Searching for relatives of Clifford Leslie Baron, born Barbados 1909


Can BFP’s readers assist?

I wonder if you could help us in our search for facts about my husband’s father, Clifford Leslie Baron?

The solid facts that we know are that he was born in Barbados in 1909.  His father was Clifford Rothwell Baron who married Marjorie Porrit, in Barbados, presumably in 1908.  The family had trade in cotton.

At this far distance, I am not quite sure who to contact for records of Births/Marriages on the island, and hope that you may be able to help me in this.

We shall be indebted to you for any help you may be able to offer.

Judy Baron, Staffs, England



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  1. John

    On the Ellis Island website there are three Barons entering New York in July 1908, final destination Liverpool.

    Clifford was 23 years and 3 months. His occupation was listed as Merchant.

    Margery was 21 years and 8 months

    John was 5 months, probably their son.

    This was the year before 1909.

    Assuming John was the first child of the marriage then their marriage would probably have occurred more than 14 months earlier, in or before May 1907.

    The nearest relative or friend was listed as Mr. Armstrong of Barbados.

    Clifford was listed as 5’10” and Margery as 5’9″.

    Both gave their place of birth as Rochdale (or Richdale) England. Their son John was listed as being born in Barbados.

    It looks like Clifford Leslie was one of atleast two children in the family.

    The Department of Archives can be contacted.

    Phone # 246-425-1380/1 for Research Enquiries only

    There is another entry on the manifest which looks like the surname was Baron but she is listed as going to an address in New York. Her occupation was “Nurse” and her place of Birth was St. Thomas, BWI.

  2. John

    Ellis Island again, this time 1924 coming from Liverpool headed to Boston to the Leigh Textile Company for a week.

    Passage paid by Sidebottoms (Rochdale) Limited, Woodbine Street.

    Clifford Rothwell Baron, age 38 years 1 month, nearest Relative Wife, Margery Baron of Brooklands, Broughton, Preston.

    Final Destination Preston, England

  3. John

    1891 England and Wales Census

    Clifford R. Baron, age 5

    Place of Birth Middleton in Lancashire

  4. John

    1911 England and Wales Census

    Clifford Baron, Age 1

    Place of Birth: Rochdale Lancashire

  5. Excellent work


    You are about the only thing that works in Barbados in addition to the Archives

    Now can you do anything about the Land Titles in Barbados which nobody wants to touch because of all the skeletons that will fall out.

  6. John

    Also try the Mormon site as it will have the same baptisms and marriages the Department of Archives has.

    it is at

  7. Well Well

    John is a fantastic researcher………………but I doubt even he can perform a miracle on the Land Registry history, too much fraud, thievery and every crime imaginable has been perpetrated in that office.

  8. John

    You never know!!

  9. There are still many good people out there

    John, I am fascinated by the migration of people and by the way in which people delve into their histories to find out where they came from. I don’t know who you are but what you did here for someone I assume is a total stranger is amazing. My heart is warmed by such kindness.

  10. Kim Richardson

    Clifford Rothwell Baron is my great great grandfather, which puts your husband as my Grandfather’s brother (possibly half brother). My Grandfather was Michael Clifford Baron son of John Leslie Barron son of Clifford Rothwell Baron where they were all part of the Cotton Waste Merchant industry. John Leslie married a Geraldine Betty Tomes in Nov 1929. She left and remarried (as did John) and that’s where my knowledge of the Barons stops. I know John Leslie Baron attended Shrewsbury College in England but that’s about all.

  11. Leslie beron