing style from a couple of emails from Ames himself! Last Chance saloon! Commas are so irritating, when not used correctly. And a dead give away. As well as that lovely lady you speak of; “Miss Sold”.

    Can’t wait to write to you in prison and remind you what I did to you, and how much extra you chose to spend on me 🙂

    Happy Days.

  139. Anon - reasons unknown

    FDNRM, of course you don’t need to take advice from me, you thick loser. You’ve lost your money and are still taking pot shots at those criticising Harlequin – you are AN IDIOT. A thick, uneducated IDIOT, and a poor gambler. Backing the wrong horse until you end up in the gutter. I’m laughing down at you.

    You don’t have to prove anything at all for me. You lost. Game over. Give up. I won’t.

  140. perplexed

    I have an open question to the posters on BFP who are Bajan
    citizens and or ex-pats living in BGI. Are the two major newspapers,
    the Nation and the Advocate so tied into and loyal to a particular political
    party that they seem to do absolutely no investigative reporting that
    might reflect negatively on that party? In this case it seems that the
    present and past governments have a lot to answer for re:
    Harlequin (Merricks and H-Hotel). How difficult is it for a reporter to
    verify with the responsible government office to ascertain whether or
    not HD does indeed have full certification to build Merricks. Also
    same with ownership of the respective properties. At least it would
    be a start. After that it might be of interest to know just what in the
    way of building materials has actually been imported.

  141. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U talk about lost the plot. What an idiot!!!

  142. Anon - reasons unknown

    Last Chance – I’ve just re-read your post. HA HA, you illiterate fool Dave Ames! Bumbling along, incoherently making no sense. As I always say to my son – re-read what you wrote before you hand it in.

    Mind you, he’d be locked in the cupboard under the stairs if he ever turned out illiterate crap like that!

  143. Anon - reasons unknown

    Fatchett Would Never Represent Me, as ever you come back with a masterful, cunning put-down.

    Go away, and practice filling in those benefit forms. You’re going to need help from the tax payer now you’ve lost all access to Harlequin investor funds. You low-life.

  144. Fatchett does not represent me.


  145. Anon - reasons unknown


  146. perplexed


  147. Fatchett does not represent me.

    And you have a son? I bet you make him so proud. Your foul mouthed, aggressive, ignorant rantings make you such a role model. No wonder the youth of today have no respect. Have you thought about anger management? You really need help.

  148. It really is GAME OVER

    FDNRM…you really should keep taking your medication….a lot of decent people have lost money, and you post like a mental patient…the sooner you get sectioned the better

    To all the others ….GAME OVE….I wishit wasnt for you all…but it is, we will all be gone before anything is solved…6000 people all trying to get the most back…all with different ideas of what next…it will go on for ever that is a joke raining finance to buy anything is difficult, ut with HP track record, no one will give em a penny…as to secured on BB, if posts are correct they dont even own the land, so what is there to be secured on and if they did if the bank needs to pull out, there isnt going to be anybody around to buy it, so no bank or investor will touch…the world is full of much better offers

    @Erica…sorry my dear, but MR ames has been telling you lies and your what ifs just wont happen…wakey wakey, sorry

    I hope Ames goes to jail, just anybody who shafts people….but you have to prove it was intentional rather than just “I’m not very good at building resorts”

    The dream is over…the race is for Ames to die of old age before the net closes…this is going to be a long running saga

    So to recap….GAME OVER the loot has gone

    you have been a loverly audience, thank you and good night

  149. Anon - reasons unknown

    You’ve ripped me to the core!

    Anyway, how’s the investment? Do you think Harlequin (in administration, run by the twice bankrupt Dave Ames, and under investigation by the SFO, and under alert by the FSA/FCA) are going to pull it off?

    Do tell us, FWNRP. That really is all I’m interested in hearing from you.

    (Q the “I don’t nead to diskus anything with yoo, as yoo r a fowl mowthed trowl”).

    Come on FWNRM – do your job, tell us what’s good about Harlequin. If you don’t answer that, I will correctly presume you agree it is FUBAR’d.

    Of course, it always was, but you weren’t receiving your monthly payment (from investors’ money) to say that.

  150. @Fatchett does not represent me.

    I don’t actually have an agenda , but I am in touch with many investors, cash, SIPP, loans, all varying amounts. The stat demands in SVG are very real and could be acted upon.

    The question is if they were taken to the end conclusion, what would that achieve?

    We know the answer to that – we are all stuffed particularly cash investors.

    You have no idea whats going on and who I have been speaking to, but taking Harlequin down is not what I am trying to do.


  151. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @its game over. How many times, it’s 2500 people. Get your facts right first.

  152. Anon - reasons unknown

    @It really is Game Over, luckily, it’s very easy to prove that “the HP dream” was a deliberate scam by Ames, since the internet is littered with his (somewhat incoherent) lies, broadcast over the years.

    He’s well and truly up the shitter. But, I agree, it’s probably going to be agonisingly slow watching the wheels of justice creek and crawl until they eventually give him what he deserves.

    I agree, he may well die, or at least lose his knee caps, before he’s banged up, but we can all live in hope.

  153. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @paul Walton, then why threaten the stat demands on SVG? Is not a threat hanging over HP which makes it harder to sort out a solution? I just pointed out a contradiction in your previous statements.

  154. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hello Paul – please would you mind telling me what you think is going to happen if you don’t “bring Harlequin down”?

    In all honesty, if you don’t, someone else will. There are, after all, investors acting alone who have enough money and contacts for lone legal action. Although, admittedly, most of those would have escaped by now one would have thought.

    I’m just wondering what you’re clinging on to? What do you think is going to happen? What other chance is there at this stage? Do you think the ‘business’ is in any way viable?

  155. @Fatchett does not represent me.

    Because they are real and they tend to focus the mind a little.

    If I said I am trying my best for all concerned parties to get a solution would you believe me? or am I just wasting my time with you?

  156. Fatchett does not represent me.

    You see you can talk nicely. Not that difficult is it?

  157. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Paul Walton, yes I would believe you. I just think that getting involved with Fatchett was a wrong move. Just my opinion. At the end of the day you and I are in the same boat, almost. My view happens to be slightly different, but according to some idiots on here no one is allowed to have a different view.

  158. @Fatchett does not represent me.

    If you want to send me a PM via the blog fine or you can even have my email address, or should be both carry on being silly?

    anon@ 9.58, there could be a glimmer of hope,

  159. Anon - reasons unknown

    What is that different view, FWNRP? You seem obsessed with internet brawls, yet never ever answer my questions to you about the actual investment. You always avoid answering direct questions about the investment, and never come up with legitimate reasons why you think you’re right to stick with Harlequin, and not do your best to get out.

    Why is that?

    I repeat, for the umpteenth time, tell us what’s good about Harlequin?

  160. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul, I dont think we are being silly. Rational conversations byconcerned investors has to happen, not stupidity by non “I told you so” investors on here. We can sort it out tomorrow if you like. Were you at the 3.00 meeting at Warrington, the tall guy with the red jumper?

  161. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U firstly if you want to have an intelligent conversation then have the good grace to use a correct ID, not some silly made up one.
    Secondly you came on here at 7.11 with your opening statement “You are one very thick, annoying person FDNRM” and you think I am obsessed with internet brawls? I wouldn’t share my thoughts with you if you paid me. Thank you and good night.

  162. @Fatchett does not represent me.,
    I was there from 9.15 until about 3.30, I was with a big guy and speaking to Sean Ghent quite a bit.

    I had a blue shirt, jeans and very short ( disappearing hair) lets get in touch tomorrow some how and I will tell you whats been going on – fair enough?

    I am going now up early….

  163. Anyone know if dave was dumb enough to borrow £5mm from the business as others have stated? If so, administrator will have the power to pursue him to recover the cash.

    Let’s see if the national papers ignore this story now…

  164. Bill

    I am a Barbadian. The local newspapers may seek to investigate the story but there is little local interest since there are no local investors. It would be difficult to get sources in Town and Country ( the body responsible for Barbadian planning permission) to give information on the status of Merrick’s planning permissions since that information is confidential and any leaks could only jeopardise the source’s job.

    All investors will loose a significant portion if not all of their investments. I have personal experiences with the management of Harlequin. I know them to be incompetent and charlatans. Knowing this I have no faith that Buccament Bay can survive as a resort. Hence recovery of investors’ money will only come from the sale of the properties owned by Harlequin.

    As far as I know they own three marginal properties(two properties in Barbados, one in St. Vincent). Selling these properties will involve lengthy court proceedings in two countries with slow Judicial systems and stagnant property markets. From the proceeds of the sale will be deducted the legal and administrative fees. What little is left must be now split between some 2,500 residual claimants.

    Good luck.

  165. St George's Dragon

    Mr Ames announced at the investor meetings that Harlequin had received full planning for Merricks. I admit that I was sceptical about this so I thought I would drop into the Barbados Town & Country Planning Office this afternoon to check. Bill, it is possible for members of the public to check applications. The information you can see is limited, though.
    The original Planning Application was numbered 2602/09/2007E and an initial check on this showed only the outline approval which was granted back on 19 May 2010.
    When I looked to see if there were any other applications by Harlequin I found 0825-05-2012E which was submitted on 14 May 2012. Full planning approval for this was granted on 27 March 2013, subject to 35 conditions. None are particularly onerous, just the sorts of things you would expect on a large development – reserved matters for future approval of various technical elements of the work etc.
    A couple of comments.
    If the approval was granted at the end of March, why did Mr Ames say they got it on Friday – or is that just postal delays from Barbados to the UK.
    The other thing is that is unclear is how much of the development has approval. 2602/09/2007E was for the complete Merricks development. 0825-05-2012E is for “resort facilities phase 1 including the erection of buildings and public road improvements”. It is not clear what the extent of phase 1 is, and I was unable to see drawings. I hope it was not just for the show units!

  166. Yatinkiteasy

    So where is the money to build the resort.

  167. Beggars Belief


    Was it reported on here that the full planning permission for Merricks came with costly conditions to upgrade the local water supply infrastructure? Does the newly granted PP not make this a condition any more?

    If you or someone nearby could go to the planning department and confirm the scope of what has been granted and what the conditions are that would be good.

    Is it true that construction machinery is being sold off at buccament bay? Which company owns that machinery?

  168. Been had

    Does it really matter if he has full planing permission to do exactly what he has stated for the past 7 years?
    You couldn’t pay me to deal with that fat lying short assed con man ever again.
    I would rather lose my 30% than have to deal with a load of dishonest and deluded people at harlequin.
    Ames is the cult leader and he has them all brainwashed.

  169. It really is game over

    Does it matter if PP has been obtained at Merricks…there is no money to build the units and nobody will put money in until the unit they are buying is complete and title to the land it sits on confirmed…the brand and site is fatally wounded

    Barbados has a lot of unsold property, ok a lot is in the $1m+ range but not the less the bubble of a holiday home has gone

    This will take many many years to unravel, gather evidence, set court dates and on and on etc

    The game and dream are over

  170. I just done a radio interview with BBC Essex early this morning, involving Dave Ames, Phil Bray from investment sense and Gareth Fatchett , Regulatory Legal.

    This was finalised very late last night after speaking direct with Dave Ames, he was not aware of the program.

    I did try to give a balance view in the few moments I had, the worst thing at this stage would have been to be overly negative about Harlequin, this could have had a extremely unproductive effect on the finance that I have been assured is so close.

    Another few weeks will not make any difference this will allow Harlequin to make the necessary changes to hopefully move things forward for a positive outcome for all parties.

    I am sure you will all have your own views on this, but I think it was the most pragmatic option I had.

    Kind regards Paul

  171. @FDNRM.

    Do you now understand, the logic moving forward.

    I hope now this will pave the way for some productive negotiations for all parties, it’s really is up to Mr Ames now, to engage with the investor groups and not ignore them and to make good some promises.

    We are prepared to work with him, but it must be a two way process.

    all the best


  172. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Paul Walton, Can you tell me who Phil Bray is and his view on things. Can I also add that I agree 100% with your comments above. Now is the time for a level headed and, as you say, pragmatic aproach. I think it is important to totally ignor the “I told you so” outsiders. At the end of the day this is our money, not theirs, and it will be our solution.
    Also Paul, this is a telephone number you can contact me on. 07786118101 If you could send me your contact number, by text, then I will contact you shortly. To any one else don’t bother trying to phone/text me on this number, it is not my main number but a spare phone. Any abuse will be followed up.

  173. Investor

    Now the UK company is gone ,how does any investor get in touch with the company.
    No statement has been sent to the investors as to the situation or future plans,
    So all normal with HP, tell us nothing, as not every one was able to go to the meetings,we need to know.

  174. Last Chance

    ANON you really are a sad fool who will end up in jail,,,,,,, Look lots of commas it must be DA ( funny ). To everyone that matters in here please don’t listen to this joker, we all know the mess we are in and this gut is CLEARLY linked with the court case…. Not going to waste my time on the low life anymore… Remember HE stole our money..So is as bad if not worse than DA himself

  175. 183

    I don’t know anything about this court case, but I do find it strange how everyone seems to have decided that the whole thing is a complete and inevitable slam dunk in Harlequin’s favour — in relation to both the current case about the builder, and the allegations that have been levelled at the accountant. There is a due process that is supposed to be attached to these things that appears to be elided in any comment on the subject that comes out of Basildon — we have a central and sacred tenet of “innocent until proven guilty” in trial law, no?

    I also think that the idea that the defendants would attempt to mount their defence by attempting to bring down the litigants in their entirety is a little far fetched and quite honestly a bit bit silly.

  176. @ FDNRM.
    Phil was saying the IFA’s & Co should have done due diligence, and given the full picture involving risk.

    @BBaywatch – yep that’s the one.

    Gareth Fatchett said yes there are some problems & he is acting for a number of clients, but working with HP to resolve matters and in many cases its bad advice

  177. Last Chance

    Anonymous – wake up and get in the real world ??? Fraudsters and scammers not using social media to effect results in a multi million poiund court case … dont be niaive

  178. 183

    Ironically Last Chance, you can’t even spell naive — which says it all I think.

    The point is not that somebody might appear to steer a case — although even then, I think that most reasonable people understand the value of evidence and proof over social media hyperbole — but that here it is alleged they are actually trying to bring the whole, multi million company down (you are no longer a defendant if you have nothing to defend yourself against). That’s a bit silly I think.

  179. Absolutely gutted.......

    Can someone tell me me if there is anyway of getting out of this mess now?

  180. St George's Dragon

    @ Beggars Belief
    Yes, it has been reported on BFP that there were costly conditions attached to the upgrade of the Water supply at Merricks. The new permission certainly does not contain the same condition about paying BWA for infrastructure improvements. What it does have at condition 34, is a requirement to submit to and obtain approval from the Chief Town Planner of a “water reticulation plan” showing the mains, avoiding dead ends etc. I made brief notes about it, but the main thing I noted was that it did not seem to be the onerous requirement that was originally imposed.
    As I said in my post, I have been to the Town & Country Planning Department to look at the application and approval. The information the officials will allow members of the public to review are the notes of the application (name and details of applicant, in effect the name of the application and it’s status (whether approved or not and if approved what the conditions are). I was not able to see the plans and neither should any other member of the public.
    The only way you can find out more about it is if you are Harlequin (why don’t they just tell us?) or if you are a local resident impacted by the development.

  181. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 10.55 Anybody who is being sued for a potential 30M will use every underhanded trick they can, and they are. The idea was to bring it down before it came to court, but that failed.

  182. Last Chance

    Too many fools arguing in here with a few that clearly use this room to get investors to react and pull the company down so ANON and ANONYMOUS – nobody is listening to you as you have NOTHING constructive to say,, apart from goading people into reaction.. My advice is to let the court case take its course and see the scumbags go to prison,,And if then DA with his 13 Mil cant pay what he is own – then YES take action. The agitators are runniong scared you can see it in their posts ,, time is running out – WHY would any investor want to bring the company down when it will be receiving compensation from the court case they will win ..The Irish guy STOLE money .. Come on .. We as investors have to stick with it .. The guilty ones will be banged up soon !!

  183. Beggars Belief

    Is it feasible that the costly water infrastructure upgrade has been dropped because the scope of phase 1 is limited and would not require it?

    We really need to know the extent of phase 1 to know whether this is something meaningful. If it is not much more than the show homes then it isn’t worth getting excited about.

    Can the HIG raise a question about the extent of phase 1 works please?

  184. Sid

    @Last Chance, you seem to be very knowledgeable and passionate about the Irish case?

  185. Last Chance

    FDNR 100% right with your comment above – St George great work finding that out, we just need more detail now – Beggars – Good post, lets get back to sensible discussion with proper investors who do not want to lose their money .. You see how Anon and co will disappear when the court case is over …

  186. Sid

    I heard that the judge won’t rule one way or the other until Oct as he has so much evidence to consider?

  187. 183

    Last Chance, I never said that the case wouldn’t go Harlequin’s way, I just said that it’s impossible for anyone to speak so authoritatively of the outcome before judgement has been passed — that’s why we have a judicial process. Notwithstanding this, I’m confused as to why quite so much stock has been placed in it, and confused as to why so many of you are willing to swallow that without questioning the management (or last thereof) that allowed it to occur in the first place. I think that it is you who is being a little naive if you honestly believe that the swathes of press that this is receiving is all based on a few trouble makers with a specific agenda. Every major financial publication virtually has picked up on this story now, and a quick sweep of the comments that follow below these stories gives a fairly detailed analysis of what people working in the field think of the way that this is unfolding (unless you think that they’re all stooges as part of some mass conspiracy as well).

    You’ll forgive me if I keep the bunting in its box, to celebrate the fact that a bit of a resort that was supposed to have opened years ago now formally has planning permission; do you not pause for a second to consider how ludicrous it is, and what a damning indictment of the management that it is, that this should have occurred in such a manner? Completion dates have come and gone for a resort that didn’t have planning permission for the entire contract term.

    You might like to consider occam’s razor in the light of the above.

  188. Last Chance

    SID – I am not passionate I just don’t want to lose my money – DA is a crap businessman and a poor man manager, but what he has done no doubt using our money is to get private investigators and drill down and locate the owner of all the bad press etc etc and link certain parties together. ( He even stated that he cant say how this was done incase he has to use it again ) The bottom line is these guys don’t have much of a counter case.. Lots for the courts to go through but it is stacked against them .. The only hope that any of us have is if he wins this case and scoops some money back. ANON posted a link saying OH we owe them money now ?? That is how the business model was supposed to work .. he gets the completion money and moves on with development ..Fool .. of course he wants the 70% and so should every other investor..He can then perhaps start working in Merricks ….REPEAT – Stay put and let this court case take its toll .

  189. Beggars Belief

    @Last Chance

    If the builder STOLE the money then he would be currently on trial in a criminal prosecution.

    Would it not be more accurate to say he was given investors’ money that he should never have had and this was due to poor management of the funds?

  190. Last Chance

    The SFA as it was have given HP the green tick as DA puts it .. The SFS apparently are not busting a gut to react and again apparently DA has opened the doors for them .. SO if HP get a green tick from the SFS as well.. what more can be said or done .. Panarama and all the gutter press have got it wrong ….Who knows what will happen from there – Personally I wish DA and his ego would partner with a proper developer who new what he was doing and let go of his little baby – AS he embarrassingly said yesterday “He is now a hotelier ” Exactly David you ARE and NOT a Developer – Leave that to the big boys and please respect you partners ( investors ) as you called us .. Admit you cant do this alone and need help and cant run this with your wife and son…

  191. Last Chance

    Beggars – He took the money and never spent it on the build as stated ..and it went missing .. No different than the Wall St guy … Took money under false pretense – either way its stealing

  192. anonymous96

    LC. no-one other than the judge is in a position to know what the outcome is likely to be. what is certain is that more then 30 million is required to complete the resorts. if they win damages and get the finance in place for completions that are ready then they may have 60 million, plus whatever is banked in the overseas companies but this is still a drop in the ocean if you look at the overall funding required to complete all the resorts… if they had paid the agents 3-4% of the fund value of the sipp transfer in line with most other industry commissions rather than the 6-10% of the purchase price then this alone would have have left well over £100 million pounds more for building!!!

  193. Last Chance

    Anonymous – Agree with all of that ..Mistakes – mistakes – However it is retrievable if DA plays the game ..We cant turn the clock back .. moaning about what went on will not help – All I am saying is AFTER this court case ? if DA has not got a positive way forward, and that includes selling up or partnering new investors as share holders … Then YES string him up and let him face the consequences – HE hold the key to what happens next – screw up DA and the investors WILL jump on you this time.

  194. 183

    Last Chance in fairness to you, you seem more reasonable than most, but given the catalogue of events that have led this far, why — apart from blind faith — would you trust him now?

    Also, does it not bother you that answers always seem to be big announcements that he can’t tell you about (like the alleged links his PIs apparently identified)? Notice too how he’s happy to fling around tacit allegations but jumps on anyone who does this in reverse.

  195. anonymous55

    sorry anon at 12.14 was me. one more thing. i think RL released a statement that the land in BB was still held in DA personal name and had not been transferred to harlequin svg ltd as of then. presumably LEGALS involved and acting for clients have instigated some sort of legal freeze so that this land cannot be sold interim???

  196. 100

    Dave Ames is not a hotelier and it would be dangerous to let him play pretend hotels for any longer than is absolutely necessary – he has structured BB in such a way as it will lose huge sums of money over the coming months. You need a professional hotelier to come in and cut where cuts can be made, and pursue marketing channels that pay dividends rather than keeping on with getting C list celebs to say how much they enjoyed their stay, for example. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You really need this man out of any sphere of influence and control, you should have your own purchaser appointed board that management reports to.

    Financing using BB as security? Surely that would mean your holiday units – you do not want to rank behind a bank or financial institution as you may never get title, I have seen this many times and in fact legally he cannot do this as he has contractually pledged the property to the individual purchaser via a purchase agreement which, I presume, the purchaser has not defaulted on. You should get a charge over your specific unit purchased before he is allowed to run wild and pledge your unit to a financial institution (if indeed that is the security he is seeking, cannot think what else it would be, and am prepared to be wrong on that)

    As for progressing all the rest of the developments, this seems far fetched. If he can bring in the 70% closing payments, that will be a good result and a nice amount of money (allegedly 30m sterling). He needs to have real operating cashflow for BB so it has a good chance of going until the international airport is taking flights from the UK and US and Canada (this will not fill BB but it will give it a better chance – but again, no point having a full hotel if it is run so badly that it still loses money, and there of course needs to be real clarity to its operation, such as the AI supplement charging to the rooms division etc) so some of that should be kept aside. The balance will do nothing too meaningful for building out any new development, unless it is downsized and done carefully. 25m can get phase one Merricks underway and could be planned so that the balance of cash comes in when required – he may get local financing if he can build a chunk with his own funds (yours) and show the bank that the balance of 70% of purchase price will come on completion, and same instituion may even set up end financing for the purchasers – again, this has been done before. If he wins the court case, money will not be forthcoming for many months, and as has been pointed out, it would also show him to be unable to control a development and again he should not be allowed to be in charge of funds/development. There are ways to find leverage/legal channels to get him to move aside, you need to be creative but you must realise that with him in charge the situation it very unlikely to be resolved. You can then responsibly see how you can get anything out of this mess. I think you need to be of the mindset that you have probably lost everything and that anything you get now is a bonus. A well run, profitable Bucc Bay, with a small profit making Blu hotel, and one other development, probably Merricks, with 100 rooms or so, all owned outright by all those who invested (very hard to do to change 6000 agreements, but this is blue sky thinking) is perhaps the very very best outcome for you to be in in 3 to 4 years or so. Set some goals, time frames but again you can only realistically expect positive direction when the bad/incompetent apples are removed from the barrel and you have your own board running the show. Harlequin tried and failed, need to step aside. As a footnote that is perhaps not relevant to any of the above, I have always maintained Ames set this up as a scam from the outset – I think the fact he is sitting there now with millions banked and you have next to nothing is evidence of that. Some would disagree, but if he had the same money now as he had when going in, you can could argue he has not profitted from this disaster, but he clearly has and I for one would be making sure he pays. I wish you all luck, it is deeply upsetting when you find yourself in this mess and I would just say to a friend in this position to try, if possible, to take lessons from what you have gone through and apply them in a positive way in your future actitivities, and in meantime exhaust all options to get the money out or extract some value.

  197. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anonymous 11.56 The SFO were approached by Newman (O’Halloran’s side kick), as were, I believe, the MOS and Panorama. They have been trying everything they can to break HP before it went to court. Newman was O’Hallorans only witness and his evidence was, I believe, discredited. I fully expect others to come on here who, when challenged, and not investors, but part of the “I told you so” crowd and just agitators.

  198. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @100 “so it has a good chance of going until the international airport is taking flights from the UK and US and Canada (this will not fill BB but give it a better chance” Expect the “marketing and tourist experts” to rip that apart.

  199. anonymous

    fdnrm. are you privy to the court transcripts. can you publish these??

  200. Last Chance

    Well said FDNR – And 100 .. agree the man is a bafoon … The sooner he admits he is not a hotelier playing with our money the better… He is also NO developer … Get some balls DA and stop playing caribbean monopoly with our money .. Admit defeat and get some professionals in.

  201. 183

    @FDNRM I can’t believe that from 100’s excellently measured and well reasoned analysis, the only thing you would take is that the airport given BB “a better chance.” That is not the same as your directly causal flights = people analysis.

    I also can’t believe that you think the SFO, MoS et al have instigated the behaviour on the back of one party with an agenda. Do you honestly not believe that they all did their own research and found cause for concern?

    To the best of my knowledge you are stating allegations as fact, which is not only libellous, but deeply unhelpful and misleading. I know nothing of this Newman guy apart from the fact that he’s a qualified accountant: if he has indeed been prepared to go on record to the SFO given his professional status, I would suggest that he might have been fairly confident of his ground — as he would surely have been very sensitive to the dangers of being “found out.”

