Harlequin: The promises and the reality

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

The promises!

David Ames pumped a computer generated paradise and a Ponzi pyramid scheme that required ever more ‘investors’ to keep it going.


The Reality!   (click on photo for large size)

The Merricks, Barbados

Abandoned a few weeks ago. Now a visual blight on the coast because our Barbados politicians let it happen for a few dollars and a glass of champagne or two.

(Big shout out to a loyal BFP reader who took the photo. See you at Marcia’s Place, Oistins on Friday night!)

Lawfirms inundated with victims

“Law firms Kobalt Law, Carter Lemon Camerons and Regulatory Legal have been inundated with calls from investors for advice over their Harlequin holdings.

Nicolette-Elizabeth Crozier, spokesman for CLC, said a series of meetings has been set up in its London offices throughout April for those parties who have been affected or concerned.

She said: “Clients will be attended by one of the senior lawyers who specialise in civil fraud claims.”

Investors attending the free initial meeting are required to bring copy documentation prior to attending to enable CLC to provide case-specific advice.”

… Complete Financial Times article: Law firms inundated with Harlequin Property calls


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347 responses to “Harlequin: The promises and the reality

  1. Alec

    We seem to be going through “to Hell in a hand basket Part 2”

  2. The Equalizer

    The end is coming close for Mr & Mrs Ames and the son…. hope they like prison food

  3. 95

    What goes around comes around, that’s what my Grandmother used to say

  4. Rastaman

    Wish it would happen to the CLICO lot!!!!

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  6. Last call from CPC Worldwide!
    Nikki Crozier announces the closing date of Monday 15th April for Clients wishing to join the class action against Harlequin.
    0191 386 2487

  7. ……………..ATTENTION………………….

    Last call from CPC Worldwide,

    Nikki Crozier announces closing date of Monday 15th April for clients wishing to join the class action against Harlequin property.

    Tel: 0191 386 2487
    E-mail: cpcholding@europe.com

  8. Anon73

    I recognised that photo of Ames, and it is the photo on the Harlequin page entitled “Our Founder” I am not sure you see sections entitled “our founder” on many development sites, is fairly self-obsessive. This is a man who took and took and gave nothing back. A man who has built less than 5% of what he had contracted to build over the last 7 years, who has left a trail of debt across the islands and across the UK, who does not have planning permission for what he has sold, who does not protect investor money via escrow accounts, but rather ensures he can spend it on anything he wishes, including personal loans to him and his family. Now people are no longer investing, the well is dry and the money is gone (lots into his own bank account) This is what he says about himself:

    Dave Ames is a British Entrepreneur who has had a range of successful businesses in the UK over the last 30 years.

    A visionary and creator, Dave Ames has designed business models and systems which are unique in their market place. It is this that defines Harlequin Group’s competitive advantage in the market place and provides the impetus for an entrepreneur who is constantly seizing new opportunities, identifying new markets and revolutionising market places.

    He has a unique skill in recognising opportunities and managing economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations into practical account.The Harlequin brand has seen considerable growth over the last three years, supported by the sales mechanism of Harlequin Property and 3,000 independent property brokers throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

    His dynamic, forward-thinking approach and drive have led him to create ground-breaking concepts that have evoked a revolution of the investment property and destination resort markets.

  9. shirley

    Nikki Crozier announces clients wishing to join the class action against Harlequin have until April the 15th to register their claim and provide documentary evidence .

  10. Name.

    Yew tell them, Anon73!
    That Dave Ames is a honey. Pure as the driven snow!

  11. 138

    Interesting he has a “range of successful businesses over 30 years” You see nothing about him online other than fraud in Thailand and allegations elsewhere. He is twice bankrupt, not sure that reflects his 30 years of success.

  12. Beggars Belief

    I think they must have commissioned Harlisuccess to write that little biography of our great leader. He has often waxed lyrical on here and elsewhere, reminding us of the true genius of a true businessman. Anyone who says otherwise is a green-eyed failure with there (sic) own evil agenda.

  13. Dave’s a good lad, maybe a bit out of his depth but such are the occupational hazards of an ambitious businessman….at least nobody can say its been boring….

    As mark twain said, “in 20 years time you regret what you didn’t do not what you did”

    This will blow over in a few months….

  14. Mr Blue

    After 20 years of prison food and unwanted ‘loving’ from amorous cell mates, Dave may just regret what he did.

    Sitting down is a pleasure he will soon be unable to partake in.

  15. yatinkiteasy

    @Nick..This is not blowing over..too many people losing too much money.The projects will never get built, the planes will never fly, the Marina at BB will never happen…dreams and more dreams, but what is the reality?

  16. @yatin…..time will tell. Daves not far off retirement too and with a Carribean passport can’t see him sticking around to clean up this mess

  17. yatinkiteasy

    I think he might have a long retirement…if you know what i mean.

  18. 138

    Ames is not a businessman Nick. Businessmen have business plans. His only plan was to scam commissions, that was always overriding priority, the business was designed primarily to do that. The business was not designed to build out what was sold to the people he duped. He duped people so that he could get rich. Ames deserves to get the same sentence as Stanford, he deserves to never get out of prison and if there is any justice system in the uk, he never will. Am sure mad off and stanford also were out of their depth. The difference between these crooks and straight people, is that when they know they are insolvent and there is only failure ahead, innocent people then shut the business and don’t keep duping more people to keep things from collapsing. Crooks keep using innocent people’s money when all is clearly lost, and ames is as crooked as it gets.

  19. Mr Blue

    @Nick, that passport won’t be much good. With the money he owes in the Caribbean there’s nowhere he could hide. Prison would be safer.

  20. Been had

    I was at the London meetings yesterday at the reality is that Ames has about 11 days left for the stat demands to expire.
    Gareth Fatchett seems like a nice chap and he is well in control of the situation.
    I left the meeting feeling very sorry for a few people in the room. I have time on my side and the loss wont effect me that much as I had 1 unit. I spoke to a few people yesterday who had invested in multiple units, mainly an elderly couple who had put trust in Ames and given him their life savings. you could see and hear the stress they are going through as they come to realize that their investment could be worthless something like 10p in the £1.
    I just hope that justice prevails and the authorities never let anything like this happen again.

  21. 180

    Seem slike the only ones to complete now are the ones with the cash to buy outright – I have been told by HP because I cannot fund the outstanding balance I have lost my unit to somebody who can!
    Seem like if your one of the lucky ones with cash you may get out in one piece but not the majority of us!

  22. 180

    Has anyone else lost their unit to a cash buyer?

  23. Sid

    Surely that can’t happen?

  24. yatinkiteasy

    To Anon…The lucky ones are those that will just lose their deposits…the unlucky ones are those that have paid or will pay cash for “their” units.

  25. 180

    Yankin – how can they be worse of when they have title?

  26. Sid

    Title of what? A property in a resort that doesn’t make any money and may well close. It’s like owning a cabin on the Titanic!

  27. Erica Broughton

    Can you all help me please my thinking is if you have 300 units potentially worth 300,000 that amounts to 90 million??? (not that good with maths) so please correct me if I am wrong.Mr Ames and Mr Terry claim that BB is worth 250 million my question is how much as it cost ALL investors to build?? does that not mean that completing is actually a brilliant options as you could potentially end up with other investors money paying for your unit as well as you???Or is my logic wrong?

  28. Beggars Belief


    I thought that one of the benefits that was sold to investors was the exit strategy of being able to sell on your investment even prior to completion.

    Surely if HP have found someone willing and able to complete on a unit that you have paid your 30% deposit on, then haven’t they effectively found you a buyer for your unit? Shouldn’t they now be giving you back your deposit plus the uplift (based on their own projections of ever increasing unit value) minus their 10% handling fee?

  29. 180

    BB – yes if that was the case it would be brilliant, but they don’t they just move your deposit onto another unbuilt property for you to complete on in the future (well if there is a future)

  30. 180

    Erica – I think your partly right, If you take Ames figure of £300 million, thats the land value, the property value and the communal areas/ restaurants/ pools etc
    Ames has funded this through investment in other resorts soin my opinion yes, if people gain title, the cross migration of funds means they have gained out of other resorts deposits

  31. homefront

    So if I am a new investor I can buy a unit outright now,at a heavy discount I imagine,How about a large group investing a small amount to buy a unit,would that give some kind of negotiating platform ,assuming title was legal?possibly an incomplete one much cheaper with a local builder to complete? or is any rescue too late,?any thoughts?

  32. 100

    The valuation is absurd. Without clarity of accounts, it is impossible to value. Balance sheet is a starting point and it surely would be horrendous if they actually had one. Look at it this way, anyone taking Ames’s operation on as is has the obligation to build another 1000 units or so as per contracts, with 30% of the purchase price already gone. Have to basically hope can build out all units and common areas for 70% of the purchase price (without going into the details as to how that construction finance is raised in first place) The real estate play as structured is probably worthless as doubful there is any profit there, if not a liability. What do you do with the units once built anyway? No chance of filling them, so they would sit there and incur cost.

    Resort operation apparently loses money, so also a liability as is. Given that developer will not own any units as all sold, is just buying central facilities that really cannot generate business other than from inhouse guests. As it is now an AI, there really is no money to be made from those areas, so they just tie in with resort operation – perhaps could lease the areas to the resort, but would not be much. From what I saw, maybe pay a couple of million for the central facilities such as they are in this operating climate, pay nothing for the land as it is already essentially sold off to investors. You’d only pay for the facilities if you thought they could give you a return, so not without risk. Based on what is known, and assuming all the contracts with investors are legally binding and all units must be handed over to investors, you could say Ames’s real value at BB is less than US$5m (today, I doubt anyone would give him more for his set-up as is). He has the liability of building all those sold units at BB (and not even going into how he accounts for all the deposits taken from the other resorts, which must be sitting as payables to those other companies, and would be huge – and relates to the point Erica made above), has a loss making hotel in an island with no international airport. A risky proposition, one that could work, but not worth taking if outlaying millions of dollars. This, as I say, is one way of looking at it at a glance – commercial/development land is only worth what you can get out of it in terms of real estate sales or commercial/resort operation, and as things are, it is very little. BB as an entirety including the built units of course would be worth more, but what is the point of valuing it as an entirety when the units are owned by the investors individually and the central facilities owned by BB? If investors want to borrow against their unit, that is their individual mortgage against their individual unit valuation.

    As said before, total rethink and replan is required for BB and its 1200 investors to have a future.

  33. Sid

    Hi 100, you seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject and make a lot of sense. Do you think there is any way Ames could be forced to hand BB over to a new management team as part of a rescue operation?

  34. Beggars Belief

    I agree. 100 seems to have a clear understanding of the hospitality industry in the Caribbean and makes more sense than most on here.

    Is it feasible that, if HP was able to find someone to complete on every unit ready to hand over at Buccament Bay, that the amount of cash flowing into the business could kick- start the remaining construction? Would it be a sufficient slug of money to put them on a road which could possibly lead to them fulfilling their obligations?

    Is this what the investor roadshows are really about? Trawling around for people with the necessary funds to complete on a unit? Are the roadshow presentations going to be one more sales pitch aimed at those investors who are sitting on capital?

  35. Been had

    Surely not, anyone would have to be crazy to even think about giving Ames another penny.
    And if he tries any type of sales pitch he needs to get lynched.

  36. Sid

    What annoys me most is that the 300 complete units have been available for hand-over for years, but weren’t. Why? Did HP want to keep them and pocket all of the rental income without having to split it? If they had of handed over on completion, that would have raised plenty of cash to continue with the builds. It seems to me that the focus has been on bringing in more and more SIPP’s money rather than delivering against their obligations.

  37. Beggars Belief

    I fear that the roadshows might be planned as further sales opportunities.

    They should be about being absolutely honest with investors about all the events over the last few months.

    In terms of giving confidence to investors about the “restructuring” then the following should be the minimum that needs to be provided:

    1. Detailed construction programmes with key milestone dates for every resort.
    2. Evidence that all the necessary funds are in place to build all the units already sold without requiring a single future sale.
    3. Details of how each construction site will be actively managed to avoid a future occurance of funds being handed over for work that had not been properly completed.
    4. An explanation for why communication broke down with BDO and the steps that are being taken to appoint new independent auditors for HMSSE Ltd. A further commitment that the annual accounts will be published on or before the deadline set by Companies House.
    5. An explanation of the qualifications placed on the HMSSE accounts by BDO and the substance of the report that BDO sent prior to their resignation.
    6. A commitment that all accounts for all related Harlequin companies will be published and lodged in the Companies Houses relevent to their jurisdiction.

    I’m sure there are lots of other things that investors might reasonably request to be presented. Someone should put in writing the evidence that will be required at each of the roadshows and send this in the next few days so that everything can be gathered in time to present to investors.

  38. anonymous96

    BB. last estimate for build cost of the remaining 5700+ units was approximated by someone with construction knowledge as being around the billion mark, inc infastructure, amenities etc. don’t think 90 million will get very far in the scheme of things.

  39. Beggars Belief

    Agreed, @anonymous at 4.27pm but it might be enough to get things going to the next stage which in turn will kick start the next round of completions which will release the next slug of finance.

    I do realise that this is a very optimistic outlook but just wondered if the whole thing could be possible on this basis.

