55 Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship passengers robbed at gunpoint in St Lucia

Celebrity Eclipse crime

Broken leg for one woman as 3 robbers take all money and jewellery

It looks like the economy is tanking all over the Caribbean because the predators are on the prowl everywhere…

Cruise passengers robbed at gunpoint in St Lucia

Dozens of cruise passengers – including ten Britons – were robbed at gunpoint last week during an excursion on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Celebrity Cruises confirmed that 55 passengers and two crew members were visiting the Botanical Gardens in Soufriere on Friday when the incident occurred. The trip was one of there shore excursions in St Lucia offered to passengers making the two-week cruise holiday on board the vessel Celebrity Eclipse.

Tourism officials described the incident as “rare” and “unfortunate”, but said no-one was hurt. However, a member of the internet forum Cruise Critic currently on the same voyage claimed a woman had fallen and broken her leg during the robbery.

“We are on the Eclipse,” they wrote. “Yesterday we were ported in St. Lucia. One of the ship tours was robbed at gun point by three masked gunmen. We were not on the tour, but friends were. They said one woman fell and broke her leg; no one else was injured. All their money and jewellery were taken.”

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Also see Cruise Critic for more details from a passenger



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3 responses to “55 Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship passengers robbed at gunpoint in St Lucia

  1. This extract from cruisecritic.com


    3 men are in custody. One was arrested Saturday
    after having bragged to friends, and the police were informed;
    that one has confessed both verbally and in a full written report, and helped lead police to the other 2 men.

    Some items and a small portion of cash was recovered.
    13 people from the overall bus were robbed, inside the botanical gardens
    – the gunman did not hold up the whole bus.

    Pretty swift police work, and as always, very dumb criminals.
    Hope that sets some minds at ease – crime does happen here , as anywhere, and we generally catch the criminals, sometimes pretty swiftly.
    All the best – enjoy your future cruises!

    Source URL: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1796346&page=2

    See post number 30 of that thread.

  2. Terry Wilcock

    I hope someone out there is taking notice of all this, the press in the UK and I suspect the US are having a Caribbean torism destruction day. This is,as I have said previously, going to destroy your economy once and for all and so far I have not seen any posts or articles from those in authority who are standing up telling the world what is being done. Be afraid my friends,you do not deserve this but where are those that speak for you? I have no interest let alone any influence on the politics of the area but it is hurting to see what is happening and what apparently little is being done about it !!

  3. 4

    It’s kinda like a cocaine addict?
    Who has to hit rock bottom before he starts to get on with changing his life and Coming Back.

    You see, all these years West Indians’ notion of Tourism
    hass been that….
    ” The Sea will always be there. The Beaches will always be pretty
    -and that’s what they come for. Take it for granted!”