  202. Beggars Belief

    @Last Chance

    “He took the money and never spent it on the build”.

    If this is true then it shows exactly that the site was not being properly managed. He should never had access the investor funds for work he had not yet completed satisfactorily. The contractor does the work, a QS checks it, the developer pays the contractor.

    Some have alleged on here that the WK accountant fraudulently released payment to the builder (I personally doubt this). But the accountant should never have been granted that authority to act. HP should have their own QS signing this stuff off. At the very least they should have contracted with a third party QS with sufficient PI insurance to cover the quantum of money that they had authority to sign off.

    It smacks of a cavalier attitude and complete disregard to protect other people’s money

  203. Sid

    @FDNRM, there is absolutely, categorically no way on gods earth that the SFO would start a formal investigation against HP and list it on their website as one of their top 25 cases on the back of a single complaint. You know that isn’t true.

  204. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I didnt say it was on the back of a single complaint, I said that Newman made a complaint, in 2010, 2011 2012 I believe.
    @Anon. You know nothing about Newman? Suggest you sit in a dark room for a couple of hours and do some research then. You will learn a lot. He has been found out. Regarding the airport comment, you need to lighten up a bit, or are the Anonymous from last night who told be “I know nothing about tourism” but did not comment on the impact the cruise terminal had made to the island?

  205. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 1.18, no I do not have the transcripts.

  206. anonymous

    so how do we/you know what is happening in the court case?. i cannot find anything in any newspapers/articles, no formal comments from either solicitors/barristers.. nothing on the actual court list register/ no transcripts .all seems to be hearsay without any factual evidence to back it up. only once judgement has been made will we know the exact position.

  207. Harlisuccess

    I attended the 12.30 meeting in Basildon yesterday with an investor friend, along with hundreds of others. After an update from Dave Ames,he introduced his newly appointed finance broker. The broker was confident funding would soon be made available from three or more sources within the next few months.This, together with the completions now in progress at Buccament Bay would ensure money would be available for further development of the resorts.
    Some units at Buccament Bay have been offered to investors who are in a position to complete. These units are made available by original investors who have taken a refund of their deposits, the units returning to Harlequin “stock”.Some further units have also been released by investors unable to complete and who have negotiated agreeable terms for moving elsewhere.
    In general, it appears that emphasis is now being placed on finishing what is already built or part built, thus enabling more completions to take place, bringing in yet more funds.This is good news, especially for those investors in Buccament Bay and H Hotel.Further establishing the existing resorts will make approval of any future applications for funding much more likely to be approved.
    Some mention was made of selling fractionised units to new SIPP investors.
    When asked about the resumption of finance payments and the agreed monthly repayments of deposits, Dave Ames said these would resume “within three months”
    The sales personnel employed by Harlequin Proerty Ltd ( now having applied to go into administration) were very much in evidence at this meeting, so it looks like no further job losses are taking place.
    Now, I totally agree with the comments of Paul Walton ( April 25th, 8.56 am) and Fatchet Does Not Represent Me ( April 25th, 9.01 am ).I strongly endorse their view to ignore the comments of outsiders such as would be journalist B Baywatch, half baked Anon Reasons Unknown and Unicyclist Yatinkiteasy. Reports are that the latter has had one wheel stolen from his pushbike! As full planning permission has now been granted for Merricks and with H Hotel due to recommence building works soon, he will need reliable transport to carry his abacus around the sites.
    Question. How many who handed over money to Fatchet have got what they paid for?

  208. anonymous96

    question. i believe the funding mentioned was 30 million (any money from court cases not guaranteed as no judgments yet). how far will 30 million go.
    may get a bit more of BB built / H / Merricks (if it indeed does have full planning?) but wheres the other few hundred million coming from to build the rest???

  209. BBaywatch

    The real irony is that if Ames and Harlequin had started with The Merricks (even better with the DR development) they just might have established a business with a future. At the time the demand for AI resorts was there and even with the subsequent downturn they might have been able to ride it out till better times. The location of The Merricks is far from ideal but there might have been a market at the right price – however, as we know that didn’t happen.

    To begin in St Vincent where they would have to create an entirely new market for the product – which was completely opposite of what was established and growing (and still growing) was madness. They managed to compound that by falling out with anyone and everyone who had any actual expertise in building and running resort hotels and the result is the mess that we have today. As soon as the plans were made public there was considerable comment and opposition from those who know SVG and the tourism market there, and as those plans became even more grandiose it was obvious that something was very wrong. Clearly this was a company that did not know what it was doing.

    In the opening statements of the case against O’Halloran, HP’s counsel made the colourful remark that O’Halloran “had lost the run of himself”, implying that he had let events run away with him. In fact it was Ames who was completely out of touch with events, always reacting rather than dictating and the company staggered from crisis to crisis.

    Hopefully the pressure put on HP by investors, whistle blowers and others will at the very least bring about a more equitable relationship going forward where investors will have the chance to be fully aware of how their money is being used and to have a say in altering the plans to a more realistic model. That does mean though that investors will now have to fully inform themselves, putting their trust in the hands of others would be madness. Fully informed they will then be able to make appropriate decisions.

    Frankly the chance of any successful outcome is slim to non existent so, as ever, buyer beware!

  210. St George's Dragon

    @ Harlisuccess
    Harlequin does not have “full planning permission” for Merricks. It has approval for a Phase 1 application subject to conditions.
    Can you tell us how many units the application covers and to what extent the central facilities, pools etc., will be built in Phase 1?

  211. Beggars Belief


    Am I right to say that the monthly finance payments to purchasers came from HMSSE Ltd?

    If so how can DA make the judgement that payments will resume in three months? When the administrators take charge of the company why do you suppose they will want to listen to him?

    Even if the administrators had not been called in how on earth could Mr Ames stand up and give such reassurance to purchasers? On what credible basis could he be so certain that they would be in a position to resume payments in three months?

    Would this be the same three months that he said it would take to apply the finishing touches to the Buccament Bay Marina that was well underway in January 2010. Would you care to update us of the status of the Marina Harlisuccess?

  212. Mr Lars

    I found it impossible to believe that anyone who participates in this investment think that the mess will be resolved by Ames who has failed over and over again to deliver on his promises..

    Use common sense and local knowledge.

    It has been indicated tha the book value in St Vincent is 150 million US$? Stirling Pound? I would guess it is More likely in EC$.

    Anyone with common sense and knowledge about construction in St Vincent would tell you that if more than 50 million US$ have been spent on what is there today it is by neglience and incompetence.
    50 million US$ is 135 million EC$. The same amount would build roughly 350 decent local homes all of them bigger than the units at Buccament Bay.
    Some of the smaller units at Bucament Bay do not cost more than 75 000 US$ to build so who valuated the resort to 150 million would it be US$ or Pounds

    So here we are, Harlequin sells for 300 million, spends it like wild fire on all kind of stupid investments instead of finishing up BB. Why dont you ask yourself WHERE IS THE MONEY insetad of engaging yourself in new financing, The Money is not at BB for sure. Use local engineers and valuators to give you a true picture of the cost spent instead of speculating from a distance.
    Any investor who believes that the resort can be refinanced in a sensible structure as it is now within the next two three months must have lost your mind.
    Financing is a risky business, BB is a risky business, there might be financial instituitons out there looking for a steal,who might offer ridicoulous conditions just to take possesion of what might be left, I doubt that anyone will touch it after a proper due diligence has been completed. The laws and regulations related to financing from international finacial instituitions makes it even more difficult. It sound to me that the financial advisor who helps Ames do not have the facts right how it works in St Vincent. No loans can be registred as security until the lender has been approved to hold certain licenses and such a licenses takes time.

    Whoever touch this mess will ask for extermely high interest, I would say a minimum of 7-10 %. 30 million x 7% = 2 100 000/year + closing cosst roughly 450 000.. BB will be faced with an immidiate increase of cost for interest alone of 175 000 pounds a month. Divide that with net room revenue of 175 per night and you need to increase your room nights with 1000 room nights per month just to pay the interest.

    I have to say that Mr Ames is a remarkable man who fights to the last minute with new promises despite the fact he failed to deliver on so many occassions. Someone need to advise him properly to work directly with investors and hand over his assets to them so they can realize what is left, they deserve it

    Mr Lars

  213. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Anon 4.04 if you were an investor you would have made it your business to find out some info. Plus we were given a run down by DA at the presentation. And before we get the “well he would say that” his comments were a reflection of what was said under oath.
    You can always ask BBaywatch, he is quoting the opening statements from the case so he should know.

  214. BBaywatch

    Why should I know? – the opening statements were widely reported by reporters (you know those people you dislike so much who lie and twist), I merely read those statements and relayed them. Nothing in the opening statements relates to anything said under oath, so once again you are selectively quoting and misleading the forum readers. “a reflection of what was said under oath” is just meaningless verbiage.

  215. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So what DA said at the presentations regarding the court case was not a reflection of what was said under oath? Is that what you are saying. Any comment regarding the impact that the cruise terminal has had on visitors to SVG?

  216. Mr Lars

    The impact the cruise terminal had on St Vincent is far away from the success we expected when it opened, St Vincent is a great destination which unfortunately has attracted a number of unreliable investors in the past.The problems casued by them reflects all tourism including airliens willing ness to fly and cruise ships to dock.
    Airlines flies to destination with a huge demand and cruise goes to destinations which are popular and well developed. Hopefully Ames will settle with his investors so they can take contrl of what belongs to them asap other wise we will have another bad memory of unreliable investors.
    All negative publicity so far is only due to harlequins failure to deliver, noone else is to be blamed. For the good of St Vincent who supported this investmenet please give it the righttful owner who spent their savings amd mortgaged their homes so they can enjoy the beauty of St Vincent in the future.

    Mr Lars

  217. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, and dont forget bribe.

  218. John Smith

    @100 You are spot on. Ames is not a hotelier and a bad business man who does not control cost and has a Napoleon complex. Problem with BB is, as you mentioned correctly, the set up. It will take a middle sized investment to simplify the operations and streamline the layout.AI is probably the only viable meal plan in St. Vincent for this size property but they need to start finding additional revenues and stop the charity/show off strategy.
    Also, the beach is constant cost factor as well as the huge maintenance set up.
    An established international brand (non Caribbean preferably) could make it work as St. Vincent would encourage a re birth of this project. Harlequin needs to be excluded from management completely though.

  219. yatinkiteasy

    Hardlysuccess…you are either a comedian or a lunatic…maybe both.
    You seem to have an obsession with a “push bike ” that you say I own. Maybe you would like to sniff the saddle?
    H Hotel is looking great…place humming with building activity, or as DA said in Sept 2012: ” As you will see within this Newsletter, work continues apace and millions
    of dollars are being invested in moving our developments forward towards
    completion, even during these difficult times”
    According to the Nation News, they owe Preconco , Vat Office, National Insurance and others well over $500k US…not much really, but still, they could not even settle up before closing the H studio and doing a disappearing act.Nice folks to deal with and trust Harly!

  220. 183

    @FDNRM I would respond to your comments re explaining why your analysis of the inevitable success of the airport due to the apparent success of the cruise terminal is ridiculous, but Mr Lars — who is demonstrably an expert in the local market — has done it for me. Beyond what Mr Lars has said, I would add that cruise ships and planes are very, very different things. It is not the availability of transport that makes a destination, but the draw of the actual destination itself. Given that Barbados, a very, very well known — and thus trusted — destination, and has suffered in respect of tourism of late, why do you think St Vincent will instantly be able to build a market to fit the profile and scale of the resort?

    Trying to reason with you is like trying to reason with a child.

  221. Andy Griffiths

    April25th,2013 at 22:35 pm

    I was planning to retire next year on my share of the profits, like many other investors. Now I will be scrimping like the rest of the UK population.
    Sc****g Ames.

  222. Cannon Ball !!!!

    @Iron Lady.
    I find your comments rude, distasteful, and most unpleasant. You rude, rude dirty little man.

  223. BFP

    Hi Cannon Ball,

    We took care of the problem. Same old, same old!

  224. Been had

    @iron (nonce case) lady, I seem to have hit a raw nerve with my comments and you reply with these Sexualy abusive rants.
    You are clearly not a lady! you are either a fat ugly pervert who is getting off on all this or a deranged angry harlequin employee troll who has just had the sack. Maybe both?
    Either way, you are sick and you need help.

  225. game over

    IT IS OVER…all this talk of maybe DA could do this or do that…IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN. this mess will take a lifetime to unravel…there are lots of independant investors who all wanna be first in the queue for what little is left.

    There will all sorts of legal wrangles as to land ownership and who has title to this or that and whatever…IT is gonna go on for a lieftime, after all iot has taken ten years to get to this point, unravelling is twice as difficult.

    Simple fact you can do what DA has done and then hide some money here and there…the authorities have to find it, then prove it was a scam and on and on…..IN the meantime DA will enjoy a luxury lifestyle (with your money, dont wanna rub salt, but facts are facts)

    I am not a “I told you so”, coz I didnt….but people wake up it is over…years will pass…yes there will flurries of developement (legally not building) but ti will drag on for a lifetime…..DA will die a pensioner before he wears prison overalls….and he knows that, he has the answers to what where and why, but he aint gonna say a word…”chase me”

    all the in fighting just on this firum shows how difficult it gonna be fopr this to move quickly

    It really is over

    You dont wanna hear it but the journey has stopped.

  226. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy Could I make a suggestion. The true investors are trying to be possitive. we know HP is in a hole and trying to dig its way out, with the support of a large number of investors. Could you please stop posting the same nagative comments day in day out. Yes we know about H hotel and the other issues. Re the push bike, I thought it was quite comical. What happened to your sense of humour? Go and have a beer on the beach.
    @183 I take it your are Anon renamed. Go on explain to me. dont hide behind Mr Lars comments, go on try. And again, silly comments about being a child. But what do you expect, I have nothing between my ears. So go on explain in simple terms. I’m sure you can manage that? Or can you?

  227. 183

    @FDNRM I did!

  228. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So are you now Anonymous or 183?

  229. 183

    @FDNRM the board sometimes ascribes the 183 automatically,I don’t. Definitely no attempt to mislead on my part.

  230. Fatchett does not represent me.

    OK, look I’m trying to understand something here. explain to me why a new airport, a 5* hotel wont attract new customers into SVG. Dont just say because it wont. Its a relitavely untaped market. So why not?

  231. Yatinkiteasy

    Fdmh. For your info, BFP and this forum is not for the exclusive use of Investors and Harlequin supporters like yourself and Harlysuccess who continue to try to put a positive spin on things when everyone with a brain that works can see that H is a dead dog .
    I also thought the bike comment was funny, especially the part about the saddle.
    You nor Hardly can stop me from saying what I feel and think about this mess. Throwing out stupid comments about a push bike and my needing an abacus to count the (non existent ) workers on H sites is childish and is obviously offered when nothing of any value can be said to counteract my negative comments. Sorry, you will not see one positive comment from me about this “developer”.

  232. 183

    @FDNRM I’m not sure if you’re being deliberately obtuse, or just not fully understanding what I’m saying.

    100 earlier on clearly, and fairly, stated that the airport gives the resort a “better chance”; this is undoubtedly true, but ultimately this is all it is — a chance. The inevitable causality that your staking the house on, is something else. The problem as I see it, is that quite apart from anything else, in this specific territory you are having to create a destination as well as a resort. By necessity, a long haul holiday is a highly discretionary purchase, and not a cheap one (that should be borne in mind, incidentally, when considering the actual potential size of the market for an expensive resort with a large number of people staying on it). With that in mind, the potential punter has to factor a number of things into their decision making process, in what is a highly competitive, highly elastic market place. Price and ease are two factors (though price is presumably something that most investors will want to see maintained at a certain level — an uncomfortable contradiction) but there are many more. One of the largest of these, is the extent to which the destination features in the public consciousness. For holidays, tried and tested is the thing. New markets open up and grow, of course, but this happens over a period of time — and requires enormous investment on a national level to generate awareness. Why do you think that there are so many outdoor adverts scattered around that advertise countries, not specific resorts? The airport is an important part in the medium to long term plans to turn St Vincent into a viable holiday destination, but to assume that this necessarily means that thousands of people a week will instantly become aware of it and want to travel there is nonsensical. You identified yourself that it took 20 years for a destination that you went to to become popular. It seems to me that people who are interested in seeking out untapped destinations are precisely the same type of people who find the idea of all inclusive resorts such as this loathsome. The successful resorts, or establishments, in the region seem to be small, chic, boutique-y type places.

    That’s basically my reasoning. There’s much more to say, but I’d have to write a lot more — and frankly, I think that’s enough. I’m not saying that the airport isn’t potentially an excellent thing for the Island, and I’m not saying that in time, the profile of this Island couldn’t concurrently grow — but to assume that this will necessarily happen, and in the short term time frame necessary, is a real stretch. There are plenty of very reasonable, very fair people based in the region on this board who have asked time and again for proof that demand exists for this — or that such analysis was carried out. No answers have been forthcoming. The airport won’t suddenly fix this problem.

  233. Wow

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    Of course the new Argyle International airport will be a huge success.Not only will it bring thousands of holiday makers to Buccamentbay and St. Vincent,it will also serve as the main hub for the region,replacing Barbados.also think about fly cruise holidays operating out of St Vincent.

  234. Mr Lars

    You are up for a task, change the hub from Barbados to St Vincent????? I wish you were right but it will not happen. Hubs are always based in the most busy tourist destinations that is why Barbados and Antigua are the hubs in Eastern caribbean not Grenada or St Lucia.

    The airport will benefit all tourismrelated business but unfortunately with the track record of Mr Ames promises to deliver it will be to late for BB to enjoy under this ownership. I wish I could be more optimistic but those are the facts.

  235. Beggars Belief

    @100, I have greatly appreciated your balanced and reasonable posts over the months. You have added valuable insight to these threads.

    At times you have mentioned that the structure of Buccament Bay will make it difficult to turn a profit. Can you provide further insight to this please?

    Is it the layout of the resort that makes it hard to run? Is it the way the AI element is structured? I’m not sure what changes would be necessary to make this an attractive resort for a prospective hotelier to come along and operate it at a profit.

  236. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon/183 Thank you. A reasoned point, better than calling some one thick, or nothing between the ears don’t you agree?

  237. 183

    @FDNRM quite possibly, but I never did that — there are a lot of different anonymous posters on here I think. Having said that, I can understand that the wilful, stubborn and determined blindness to reason can push some peoples’ patience — an explanation, if not a justification.

  238. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon/BBaywatch. Could I suggest you read the latest SVGTA’s news letter, item 2. I dont know how to put the link up. The CEO of tourism anticipates between 190000 and 250000 tourists by air in the first 2 years of the airport opening., and several airlines will be operating out of the airport when it opens. Now this begs the question, where are they all going to stay?

  239. BBaywatch

    @ Beggars Belief

    The major problem for any future at BB is knowing just what you are dealing with. If the HP PR is to be believed all 1200 units planned for BB were sold and as we know, not all of the land required is owned, and raising the finance to complete to the original plan (with or without marina etc) will be extremely difficult. (and of course you would be turning the whole area into a building site again which isn’t going to encourage guests)

    If the current extent of the development is retained (anything from 166 to 300 units depending on what you read) then there is the problem of allocating ownership of all of the investors to the smaller number of units. Of course some investors bought multiple units which reduces the problem but it is still there.

    Reading the reviews there are a number of guests who have commented that the public areas (pools etc) and beach are already uncomfortably crowded when the resort is at capacity which suggests that any enlargement would be foolish. The disproportionate size of beach/public areas to accommodation was one of the first faults picked up on years ago BTW.

    A crowded beach and pool area might be acceptable for the lower end of the AI market but not if you are pitching it at the very top. The size of the resort was always the single fact that jumped out at anyone who has any knowledge of the region. If you won’t take my word for it research The Canouan Resort, which has changed hands 3-4 times since being built – AND – they have a very good mature golf course, a runway that can land traffic from North and South America (2/3 the length of the proposed Argyle airport) and a much much better beach location with natural white sand which does not require maintenance. Canouan Resort and The Tamarind Beach hotel have less than a third of the number of the rooms proposed at BB and occupies more than double the acreage of BB and yet with all of those advantages it it has still had a number of owners – even Raffles Hotels sold it on. Mr Lars will no doubt be able to add more to that if he chooses to.

    The logistics of supply become much more complex when servicing a large resort, local sourcing cannot be relied on which means expensive transport from the US and storage on site. AI resorts which are expected to provide consistent stocking of bar and restaurant menus are further disadvantaged.

    The basic problem with BB is that it is not fit for purpose in its location, if it had been built in the DR or Barbados it might have stood a chance. The ultimate irony might well be that if anyone did invest in Hotel Blu they might be the only ones to actually benefit. It was turned around quite quickly and is operating – it will never achieve the returns that HP suggested but it might make modest profits.

  240. BBaywatch

    “The CEO of tourism anticipates between 190000 and 250000 tourists by air in the first 2 years of the airport opening.”

    Up from last years total of >75K stopover passengers – hmmm – ambitious, especially as there has been a massive decline since the peak in 2006.

    As we know statistics and predictions can suit almost any argument. If you really want to educate yourself go here – – hours of informative reading.

  241. BFP

    Hello 183,

    The 183 is the last three digits of your IP number and if you don’t fill in a name, that’s what we use for you.

    Please choose some name and stick with it. Thank you


  242. UP

    Thanks for the clarification BFP, that’s duly noted. I’ll go with the name on this one.

  243. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch. Thank you for that link. Now I’m educated I will quote some facts to you from your link. Tourist arrivals by air in 2012. SVG 74,364, Anguilla, 64,698, Dominica, 78,119, Grenada 112,307, All these have something in common, they have no international airport. The next lowest is Guyana 160,907 which has an international airport, Next lowest Surianame 213,404 which has an international airport. Do you see a trend here. International airport means more visitors. You cannot challange those facts. Those figures would suggest that the tourist boards assumption that an uplift of +100,000 is not unreasonable. Agreed?

  244. 80

    Grenada has an international airport.

  245. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon, correct, I stand corrected. I was going from flight arrivals/departures today. Lazy of me. actually that makes my stats look even better. Thanks

  246. 41

    @Fatchett Unfortunately you got a few important facts wrong.
    All airports you mentioned are international unless you still believe that the Caribbean is one big English Colony.
    Also, the numbers are unrelated to Tourism. Guyana and Suriname have very little tourism infra structure but a vibrant economy abd a bigger traveling population.
    An airport is a nice thing but airlines will only fly to a destintion if they have consistent load factors and right now there is only BB and that maybe not for a long time. No airline will fly to an island becuse of one 200 room hotel.
    With regards to the Grenadines, Barbados is far more practical to get to and will continue to service Union, Mustique, Canouan etc.
    Right now, the airport is destined to become a white elephant.

  247. UP

    But FDNRM surely you can appreciate that quoting those figures entirely in isolation is meaningless. You seem stubbornly determined to believe that an airport intrinsically generates people using it. In order to meaningfully make your case, you’d need to be able to accurately identify historically what it is that drives traffic through those airports. South America is entirely different from a Caribbean Island; it is simply not comparing like for like. The reasons that an individual might chose to travel to that region may be entirely different to the reasons that an individual may way want to travel to St Vincent.

    Regrettably, it’s a return to the “build it and they will come” philosophy.

  248. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 11.41 “International” as in can take direct international flights, I.E long haul. Regarding Barbados, I’m sure the SVG will make the landing fees attractive to try and pull traffic away from Barbados. Dont foreget the poor reputation Barbados has at present.

  249. Beggars Belief

    Sorry but I don’t think you have much of a business mind FDRNM.

    They will have to charge landing fees that generate sufficient income for the airport to remain a viable business.

    It seems to be the HP stock answer to driving traffic their way. Slash the prices and run at a loss until the receivers arrive.

    You could suggest that the ground crew give passengers cold towels shaped like novely animals while they wait at the baggage carousel. That will drive demand through the roof.

  250. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Beggars belief. Do you ever read anything. I did not say they would not charge landing fees, but to make them attractive to entice carriers, as in undercut the opposition. I think the only person who needs a cold towel is you!

  251. perplexed

    It would be nice if a professional airline consultant would comment. It is
    my experience that airlines have been “cutting back” on destinations
    for the last half dozen years. I can remember when BGI had two
    A-300’s (Jumbo Jets) daily out of Miami. I also remember a daily
    Amerian Eagle flight I took from Tobago-San Juan. I also remember
    being given a US$500. voucher because AmericanEagle had overbooked
    San Juan-Anguilla. Things like that just don’t happen anymore. If BB
    remains operational maybe the best would be a weekly European
    charter. But then again a professional airline consultant would be best
    to comment on Argyle.

  252. UP

    FDNRM that’s not what BB said — I’m afraid it is you who has misread. The point is not that they won’t charge them at all, but as per your undercutting suggestion, the level of the charge would not provide the income necessary to sustain the operation.

  253. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP I guess its a “glass half full” vs a “glass half empty” view. I was given the opportunity to learn something by BBaywatch and the evidence is there. No international airport = low numbers. International airport = higher numbers. The facts speak for themselves. How many people are put of visiting SVG by the Liate experience?

  254. Yatinkiteasy This is an interesting read. There is millions to be made (pocketed) by Government ministers and Contactors in the construction of a big international airport, even if there are no real good reasons to build one. There is also little thought given to paying for the cost of maintaining and staffing the place. Spain’s whie elephant airport may have cost a billion euros, but no one really knows. Sounds like many a Caribbean project.

  255. Last Chance

    FDNRM – excuse me ,, what was the Liate experience ?

  256. UP

    @FDNRM you may well be right about the glass half full and respectively empty analogy — though only in the respect that it pertains to perception, not in that it speaks of a realistic reflection of things in this instance.