  40. St George's Dragon

    Can anyone enlighten me as to exactly what investors were told they were buying?
    There seems to be a school of thought which says that investors will own just their own cabana / villa and that the resort central facilities etc., will be owned by someone else (Harlequin or a future hotel operator).
    Surely the money to build the whole resort came from investors so they should own a share of the central facilities as well.
    What is the real position? Was it set out in any contract?

  41. Sid

    What I think we are all overlooking, but I’m sure Ames is fully aware of, is that he has had commitment in the form of 30% deposits from 6,000 people all of which owe him the remaining 70% of their contract value. Assuming he is owed an average of £100k per investor he has a future order book of £600m to play with. Add to that any rental income from the resorts as they complete and there is plenty of available cash to complete all sold resorts. What he needs to do is stop selling new developments and focus on bringing in the capital that is owed on the resorts he has already sold, mainly by sorting out the mortgage deals he promised and people need to complete. Remember, he has only taken deposits so far and to my knowledge doesn’t owe any banks or VC’s. It’s completely salvageable if you do the maths.

    BTW, I am far from being a HP supporter but think that is what David Ames is banking on when he talks about having available capital. Maybe he has an investor lined up and is using the £600m still owed as well as the hotels, land etc he owns as security.

  42. perplexed

    There seem to be so many un-resolved loose ends in reference to Buccament Bay that in my mind nothing short of total appropriation by the
    government of SVG would create the means to try to unravel the mess.
    Ultimately, whoever takes over the management of BB will have to start with
    a clean slate. This could be done in a series of steps. It has been stated
    on BFP that someone noticed raw sewerage next to their plunge pool. On
    the one visit I made to the site I noticed stagnant ponds behind the tennis
    court screening. It seemed to me at the time they were acting as sludge
    holding ponds. SVG could simply give Harlequin x days to install state of
    the art sewerage treatment and if not simply appropriate in the name of
    public safety/health. Then charter a public corporation and give each
    investor (except for FDNRM..already a freeholder) one share of non-voting
    stock. The public corporation would have to be ABSOLUTELY transparent.
    Then only after all property land titles have been vetted and cleared lease
    the entire resort to a RECOGNIZED & QUALIFIED resort operator.
    Ideally after a few years BB would be established as a truly top-rate
    destination in the Caribbean.
    A lot of holes exist in this arguement. I read two days ago about the
    central meat market in Kingstown, SVG, in i-witness-news.com and it
    does’nt appear that public health issues are a major concern. No one
    seems to know what tax concessions were granted to BB and for how
    long. This proposal goes against everything I hold true and dear, namely
    a life-long belief in the free market. But unfortunately sometimes
    governments must act in the name of its citizens and in this case
    overseas investors. None of this is written in stone but at least it could
    be a step toward discussion of attaining resolution.

  43. perplexed

    I hope you’re right

  44. yatinkiteasy

    @ Sid…surely you are not serious. Ames will only be “owed” 70% of the contract value from the thousands of investors who paid 30 % deposit , when he builds the units and resorts..which does not look like it is going to happen.In fact, the completion dates for those contracts have all expired, I believe. He does not seem to have the cash to finish two “show units: at Merricks!….or complete the H hotel in Hastings, Barbados, far less build Hotels, Golf Courses etc in St Lucia, DR and Merricks. Do you think that he is not aware that he owes the investors what he promised to build years ago?

  45. Sid

    If I were Ames, I would work very hard to capitalise what I could out of BB. I would invest part in completing the outstanding units at BB and would capitalise them, and would spend the rest on finishing the next resort, which guess what…..can be sold for profit……which can be used on the next resort and so on. It will take years, but with every sale he is banking >£100k. I can’t understand why the only focus so far has been taking deposits when the big money is realised when the unit completes. I’m only guessing, but I can’t believe these concrete builds cost much to make so the profit margin on each much be healthy. The only reason I can see for not completing all the apartments is that there isn’t enough demand for holiday makers, in which case they need to focus on getting people in through a proper marketing strategy, not by handing huge wads of cash over to retired Liverpool footballers. Maybe it’s time to bring in a more experienced management team who can focus on the business as a whole, not just selling more and more developments…….which I must add they have done very well. Usually the thing that kills a business is a lack of customers, where HP have managed to get 6000 people to cough up significant deposits on properties that don’t exist. I’m hoping the plan was to push for sales until they reached a point of saturation when the focus would turn to delivery. That could explain why BB was finished as a kind of show-home for HP. Here’s hoping heh!

  46. Red Watch

    If you went to any of the meetings and got the facts from professional people who have proof to back up the statements you would be in a position to comment. The plans moving forward force Ames to ‘engage’ or go bust….. little short of a magical last ditched attempt will save him

  47. Short Legs

    You are very quite? Finally have you decided you have been conned?

  48. yatinkiteasy

    @ Sid…”That could explain why BB was finished as a kind of show-home for HP.”….just so you know..BB is not finished.In fact, only about 25% of the villas that were sold have been built.

  49. perplexed

    If you can scroll back a couple of weeks and find the photo of the
    fire at one of the unfinished “villas” you will see the state of derilection
    of a lot of what has been built. Maybe someone can direct you.
    I can’t remember exactly where it is…..

  50. Sid

    @Red Watch & @yatinkiteasy, Fair enough. I’m just trying to put a positive spin on things as it’s clear I won’t be getting a refund. Just hoping something can be done to get things moving.

  51. Just as a matter of interest ? call up HP travel tomorrow and try and book a holiday in BB including flights from the UK .. Good luck, because they cant do it -..Then ask them why ?

  52. Wow

    Sid. You are on the right track, I like it,it’s all good.Buccament bay,4 Ever.St Vincent this is your time. god bless you all x

  53. Anonymous

    Mike – odd thing to throw in without explanation?

  54. Beggars Belief

    @ Mike, why not save us the bother and tell us why Harlequin Travel can’t book a holiday with flights.



  56. Sid

    @Mike, go on……

  57. Sid

    @Short Legs, he doesn’t like shouting.

  58. perplexed

    Oh my! The fire at BB os on BFP 10 May 2012. Picture shows
    the bucket brigade to put it out. Allegedly cause by disgruntled
    workers. I visited months after this photo and no more construction
    had occurred.

  59. Erica Broughton

    @Perplexed 5.15/ One of the biggest issues to me about BB is the raw sewage I was told that in the early days this was put into the sea at night,this was before the swimming pool was constructed, I have never had the urge to go and swim in my own toilet never mind a mass toilet I I do not know if they have a flag system in the Caribbean but what I do know is that ever since I did swim at BB I have had different health problems.I just wish I had known

  60. Short Legs

    ok no shouting 🙂
    I attended the meeting this week held by the investor group and its just not possible you have title – you may think you have but its simply not true.

    Nobody has title to BB so you may want to change your name? FRM?

    One lady was under the same illusion as you, but she did not have title

  61. Karma is comming to get you....

    it does give me some sort of pleasure in knowing Dave Ames must worried about his ‘baby’ being taken off him and facing bankruptcy for the third time, and his son and wife…… anyone else share that?

    He will not be able to hide the money, it always has a trail.

    its called Karma I believe.

  62. Red Sun

    Dave Ames used contractors like O’Halloran to skim money out of the company. The money is in Barbados banks in US dollars. He also used a guy named KEVIN WEBSTER to take out money and store for him.

  63. perplexed

    @ Erica –You’re right, Yuck!
    @ Red Sun – The walls are beginning to talk. If we add to your posting
    that of GingerGirl re: a meeting at the Hilton in Bridgetown sometime
    earlier this year between O’Halloran, Andrew Smith (PID) and Ames
    its not difficult to come up with some enteresting theories. But at this
    point they are just that – theories.

  64. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Red Sun, that’s why O’Hallorans partner Newman set up Harlecon. To flag up to the world about O’Hallorans partner DA running a scam. I think not! Your conspiacy theory does not add up at all.

  65. 68

    Red Sun – bull shit
    FDRM – has never said he has title but has proven he gets a return – your right nobody has title but I am progressing with Williams & Williams to get it – the only thing that needs clarification is the ALHF concession and its signed over

  66. Beggars Belief

    @ anonymous @4.42pm

    Is that the only issue outstanding on the completion contracts? Has the relationship between the unit owner and the resort operator been captured in a water-tight way? Surely the contracts must have an annex that puts in writing the formal relationship with the resort operator? Does it link to maintenance contract which sets in stone the responsibility of the resort operator to maintain and refresh the unit? Does it capture the return on investment? Does it resolve any ambiguity about the net and gross room rate share? Does it make clear how the room rate will be calculated from the AI rate?

  67. Shart Legs


  68. Shart Legs

    FDNRM but should.

  69. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs. Right you little twat. I am taking a break but I will tell you something. I have no intention of answering your stupid inane question. Go away and play with yourself, it’s my business if I have/have not got title, not yours. Go stalk someone else. Idiot!!

  70. perplexed

    @Short Legs……….you won. But I have a lingering question. What
    the heck is a “shart”?

  71. Short Legs

    @ Perplexed just a typo sorry! should be Short Legs

  72. Short Legs

    @ FDNRM
    I must have hit a raw nerve, you are usually a most consistently repugnant chap, but not so aggressive.
    Maybe now you know you have cocked up and trying to vent you anger on me?
    Anyway how is your title?


  73. Short Legs

    I would have felt sorry for you if you have not been so, so rude, calling me a ‘little twat’

    Still happy with Harlequin now??

  74. perplexed

    Erica you have made a few posts that intrigue me. (1) Some where in
    the past you said that someone at HP in Basilden told you that funds
    were being kept and available in the Cayman Islands. (2) You
    communicated with JB (not and auditor, but a partner in a two member
    accounting firm in Essex) who stated that all investors money was
    accounted for). The next communication from him stated that he was
    travelling at the time and in the Czech Republic ( head office of PID),
    who knows where he went next. If it was Hong Kong, I can tell
    you where whatever money exists in the Harlequin fiasco is hidden.
    This whole thing is fascinating and I really hope that “investors”
    can recover something. But factor into this the posts of Gingerbred
    Girl and Red Sun.

  75. Erica Broughton

    @Perplexed It was the IFA from TM who told me the money was kept in the Cayman Islands.
    I agree that is what JB has said
    I find the idea of Mr Ames and Mr O halloran being in this together the daftest idea on here.
    Why does everyone who believes nothing coming out of Harlequin automatically believe the Irish guy stole tons of money? Could he not be as much a victim in this as we are? We never hear anything from him do we? That makes more sense to me than all the theories that they meet up have a special handshake and run of into the sunset and spend all the money together.

  76. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs. Typical little man syndrome, never know when to shut up. I am still happy with HP, but there is no need to keep asking the same question and clogging up the threads. I have no intention of telling you anything. So go away and let the adults sort this out. Got it.

  77. Short Legs

    This is what I get.

    You given Ames lots of money, you don’t have title and you don’t want to admit you have been conned like the rest of us.

    Ames has been chucking you some money each month ( your own!) and you think you were getting an income!!! you have been spending your own money. wake up!!!

    Did you show Fatchett your title?

  78. Short Legs

    Maybe I should keen moaning like FDNRM because he was nasty and called me names…….. will you say sorry?

    where is your TITLE?

  79. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs.i called you names. Didums. You will never know. Idiot!

  80. Harlisuccess

    Can anyone confirm the rumour that Paul Kenyon has had the sack from the BBC, as Truthseeker reported April 11th 9.27pm? I hope so. I have no time for low life ill-mannered bully boys who have little or no respect for anyone.How did he expect to get away with doorstepping Dr Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines?
    Why are so many of you poking your nose into other people’s affairs? Why is it so important to you to find out if anyone has completed in Buccament Bay? It’s as if thats the last thing you want to happen, because you know that the Harlequin model is working, albeit far to slow for someinvestors. Completion takes time. The ALHL takes many weeks to be granted. Some investors are nearing completion, some still in progress.
    Shart Legs.
    Why are you so rude to Fatchet Does Not Represent Me?
    Hmmm ..A massive increase in crime levels in Barbados reported for the first three months of this year. Mind your push bike doesn’t get stolen!

  81. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Hardlysuccess,
    You don’t know the first thing about local politics in the Caribbean nations do you? You sound like a propagandist for Harlequin and bonkers to boot!

  82. Eddie Lizzard2


    Any investor looking to buy the freehold to one of Buccament Bay’s 300-odd hotel rooms (a Caribbean resort that has never returned a profit) needs to seek legal advice pronto. By the way, how many freeholds are actually available?

    First of all, what are investors going to do if the SVG-based management company ceases trading? (remember the locals have not been paid). How will your freehold property be maintained ? Do you have any idea about how quickly buildings deteriorate when neglected and how soon nature takes over in the wet season? Can you get insurance for damage caused by hurricanes or surge tide?

    Next, you have to think about security. Who owns the Fixtures & Fittings? Let’s see if One Man & His Dog Sian will be able to protect BB, the building materials, computers, TVs, vehicles etc. Now, I am not suggesting that locals are tea leaves (London Cockney slang = thieves) but some of them are owed a great deal of money and might just see it as their right to reclaim what they are owed before the court appointed bailiffs move in.


  83. Short Legs

    @ FDNRM but Should – you have been conned plain and simple.
    @ EL2 of course the place will be looted, it would be anywhere in the world, I would go a step further and say you may even get squatters in there when it all goes wrong.
    @ Harlesucess – you are just plain stupid

  84. Yatinkiteasy

    @Hardlysuccess…don’t worry about my push bike being stolen, there is plenty of stuff to steal at the abandoned H construction site in Hastings. Most of the valuable building materials have already disappeared from the abandoned Merricks site.
    Did you know that the girls at BB do the most fantastic animals out of towels. Dimwit.

