Canadian reader Luvs Bim wonders where the Barbados vacation adverts have gone!


Only one Barbados property listed in Air Canada’s newspaper advertising

contributed by Luvs Bim

Air Canada Vacations’ full page ad in the Travel Section of the March 30 Toronto Star included 23 properties under the heading Caribbean & Mexico.  They were in:

Mexico 4
Cuba 3
Dominican Republic 3
Aruba 2
Antigua 2
Bahamas 2
Saint Lucia 2
Cayman 1
Turks & Caicos 1
Costa Rica 1
Jamaica 1
Barbados 1 (Couples)

Of course, advertising will not cure all that ails the Barbados Tourism Industry; but surely it must be part of the mix needed to reverse the downward spiral.

It is curious that the only property advertising in the Weekend Travel Section in the largest circulation newspaper in Barbados’ third largest market is the one under new Jamaican ownership – even while undergoing updating of their plant.  As there is no flying fish in the ad, Couples must be spending their own advertising budget without assistance from BTA.

Have the Bajan owned resorts closed for the Summer?


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14 responses to “Canadian reader Luvs Bim wonders where the Barbados vacation adverts have gone!

  1. Peter Quinlan

    You can thank the BTA for that. This completely mismanaged organization doesn’t even realize that my province (Newfoundland) is indeed in Canada. Repeated attempts by me to have this reflected on their website have only fallen on deaf ears. No wonder no one from here travels there.

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    According to the Barbados Advocate editorial today, that ‘(Rihanna) campaign is working exceptionally well’.
    If so, why are the long stay visitor arrivals DOWN 9 per cent in January and 9 per cent in February. TWO of the four critical winter months.

  3. Rastaman

    @Adrian loveridge: Because she was never going to bring any additional long stay visitors…LOL

  4. sith

    It is about the price. distance and a outdated currency system that has tied the Barbados dollar to the worlds strongest currency, the US$. Value for money is much greater at other destinations.

  5. Yo, Sith.....

    Are you talking devaluation?


  6. Canby

    I was in Lime Grove yesterday and there was a rather large “vacation” tourism presentation in the centre of the mall. There were about a dozen tables with representatives from airlines, hotels, restaurants all from St.Maarten. The people were pleasant, informative and did not try to hard sell anything.
    I have not seen anything like that in Canada concerning Barbados. So it’s not surprising that tourism is down. The Barbados powers that be are certainly not helping themselves, the people or economy of Barbados in anyway.

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Central Bank of Barbados – First 3 months of 2013.
    ‘arrivals from the US and Canadian markets fell by 13 per cent 15 per cent respectively’ and ‘loss of flights originating from Dallas and reduced seat capacity out of Toronto’.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    Canby, Our annual re-DISCOVER the Caribbean Show used to bring in over BDS$1 million each year of foreign exchange with 22 Caribbean countries participating. The BTA withdrew any funding and stated they did not have enough staff (out of 130 plus) to put two members on a stand for a day and a half. We always had great support from St. Maarten and the French side, St. Martin.

  9. John Smith

    I do not understand the continued coverage of the BTA and its failures. As long as positions in one of our most important institutions continue to be filled through nepotism, origin, and looks, no professional result will ever materialize.
    Hire the best professionals with international experience, establish budgets and targets, be creative and different (unlike the show on Wednesday for Britain and Ireland’s next top model finale at Porter’s Great House which was reminiscent of the 70s…, another lost opportunity!) and run it like a company!
    But of course, then Edwina’s daughter, you know, David’s cousin, the one with the sweet smile, will be left out. And surely, we cannot allow THAT to happen!!

  10. repeat visitor

    as a canadian i did my bit this year: i encouraged a co-worker to go to barbados on a holiday, a person who has before been to cuba (cheaper of course). he ended up at an air canada holiday at the discovery bay hotel in holetown, loved it, but noted that the hotel was virtually empty by the second week he was there and that many staff were being laid off…how can this be? canadians would love a great, modest place like that! why is there no advertising: this is a place you can enjoy, eat well, be safe in and swim in the world’s best beaches!!! they just don’t know… i am puzzled. i should be hired to do promo for barbados here because no one else is.

  11. Luvs Bim

    April 13 Toronto Star Travel Section – Air Canada Vacation ad score card

    Caribbean and Mexico properties = 20. Barbados properties = ZERO

  12. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    yes, but if the BTA filled Barbados with visitors from all over the world….there would not be anything to complain about…no time time for limin coz all the people busy working in hotels etc

    maybe it best to not have tourists or the employment and money they bring and then the bajans can still have a good old moan

  13. Duppy Lizard

    It seems like someone is purposely eroding our source of income,,,,,Maybe the words of a recent visitor muslim activist to our shores who stated that we have to stop being a nation of servers (tourist trade),,,much liken to Barrows ,,longing for the day that not a cane stalk should be seen,,, are being put to train,,,,

  14. Brambados

    I was shocked to see a Barbados advertisement as one of the pre movie commercials before a top box office movie in a movie theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (a mostly low-rent ‘burb of Toronto) last week (May 2013). Very dull mostly text commercial – but it was there.