    I think that you need to accept the fact that distilling these things down to simple conclusions negates the complexities involved — and those complexities are relevant. I think what you do absolutely have to understand is that these trends are forged over time; from the point of view of governments, this is fine — from the point of view of a company who urgently needs cashflow less so.

  257. Sid

    @Beggars Belief “You could suggest that the ground crew give passengers cold towels shaped like novely animals while they wait at the baggage carousel. That will drive demand through the roof.” Love it!

  258. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Last chance, lost luggage, 20 min island hopping flight, long delays at the airports etc etc. Most people who have done it wont do it again. Go onto Trip Advisor and read the reviews.

  259. BBaywatch

    “I was given the opportunity to learn something by BBaywatch and the evidence is there. No international airport = low numbers. International airport = higher numbers. ” – as I said, statistics etc are wonderfully malleable things – but hey ho, a quick read through makes you an expert able to interpret them to support what you want to believe so that’s all right.

    @Beggars Belief “You could suggest that the ground crew give passengers cold towels shaped like novely animals while they wait at the baggage carousel. That will drive demand through the roof.”

    that did make me chuckle 😉

  260. Fatchett does not represent me.


  261. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, facts are facts. Its not interpretation of information, but the reality. I dont suppose we will not know who is right for another 2 years, but I have the support of the SVG tourist board so I’ll stick with them for now.

  262. Beggars Belief

    I did of course mean “novelty animals”. Glad it raised a smile. You have to keep some sense of humour through all this nightmare.

  263. BBaywatch

    “lost luggage, 20 min island hopping flight, long delays at the airports etc etc. Most people who have done it wont do it again. Go onto Trip Advisor and read the reviews.”

    and the ‘fact’ that many of those reviews are manipulated by HP (who have a vested interest in promoting the new airport and Harlequin Air) isn’t relevant?

    LIAT has been a main provider of transport for many years (did you know that the govt. of SVG is a principle shareholder?) – if most people (whoever they are) won’t travel again then they would have been out of business a long time ago. I’ve travelled extensively with them for nearly twenty years and yes, the service isn’t all that it ought to be and unfortunately it has deteriorated, but it doesn’t stop travellers from using them.

    As they used to say in the army you need to “get some in” before making these sweeping statements based on selectively quoting sources that support your own blinkered views.

  264. perplexed

    Personally I choose LIAT over American Eagle whenever possible. It
    brings back the excitement of earlier aviation.
    ps – I will always contend that BWIA had the best service in the Caribbean
    during its heyday.

  265. Alison

    @Lastchance – I wonder if Mr Ames lost any luggage whilst in St Vincent? 😉

  266. Sid

    @Alison, I hear he lost a quite valuable suitcase which was valued at around $1m.

  267. perplexed

    The best yet!

  268. BBaywatch

    @perplexed – know what you mean, but have you ever flown with the Bequia Irregulars? Colourful – and not just Dudley’s paint job!

  269. BBaywatch

    @Sid – damn – there goes another keyboard – mustn’t drink coffee while reading this.

  270. perplexed

    You have just given me a reason to make a side trip next time.
    (If there is a next time).

  271. Erica Broughton

    I dont know if you have all watched a program on the TV called baggage hunters where they bid on suitcases which the airlines find after losing them and then they sell them in a auction so with this in mind anyone fancy a group bid!

  272. Erica Broughton

    it could be a fractionally ownership, lol

  273. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, your consipicy theories show now bounds. OK at the presentation at Warrington I had a conversation with a couple sitting behind me who had been to BB and they said Liat was awful and it is stopping them going again. And you still trot out the “trip advisor is manipulated” Who were manipulating this couple?
    And yes I do know that SVG government is the main shareholder. That is why Harlequin Air cannot get a licence. My taxi driver in November told me that. And the alternative to Liat is? Not exactly spoilt for choice. You, in a quite condesendary manner suggested I should read and educate myself. Now I have done that you dont like the conclusions and nit pick at every statement. 8 hour waits at Barbados airport for a connecting flight? I suppose I have made that up also.

  274. anon once

    I am posting as anon because I have no wish to get into a back and forth with you. It appears you argue support both sides of an arguerment.
    Context does not matter as long as you have the last word. Oy vey!

  275. BBaywatch

    I had that FDNRM in the back of my cab once.

  276. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon Once. I only want the last word when I am right!
    @BBaywatch, 20 comments of relevance from the ling above. 10 negative. Wow and you suggest that Liat are ok? I have taken the blinkers off thanks to being “educated” by you. I suggest you stop defending the indefencible

  277. Mr Lars

    You must think that you are always right otherwise you would not bounce back with new comments without any reality check. Have you ever been wrong on this forum????

  278. yatinkiteasy

    @FDNRM…what other bits of wisdom did your taxi driver leave with you?
    Did he not tell you that Dr Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines would do anything to help his buddy DA get a license for his Airline. After all, he gave him Citizenship in St Vincent.
    There is always someone else to blame for any of Harlequin`s failures.This time it is the Govt of St Vincent that is keeping Harlequin Air from flying.
    You have quite a sense of humour .I love that about you.

  279. Harlisuccess

    Sorry to have to bring this subject up again.
    Yet more reports from Barbados on armed robbery and sexual assault at gunpoint.
    Yet more highly damaging comments from tourists64 on 24th April 6.59.”I am not coming back to Barbados after 31 years of yearly trips”. That says it all!
    What on earth is your Police Commissioner “Do Nothing” Dottin doing about this dreadful continuation of gun crime? Is it any wonder tourism numbers are falling so dramatically?
    Barbados used to be famous for sun, sea and sunshine fun and relaxation in a safe environment. Now it’s a case of rudeness, robbery and rape in what is fast becoming a lawless society. Unless the authorities act quickly, very quickly to round up these vile criminals, you might as well kiss tourism goodbye, then what? Let’s face it, as things stand,Barbados has had it’s day. Already reduced flights to the island. Next for cancellation- Fly Cruise Holidays and the removal of Bridgetown as a port of call. No cruise line would wish to dock there and allow the passengers in it’s care to set foot into such a dangerous environment. As many have already said, there are plenty of alternatives!
    Yatinkiteasy, you cannot stop me from saying what I feel and think about this mess.

  280. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, “Did he not tell you that Dr Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines would do anything to help his buddy DA get a license for his airline” Well you have that wrong because he dosnt have a license to fly does he. So who is stopping it? Any ideas? Would that be the same government that own part of Liat?

  281. Been had

    FDNRM is a BFP junkie, he needs it 24-7 and he must get the last word in. it really is pointless trying to argue with him.
    He wont have a bad word said about Ames/harlequin.

  282. yatinkiteasy

    @ FDMRM …The answer lies with the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority who process the licenses for the OECS countries. Many requirements have to be met, not the least of which is air worthiness of the aircraft, pilots` qualifications, repair and maintenance facilities, and Insurance Coverage, among dozens of requirements that obviously Harlequin Air have not met.(Otherwise they would be flying , don`t you think) Don“t be so stupid to believe your taxi driver, he is just offering his opinion and you state it like a fact. Incredible!

  283. yatinkiteasy

    Hardly success..I agree with you totally…something has to be done about the surge in crime in general, and crime against tourists in particular, given the importance to the Island`s economy. Over a million long stay and cruise ship visitors come to Barbados each year…we can not allow a few idiots in our society to cause such a negative impact as we have seen recently.I also think we need a more aggressive and competent Commissioner of Police.
    Our situation however, has no relation to the topic of this forum, which is the Harifailure that is taking place as we speak.

  284. Last Chance

    Just found out today that Ames was given the land in BB on a goverment grant scheme- Not sure this was old news but thought I would post anyway !! If thats true I can understand the questions re ownership deeds and even more so on what has actually been spent … I see RL are proposing to have two HIG members privy to the finance deal that are in place under a non disclosure agreement – Great idea if DA ddoes not buy into this we ALL know then he is a 100% crook

  285. yatinkiteasy

    Some of the land at BB was leased to Ames/Harlequin by Bernard Punnett.
    If any villas are built on that land, it would make things a little sticky to transfer legal tittle to investors.

  286. St George's Dragon

    I am not sure that slagging off Barbados for it’s crime record is going to achieve much. After all, if it is bad – and it is not compared with most other countries in the Caribbean – it will affect the future prospects for Merricks and the H Hotel.
    Or is this all just to provide a platform for another excuse from Mr Ames at some point when he can’t get funding for his semi-bankrupt company.

  287. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, taxi drivers tend to be very informed about local issues. However if you are recommend I ignore a taxi driver them I think I should ignore a cyclist.
    @Been had. Quite right, pointless.
    @ Mr Lars, I have been wrong in thinking I could have a reasoned debate with Anon R-U without him lowering the tone.

  288. Eddie Lizzard2

    A very old taxi joke…
    A man hires a taxi to take him to the High Court in London’s Fetter Lane. The taxi driver drives up to the front of the building and asks his passenger ‘What are you ‘ere for then guv’nor?’

    ‘My bankruptcy examination,’ says the short-legged passenger, ‘you might as well come too.’

  289. Paul

    Eddie, British Jokes really sucks!

  290. yatinkiteasy

    @FDNRM You asked me question “So who is stopping it, any ideas?”…and I replied, not avoiding your questions as you say I do.The Eastern Caribbean Aviation Authority is stopping it. Ask them why.Besides, your Taxi driver may not know it, but It is not a local issue, as the Aviation authority is based in Antigua.
    Come on , you are stealing Hardlysuccess`s joke about my imaginary bike …do you wish to smell the saddle too?

  291. holidays in the sun

    Actually I have used LIAT quite a lot over the last decade and I find them OK on the whole, I have not experienced delays that often and my luggage has never gone missing. However, if I were travelling to the Caribbean for a holiday I would definitely be put off by the idea of an 8 hour international flight followed by a 4 hour wait in Barbados or St Lucia followed by a 2 hour onward flight and bus ride to my hotel, and then having to do the whole thing all over again on my return home. It is obvious that tourists will always prefer to fly straight to their chosen holiday island therefore the existence of the St. Vincent international airport is bound to have a positive impact on tourist numbers to St Vincent as well as the other Grenadine Islands. It seems to me that it is the extent of that benefit that is being debated here bearing in mind that St. Vincent is a relatively little known Caribbean destination compared to say Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia or Grenada.

  292. Paul

    Here is an America joke fuh ya, “Some people don’t really know when they been had.”

  293. Last Chance

    Heres a thought – Wonder if Ames would ever consider taking a lie detector .. it would solve a lot of unanswered questions

  294. Paul

    Man gets a grip of reality. Your cheap talk is senseless and does more to harm your self-image than you realize.

  295. A Real Investor

    Why don’t you leave fdnrm alone, he my have invested a bloody fortune – you lot and that dangerous woman could stuff the whole thing do butt out

  296. UP

    “that dangerous woman”?

  297. Yatinkiteasy

    Stuff what whole thing?

  298. A Real Investor

    That one and her husband that made a total fool of herself at a meeting

  299. perplexed

    arranging the deck chair as the Titanic is sinking

  300. UP

    I think you’re speaking a little out of turn there RI.

  301. John Smith

    @Fatchett Your airport analysis is way off. You earlier stated that SVG would reduce the landing fees but no airline is interested in PAYING reduced landing fees when the planes are empty. Barbados is subsidizing air lift and I doubt that SVG has the money to do that. Also, regarding your comment on crime in Barbados, once again a very uneducated shot in the dark. Crime in Barbados compared to the other Caribbean Islands (have you actually been to St. Lucia, St. Vincent, etc??) is very limited. The fact is that Barbados is one of the safest place in the Caribbean because when crime happens, the police actually solves it and catches the bad guy. Remember the English Tourists that were robbed and shot? Two days later the culprits were in jail. Are they perfect? No, but I prefer to walk the streets of Barbados at night to walking the streets of Manchester, London, or Birmingham.

  302. John Smith

    @Real Investor You are out of line, get some education and manners. And when it comes to Fatchett, well he sounds more and more like a good old Harlequin Boy, so do not worry too much about him!

  303. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ John Smith, rather uneducated rant.
    1)I have been to SVG and StLucia
    2)I made no comment about crime in Barbados, that was someone else

  304. Erica Broughton

    Latest newsletter
    Dear investors and agents,

    Thank you to all who attended the Open Day meetings in Warrington and Basildon. We tried our best to accommodate as many people as possible; however, within the next few working days, we will be providing a document that covers everything that was discussed in the meetings, so nobody will miss out.

    Dave Ames is very grateful for those who continue to show their full support, but equally those who took the opportunity to constructively air their concerns and, we sincerely hope, have them answered.

    We acknowledge that communication is key and are urgently putting changes in place that will facilitate more regular updates and a platform for frequently asked questions to be addressed.

    A number of purchasers have recently mentioned their wish to combine their investments into one unit in a joint agreement and Harlequin is currently consulting with its regulatory solicitors to ensure that this complies with the relevant legislation. Please do not enquire about this facility at the present time; we will be in touch as soon as we have news.

    As was discussed at the meetings, Harlequin Property entered administration proceedings this week. To be very clear, this news does not affect any of the Caribbean resorts where clients have purchased. Put bluntly: your investments are unaffected. Harlequin Property is a separate and very distinct company that acts as the primary UK property sales agent of Harlequin’s hotels. Harlequin will continue to develop its hotels and build investors’ properties.

    There are two key goals in entering Harlequin Property into administration: securing and restructuring the company; protecting our creditors’ interests.

    Due to unfounded negative publicity in the public domain that has been instigated since 2011, the day-to-day UK sales business of Harlequin Property has become increasingly challenging, to the point that it is now almost impossible. Harlequin has always sought to manage its affairs professionally throughout this difficult time.

    The last few months have given Harlequin the chance to restructure its business to attract new outside investment and develop properties in accordance with the sales made via Harlequin Property. The first stage of this restructure is for the directors to place Harlequin Property into administration via a notice of intention to appoint administrators. Harlequin Property has supported the Caribbean resort development companies over the years but is not, in its current form, an essential component to the future business of Harlequin in its role of delivering investments as a developer and hotel operator.

    Kind regards,


  305. homefront

    I believe FDNRM has done a really good job on this forum,his posts have prompted informed response from such as 100 and Mr Lars ,he has also touched on subjects that may have been disregarded such as airline licence etc.If all this has helped HP I dont know ,nor do I know if it has helped those after HP for return of funds or what ever other agenda they pursue.Lets be honest without him not many would read this,and has more than any other on here helped me take a view on HP I may not have held without his posts

  306. Been had

    (“Due to unfounded negative publicity in the public domain that has been instigated since 2011”.).
    Those are the words of a very sick man.

  307. Mr Lars

    “All the proof of a pudding is in the eating”

    All contributors to this forum have one thing in common they are looking for the truth. Some are strong believers that everything is going to be fine and some belive game is over.
    I am not an investor but an observer who belives it can be resolved once the truth is on the table, and investors can proceed with a mindset to get together and work for a future solution which would save all or part of your investment without legal disputes.
    It is easy to find the truth about BB, it is a bulit resort and fully operational. There is a book value as of Harlequins accounts and there is a real value which can be assessed by proffessional engineers with local knowledge.
    Use common sense, appoint 1 or 2 indepent engineers with extensive experience from construction in St Vincent and nearby islands and you will find the truth of where the money has gone from you who invested in this particular resort. That is the first step if you are to involve yourself further in any discussions about restructuring of Harlequin property.

  308. St George's Dragon

    I echo what Mr Lars says.
    The investors need to get a realtor to value the Barbados developments.
    Merricks is basically 70 acres of land with 2 show houses and planning for an undefined Phase 1 development. Any competent realtor in Barbados can tell you what that is worth. The site next door is going for US$6/square foot. Unless the planning approval adds value to the site, which I doubt because hoteliers are not exactly queuing to build here at the moment (and especially not in that kind of location) that would make Merricks worth £12 million.
    The H Hotel is probably worth just the land value. The building is still in ruins, so probably does not add anything to the residual site value. I don’t know what the site area is but it doesn’t look much bigger than the Caribbee hotel ruin down the road which is up for sale for US$11 million and is unsold after years on the market.
    Google realtors in Barbados and you will find firms like Terra, Altman, Bajan Services etc. Any of them will be able to accurately tell you the value of Harlequin’s assets in Barbados.
    The missing element, of course, is what Harlequin has in the bank. My guess is next to nothing, otherwise they would not have stopped work on both sites.
    And do not be distracted by vague imaginings about the development opportunity. At a minimum, Merricks will cost US$450 million to build out – US$ 550 million with finance and developer’s profit. Harlequin has no way of raising that sort on money. Not from investors, completions or a mortgage on Buccament Bay.
    Anyone who thinks that completing on a unit at Buccament will better protect their position is mad. The money will go to a Caribbean company whose name you probably don’t know, whose plan for the future you are not party to, and whose finances are totally controlled by Mr Ames – the man who buys planes and odd hotels on a whim. Worse still, investors have signed up on the basis that funds can be used on other developments, so a purchase at Buccament Bay which you make on the basis that money is then available for completion of the resort can be spent by Harlequin on a new site in Jamaica (for example).
    I am afraid Harlequin is dead. Investors should go legal now and get whatever they can out of the mess.

  309. 41

    @ Fatchett
    @Anon 11.41 “International” as in can take direct international flights, I.E long haul. Regarding Barbados, I’m sure the SVG will make the landing fees attractive to try and pull traffic away from Barbados. Dont foreget the poor reputation Barbados has at present.
    With poor reputation you probably meant the terrible rum, the too bright sun and the awful blue ocean! Never crime, no, unlike in all your previous remarks. You can pretend to fool everybody else on here but let’s face it, you are yet another Harlequin stooge…

  310. A Real Investor

    He without doubt consistant, fair play ti him

  311. Erica Broughton

    BBC Moneybox R4 is covering Harlequin today. From what we were told this morning, Moneybox will look at Harlequin as an example to question what people should be putting into their SIPPs.

    It is at 12 pm on 27 April (today) and 9 pm on 28 April.

  312. Beggars Belief

    Quote from latest newsletter:

    “We acknowledge that communication is key and are urgently putting changes in place that will facilitate more regular updates and a platform for frequently asked questions to be addressed”

    There was talk amongst the attendees of the recent presentations that HP would appoint some kind of communications director.

    It sounds like this could be a good idea but something deep inside tells me that this person will just be appointed to help them tell better lies. Call me cynical but I can’t help it.

  313. Fatchett does not represent me.

    The last thing they can afford is a communications “director”

  314. I know what is really going on!

    They have one already he is called Mr Gareth Fatchett

  315. Fatchett does not represent me.

    No he’s the first aider/ambulance driver

  316. It really is game over

    @erica You keep saying “from what we were told” and you believe it…from what you were told all the investors would own a fully built unit and enjoy an income and and and

    It is not gonna happen, you seem so wrapped up in the cause, you dont know the sun has long since set

    It is all very very wrong and sad…but DA has had you all over simples!!! fact.

    The best you all gonna get is a lesson in life (and I am sure an extremely hard one)

  317. Harlisuccess

    St George and the Dragon
    I am not “slagging off” Barbados, simply telling the truth on how it is. Burying your head in the sand will not reverse the rapid decline of tourist arrivals. Someone else has posted that the best way is to “Tell it, Don’t hide it”, not as your authorities do “Hide it, Don’t tell it”
    John Smith
    Fatchett Does Not Represent Me did not write the post on crime in Barbados. You say you would feel safer walking the streets of Bridgetown at night than on the streets of London, Birmingham or Manchester. The recent shooting of two elderly tourists in Bridgetown took place in a main street in broad daylight. Canadian tourists were attacked, robbed and sexually assauted at gunpoint in the Sea U guest house. A US couple in the same guest house were also robbed and their car stolen. Your streets and beaches are infested with druggies pestering tourists. Your police force arrested the wrong man for the rape of two British women, one a grandmother. These women, not the first to suffer such attacks, were brave enough to come forward to tell the police in Barbados that they had arrested the wrong man.
    As for your comment about empty planes flying into St. Vincent, what rubbish!
    No one wants to invest in Barbados. You are lucky that Harlequin have not walked away. Barbados needs Harlequin. The recent planning approval of Merricks was probably facilitated to keep Harlequin “on side”. All the empty abandoned hotels and abandoned projects such as the Four Seasons mess were in that state long before Harlequin arrived on the scene.

  318. Beggars Belief

    @ Harlisuccess

    Just reflecting on your chosen name I thought I would look up the term “success”. It has the flowing definition:

    The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
    The attainment of popularity or profit.

    Could you run past us the ways in which Harlequin could be described as a success?

    To remind you of the aim and purpose of HP we only have to read the original newsletters (now removed from the website but I’m sure you have them still. Reading these I can Hadley find any aims that have been fulfilled.

    And as for popularity and profit…

  319. UP

    Harlisuccess, with you as their spokesman, the doubters of Harlequin don’t have to do much to mount a counter-argument — so efficiently have you done it for them.

    Acknowledging the inherent dangers of “burying your head in the sand” is particularly choice, in speaking on behalf of a company that is currently under investigation by the SFO, have lost their second set of auditors, is fending off a volley of statutory demands and went into administration all in the very recent past — likewise an acknowledgement of the fact that well established hotel brands had begun to find the Barbados market challenging in advance of Harlequin’s arrival — for some reason, you seem to think this is a good thing; most sane people would adjudge it to be fairly dubious business planning.

    Why you would think that Barbados is lucky that Harlequin haven’t walked away is anyone’s guess. I’m sure that most Bajans will find your statement “Barbados needs Harlequin” suitably ignorant and offensive — and not to mention, telling in its arrogance. I’m not sure what sort of mileage you’re looking to get out of the relativistic points you’re making regarding crime rates in Barbados but it comes across as vaguely neo-colonialist and fairly cretinous (not to mention, utterly irrelevant).

    And your rationale behind your conclusions about the empty planes being “rubbish” is conspicuous by its absence — all big statements, with absolutely no evidence to back it up (which sounds fairly familiar).

  320. St George's Dragon

    If Harlisuccess represents Harlequin’s thoughts (which it looks as though he does from all the other bumped up success stories he posts) I sense Harlequin is looking for an excuse to back out of Barbados.
    The PR release will read something like:
    “Due to the worsening crime rates in Barbados and the lack of Government support, Harlequin has been unable to raise funding to proceed with its two developments in the country. It is with regret that in order to protect investors interests, Harlequin will be focusing it’s efforts on the expansion of the award winning Buccament Bay Hotel in St Vincent where it is easier to bribe politicians to get things done and more likely that investors can be fleeced out of even more money.”
    Not sure the end part will make it into the final release.

  321. Been had

    Sounds like a plan St G D, but if they do that they will have to give back thousands of 30% deposits which isn’t gonna happen.
    I bet those ”awards” are endorsed by harlequin.

  322. Anonymous

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    but if you were ill, would you not prefer a doctor or a person pretending to be a doctor ´not like Crozzier

  323. Frothy man......

    to Erica Broughton.
    Simple question, when was the last time you were in contact with a certain irish builder? and why whould you do that?

  324. Frothy man......

    I know what is really going on!

    Fatchett is doing a good job, better than the other tossers

  325. St George's Dragon

    Someone has been very quick off the mark with the first book on the Harlequin scam. You can buy it here:;jsessionid=C081352F8150DD3AD1A2D551089A537B?iid=28427&cid=
    … or did I misread something?

  326. St George's Dragon

    It gets even better, there is a sequel:

  327. St George's Dragon

    And one on how the investors were conned:

  328. St George's Dragon

    This is priceless; now one on the Ames approach to business ethics:

  329. St George's Dragon

    The Ames approach to communication with his investors:

  330. St George's Dragon

    And the final part of the Harlequin story:

  331. St George's Dragon

    …and one from the middle of Mr Ames career:

  332. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 3.59. I would not want Crozier any way near me, especially if I needed the kiss of life!

  333. Fatchett Doesn't Represent Me - Also known as Midland Bob

    We are still waiting for her to post her qualifications on the investors board but she never does – its been over a week we have been waiting!

  334. Fatchett does not represent me.

    If the above was directed at me then I’m afraid you have lost me.

  335. Fatchett Doesn't Represent Me - Also known as Midland Bob

    No it wasn’t directed at you in particular – on the HP I asked for Nikki Croziers qualifications to verify if she should be giving advice – I am still waiting

  336. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Think you will be waiting a long time. SHe is not not a registered solicitor, nor is CPC Worldwide. I believe all she is interested in is getting punters at £2000 + Vat to get a class action going. 50 investors @ £2000 = £100,000 Nice work for what exactly?

  337. Beggars Belief

    6000 deposits = £250m for what exactly?

    Nice little earner.

  338. Fatchett does not represent me.

    5* resort in SVG

  339. Beggars Belief

    More precisely one third of a resort in SVG. What a bargain for everyone. That works out at £1m a unit.

  340. St George's Dragon

    It’s worse than that. It looks as though there are only 184 completed units at Buccament Bay so that’s £1.35 million each. Unless you allocate some value to the planes, of course. Now let me do the maths – 2 Piper Navajo Chieftains – last built in the 1980’s and available on the second-hand market from between £115,000 and £250,000 each – so still £1.35 million a unit!

  341. Mr Lars

    I think the businessmodel is built as follows


    We will negoiate with landowners to buy the land on credit and maybee close on the deal if sale of units is succesful.

    We will spend an intial sum on marketing. before we even own anything to sell

    We will sell Units all over Caribbean and maybee even Brazil and pay the agents a massive unrealistic commission to keep them happy and eager to sell more.

    We will spend even more millions on marketing for nothing that is built and we will “LAUNCH” huge events with celebrities.

    We will spend millions more on paying dividends to Directors and their families as their well earned Dividends so they can live a lavish lifestyle well deserved.

    We will guarantee to spend millions more on fighting every legal case brought against us for wrongdoing

    We will spend money to buy inexepensive and useless aircrafts to be used to market our own an airline so we can sell more units but will not use them for flights.

