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Barbados Government defaults on VAT refunds to business – years behind as unpaid debts mount

MP debt

Businesses forced to carry debt for the government

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner - now selling!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner – now selling!

Over the last twenty five years, I believe our small company has been a model corporate citizen on Barbados. We have no outstanding debt to either Government or the private sector, yet next week we will be forced to go cap-in-hand and beg our bankers for an overdraft facility.

Why, you may ask?

Simply to be able to cover our expenses, while we await several VAT refunds totalling over $32,000, which have been overdue for as long as two and a half years.

We are told that all the claims have been approved, but are ‘warned’ not to call the VAT office to chase when payment will be paid. Of course, we have tried to approach Government discreetly by writing to two Ministers with responsible for either for VAT or small businesses, but weeks later, neither have bothered to respond.

Recently under a banner headline in one of the media outlets entitled‘ VAT Division not taking full blame’ VAT division Auditor, Ryan Wiltshire, attempted to spread the blame onto another Government department, stating ‘it was up to the Treasury’.

Frankly, we are not interested, as already it is a burden to prop up as clearly unsustainable huge civil service that has been completely isolated from the reality of operating in the real world of commerce. And it is almost adding insult to injury when you see Government workers driving around in taxpayer funded luxury SUV vehicles.

Rarely a week goes by without hearing one Minister of another spout the importance of supporting small businesses, which are deemed globally as the best vehicles for economic recovery and employment generation.

Sadly, this appears only to be more political rhetoric and it is probably best to cease and desist at this time, as few out there believe you anymore.

Adrian Loveridge

Peach and Quiet (Barbados) Ltd


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Crimes against tourists up 50 percent over last year

Whoop Ass Barbados

Folks, it seems to me that we should be in a full scale emergency mode over the revelations by our Royal Barbados Police Force that everything is going to hell on the south coast.

Economic terrorism is what it is alright, but the stage was set ten years ago when the political class de-funded the police to the extent that very few new recruits are of the quality that Bajans deserve.

But Nevermind the pointing fingers: we doan fix this real soon and you can kiss the economy goodbye even more than we’re already doing.

Time for action. No time left for “community meetings” or “searching for the root cause of crime”.

Time the police opened a new can of Whoop Ass…

Big jump in tourists crime

Crime against visitors are up by almost 50 per cent for the year. Continue reading


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