  85. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, well if I have been conned then that’s my business and has naff all to do with you. Now run along and stop being a silly stalker.

  86. Short Legs

    You like sticking your nose in, so just giving you a taste of your own medicine
    if your can’t stand the heat get out of the fire 🙂

    how’s your title?

  87. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    this thread is a waste of time…lots of ripped of punters shouting at each other…going nowhere and behaving like children

    the dream is over, chances are the money is gone or hidden…maybe ames will end up up in jail…maybe not, but the end result is it is all over

    calling each other names wont get anything, you all need to stay professional

  88. 91

    Why nobody else is, since when are you the boss hog

  89. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    coz I aint invested and can stand on the side and watch…and just some behave like children so others copy…result you all behave like chidlren and look small….which I guess HP are happy about as while you all shouting at each other HP are spending your money

    I am not the boss hog, but stand back and see how futile all the back stabbing etc is on this and other HP posts

    Call me names…makes no difference I aint invested and have no connection to HP…only connection I have is I visit bim for holidays

  90. anonymous55

    7ci, ocean view properties, alpha panareti cyprus, property logic morocco. just google…… just many in the last few years. HP may end up being the biggest of all if they can’t pull it off…

  91. Joe

    Ocean view yes I got caught also, HP has no future, there is just not the cash or finance to complete, strange blogs people shouting at each other, not helpful, some real information would be a help to people, i think some need to grow up. Yes HP will be the largest fall in the UK property area

  92. 'The Red Button Girl'

    Ok then, if HP don’t start talking some investors can start insolvency proceedings as soon as this Friday.

    That’s a game changer for all concerned, so you better hope Mr Fatchett and Mr Ames have a nice cosy little chat. If something is not resolved there may be some fireworks sooner than you think.

    If you attended the meetings you know I am not kidding.

  93. Joe

    Iam away ahead of you my friend,

  94. 'The Red Button Girl'

    How mad would it be if I took out a £300 million company for the a comparatively small amount? because, I will if something is not sorted out and soon………… my hand is hovering on dat button 🙂 tick, tick, tick……. ticking clock

    5 days and counting……

  95. Sid

    @’The Red Button Girl’, I know what you are talking about. Do you know how many people actually went through with it. Was it 30+?

  96. 'The Red Button Girl'

    @Sid yes, but some are due sooner than later and my hand is just hovering on dat button……….and I will press it……. Basildon bunker will not fend off this attack 🙂 pay up or wind up!!!!!!!!!

    I am going a bit crazy!!!

  97. Beggars Belief

    @RBG @Sid

    I appreciate people posting useful information on here that helps advance everyone’s understanding of the situation.

    The posts that allude to things in cryptic terms are much less useful. I do understand that some people are in delicate negotiations that cannot be shared in the public domain. In this case it is important that these are kept completely outside a forum of this kind.

    Conversely, if things are not confidential then please share them plainly and openly so everyone can benefit.

    In summary: don’t post anything at all about confidential matters. Post things clearly and unambiguously if they can be shared.

    Just a polite request.

  98. Sid

    @BB, request heard, understood and respected.

  99. 'Red Button Girl'

    Sorry, I assumed you all knew. 🙂 or been to the London meetings

    I have a stat demand, it if I am not paid this week, I can, and will ‘press the red button’

    This will put Harlequin into administration

    Does that clear up things? tick tick

  100. Beggars Belief

    Thanks for clarifying RBG.

    Is that a statutory demand for missing finance payments or for a full refund of deposit?

  101. 'Red Button Girl'

    @ BB, lets just say its a none disputed debt & it must be paid. I for one have had enough of the BS and lies, if its not me it will be someone else.

    Tick Tick….

  102. Beggars Belief


    That sounds fair enough. Will you keep us informed about if and when you get your payment?

  103. 'Red Button Girl'

    Yes I will but no news yet…… Tick Tick Mr Ames

  104. Joe

    My SD has expired and HP never even bothered doing anything so its time to pull the plug I think,

  105. 47

    if you don’t someone will, only way to stop is to pay you? that seems very reasonable to me – is it done with a lawyer? so they have no wiggle room!

  106. Joe

    Yes it is, so we will see how it goes now.

  107. Sid

    I believe there are a number of SD’s that have not been met ans that there are investors in the US who are one step ahead who now have the right to foreclose BB, but HP don’t seem to be doing much about it.

  108. Joe

    OK good to know that , there were some UK based SD’s ended today and HP have done nothing, so I guess DA is not worried, as every day gives him time to redirect what funds he has left to other ‘accounts’.

  109. 'Red Button Girl'

    Mine is UK and SVG – so either way it will happen unless paid out
    Day -5 and counting.

    Is the USA one fact or gossip? I don’t mean that to sound rude 🙂

  110. Sid

    Hi RBG, I recall reading about the US ones on a financial services website, so it’s believable. I think Fatchett’s plan was for Ames to miss the deadline to give him a strong position to negotiate from. I hear they are meeting soon so maybe this is what they will be discussing?

  111. Sid

    What I don’t get is Ames complete disregard of the SD’s on the one hand, yet all the positive spin he is giving out on the other. I’ve just read on the other forum that he has even threatened legal action against the SFO! Then there’s the updates about new offices in New York etc and the investor meetings. If he is to be believed things are going well…..so it would seem he’s set to continue trading, in which case the last thing he would want is to be liquidated. It really doesn’t make sense does it? I’m guessing that as soon as the red button is pressed all accounts etc will be frozen? Something’s not right.

  112. perplexed

    Most if not all US suppliers to the Caribbean require payment prior to
    shipping. However I do know for certain that Harlequin had/has an
    account with Tropical Shipping. When this all blows-up legally they will
    be very important because they have shipping manifests for everything that
    came out of the US. That plus costs because they prepared the import
    documents. This is important at the end to ascertain if there is any money
    being hidden off-shore. Even using world-class design and architectural
    firms plus the amazing cost of sales (including all commissions) it is rather
    difficult to spend some $300-400 million dollars and have so little physically
    to show for it.
    As a side note: Tropical is the premier ocean freight provider in the
    Caribbean and has been for decades. They have a tendency to
    rigidly go-by-the-book so I doubt if they are owed anything.

  113. Put everyone out of their misery

    If it hasn’t been done yet , will someone here just push the red button and shut that fat little c**t Ames up asap.

  114. 197

    RBG – don’t get too excited at how easy winding up will be I have been through the process before. After friday you need to advertise in the London Gazette then you have to prove the other party is unable to pay – not paying isn’t sufficient. It’s like saying Boeing owe you a thousand pounds and won’t pay – do you think they would wind the company up ? No because you have to prove they can’t pay – Harlequin will make this spin for ages!! Winding up is a real ball ache!

  115. 47

    It may be a real ball ache, but its not what you want prior to finance or investor meetings….. if Ames had the cash I think he would pay off some just to tell in investors he has done so???

  116. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Red button girl, why not just go ahead and see what happens. Do you really think that DA would be holding investor meetings next week if he thought he was going to be closed down? On another topic I see that the Panorama investigators have excelled again. Now they are willing to risk the lives of young kids for a story.

  117. Kim Jung Ames

    She is not alone……… DA believe himself……
    I watched Panorama, it reminded me of the Harlequin mentality.


  118. Beggars Belief

    Oh FDNRM you always manage to excel in being a dumbass.

    Excellent journalism in the public interest often has to break the rules and take risks. It was an eye-opener into the reality of people’s lives in North Korea and reminds us all just why Panorama has won so many awards across the world.

    Of course your approach would be to knock on the front door and ask for the Kim Jong Un guided tour and you would believe the whole pile of crap because that’s what the officials told you.

    Let’s all be thankful that great British journalism is in the hands of smarter, braver and more inspired people than you.

  119. Some of the questions I would like answering are;
    How much has the Irish court case cost?
    How much money is Harlequin suing the Irish builder for in Ireland?
    What exactly is the court case about?
    Why did Mr Ames not just walk into a Police station and report this supposed theft to a Police officer? and if this is a theft of investor funds why has the SFO not investigated ICE Group and Mr OHalloran? It just does not stack up to me!

  120. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Beggers belief, so if your child was at the LSE and not been told that their trip was a front for an investigation you would have agreed. Could have resulted in a long period of detention. That would been ok? Yes? And you cal, me a dumb ass. I pity your kids if you have any.
    1) no one knows because its not finished
    2)$13m I believe
    3)mis appropriation of money, I.e. fraud
    4)I guess it’s a civil claim not a criminal one ( but I’m no expert on that)
    5)SFO will only get involved if there is a complaint, and I guess no complaint was made.

  121. perplexed

    Erica…..”It just does not stack up to me!”
    Well it does’nt stack up to me either. As you know I postulate some
    pretty wild theories and think some of them have grains of truth.
    Three things intrigue me ——
    (1) Why was the non-audit accountant in Prague last week?
    Home office of PID
    (2) Why have the governments of BGI & SVG maintained such a
    laissez-faire attitude. They generally go over the top for the smallest
    occurance that casts any negative light on their countries.
    (3) From much earlier posts it seems that DA was fooled by Potemkin
    Villages at BB and called them movie-sets. At least I think it was
    he who was quoted as saying that.
    Anyway, just some food for thought.

  122. Surley if someone has stolen money then that is a theft not a fraud?
    I would like to know how much has been spent to date on the Irish court case?
    I was sent a pm from someone who said the court case had cost more than Harlequin are suing for? All with investors funding it?

  123. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I would doubt that. $13 m is an awful lot of money. Also if DA wins then he could claim his costs also. Also there is the bigger picture. The Newman case will follow this as they are linked together. Are you going to the investor meeting in Manchester?

  124. I am going to the meeting in Manchester and I am led to believe it is nowhere near $13m they are claiming. I do not think Mr Newmans case will go to court he is a whistle blower and will have all sorts of protection

  125. Beggars Belief

    The term “stolen” implies a criminal offence rather than civil. It would suggest that someone physically removed cash from a safe by breaking and entering. If this was so then it was clearly a police affair and so I think it is safe to say that no real theft element was involved.

    From what has been reported it would seem that the contractor received an amount of money for work that was supposed to be completed. In the event it appears that the work that was supposed to be completed was not done to an appropriate standard hence the claim against him.

    It is worth remembering that investors have no contract with ICE but instead have entrusted Harlequin to look after their funds with care and professionalism. If this case is awarded in favour of Harlequin then they have a mighty big case to answer to investors regarding the safeguarding of imvestor money. I know that some have alleged that the accountant fraudulently released money to the contractor. This is not sufficient defence to my mind because the only people authorised to release investor funds should be someone with director status (small sums could be given delegated authority but not this magnitude surely).

    If it can come as a surprise to Harlequin close to the opening day at Buccament Bay that toilets that have been paid to be installed are discharging directly into the ground then they simply cannot have had the kind of on site supervision that an investor would reasonably expect,

    If anyone has a better and more correct insight into this then please share it and put the record straight on this.

  126. Beggars Belief

    And FDNRM, all the participants on the North Korea trip were all adults who were well aware of what was happening and the risks involved.

  127. 235

    Erica Broughton asked on April 15th at 9.48 p.m.

    How much has the Irish court case cost?
    What exactly is the court case about?

    There was a preliminary hearing in the Irish High Court in 2012 which determined how strong was the Harlequin case (it was deemed as being very weak) and hence how much Harlequin should deposit by way of potential costs if they lost (seen as likely) The judge estimated the costs to be 150,000 Euros and that is what Harlequin had to put up (The O’Hallorans didn’t have to put up anything)

    The judge briefly summmarised the case here:

    “4.19 That these proceedings raise very unusual points cannot be doubted. In substance, what Harlequin alleges is that its construction contract with Mr. O’Halloran’s companies required the funds paid over by Harlequin to those companies to be used solely in the construction projects contracted for, so that it was unlawful for Mr. O’Halloran to procure that any of those monies be otherwise dealt with.”

    In plain english money was handed over to O’Halloran and the dispute is what O’Halloran was allowed to spend it on. Harlequin says construction only, O’Halloran says anything he thought appropriate. (Sounds a bit like DA and investor funds doesn’t it?)

  128. Sid

    So Ames is suing the builders for not being responsible enough with his money…..which is actually our money that HE is not being responsible with. Please someone wake me up and tell me I’ve been having a bad dream about investing some money in the Caribbean!

  129. BBaywatch

    Panorama upsetting the Dear Leader, the diminutive despot whose delusional fantasies have impoverished all around him. Wild threats and outbursts resulting – oh dear, and Kim Jong-un isn’t too happy either 😉

  130. Sid

    Love your work BB.

  131. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Beggars Belief, technically 18 is an adult, but at that age risk has to be spelt out, which I wasn’t. ” journalists are banned from entering N Korea without visas and government minders, so Sweeney posed as a history professor” If Panorama reporters want to risk their own lives, fair enough, but to risk the lives of others is unacceptable.
    Regarding the O’Halloran case, either ICE or HP employed a QS to sign off the work done, I have signed statements of that. The question is “did the QS do their work correctly?” This has been raised before and could be part of the court case evidence.

  132. perplexed

    @anon 8:35
    Is it possible under Irish law for the two parties to come to an out of
    court agreement and then have the proceedings sealed?