    And if there is any money left over after all the above expenses we will, build someting really cheap as a potential 4* hotel and call it 5* and make sure to change the EC$ cost to US$ value in the books.We will sell 1200 units at the location but only build 180

    As we have no credit worthiness you have to take out mortgages on your own private propertis in UK and pays us, we will guarantee to pay your interest and promise an extra bonus as rental income when the units are built sometine in the distant future

    We will Blame any mistake, delay or failure on anything that suits, everyone knows that in Caribbean things take time

    And finally if we run into financial difficulties we will try to borrow from banks and use what we have built as security so we can build more units to sell to you


  342. Beggars Belief

    @ Mr Lars

    You forgot to mention the £x million pounds spent building a replica pirate ship in Indonesia (or some such place), the cost of transporting it half way round the world, fitting it out, not providing a mooring for it (which was supposed to be ready in July 2010), letting it burn and now floating in some location in SVG.

    Another great investment decision brought to you by the friends of Harlisuccess. Success after success after success. Everyone is pleased to have paid for all that.

    Does anyone have any photos of the boat.

  343. Been had

    Nice Mr Lars, ill add one more thing but I’m sure there are plenty more.

    We will stop paying all your interest payments and lie thats its a computer error when really we have spent all your money.
    So you will be very stressed out at the thought of having to find the extra £100’s of pounds per month or lose your home.

  344. Been had

    fdnrm ( the last word kid) how do you talk your way out of those ”facts”?

  345. Been had

    @A Real investor ( i doubt very much) are you the Iron lady in disguise hence the sexual comments?
    I am a real investor, unlike you. if you have followed the forums you would now that.

  346. Been had

    *know that

  347. Been had

    good work BFB for getting shot of the comments.

  348. BFP

    We do what we can Been Had.

    Thanks to our readers for pointing out comments we might miss.

  349. A real investor

    Erica its a fair point you do not seem to want to answer- are you in contact with O Hallaran the builder accused of stealing our money?

    Why would you do that? Ames may have cocked up in many ways – but no court case for theft?

  350. BBaywatch

    Investors wondering where the money went might care to follow this up

    Did it ever happen or was it Brazil like? Did any investors money get diverted there?

  351. Fatchett does not represent me.

    But Perth has got an international airport!

  352. BajanMikey

    Reply to Harlisuccess ” You are lucky that Harlequin have not walked away. Barbados needs Harlequin”.
    I am sorry that it has taken until now to respond..but I have been having internet connectivity issues.
    I am a Barbados tax-payer and not a politican. I would remind you that all countries, not just Barbados, require investment.
    But it is not just the money that matters, the investors must have INTEGRITY in the way they do business, and make their money.

    So let’s examine the way in which the Ames family do business.

    1). Where is the integrity in taking 4.62 million pounds out of a business between 2007 & 2011, and then putting it into administration
    because it is unable to pay the debts? This action has prevented normal creditors to whom HMSSE owes money from receiving pay met for services that they provided with integrity. It would have had the money to pay the debts with this money.

    2). Where is the integrity using 5 million pounds of a company’s money to buy the family houses overseas, and then when caught by the auditors coming up with the story that the ” the intention has always been that (they are held) on behalf of HMSSE”? Word of advice to creditors, better get these transferred quickly or the Ames family will retire in them.

    3). Where is the integrity in having people do work and not paying them? A friend of mine has a company that did work in Buccament and has been left with them unpaid to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars?

    4). The availability for Purchase of company accounts of a limited liability company is intended to provide some protection for normal, non-secured creditors. Where is the integrity in claiming in the company accounts that Carole Ames controls the company, when it is David who pulls all the strings? Anything to do with DA’s bankrupt status and regulations as to who is fit to be a director of a compnay?

    5). Where is the integrity of closing a Design studio, laying off staff and skipping the country leaving a trail of unpaid bills and liabilities of various sorts to government.

    So please understand that Barbados can well do without investment that comes with Harlequin’s investing integrity.

  353. Beggars Belief


    Thanks for posting the photos of The Pearl. I notice these were taken two years ago. Do you know what kind of state it is in now and would it have any salvage value?

  354. Fatchett does not represent me.

    It has been mentioned on the other forum that insurance of $1m has been agreed/offered/paid. I don’t know which

  355. BBaywatch

    @Beggars Belief – I’m afraid not, even well founded wooden vessels require constant maintenance, especially in the tropics, so I can only imagine that it has deteriorated if it has just been left. Salvage value would depend on integrity of the hull and if damage has been done to the frames. If that is basically sound then it could be used like a Jolly Roger style booze cruise boat. As it is based on a pinissi it should be seaworthy but…

  356. Beggars Belief

    Well I presume that if it has been paid then the repair work has been done. I don’t think that it would have made sense to repair it yet because I’m not sure there is a suitable mooring to be had at Buccament Bay despite being told that the marina was “coming along” in January 2010.

    I notice that you and Harlisuccess (it is perhaps unfair to put you in the same category as his grip on reality could at best be described as “slight”) have not offered a positive spin on the summary provided by Mr Lars, myself and been had earlier today. Can there really be an adequate defence for all this? Surely calling negative publicity “unfounded” is stretching the definition of the word!

  357. St George's Dragon

    I have a positive suggestion for Mr Ames. He said the other day that Harlequin employs two staff who deal with “social media”. I am sure they would never, of course, post on this forum without declaring that they were employees. That would be misrepresentation, wouldn’t it?
    I suspect, however, that they are the authors of the Buccament Bay posts on Trip Advisor as they all read so irritatingly the same (paradise, blown away, cold towels, didn’t want to leave etc, etc).
    They clearly aren’t doing a very good job on Trip Advisor as no-one believes the reviews, Save the investor’s money and sack them.

  358. BBaywatch

    @St George’s Dragon

    “I suspect, however, that they are the authors of the Buccament Bay posts on Trip Advisor” – I suspect you are right, this reviewer certainly seems to hold local people in the same regard as the management of HP.

    “Firstly we were met at the airport by a well dressed and informative native”

    I know a few Vincentian’s who would like to have a free and frank discussion of manners with that reviewer!

  359. St George's Dragon

    The bit about the bone through the nose did not make it through to the final post.

  360. Frothy Man

    I think Erica should answer the question, about the contact with the Irish builder, why would someone who is so pro investors & who set up a blog want to be involved with anyone who defrauds investors ?

  361. Frothy Man

    looks like the IFA’s are going to get well and truly stuffed, about time, they weren’t worried when they were taking a 15% commission – so whats wrong with Fatchett making money if he gets people their money back?

    Works for me, feed them to the dogs!!!!! 😉

  362. Yatinkiteasy

    There was very negative review. .posted a day or two ago. Guess what? It has been taken down. TA is obviously influenced in some way by Harlequin.
    The fact that TA also owns a Travel Agency (Tingo) that offers great rates at BB makes all those overly long, detailed, and super positive reviews all the more suspicious.
    I agree with St George, If you read through most of the reviews you hear the same phrases repeated often. It is so obvious. Also, who goes on vacation to a seaside resort and recalls up to 8 names of staff!
    It may very well be a wonderful resort , but the fake or paid for TA reports are really ridiculous and like many things, are to good to be true.
    Shame on TA!


  363. Cannon Ball !!!!

    This is a great idea, those that want out, do so with a claim against the IFA’s and move on.

    Those that invested cash, work with Harlequin and the finance company to turn this round – someone else come up with a viable alternative and I am all ears.

    If you are happy do nothing.

    I feel sure some of the fanatical aniti Harlequin people will poo poo this – come up with something workable and stop bloody whining or shut up.

    Put all this negative effort into looking for a solution.

  364. Yatinkiteasy

    Too good to be true

  365. Frothy Man


    but do you think it may work ? what other options are there? its a long shot but worth it ? or just carry on moaning???

  366. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Frothy Man, whats wrong with it is that Fatchett does not represent ALL investors, just a minority. Yes he might get some investors money back, but at a “stuff the rest” attitude. The way forward is for all investors to pull together to get a solution which suits everyone, not a minority. Also IFA online is just a mouth piece fo Fatchett. Funny how all the articles have reference back to him.

  367. Frothy Man

    Agreed. But, putting that aside, assuming the finance is real and not BS – why not savage the IFA’s it will get people their money back who should never be in this – they wont be able to cover the closings costs in most cases?

    You of all people, I thought would welcome a solution to protect your investment.

    This could work if managed correctly, the only ones in a bad place are the cash investors – but that was always the case.

    Or some combination of this? its at least something to work with?

  368. 190

    Sue the ass off them

  369. Beggars Belief

    @Frothy Man

    You are right to point out that IFAs may be a target for the SIPP investors. From listening to Money Box on radio 4 yesterday it is clear that even if an investment product is unregulated (like these) the advice is subject to regulation when the investment gets placed in a SIPP wrapper.

    I think many of the IFAs who sold these products were not regulated by the FSA (as was) and were more like sales agents. If they had clients who invested through a SIPP then they must have referred the clients on to a pension adviser who was regulated. I suspect it is these advisers who will be in the front line for any compensation claim.

    The trouble is that most advisers will have PI insurance with some capped liability and, if they sold lots of these to clients, then the chances are that this limit will be breached and investors will only get a fraction back.

    It does nothing for those people who invested with cash or who mortgaged their homes to pay for their unit. If these people invested off the back of an unregulated IFA/sales agent then I don’t think they will have much joy in that direction unless they take out some legal claim against them.

  370. St George's Dragon

    The reason it won’t work is that the IFA’s have no money so the only way of getting anything from them is through their PI Insurance. Unfortunately, that has an aggregate limit of probably no more than £1 million per firm. How many firms are you going to get £1 million off? 5? 10? 20? Then knock off the legal fees. Then think about how many investors are going to trouser the money rather than give it to Ames again to spend on bonuses, houses abroad and second-hand aircraft and you are not going to have very much.

  371. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Frothy man, I would welcome a solution but not for a few to the cost of the many. Fatchett is asking for an NDA with HP to look at books, talk to potential ntial investor money etc etc. so who is Fatchett going to share that information with? Only his HIG which has a minority of investors and is not for the majority. Also I believe the SFO will go after the IFAs as opposed to HP.
    @Cannon ball. I could not agree more with your comments. Well said.

  372. UP

    @FDNRM You think that the SFO will go after IFAs? That’s a fairly bold statement — where have you got that from?

    I would suspect that any concerted assault on IFAs (and I’m not convinced that there are that many actual fully qualified IFAs involved) will result in them trying to make a counter-case. Basically, the investment was in Harlequin so all roads will lead back there eventually. There has quite clearly been some fairly scandalous bad advise, but I would imagine that the IFAs won’t take this lying down if they felt that they were misled in turn. I’ve certainly seen a video on youtube where Dave Ames describes the model as being very low risk — where advisers have been given this from Harlequin and taken it at face value, this could get complicated. Presumably that’s the sort of thing that the SFO are interested in — likewise how a company that only has one resort that is barely breaking even, has managed to service loan repayments (and even FDNRM’s income return) from a neutral income position. The admittance that it wasn’t a clerical error that stopped the interest payments doesn’t look good either — that is now a documentary lie. Acknowledging that these payments have stopped because of a lack on investment recently (as those who attended the meetings have suggested they were told) looks like the sort of model the SFO would want to have a look at.

    Moneybox seemed pretty scathing to me.

  373. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP based on my conversations with the SFO. I could be wrong but it was a reflection of the thrust of the interview.

  374. UP

    @FDNRM it seems exceptionally unlikely to me.

  375. UP

    @FDNRM furthermore, the SFO are notoriously — and necessarily — circumspect in the way that they disseminate this sort of information. I can’t see how you’d seek to make a case against the IFA without simultaneously having to make a case against the product they were selling. The issue of the commissions shouldn’t obfuscate the fact that they too were presumably told that things would happen, and within a certain time frame — it seems a bit ludicrous to make them the fall guys for the fact that somebody else didn’t do what they explicitly said they would. The only reason any IFAs are in trouble here is because a tiny percentage of what was supposed to be built has been built; it’s important to remember that. Seems a bit rich for anyone involved in Harlequin to now turn on their own income stream — without the income that these third parties bought, where would they be?

    I should be clear that I’m not making a case for those advisers who knew the potential risk and then peddled this to anyone who could buy it, that behaviour’s contemptible. The fact that some individuals have invested tens of thousands of pounds, but now can’t find the couple of grand needed to hire a lawyer speaks fairly profoundly for the inappropriateness of some of what’s gone on here.

  376. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP I don’t follow your point about the only reason IFAs are in trouble is because a tiny % has been built. Also I don’t think anyone from HP has turned on their own income stream. Unless I’ve missed something.

  377. UP

    @FDNRM that’s okay, I’ll try again. I’m confident that many IFAs — or advisers in general — advised on the product in the belief that Harlequin would fulfil their obligations within the stated time frames. It’s the fact that they (HP) didn’t that now makes the advisers answerable for their advise. I think that the risk of the product wasn’t clearly or accurately assessed, but it’s not unreasonable to presuppose that the terms of a contract will be fulfilled (particularly when the rhetoric surrounding this was so unambiguous).

    I wasn’t actually suggesting it was anyone from HP specifically suggesting that advisers and SIPP providers should be the ones being blamed, but it seem strange that they have now become the focus of opprobrium.

  378. homefront

    Wont all of this depend to a degree with whom the contract is with?

  379. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Can I suggest that anyone thinking of giving money to CPC Worldwide, google Elizabeth Crozzier first. The Leader has some interesting articles and comments regarding this lady. The name Audrey Dixon seems to pop up a lot. I add these are not my comments only advising people to make their own inquiries before handing over £ 2000 + vat.

  380. UP

    @FDNRM does it not strike you as ironic that you would suggest this course of action, given the protestations you make in Harlequin’s favour. Every tried googling them? Ever tried reading what comes up?

  381. Kroll

    Any financial adviser that recommended Harlequin as a suitable investment will be subject to professional negligence claims, which in all but a few cases (those exceptional, perhaps non-existant, instances where the extremely high risk nature of the product was explained and matched the investor profile and attitude to risk and was part of a diversified portfolio of investments) will no doubt succeed if pursued. The issue is that the advisers who have involved themselves with Harlequin have tended to be those operating at the lower end of the market, with limited assets and, as has been pointed out, limited PI cover. Most decent advisers wouldn’t have touched the investment with a barge pole.

    Strange however, that someone is suggesting that the SFO’s main focus of interest is the small time financial advisers who recommended the product. Greedy, feckless and professionally negligent they may be, as the title suggests, the SFO’s purpose is to investigate serious and complex fraud; the idea that it would be “going after” the IFA’s rather than HP is weak propaganda. It’s also patently untrue as the SFO have made clear that, along with Essex police, they are looking into complaints in relation to HP.

  382. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP I don’t make protestations in HP favour. I only talk about facts as I know them. I warned this forum regarding ambulance chasers months ago and stand by that. I don’t think it’s wrong to warn others about throwing money away and I don’t appologise for it.

  383. A real investor

    Bloody Hell a scammer turned hunter ! Let’s see if Nikki who ever she is will answer or defend this statment?

  384. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Kroll, yes ” looking into” does not mean a full prosecution.

  385. A real investor

    It is certainly worth checking out, if its not true surly she could have it removed being such a multi national law firm ?

    Caution I think well done fdnrm

  386. UP

    @FDNRM you are quite discretionary in the “facts” that you chose to concentrate on — and those that you conspicuously ignore.

  387. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP I think I am allowed to comment on what I want or want to have an opinion on. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t even know what all the questions are.

  388. homefront

    As its only the sales arm in addmin,and its purely a sales company I take it those tasked with taking the company forward will be looking to start sales does that work as no building is taking place at this time ,If building starts again how will sales be conducted and will whoever is running the show be responsible to any future investors .will they have to do DD on HP construction arm ,will that involve seeing accounts? will HP SVG have to produce said accounts ?how does it all work? I dont know I ask

  389. Been had

    I’m just reposting Mr Lars comments above (and a few that were added) because they really ring true.
    Would you like to sugar coat them Fdnrm because you didn’t before?

    I think the business model is built as follows


    We will negotiate with landowners to buy the land on credit and maybe close on the deal if sale of units is successful.

    We will spend an initial sum on marketing. before we even own anything to sell

    We will sell Units all over Caribbean and maybe even Brazil and pay the agents a massive unrealistic commission to keep them happy and eager to sell more.

    We will spend even more millions on marketing for nothing that is built and we will “LAUNCH” huge events with celebrities.

    We will spend millions more on paying dividends to Directors and their families as their well earned Dividends so they can live a lavish lifestyle well deserved.

    We will guarantee to spend millions more on fighting every legal case brought against us for wrongdoing

    We will spend money to buy inexpensive and useless aircrafts to be used to market our own an airline so we can sell more units but will not use them for flights.

    And if there is any money left over after all the above expenses we will, build something really cheap as a potential 4* hotel and call it 5* and make sure to change the EC$ cost to US$ value in the books.We will sell 1200 units at the location but only build 180

    As we have no credit worthiness you have to take out mortgages on your own private properties in UK and pays us, we will guarantee to pay your interest and promise an extra bonus as rental income when the units are built sometime in the distant future

    We will Blame any mistake, delay or failure on anything that suits, everyone knows that in Caribbean things take time

    And finally if we run into financial difficulties we will try to borrow from banks and use what we have built as security so we can build more units to sell to you

    Beggars Belief
    April 28, 2013 at 7:22 am

    @ Mr Lars

    You forgot to mention the £x million pounds spent building a replica pirate ship in Indonesia (or some such place), the cost of transporting it half way round the world, fitting it out, not providing a mooring for it (which was supposed to be ready in July 2010), letting it burn and now floating in some location in SVG.

    Another great investment decision brought to you by the friends of Harlisuccess. Success after success after success. Everyone is pleased to have paid for all that.

    We will stop paying all your interest payments and lie thats its a computer error when really we have spent all your money.
    So you will be very stressed out at the thought of having to find the extra £100′s or £1000’s per month or lose your home.

  390. homefront

    Also to add too my post above,As its only the sales arm in addmin nothing to stop building restarting if funds become available ,who will receive and control these funds ,if the funds go to the sales arm will that take the sales out of addmin?or do they go to HP SVG to build with? will that company have to send funds back to the sales company to pay investors ?or as it would still be in addmin who does get paid? I would imagine funds to be raised on assets held by HP SVG so what happens to sales arm ?and the money they owe?

  391. It really is game over

    You guys are all running around in circles

    Lets get a few things laid out

    1: A lot of the money went to sales people and IFA….thats gone

    2: HP did not have the capability to complete the projects, assuming thta the project was genuine (and a lot of things point to it being a scam)

    3: HP is now a fatally damaged brand and along with it is BB and Merricks etc etc…remember bad news sells newpapers not good news…so nobody will invest…add in the current world economic mess…there are lots of better investments with much lower rosk etc etc

    4: Following on from above, nobody will want to be any where near involved with HP or their projects….just too much of a bad smell attached…..if (and its a big if) there was an investor, the risk etc is so high that their terms would soak up any profit, again assuming there will be profit

    5: There are so many investors, some want DA head on a stake, others amazing beleive that he can turn it around (his escape maybe, but HP no), You will never all sing with one voice so divided you will fall and Da knows this

    The projects are all dead, those not started will rot till they fall down and BB will die a slow death

    Have a wake be happy, but HP is never gonna deliver you have all lost…it would be good if someone could wave a magic wand and solve it, but it is over

    I have seen a few scam peeps in my profession, and they know how far you can go before the bubble bursts…….a few get greedy and go along too far, but make no mistake DA knows he can string things along for a long time yet (irrespecitive of whether HP was a business badly run or a ponzi scheme) the accounts will be not available. The trail of where and how the money went and whether it was just bad luck and yeah you get the picture.

    The fact is all this will go nowhere and it is game over, the dream has ended.

    Thats all Folks

  392. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ It really is game over. If the above is true, then why doesn’t DA just shut up shop now and liquidate everything. It would be years before it came to court. He would have is £ms in the bank. Or perhaps he has realised he has made big mistakes and wants to save the companies position. Why would he want to do that?

  393. Beggars Belief


    I have no idea whether DA falls into this category of person but there are people who who so habitually stretch the truth (to put it kindly) and spin stories that they come to believe their own version of reality. If he was this kind of person it would explain why he has refused to do a runner or shut up shop earlier.

    When this trait is combined with the skills of a good salesman then quite a few people get swept along with the vision and a group comes to believe it too. Even when strong contradictory evidence is provided the group tends to reject this and build ever more complex stories to preserve what they see as the truth. This is how cult leaders get otherwise ordinary people to do some very strange things. This is a kind of group delusion. I believe this effect can be very powerful when people have committed deeply (say emotionally or financially).

    For example, a few months ago I listened to You and Yours where they described the plight of a man who had been conned into giving money to some company who told him he had won the lottery in Spain (despite him never having bought a ticket) and they needed a sum of money to pay for the necessary cash transfer to the UK. He duly paid this sum and, surprise surprise, the company needed some more money for stamp duties, foreign exchange trades…He eventually paid tens of thousands of pounds and still believed he was going to see his winnings. His best friend was at a loss as to how he might explain he had been scammed but he couldn’t get through. The story was really about whether a bank could legally use money laundering regulations to prevent a customer from paying money to fraudulent organisations. Ultimately it was determined that they couldn’t and the poor man kept paying more money. Even when it was shown that the bank accounts he was paying to were those of known criminal gangs he refused to believe he had been scammed.

    Some people will be defending all this to the bitter end even if it results in the SFO recommending the CPS starts criminal proceedings and the whole things goes into liquidation. (I’m not saying this will happen however).

    Reading the accounts from the people who attended the various presentations in Warrington and Basildon it would appear that a range of conflicting answers were given to the same question. This could be down to people hearing what they want or think they have heard so we can’t be absolutely sure that different things were said from the front. However it is possible that the answers were made up on the spur of the moment and so the story was not consistent.

    There is so much evidence that this company has been ducking and diving for years and not playing a straight bat with anyone. I read the RLB red book valuation of Buccament Bay today and the qualifications and assumptions at the start of the report are a prime example of this. Here is an extract from 2009:

    We have not been supplied with a full report on the legal title to the property. We have therefore assumed that the entire site is of freehold tenure, that there are no adverse matters relating to the title, including, but not limited to encumbrances, restrictive covenants, restrictions, rent charges, or other outgoings. We are also assuming that Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Limited has clear and marketable title of the entire 72 acre site and that all land titles have been paid for and registered with Harlequin Hotels & Resorts Limited as legal proprietor, and that all compensation required has been paid….
    We requested the following information in our initial instruction letter, much of which has not been supplied, or which contains contradictory information: –
    1) Details of the most up to date version of the scheme, and which has planning consent. We assume that the accommodation is correct as summarised and listed in this report, including with regard to the number and size of hotel rooms, cabanas, spa villas and all hotel units and buildings and the accommodation each offers and also in respect of all facilities on site.
    2) There appears, from the plans provided to us by the owner/developers, to be uncertainty as to extent of the development comprised in Phase 1. We assume that the plans dated June 2009 prepared by TVS Design are correct in this regard.
    3) Details of the nature of the titles, or rights being sold to investors.
    4) Anticipated / budgeted marketing and advertising costs and commissions and ananticipated timeline for these sales.
    5) We have not been provided with details of proposals for the sale / lease
    arrangement for the accommodation / bar / restaurant facilities / water sports etc.
    6) We have not been provided with details of the off site laundry storage facility,which we requested in our initial instruction letter.
    7) We were supplied with contradictory schedules of accommodation, in terms of numbers of units and bedrooms and therefore occupancy levels each can support, and in relation to common facilities and the development as a whole.
    8) No information has been provided to us by the developer regarding their target room rates for high and low seasons and any intermediate periods,such as Christmas and Easter. This was requested in our initial instruction confirmation letter, for each type of room, or unit, such as for the cabana’s /Island Sanctuary Spa Villas.
    9) No information was provided regarding any additional income, such as from the leasing of certain parts of the property, or from water-sports operations, etc.
    10) No information was provided regarding budget estimates for operating costs if available.
    11) Our initial instruction confirmation letter requested details of what was intended to be included in guests’ room rates and what will be charged as extras. In other words, would there be any element of all inclusive room rates? Is it planned that transfers from the airport, or any meals or drinks included?
    12) We requested, although did not receive details of local taxes and fees and whether any operating licenses are necessary and if so, the cost of these.
    13) Anticipated management fee, or target profit levels.
    14) Details of all costs included to date in the acquisition of land and development costs.[UNQUOTE]

    As another example, BDO resign quoting a lack of effective communication from the directors of HMSSE. They produced a report highlighting their ongoing concerns around the accounts and were not provided with a response.

    Can all these professional and highly successful companies all be wrong?

    It is when all these important and rather serious issues are brushed aside by people like yourself and Harlisuccess and you go on to tell us that someone had a great holiday at BB or the resort won an award that we are entitled to feel that you have skewed the priorites a little.

  394. perplexed

    A lesson should be learned from the Madoff scandel. American law works
    differently but I believe British & Commonwealth law operates on the same
    principal. (1) the British government in league with the several Caribbean
    nations IMMEDIATELY raid the Basildon HQ by seizing all computors, files,
    and paperwork. In effect physically carting away everything that can be put
    in a box. (2) then an accurate forensic audit from day one can be done. (3)
    Any domestic or off-shore banking accounts are simultaneously frozen. (4)
    A referee is appointed by the Crown who after totally reviewing the audit
    disperses a pro-rated to the amount of their investment (minus any mortgage interest received) to the individual investors. Of course this would
    intail the liquidation for cash of any and all assest including Buccament Bay.
    The longer DA can write a check or sell equipment or building stock locally
    (as has been reported at both BB and Merricks/H-Hotel) the pot dwindles.
    So many go on and on and on but NOTHING can be resolved until there
    exists a true understanding of what assets exist.
    I believe Erica wrote a month or two ago that someone in Basildon told her
    that funds existed in Grand Cayman. Hey, why nigh the BVI etc.

