Crimes against tourists up 50 percent over last year

Whoop Ass Barbados

Folks, it seems to me that we should be in a full scale emergency mode over the revelations by our Royal Barbados Police Force that everything is going to hell on the south coast.

Economic terrorism is what it is alright, but the stage was set ten years ago when the political class de-funded the police to the extent that very few new recruits are of the quality that Bajans deserve.

But Nevermind the pointing fingers: we doan fix this real soon and you can kiss the economy goodbye even more than we’re already doing.

Time for action. No time left for “community meetings” or “searching for the root cause of crime”.

Time the police opened a new can of Whoop Ass…

Big jump in tourists crime

Crime against visitors are up by almost 50 per cent for the year.

Compared to the 54 offences reported in 2012 for the period between January to March, this year so far there were 105 reported offences: 46 in the Bridgetown division, 31 in the Northern and in the Southern Division 28.

This information was revealed this afternoon as members of the Royal Barbados Police Force met with members of the tourism fraternity at the Divi Southwinds Resort in St. Lawrence, Christ Church to speak, particularly, on the crime situation in the Southern Division.

Officer in charge of that Division, Senior Superintendent Eucklyn Thompson, said the force was committed to a “strategic operational plan” within the tourism belt geared at protecting visitors from harassment, assault, theft and robbery. And furthermore he said the Southern Division “stands ready to play [their] role urging the hoteliers to join with the force to help the situation.

Despite that being said, the frustration of the situation could be heard in the voices of some of the hoteliers who spoke.

One was of the opinion that the police’s strategy needed to be changed and he believed that there was a disconnect with what the top officials were saying and what their officer on the ground reported was actually happening.

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12 responses to “Crimes against tourists up 50 percent over last year

  1. Green Monkey

    Another excellent example of the typical Bajan approach to problem solving – wait until the horse has bolted and is a mile down the road, and only then decide it might be a good idea to close the stable door.

  2. Community Policing may go a long way as a deterrent; not only for the benefit of tourists but locals as well.
    We need to prepare statistics on those apprehended to find out what ‘social class’ those committing crime are from.
    Are they from broken homes/one parent families/grandparents/small or large families;educational background.

    Those caught, should be punished so as to deter others from this kind of behavior.
    Those incarcerated for more than 5 years, a compulsory rehabilitation program should be mandatory.

    Assessment for employment; training program for those non-skilled persons.
    When released,should be directed toward the work he/she was trained for during his/her detention. Social worker or someone appointed by the courts, to provide information on work ethics for a period of time after release.

  3. 45govt

    If that useless pen-pusher Dottin is still COP, the first thing to do would be to put him out to pasture asap.

  4. St George's Dragon

    Someone can’t do maths. The rise is 94%.

  5. repeat visitor

    i totally believe this: but there’s a link to tourism that goes beyond it’s decline. that’s the lack of tourists, the resulting decline in the economy, jobs, etc that see youth with nothing to look forward to but drugs, whatever. it’s pretty tragic to see this phenomenon in barbados. somehow tourists are being targeted when the government should do their 500 per cent to make sure they are all safe…but the government should be careful – since the recent sexual assault of a woman in india, tourism there has dropped off significantly. people can chose to holiday anywhere- and why go to a place where you’ll be unsafe?

  6. Engineers build things

    It is so fucked. I can’t believe how fucked it is. My advice to my children: graduate UWI then go to the USA.

  7. We all are feeling this economic pinched. So don’t believe for one minute that Barbados is alone in this economic difficulty. America, Canada, and Great -British have had they share of economic problems, but you don’t hear of them crying like some here. I honestly believe that barbados is going to get through this time of difficulty, and regain her economic standing in the Caribbean once more.

  8. Bajan Abroad

    Not this time obzocky unless there is a 180 in the way things are done in Bim. The majority of the other countries listed have plans to try and come out of the hard economic times. Barbados lacks leadership and worse yet everyone seems to have a head in the sand mentality. I grew up there have been back to live and visit many times. I really have no desire to take my family back there now. Barbados has changed for the worst. I hope you are right but what gives you your belief other than it is something you wish to happen?

    Paradox – you can change names but your writing betrays your attempt to hide your identity. All of what you mentioned is great in theory. The problem right now is that Tourism is on life support near death. Worse yet it is in a death spiral. Less visitors = less money = more crime. More crime = bad experiences/press = less visitors. Short term the solution is to flood the street with police with a zero tolerance policy and publicly punish those caught. Problem now is that the political nimwits lack the mental ability to enact the short term solution and have squandered the funds to do it. So we continue into the death spiral. Next will be mass exodus of the producers in the society – you know the dumb slubs who pay taxes and try to make an honest living. Down we go; now the huge percentage of civil servants in the country are laid off. Some will turn to crime. Tourism now dead except for a few fortified mansions on the west coast with armed guards. That is where we are going my friend unless something is done now to stop the lawlessness and mismanagement. What you suggest is a long term solution which cannot come to fruition unless the short term crisis is dealt with.

  9. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    @bajan abroad I live in the UK and visit Bim two/three times a year and spen whatever money I can earn between visits in the local economy….but it is going downhill fast so I am thinking baout finding somewhere new to visit

    you are correct in your analysis….bim wakey wakey you gotta get some balls and sort your corrupt and minept politicians out…or you will go backwards…maybe that what you all want

  10. Maaaaaan...

    De sun hot en wunnuh exspeck I gyne do sumting?
    Dah gyne gotta wait til de sun cool!

    We is laid-back Bajans, so laid-back we can’t even identify the state of national depression we now find ourselves in.
    Said depression has now rendered us incapable of the necessary action to rejuvenate the tourism product on the ground. I talking bout simple things like sprucing up the whole place with paint, utilising school-children to clean up the endless litter all bout de place, making the Police work for their salary by curbing crime, removing Dottin, replacing Dottin…I done talk…Anyone with 2 cents of forsesight coulda see this unfortunate day coming many years ago.
    Prepare to emigrate. Get your children OUT!
    Get your money OUT!

  11. 45govt

    Maaaan you are so right about the pen-pushing fool Dottin. The have had able senior officers in the RBPF, but he was never one of them.
    Perhaps he has too much on too many!

  12. Leeann

    Like Guyana, if the cops are paid decent wages for their job, then they will not be tempted to look the other way when some crimes are taking place. THAT IS ONE OF THE MAJOR PROBLEMS NOT BEING ADDRESSED. The only thing that hoteliers should be doing for their customers, is to alert them of the dangers, and probably have their own taxi service to take people to and from the hotel even on their shopping trips. The worldwide economic crisis being what it is, has become the excuse for Governments not to do their jobs.