  133. Beggars Belief


    If HP appointed a QS to sign off work as completed to a satisfactory standard then surely it is they who should be sued.

    The QS is required to act with an appropriate degree of professionalism and their alleged negligence has caused funds to be released prematurely.

  134. 80

    Erica – I dont think HP are going after Newman – they are going after Wilkins Kennedy, well their PI really!

  135. 235

    Perplexed asked at 9:52 am
    Is it possible under Irish law for the two parties to come to an out of
    court agreement and then have the proceedings sealed?

    If the two parties came to an out of court settlement at this stage it has to be put before the judge, unless the judge believes that justice would not be served by the agreement it is unlikely that the judge would rule against it. I haven’t read anywhere that this hearing has been held in secret, if so the proceedings would not be sealed but the agreement might well remain confidential.

  136. perplexed

    @anon 11:12
    Thanks ……that keeps one of my (most think outlandish) possibilities alive.

  137. Short Legs

    I find it strange why you always leap to the defense of that Irish builder, he has stolen our money that’s the issue. if he is found guilty what will you say then?

  138. In the S**T

    On balance what I do not understand is why Harlequin do not update their investors, when people don’t know, people guess, get somethings wrong, some right but the end result is the same = total confusion and damage!!

    Why does Ames not see this, is he so arrogant or stupid? if its the normal BS next week investors are now more savvy and he will make a total fool of himself and effectively ruin what he defends so passionately??

  139. Sid

    @I.T.S, you’re right about investors being more savvy. The last thing Ames would have wanted or expected is for people to join forces and share experiences as they have. That’s maybe why he is now starting to take note. And you’re right about him having to cut the BS. It won’t be tolerated any longer.

  140. @shortlegs
    I find it strange why you always leap to the defense of that Irish builder, he has stolen our money that’s the issue. if he is found guilty what will you say then?
    Always???Most people on here do not trust Mr Ames about anything except this court case I find that a bit weird
    He has stolen our money?? You have already found him guilty!
    I will say he will probably appeal it and this will drag on for years!

    I have had several PMs and in them I have been told things I would like other peoples knowledge on hope that is okay with you I just want a clear understanding of facts not imagination

  141. Michael

    @ Short Legs – The Irish builder didn’t steal our money Dave Ames gave it to him, there is a large difference in stealing and being given something.

    @Erica – Are you the lady that runs this forum?http://www.harlequininvestors.boards.net/index.cgi, With the meetings last week atleast we wasn’t given bullshit like we usually get in the Harlequin meetings.

  142. Short Legs

    Again very defensive of the Irish ‘not yet found guilty’ robber – what will you do if he is? its a fair question.

    Will you then start attacking him the same way you attack Harlequin? You should, because he actually will be found guilty of stealing investors money & and that is something Ames has not yet been done for??

    Its a difficult question I know and you have not answered it. $13million is a fair chunk on our money

  143. @Shortlegs I will defend the Irish builder because one thing you do have to remember is this case is not about theft it is about how the money was spent and on what it was spent isnt it?
    How have I attacked Harlequin? please quote me
    I think Mr Ames is guilty for stealing all our hopes and dreams and not delivering our units in a timely manner
    So why do you defend Mr Ames so much?
    It is not 13 million is it?
    Its about 2% isnt it?

  144. Beggars Belief

    If and when O’H is found guilty by the Irish courts it still doesn’t answer the question about how he came to be in possession of investors money to which he was not entitled.

    If he was able to dip his hand in the till to help himself to investor funds then who was looking after the till?

    This question stands even if HP wins the case.

  145. 180

    BB it is alledged that Newman facilitated it for him hence the Wilkins Kennedy legal challenge

  146. @BB The other question is Who authorised a 5m loan and when is that to be paid back,

  147. Sid

    @BB, I agree with you on that. If O’H can dip into our money so easily, it makes you wonder who else can.

  148. Sid

    Hi Erica, it would be worth asking Gareth Fatchett what the rules are around directors loans. I’m sure there are limits and strict borrowing terms, especially if taking money out puts the business in financial difficulty.

  149. Beggars Belief

    @anonymous. It would be a very strange situation if the directors of a company gave their accountants authority to transfer funds from their accounts.

    If this alleged event has happened and WK authorised the payment to O’H without the directors permission then surely the primary case to be fought is the HP vs WK one. That would be very much easier to prove as well.

  150. 180

    Erica – the loan was not for frittering it was used to purchase property in Dubai, these are the properties that Harlequin Travel advertise – these are now being sold as we speak

  151. EddieLizzard2

    @ Sid et al,
    ‘The last thing Ames would have wanted or expected is for people to join forces and share experiences as they have.’

    You’re absolutely right Sid, but don’t forget Ames&Co has spent the last five years silencing anxious investors, the UK press, whistle blowers, the BBC and anyone else who dared to criticise Harlequin’s business methods. It was all done using investors’ money and I’d love to know just how much has been spent on legal fees.

    Lawyers helped keep the lid on the scam for years as they (on behalf of their client HP) threatened victims using gagging orders.Can Ames can afford to pay them anymore? Hence we can speak out…now

  152. 180

    BB – i think the winning of the O’Halloran case is instrumental in how they attack Wilkins Kennedy’s Professional Insurance. Interestingly O’H has started a new venture called Kelltek and guess who his partner in crime in – Yes Newman. And guess who was O’H main defence witness in Dublin- yes Newman!
    Oh what a tangled web!

  153. @Anonymous. Is that not assett stripping?

    Will all the money from this sale go back to investors who are now out of contract?
    I never noticed on Harlequin website Dubai as a investment opportunity? is this another thing Harlequin spent investor funds on without our knowledge? it just gets worse doesnt it. So investors money really has been spent on anything Harlequin wanted it just gets worse doesnt it

  154. 180

    No its the properties harlequin travel advertise for holidays.

    Erica have you been invited to the investor meetings?

  155. Sid

    I remember hearing earlier in the year that Ames was looking to release capital from properties he owned in Dubai, but assumed that they were personal assets he had owned for years. I didn’t think at the time that we ‘gullible investors’ had treated him to them. My investment was for BB and BB only. I would never have agreed to any of my money being used elsewhere.

  156. Beggars Belief

    I think, but may be wrong, that the Ts and Cs on the commingling of funds permitted HP to use investor money on any Caribbean project. If memory serves it did not permit the use of funds outside the Caribbean.

    Can anyone recall if this is correct?

  157. Likewise Sid
    I did recieve a email invite to Manchester but I have found out earlier today it is now going to be in Warrington instead (I think the venue has bigger conference facilities)

  158. BBaywatch

    Curious that after the initial publicity around the reporting of the Irish court case that nothing has been heard since. As ‘Anonymous’ appears to be plugged in to the bunker perhaps he or she could confirm if the case is being held ‘in camera’?

  159. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 3.53 the tie up with O’Halloran and Newman was made some time ago. Unfortunately some on here refused to see the significance, but hopefully the penny is dropping.
    Which ever “Anonymous'” BBaywatch is talking about, don’t worry everyone gets accused of having inside knowledge of HP workings. Perhaps BBaywatch could tell us?

  160. Short Legs

    @ Erica.
    I do not defend Ames ever.

    The question was about your unusual inside information you seem to have on the case, I assume you are in contact with him – you causing trouble for HP is in HIS interest can you not see that? he is not your mate.

    Everyone, has an angle,….

    The point remains, if O’Hallaron and the guy nicked our £13million they should get done. If Ames & Co have same applies.

    A directors loan must be paid back at some point , maybe that’s what he is doing, got some stuff in Dubai,now repaying the debt by selling it cos no cash in coming in?

  161. anonymous55

    SL et al. no-one one knows for sure what the outcome of the court case in ireland will be so there is no point in speculating. what i cannot understand is why people would think that JN is in cahoots?. why on earth if he had done something wrong would he report HP to the SFO not just once. it stands to reason that they would carry out a full and thorough investigation and this would include a forensic analysis that would uncover any wrongdoings or not by all parties/people involved including him

  162. @Short legs,How have I caused trouble for Harlequin?
    Are you refering to my holding the first investor meeting where people could actually ask question and recieve replies everyone I have spoken to are a lot happier now than they were before the 9th March.

    Why does it bother you if investors get together?

    You ignored my question how have I attacked Harlequin?

    At the end of the day did Mr Ames buy property in Dubai with investor funds?

    I have yet to meet anyone who is happy with Harlequin and has a clear knowledge of the end figures it just is not good enough.
    Nobody should have to barter for a refund
    You can come on here or our forum and I will discuss any and every aspect of Harlequin but I am not going to allow myself to be drawn into a personal argument where I have to defend myself.

  163. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, you get used to it with SL.
    @Anon55, the connection between O ‘Halloran and Newman is well established. Where did get the idea that Newman reported HP to the SFO?

  164. anonymous55

    fdnrm. look at harlequins own statement from dave ames issued 25th march 2013. in that statement it clearly says that they are aware that he had contacted the sfo. so if jn was doing anything wrong then contacting the sfo would be the last thing he would do don’t you think???

  165. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon55, that’s a good point, but the question is when did he contact the SFO. I suspect it was after the SFO put a section 2 on Wilkins Kennedy, which would have been the back end of last year. The way I see it was that O’Halleran and Newman were in cahoots. O’Halloran was ripping off HP and Newman was trying to protect his mate through the Harlecon/Singing pig sites. Newman became a director in Kelltek mid last year after he was forced out of Wilking Kennedy. I think they were trying to take HP down before the case came to court in Dublin. People can say what they like about DA and I’m sure some of the comments are correct, but he is a fighter and as such is not letter this pair walk over him.

  166. Michael

    @Anonymous 3:53pm – Are you Simon Taylor or Simon Terry? As Jeremy Newman only took the stand today didn’t he? So you would of had to of been in court to know this as there was only Simon Taylor and Simon Terry attending from Harlequin. Does your boss know you’re posting on here anonymously? So why not cut the crap and say who you are.

    The net is closing on this fishing expedition.

  167. @FDNRM 2010,2011,2012 according to Mr Ames

  168. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, sorry I stand corrected if that is the case. I must have missed that. In that case the conspiracy between them goes back even further. You say the venue has been changed from Manchester to Warrington? Did you get that by e-mail? They wouldn’t tell you that just to throw you a curve ball would they. Lol

  169. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Michael, how would you know that then? We’re you at the court case? Why don’t you cut the crap and say who you are? A O’Halloran stooge?

  170. @FDNRM Paul got the news by letter about the venue change and Mr Ghent has already arranged my booking at the venue thankyou for your kind concern 🙂

  171. Michael

    FDNRM – I’m an investor just like you, anyone can go and sit in the public gallery if they choose to. As an investor I choose to.

    Why don’t you say who you are? Is this another smoke screen to bump the post up??

  172. Short Legs

    I actually agree with you on the regarding O Halloran And The accountant, its your blind belief I find hard to take.

    Michael AKA Sid AKA lots of others – O Hallaran is a con man ( alleged)

    @Erica so you never speak to him – when It all comes out in the wash 🙂

  173. @short legs Speak to who? you have lost me?

  174. anonymous55

    fdnrm & sl. just 1 question. why would JN contact the sfo on numerous occasions if he had anything to hide????. they have the ultimate resources and expertise to find and trace anything. what would he have to gain? even if the court case in ireland was postponed indefinitely the investigation would go ahead so any wrongdoings by any parties (or not as the case may be) would continue…. plus i thought that whilst a court case is current that no parties are allowed to comment ?????

  175. Michael

    @Short Legs – Funny how if no one agrees with yours and FDNRM’s opinion they have to be all these other people. I can assure you that I am not Sid or anyone else I have only posted as myself.

    O’halloran might be a con man but so is Dave Ames he’s the one who has took 250 million GBP and spent it as he wishes. 6-7 million GBP is not a lot in the grand scheme of 250 million GBP is it?? So if you know so much where is the other 243 million GBP?? So much so that Harlequin has no money to pay interests payments on peoples mortgages.

  176. St George's Dragon

    Why don’t the investors find someone who they trust who is willing to go and sit in the Irish Court and report back here and on the Investor’s Forum?
    It would cut out a lot of the rumour and hearsay.

  177. Been had

    Just laughing to myself about the ”investor” FDNRM as he comments (People can say what they like about DA and I’m sure some of the comments are correct, but he is a fighter and as such is not letter this pair walk over him.)

    The backing of Ames and harlequin 24 hours a day can only be 1 one of 2 things. 1) Ames dedicated employee 2) close family.
    ”investor” not in a million years.

  178. Been had

    He didn’t ‘fight’ very hard when he got bankrupt ‘twice’.

  179. Beggars Belief


    It would appear that Michael is sitting in the public gallery and might fit the bill.

    @michael, can you give us a balanced summary of proceedings in court?

  180. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been Had, you idiot. I have proved I am an investor. Are you suffering from memory lose? ” been had” is very apt.

  181. Short Legs

    @ FDNRM you have proved you have been conned nothing more, unlike most you refuse to accept it.

  182. Short Legs

    @Erica talk to the Irish builder…. he is playing you

  183. Joe

    No new news here? just silly talk, does any one have some real news on HP, is Buccament Bay still open and taking guests ?

  184. Short Legs

    @Joe fair comment.