  395. It really is game over

    @FDNRM The reason DA doesnt shut up shop is quite simple….

    1: By keeping things going until forced to shut up shop , buys time and as the mistakes/scam are spread across several countries quite a lot of extra time

    2: If this is a scam (holding the priciple of innocent until proven guilty etc), then keeping things going for as long as possible delays investigations and again buys time.

    3: by keeping going there will be a certain amount of people who will again beleive that it will all come good…in effect reducing the number of baying hounds snapping at his heels

    4: If we assume that DA was just a very good salesperson who simply could not build what he had sold, most people would resolve the supply issue before constantly seliing and selling….quite obvious if you keep taking revenue and not delivering, the companies position is gonna tae some big knocks and sustain damage…if he cared re the companies postion, he would have resolved it many years ago

    5: If they were simply mistakes, DA doesnt learn very quick from his mistakes. The companies position doesnt mean anything to DA, otherwise he would have made it work.

    You post almost as if you are DA at times…probing for responses to assist in determining your next move

    Lets be sure about one thing, whether DA is or isnt involved in HP or whatever may come from this it is game over. I am lucky and travel to the caribbean quite a lot and things do grind slow, combine this with a fatally wounded product and it is game over.

    The tourism market in the whole area is slowing down La source in Grenada closed (ok it was bought by Sandals), but bear in mind it was a recently refurbed ready to go product and of course complete with title etc etc. Almond Beach in Barbados closed (along with quite a lot of other hotels over recent years).

    The world is changing…other markets are opening and attracting the tourist money…Cuba, Dubai…therefore the resorts are not sustainable…nice idea, nice dream….not gonna work

  396. perplexed

    You put it much more eloquently than I do. The longer reality is not
    accepted the smaller the amount left…….(if anything)

  397. St George's Dragon

    @ Beggars Belief
    You clearly have a copy of the RLB Red Book valuation.
    Please post it on the HIG investor website or send it to me via a personal message through the HIG site. If you don’t want me to send it on anywhere else tell me and I will keep it confidential

  398. St George's Dragon

    Something has been nagging at me all day about this concept of suing the IFAs for their bad advice, then putting the money back into Harlequin to allow the developments to go ahead.
    Why would you go to court to prove that someone mis-sold you an investment, win the case (thereby proving it was a bad investment) then promptly take the money and put it straight back into the same investment you said was rubbish in the first place.
    It does not make any sense.

  399. Beggars Belief


    The red book valuation has already been posted on the HIG website and can be downloaded there.

    As you saw from the post above RLB had to make so many assumptions because they were not provided with the necessary information to do the job. The end result are numbers that are probably meaningless.

  400. Beggars Belief

    And another thing I don’t understand about the red book valuation is why make the assumptions that they did.

    In each case RLB take the most optimistic assumption when information was not provided. For example they assume full title to all the land etc.

    Surely if the valuer asks for a piece of evidence and it isn’t forthcoming the precautionary principle should step in and they should assume the most negative position.

    I wonder what the number would have looked like on this basis.

  401. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Regarding the red book, two quotations from an independent source
    “We have assumed the occupancy rates will increase, as aided by the proposed completion of St Vincent international airport”
    “we are of the opinion that the existing Arnos Vale airport does not have the capacity and airlift to support this hotel”
    But what do they know eh?

  402. A Real Investor

    We seem to have two ladies who wont answer questions because they dont like us to know the answers:

    1. Nikki Crozzier – are you a solicitor?
    2. Erica Broughton – are you in contact with the Irish Builder?

  403. Short Legs

    Why not answer if they have nothing to hide? the pair of them seem to have gone very quite…… wonder why?

  404. St George's Dragon

    Its clear that the RLB Red Book valuation is fundamentally flawed because of the assumptions made – which we now know to be wrong. We can therefore place no credence on the valuation figure of US$166 million.
    It’s interesting that the RLB valuation has a thread right the way through of information not being provided by Harlequin. Very reminiscent of why BDO resigned as auditor:
    “…we have not been given sufficient information by the directors to enable us to ascertain …….,”
    The difference, of course, is that BDO resigned because of the lack of information while RLB decided to make assumptions when they didn’t receive it. I suspect that with the knowledge of what has happened since the valuation was issued, RLB regrets that it was not a little more robust in it’s view and that it didn’t take the BDO view – resign.
    @ FDNRM
    Rather than cherry pick and repeat one optimistic assumption from the RLB valuation, please can you let us know whether you consider the assumptions made by RLB to be correct so the valuation of US$166 million to based on fact? Also, do you consider Harlequin was honest in repeating the valuation figure over many years when they knew that the valuation was fundamentally wrong because they had misled RLB.

  405. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @St Georges Dragon, Why or how could I comment on the Red book financial valuations? This was carried out by someone qualified to make these observations/calculations. I have no opinion if they are right or not as I dont know the facts. However their statements back up my arguments.
    @Short legs, did you Google Elizabeth Crozier? Now I dont know whether the Leaders comments are correct or not, but pleanty of other posters have an opinion as to her situation. Anyone who has paid £2000+vat should be very interested.

  406. St George's Dragon

    What’s the old phrase – innocent until proved guilty?

  407. Sid

    Hi SGD, you’re right, but it’s more than a phrase, it’s the basis of our legal system. It is way too over optimistic to go into any court proceeding with the confidence that you are definitely going to win, it’s just a matter of time. If it was that clear cut, why does the case seem to be dragging? It was supposed to be done and dusted by Easter. There is obviously more contention that Ames would have us believe.

  408. Bim

    No, is it, “Guilty until you’re proven innocent.” If one is innocent until proven guilty. Why in some instances one’s liberty is curtailed until he or she makes bail?

  409. Beggars Belief

    @ Erica

    Are there any key points from the court transcript that you can summarize for us?

    Do you know why only the first few days of the case were reported in the newspapers? Did someone apply for the court to be heard in camera?

  410. Yatinkiteasy

    It seems that the case against the Irish Builder was not very strong from the start .

  411. perplexed

    Yat – You’re one helluva detective. Wonder what the parallel
    proceedings are in the Caribbean.

  412. Beggars Belief

    @ Yat

    But it would appear from Erica’s recent post that the case is more finely balanced at 50:50 now.

    It would be good to have some insight to proceedings. Are the court transcripts public documents?

  413. Last Chance

    Being devils advocate here, not sure it is lawful to be discussing the case with the Irish builder is it ? Either way it serves no purpose Erica ..In my mind both DA and PO are crooks … WHY get involved !!

  414. A Real Investor

    @ Erica Broughton
    You must be pretty close to him? why is that I wonder? maybe if you bring Harlequin down he gets off – what do you get in return?

    He has stolen investors money, why would you want to get involved all very odd.

    How long has this cosy little friendship been going on? and how did you contact him?

  415. Cannon Ball !!!!

    I don’t like this,…… i would not know how the hell to contact this THIEF – let alone him give me bloody court transcripts …. something is ‘off here’ but I cannot put my finger on it..

    Why would he speak to her and how would she contact him?????

    This needs to be answered – Erica Broughton – why would you do it and how did you contact him?

  416. Anon - reasons unknown

    CB – this is called DD. Erica is talking to anyone she can. Why do you find that so offensive? It is quite easy to get contact details for anyone in this day and age; why don’t you try it. Would you prefer her to only seek information from Ames and Harlequin? That’s why she’s in the pickle she’s currently in!

    Do you suppose that because she contacted O’Halloran to ask him his opinion on the case that Harlequin have blurted about all over the media, she must be in collusion? A very weak assumption based on conjecture. Ye of little knowledge.

    All you “head-in-the-sand-monkeys” do seem to prefer blinkered vision, don’t you!

    No-one knows how the Irish court case will turn out. Ames failed to prepare and execute a proper building contract (quite unbelievable when he was using such a vast amount of other people’s money) and failed to employ qs’s and pm’s to supervise the project. O’Halloran allegedly took payment in advance of work being completed. Since there was no contract (except for an extraordinary informal contract) it’s up to the court to decide if there is a clear cut case. I doubt it myself. Knock for knock if you ask me. No contractual terms being in place, so what contractual mechanism was there to stop O’Halloran receiving advanced payment if that was what was offered to him? Who cares what he spent it on, that’s his prerogative without a contract, as long as he had delivered in the end. I seem to remember Ames terminated the non-existant contract before it was delivered (I wonder if he had considered a refund over 24 months less 30% costs?).

    Like I said, no-one can predict what the outcome of the court case will be. I’m a UK qs, and it’s my considered view that this is a complicated case clouded by the fact that the non-existant contract was set-up by an incompetent, deluded, power crazed, ignorant psychopath.

    What I’m confused about is why Harlequin think this is so fundamental to the success of their business which has reportedly taken £250m-£300m from investors, and has a commitment to develop a portfolio worth £1bn in the Caribbean. What is O’Halloran’s PI? I hope he has a really big house. And maybe a yacht.

  417. Cannon Ball !!!!

    pity none was done on Crozzier the pretend solicitor – its called DD – so you say

  418. Anon - reasons unknown

    I agree with the Crozzier suspicion. I wouldn’t advise anyone to consult that firm based on by own DD. Admittedly, that’s just gut instinct going from forum posts.

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to pay fees up front. If a solicitor wants your business, he can review your case and give you a summary and fee estimate for action for free. If he won’t do that, go elsewhere.

  419. Last Chance

    No way would the Irish builder give out info to a HP investor (stranger ) – Very odd .. why would he ? Sorry Erica i can see you have alternative motives and its not in favour of investors – AVOID HER

  420. Erica Broughton

    Last week I rang Wilkins Kennedy, I rang the SFO and I shook hands with Mr Ames.

  421. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R U DA did employ a QS, I have his signature on my stage build sign off.
    @ Erica, you were asked several times on here whether you were in contact with O’Halloran but refused to comment. To be quite honest I think your integrity has to be questioned with your association with Crozier, and now this. I think CB has a point.

  422. UP

    I don’t (think it affects her integrity). To be honest, I’m surprised that more investors haven’t been in touch with him.

    Everyone seems to have taken at face value the fact that he’s definitely guilty — in spite of the fact that the judge in the notes linked to above doesn’t suggest that this is so. Even though a load of investors have had their contractual dates broken, they’re still prepared to take the word of Ames about all of this at face value — and brazenly call the guy a “thief.” This is bewildering to me.

    I don’t know this Irish builder. I don’t know much about him. But I definitely wouldn’t make decisions about him because Ames told me to.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that he wasn’t the first builder on the job either. What happened to the crowd before him? They seem to move through builders like they move through auditors.

  423. Fatchett does not represent me.

    I see Paul Collingwood is suing his IFA regarding a high risk investment his money was put into. Should be interesting the outcome of this.

  424. Kroll

    @fatchet 7.33 I have to congratulate you on the richly ironic “your integrity has to be questioned” line: you had me spluttering on my glass of Muscadet.

    Only a low grade HP propagandist would question Erica’s integrity. Naturally they will seek to construct a narrative that places the minor characters of this French farce at the centre of the stage. After the dodgy Durham solicitor and the Irish rogue builder have exited stage left there will still be the small matter of £250m up the swannee with precious little to show for it.

  425. Anon - reasons unknown

    Interesting if he wins and it is proven it was a high risk investment, and that it was misrepresented? What’s Harlequin’s take on it? High risk, or dead cert? Harlequin’s and Ame’s lies all the way through show this to be outright mis-selling and misrepresentation. Takes a criminal prosecution for that (i.e. fraud – which it clearly is) whereas it only takes a prosecution for professional negligence to successfully sue the agent / IFA.

    Love it that you’re bigging up prosecution of agents for selling a duff product. But I agree. It totally is.

  426. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Kroll “low grade” ? Wounded. If she was talking to O’Halloran why didn’t she say so when asked. Actually we have not heard DA side of the story. Have we seen/heard his evidence or any whiteness evidence? Not as far as I know.

  427. Erica Broughton

    @FDNRM. I told you weeks ago what I would and would not answer questions on, do you actually want what is best for everyone or do you just want the last word?
    If you know so much about me tell the world!
    It really is about time people questioned your motives!

  428. Fatchett does not represent me.

    People have been questioning my motives for weeks. Starting now would not be new would it? However why not answer the question when asked about contact with O’Halloran? Why have contact with Wilkins? What did the SFO have to say? Did you shout at them the same way you shouted at DA?

  429. Been had

    I have said it from day one. Fdnrm is clearly an Ames joey, he gets bonuses for getting the last word in.

  430. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yep, I’ve said it from day 1 too. FDNRM is paid by Harlequin for his contribution here.

  431. Anon - reasons unknown

    Tick tock FDNRM. Get your vaseline ready.

  432. Fatchett does not represent me.

    That’s because I have lots to say.

  433. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon RU and you were just beginning to be sensible on here. Now you have spoilt it. Are the silly comments about to start again?

  434. Erica Broughton

    FDNRM, Point 1 I will speak to who I want when I want!
    I had contact with WK as Mr Ames said in meetings last week that “there insurance had had to put aside 30M for Harlequin” Why do you not ring them up and find out if this is true??
    The SFO said Thankyou for the recording I have no need to shout at the SFO the person I speak to there is a lovely lovely Gentleman who does not like liars.
    One day the truth will all come out I really wonder what you will do then!

  435. Lighthouse

    Is this Nicky Crozier (or should we say Audrey Dixon) true ?

    What on earth next ?

  436. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I would not believe anything WK say thank you. So are you saying you recorded the DA meeting at Warrington?

  437. Erica Broughton

    @FDNRM I did

  438. perplexed

    fdnrm Heilige Gesu! Give it a rest

  439. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, and did you advise DA you were recording the meeting?

  440. UP

    @FDNRM you wouldn’t believe anything that WK say? WK the top 20 UK chartered accountancy firm that have been in existence since 1882 and exist in a highly stringently regulated business — but you would trust the word of a firm that’s currently under investigation by the SFO, has its sales arm in administration, has lost two sets of auditors in two years and hasn’t filed accounts in the Caribbean for 7?

    Sound judgement.

  441. Erica Broughton

    I had Mr Ames permission

  442. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP don’t start on the morals of accountancy firms. Top 4 accused of using info gleaned in HMRC to help companies avoid tax. Get real.

  443. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Erica, that’s fair enough if he was forewarned.

  444. anonymous55

    FDNRM. i think you need to take a step back and look at all the proven evidence in what HP and DA have stated over the years and what has actually come to fruition. look at the newsletters which have been proven to be utterly fabrication. look at certain video evidence again utter fabrication.. according to a recent news report the insolvency service has referred this to the Jo Swinson, minister for consumer affairs.and by all accounts the insolvency services companies are also investigating. whatever your view regarding the irish court case and wk this is a sideline to the real concerns in that there is not enough funding to actually complete the resorts ( i may be wrong but will happily be corrected if HP overseas companies can publish proof of the money in the bank to actually build or finance agreed to enable the build to progress – not just we are anticipating !!!!! that’s been the case for a number of years )

  445. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon55 I don’t argue against any proven evidence, but I am sure as hell not going to just accept some of the crap some people spout. I may have opinions which some may dislike, but I will not stop airing those opinions. Despite the personal abuse. W/K are supposed to be a top 20 company that cannot be questioned, yet one of their directors/partners had to resign due to inappropriate actions. And I should not question them as a company? That’s like saying Lloyds bank would not try and sell me inappropriate insurance because they are a top bank. Yes right.

  446. Beggars Belief

    @ Erica

    I can’t find the transcript on the HIG website. Is it up there yet? If so which section should I look in?

  447. UP

    @FDNRM no, that’s not it — it’s the issue of relativity. Given the choice of who I’d chose to trust out of both companies, I’m fairly confident that I know which I’d choose. Your criteria for distrusting WK seems to be that based on, as yet unproven allegations, one of its employees chose to resign. I know that you’ll decide that his resignation is an implicit acceptance of guilt, but it isn’t. What is bewildering though, is that you’d decide that that single fact is enough for them not to be trusted, but you would put your trust in another company in spite of the reams of information that — by the criteria that’s made you decide WK are untrustworthy — is far more compelling.

  448. St George's Dragon

    If I was an investor in Harlequin, I would think the leaders of the group were not doing their job as well as they could unless they talked to anyone and everyone who might be able to throw some light on what went on. Erica should talk to O’Halloran (are we not allowed to say his name here?) and all. She should also read RLB’s Red Book valuation. That doesn’t mean she needs to believe the valuation figure or is in cahoots with RLB.
    The Harlequin stooges will say she has an ulterior motive but they would say that, wouldn’t they.
    If it comes down to trusting one side or the other, I would go for the wronged investor over the Ponzi developer any day of the week.
    As to FDNRM, I think people should stop picking on him. He clearly has a vested interest in Harlequin and is therefore always going to be biased in their favour whatever the situation. Leave him alone.

  449. yatinkiteasy

    @Dragon…11.07 pm I agree totally with your last paragraph, except that i would say instead of “leave him alone”…..Ignore Him….It will drive him nuts!
    When this is all over…we “troublemakers” will all be proved wrong, and everyone will be happy with their little piece of Paradise in the Caribbean.NOT!

  450. It really is game over

    HP is damaged
    1: The dream was never going to happen Ponzi or genuine…SVG and the Caribbean in general simply can not handle the visitor numbers predicted (with or without a new airport)

    2: A lot of people go to the Caribbean NOT to stay in a vast AI resort

    3: Whether DA or others have the money…it has all gone, otherwise DA/HP would not be trying to raise £30m

    4: The money has all bee paid to sales agents and running costs etc etc…filtered through various companies, that will take investigators a very long time to trace…..ah yes time….

    5: Time…that is key to a fraud like this, as the longer it goes on the more difficult things are to trace and as per previous posts DA, wants to save the company….NO NO NO DA wants time to make the trail harder to follow…tracing money through sales companies, management companies across several different countries….chase me, find what you can…paperwork trails….find em if ya can…I got lots of time (and of course everybodies money)

    Get in quick …be quicker than DA….but

    It really is game over

  451. Beggars Belief

    @ Erica


    Is the court transcript a publicly available document? If so surely it can be put in the public domain.

  452. 223

    @Erica Broughton

    Be very careful that you don’t say anything that could lead to legal ramifications by Harlequin at a later stage, or put off future investment as a result spoiling for everyone. Just because you like the attention.this all brings you. I still worry why you are in contact with that builder who stolen our money.

  453. Cannon Ball !!!!

    you said: Last week I rang Wilkins Kennedy, I rang the SFO and I shook hands with Mr Ames.

    That’s not normal after I assume it was your husband said he would F**** kill Ames and you heckled from the front row…… and you speak with the irish guy who stolen (allegedly our money) you promote solicitors who may not be solicitors……….what actually are you up to???

    Now you are on Radio 4 – is this all cos Panorama was pulled?

    These are actions way beyond and investor wanting money back, dont know what but it spooks me

  454. Anon73

    @Anonymous – The builder technically didn’t steal our money Dave Ames gave it to him. There is a difference.

    It’s a bit like saying here anonymous go and take my car for a ride and giving you the keys. Or you just taking my keys and taking my car out.

    I don’t think Erica likes the attention, she is just trying to help investors that want to be helped. If you don’t want to be helped that’s fine but there is no reason to be having a go at her for helping people who are on their own in this.

  455. Frothy Man

    @Beggars Belief.
    regarding you SIPP comments good points I agree 100%, but what other realistic options what you seen, the cash investors are always going to be in a very bad postion, even worse if HP goes bust.

    very few options I can see and this could work – a long shot agreed but what are the options?

  456. Last Chance

    Well said Anonymous and CB – YES DA signed off the money for the builder and he took it for his own means – Guys of course he STOLE – you guys are so dumb or blinkered.. Either way it makes no odds – They are both crooks. You can gloss this up anyway you want Erica but HOW do you think befriending O”hallaran will help all us investors – Again I question your motives

  457. A Real Investor

    calling the SFO, WK, speaking to O Halloran, recording meetings, promoting pretend solicitors, verbally attacking Ames, husband saying he will F****** kill Ames, setting up blogs and websites – what next?

    like a blooming soap opera.

    You just want to destroy Ames, its not about investors that’s just what you convince yourself of.

    And you like the attention

  458. 63

    BREAKING NEWS Nikki Crozzier IS Gareth Fatcheeks 🙂

  459. Last Chance

    A REAL INVESTOR – You forgot the Radio 4 shout as well – I agree 100% When you put it like that Erica is definitely in cahoots with the wrong people In serving our interests – fake solicitors ans crooks. My guess is she is getting weighed out to help bring HP down … YES as an investor I want this resolved just like everyone else .. But you know what I wouldn’t trust Erica as far as I could throw her.

  460. BBaywatch

    So predictable – looks like the Basildon skunk works is on overtime again. Time to check the IP’s again BFP.

  461. Fatchett does not represent me.

    And I thought the concensus of opinion was that let things cool of a bit and give DA the chance to refinace and get capital in. Why say you have the transcripts but not sure if you can put them up is beyond me. I agree with Real Investor, its got personal with you Erica, think about the other 2499 investors out there.

  462. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, the only predictable part is you, not an investor, coming on here and adding absolutely nothing to solving this apart from, “I told you so”. Who exactly do you think is multi posting?

  463. 41

    It is great to see that all the Harlequin trolls are bored sitting at home without pay and living off the money they stole in the past from investors. They must be really bored since all the recent comments have a distinctive Harlequin flavour. Make no mistakes guys, the Irish builder stole the money, absolutely, but only after DA was well informed about the fact that his”best friend” was taking it and putting it into Irish accounts. From one thug to another. Still investor’s money….

  464. Last Chance

    YES lets all agree – BOTH crooks and no more support of the O’Hallahan Erica please … A crook is a crook … forget the outcome of the case .. HE took money for his own means .. DA gave the green light for this to happen – stop wasting your breath on the damn case.

  465. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Isn’t it funny that if you are not anti HP you are a troll, but if you are then you are crusader fighting crime and injustice. Go on Anon 10.57 give yourself an ID and be recognised.

  466. Fatchett does not represent me.

    It seems our Mrs Crozier had the transcripts on the 28th April. Not like her to be a shrinking violet now is it.

  467. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, how are you doing today?

    I appreciate it’s not actually any of my business so please don’t answer if you don’t want to, but have you received another payment lately? I recall you saying you were paid at the start of the year and that you receive quarterly payments, so assume another is due.

  468. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Sid, it is due and no I haven’t. By the way I’m ok and thanks for asking.

  469. homefront

    Is it possible that the alleged theft of money from HP may have been spotted earlier if audited accounts were presented each year for the SVG operation?

  470. Sid

    It’s probable that if the accounts were up to date and didn’t make great reading, the Ames family may have been prevented from taking out such healthy loans.

  471. homefront

    Has there ever been a reason put forward why audited accounts were not presented for 7 years?

  472. St George's Dragon

    New statement issued by Harlequin about the BBC Moneybox programme. You will be pleased to hear that everything is going to be ok and it’s just Erica stirring things up along with that tiefing O’Halloran. See it in it’s full glory here:

  473. Wow

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    May i wish you a good day,
    I could not agree with you more.
    100%with you all the way on
    all your posts.

  474. Short Legs

    She is stiring things up and not even an investor, investor in shit stiring.
    butt out and stop risking peoples investments for you own twist goals

  475. yatinkiteasy

    @ St George`s Dragon..Harlequin should be given The Best BS Award.Their spin on this whole failure to build what investors were offered (by Themselves or Agents) is quite incredible.Their spin on the SFO and FSA investigations is almost comical.
    Of course, now that “Full Planning Permission” has been received for Merricks…work will continue apace.Notice there was no mention of the status of the huge projects in the DR and St Lucia.

  476. Anon73

    So let me get this right? Erica isn’t an actual investor but her husband is? When you speak your marriage vows isn’t there something along the lines of everything I have I give to you?? Therefore technically what Erica’s husband owns is also Erica’s. So she has every right to be involved.

  477. Short Legs

    not if she did not sign the contract, what would have happened if it was a loan can not chase Erica can you!!

    works both ways so get your fact straight.

  478. Short Legs

    @ homefront

    I guess no accounts because it would show what the Ames family took out, and whilst the money was rolling in they could do what they wanted. A total arrogance by the whole family. The same think that will be their undoing.

  479. Anon73

    Short Legs – You must work for Harlequin that is why you are holding a grudge against Erica.

    It’s a bit like saying if you pop your clogs your wife/husband can not deal with your Harlequin investment (if you actually are an investor which I doubt) So I suggest you get your facts straight.

  480. Short Legs

    I do not work for them.
    just sick of her stirring things up, its not normal. People are worried enough without her crazy talk.

    Lets see what actually happening about finance and if its all crap – fine give them a good hiding – until then ………wait.

  481. Harlisuccess

    How many who follow scatterbrain Erica Broughton are satisfied she is acting in the best interest of investors? She is a dangerous woman, causing trouble at every opportunity. Why does she find it necessary to call the SFO? Why give an interview to The Money Box? Why give an interview to Panorama? Why engage with Fatchett? Why engage with O’Halloran, Newman and Wilkins Kennedy?Why the rants and death threats from her husband at investor meetings? Why was she a contributor to the Harlecon website? Is it possible she is in the pay of Paudie? Maybe she has said to herself “If I can’t get my full deposit refund back one way, I’ll try another”
    Is anyone able to confirm undeniably that Dave Ames closed down operations in barbados ( albeit temporarily ) and left a trail of debt? Hearsay and speculation is not proof. Maybe a taxi driver told you.
    The RLB valuation of Buccament Bay, dated 2009, puts the value ,as at that time, at US 160 million dollars. I have seen a letter from Wilkins Kennedy ( on headed notepaper), dated 2008, putting the valuation at US 200 million. Why was this earlier valuation considerably higher. Were WK telling the truth?
    The knockers can be as sarcastic and negative as they like. Their comments add nothing of any substance other than to cause more distress to real investors. Ignore these outsiders.
    As for the Trip Advisor Reviews, now coming up to 350, there is bound to be much repetition of the wording. How many other words can you come up with as an alternative to “excellent”, for example? How else can you describe paradise?
    OK, the use of the word “Native” by one poster was not the best choice and out of order. Perhaps this individual was one of B Baywatch’s Neo-Colonialists!
    Remembering the names of the staff is paying them a great compliment and gives added meaning to the word “Thankyou”. Many who now see the staff as treasured new friends will return to enjoy their company at every opportunity.
    Where is the copy of the very negative review you say was withdrawn from the Buccament Bay Trip Advisor Reviews? Are you sure you are not getting mixed up with the very negative review on Sandy Lane, posted April 21st?
    I understand there is to be a sponsored Triathlon event in Barbados next year. Even if your swimming and running are only average,winning the cash prize and the inaugural trophy should be a walk in the park for you. After all, you are the number one cyclist in the Caribbean,this being as a result of all the hard training you have put in.

