Barbados Tourism Authority takes a ride on Wigan Athletic’s Emmerson Boyce at the Wembley final

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We at BFP and many others have been saying for years that the Barbados Tourism Authority should be constantly monitoring news and current events so that when a Bajan is mentioned they can capitalise on the publicity. It’s been a pathetic lack at the BTA for a long long time. We need all the positive vibes and publicity we can get and to miss opportunities to get it for free is almost criminal.

When Adele won six Grammy awards in 2012 it never occurred to the BTA to mention that her musical director is Bajan Miles Robertson. The BTA should have been so ready because anybody could see those awards coming a year in advance – but nothing was done. Contrast the BTA with the efforts of the Aruba Tourism Authority that received world coverage for Aruba by offering a vacation to the losers of the Super Bowl. Aruba received fantastic coverage for no money.

Now we’re happy to see Petra Roach of the BTA in the UK priming the media pump about Wigan Athletic’s captain Emmerson Boyced (photo above) – who qualifies as a Bajan through his parents who both have their navel strings buried in Barbados. Hey… any positive association is welcome!

Okay… that’s one. What’s on for next week, Petra?

Bajan Pride

Barbados International Boyce to captain Wigan Athletic in the Wembley final

THE WHOLE of Barbados will be rooting for Wigan Athletic when they take on mighty Manchester City in next month’s FA Cup final.

On May 11 Wigan will be captained by Barbados international Emmerson Boyce for football’s showpiece occasion. Many on the Caribbean island, and those Bajans that live in the UK, will for 90 minutes at least be cheering on the team known as the Latics.

After securing an FA Cup final berth after beating Millwall in the semi-final, Boyce said that his team’s victory was a dream come true. “I can’t wait for the final now,” he admitted.

Though born in England, Boyce was also eligible to play for the Barbados national team through his parents, who were both born in Barbados.

Boyce’s achievement has put the popular tourist destination in the spotlight as the FA Cup is the oldest and most prestigious domestic competition in football.

Petra Roach, vice president Sales & Marketing of the Barbados Tourism Authority UK, commented: “We’re delighted that Emmerson Boyce has led his team to success in the FA Cup semi-finals, and wish him and Wigan every success for the final.

“Having represented the Barbados national football team, Bajan Pride, Emmerson is not only a friend of Barbados but a fantastic ambassador for our country.

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3 responses to “Barbados Tourism Authority takes a ride on Wigan Athletic’s Emmerson Boyce at the Wembley final

  1. A policy holder

    Barbadians (read BTA) have IMHO for far too long believed Barbados was the only destination in the world. We needed the minimum of promotion, hotels could charge exorbitant rates. No one paid too much attention to competition from other Caribbean destinatios far less the more exotic countries of the world. RiRi was to be THE drawing card for Barbados. Other than it being said on occasions she is from Barbados, what has the association with her brought to the island by way of increased visitors? Certainly the soccer crazy English will hear about Barbados if Boyce leads Wigan Athletics to victory at Wembley. The owner of Wigan Athletics owns a restaurant on the Bdos’ West Coast!

  2. Ady Hotep

    Boyce is proud of Barbados always wears a wristband with the colours in game. The other Bajans in the Premiership currently Walcott,Cole etc don’t say word one about Barbados neither the past players like Ince,Collymore etc. Wigan will be underdogs in the Cup final but good luck to Boyce and Whelan. I have a load of time for both.

  3. Tudor

    @ Ady Hotep, Walcott has Jamaican connections – but i agree with you about Boyce. perhaps its our fault that we never reached out to others in the past.