Barbados lawyer shows backside to judge, tells her to “Kiss my Ass”… and the judge runs away!

kiss my ass judge

How much is rumour? How much it true?

I don’t know much about normal behaviours by lawyers and judges because I try to avoid contact with those kinds of people at all costs. What really happened in the Nation’s story? Who are the people?

But I have a feeling that when this type of behaviour goes unpunished (if it happened as rumoured), it’s really all over. And what’s with the judge running away? What does that say about how the judge views her authority? What the #$@! is happening ’bout hey?

Hopefully this will not be another incident like gun in Parliament where the public were left not knowing what really happened but the respect for Parliament was undermined.

From The Nation

Legal Shocker!

AN INCIDENT earlier this week involving a veteran attorney at law and a High Court judge has left the legal fraternity in an uproar.

According to reports a Queen’s Counsel after a verbal outburst directed at the female judge, turned around and backed her, lifted his robe and bent over while uttering a profanity.

The incident, which took place in the corridor outside the judge’s chambers, was witnessed by several attorneys, including another QC, court staff and court marshals.

It is understood that the incident left the judge in a distressed state and has since been reported to Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson. Sources said that technical staff had been asked to review the cameras to see if the incident was captured on tape.

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26 responses to “Barbados lawyer shows backside to judge, tells her to “Kiss my Ass”… and the judge runs away!

  1. 149

    I refer to the Untouchables.
    I hope that this Lawyer is delt with accordingly and not left here, and I don’t care who he is, he could be the biggest big up, These Lawyers are a Law
    under themselves and something needed to be done about them long ago.
    We Bajans always like to wait until it is too late to do some thing about what is going on.
    This is the ulimate. GROSS respect to the system. He should be behind bars all like now.

  2. 45govt

    I agree 149 – but the injustice system in B’dos has been a third world embarrassment for decades. Judges do as they like, leave the Island without handing down judgements on completed cases for years without sanction. The lawyers routinely tief their clients’ funds, and there are more crooks at the bar than at Dodds, which is where most if them should be.
    One monkey showing his rear end to another is routine in the animal world, and animals are more refined than the scumbags at the Bar in Bim.

  3. I say, “Hear! Hear!” to 149 and 45govt. I hope that the names of both the QC and Judge involved in this disgraceful episode will soon be revealed on BFP, subject to there being no restrictions preventing this, of course. Joe and Jane Public have a right to know this.

  4. Carson C. Cadogan

    Who was the lawyer and who was the Judge?
    BFP dont tell me that you are too afraid to call the names!

  5. Kelly

    It may be a Shepherd or a Sheep

  6. Kelly

    SONIA could ride…… was the RICH….est calypso by Mallet

  7. Jeriel

    Who said the he skin his ass at the Judge, they wear so much cloth that he could have been pulling his gown from the floor, also those Judges make the Lawyers and clients wait so long then to come and tell you come back in 2 months, don’t they think the people have to work, I onced work in the Legal field, so I know whats it like going to court and delivering documents that are not needed because the Judge is not there.

  8. KAB

    I like Kelly’s point..i see where you going with this one…

  9. 26

    I hope it is not the shepherd because he has been know to bend over for male sheep.

  10. dansaha

    I am going to play the sex card, if I am reading between the lines correctly, was dealing with the opposite would the outburst be the same?

  11. just want to know

    My mudda uses to tell we chil’ren you tek a hog from the mud you clean it dress it up in tux and put um to sit at table, wen e don e goes right back in de mud en cover hesef in de mud agen. Deplorable behaviour, especially our top law enforcement court.

  12. BFP

    Carson: We don’t know the names. Anyone know anything more than rumour?

  13. bajanabroad

    Maybeeeee you all should get the full story before calling for people to be punished etc. Barbadians just love to jump to conclusion. A QC is not simply going to do something like that because he just feels like or that he believes that it can be done with impunity. While I do not condone his actions, don’t you think there was a course of events which ultimately led to the incident in question? And the headline is quite misleading… if the incident did go down as “reported” then the judge did not “run away” but more likely than not recused herself to avoid any claim of biased being brought by the QC’s client after the fact, which is the correct course to take.