  482. Mr Lars

    The drama continues and new press releases are sent out to investors and media, funny how things can be so complicated instead of beeing straight forward and bring the truth to the table.

    The truth is the balance sheet, what was brought in, what was spent and how much money sits in the bank acounts.

    It seem like Harlequin are 100% convinced that everything will be fine and some of the investors agrees, Some investors are worried and need to have a confirmation what is right and wrong.

    My advice to Harlequin and Mr Ames would be to prepare a balance sheet with all moneys collected from sales, commissions paid, assets such as land and other inventory paid for in full, construction work completed, other expenses spent such as marketing, interest and mortgages paid to investors, external borrowing outside investors investment and finally how much money is left in the bank.
    No need for any valuations as those above figures will give you a rough estimate of the truth.

    That would clear the question marks and show where the money has gone and tell whether there is any chance that Harlequin is capable and would be able to proceed with their plans to finish what they have promised.

    Bearing in mind the responsibilty Harlequin has to manage other peoples money it must be easy for them to publish such a document within the next few days.

  483. 32

    Bfp, a point of order. I am anon73, and note someone has posted using my name. You will note that the message was sent from a different ip address to normal, as indeed is this one as I am travelling and not getting much access. Short legs, that comment was not from me. Good luck all.

  484. Anon73

    Sorry, just to confirm with BFP that I am anon73 and posted the above (now have access from my normal ip address) Just dont think it is good form to post using someone else’s name. I have not posted for for a week or so, not sure what you can do about that BFP.

  485. Anon732

    @ Anon73 4;06 Is that your real name? otherwise it’s open for anyone to use. I didn’t know there was two of us, sorry! I’ll change my name slightly for you. I assume this will make you happy?

  486. Last Chance

    There is no way on earth Erica B is doing all this on behalf of the investors – She clearly has an alternative motive .. When that court case is over – see how many of these trolls will disappear ? And why not do as Fatchet says …HIG have given DFA the questions now lets see what he comes back with .

  487. Sid

    Erica and her husband purchased 2 units, that makes them hers in equal measure in my mind. I don’t know what your marriage is like, but in mine we are equal partners. Though, I can imagine Mr and Mrs Ames keep things very separate, so they can enjoy the pleasure of suing each other.

  488. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, At the 3.00pm meeting at Warrington DM did NOT say the SFO investigation was over.
    So where are the transcripts of the court case. Your mate Mrs Crozier has seen them Being selective are we so you can just pick out the bits you think back up your position? When the consensus is that we should give DA breathing space you go onto Money box. Why? Perhaps you are using the “if I make a big enough nuisance of myself they will pay me to go away” And stuff everyone else.

  489. Been had

    It’s pretty obvious that people who question Erica’s motives are very deluded or work for Ames.
    Ames statement is an absolute joke, a disgrace. He is a vile man.

    Erica, Just ignore the very “small” minority who still defend harlequin.
    You have helped people in a crisis come together and know they have a good honest women standing up for what is right.

  490. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Wow Been Had, You could be accused of being a Erica troll with an endorsement like that. Are you chanting “we are unworthy” along with all the other followers?

  491. perplexed

    To all who keep saying give Ames another chance it is the same as saying
    – “ave Ames, morituri to salutant”

  492. Been had

    Fdnrm ( the last word kid). you are pathetic and a sad excuse for a human being.

  493. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ been had. LOL

  494. yatinkiteasy

    @ Hardly Success At All….
    News Flash… Harlequin SVG will be sponsoring their first Barbados Triathlon event in Barbados in 2014..Prizes will include:
    A two week stay at the charming new Two Rivers Resort in Santo Domingo.
    A one week stay at the Stunning new Marquis Resort in St Lucia. This will include free Golf on the New Gary Player Golf Course, with lessons from the golf legend himself.
    Air Transport will be provided on the Luxury Air Harlequin Airlines….there will be a brief program of comic entertainment on the onboard Tv systems by non other than the very successful Mr David Ames, who has started a whole new model of Business that even Bankers in the Caribbean can not grasp.
    For those who do not wish to travel, winners can select to stay at the Fantastic new H hotel in Hastings , Barbados,with its “open view to the ocean” concept rooms or at one of the two unfinished villas at Merricks. There is a minor problem of water supply in the area, but Harlequin have it covered with several big black storage tanks…no worries.
    Finally there is a Grand Cash prize of 5 millionGBP, which I understand, Mr Ames himself is putting forward as his contribution to this historic event.
    I look forward to participate, but I`m not sure I would like to win any of the prizes offered.

  495. perplexed

    Yat – “perfacetus”

  496. homefront

    Harlequin sales in administration,Dave Ames still looks to be in charge ,how does it all work? I dont know I ask

  497. It really is game over

    @short legs

    Give DA/HP some time

    1: the investment will only come from suckers who throw more money that they already stand to lose.

    2: Time to obtain investment….no no no time to muddy the trail and mke it even harder for investigators to follow. With or without DA/HP the dream is fatally wounded, it make take a little time to succumb, but death is the outcome

    If you end up in a snake pit and the snake bites you, would you sit around and offer out your hand in friendship on basis of it only bit you by mistake so it wont do it again

    The dream has ENDED Finished…this is a dream no more

    It really is game over…goodbye money…..goodbye dream, live life as it is, coz this is game over

  498. Last Chance

    Been Had – I am not a troll or a HP lover just a simple investor following the guidance of Fratchet … DA has very limited time to get back with answers – WE do not feel the need for one man band Erica to go solo – I thought she was pro Fatchet so why all this gun ho shite …. Dont ruin this for others or they will gun for you next

  499. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @last chance. Agreed

  500. Been had

    @last chance, your comments seem very familiar!! Bore off will you!
    You are as pathetic as Fdnrm.

  501. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ last chance. You MUST be a HP troll. There is no other explanation as you have posted a sensible comment.

  502. Anthony Dwarf Felcher

    Erica its murder mystery night ! it was a white Audi? In the conservatory? With an iron! So who is the PI?

  503. Anon732

    OMG is there no levels that Harlequin won’t stoop to? Spying on someone who isn’t even an investor as Mr Ames has said?? Is this how investor funds are being spent? If I wasn’t on Erica’s side before I am now. What sort of odd jobs are they!!

    You hand over your cash to them and in return they spy on you it is shocking!!

  504. St George's Dragon

    @ Harlisuccess
    I don’t follow you point about Erica “If I can’t get my full deposit refund back one way, I’ll try another”. That seems very sensible to me. Let’s say that hypothetically speaking, I had been lied to by someone who took my money under false pretences. I would leave no stone unturned to get the money back and have the thief put in jail. Maybe that is how she is thinking.
    Yes. I can confirm that Harlequin closed the office in Barbados and left a trail of debt. You can read the story here:
    I can personally verify that people I know are owed significant sums of money by Harlequin.
    The RLB valuation of Buccament Bay, dated 2009, does put the value of Buccament Bay at US$166 million. Unfortunately the valuation is fundamentally flawed as Harlequin did not provide RLB with the information they requested. For example, RLB assumed that all the land was owned by Harlequin. We now know it is not, so the valuation is incorrect. I don’t know the nature of the Wilkins Kennedy letter but there is no way that the auditor of a company would value an asset. Directors of the company are responsible for preparing the accounts including stating asset values correctly. Auditors do not value property..

  505. Anthony Dwarf Felcher

    Anon32 – nobody is following Erica – why would Dave Ames follow her? She’s not important enough even though she would like to think she is!
    The PI following her is a figment of her deluded mind!

  506. Anon732

    Where has Erica mentioned a PI on here??? It is you that is mentioning them not her. So do you know something that Erica doesn’t? Who is the deluded one here??

  507. St George's Dragon

    Someone needs to tell Harlequin that a least one of the facts in their statement about the BBC Moneybox programme is factually incorrect. They do not have full planning permission for Merricks. They have consent for a Phase 1 development, subject to 35 conditions.Perhaps they would also like to communicate with their investors and tell them what the extent of Phase 1 actually is?

  508. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 732, but Erica says she is an investor. Was it Erica who tape recorded the Warrington presentation? Thats paranoid.

  509. It really is game over

    @fdnrm I think recording any meeting with HP/DA is good practice not being paranoid…having a record is simply good practice so why do you think its being paranoid?

  510. yatinkiteasy

    @St Georges Dragon…I believe Merricks Full Planning Permission is for Phase one merricks “Show Village”..but someone within Harlequin could easily prove me wrong by showing what exactly has been approved.

  511. perplexed

    Until Aug 2012 (nine months ago) all Purchase Orders for Merricks
    Show Village were entered as for H-Hotel. I believe they had full
    approval for H-Hotel but NOT Merricks. This was at the time was
    confusing to me but unfortunately no longer.

  512. St George's Dragon

    @ Perplexed
    It sounds as though that would be to do with the duty free concession from the Government rather than planning.
    If a developer gets a concession, it lets them off paying duty on imported materials and may also waive VAT.
    My guess is that Harlequin had the ability to reclaim/not pay on the H Hotel but not on Merricks, thus the alleged false accounting.
    If Harlequin did deliberately misallocate costs to a concession, that would be illegal. (BFP – new thread for this one – it’s big news and Government’s attention should be drawn to this possible abuse. Ministers would not, I am sure, be keen to hear that Government had been taken for a ride in this way).
    @ Yatinkiteasy
    I think Town & Country Planning has been granted for more than the show village as in amongst the conditions was one relating to a beach elevator and it’s effect on the cliff face.
    What I find really weird is that if I was Harlequin and had just received “full planning permission” I would be shouting loudly about it (which in general terms they are) but more than that, I would also be publicising it to the world to show what a great development Merricks is. Why the reticence? Put the approved plans on the website. Show us the CGI renditions of the resort.
    It does leave you thinking that Harlequin has something to hide and that the approval is just for the two “cabanas” and the big black water tanks. Why don’t they prove us wrong?

  513. Anon732

    FDNRM & ADF – That did not answer my question. So I will ask again. Where has Erica said that she has a PI following her??

    I’m sure that there was a lot of people recording that meeting I don’t see the problem with it, It might be good for Mr Ames to record it himself to keep up with his own lies.

    Also what I don’t understand is why you have a problem with Erica doing the Moneybox interview but you don’t have a problem with Paul Walton, Gareth Fatchett & Mr Ames doing an interview on BBC Radio Essex a few days before? What happened to the “period of calm” then.

  514. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 732, I did not mention a PI, why is that comment aimed at me.
    Re Radio Essex, Paul Walton told DA he was doing the interview with radio Essex and gave DM the chance to put his side across. I did not hear it but I understand it was balanced and reflected the consensious of opinion that a period of calm was needed to help refinancing. Erica on the other hand is talking to anyone who will listen and did NOT give DA the oportunity to respond.

  515. In the S**T

    @St George’s Dragon 1.46 – if the agents have a house go after that

  516. Anonymous

    Been had
    April 30, 2013 at 4:43 pm
    Are you a family member? your defense is ott – troll like

  517. A Real Investor

    @Fatchett does not represent me.
    I listened to it and it was fair, if we want HP to go bust, and its the minority that for some sick twisted logic wish that – go find a solicitor who can do that, you wont!.

    HP needs to be restructured and work with them, whilst savaging the IFA and sales agents.

    Erica need to be quite or she will have the majority of investors turn on her

  518. Short Legs

    @ Erica
    I still have a concern why you speak with O’Hallaron – following on from that I have a direct question.

    Are you also speaking to or, have spoken to the accountant that worked for WK and Halequin? now works with O Hallaran? I do not remember his name…….

  519. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, Newman. Notice the court transcripts have not appeared yet. I wonder if Erica and Crozier actually have the transcripts or they are quoting parts which O’Halloran has fed to them?

  520. Anon732

    If Mr Ames is concerned about Erica damaging the business why doesn’t he just give them their money back? It can’t be that much surely? Are they entitled to a refund?

  521. Short Legs

    @ fdnrm where did they get them and why is the question? if they have them why not publish them – are they on the blog, i don’t have access to it

    @anon 732 she has said she would not take a refund if she had to shut up – or had a gagging order of any type – would rather lose the money, sorry husbands money.

    Just likes the attention, but there seems to be an awful lot of investors who are getting a little fed up of her inane rantings!!!

  522. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 732, Firstly he does not have the money, that is obvious if you had followed the history on here. Secondly if the criteria for getting money back is to kick up as much shit as you can then hey ho lets all do it. Whens my interview on Moneybox, Panorama or anyone else who will listen to me.

  523. Sid

    I would love a refund, but know the reality is I aint gonna get one. There is obviously no money and I can’t imagine any new investor putting money in just for it to be refunded straight back to the original investors.

  524. Short Legs

    @ Erica.

    Have you also talked to Newman, recently or in the past? and why?
    You need to answer or he could be asked on oath? that would be very embarrassing for you – even show up in your transcripts?

    This is a very important question I ask you kindly please answer.?

  525. Short Legs

    @SID aka Erica.

    slight mistake you made!!!

  526. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, I dont know how she got them, but Crozier has them also. I wonder if they actually have the transcripts, or they have been fed selective info by O’Halloran which they are happy to divulge. The only fact that Crozier has put up is the commission given to the IFAs and CA cut of that. Seems very selective that does.

  527. Short Legs

    Erica is SID!!!!!

    Or is it you son 😉

  528. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, I believe that Erica is far too close to O’Halloran and is being used by him. Crozier has her people (mugs) who have paid the £2000 + Vat so she has slid into the background. Whats the betting that there will be a series of postings about she has ripped them off?

  529. Sid

    Hi SL, it’s been said before funnily enough, maybe Erica and I have a similar writing style, but rest assured I am nothing to do with Erica.

    I recall you saying I was someone else a couple of weeks ago. Sorry to disappoint, but I am only me, always have been, always will be.

    BFP, please can you confirm that I am not Erica or anyone else?

    SL, once confirmed, please can you stop trying to link me to anyone else?

    Thanks for the chuckle though! And what was the ‘mistake’ I made?

  530. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, if you have proof of this (or is it her daughter) can you ask BFP to check the IP addresses. Or maybee BBaywatch would like to ask. Or is this the Wigan bunker?

  531. Sid

    Wigan, I love it! I’ve been to Wigan once and won’t be going back!

    Please do ask BFP…..I promise I will be gracious when accepting your apology :o)

  532. Erica Broughton

    Harlequin is like a leaky bath! 🙂 I think you should ask Mr Ames if you want a copy he did say several weeks ago that he would publish them I have decided you do not deserve to see them! also I have never spoken to Mr Newham I am going away for a couple of days so I will not be here to listen/talk to you bye bye

  533. Anon732

    All this seem’s like guessing work, do you actually have the facts or is this just a bitchfest? What’s to say that Erica hasn’t only spoken to O’Halloran once? What makes you think that they are best mates?

    Short Legs – Why would Erica be Sid when she posts as herself that’s a bit silly. At least she uses her real name here unlike a lot of people because they fear what exactly, that people will know that they are employees of Harlequin and not actually investors? Wasn’t you outed yourself a few weeks ago as being a Harlequin employee?? Not nice to be accused is it??

  534. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, so you are denying your 200+ followers on your other site access to the transcripts also? Either put up or shut up Erica regarding the transcripts. Also I’m sure you have not spoken to mr newham, it’s Newman. Going to Ireland for a few days?

  535. Sid

    @FDNRM, that is no way to speak to me…..or my mother…..depending on who I am.

  536. Anon732

    FDNRM – How do we know that your not Erica too?? Trying to throw everyone off the scent 😉

  537. Sid

    Yeah Erica/ FDNRM.

    But how do you know that I’m not actually Anon732 tryiung to throw everyone off my scent and onto FDNRM?

    And is there really an Erica? Is Erica Dave Ames? Has he created his own nemesis? It sounds crazy, but it could be true.

    PS. FDNRM really is Erica.

  538. Last Chance

    Erica – So we dont deserve the transcripts hey … Well **** you .. You are as bad as the ambulance chasers and the crooks that stole our money.. I hope everyone on here can now see you for what you are, and the way you think you can manipulate people in here with your clips of information and BS stirring, Its SO obvious you are being paid off or being used by OHalarahan …Your over eagerness has been rumbled .. Maybe through greed just like the IFA’s…. Enjoy your 3 days away as you wont be missed.

  539. Erica Broughton

    ‘@ Last chance they are copy written so I would have to put them in my own words also I have been contacted by the court and told not to publish them in truth.

    I didn’t think anyone would want to read them in my own words so thought against it. It was meant to be a joke that you don’t deserve them where is your sense of humor?? If you want it in my own words I am happy to do this for you, it will be a couple of days as I am going away.

  540. Last Chance

    Guys TBH this forum is a waste of time – It serves no purpose whatsoever .. The O’hallahan camp spies are getting very desperate now and will try all the tricks in the book to try and win this case..Erica of course the courts wont let you print then !!! Maybe thats why DA is not saying much about the case- He is not allowed obviously. So why would OH gamble on you leaking things that might damage his fight – Desperation thats why !!! Last chance to bring HP down – I cant understand why everyone cant just do what Fatchet says and WAIT for DA to answer those questions .. If he cant – YES we start again .. BUT please stop this OH garbage it serves no purpose in moving forward

  541. 41

    Just a quick update for all of you misguided Harlequin lovers (bored ex Harlequin staff…) in this blog who are trying to pretend that they are “investors”: The GM at BB has resigned two weeks ago and is leaving in a couple of days together with 90% of management.Matt Ames, who is out on bail, will take over as interim GM. First reaction from staff: “we hate him and his arrogance” This should speed up the closure of BB without doubt…

  542. Sid

    @Last Chance, I completely agree. Well put.

  543. Last Chance

    Anonymous If that is true and Matt Ames is put in control that says a great deal about the DA and his arrogance,.. I guess his excuse will be Matt has not been found guilty and it is not costing anything to place him as GM.. Funny I raised this question with HP recently about MA role within HP – and I was told he is a sleeping share holder only and has no working involvement …OK – Please Mr Fatchet add this on your HIG questions – Griday is drawing close now.

  544. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, so is Crozier in breach in some way for disclosing information regarding commissions paid which were taken from the transcripts?
    @Anon 11.49, care to elaborate on where these “facts” have come from. Another “Anon” who cannot be bothered to get an ID

  545. homefront

    Erica is going away for a few days,Mat Ames takes over at BB.thats it!!! they are going to meet ,unless of course its the same person,allegedly .Oh what fun so much to feed the grand conspiracy theory

  546. Sid

    I hate you both. I have been pretending to be Erica for ages just to get close to the big man only to find out now that I am 3rd in line. I’m giving up on the whole thing. He can keep my money. I never want to see him again!

  547. Fatchett does not represent me.

    FDNRM 12.31 is not me.

  548. Sid

    @FDNRM, I did wonder, but as they say, there’s nowt as queer as folk!

  549. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I’v reported it to BFP so I guess they will sort it out.

  550. Short Legs

    @fdnrm – we hit on a raw nerve 😉

    It seems to me that SID AKA Erika have been rumbled and that’s them making these silly posts.

    I do not believe she has not been in contact with Newman, its the only bloody person she has not phoned with this obsessiveness of hers regarding Harlequin..

  551. A Real Investor

    @ Erica.

    Who will be filling your blog with bile, whilst you are away? or will you not be able to keep away???

    I think the later, its such an important part of your life now – you are addicted.???

    Just think someone may sneak on and make a pro HP comment!!!!!!!!! 😉

  552. Sid

    @ Short Legs, no one had been rumbled. Please do ask BFP to verify I am not Erica.

    And this really is the 2nd time you have accused me as posting as someone else. Why? And you never told me why I made a ‘mistake’ earlier?

    For the record, I thought it was you that posted as FDNRM earlier!

  553. Sid

    @BFP, I noticed someone has tried to post something as me, but it is in moderation. How come I can see it when I didn’t post it?

    Please can you sort this. Thanks.

  554. BFP

    Hi Sid

    There were a few more too. We try and sort it out every few hours but if we miss a few we appreciate readers alerting us.

    It is a never ending battle since we took on the Harlequin story. Some folks have their own agenda of trying to foil discussion about this story. I wonder who would try to do that? (he said knowingly!)

  555. Sid

    Thanks BFP. Can you also please confirm I am not and never have been Erica?

  556. John Smith

    #FDNRM Wrong computer so my ID did not show.
    The Hospitality Industry is a small circus in the Caribbean and as all the BB Managers are currently flooding the recruitment offices in search of future employment all the facts are being put on the table. You will notice on the BB website where it shows the team members that changes are happening daily. You can always try to e mail the outgoing GM and have a chat with him. You might change your opinion regarding Harlequin if you do…

  557. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ all
    This thread has deteriorated into exactly what the Harlequin trolls and staff in the Basildon Bunker set out to do.

  558. Harlisuccess

    @a real investor, has Dave been promising you as well?
    He cheated on me with Fdnrm and Im sure there are 1000’s of others who’s promises have been broken.

  559. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @St Georges Dragon, lazy lazy reporting. HP being investigated by Panorama! LOL
    @John Smith, wrong computer? I have not got a clue what you mean.
    @Harlisuccess again what do you mean?
    @Eddie Lizzard2 Dont forget the Wigan bunker. Or are you a one eyed lizzard?

  560. Sid

    Very true Harlisuccess. He shafted me good and proper.

  561. UP

    I await reports that Harlequin are suing the Government and that O Halloran/Newman has them in his pocket…

    This is really starting to snowball.

  562. Short Legs

    sorry you lost me on that one?

  563. Katie37

    I do not wish to get into an argument with anyone on here i would just like to voice my concern.
    I invested with Harlequin about 5 years ago. when the completion date passed I was entitled to a refund.
    I also lost my husband that year so i was very stressed out and explained my situation to them but was told we will only pay you back over 3 years and convinced me to stay with them as it would work out ok.
    When the interest payments stopped in January all my calls fell on deaf ears or i was lied to about computer error.
    I now feel on the edge, i am a single mother with 2 children and about to lose my home because i cannot afford the mortgage and interest payments.
    They have said i will be backdated but after reading these threads i dont think i have a chance. I am seeking Legal advice but it doesn’t look good as we re mortgaged our home. can anyone offer some realistic advice?

  564. Short Legs

    Yes. The best option is to enroll on Regulatory Legal Solicitors web site you will find information there,

    Here is not productive in your position – its tends to go off at all sorts of tangents. RLS it has to be said know more about HP than most.

  565. Anon732

    Katie37 – Join Erica’s forum

    There are a lot of investors on there with the same problems as you.

  566. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Katie37 I would suggest Paul Walton through the Harlequin Investor Group. He will give you some good advice and also a bit of insight into what their aims are. Under no circumstances give any money to anyone who says “they can get your money back” etc. lots of ambulance chasers out there trying to make a few bucks by making promises. Good luck.

  567. Short Legs

    @ Annon732
    That’s just a HP bashing site, wont actually help will it? just full of whining people

  568. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Katie 37, I would be very careful of Erica’s forum. Join it by all means for information but dont believe everything you read on there.

  569. UP

    Katie, Erica will jump in here — and you should definitely get in touch with her.

    Have you tried all the usual stuff — Citizen’s Advice etc. I would assume that you’ve spoken to your adviser and lodged complaints where appropriate with that. If it’s an IFA you should get in touch with the FSA/FCA immediately. I would also suggest that you contact your MP as they might be able to offer help/advice.

    I don’t say this because of any anti-HP agenda, but because you need to get as many people helping with your specific circumstances as possible.

  570. Sid

    @Short Legs, did you ask BFP to confirm Erica and I are not one and the same?

  571. Last Chance

    Katie37 – Just sign up with Regulatory Legal Solicitors web site – FORGET any forums blogs or other irate dubious people in here – Go the correct way and stick with it ..Just listen to their advice – Which is sit tight until Friday at least till Ames comes back with some answers..But sigh up with them as well as the SFS – Just cop a deaf ear in here though to many idiots

  572. Short Legs

    @ Fatchett does not represent me – I agree with that!
    @ Sid no i did not
    @ Last Chance good points.

    see we are all being nice now!

  573. Anon732

    I think you will all find that RL are now turning people away as they are far too busy.

    SL – Are you a member of Erica’s forum? I’m a member but not posted yet but it doesn’t seem to be a Harlequin bashing site. If you are a member you will see this.

  574. Last Chance

    Anon732 – read RL latest newsletter email – Quote – We have over 1050 people on our website representing a significant portion of the investors. We intend to work on this to reach all investors to ensure that everyone moves forward together.- So NO they are not turning people away

  575. Sid

    @Short Legs, I’d love to know what mistake I made, but feel free to keep ignoring me for no reason. I’m a bit disapointed in you if I’m honest as I thought you were one of the few that talked sense.

