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Customer says DHL Express showing “total disrespect” after electronics go missing from DHL’s security cage.

DHL Express Barbados

Valuables stolen while in the care of DHL Express in Barbados – customer gets runaround

Alden Blackman is out Bd$1112.91 after electronics he ordered from China went missing while in the care of DHL Express in Barbados. These things happen and are happening more and more as the economy tanks and people are out of work, but Mr. Blackman’s complaint is that DHL Express in Barbados is not acting responsibly to replace the loss.

It all boils down to this: The equipment went missing after it arrived in Barbados and was in the DHL Express security cage. DHL Express should move quickly to make things better and they should be communicating frequently and accurately with Mr. Blackman, but according to Mr. Blackman he has been told that the claim process has started, but that’s not true.

It’s enough to drive a body mad. Whatever happened, you’d think that DHL Express would put somebody to handle this quickly. After a month of runaround Mr. Blackman has gone to his fellow Bajans to let them know that valuables get stolen while in the care of DHL Express and when that happens nobody at DHL Express cares enough to take care of the customer.

BFP will print DHL’s version of events if they want to email us at barbadosfreepress(at)yahoo.com

Here’s what Mr. Blackman wrote to DHL Express and the DHL Letter sent to the customer… Continue reading


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