    The stat demands are real, will they be settled who knows???
    Dave Ames is running these meetings for investors next week, So he would be really more stupid that I think he is – to come and say all is well.

    he must have some good news or he will be lynched!

    so we don’t know much, only guessing….has anyone any ‘real’ news

  185. Sid

    @Short Legs, I’m just catching up on the thread and am surprised that you think I am also posting as Michael and/or others. I can assure you I have only ever posted as myself. I don’t know much about Michael, though assume he is a very articulate and witty fellow, which explains the confusion. 🙂

  186. Short Legs

    @Sid my profound apologies, this whole this can drive you a bit nutty at times 🙂

  187. Sid

    That’s fine. I know how you feel. Wouldn’t it be great if there was never any need for these forums to have ever existed?!

  188. yatinkiteasy

    @Joe..I understand that Christine Nells, the “new” Resort Manger announced 6 months ago, is no longer at BB.Why?…who knows.

  189. Short Legs

    sinking ship……… springs to mind.
    @Sid with you on that 100%

  190. Been had

    I do remember clearly what you claim to be, as i said before the ‘proof’ shown to Fatchett that you are the only person who receives a rental return means nothing.
    you are the only person I have come across who is happy with Ames and harlequin.
    ill add one more to the earlier post. 3) insane.

  191. yatinkiteasy

    Tingo offering 40% discount at BB for Aug 2013..$669 per night.
    (Tingo is owned by Trip Advisor)

  192. yatinkiteasy

    To clarify..the rate from Tingo is for 1 bedroom garden suite, 2 adults, all inclusive.

  193. Sid

    @yat, is that per person? And does it include flights?

  194. yatinkiteasy

    It is for two people…no flights.

  195. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been had, why have you put proof as “proof”? Don’t you believe me? Yes or no.
    Also I would have thought you would have been pleased DA is fighting for investors money. Is that not the case?

  196. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Or a cheap break how about the Coconut Bay, 17 th May £ 1064 all inclusive. that’s £65 cheaper than Blue. See HP is no different to anyone else.

  197. Anon73

    Yes, it is very different. Coconut Bay is privately owned, does not have individual third party investors. Harlequin sold Blu as charging 450 pounds per night on average year round. This offer if you take out 500 pounds for a flight is less than 100 pounds per night all inclusive. A lot less than 450 EP. If you deduct the AI cost/supplement that might be charged, you are down to around 50 pounds. It is a 3 star roadside hotel, and this price reflects what it is worth, and for that price the consumer will get decent enough value. The issue is that Harlequin sold it so differently, as they have consistently done. Investors expecting a return based on the 450 rate will be sadly mistaken – there is no way they will ever get any return based on this advertised rate.

  198. anonymous55

    anon73. totally agree. would be interesting to hear from any BLU investors whether they are getting a return as presumably as the hotel is fully operational they have completed???? , unlike the other thousands who are waiting for their property investment to be built.

  199. yatinkiteasy

    @EB..I dont see it as cheap..that rate(US dollars is 1610 PER PERSON.)So Room rate double occupancy is $US460 per night.Thats a lot for a three star. See what you can get at Punta Cana DR for half that.
    @Anon 73 The rate of 1059 GBP DOES NOT include airfare, according to the offer from Tropical Sky.

  200. anonymous55

    check out http://www.ifaonline.co.uk for the latest unregulated SIPP casualty. not the first, won’t be the last ( forestry, green oil,carbon credits, cape verde, morocco, brazil, turkey,you name it i am sure will follow) however following the fsa/fca changes to sipp providers hopefully the future damage for unregulated non protected investments will be reduced/minimalised and only sold/marketed to the appropriate parties i.e – high net worth clients with experience who can afford to take the risk…..

  201. RG999

    Um yes the rate on tropical sky does, look at the air section below the only costs are for upgrades

  202. Anon73

    @Yatinkiteasy, I read it as inclusive of flights also, just extra for upgrades, so I stand by my calculations unless I am reading it wrong.

    However, you make a good point. You can get better for similar price in Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Varadero (Cuba), Mayan Riviera (Mexico) and that is why 3 star hotels tend to find it hard going in the Eastern Caribbean, and also why they try to sell themselves as 4 star to be above the 3 star mass market of these other destinations. But, they are 3 star (Coconut Bay, Blu etc), and sadly that is the worst market to be in in these parts.

  203. Anon - reasons unknown

    I’ve been trying to keep up with all this info (from Caribbean Islanders – very important input, thank you gents/ladies).

    But can we please clarify; are FDNRM (36) and Hardlysuccess (and all its other guises) the only dumb idiots still supporting Harlequin?

    FDNRM – with regards to your “return on investment” (aka payment for public support and endorsement) are you still receiving that payment? You are doing an incredibly pitiful job. But I guess, by Harlequin standards, you’ll do.

  204. perplexed

    a-ru – You just made me snork my gin & tonic

  205. yatinkiteasy

    @Anon 73..my apologies, airfare is included so your calculations are correct. Harlequin can not be making money on with those offers.Maybe enough to pay staff, suppliers, utilities etc…but it is not a cash cow.

  206. Anon73

    No worries Yat. I am aware they are not paying some staff at Blu….staff have had to go to ministry of labour to force Harlequin to pay them. From what I know, it must be losing money there, and subsidising Blu, and also BB over the summer is just not going to be possible without a lot more sales, so I would expect both to shut by some time over the summer. Unless they start making sales again somehow…I am aware that people are already sniffing around their assets expecting to be able to pick them up for a song in the next few months. Another reason investor group needs to be coordinated and ready to play a leading role if and when Harlequin finally pops.

  207. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon R-U believe me if I am I certainly would not tell you. If you cannot engage in reasonable dialog then dont just come on here with meaninless insults. Grow up, but I guess by agitators standards you will do.

  208. Harlisuccess

    The first block of Coral Apartments about to open in beautiful Buccament Bay are very luxurious, don’t you think?
    Your post about the August prices for beautiful Buccament bay smacks of you being desperate to find any opportunity to run down Harlequin. According to many on this forum, harlequin should have been out of business long ago! Every resort has reduced prices and special offers from time to time, thought you would know that! With the ever increasing crime rates in Barbados, seems like you will soon be paying people to go there, never mind special offers. Let’s hope the bajan authorities can sort out the problems before Harlequin open H Hotel.
    The wonderful Trip Advisor reviews for beautiful Buccament Bay keep on coming, one after another.
    It was good to see a glowing report from the BBC presenter and environmentalist following her family diving holiday in beautiful Buccament Bay and that she was so impressed with the wide choice of dives available, commenting in particular on the pristine condition of the coral in the crystal clear waters of St Vincent. Beautiful Buccament Bay – a paradise in and out of the water.
    p.s. Has your push bike been stolen yet?

  209. Been had

    @fdnrm. how can Ames be ‘fighting for investors money when he has spent it all?
    Just stating a fact that no one except yourself is happy with Ames, so that says it all. Harlisucces ( the one with personality disorder ) doesn’t count.

  210. yatinkiteasy

    @Hardly success…If they cant fill BB now, even with 40 % discounts, fat chance they will fill the beautiful new Coral Apartments.
    Its not just August on sale…anytime from now to December 2013 is on sale from 30 to 45% off.Anyone can verify this, since you have already called me a liar.(remember the sale of Amaryllis Hotel not taking place in March, as boasted by Harlequin?)BTE, It is still up for sale .
    The wonderful Trip Advisor reports for BB really are amazing…they are almost too good to be true, especially the ones that say things like..”I have travelled extensively, all over the world. but BB is the most Stunning Resort I have ever had the pleasure to stay in” etc etc etc…and then you notice that it is a Brit, and its their first and only TA review..Hmmmmmm
    My push bike is fine, it fits nicely on the roof rack of my BMW.
    However, I sometimes use it to ride past the rotting H Hotel deserted construction site with the nice hoardings advertising BB, and claiming to be Opening 2013 (which of course was changed from the 2012 sign.)
    Dead horse flogging must be your hobby.

  211. Anon73

    Harlequin should have been out of business long ago – they have instead continued to trade while insolvent. They are unable to pay debts when they fall due – staff wages, mortgage payments to investors, contractors, suppliers, the list is endless. They also are balance sheet insolvent as liabilities exceed assets by a massive amount. Accounts have not been filed, but it does not take a rocket scientist to work it out. If homes have not been built, then they should remain as liabilities if deposits have been taken. 95% plus of the sales made have not yet even been started, so 95% of monies taken are in fact still liabilities. But of course, most of that has been spent in commissions and marketing, payments to the Ames family and legal fees, launches, planes, celebrities etc etc. Trading in this way is against the law, so yes, Harlequin should have been shut down years ago. It is irrelevant that they have a lovely, yet loss making, resort in St Vincent to show for the many thousands of investor deposits. I saw H hotel very recently – it is an abandoned shell. Coral suites look nice, and hopefully they will stand the next resort operator in good stead. They will make no difference to Harlequin.

  212. Short Legs

    @ Hardlysuccess.
    You both must know deep down Harlequin is stuffed?

    The road shows will be a toe curling experience, Dave Ames is a total short arsed plonker, it will turn out to be him telling his investors how great he is and it all the builders fault 🙂

    And I think the Irish builder did take the money – only cos Ames is to stupid to have a process in place to protect investor funds

    its over an you know it

  213. Been had

    If the meetings take place? its looking sketchy.

  214. Short Legs

    Investors are now more informed and they will not be taken in, it gone too far now. The only chance is for Ames to be honest, however its not in his nature.

    Some creditor will take Harlequin down if they are not paid – why should they not?

  215. Question Time Dave!

     Investors = individuals, groups, funds, SIPPs etc
     Investors’ money = total amount given to Harlequin as reservation
    fees/deposits/full payments for properties of any description within each
    1. How many investors have paid a 30% deposit in each of the resorts?
     Marquis Estate
     Las Canas
     The Hideaway
     Two Rivers
     The Merricks
     Buccament Bay
     H Barbados
     Blu St Lucia
     Harlequin Barbados
     Brazil
    2. How much of investors’ money has been spent on each hotel/resort? On land,
    legal fees, architects’ fees, planning applications, environmental surveys, travel
    expenses etc. Detailed breakdown as in some cases there was a change in architect
    but expenses were incurred with all architects involved.
     Marquis Estate
     Las Canas
     The Hideaway
     Two Rivers
     The Merricks
     Buccament Bay
     H Barbados
     Blu St Lucia
     Harlequin Barbados
     Brazil
    3. How much of investors’ money has been spent on Harlequin Air? The purchase
    and refurbishment of planes, keeping them in hangars, applications for permissions
    to fly, pilots’ and engineers’ salaries since they were all first employed (some have
    left), uniforms, accommodation and other expenses for these people?
    4. How much of investors’ money has been spent on Brazil? Travel expenses
    (flights, accommodation and other expenses) to Brazil for the Harlequin team
    (including Wilkins Kennedy people, Mark Coggle etc) to look for land, meet with
    buyers and negotiate etc.
    5. How much of investors’ money has been spent on both internal and external legal
    costs disputing everything that has ever been raised to Harlequin? Unfair dismissal
    claims by ex-staff, investor issues, Oasis, architects and other suppliers reclaiming
    payments not made, etc.
    6. How much of investors’ money has been spent on security of any description
    since April 2010? including security at Buccament Bay, 24 hour bodyguards for the
    Ames family and Harlequin staff, 24 hour security at the Ames families’ homes and
    Harlequin offices, finding out who is behind Harlecon etc.
    7. How much was paid to Gary Player’s organisation? Use of brand, annual fees,
    travel expenses for him and his entourage, film crew, Harlequin team attending, him
    coming to Harlequin events e.g. the Grove, etc.
    8. How much was the Grove event in total? Including travel expenses for all
    overseas attendees – construction company, Trader Vic’s, Harlequin staff based
    overseas, partners e.g. Pat Cash, Michael McCarthy, etc.
    9. How much was the Wembley event in total?
    10. How much was the Dorchester event in total?
    11. How much was spent on the O2? Annual fees, expenses etc.
    12. How much was spent on the Wembley box? Annual fees, expenses etc.
    13. How much was spent on Olympic tickets and expenses?
    14. What is Daniel Ames’ job description?
    15. What responsibility did Sarah Tricker have for the accounts for each of the
    businesses? – Harlequin Property, Buccament Bay etc.
    16. What date did Sonia Stenning first receive a salary from Harlequin Property?
    Where any previous payments made to her prior to that salary?
    17. What travel expenses, including accommodation, has been paid for Matthew
    Ames to date including his recent trips to Hong Kong and the Caribbean?
    18. How much money is owed in Barbados to suppliers of any type?
    19. How much money is owed in St Vincent to suppliers of any type?
    20. How much money is owed in St Lucia to suppliers of any type?
    21. Specifically on Buccament Bay:
    21.1 How much in total has been spent on the performing arts academy? Including
    monthly fees for the performers, their accommodation and travel, the fees to Michael
    McCarthy and Steven Hill, the equipment bought to support the performing arts
    academy, the cost of the first company that were being used prior to Michael
    McCarthy and Steven Hill, etc. And then how much revenue has the performing arts
    academy brought into Buccament Bay i.e. the value of bookings taken from people
    who specifically booked to attend the performing arts academy or who wouldn’t have
    booked to stay at Buccament Bay if the performing arts academy had not been in
    21.2 Why can’t food and other goods be sourced locally from St Vincent but have to
    be imported from Miami?
    21.3 How much is the cost for shipping and clearing customs per container from
    Miami into St Vincent? And how often do containers arrive?
    21.4 How much of the furnishings and fittings bought for Buccament Bay from China
    is still in storage in St Vincent as the total amount bought was to fit out all villas and
    apartments in the total planned resort? i.e. how much was wasted due to poor
    storage, damage etc. Same applies to golf buggies.
    21.5 What has been built at Buccament Bay that is not currently in its final position?
    And what has each cost to build/create from existing villas if that is the case?
     Tennis courts
     Artificial football pitch
     Full size football pitch
     Cricket nets
     Spa
     Childrens’ Club
     Gym
     Food storage
     Sewage storage
    21.6 What will it cost to finish each part of Buccament Bay?
     Blocks 1 – 7
     Remaining villas
     Pat Cash hotel
     Executive Suites
     Spa Villas
     Spa
     Tennis courts
     Full size football pitch
     Artificial football pitch
     Cricket nets
     Sports Academy
     Gym
     Performing Arts Academy
     Trader Vic’s
     Nightclub and other restaurants
     Reception
     Other pools
    21.7 What will it cost to finish the villas currently in use to an acceptable standard?
    Hot water system, plunge pools in villas which currently do not have any, air
    conditioning in all living areas and external doors to those living doors.
    21.8 What is the total maintenance cost for what is currently built at Buccament
    Bay? Beach replenishment, mosquito spraying, fresh water pool management,
    sewage management, sports facilities, repairing weather damage to all buildings,
    Marquis Estate
    22. Specifically on the Marquis Estate:
    22.1 What is the status of planning permission at the Marquis Estate?
    22.2 What is the status of construction of the roads and construction office/hotel at
    the Marquis Estate that investors were told was starting early 2012?
    22.3 What is the cost of the environmental studies at the Marquis Estate to date?
    Finance Payments
    23. What is the value of Finance Payments outstanding to investors ?
    24. When will these arrears be paid to investors ?
    25. What future plans are in place to meet the Finance Payments ?
    26. How are the funding discussions progressing as outlined by David Ames in April
    27. What plans exist for investors to obtain mortgages locally to complete on their
    28. When will the Caribbean accounts be brought up to date ?
    29. Will the accounts be provided to the Investor Group ?
    Working Capital Requirements
    30. What are the current working capital requirements of the Group ?
    31. Are these current requirements available within the Group’s own means?
    Future Plans
    Building & Completions
    32. What are the plans to complete the various developments (timescales, rate of
    completions, etc.)
    33. What plans are in place to monitor and control project costings against contracts
    & budget?
    34. What plans exist to attract additional funding to Harlequin (per David Ames note
    of April 12) to complete developments in line with the plans outlined above?

