Some good news – Thomas Cook to launch 2 weekly flights Manchester to Barbados in Winter 2013

Thomas Cook airline

Hey… It’s only two airplanes once a week on Thursday and Sunday, but we need all the help we can get!

Thomas Cook announces new Manchester-Caribbean flights

Thomas Cook Airlines has announced it will fly from Manchester to St Lucia, Antigua and Barbados this winter.

From 10 November the airline will operate weekly Sunday flights on the Manchester-St Lucia-Barbados route, while the Manchester-Antigua-Barbados route will launch on Thursday 19 December. The flights will depart in late morning to allow for regional connections.

“It’s fantastic news that we’re able to offer UK travellers seat-only and holidays from Manchester to some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, initially for the coming winter season,” said Christoph Debus, head of air travel at Thomas Cook Group.

… full news release at Travel Daily Media



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6 responses to “Some good news – Thomas Cook to launch 2 weekly flights Manchester to Barbados in Winter 2013

  1. 50

    Mmm Manchunians v Germans . Interesting

  2. 45govt

    If you think the advent of tourists from Manchester and its surrounding areas is good news, you are in for a disappointment!

  3. peltdownman

    You will have to justify that statement!

  4. Yobs n Chavs?

    Send us your Great UnWashed? lol

  5. northern girl

    Not everyone who flies from Manchester is from Manchester and nor are we all chavs or the great unwashed. I am a returning visitor to Barbados (16 times so far) -does it matter where the traveller is from. All visitors should be welcome in this current economic climate or we may start looking elsewhere!

  6. 240

    I am a Bajan living in Manchester they are some rich in the north of England who I am sure will be taking advantage of these new flight. Please be more optimistic and disregard the chav insults from others. I hope to be able to take advantage as well.