  14. The Watcher

    @ bajanabroad.
    You are so right. Bajans love rumor just as much as they love embellishing them. What isn’t said may be what is the most important thing in this whole story
    I’ll tell you this though. They are many females that make up the government at the highest levels and they seem to be unable to work together for the good of the country.
    This particular judge shows up two and three hours late for court and no one says anything about that. But she got a little “lift-ass and its news.
    People are tired of foolishness in this country. What we’re seeing, whether its right or wrong, proper or improper, is the result of this collective frustration.
    Fix the problems!

  15. Sankofabird

    @bajanabroad and @the Watcher….what foolishness you all talking. What message is being sent to our children and grand children. What ever happened to “there is a time and place for everything”? What ever happened to self control and discipline? Whatever happened to decency and respect? If there is such breakdown within the walls of the court house, how wunna expect de police to deal wid dem rude boys on the outside. You all crazy or what? I am absolutely horrified.

  16. Carson C. Cadogan

    I hear yuh, Kelly!!!

  17. Carson C. Cadogan

    “anyone know anything more than rumour?”

    ………..but wunna does post nuff rumor wen wunna readi!

  18. Morton

    ‘@149”This is the ulimate. GROSS respect to the system. He should be behind bars all like now.”

    You mean gross disrespect, right? And of course, that is because it is alleged none of the senior attorneys HAVE any respect for the judge and a few others too.

    That IS the issue and he is eccentric so was the only one who did what the others allegedly actually WANT to do. And better believe that it will get worse, the others may not do it there, but they are certainly dismissive.

    And as for ‘got it on tape’, I thought tape was not allowed in courts? Finally, you really think he will be punished? If he is, it will only blow the whole thing bigger, across the news and legal world outside.

    Where did she come from before her appointment? Central Bank? How did that one work?

    And she was ‘distressed’ from this alleged action?

    Cuh dear.

  19. Well Well

    All a bunch of scum bags form Alair to Sonia……..

  20. set up?

    It sounds like this may be a set up to discredit a lawyer who challenges incompetent judges? We should hear the whole story in its entirety.The Chief Justice is part of the problem, collecting monies while sitting on files.

  21. Well Well

    Which Chief Justice??? they have been a gaggle of corrupt ones……what set up, Alair is lacking in respect and Sonia knows who she can push around. Both scum.

  22. Pieter Pieper

    Would it not be better and more sensible to be fully informed of all the details before jumping to conclusions ? Should we not know all the facts before crucifying Mr.Shepherd /

  23. The Oracle

    Pur justice system is so f****d up with Judges who won’t give decisions until double digit years have passed, lawyers who steal clients money and remain unpunished, people who rarely get justice from the Courts, that Sheperd’s behavior is entirely appropriate! The rest of the Judges can kiss my ass too, lawyers can line up and emulate their example when they are finished.

  24. Greg

    An unprofessional bajan lawyer? Say it ain’t so.

  25. Pieter Pieper

    Mr.Shepherd’s colour,ethnicity,race age,sexual orientation,size or condition of his posterior is of absolutely no relevance to the issue at hand.He is just another Barbadian !
    Except for lawyers in Barbados,almost everyone else would agree that our judicial system has long been BROKEN and nothing is being done …by the 21 lawyers who are members of parliament,the Chief Justice or the Barbados Bar Association…to FIX it.Just consider the observations and comments from the Caribbean Court of Justice with respect to the length of time it takes for matters brought before the courts in Barbados to be resolved and the enormous costs to those seeking justice.The old adage “justice delayed delayed is justice denied” means nothing to our judiciary.Those few members of the judicial system who have a conscience,consequently suffer extreme FRUSTRATION… which is the catalyst for this type of behaviour !
    Mr.Shepherd’s behaviour,crude and rude as it might have been,may yet provide the impetus for immediate change in the judicial system.(although change is unlikely).He may have been using “sign language” for “get up off your ass and dispense justice with greater alacrity”.
    PS.He is not the only one who has acted out “inappropriately”. Let us not forget the incidents in Parliament wherein an MP is alleged to have displayed a gun in a threatening manner or another MP suggesting to another to “haul yuh muddah sc—“, the incidents at Alexandra and Garrison Secondary schools etc. etc.The system is BROKEN and those in authority should FIX it otherwise the resulting FRUSTRATION will lead to total ANARCHY !

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