  216. Question Time Dave!

    These are questions asked on behalf of the investor group, to Mr Ames.
    will he answer? he should its not unreasonable is it? he has had about £250 million pounds from us?

  217. Anon73

    You may wish to be more specific with regards to Carter Ruck – ask if Carter Ruck were on a retainer, and if so how much it was. If not a retainer, what fees have been paid to Carter Ruck over the years.

    You may also wish to ask about planning permission in all the resorts, including BB, not just Marquis. PErhaps ask why they were selling without planning, and why they did not escrow the funds. Ask why agents were paid when what they sold had not yet begun. Why did the Ames family pay themselves dividends when clearly the money was not there to do so, it should have been spent on what the investors had bought.

    You also should ask about when sales were first made in each resort, and when the land was actually purchased – a very easy thing to prove and one which is fraught with difficulty for Harlequin if they ever end up in the dock. Also, ask how much they paid for Allamanda (H Hotel) and Blu, and why did they go off and buy those when they had not even started other resorts they were committed to.

    Also, as for their balance sheet – any company worth its salt keeps an up to date balance sheet.

    Also ask if any build contracts have gone out to tender in the various unstarted developments, and what the cost is to build out the developments. Also, whether they are fixed priced contracts or whatever – what type of build contracts do they favour.

    These are just a few extras to add to your list that may help.

  218. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been Had, so I can take it from your answer that you think that DA should not be taking O’Halloran to court then? A simple Yes or No would do.
    @Question Time Dave. The presentations are not just for the Harlequin Investor Group. You only represent a small minority of investors so I hope you dont intend to hijack these meetings with your own list of questions.

  219. BBaywatch

    Hardlysuccess – It was good to see a glowing report from the BBC presenter and environmentalist following her family diving holiday in beautiful Buccament Bay and that she was so impressed with the wide choice of dives available, commenting in particular on the pristine condition of the coral in the crystal clear waters of St Vincent. Beautiful Buccament Bay – a paradise in and out of the water.

    mmmm – which review was that again? Perhaps it hasn’t been posted on TA yet?

  220. Been had

    Fdnrm, the 8 million dollars if won ( which i doubt ) from the court case would make no difference at all. you will find that you are the only fruit cake that defends Ames, so you are the minority.
    I have come to the conclusion that your are deluded, insane and very foolish.

  221. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been Had, fortunatley your opinion of me is worthless, at least I have an opinion. So you know the views of all 2500 investors do you? Wow mind reader also. It is nice to know that you would endorse the thief (alegedly) O’Halloran, but castigate DA who is trying to get your money back. I call that double standards and hypocricy. By the way its $13m, but what is $5m to you?

  222. Been had

    Excuse my mistake I meant 8 million (pounds) which would go nowhere
    The real thief/con man is Ames, soon to be banged up ( hopefully in the states where he can join Alan Stanford and get life. that would put a smile on my face.

  223. Eddie Lizzard2

    Actually Miranda Krestovnikoff’s glowing report mentioned by Hardlysuccess is on the Buccament Bay FaceBook page yesterday. They stayed last Nov 2012 – nearly six months ago.

    What I’d like to know though, is did Miranda pay for her family’s holiday or was it a freebie offered by Harlequin to a journalist in return for positive reviews and brand placement of Harlequin in UK media?

  224. Sid

    Hi FDNRM, I agree that nobody knows the opinions of all 2,500 investors, but based on the information collected to date I think it is a fair assumption that the vast majority (99%) are very disappointed and very worried about their investment……..which is a natural reaction from anyone that was expecting to take a complete unit 2-5 years ago (with a mortgage) that should now be delivering a positive return. You cannot in any way shape or form deny that on the whole, HP investors have been very badly let down. In my mind, this is a completely indisputable fact.

  225. Been had

    Yes Sid, and only, an employee of Ames, a family member or complete nut Job would argue with you ( put fdnrm into one of those)

  226. Mr Lars

    Question Time Dave, You forgot the Galleon retaurant, where is it now and how much did it cost to build and ship from Indonesia, 1 million US$ or more?
    See articlle posted may years ago.


    By the way, I looked at the pictures of the new suites at Buccament Bay to be open up shortly, it looks like the maids was in a hurry to decorate and make up the beds, definitely not a 5 star resort probably a three star and how many of the units are completely furnished?

    Mr Lars

  227. Sid

    @Mr Lars, I completely agree. The pictures of the new suites fall way short of what I was expecting to see and what was sold to me. The pictures on the sales literature really do look 5* but the actual photos really do not.

  228. perplexed

    EL2 – You raise the possibility that Harlequined may have “bribed”
    the BBC in a sense. Is turn-about fair play?

  229. Sid

    @EL2, just imagine the irony if HP have given someone at the BBC a free holiday in exchange for positive press. I really hope they have and that it becomes public!

  230. BBaywatch

    oh yes “The Galleon” – or in reality the bastardised Indonesian fishing boat – last heard of as a hulk in Ottley Hall marina after being burnt out when someone supposedly operated the gensets incorrectly. HP could have commissioned a sloop or schooner locally, which would have been supportive of local craftsmen and both practical and in keeping with the local traditions. They could have got huge publicity from this – it’s Antigua Classics very soon, and what good PR that would have been if they raced it with a local crew, but no, they had to go with some ghastly sub Disneyesque made up piece of rubbish which would only be of use as a dive site. Of course with no marina to put it in it was surplus to requirements – I wonder if the insurers paid up after the ‘fire’?

  231. Sid

    Hi BB, the whole thing is yet another annoying let down. The galleon was very much one of the selling points of the resort. I was told it would be an exact replica of the one in Pirates of the Caribbean and would be used as a restaurant. I really can’t believe anyone can make such bold statements when selling something and then not deliver.

  232. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been Had, as I am none of those then your assumptions are wrong.
    @Sid, I did not follow the “statistical assumption” debate very closely but I dont think you can assume 99% are very disappointed. They may be, but you cannot assume it.

  233. Sid

    Mathematically speaking you’re right, but I’ve seen nothing that tells me any investors are happy.

  234. BBaywatch


    knew I had a url saved somewhere – fist pic is from HP promo material, rest as it was in 2008 – if that is a replica of The Pearl from POTC I’ll eat my hat – hell, I’ll eat Captain Jack’s hat!

  235. Ironed feet


    Fancy picking up a bargain?
    Buccement Bay are holding a sale of all our furniture that will be needed in the future, assuming building work will recommence.

    So if you get 10% or 20% of what it cost – what happens when it needs to be replaced???? pay full price again???

  236. Sid

    Thanks BB. Do you know where it is now?

  237. Ironed feet

    AMES FAMILY PAYMENTS…….read ….. and think

    Mrs Ames £850k dividend
    The rest of the family £110k each…… even the daughter in Australia.

    How does one son amass a £4 million property portfolio in a couple years?

    Do you think that could be out of investors money? what other income did the ‘family’ have…… just think about that…….

  238. Joe

    @ironed feet, is this for real or are you joking?, Selling furniture, at this stage anything is possible.
    Is BB still open for business?

  239. Short Legs

    That can’t be legal? Greedy B*****ds……

  240. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ironed Feet, think you need to back these statements up with some evidence. Do you have any?

  241. Ironed feet

    no sadly I am not joking……. That’s going on as we speak & the Dividend payments are correct, plus no doubt other ‘expences’ talk about the golden goose.

  242. Joe

    well if that is the case we can say it is over then , by the time the solicitors get moving, the money will be well ‘spread’ and gone

  243. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @IF how can you know about dividend payments unless accounts have been filed? The looks like a wind up to me. And which son are you talking about?

  244. Iron Lady

    FDNRM – I’m afraid it’s not a wind up its there for all to see in the 2010 -2011 accounts!! What we don’t know is the previous 6 years. Carol £850k, Dan, Matt & Nicola £110k each! It will be verified at the meeting! Makes FDNRM’s £1800 a quarter look sick!!!
    How can Nicola have earned a bean?

  245. Iron Lady

    I see the General Manager has resigned too Gianluca is working his notice and resigned – pissed off with creditors and staff! I mean what a joke offering staff furniture in part payment for salary!
    What a desperate bunch these are now!

  246. Ironed feet

    @ FDNRM
    I can not divulge.

    Think about where those questions from the investor group come from…….. people in the bunker are talking.

    If its a wind up why are you asking the name of the son?

    Ok, tell me how the family got such big houses and property if they did not take it out of investor funds? And then tell me its a wind up.:)

  247. I understand that it is quite difficult to vote for all investors and for people to assume that we are all unhappy or all happy. so what I suggest is on the investor forum we are going to make a leaflet for everyone to download and pass around to other people in the meeting they attend next week.

    So that we can ask people to vote on issues and also everyone would then have a support network.

    If we all print of ten to twenty it would be great.

    Hope you will all help with this.

    Many Thanks


  248. Ironed feet

    @Iron Lady
    Maybe Dan Ames can go over there and sort it all out 😉

  249. Iron Lady

    Postman Dan that now has 5 houses (inc the one he lives in) all bought since 2010 has no experience but that’s never stopped him before!
    I hope Matt doesn’t try and go to St Vincent as its part of his bail conditions not to go over seas!

  250. Ironed feet

    @ Iron Lady

    That would be very silly, especially as it would be easy to prove.
    Anyway I have more houses than him 🙂 but it took me more than a couple of years, must ask how he done that.

  251. Short Legs

    @Nikki Crozier CPC

    you did not answer an earlier post, you are not a real solicitor are you?

    how much of the fee do you get? bloody charlatan

  252. Iron Lady

    Are there any irons and ironing boards in the fire sale?

  253. Ironed feet

    @ Iron Ladyonly a conservatory

  254. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Ironed feet/Iron Lady, I suggest the pair of you just sod off. You are obviously a pair of wind up merchants. I know that one fact you have posted on here is deffinately untrue, as is, I suspect everything else.
    @Erica, your not suggesting there are going to be votes taken at the investors meetings are you?

  255. @FDNRM/ What I am suggesting is we need to contact most if not all investors before deciding our way forward and we could then vote via the forum on what we would like to happen and then work out a way of making it happen, the last thing I want is:
    People go to the first meeting on Tuesday at 12 oclock within 5 minutes they dont like the answers to the questions asked and start shouting and swearing result all other meetings cancelled
    So instead we all go to the meetings we pass out the forum contact details and we all talk via the forum (maybe arrange another meeting) to discuss where we all want to go forward to with Harlequin.
    We ALL have to be calm for the meetings to work I worry 1 person spoiling these meetings for everyone else we might NOT like the answers but if we all agree to discuss later and people all know they are not on their own with this it has more chance of working also we would have a much clearer veiw of everyones point of view.

  256. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, I totally agree with you on that one. Looks like Iron feet/Iron lady have gone away with their stupid comments.

  257. Ironed feet

    @FDNRM – sorry if my comments are silly.