  576. Short Legs

    I find the whole, ego trip for Erica hard to take, so no. RLS yes

  577. Katie37

    Thank you for the advice guys i shall contact RL and the forum. ; )

  578. Short Legs

    And Gals 😉

  579. UP

    @SL my feeling is that she should talk to everyone she can. I have to say that in her position every day counts, and sitting tight doesn’t seem very sensible — just in case Friday doesn’t turn out to generate the answers that everyone wants (which, let’s face it, must be considered a possibility).

  580. Last Chance

    UP – If Friday comes and we dont get the answers rest assured Fatchet will take it to the next level … whatever Erica does will not help in any way at all.

  581. Anon732

    Last chance – Ring RL and ask them are they taking on anymore Harlequin clients. You will find that I am correct that they are no longer taking on new clients.

  582. Last Chance

    Anon732 – Then they are stating lies in their email then …. Does nobody tell the truth … Geeeeeeeezz

  583. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors have not stopped taking on clients. The number of Harlequin clients contacting us is significant. We have a process where people complete our questionnaire and then send their documents. Thereafter, we provide advice and guidance.

    Our dedicated website is Our main website does not have any Harlequin information.

    An important update will be posted on Friday dealing with the level of engagement and disclosure by the Harlequin management team. The investor based Harlequin Investor Group is meeting on the 8th May 2013.

    You can email or call 01384 426400.

  584. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hi Katie – did you purchase your Harlequin investment through an IFA? Was it a SIPP or a straightforward deposit payment through remortgage?

  585. It really is game over


    First of all do not under any circumstances pay any money over to a solicitor

    Talk to the citizens advise as they have solicitors who will at least point you in the right direction

    Most importantly speak to your mortgage company and keep them informed

    Monitor the various action groups and decide if they can be of any assistance to you

    If you think you have been a victim of a fraud contact the fraud squad at your local police (they will direct you to the required team looking at this)

    Finally I hope it comes good, but be prepared for the worst as it does seem that you and a lot of others have been scammed in some way shape or form

    Good Luck

  586. It really is game over

    If we look at the scenario

    A twice bankrupt double glazing salesman (bells ring loudly) offers a dream holiday home in a foreign country that will not only pay any interest, but provide an income with some nice holidays thrown in (them bells are deafening now) and you take out a mortgage on your current home to pay the deposit, with guarantee that the interest payments will be paid back to you each month

    Question is where is the money coming from to pay your interest refunds… the developer at this point has no funds (otherwise he would simply take a small deposit, build whatever and then sell it to you, as he would not need your money in full would he?)

    They keep taking deposits until finally there are no more deposits coming in, so no money to pay all those interest payments and the pyramid starts to crumble

    The only answer has to be from new deposits….is that not what a Ponzi scheme is and how it works

    Add in a few little extras like giving serious millions to an Irish builder (involve another country into the mix…make the trail harder to follow) without any form of contract

    Offer to build (and it would seem actually build) the properties on land you don’t own with out the requisite planning permission

    Admit that he made mistakes

    And then state that all is well, but could you all chip in another £ me it will be fine

    Then put the company into admin….just watch as all the other companies in the web fall…you see DA knows how all that works, he been there twice before and is experienced in these sort of matters

    This is going to have a very sad ending for a lot of innocent people

  587. Last Chance

    Thanks RLS for clearing thatup – Anon732 get your facts right – Goes to show how how untruths can easily spread.

  588. Anon732

    LC – Why do I have a letter here saying that they can not represent me. Is this because I am a cash investor?

    RL – Do you only want to represent people who have invested with a Sipp because it is easy money for you?

    Has anyone else received a letter like this?

  589. Short Legs

    @Anon, you had better ask them not on here!

    if you are a cash investor you don’t have as many options, this is a sad fact. You will not find it easy to get cash out of HP.

    Go and find another solicitor if you dont like RLS

  590. In the S**T

    Erica & Co BLOG.

    I am an investor, and been to the meetings. The blog is just a bunch or people moaning and trying to out moan each other!

    Erica loves it,…. but what does it achieve? promotes pretend solicitors? give unqualified advice? give hope? shatters hope? what is the point?

    Its causing more damage especially as we ( the normal investors) want to work a solution out not just out on a vengeance campaign.

    Erica what is you true game?

  591. Harlisuccess

    Fatchett Does Not Represent Me aka 36
    The garbage posted yesterday at 3.31pm was NOT put on by me. one of the many numbskull troublemakers is trying to be clever, trying to disrupt the restructuring process and even at this late stage still trying to affect the outcome of the court case. Anyone who has followed my postings would know I would never write such utter rubbish. i have always been a loyal supporter of Harlequin and it’s loyal investors and this remains my position today.
    Keep up your own good work. With you all the way.

  592. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Hi Harlisuccess, I didnt think it was. I guess it came from the Wigan bunker. I have asked BFP to investigate some of the postings on here, including someone who used my ID to post as me, but I’ve heard nothing back. I guess its only anti HP people who can demand and get action on this. Perhaps BBaywatch would ask on our behalf? There again …..

  593. A Real Investor

    I think the only way out of this mess is to get finance, work on a plan and kick out the Ames family – there will be some people that lose money but a severe cull is required. Get in some corporate savages and clear out the dead wood……. this is the only option.

    plus savage the SIPP and IFA’s for poor advice

  594. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the S**T Agree with your comments above.

  595. Fatchett does not represent me.

    So “award winning jounalist” John Austin was getting his information from Newman then. Not being a jounalist, just mouth piece for Newman.
    @Erica “Wilkins Kennedy have put their insurers on notice for £30m” Care to comment?
    Panorama attempting to put out their, now discredited program, during the court case to try and influence the outcome.
    I dont always believe everything the DA says but this is the nearest to a transcript you will get at the mo. At least he has had the balls to publish it.

  596. UP

    Are you honestly taking all of that at face value?

  597. anon

    Ok, here’s a grenade… Ames trusted Bodyguard Sean Ghent has apparently left him due to unpaid wages.

  598. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP disprove it then.

  599. St George's Dragon

    I can comment on the Wilkins Kennedy PI Insurance notification. Under the terms of a PI policy, you are required to notify insurers of any claim or potential claim. If you do not do so, you breach the terms of the policy and have no cover.
    Notification is just that – notification. It does not mean that you are at fault or admit liability.
    Mr Ames has announced that he is taking action against Wilkins Kennedy, so a claim is being made. They have to notify in order to comply with their policy requirements. You can’t read anything else into this – certainly not an admission of fault, if that is what you are trying to do.

  600. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @St Georges Dragon, I am implying nothing of the sort. As I said, under notice. My comment was directed at Erica because she claims to have had a conversation with WK who denied such a claim had been made.

  601. UP

    @FDNRM I could say to you; prove it then…

    But that would be an equally ridiculous way to respond.

  602. St George's Dragon

    @ A Real Investor
    I cannot see how you can “get finance, work on a plan and kick out the Ames family” much as that sounds like a sound idea.
    Harlequin Management is in administration. Investors have no control over that – the Administrator is all powerful and will do whatever is best for the creditors. Investors are not creditors, as their contracts are with the Caribbean resort companies.
    With the resort companies, they are unaffected by the administration, except for (1) there is no sales money coming in any more as the sales arm has folded (2) the money that they owe the UK Harlequin (according to the latest UK accounts) will now be due to the administrator who will presumably pursue them for payment.
    Investors are not shareholders in the resort companies so cannot call an EGM or whatever. Investors are not Directors of the resort companies, so have no say in the running of the companies. The companies are owned, run and managed by Mr Ames and I cannot see any way you can have any control over them. This is the same Mr Ames who on a whim buys a hotel which was never in any plan or a pair of aircraft for which he cannot get a license to operate. It is also the same Mr Ames who apparently has the land at Buccament Bay in his own name.
    Sorry if this comes over as negative but please tell me where the flaw in my logic is.

  603. St George's Dragon

    @ FDNRM
    Both could be true. Mr Ames has announced in the press that he is suing them. Perhaps Harlequin has not formally notified BW of a claim. Paperwork does not seem to be strong suit for Harlequin – a bit like the lack of a construction contract for Buccament Bay. If I was Baker Kennedy I would have notified insurers even if I had not received any formal letter of claim in order to protect myself.

  604. homefront

    @St George re PI yes can confirm that is correct procedure ,100%

  605. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @UP, HP have put the inf out as a press statement. If anyone wants to disprove any of the information then I’m sure they will be free to sue them in court.
    @St Georges Dragon, “Wilkins Kennedy have put their insurers on notice for £30M” Again if this is not true then I’m sure WK can sue HP. This is under the heading “Professional Negligence (to begin 2013)” which would suggest that is when a court case could begin.

  606. St George's Dragon

    It’s interesting that no-one seems to have commented on the changed nature of the situation now that an administrator has been appointed (if one has).
    Administrators are powerful beasts and will run the company for the benefit of the creditors, not the Ames family, or investors (whose contracts are with the resort companies).
    We should not assume that the administrator will choose to progress the claim against Wilkins Kennedy in the same way that Mr Ames seems to want to. The administrator will be looking at how much money is in the bank (assume none, or they would not be in administration), what the cost of proceeding will be (presumably quite a lot), what the chance is of winning the case and how much they might be awarded.
    None of us knows the details of what the claim is but with no money in the bank, I would not put the chances of this going ahead as too high.

  607. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @StGD, its only the sales arm in administration, not the whole company.

  608. UP

    The sales arm being the main part of the operation in the UK?

  609. anonymous96

    i am surprised at the latest HP statement following the meetings. is definitely much more open BUT i thought that all parties were not allowed to discuss/depart detailed information whilst the case is current??? is this not against the court rules??.

  610. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 1.55, I don’t know if it is or not, but Crozier posted some information last week and she is a solicitor. LOL

  611. St George's Dragon

    @ FDNRM
    I know. My point is that if Baker Wilkins was employed by Harlequin Management Services South East (and that’s the only company which they appear to have produced accounts for) it is the administrator who will make the decision on whether to proceed with the case against them.

  612. It really is game over

    @SGD do you reside in Bim?

  613. In the S**T

    I read the 10 page HP waffle,
    Not my fault!

  614. Short Legs

    @Erica you are quite today? didn’t you like the Newman question?

    I dont see an answer??

  615. St George's Dragon

    @ It Really Is Game Over
    Sure do. Why?

  616. It really is game over

    Lets look at the facts the uk sales co (now in admin) collected all the deposits and then passed the money out to the various over seas resort companies…with me so far

    So the only income is from deposits…no deposits = no interest payments

    The money has all been filtered out via the sales co, the overseas resort companies

    The sales revenue has stopped, so the deck of cards will fall over…exactly
    like a Ponzi scheme

    The co has no money anywhere (why else ask for additional funds to complete)….Ah but they have assets you say, ok so who is gonna invest in a fatally wounded brand, with a never gonna work business plan (and that assumes they even had one)

    Fact 1 There is no money to be had
    Fact 2 the assets (again assumes the land is bought) nobody will buy

    Hers another question DA gives a lots of£millions to an irish build who makes off, but with no contract between them so not much chance of getting that back….Could DA and the irish builder be in the scam together…yes ok HP is suing the builder….but it could all be just a show…just a thought

    You have all lost your money …even if you can sue the IFA, the cae will drag on for years….people are having homes taken now and it will only get worse

    It is a tradegy, but it is a Ponzi scheme and you all gonna have to make the best of it, but there will pretty much nil cash to return

    Call me names whatever….this will take years to unravel DA has the keys and he gonna say nothing

    Game over

  617. It really is game over

    just wondered…I am here at present on a trip…you post good information etc re the Barbados side of HP…so guessed you are on island

    relax :-0)

  618. Anon732

    SL – Erica did reply to your question…..

    Erica Broughton
    May 1, 2013 at 10:39 am
    Harlequin is like a leaky bath! I think you should ask Mr Ames if you want a copy he did say several weeks ago that he would publish them I have decided you do not deserve to see them! also I have never spoken to Mr Newham I am going away for a couple of days so I will not be here to listen/talk to you bye bye.

  619. Sid

    Careful Anon732 or SL will publicly out you as being Erica.

  620. Last Chance

    DA – Yep 4 pages on accountants and builders – Yes he is correct on one thing there are definite Ohalaran trolls in here stirring it up ..So here it is Mr Ames .. I am happy that you are sorry and have regrets and that you have investors in the pipe line, and that you are sorting things out – Great – Now here is where I am .. I signed a three year completion contract .. Now its four years down the line, and you inform us all that it may be another 5 or 6 years to complete..Sorry that is no good to me at all .. you are 100% in the wrong. if this build model was not working in 2009 WHY keep on selling the same product – PONZI – I am going for all fronts – IFA – Sipp Providers and HP .. mis selling act – stat demand whatever it takes … Be a brave little man and move on and sell up or get some proper developers in to do the job .. your ego is ruining lives. Fatchet Friday – cant wait to see results

  621. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 732. Yes that was the “you cannot play with my ball” quotation. I also commented that Erica would not have spoken with Mr Newham, its Newman. Funny how Erica can still post on her blog. Heat and kitchen come to mind.

  622. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, can I please ask you a question….is it your preference that DA remains in charge of HP or would you rather he hand over to a new management team?

    I personally want him replaced. I’d be interested in your opinion. Thanks.

  623. anonymous96

    Click to access Harlequin%20Newsletter%20no5%20-%20Sept%2009.pdf

    newsletter from late 2009. in this they state that RLB are managing the BB project bi monthly to check being built to cost and will be finished on time. so how did all the money allegedly get diverted by the builder??

  624. Sid

    I don’t believe that HP didn’t sit down with the builders on a regular basis to review how the money was being spent. But if they did, then they are obviously as incompetent at running a business as we suspect they are.

  625. homefront

    @a real investor The last people you want to upset are HMRC ,they go “on the knock” at 4am ,and the last time I looked ,without the need for a search warrant

  626. Short Legs

    @Sid no I know thats Steph 🙂 the daughter

  627. Short Legs

    @fdnrm, yep you are correct, on the other blog she can give people ‘WARNINGS’ tell people off – even delete comments – total control – she will like that.

  628. Short Legs

    @ Erika Broughton
    May 1, 2013 at 10:39 am
    Harlequin is like a leaky bath! I think you should ask Mr Ames if you want a copy he did say several weeks ago that he would publish them I have decided you do not deserve to see them! also I have never spoken to Mr Newham I am going away for a couple of days so I will not be here to listen/talk to you bye bye

    The question was Newman the accountant involved with Harlequin, are you sure you have NEVER spoken to him?

  629. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Sid, I would keep him there. He knows that his every move is being covered and questioned now. Also any management team would want a lot of money. I also believe that he really does want to turn it round. Whether he can or not remains to be seen.

  630. Sid

    @FDNRM, thank you for answering my question. You actually make a fair point about him knowing he is being policed – quite literally too! Maybe it is a case of it being better the devil you know. Time will tell.

    SL, I thought I was the daughter?

  631. Last Chance

    FDNRM – Before he can turn it around he need to pay off those who want out – impossible – only one way this is going now

  632. Short Legs

    @ Sid, just teasing you 🙂

    Better keep him, but in a much reduced role, no power and no access to funds. He may be a fool but he does work hard, that you can’t take away.

  633. It really is game over

    @SL he does work hard…nobody said ripping people off and running a Ponzi scheme was not hard work

    I would not him any where near what ever HP ends up as

    You must be nuts when you read the story so far and still you want DA involved……

    A lot of people displaying panic and desperation now on here…which part of the money is gone and the assets will take years and years to confirm ownership and then a buyer found

    DA will die a pensioner and free man unless things move quickly

  634. UP

    Any ambiguity within my own mind about FDNRM’s integrity or credibility on this whole matter has finally been out to bed…

  635. been had

    @it really is game over. great comment 3:59.

    Its funny that when we state facts about Ames/harlequin the pro harlequin brigade cop a deaf one.

    @fdnrm, you must be the only person on the planet that would like Ames to stay…that says it all.

  636. John Smith

    You must be not only deaf and blind but mad as well. Keep Ames? He blames the Irish builder for this mess but Ames knew about the fact that he was being ripped off as he was informed by senior Management in November 2009 that buildings had not been completed and that ICE was defrauding him. On several occasions, Concerns were raised and proof was provided. Ames was blinded by the brutish charm of the Irish Builder who he claimed was his best friend. There was no proper contract either. Ames was simply incompetent.
    Up to May 21st, 2010 he still payed 1 million dollars to the big Irish fellow although by then everybody was advising against it. I would not trust Ames one second.

  637. BBaywatch

    Some interesting parallels between this and the HP case. In both instances people who should have known better appear to have ignored the obvious warning signs and even after the evidence became overwhelming continued to be in denial about the truth and perpetuated the fraud. An appetite for expensive houses, an extravagant lifestyle and ostentatious and costly toys appears common and neither insight, shame or any sense of remorse is apparent too.

    The best that you can say about HP is that no one has been blown up as a consequence.

  638. 170

    Any updates on this Crozzier/Dixon woman? Has she done anything or just taken the money and done a runner again?

  639. anonymous96

    maybe HIG should add i more question to their list. since the last audited accounts can harlequin confirm how much d and c ames and their immediate family have taken as either salaries/consultancy fees or dividends from HMSSE LTD.

  640. yatinkiteasy

    @Baywatch What is quite incredible is that they are still in use! I just watched a CNN report with videos taken TODAY of Iraqi police using the fake bomb detectors at checkpoints. I guess they , like some Harlequin Investors, just can not believe what is in front of them.

  641. BBaywatch


    There is this strange phenomenon that some people become so attached to an idea that they will not let go even when presented with concrete evidence. For some strange reason it’s common in travel where tourists decide that a certain destination is their favourite and will brook no criticism whatsoever – it becomes a personal affront if ‘their’ island/town/bar/country etc is criticised. A sort of weird version of Stockholm syndrome.

    Most bizarre of all, we now have investors, who clearly carried out no DD themselves, railing against anyone who might make any kind of gain out of unravelling the mess and demanding that others investigate before committing to any expense – pot,kettle,black and stable doors all spring to mind. Erica Broughton has gone from saviour to traitor in a matter of days, judged by those who are pretty clearly transferring their self blame on to her. I’ve given commenting a miss for a while due to business and life in general – and the fact that it has become rather like Groundhog Day with endless repetitions of the same old arguments.

    For some commenting here has obviously become their entire life and one suspects that regardless of the outcome they will need help re adjusting to normal when it is over – perhaps I should start a counselling company and advertise for victims? – definitely a need! 😉

  642. BBaywatch

    Of course the arc of the narrative re EB has been helped along by the Basildon skunkworks – goes without saying.

  643. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been had/John Smith I was asked a question and I gave an honest answer. Rather than just come up with your usual “FDNRM is an idiot” stupid comment, would you care to give your suggestions for a solution? Go on put your balls on the line and suggest something. Think you can do that. Nah just moan as usual.
    @BBaywatch any comment about your “award winning journalist John Austin” being a Newman mouth piece? Or are you now part of the Wigan bunker crew?

  644. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @John Smith, If you are the same John Smith who posts on Ericas forum perhaps you can answer me a question. If DA was being ripped off prior to 2009 on the building work, how come I have a QS sign off re my cabana by Trevour Thompson of TVA consultants ltd dated 2007?

  645. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, “endless repititions of the same argument” yes you are right about kettle pot and black LOL

  646. yatinkiteasy

    @FDNRM aka 36 What are you talking about?…….kettle pot etc…. you have totally lost the plot.
    PS..”your cabana” does not belong to you because you do no have legal title to it. I know.

  647. St George's Dragon

    @ FDNRM
    A QS “sign-off” is certification of whatever the QS was instructed to check. What were they instructed to check and what did the “sign-off” say?

  648. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @St GD, how about the drains were connected.
    @Yatinkiteasy, you have posted about “endless repetitions of the same argument” I’m afraid that is something you are guilty of. No solutions, no answers just same old comments and same old observations.

  649. Anonymous

    I’ve been following this story on here for quite a few weeks now. It’s like a soap, some characters just seem to do and say such stupid things and you think why on earth would they think or do that?
    FDNRM seems such a character, then the penny drops – he has his own agenda. He thinks he is going to get title to a property very soon – he won’t – so if he can keep the Harlequin show on the road, with DA still in charge, for just a little longer then he achieves his plan. Hence the remorseless defence of HP and attacks on anyone who threatens HP. What a loser!

  650. In the S**T


    I have a name for it, short legs syndrome!!

    where investors decide that a certain investment is their favorite and will brook no criticism whatsoever – it becomes a personal affront if ‘their’ investment is criticized, despite it being obvious to the un afflicted. 🙂

  651. Short Legs

    May 3, 2013 at 9:45 am maybe he is just a worried investor? no more no less

  652. In the S**T

    Without further investment, how long can Ames carry on? why is he still trying?
    this puzzles me no end.

    Why does he not just walk away? I am not trying to be pro or aniti HP just confused………….

    or is he trying to sell it?

  653. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the S**t have you thought that is what he is trying to do, get more investment? I think that perhaps you might have answered your own question.

  654. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Anon 9.45 (who cannot think of an original ID) are you an investor? If not then you have no right to call me a loser. If you are an investor perhaps my efforts might protect your investment. Answer please.

  655. Yatinkiteasy

    Sorry FDNRM , I think everyone on this Forum (except Hardlysuccess) would agree that you take the top prize for being the most repetitive , boring, evasive,thick headed person who thinks for some reason, or would like everyone to believe that your investment is safe and that if just given some more time and money, Harlequin will be a great success.
    You are totally delusional !

  656. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, well that adds to a sensible debate doesn’t it. And your interest is? an investor? No. I am I don’t have to justify myself to you. Thank god.

  657. Yatinkiteasy

    See what I mean? Thick. BTW congratulations on being an investor with Harlequin . You should frame your agreement and hang it on a wall in a prominent place so you can look at it every day and say “what a smart person I am “

  658. St George's Dragon

    @ FDNRM
    It may or may not be the QSs job to check that the drains are connected. It all depends on what he/she was appointed to do.
    Normally a QS would value the work and it would be for the Architect or Engineer to sign-off on whether it was done to specification. It would be strange, however, if they paid for drains which were not done.
    The QS could be appointed as Contract Administrator, in which case he/she would also sign off the quality, testing etc.
    Without further information it is not possible to say what the status of the QS sign-off on your unit meant and you seem reluctant to provide any information.
    I am curious about one thing though. If RLB got it so wrong, why are they not being sued like pretty much everyone else who has ever worked for Harlequin – or perhaps they are?

  659. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Well just ignor me then. Think you can do that? No because you are obsessive with your character assassination and personal silly comments. Go on ignor me. Can you?

  660. It really is game over

    You are all so busy slagging each other off, in the meantime DA is hiding his tracks, under the guises of attracting new investors

    Funny thing is that he has had £300million to invest and not much to show (at least publically anyway)

    DA don’t seem to be too good at pulling in funds, now people know its a loser

    The whole pack will fall and slowly crumble…what assets there are will be fought over in court until they are worthless and the legal peeps realise they is no money to pay their fees

    Some will persue other avenues

    This is going to be a long slow soap opera to unfold, before the last episode where the fireworks go off and all that is left is pain full memories

  661. Sid

    I wish I could argue with you. Though I’m sure somebody will (mentioning no names).

  662. Yatinkiteasy

    @ Fdnrm. You mean “ignore” ? I would, but you keep bringing me up. Whenever you do, it is to insult what I may have posted because its anti Harlequin. Then I put you down and you can’t take it. You seem to think that because you are an investor and I am not (thankfully) You have more right to comment on BFP than I do. If you agree not to mention me in your comments/insults I will gladly ignore you.

  663. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Oh dear the spelling police are out again. But they are not any good for anything else in Barbados are they. Here is your challange. Trawl through as many previous posts as you can and find where I have personaly insulted you, go on I challange you. By the way we have not had a report on H hotel lately. Any NEW news for us?

  664. It really is game over

    I am in Barbados at present and it is all padlocked up and no workers, no activity, no nothing…Oh and I would say it is anywhere near a complete building to even begin fitting out…it is a shell and in a fait part of it just side walls that you can see straight through….It will need a fair bit if money to get it to any form of hotel

    Hotels are closing in Barbados at present due to lack of demand, so finding an investor to buy it could be difficult

    Not looking good there

  665. Anonymous

    Fatchett does not represent me. May 3, 2013 at 11:02 am

    @ Anon 9.45 (who cannot think of an original ID) are you an investor? If not then you have no right to call me a loser.

    That’s rather muddled thinking isn’t it?

    You’re saying that if Anon isn’t an investor and therefore hasn’t lost any money he/she can’t call you a loser whereas if he/she is an investor and hence lost money he/she can???

    Strange qualifications you require of commentators.

  666. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 3.05 and you have an original ID. Not

  667. homefront

    Its Friday if I was FDNRM I would go down the pub and have a beer ,hes had a busy week ,he deserves a break,CHEERS

  668. In the S**T

    I don’t think anyone will invest unless Ames is out of the picture and his parasitic family and hangers on.

    Maybe that’s the deal they could find some letters for Dan to post in the new structure 🙂 back to his roots

  669. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @homefront. It will be fish and chips and a glass (bottle) of wine. Have a good weekend.

  670. Eddie Lizzard2

    Is there any truth in the rumour that Matt Ames is going out to St Vincent to act as the new manager at Buccament Bay? Can you imagine that?

    And will the Essex Police allow it?

    Looks like One Man & his Dog Sean Ghent has also departed from BBay and erased everything regarding Harlequin on his social media sites.

    And Phil Cavill too… Phil’s saying he’s happy to be back home in Essex with a roast dinner on Sunday and is now advertising new theatrical schools. I have to say here that every guest was impressed with his enthusiasm so good luck to Phil.

  671. A Real Investor

    have a good week end too, your not all bad 😉

  672. Sid

    @A Real Investor, you’re right. FDNRM isn’t the enemy and is definitely not a HP troll. He is an investor like the rest of us and is keen for HP too turn things around. I can’t say I agree with him on many things, but completely understand and respect his points of view.

