Customer says DHL Express showing “total disrespect” after electronics go missing from DHL’s security cage.

DHL Express Barbados

Valuables stolen while in the care of DHL Express in Barbados – customer gets runaround

Alden Blackman is out Bd$1112.91 after electronics he ordered from China went missing while in the care of DHL Express in Barbados. These things happen and are happening more and more as the economy tanks and people are out of work, but Mr. Blackman’s complaint is that DHL Express in Barbados is not acting responsibly to replace the loss.

It all boils down to this: The equipment went missing after it arrived in Barbados and was in the DHL Express security cage. DHL Express should move quickly to make things better and they should be communicating frequently and accurately with Mr. Blackman, but according to Mr. Blackman he has been told that the claim process has started, but that’s not true.

It’s enough to drive a body mad. Whatever happened, you’d think that DHL Express would put somebody to handle this quickly. After a month of runaround Mr. Blackman has gone to his fellow Bajans to let them know that valuables get stolen while in the care of DHL Express and when that happens nobody at DHL Express cares enough to take care of the customer.

BFP will print DHL’s version of events if they want to email us at barbadosfreepress(at)

Here’s what Mr. Blackman wrote to DHL Express and the DHL Letter sent to the customer…

Dear  Mr. Cowan

You send me an email with an attach copy of a letter dated 2 April 2013
you said was send to DHL China
The letter stated , DHL Barbados along with our Security confirms
That Mr. Blackman did not received his complete order,missing from the shipment
1 piece Mobile Phone  ZP800H and 2 piece Batteries value $334.00
(The replacement  cost…phone &Batteries Us$334 + Freighting Us$75 =Us$409
Bank Charges Bd$ 85 + DHL Barbados charges Bd$209.91 =294.91
Total Bd$ 1112.91)

Sir, I compliment you for being honest after discussion with your Security Officer and the used of the Security Camera in asserting as to how and when the equipment gone missing from a package in the cage of DHL Barbados,

However your letter did not state when or how DHL Barbados will replace the equipment

I am being deprived the used of my equipment,

Sir your email to me on the 30 March 2013 stated,that you contacted the origin station where the shipment came from and started the claim process, the shipment was sent on the shippers account and therefore only the shipper will be reimbursed after which they will resend me a replacement phone . This is not possible because the DHL China letter to the Shipper on 8 April 2013 stated they are not responsible for the lose, because the package arrived at DHL Barbados intact.

on the 27 March 2013 when I showed the cut and re tape side of the package ( by DHL tape) to the Security Officer( Mr. Robinson )  he said the box was cut open for Customs purposes he also said a box with Cellphone, 2 Batteries, I pad (Tablet ) and 2 key ring torchlights were put back in the package, tape, mark and put in the cage, he showed me where he mark cage on the package, he said he was going to check the Security Camera,  the Security Camera enable DHL Barbados Confirmed letter to DHL China

you knew from the 27 March 2013  the responsibility belong to DHL Barbados, yet by your control you continue to deprived me, with your delay actions, of sending me an email on 30 March 2013 stating you started the claim process, not true

Letter to DHL China on 2 April 2013 and not stating the intention of DHL Barbados to pay for the replacement of the equipment . knowing the limited time a claim must be done, as you say,but did not say to me the limited time, show you intended to disregard the replacement of the equipment .

The action by DHL Barbados under your Management is displeasing to me and should be to any person doing business at DHL Barbados.

Mr.Cowan, I have ask many times from the 27 March 2013 to date I am not  getting any indication when or how DHL Barbados will replace my equipment
All I am getting is total disrespect .  so for a starter I am going to ask for help


Alden Blackman

PDF letter-Alden Blackman


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10 responses to “Customer says DHL Express showing “total disrespect” after electronics go missing from DHL’s security cage.

  1. A policy holder

    Between the FINE PRINT and Chinese AND THE DISTANCE, they are going to make the customer smell his brains. In his place, where he can prove the equipment went missing when in DHL’s care, I would get the names of all the Names of the uncooperative Bajan DHL employees. Go on the Internet on the DHL web site, get the names of the executives at DHL, FIND A DHL 800 Toll Free number, and use SKYPE to call them daily. Have the AWB number, dates, every scrap of detail immediately to hand.

    To the best of my knowledge Customs do open and inspect incoming goods to insure they match the invoice. Often items being sent abroad are also often checked, especially if they are to be returned after repair and have a legible SN or ID marks.

    Good luck! I had a 7 month wait for a reversal of a VISA charge thanks to a lied Chinese merchant in Hong Kong.

  2. Rastaman

    Can agree with this :
    So far I have been waiting 3 months on a cancelled hotel charge

  3. I recently had a similar experience with a well known international computer company who, without my permission so to do, delivered goods ordered by me to a neighbour. I never received the goods and the company told me that they had honoured their part of the contract. I had to let them know that until I was in receipt of the items for which I had paid them they had yet to honour their part of the contract.

    Mr Blackman is not wrong to be upset with DHL Barbados for the manner in which they have dealt with him, but that is not the issue here. Mr Blackman’s contract is with the company in China to whom he has paid money in return for goods. It is that company that Mr Blackman needs to contact for them to either send substitute products or refund his money, as they have failed to honour their part of the contract, albeit through no fault of theirs. The company in China will then have to seek redress from DHL China under the contract between them.

    What happens between DHL China and DHL Barbados will very much depend on whatever contract terms exist between these two. The main point is that Mr Blackman had no contractual relationship with DHL China or DHL Barbados, so he should not look to either of them to compensate him for his loss, but to the company to whom he paid money for goods that have not been delivered to him.

    The rule of privity of contract applies here, so each party must seek redress from the party with whom they have a contract.

  4. yatinkiteasy

    @MS Iam not a lawyer, but it seems logical that if DHL Barbados has admitted that the package arrived here, and was “inspected”, resealed, and placed in their security cage.and then it got stolen, they are totally responsible for its loss, and therefore its replacement.How can the chinaman be held responsible for goods that went missing from DHL Barbados?

  5. Yattkiniteasy is right

    Having chased DHL a number of times, you are much better off with FedEx as the international brand looks after honouring the contract and does not leave the customer running around wasting time and money.

  6. A policy holder

    Might be the law MS but it sounds like nuff BS

  7. Meticulous documentation WORKS!

    In any case of this nature..
    nothing beats meticulous documentation!

    Start writing it down! Names, dates and TIMES, places..
    BUILD your case, starting five minutes ago!

    It’s the only way to make the bastards smell the same hell they’re dishing out to you.
    Do your best to have them fired and dismissed: they deserve it!

  8. bajejun

    I too have been a victim of DHL Barbados, I too purchased a phone from China to be delivered through DHL, however when I went to retrieve the phone it could not be found even though DHL showed it had been received. Eventually I was told by them to report it to the merchant I purchased it from who would then make a claim in China so I could be reimbursed.
    The problem for me however is that when the merchant when on line and viewed DHL, my item number showed that I had received the item. He refused to believe me, so I did not receive my phone and lost my money in the process. Don’t have to tell you I have not used DHL since.

  9. Anonymous

    Bull. Shit. And. Stop. Using. D..H….L.. Period….

  10. Anonymous

    DO NOT USE DHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE!!! AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!