    If I could I would upload the full accounts for you defend.

    what about these for silly comments:

    Page 6 accounts 2010 dividend paid 1.46million
    2011 dividend paid 870k
    Directors remuneration
    2010 275k
    2011 362k

    Anyone want to see more? must be so hard surviving on such a paltry amount 😉

  258. Sid

    Do they show the directors loans?

  259. BBaywatch

    @ Iron Lady – I don’t think that it would be disputed that Matt Ames was in SVG (Buccament and possibly Mustique) earlier this year. I think that under his bail terms he was allowed to retain his passport ‘for business travel’ – how you define ‘business travel’ would seem to be the key to any breach of his bail conditions.

  260. Ironed feet

    2011 zero
    2010 507

    you would not need a loan! 😉 spending our cash

    whats that about £140,000 per month give or take to live on ….shame.

  261. 159

    Is Buccament Bay still open to guests , does anyone know ?

  262. If anyone would like to see Harlequin’s accounts 2010-2011 then I have put them as a download on our forum http://www.harlequininvestors.boards.net/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=53

  263. Ironed feet

    Yes and people buying our furniture or being given it in lieu of wages.
    If this is not true ( i know it not to be) would HP like to comment?

  264. In the S**T

    @ Fatshit -DNRM – defence please!!!!!!!!!!

    no wonder nothing is built – all been spent and paid to the greedy Tw*ts in commission, pity we don’t have the other accounts – now selling furniture like some yard sale!

  265. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the S**T = moron.

  266. BBaywatch

    Like I said on the other thread – a Long Firm scam.

  267. anonymous55

    @ iron lady. just to correct you the HMSSE ltd accounts are available for all years to see via webcheck. you can download each year for a £1 fee. the accounts that you have quoted from are HMSSE Ltd. The accounts that are not available are the “overseas” accounts for the various other ltd companies which are very important as it would give a more accurate position of the overall funding position/debt/liabilities/cash flow position etc.

  268. In the S**T

    when faced with a difficult question you never answer = you have been conned.

    still happy? the Ames family have a great time with your cash???

  269. Short Legs

    it does not detract from the UK ones, the other missing accounts are not the directors fault…….always someone else!!! its that Irish builders fault.

    or maybe they don’t want people seeing them?

  270. Short Legs

    is that correct £1800 per quarter,and you handed over cash ? and you have not been paid for several months? and you still defend the little short arsed git – you are a very strange man indeed.

  271. 109

    If anyone would like to see Harlequin’s accounts 2010-2011 then I have put them as a download on our forum http://www.harlequininvestors.boards.net/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=53

  272. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @In the S**T, and the question is? You do know the difference between a question and a statement I take it. You have made a statement.
    @Short legs. Oh dear Oh dear, not only have you got short legs you have the mentality of a little boy. Who said I was getting £1800 per qtr? Who said I have not been paid for several months? If you bothered to read my posts above you would not have made such a stupid statement.

  273. Short Legs

    You said you pillock, you were behind in payment. if you bother to read the posts above someone said £1800 per quarter, not very much is it? and after such a big investment

  274. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short Legs, no YOU PILLOCK. I said I was paid quarterly in arears, Do you understand the difference? So you think my payment is in the public demain do you? You think my payment is known to Iron Feet do you? You believe every thing on here do you? I will whisper it quietly, Father Christmas is not real. Sorry bet you believed that also. Idiot.

  275. Short Legs

    When you see the accounts and realize the Ames family took 5 Million £’s a ‘loan’ and about £1.5 million in dividends – you must be totally stupid i.e FDNRM to be happy.

    They have been taking the piss. How much do you think they have had over the years? its little wonder they don’t want to produce accounts!!

  276. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, I’ve seen the accounts. And did I say I was happy? Have I said I am not happy? I have made no comment at all. You really should engage your brain before making inaccurate comments and mis quoting people.

  277. Ironed feet

    No but someone in the bunker knows what you are paid – so is the figure correct? will you shout at me now?

    A mole in the bunker – I even know your name 🙂

    You wanted proof now you have it

  278. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @IF, wrong, they might know what I am paid, but they have told you wrong LOL. Thats not proof, thats guess work.

  279. Ironed feet

    I know that to be wrong.

    Ever wondered where those who leaked the questions? 😉

    I was referring to the dividend payments, you said were a wind up… they were not were they!

    So, shut up – LOL of you Mr no Title

  280. In the S**T

    What make my blood boil is Ames and his parasitic family has plundered the business account as thier own personal piggy bank & done whatever the F**k they wanted to do with it.

    Then when someone complains hit them with Carter Ruck spending our money again – If it they get done for this and lose all their assets – its was worth me losing my investment. The bunch of T***s

  281. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @IF I have got a clue now what you are on about. You are talking in riddles.

  282. New Newsletter from HarlequinSt Vincent & The Grenadines’ Argyle International Airport

    Whilst Harlequin’s award-winning Buccament Bay Resort already enjoys a great deal of success, a key ingredient for its continued growth is St Vincent’s new Argyle International Airport, which is due to open in 2014. Though it has suffered delays, with almost four times the capacity of the existing airport and the enticement of direct flights – a particularly important feature for the North American market – the country’s brand new hub will certainly be worth the wait for the hotel, its guests and tourism in general. In fact, the North American market aside, a major UK tour operator has predicted that the lure of direct flights could see resort bookings increase by as much as 500% from Britain alone!

    Naturally, investors and agents with a stake in Buccament Bay Resort’s success often contact us for updates on the airport, so please find below an excerpt from the latest update on the airport’s development, courtesy of St Vincent’s state-owned International Airport Development Company Limited (IADC), plus some useful links for keeping up to date with its progress:

    Click to access Airportprojectreport22March2013.pdf

    Where are we? (14th March 2013)

    Work on the Argyle International Airport is moving ahead quite nicely with more than 84 percent of the earthworks completed.

    Work in this area is currently concentrated in the 2nd kilometer of the site in the area just below Colonel Anderson hill. This area which previously housed the IADC’s workshop is being removed to allow the earthworks in this area to move ahead. Excavation, transportation and compaction of soil are some of the main activities being undertaken.

    The earthworks to the terminal parking lot are now on the way, while the design details are being finalized and construction requirements developed.

    The production of base material through the recently installed stone crushing plant is ongoing with approximately 13,000 cubic meters of material stockpiled.

    At the Passenger Terminal Building more than 72 percent of the work is completed. Ongoing works on site include:

    Installation of mechanical/electrical items for the ground floor and 1st level

    Construction and finishing of CBH wall partitions

    Stone veneer to block work

    Construction of septic tanks

    Screening of areas to receive floor tiles

    Installation of waterproofing membrane

    Roof cover installation

    Official IADC website for updates and news: http://www.svgiadc.com/

    Official IADC YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/IADCSVG?feature=watch

  283. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, can I make an observation regarding your Harlequin Investor site. I was invited to join but have not made any postings, just observed. It seems that it is degenerating into the same as here, anyone who disagrees with some of the pro HP comments is castigated. Also should moderators be posting comments and joining the debates? I’m not sure that shows impartiality. I think what you are doing with the site is very informative, but somewhat biased. Just my observations but not meant as a critism.

  284. @FDNRM/ We have got to be very careful on the forum as the trouble is we dont know if someone is in a good or bad place and the last thing we would want is for people to feel picked on or bullied, The first meeting was as a result of someone telephoning me on the edge of suicide so I understand where you are coming from the thread your talking about has been sorted through PMs and the people involved agreed to the actions taken, I think everyone is entitiled to their own opinion including moderators (they are human and I do think we are all trying to work through this together come and help us on the forum please

  285. Been had

    Fdnrm, there are 2 people out of the 1000’s that still believe in Ames. You and Harlysuccess ( who uses multiple names) also known as whatsthefuss.
    You are both acting like spoilt little girls who need to get the last word in.
    You are on BFB 24 hours a day while whatsthefuss keeps tabs on Harlequin investor forum.
    Are you both really that dum that you still think you can sway people into believing all is well at Harlequin?
    Have a bit of self respect and call it a day. No one believes you and your mate, you are making complete fools of yourselves.

  286. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Been had, if you have nothing to add to the debate rather than comments of a personal basis then don’t bother. Think I should ask your permission when I can post? If you bothered to read posts rather than just spout rubbish then would realise I don’t say all is well at HP. But you are so blind with your rhetoric that you spout rubbish. However unlike you I can multi task, watch the TV and post on my I pad. Simples, just like you!

  287. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Just read a press release regarding the new SVG airport. Due to be fully operational in July 2014.
    @Been Had. Hope that wasn’t too pro HP for you?

  288. 161

    FDNRM: Have watched and read all your contributions from afar and as a person who unfortunately now considers themself a relative naive and gullible investor who had the sad experience of trusting an IFA that was a long time family acquaintance, how can you possibly justify Harlequin and their cohorts despicable actions.

    I may be a minnow in a pond of sharks but please justify to me and my family, plus any other that has suffered losses, that Harlequin are none other than the con merchants that so many investors consider them to be.

    There is no hope that this investment model will succeed (regardless of all actions currently being taken). As a result, it truly is every man for themselves, with the hope that something can be salvaged to compensate for the ill conceived and deluded belief that such an investment could be successful in the first instance. (Sadly aided of course by the enthusiastic, commission orientated advice provided by a trusted IFA).

    So, please stop your defence of a situation that is indefensible. Accept you are one of the losers and get on with your life and if possible offer the hand of understanding to those that probably would really appreciate this action.

    As for Short Legs, he makes me laugh but ironically your predictive responses are even funnier. (If for no other reason than the fun of it – please keep it up – both of you).

    All best.
    Another disgruntled investor

  289. 82

    Ames and family, one of you morons must read this, or a worried Harlequin employee?

    Well your time is up, at best no job…….

    At worst fraud, jail, no assets and no income. …….

    The net is closing in…… Tick Tock………… what will it be like not having £870k of dividends in a year Mrs Ames ?

    What will all you Harlequin bunkers staff do for a Job?

  290. 71

    @anon, agree entirely, well said. It is amusing to read the predictable rubbish that comes from fdnrm – if a question is asked that is too hard, it is ignored, and instead he jumps on anything negative about hp. The show is over for hp, and it was always only ever a show, never any chance of substance. People got sucked in, need to move on, or fight like hell to get something back. Fdnrm almost certainly is involved with hp, or has connections – being an investor getting a return does not mean he is not connected. What of course is not amusing are those who have been left in a horrible position – a man in his 70s cried to me this week about how he has been ripped off. Genuinely broken by this.

  291. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Anon 9.47 ” how can you possibly justify Harlequin and their cohorts despiciple actions” when? Where? Stop making things up. I don’t defend anything, I only comment on what I want to comment on. That’s my right and you are trying to stop free speech.
    @ In the S**t. Your comments really show a perverted side. Not only are you a moron you are thinking of me in my undies. Sick. Sick. Sick

  292. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Short legs, you don’t wind me up, believe me. Now would you like another guess at my rental income? At least I’m old enough to drink.
    @Anon 9.59 if the party is over for HP then why is the Harlequin investor group recommending advice to investors on how to close on ownership at BB? Perhaps you can follow your own comments regarding answering questions and answer that one?

  293. In the S**T

    now your talking just had a little sex wee, you in your gruby Y fronts.
    Come on you have been conned and your fag and booze payments will stop, ooops sorry have done 😉

  294. 161

    FDNRM: Free speech is a wonderful liberty – obtained at a great cost. However, propaganda or disingenuous views are always susceptible to potential truthful alternatives, normally voiced by the silent majority – at the end of the day, who am I to argue with you, deluded people will never see the truth for what it truly is.

    Short Legs: Comment please – Give us a chuckle.

  295. yatinkiteasy

    I liked FDMR better in her/his past life as 36. Was more insulting then, but at least you knew what side of the fence he/she was on.

  296. @FDNRM @Anon 9.59 if the party is over for HP then why is the Harlequin investor group recommending advice to investors on how to close on ownership at BB? Perhaps you can follow your own comments regarding answering questions and answer that one?.

    I assume you are talking about Mr Gareth Fatchetts Investor group (Risk Warning) and NOT the Investor group forum which is totally independent?

  297. Beggars Belief

    @ Erica, I certainly think the questions for HP to be raised by investors at the meetings next week are a comprehensive list of historic issues that need answering. I think that those who have invested in these schemes deserve to be treated as equity partners with honest answers to these questions.

    I do however think that the last few questions on future plans could be a little tougher and more far reaching. For example, I think it is fair that an investor in a particular scheme is given the full construction programme with key sign off dates. There should also be a guarantee from HP that they will automatically send out alert emails should any milestone date be missed by more than one week – the alert should explain why the deadline was missed and how corrective action is being applied. It is simply no way to treat equity partners by letting deadlines drift by months and years and say, after the fact, that it was all someone else’s fault in a vague and undefined way. The future needs to have no wriggle room for poor programme management and HP need to know that investors are fully aware of every stage of development.

    The future plans section also needs to give details of how each site will be managed, how many construction professionals will be directly employed by HP (not the contractor) to monitor progress and sign off payments. Only tight professional controls will prevent the handing over of money to the contractor that is not due.

    In the future what controls will be put in place to ensure that investors have some voice in the whole venture. There seems to have been no consultation over the wisdom of changing plans to resorts, buying aircraft, starting new hotel ventures, starting and terminating whole projects like Brazil.

    In summary, how does HP intend to work in genuine and transparent partnership with the people who have actually paid for the ventures to happen.