    Have a good weekend all.

  673. Mr Blue

    “It will be fish and chips and a glass (bottle) of wine”

    I thought wine only came in boxes

  674. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Mr Blue, just thought that ” a box of wine” looked a bit ott.

  675. John Smith

    FDNRM I have no idea how a QS could sign off on any Cabana in 2007 as they were not even built yet at that time. The QS I met on property was basically told by our Irish friend that she would write what he told her or no further work would be awarded to her company. There were several companies involved that were threatened in the same fashion who all confessed after ICE got kicked out. The sad part was that Ames was informed about the irregularities all along…

  676. anonymous

    the sun is shining ( at least where i am ) and we have an extended weekend so all please try and have a stress free enjoyable long BH and come back to the debate on tuesday. wishing all investors the best of luck for a positive outcome in the oncoming months.

  677. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @John Smith, your comments are interesting. When I brought this up some time ago I was told, although I cannot remember by whom, that the consultancy company was well known in the Caribbean and not to discredit the QS who signed off my cabana. I have photographs of the building work that corresponds with the stage payment invoice.
    @ Anon 8.51 agree 100 % let’s all have a holiday break and come back fighting next Tuesday.

  678. St George's Dragon

    Monday is a working day here in the Caribbean but there is nothing happening at Merricks, the h Hotel Barbados, Marquis Estate etc., etc.

  679. A Mole in Harlequin

    The amount of classified information coming out of the Basildon Bunker has reached an all time high!!! some really p******ed of people – especially sales people owed lots in commission ……………….

    Revenge is a dish best served cold!!

  680. In the S**T

    Well you poor thing!

    you wont be getting paid regardless of what crap you are fed – fall inline, IP, then HMRC, you wont even get a bean!!!

  681. John Smith

    FDNRM When investors came on site inspections, they were shown units that were the most completed. These never corresponded with the property they had purchased. Most of the time, even after opening the hotel, completed units were shown to individual investors and they were told that these were their units. Of course, this was a lie…
    There might still be some footage on You Tube from the times where the GM took investors around and basically told them some nice stories….

  682. lcfc68

    well i invested in buccament bay, and las canas and from i have read in this forum. the chances of me getting amy deposits back are very remote , i was originally told my apartments would be built and earning me money by 2011 for buccament bay, and 2012 for las canas. as you are all aware neither of my apartments have been started along with many other investors on the same sites. if anyone has got any helpful advice for me i would be very grateful, meanwhile i have got someone looking into things for me. however any advice would be good.

  683. perplexed

    A record has been set…….almost 24hrs with no posting from FDNRM.
    Must of been the box/bottle of wine wot-done-em-in.

  684. Love it when a plan comes together

    Well we are about 80% into the pre planned fraud so far and all is going nicely. The authorities as usual not doing a lot and sooo slow. The victims (oops sorry investors) running around in circles and arguing over who is the worst thief Ames or his best buddies builder man and accountant. The victims who are able and clever enough to go after ifa’s etc are doing. Keeps them busy.
    Now just to pick through the ones left that have enough cash to complete. Got to make sure they believe they are important and above everybody else, of course they have to be gullible with a capital G. Mustn’t let them realise that I already have a plan for all the overseas assets. For all the investors who haven’t figured it out yet. YOU ARE A VICTIM OF A COMPLEX AND MASSIVE FRAUD !!!
    The best advice on this blog was by algarvec below. He even gives you a clue how the last part of the fraud is going to be done. If you can go after advisors, sipp etc. do so otherwise:-
    Your two choices are
    1 Do this immediately
    2 Put it down to experience and get on with life

    algarvec on April 27, 2013 at 4:00 pm
    HIG won’t like this but here’s some advice for free.

    You are wasting your time holding meetings in the UK

    You need to try to raise a fighting fund and engage an aggressive experienced forensic international property lawyer (not me, I’m a developer) to try to find a legal way to freeze the shares in all the Caribbean Holding and Operating Companies if they can find them. At least then you’d have some control over your destiny, rather than dear old Dave running the show and running you all ragged. BTW he’s the guy you met who omitted to tell you Carol was at the Court placing HMS (SE) ltd into Administration while he was talking to you? Hello, wake up – you still want dialogue?

    Get someone out to the Caribbean fast (maybe pro-bono if you can’t raise any funds) and for your investors sake do not let the companies be placed in administration as you will then be sunk as pre-pack administration deals could have been struck with mates of the owners which enables them to buy the assets at little or no cost and it’s good night investors.

    No charge for the advice BTW.

  685. casual observer

    I have to say I too was impressed with algarvec’s post.

    Many thanks “Love it ….” for bringing it to everyone’s attention again.

  686. A Mole in Harlequin

    From what I hear HP are fighting off Stat Demands in SVG, getting concerned that will cause problems for the finance ( if it’s real 😉 )

    The cash is really running low, apart from their own bloated bank accounts, that you all have helped swell over the years. He is B******g you all – as he has done to me…………and I work with him.

  687. Mr Blue

    What finance? Not even Dave’s conmen mates in Pattya want anything to do with this (remember the Caldora fund?).

  688. A Mole in Harlequin

    Yes, I met him, a horrible arrogant man it was yet another Ponzi scheme but had no takers!

    The talk about the recent finance is mixed, another delay tactic, from a rather dubious broker, lots of big talk, the one man band accountant, banging his drum to the Ames tune.
    These finance guys actually want Ames & the rest of the parasites, out of the way and take over and do a proper job, once it goes into liquidation.

    The investor group are demanding answers by next week or more stat demands will be issued in SVG – so it all coming to a head pretty soon.

    Either way the Ames family is stuffed, its over.

  689. Anonymous

    If he is full of BS again, the stat demands will put a stop to it and the ‘alleged finance’ I don’t believe anyone will invest £30-£50 million, why would you?

    Let them go bust and pick it all up cheap as chips! simples 🙂

  690. Mr Blue

    One partly finished resort with out clear land title, two hotels no one else wanted, and a few scraps of land no one else wanted either, all with c6000 contracts on them. I fail to see why such an attractive proposition hasn’t been snapped up already.

    The only thing that could sweeten that pot would be two 25 year old aircraft, and no accounting records for 7 years.

  691. Anonymous

    @ Mr Blue
    anything can sell at the right price? what do you think that is £30mil? 😉

  692. It really is game over

    Now the sales office has been closed ….there will be people coming out of the woodwork to tell tales….As the noose tightens, someone will spill the truth in exchange for not being jailed

    DA and the family will need to keep looking over their shoulders (for official and un official people looking for them)

    but game really is over

  693. St George's Dragon

    Why have we not heard anything from the administrator? Does anyone actually know if Shipley’s were appointed? There seems to be no confirmation.

  694. Mr Blue

    We keep hearing about Shipleys, but stil no confirmation. Have they even been notified? It would be classic DA to be talking garbage.

  695. Anon73

    Why anyone would listen to DA now I don’t know. A proven bold faced liar, his words are worth nothing. Just remember, DA got people to mortgage their homes, and two thirds of the money raised went straight into his pockets as well as the agents/IFAs selling them – someone’s life savings gone in a heartbeat into the bank accounts of these conmen, leaving virtually nothing left to carry out the business of paying Carter Ruck, defending law suits, covering operational losses, buying planes, paying mortgage interest etc Actually getting planning permission and building were never ever going to happen. Point is, don’t bother taking anything Ames says to be truth.

  696. A Real Investor


    If you think about it, Fatchett is playing a brilliant game here. Attack, get the investors on his side, be reasonable, engage, discuss, arrange HIG, but here is the classic master stroke.

    He demanded proof of finance and 35 rather searching questions from Dave Ames – if he refuses he has lots of stat demands files and ready to use.

    If he agrees the HIG and investors teamed up with Fatchett will get a true picture of Harlequin – something never ever had before.

    Then based of facts decide what options they actually have instead of bull s**t.

    The results may surprise or be better than expected – but Ames has been backed into a corner – give information or he will be, by his own arrogance be taken out!!

    Fatchett has the information and skills to follow this to the end, most solicitors don’t – Ames HAS to work with Fatchett or it is, truly game over for HP.

    Finance companies wont invest with millions of stat demands about!!!!!!!

  697. It really is game over

    It really is “game over” very soon

  698. In the S**T

    I have been on the investor site recently, what a bitch fest!!
    Just whining sad people, do nothing just bitch and out bitch.

    I worry why the ‘founder’ Erica Broughton are in contact with the ones who stolen our money the Irish builder and the accountant.

    I also worry why she would side with the ‘ambulance chaser’ Nikki Crozier ( who is not a solicitor) or maybe we should say Audrey ‘from Spain’ who ran off with some investors funds years ago?

    Next we will be hearing the same, how she ran off with HP investor funds!!
    read the comments:

  699. Love it when a plan comes together

    @Investor. Jeez. Ames is so well ahead of you! Stat demands will force HP into administration, equals Ames wins. Read my earlier post and try to understand the fraud.

  700. A Real Investor

    @Love it when a plan comes together

    How do you know that what you mention is not already happening? 😉

  701. In the S**T

    the great thing is ames wont be able to shake of fatchett cos he need his payday, ames will make it all go t**s up all on his own – he done more damage to himself on the open days that any newspaper – total prick he made of himself 😉 painful to see…………but so funny

  702. Love it when a plan comes together

    @Investor. Yes. That’s the one. He already is. There is only a small window of opportunity to stop him. Remember it has already been planned and most likely already too late. Anybody who thinks Ames is going to see a prison cell doesn’t understand what is going on.

  703. perplexed

    Just to play devil’s advocate ………what would happen if there were a
    change of government in SVG?

  704. St George's Dragon

    The grand fraud theory relies on pre-pack administrations, doesn’t it?
    Can you do them in the Caribbean countries? Never hear of one in Barbados.

  705. Love it when a plan comes together

    The grand fraud theory relies on Ames robbing investors money and they get nothing. Ermm already there. The icing on the cake relies on the assets being put into administration and being sold to the highest bidder, not many of those about except one of Ames associates that is gonna pick up a bargain. Great plan he gets your money and the assets. Oh yes forgot he gets away with it as well.

  706. St George's Dragon

    There is a flaw in the grand fraud theory. The assets are poor quality. Buccament Bay is losing money; blu Hotel must be as well; land at Merricks which no-one would want to buy as its in the wrong place; H Hotel Barbados which is far from completion, was always a long-shot, is unlikely to make money and no-one is going to work for him on after Harlequin shafted so many people.
    If I was Mr Ames I would be delighted to have got shot of it all and if I had any money stuffed away (and you have to suspect that he might) then I would do something a bit more worthwhile with it.

  707. Bradley

    What if the investors bought the SVG company in return for their contracts ?
    No 3rd party will buy or invest with them hanging around.

    Think about it !

  708. Love it when a plan comes together

    “He might have stashed some money away” would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. To keep it simple, Ames has had a few practices before at this scam. He has robbed you. You now don’t have the money you had, he has a lot of it. He planned it that way, right down to the smoke screens of been incompetent and suing his builder buddy. Whatever the outcome of the court case will make no difference monetary to you. Notice it isn’t in a criminal court and its not about their money its about yours. To repeat you had some money now you don’t have it. You have been robbed. Got it yet? They can pick which asset to buy. I could take over bb tomorrow and make a profit within 12 weeks.
    @bradley your contracts are worthless when they are with a company that has gone bust.

  709. It really is game over

    @Love it when…. you are spot on by setting up various development companies in different countries and being able to use the money coming in on any of the projects…it is going to be a nightmare to trace and even harder to recover if it can be

    The assets of BB and the others …they are worth very little the whole scam is tarnished

    The Irish builder is just another part of the scam….it diverts cash and attention away from HP/DA, He is either in on the game or could see it was a scam and realised HP/DA wouldn’t be able to do much for fear or ringing alarm bells, especially when investors cash was still rolling in

    As I have said DA will die of old age before the trail has been followed

    Final point DA has been bankrupt twice before…he knows the loopholes and how slow the police etc are tracking these things time….again as said before time is the best asset a scam merchant has

    Do what you can to put them behind bars, but don’t expect your money to be returned

    that’s just the way it is

  710. perplexed

    Gingerbread Girl tried to point all this out two months ago.

  711. Anon73

    Many of us tried to point this out 7 years ago.

  712. Anon73

    Ames invested heavily early on in libel lawyers and others (with your money) who were scouring the internet for any negative publicity, any forum that spoke ill of Harlequin. That alone should have been an alarm bell – I don’t know of any other developer who focuses so much on libel lawyers rather than just getting good information out to purchasers and getting on with the work in hand.

  713. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I have just read your post from yesterday 10.23pm regarding the timescales for HIG. I thought your forum/group were seperate from the HIG but you keep refering to it as “we”, and when “we” meet. Can you clarify, are you part of the HIG or not? Also it refers to “investors”. Does this mean this Investor vs purchaser issue is now clarified?

  714. Anonymous

    she is just after attention, irish builder, Crozzier aka Audrey, Newman, the blog, Panorama, Radio 4, anyone who will listen to her bleating so sad.

  715. Erica Broughton

    ‘FDNRM, I just copied nd pasted what the Gareth and the HIG sent okay?

  716. It really is game over

    Does any of this matter…DA and others have all had it away with your money and it will take years to resolve, get on with your lives, otherwise you will waste years of your one and only life chasing a never gonna happen dream…time to move on

  717. Sid

    @IRIGO, how much money do you stand to lose? Or have you already gained from the whole mess?

  718. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, yest thanks, just wanted to understand.
    @IRIGO, as you keep talking about other peoples money and other peoples problems I guess you are not an investor. If not what are you doing on here?

  719. perplexed

    It takes a lot of presumption to state that this is a blog for “investors”
    Has it occured to you that some of may may have been VENDORS
    and that some of us are stilled OWED for building materials. This is
    run by BARBADOS FREE PRESS and is, if you read other treads on
    here it deals primarilly with BARBADOS. I wonder how many potential
    “investors” at Royal Westmoreland, where villas start on the high side
    of a milliion $US have recoinsidered because of the Harlequin mess
    which cheapens the brand “Barbados”

  720. It really is game over

    @sid as previously stated
    I am not an investor in any shape or form
    I have no connection with DA or HP or anybody/anything to do with them
    I do not owe or am owed anything to/by DA/HP
    Finally I am not an ambulance chaser either

    I am merely an observer

    @fdnrm I am here as I visit Barbados on a regular basis, hope to spend a lot of time in Barbados and as, this is a Barbados forum I read it as I take interest in events that happen in Barbados (I also have a interest in the Caribbean in general, but mainly Bim)

    I post as someone who can see through all the mess as I am not clouded by either side, or have any financial interest.

    you all informed now

  721. Sid

    @IRIGO, please don’t take offence, but I do have a lot of money invested and would therefor stand to lose a lot of money if things go the way you suggest they will. On that basis, it is a little annoying when someone comes on here rubbing my nose in that fact without making any real contribution. There is nothing new in what you say, we all know the situation and the events that have lead us here, but can’t just ‘get on with our lives’. It’s not that simple.

  722. been had

    I agree Sid, a little bit of compassion would be more appreciated.

  723. Steve

    Well said Sid, I think a lot of people on here forget that if the Merricks ect would of work there would of been alot of Barbadians as well of investors making money, so can’t understand the enjoyment some followers are getting by posting on here

  724. Sid

    Hi been had, if I were lucky enough not to be up to my next in all this sh1t, I personally wouldn’t have any interest in these forums, yet alone feel the need to point out to people where they went wrong. There seem to be so many interested parties and people with different agenda’s.

  725. It really is game over

    @Sid/been had I do have compassion for all the people who have been screwed…I have a pet hate of people who rip people off…it is the lowest of the low in terms of theft… I do wish I could be a seret billionare and make things right for people (not just HP)…but sadly I am not

    There are a lot of people on this thread who do seem to believe that coz DA only ants a little bit more money and says don’t worry it will be ok

    Sid I wish you well (and all others)…. but I do know the Caribbean quite well and from personal experience how everything goes slowly

    I hope you get sorted, but it is going to be very complex to unravel and it will only take a few to pull the thing down, therefore you may not get the outcome you want

    Good luck

  726. It really is game over

    @ Steve no pleasure or enjoyment here from seeing ordinary people or any people for that matter get stuffed

    However I think you are all dreaming if you are expecting a happy ending

    BB is too big for SVG and not the sort of resort people travel the long haul flight to get to…Barbados is awash with unsold condos….The main builder in Barbados is bankrolled by a rich American billionare who is awash with cash and cant sell all the units they have built over the last five/ten years…and before you ask, the builder or the Amercican don’t want to know BB or Mericks

    I have no desire to rub salt into wounds (apologies if taken that way), however I just do not see a happy ending long or short term

  727. Steve

    Game over: I know i’m not going to get my money back & knew for along time i’ve been over to Barbodas a number of times in the last 5 years and been to the planning office near the race course as well as the merricks so i knew that all was not well probably before alot of people.

    I got no where in my talks with HP & before you start on due diligence i did what i thought was enough lawyer to make sure HP owned the land at the Merricks did the company house & it never showed up DA had gone bankrupt before & with all the people putting there name to the product i thought it was a sound investment even to the point that i didn’t ask for any payments from them.
    The only good thing i’m left with is that it will not effect my finances to much as i only invested what i could afford to lose but didn’t think i would be losing.

    I feel sorry for the ones who will lose their house or even marriges & don’t need people going on about this & that just because they have nothing better to do as i think most people signed up on this site for info & now it’s just being used for other purpose.

  728. BBaywatch

    Sid, Steve and others – I understand your annoyance with what you feel are finger waggers and ‘told you so-ers’ – but please also see it from the point of view of the whistleblowers, who have been warning for 6-7 years that this was a disaster waiting to happen. Many of us care very deeply about the islands and the region and foresaw the damage that it was going to do and posted warnings (with well argued reasons backed up by evidence) on many different forums – unfortunately we didn’t have access to a huge pool of cash to spread the word like HP, so our message went largely unheeded.

    Although we hate seeing people being ripped off, our main sympathies lie with the people of the region and the nations of The Caribbean. Of course some (all?) governments have been partly complicit in that they have been too ready to welcome foreign investment without making proper checks on the suitability of the people involved or their track record in delivering the goods. There has been far too much of the “build it and they will come” mentality – fine as a quote from a fictional story in a film, but insanity as the basis for investment and development.

    Unfortunately like IRIGO I cannot see how much, if anything, can be salvaged from this wreck, but one piece of advice I would freely give – seek experts who can advise on the chances of success of the end product (and how best to achieve that) – not the building of the resorts, but the actual operation and profitability of them. The building is irrelevant, given enough money anything can be built, making it return a profit is entirely a different matter. I’m afraid that many of you investors cannot see beyond the construction phase and that is only a small part of the scenario required for you to get any kind of return.

  729. Not Taken

    @ Steve: May 7, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    “Game over: I know i’m not going to get my money back & knew for along time i’ve been over to Barbodas a number of times in the last 5 years and been to the planning office near the race course as well as the merricks so i knew that all was not well probably before alot of people.”

    Please share what you learned from you visits to the planning office.

  730. been had

    Sid, I and many others share your frustration/disappointment/stress/anger at the way we have all ‘been had’.
    I cant really argue with IRIGO. the truth hurts sometimes.

  731. James Allington

    Found this, it may help a few investors clarify their thoughts:

  732. Sid

    @IRIGO, thank you for your response.

  733. Short Legs

    Well lets see what the end of the week brings, who knows maybe something good will come out of the HIG meetings – and before you all start ranting you have no idea whats actually going on, you all like having a moan and posting drivel.

  734. Short Legs

    @Been Had.
    What a load of Bol*****S how does that help anyone? you may as well send over to VT’s blog! 😉

  735. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @James Allington, Have you actually read the attached article. Investment sense is promoting CPC worldwide, Nikki Crozzier, AKA Audrey Dixon. “Help a few investors clarify their thoughts”. What an absolute load of crap. I suggest you do some research before you post anything else on here!

  736. St George's Dragon

    The case was started by Harlequin, presumably HMSSE, before it went into administration.
    We need to wait to see whether the administrator chooses to continue with it. With no money in the bank and the SFO and FSA investigating, my bet is that they will come to a different conclusion to Mr Ames and choose not to pursue it.
    There is an alternative. Presumably Mr Ames was libelled as well. Maybe he will take action personally. He could use his 5 million loan from Harlequin to pay the legal costs.

  737. Been had

    Short legs , why dont you just bore off? you can keep your pointless opinions to yourself, I know who you are (WTF and all the other names) you have used to try and butter your mate Ames up.

  738. James Allington


    Hardly promoting, simply reporting the facts, imho, there are essentially two groups, one run by Fatchett and one pulled together by CPC, although they have their own London based lawyer

    By the way, no need to be so aggressive!

  739. James Allington

    Seems that Shipley’s have finally been appointed as administrators:

    Click to access 050713-Harlequin-Management-Services-South-East-Ltd.pdf

  740. Short Legs

    @ Been had,
    now now Stephanie no need to be nasty, bore off you sound like fnnrm

  741. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @James Allington, sorry about the tone of my post. Its just the contents of the Investment Sense article are misleading. Its recommending CPC Worldwide, and any investigation into this company shows them to be highly dubious.

  742. Stephanie

    Short Legs – I am not “Been Had” I have never posted here before I’ve only read FYI. So I suggest you point the finger elsewhere. BTW I know exactly who you are ST.


  743. Sid

    Has he really got short legs? He’s not Oscar Pistorius is he? Or Ronnie Corbett?

  744. St George's Dragon

    Note their comment “the directors’ powers have been suspended”. I don’t believe that is normal wording in one of these announcements.

  745. Sid

    Hi StGD, who’s comments are you referring to?

  746. Mr Blue

    @FDNRM, I quite agree. CPC Worldwide, the international team of laywers (who aren’t), who’s website is a free ‘make your own’ by moonfruit. That alone should be ringing alarm bells. Throw Audrey Dixon into the mix and we have the makings of another scam.

  747. Sid

    It’s just my opinion, but I wouldn’t go near CPC with someone else’s barge-pole! The question is, do they have the power to do any real damage? It’s all well and good HIG trying to sort something out with HP, but it could all be in vain if CPC do something drastic in the background.

  748. St George's Dragon

    @ Sid
    Look at the Shipley’s press release linked in James Allington’s post at 6.31.

  749. Angry Investor 2010

    The same could be said for James Cannons website (Eleven Capital) Just incase you don’t know who he is, he’s the guy who is trying to raise the money for Harlequin. Why should we trust him, he could be a fly by night for all we know. It’s not hard to set up a 1 and 1 website…..What ever happened to Caldora funding??

  750. St George's Dragon

    Does anyone know who the administrator(s) were for Mr Ames previous companies which went bust? Also what were the company names?

  751. Sid

    Thanks AI2000. If HP are hanging their hat on this guy we may as well accept our fate now. The fact that Ames can only turn to one-man-band financers reeks of desperation.

  752. Sid

    @StGD, I don’t know who the administrators were, but think his previous companies were called Leggit and Scarper.

  753. St George's Dragon

    @ Sid
    …and his lawyers were probably the ones who feature in the Private Eye, Sue Grabbit & Run.

  754. Short Legs

    @Angry Investor 2010
    Are you following me here too? get back to your own blog – I know who you are
    🙂 and you are walking a fine line…………

  755. BBaywatch

    FYI advertise on The Echo website on pages relating to Harlequin Property. No doubt the swivel eyed brigade will denounce them as ambulance chasers, but for those of you seeking advice they may be of help. Of course investigate them thoroughly before parting with any money.

  756. Angry Investor 2010

    Shortlegs, I’m sorry I don’t follow? Is there another blog out there? This is my second post here 😦

  757. Short Legs

    Correct ambulance chasers, I lost interest the moment the mentioned the recent Panorama program – that was never shown, what about Audrey Crozier from CPC or is it Nikki Dixon? maybe our web expert angry investor would like to comment? : ) on their website

  758. Erica Broughton

    @Short leg hahaha I only post in my own name do you? I do not know angry investor I know lots of angry investors though!
    I have had a thought when you are ready I will help you set-up your own website where you can go (probably on your own) use multiple names and talk about how wonderful your experiences have been to date with Harlequin and Mr Ames 🙂

  759. BBaywatch

    @Short Legs – well that’s fine for you then, I’m sure that you have carefully scrutinised their service – not as if you would be fail to do due diligence on a serious matter is it ? – oh wait a moment…

  760. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch, Harlequin Property Claims, a subsidary of Magenta Claims, “help you get rid of your time share”. Yes they are a class act aren’t they. Mind you advertise in the Echo. Wonder if “award winning journalist John Austin” would recommend them That is the John Austin who was fed info by Newman eh>

  761. Mr Lars


    Cash at bank 8 973 not a very strong player in the financial market.

    Business Overview
    Eleven Capital Limited is an Active business incorporated in England & Wales on 11th July 1997. Their business activity is recorded as Financial Intermediation Not Elsewhere Classified. Eleven Capital Limited is run by 2 current members. 1 shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is also part of a group.

    The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/07/2012 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £8,973, ‘liabilities’ worth £2,253, ‘net worth’ of £57,734 and ‘assets’ worth £59,987. Eleven Capital Limited’s risk score was amended on 14/12/2012.


  762. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Mr Lars, you do not have to have funds to raise funds.

  763. Anonymous

    Might be worth checking out co directors history though.

  764. Sid

    @FDNRM, please don’t tell me Mr Lars post doesn’t worry you? Do you honestly think these guys are going to raise the capital needed to save the day? It looks like yet more game playing to me.

  765. Short Legs

    @Erica Broughton.

    I was thinking of opening a website, having my family run it, so I am able to do and say what I want, give out warning, censor everything, feel so important, only attract negative thinking people, but guess what – YOU BEAT ME TO IT!!!

    ps could you tell me what you aim is on your site? 😉 apart from stating the bloody obvious!