  298. BBaywatch

    Don’t you think that the very first question, No1, top of the list should be – where is the up to date market research to show that there is a demonstrable demand for the type of product that is being built and that we are investing in? ( I say we meaning you as you should be asking the questions – I wouldn’t have gone near this fantasy)

    If they can produce an independent expert in Caribbean tourism and hotels who can convince you that these type of resorts, at the size and capacity planned for and invested in will actually attract sufficient numbers of guests to not only be viable but also return the level of profits needed – then, and only then – you can start to negotiate.

    It would be worth your while paying someone like Adrian Loveridge to attend and advise you. The cost of paying for someone who knows what they are talking about would be minimal compared to what you stand to lose if you continue to prop up such a flawed proposal.

    It doesn’t matter if the new airport gets built ( already that schedule has slipped another 6-9 months in a matter of weeks ), it doesn’t matter if all of the units get built, it doesn’t matter if the other resorts get built – unless people are prepared to travel to them in sufficient numbers and pay a rate that will make them operate and return the inflated levels of profit required to service you poor suckers there is no point!

  299. Beggars Belief

    Totally agree BBaywatch.

    This must be the most fundamental question. After all, they could become the most professional developer in the world and complete everything on time and budget but if this creates a huge over-provision of rooms in the region such that they can’t generate the necessary profits to drive the investor returns then it is all a big waste of time.

  300. homefront

    To all on both sides who are getting so mad with each other and being so abusive I would read this” While seeking revenge dig two graves,one for yourself” Just get on with what you need to do,and what is right for you without all this aggro.how does it help?

  301. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Erica, sorry it was on your forum, but you are right RL posted the information. Does seem a bit contridictary though when on one hand RL were trying to close HP down, but now are offering advice on how to get title.
    @Homefront. Totally agree, it does get very tiresome. I have a stalker who has images of me in my underpants!

  302. yatinkiteasy

    The Chairman of Harlequin(David Ames) stated in Sept 2012(Newsletter) that they were “now in the process of handing over legal titles to properties at Buccament Bay Resort”.I did not make this up, its on record in a nice PDF file for anyone to see (along with claims of Financing soon to come, work in Dominican Republic soon to start, Harlequin Air soon to fly..etc etc etc.
    Nearly 8 months has passed since this was stated, so perhaps another question to be asked at the meeting…..exactly how many investors have received legal title to BB properties?

  303. Short Legs

    Well well the walls are coming tumbling down for Ames and his leech like family. Its over, the finance will be a none event – can not wait for the show!!

    Simple question, how much have you and your family taken as dividends since the last set of accounts 2010-2011.

    lets have a little guess, 12 million??

    FDNRM is paid £7200 PA for his more and more outlandish defense – after all he states he paid CASH none of this 30% nonsense – his words..

    But he is happy with Harlequin, poor fool.

  304. In the S**T

    @ Erica.Houghton

    How do you decide what goes on there? you seem to edit and or delete comments you don’t like – so it only shows HP in a negative light? not that I disagree but it does seem like you want to remain in control and be the great ‘I Am’ just an observation…….you want to be the center of attention.

  305. There is more than me who works on the forum and I personally have NEVER deleated any coments hope this clarifies the situation for you

  306. St George's Dragon

    At last some good news – the value of units at Buccament Bay has increased – or at least Harlequin say they have. See:
    The alternative explanation is that they are just making up figures. Which one do you believe?

  307. Anon73

    SGD, thanks for link. Jonathan Parslow….that’s the same liar that was selling Blu on the basis of US$750 rates, as it was in the same bracket as established luxury beachfront properties. Whereas in reality it was and is a 2-3 star hotel on the side of a road with no view and few amenities and gets less than US$100 per night EP. This organisation is a total joke, they employ people who literally say anything and know nothing, with the only objective to get money off you to pay themselves and not use it to build.

    Marquis Estate is the WORST development site you could possibly imagine in St Lucia. As per BB, not only would a development like that not work on the west coast, it has even less chance of working on the east side. As of today, nothing is happening there whatsoever, and never will. They don’t have planning permission and likely never will as the government is now very wise to Harlequin. Questions that should be asked of Ames are when did they start selling their developments, and when did they own the land. The selling came before ownership. Why did the developer take so much in fees and commissions and dividends, on top of the fees paid to the agents and IFAs doing the selling, before they even built anything? If investors cannot see Ames and co for what they are, then they need to think again.

  308. Corby Trouser Problem!

    @Creases in my Work Shirt
    How do I go about buying one? 🙂

  309. Been had

    Lets get it right, you couldn’t and wouldn’t meet me at the meetings because your cover would be blown.
    We all now your Ames little bum boy bitch.

  310. Ironed feet

    @Been Had
    I find your choice of language most upsetting, please stop your homophobic rantings – or I will get someone to dry bum you and make you squeal like a pig.

  311. yatinkiteasy

    Everyone is now way off track…just a vulgar blog now!

  312. Been had

    Iron feet, you sound like a right nonce case so mind your own. @hardlysuccess, now you now my name, you will see me at the meeting. Have you got the balls to tell me yours or will it be ‘another’ made up one? You sicko.

  313. Been had

    Apologies to BFP for using the bad language and going off track , just got dragged into it by a pathetic excuse for a human being. I don’t know who it is because they hijack and use multiple names.

  314. the game's over....you all lost

    You are all losers…..you are all squabbling like children and using naughty words

    Yeah you have all been shafted of your money….looking at the way you are behaving is it any wonder…..grow , be adult get over it and move on

    You have been had, the money is gone/hidden…get lives

  315. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @ Yatinkiteasy, there not be many things that you say that I agree with, but your last comment was spot on.
    @Short legs, so you multiply £1800 x 4 and think you know something. WRONG again.
    @Ironed feet. Your comments are pathetic. A pity you did not read Yatinikeasy’s comment before your crude post.

  316. BBaywatch

    The same revolting tactics were used by Harlequin to disrupt the Tripadvisor threads. Using obscene and offensive language they managed to get many of the threads closed and now it looks as if the same technique is being applied here.

    These individuals are beneath contempt, but typical of the organisation which has no respect for the mores and morals of the nations that it is operating in nor for the unfortunates that it has managed to swindle.

  317. perplexed

    Thank you BBaywatch. It seemed to me that for most of the past
    day or two not much of substance was being communicated. At least
    anything really germane to the issues. Now I better understand.
    ps –I miss my fellow conspiracy theorist Gingergirl.

  318. anonymous55

    @bbaywatch. totally agree. some on here are just commenting to get the thread shut down. i’ve followed your posts on many forums since 2008 and can only say to all, please post helpful links/ideas/experiences. do NOT lower yourself by responding to trolls / agitators whose only purpose is to get the true thread off track or fill up the thread with so much garbage that the really helpful info is hard to obtain.

  319. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @BBaywatch/perplexed/Anon55 as you can see by the above post that your plea for interlect on here has fallen on deaf ears. At least the Harlequin investor group forum is moderated and this sort of crap would be eliminated.

  320. perplexed

    Interlect ?????

  321. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @perplexed, if you had put that comment with a smilie face after it I could have taken it as a bit of banter. As you didn’t then you are just being a knob. You complain about filling up the thread with meaningless prattle and pick up a spelling error. Funkwit.

  322. So guys I need your help

    I think its important we all look at how we see ourselves within the Harlequin situation , and the question I pose to everyone on the forum is a simple one – ARE YOU A PURCHASER OF A PROPERTY FROM HARLEQUIN WITH A SUBSEQUENT RENTAL CONTRACT OR AN INVESTOR IN THE BUSINESS HARLEQUIN . My contract states I am a purchaser however Mr Ames refers to me as an investor , this forum is called harlequin investor but what are we ?
    Purchasers pay for something and get it ( usually ) or they get a refund .
    Investments carry risk – the value of investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back what you put in .
    Time to think people – what are we

    Read more: http://www.harlequininvestors.boards.net/index.cgi?action=pmview&view=1&id=579#ixzz2R2YtsvGG

  323. perplexed

    I lost my head momentarily. Sorry, I have never posted a
    smilie face in my life. “Io peccatissimo”

  324. St George's Dragon

    Is it time for BFP to do another bit of IP address investigation? I think there are multiple posters here again.

  325. the game's over....you all lost

    All the losers are now fighting each other…..desperation has set in

    quite funny

    oh for the record I am not an investor/purchaser or anything to do with HP…just a BFP reader

  326. 82

    Well no smoke with out fire,

    Next week will be most entertaining, the real short legs and his advancing mental facilities depleting as each week progresses……almost crule to watch…..almost.

    @fdnrm he is the real fuckwit

  327. In the S**T

    Not much to say until the little man speaks or the stat demands kick in, then its sit back and watch the fireworks.

    its all over once you start selling furniture and Fuckementbay

  328. FEEL SICK


    this is a reply from sunny, get your sick bags ready

    Hi graeme,

    Excuse any grammar errors as this is coming from my blackberry!

    My first thought for some people is do they want harlequin to be a success?

    Their seems to be a gang mentality from what I am seeing and it is unfortunate as you well now if there is enough negative press good or bad it will damage a company and ultimatly peoples investments so in my opinion rather than people having this devide they should be working together with harlequin as naturally both harlequin\investors benefit!

    I think the thing to remember through all that is written is that the basics of the harlequin business model hasn’t changed however the world is a different beast than it was many years ago and the red tape that surrounds even getting a personal mortgage is more exhaustive so raising funds in st vincent is no easy task, people must appreciate buccament bay is the first 5 star resort on the island so it had to establish itself with a trading history amongst other things before lending can be successful however the point of the up and coming open day is to explain things in more detail.

    I wonder how many other companies would be so transparent, my guess is not many with the chairman holding a meeting!

    People loose millions when stock markets take a hit some linked to pensions themselves yet I do not see these same people attending such events!

    Buccament bay is a huge success from what is currently open so naturally i think investors will be largly satisfied with there property prices increasing and them generating a rental income.

    It seems strange to me that it seems mr ames and hois family is not allowed to have an income? There are companies posting hundreds of millions of pounds in losses some even government owned and I would be quite certain they would be earning a far more substantial sum, this ofcourse is my opinion. I am unable to comment further as I do not know mr ames financial affairs.

    The fact that both the blu hotel and buccament bay are both extracting new bookings from the travel trade as well as them both being tangible assetts shows that harlequin is no ponzi scheme.

    I think mr ames himself would agree in hindsight I’m sure better choices could have been made along the way but then so could each and every one of us in our own lives, the fact is harlequins intentions are most certianly honourable and I believe all they are guilty of is delays BUT they are still very much here unlike many other investment opportunities.

    After writing this email I’m sure people will ask more questions as in business you can never satisfy everyone for instance I remember when people would say there would never be any resort built in st vincent yet look at what a beautifal destination it has now become!

    The point is I do not think if harlequin was a scam that mr ames would bother fighting court cases on behalf of investors, doing all else that he does to ensure success or hold an update event to PERSONALLY speak with investors do you?

    I think he wouldn’t be around today if a lot of the allegations made were true.

    Have a great weekend graham, its a shame you cannot make the event but none the less you will receieve the minutes.


    Read more: http://harlequininvestors.boards.net/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=36&page=4#ixzz2R365ruQ0

  329. just looking in from the outside

    Its all over in Barbados the office is closed all the staff have been sacked and Garret Ronan the alleged vice president is packing up and getting ready to run. How much more proof do you all want that the money has gone.

  330. 106

    Campion, Ronan, they knew what was going on but exchanged integrity for an inflated salary they would never get anywhere else…

  331. MF fan

    Hurrah Mark Fenty is back, I missed his nonsense so much!

  332. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @AGCGJ, I used the word “Funkwit” because I refuse to resort to the gutter language of other posters on here. That was obviously lost on you. Not suprising really is it.

  333. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @AGCGJ, pervert? Nice. Now is calling me a pervert sarcasm? You have totally confused me what is sarcasm and what is not. If you comment cannot be seen as sarcasm then it is not sarcastic. Just nasty.

  334. FEEL SICK

    if you have something to say, please do so with out all the verbal diarrhea its does not impress anyone.

  335. In the S**T

    @CPC. Nikki Crozzier

    Can you please confirm when you qualified as a solicitor can not find your details.

    This question has been asked but you wont answer?

  336. Mr Blue

    Obzocky, is that your new name now Mark Fenty? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. RedTube. Trust me, it’ll help.

  337. BFP

    We’re on it, St. George!

  338. Fatchett does not represent me.

    Looks like BFP are clearing out some of the trolls. Good.

  339. @ Barbados Free Press
    Ya’ll should be grateful that people still solicited this blog, because your topcis are boring and greatly lacking in vision. And it is therefore within your best interest to take a page from the “Barbados Underground,” if you intend to be around in the not to distant future.

  340. @ Barbados Free Press
    I’ll tell you something you can profit by in the future, but first it will require your independent judgment (which you obviously don’t seem to have) in order to accomplish this task. Before you decide to censor anyone opinion in the future; make it your business to develop enough temerity to balance your decide devoid of a partial consensus.

  341. yatinkiteasy

    @Michael 21..is that Mark Fenty?…

  342. St George's Dragon

    BFP, I wasn’t really after Obzocky= Mark Fenty = Michael 21 who is harmless enough.
    It was the foul mouthed posters I wanted you to look at

  343. How is your spelling?

    How strange, when you look back at all the posts and nothing has been achieved……. Ames still has the money, nothing been built.